Friday, September 9, 2016

How Can We Stop Black People From Shooting Each Other in Indianapolis? Give Them a Free Pizza for Their Gun!

March against violence. 

Walk against violence. 

Run against violence. 

Fast against violence.

Barbecue against violence. 

Praying to stop the violence.

How about... turn in your gun for a free pizza?
The type of community black people create: “I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out."

Pizza against violence!

If nothing else works, let's try a free pizza! [East side business owner offers pizza for guns, Indy Channel, August 23, 2016]:

INDIANAPOLIS -- In the midst of another violent summer in Indianapolis, the owner of a pizza shop on the east side is stepping up with a plan to try and help get rid of illegal guns in his neighborhood. 
Donald Dancy's D & C Pizza has been in business since 1980. During that time, Dancy has been robbed and shot himself, on top of seeing violence increase around him. 
"You know, I said, 'Maybe I could have helped them. Maybe I could have gotten that gun off the street,'" Dancy said. "Every one of these crimes, mainly with these kids, I said, 'If I could reach them with a pizza, I could save a life. I've got that in my heart, in my mind, that I could do it." 
So Dancy's latest deal at his pizzeria is this: bring in any gun in exchange for any extra-large pizza, no questions asked. 
"I'm not going to be asking questions because you brought me a gun," Dancy said. 
"You don't even have to have a pizza. If you just want to leave it here, I'll call police and that's all the questions I need to ask." 
Dancy hopes the gesture will inspire a little more goodwill around the neighborhood, and maybe even inspire other businesses to step up and help. 
IMPD and the Marion County Sheriff's Department say they're working with Dancy and the prosecutor's office to make sure what he's trying to do is actually permitted.
Here's an idea: the 2nd Amendment should only apply to white people and it should be a felony for any black person to even possess a gun (punishable by no less than five years in jail). 

You see, this is the only way to end gun violence in the black community: disallow black people to have the right to purchase a gun and own a firearm legally. 

Gun crime in Memphis, Baltimore, Chicago, NYC, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia. Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Birmingham, Montgomery, Newark, Boston, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, etc., is virtually always committed by a black person, so why should we continue with the farce in outlawing firearms when the simple solution is making it illegal for blacks to possess a gun?

Then, there'll be no need for any majority black city to go through the yearly, ritual charade of: 

Marching against violence. 

Walking against violence. 

Running against violence. 

Fasting against violence.

Barbecuing against violence. 

Praying to stop the violence.


SteelPalm said...

Reading the news article before seeing the video, I could tell Donald Dancy was black simply by his diction. Even very poorly educated whites and Asians don't speak in that manner, or possess such crude thoughts.

Knowing blacks, it's only a matter of time before this "Pizza for Guns" drive ends up with shootings and murder at the (very dingy, poorly maintained) pizzeria in question.

Anonymous said...

Even inner city "youth" have enough brains to know they could get far more pizza with the money get by robbing a liquor store with the same gun.

Mr. Rational said...

why should we continue with the farce in outlawing firearms when the simple solution is making it illegal for blacks to possess a gun?

Then, there'll be no need for any majority black city to go through the yearly, ritual charade of:

Marching against violence.

Walking against violence.

Running against violence...

We need to prohibit Black people from possessing a knife.

We need to prohibit Black people from possessing blunt objects.

We need to prohibit Black people from possessing fists.

Oh, fuck it.  Just prohibit Black people.

Anonymous said...

Trying to reason with an inherently unreasonable being is a futile undertaking. This type of being only recognizes/bows to superior force. It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...

I have a better deal....... Lets trade one way cruise ship tickets to the homeland for nothing. Then we can have a real crime reduction.

Anonymous said...

Many times I thought the exact same thing! If blacks are the problem, then deal with the blacks. Make it illegal for blacks to buy, sell, or possess a gun. Just because blacks can't read, does that mean that whites cannot read books beyond the sixth grade level. Why do we have to alter what we do to make boot lipped pavement apes feel good about themselves?

By the way, he can resell the guns and make a fortune. A gun for a pizza is not a good exchange; even for a deluxe pizza.

Anonymous said...

laws are useless to prevent black violence. you may as well pass laws preventing squirrels from running across the street whenever they want instead of at crosswalks. the squirrels are unable to understand and uninterested in following those laws.

the only Laws that can stop violence is a return to Jim Crow.

that worked.

-Rex Hymens

Anonymous said...

Consider all the pizza delivery persons who have been shot and killed by blacks, as duly reported on this and other websites. Now, wouldn't it be ironic if some gangbanger who comes to Donald Dancy's D & C Pizza were to be ambushed and shot by a customer?

Karma, dudes and dudettes, it's called karma.

Ex New Yorker said...

In all the years of listening to the gun grabbers talk about gun violence, I have never HEARD THEM SAY ANYTHING about disarming the criminal element. Never. They will yap forever about coming after honest working class citizens with guns. There is never any mention of going after the black street criminal who is the one causing all the problems. To do so would be racist.

In Chicago a repeat felony offender for gun possession will get a year or less in the slammer. In the old days second and third time felony position of guns by known gang members and other felons was good for five years. Any laws TO ENFORCE harsher sentences have always been opposed by a large and powerful political group. Who is that is the NAACP.

The NAACP have continually opposed any effort to make the city safer by getting the shooters off the streets. Even when a gang banger who is on parole or probation is caught with a gun he only gets a slap on the wrist because of the NAACP.

And what is their reasoning for making Chicago a twenty four hour shooting gallery. It is very simple. "There are two many brothers being incarcerated".

So these numb nut fuckers would rather have these criminal psychopaths roaming the street killing other black people. Better to have the streets flowing with blood than have prisons filled with homicidal maniacs (aka...the brothers). Talk about failed logic. Blacks are the true oppressors. They are destroying each other with a passion.

I hope Mr Pizza Man isn't planning on making any home deliveries. We all know what happens when someone brings a pizza to somebodies front door. Bang. Bang.

Anonymous said...

OT. check out yahoo now posting nothing but white criminals. i noticed it about two weeks ago. now its out of control.

Anonymous said...

Free frontal lobotomy, convulsive electro shock therapy, a session with a cain would help more.

Happily Retired said...

This negro is a dumba$$.

But that's all we can expect.

Anonymous said...

Violence against violence?
Pattycake against violence?
Jumprope against violence?
That is a ripoff trading a $300+ gun for a $10 pizza.

Anonymous said...

This just shows you how much you hate pizza as a force for social justice. I was visiting the campus vegetarian fair trade pizza co-op and Che memorial, which has a program of free food for the underserved in the community. The co-op is supported by a grant from the federal government (I don't know where they get all that money, do you?). The specialty is the Sierra Maestra, a pizza drenched in revolutionary red tomato sauce in the shape of a beret, topped with Cuban beans and skittles.

Wouldn't you know it, as I was rapping with the workers about solidarity with oppressed major league football players, a group of young African-Americans of all genders walked in to honor us with their presence. Despite the stereotypes presented by Africanpobic internet sites, these caring African-persons actually wanted to help in the work of food redistribution. Several of these African-persons actually held up knives, which they obviously were going to use to cut up freshly baked pizzas.

I clenched my fist in the air in comradely salute and said, "Do you want a slice?" The next thing I can remember is waking up in the university's free clinic with a medical school intern putting stitches into my forehead. I asked the intern what happened and the response was, "Looks like you got sliced up."

I don't get it. I didn't order a slice of pizza, I had been fasting all day to protest how professional football oppresses its quarterbacks.

Ivry Tower, BS, MFA
Critical Race Advanced Progressive Studies

Anonymous said...

I can get a pizza without giving him the gun. I'll just point it at him.

Anonymous said...

Ghetto savages bringing guns into a pizza shop ... what could go wrong?


Proudyt said...

How about fucking against violence ? Let's all us white people procreate to even this shit up ? My wife is past child bearing years but I'll see if it's okay if I find a young white woman to help the cause.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be humane and better for the world to sterilize all blacks everywhere. They do not contribute to a better society, they make it worse not just with violence and crime but low property values. I'm moving my family to place in Wyoming where there are so few blacks that you never see them. Just by observing this socialized liberal train wreck for 50 years I can see clearly now that there is no hope for the black community and no amount of welfare or education can fix it. Seriously,cut off the welfare, if you want welfare then you have to voluntarily get sterilized. The black welfare state has to end or this nation is doomed.

Anonymous said...

That will only stop the violence if every pizza is laced with arsenic.

Anonymous said...

. Local pizza joint in my old neighborhood they all carry. They are sick of tnb. Off topic.Sunday 9-11 anniversary. 15 years. Loveyour friends. I worked for Morgan Stanley. I miss my friends. I hear the sirens, alarms, the p.a address systems announcing for us to go back to work it is safe. I hear that in my head and see fire. May God truly blessed America.

Anonymous said...

It does seem like a pretty stupid trade off, but at least he's not advertising to the entire local crime-ridden community that he will be "holding" illegal guns for the cops to eventually pick up. Now that would be stupid.

Anonymous said...

What's to stop them from using their guns to take as much pizza as they want? Pizza men are a dime a dozen in negroland and pizza is the cost of a bullet. There's nothing more satisfying than blowing someone's brains out then sitting down to a nice, hot, extra large pepperoni. He'll be trading pizza for guns but not as he envisioned.

Brian in Ohio said...

First of all, this is just a lame PR stunt by what I`m certain is a poorly run and unsanitary black business.

And he would do what exactly with any guns that were turned in? The junk ones MIGHT be turned into police (for more PR), but you know damn well any of value would be other blacks. Which I`m fine with..

Because why would I want blacks in Indianapolis...or anywhere, to stop killing each other?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

There is one way to stop violence. Arrest, try and execute every murderer that is proven beyond reasonable doubt to be one.

Paintjob Theory said...

Because black Africans are just so peaceful, civilized, well mannered, polite, and law abiding until they get their hands on a gun. Perhaps it's time to really put some research into what it is about guns that turn negroes into murderous savages, because I can assure you they have no such effect on me, my family, or any of my neighbors or fellow (white) townspeople. We could do an interesting case study on Jamaica, a country which has had some of the world's most draconian gun laws for some time now. Surely their negroes are perfectly behaved and non-violent now, right?

Seriously what is this troglodyte even doing in this country? All these years and it has finally come to the conclusion that "the guns" are the problem with Indianapolis? In a sane world this creature would be off in a jungle somewhere in loincloth and lip plate licking a reed to pull termites out of a stump. In Bizarro-world the (((media))) pretend it is a human,stick a camera in its face and act as though its barely intelligible grunting is something of value.

More likely this bootlip has buyer(s) lined up for cold guns and plans to sell them for 50-100$ out the back door to a friend or family member.

Anonymous said...

I'll be super surprised if this doesn't work.

The Engineer

oogabooga said...

Jared Taylor is a phony. He talks genetics, genetics, genetics, but when it comes to joos he's all "They look white to me." No more genetics involved.

What a tool. What a phony. What will he ever do when the shit hits the fan? Don't be like him dude.

Mark in NC said...

Pizza for guns? This will never work. Chicken dinner with a watermelon for dessert is the real solution. Time to get the KFC involved.

Anonymous said...

OT but funny.

My wife and I were went to Home Depot a few days ago. Under a tree outside the garden center stood a groid with a cell phone in one hand and the other hand holding onto a branch of the tree. My wife (who I've never heard utter a racist word says "Look, that tree comes with a monkey" Hope you all got a chuckle from that.

Endangered White Male

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights applied to American Citizens. What was a citizen?
While Male Property Owners.

It was never intended for Indians, Negroes or Women, of those in indentured servitude, to have the Right to keep and bear arms. The White Men who wrote these documents, knew from history, observation and deductive reasoning, that only White Men who had a vested interested in the nation (Property) could understand the point of it all. They were right.

Not only should the negro have NO gun "rights", but they should have no "rights" at all. They don't even belong here, living among a completely different sub-species of hominins, us.

This problem we have to do is older and deeper and more profound than society wishes to acknowledge. At least 99% of us here know that. The only real solution is the one Abraham Lincoln suggested...separation of the races, or, if that was not possible, then a country where the White Man must rule. He said much more, but these thoughts he expressed many times. (It is why Obama used Abraham Lincoln's Bible in his first swearing-in ceremony. He was basically saying to the American People - White People - and to Lincoln: F You)

BUT, seeing how things have turned out, the only moral, ethical, humane and decent solution is TOTAL separation.

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

Most hadguns can be sold for a few hundred dollars. Why the hell would a negro trade a $150 nice semi-auto Glock for a $9 Pizza? Even the negro is not that stupid.

AnalogMan said...

Even a dumb kaffir can do the "maff'.

Let's see: I can trade my gun for a pizza. Eat the pizza; no gun, no pizza.

Or I can order four pizzas; shoot the deliveryman; eat four pizzas. I still have the gun. Tomorrow I can do it all again.

(That last is a joke. Negroes don't plan for the future).

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

And while we are at it, let´s get rid of illegal gambling...turn in your dice, grab a slice. Should work as well as the bake off against bile-lens, prayer vigils, etc. Anything but addressing the real issues (intrinsic negro depravity).

On an unrelated note, Mrs. Clinton just insulted half of Trump supporters by calling them xenophobic, racist, homophobic bigots. Anyone remember when Romney (covertly) made the remark about how the lower 50% of Americans did not deserve representation because they paid no taxes? How did that work out for him?

Anonymous said...

Lets see, whats a pizza worth? 10 - 20 bucks? OK, whats a gun worth? 10 times that much, minimum? Get the pizza ovens warmed up! They're gonna be lining up for that deal!

Anonymous said...

This whole Negro thing is demoralizing for white people! If blacks get the majority like South Africa, or Haiti, they will kill whites. We see that now on a smaller scale in our largest cities. What is truly demoralizing is that whites are not fighting back.

Some will disagree, but I see no recourse but to fight against these people. We need all white people to band with us, but alas, they are too brainwashed in diversity. The true enemy of white people are the democrats. I saw Bill Clinton firing up the Negro base saying that Trump was a racist (which he is not!)

Clinton knows the IQ of the people he is dealing with! These Negroes are so stupid they let him and other democrats get by with saying things they would never let a republican say. For example, Clinton once mentioned that Obama would be serving him coffee in other circumstances, and Harry Reid called Obama a well dressed, articulate Negro.

The white race has been pussified to the point we don't fight back. We are afraid we might hurt a Negro's feelings. All other races and ethnic groups outpace us in population growth. Whites support Mexican women to come over here and drop anchor babies while not producing any of their own. We support black women to sit on their asses and pump out black babies who kill, bully, rape, and destroy our people.

You know, I feel it may be too late now. We need all our white people to fight against the other races, but they are too indoctrinated with self hate to do that!
If Trump wins, I hold the slightest hope for our nation, but if he loses, we are lost. People like Glenn Beck and others who do not support him are giving their support to Hillary. They are traitors! I can't believe I once respected Beck.

Anonymous said...

Je Suis Deplorable!! Trump 2016! To all my fellow deplorables. . Vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

My wife carries that same Taurus revolver. We make our own pizza.

Anonymous said...

To be perfectly honest you might need that gun to take yourself out after eating a pizza from "The Pizza Mans" shithole! I'd love to know what it looked like before the original, hard working Italian owner(s) were run out by crime! Pizza for guns. You can't make this shit up!


Burke said...

I'm afraid the stealing of guns will rise - not many people will be willing to give their own...

D-FENS said...

The problem with having the second amendment only for Whites is that you get into defining who is White.

An effective and far more likely way is to allow freedom of association, restrictive covenants etc. Society will re-segregate. The worst of the negroes will kill each other off and quite rapidly if we don't subsidize their replacement.

Anonymous said...

I hour after the pizza was delivered:

dis pizza be haf dun and made me feel sick.

Gibs me my gun bak! TNB

D-FENS said...

"Look, that tree comes with a monkey" Hope you all got a chuckle from that.

Yes, I'm sure all of us did. Most encouraging that it was your wife that said this. You are most fortunate.

Anonymous said...

The negroes are on the march against the violence in San Bernadino, California- seems their kill rates and the numbers of shootings are (percentage wise as per population) even higher than Chicago. No pizza but there was a fundraiser at a local park (with sno-cones, car washes and t-shirts) to get money to bury a father and son shot down in front of a liquor store. Also, a sheboon talking about how her friend, her cousin and her son have all been killed by the "bilence." The story is on the Drudge Report.

When I lived in Los Angeles back in the early to mid 80's, San Bernadino was a place I often visited and it was safe. Now they have the typical negro hoods complete with hoodrats. 14% of the population causing the vast majority of the problems the same as they do anywhere else they nest in great numbers. At the very least, we need a return to segregation and sundown towns. Otherwise, negroes will turn every city and every town into a jungle environment. The "good ones" don't make one damn bit of difference in that scenario as they're too small of a percentage to make any difference at all. Even they run from their "brutha's and sista's" and move away from them the first chance they get.

For me, seeing negroes move into a neighborhood or town has the same effect as seeing a mother rat with four "ratlets" run across my kitchen floor would have. In both cases, it's a foregone conclusion that trouble has arrived. Oh great!~ now I've got a parody of "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" playing in my head except now it's "Negroes, Rats, and Thieves."

Anonymous said...

A Day In The Life At Pizza Man-

"Ahhhh, excuse me Pizza Man?........Yeah?.........One of the mushrooms is walking across my pizza.....WHACK!!!


Anonymous said...

It would be a long time before race-based gun laws would fly.

But how about a minimum IQ, tested when applying to purchase one, for gun ownership?

The other problem is most of the guns these idiots use to shoot each other are already illegal in the first place, stolen from someone else. As someone else noted, if we just enforced existing laws it would cut back on a lot of this.

But as others have noted I'm not sure I want them to stop shooting each other.

Anonymous said...

One of our multiplex theaters has been transformed into a dialysis center since the occupation. I got to wondering about it since the 100% white community that was once here didn't require one.

Found this:

Blacks and African Americans suffer from kidney failure at a significantly higher rate than Caucasians - more than 3 times higher.
African Americans constitute more than 35% of all patients in the U.S. receiving dialysis for kidney failure, but only represent 13.2% of the overall U.S. population.
Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in African Americans. African Americans are twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes as Caucasians. Approximately 4.9 million African Americans over 20 years of age are living with either diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes.
The most common type of diabetes in African Americans is type 2 diabetes. The risk factors for this type of diabetes include: family history, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes during pregnancy, hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, obesity and physical inactivity. African Americans with diabetes are more likely to develop complications of diabetes and to have greater disability from these complications than Caucasians. African Americans are also more likely to develop serious complications such as heart disease and strokes.
High blood pressure is the second leading cause of kidney failure among African Americans, and remains the leading cause of death due to its link with heart attacks and strokes.

Other ethnicities in the U.S. have their own native cuisines but, alas, the poor, downtrodden negro has been forced by YT to eat largely European-type foods for many centuries. Why aren't we importing gazelle, antelope and albino black babies to feed to our Africans? It would seem that a diet more closely matching their homies' in Africa would solve a lot of these health issues and reduce healthcare costs. I smell a federally-funded bushmeat ranch opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Daquan: Man, I be's hongry.
Shytrelle: You know dat pizza place be gibbin a extra large pizza fo free if'n you gibs them a gun.
Daquan: Sheeit! Dat stupid! You know doze 3rd street boys be after us! What we gonna do without a gun to protects ourseffs?
Shytrelle: I heard dat!
Daquan: You know, Marquise and his cousin? Dey stay in de same house and dey gots guns. Dey always stoned. We could go in dere, get they guns and we be gettin' two pizzas.
Shytrelle: Man, you stupid! We gets the guns, sells them fo two hunnert dolla's and we get all da pizza we want!
Daquan: You smart! Let's do it!

You know it's going to happen. Don't pretend you don't.

Anonymous said...

"The problem with having the second amendment only for Whites is that you get into defining who is White. "

That would be racist!

Anonymous said...

Hillary says we're "irredeemable", too. What an inspiration, Lefties always deliver a negative message.

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

"D-FENS said...
The problem with having the second amendment only for Whites is that you get into defining who is White."

How can that be a problem? We simply use the System already created by the US Government, IRS, Healtcare, School admissions, etc....Affirmative Action already can decide since they do it NOW!!

The gov. agents, today, walk into a business and they can tell how many NON-Whites you have. They seem to have NO problem. The Democratic convention knows EXACTLY who to canvass and bribe to get Non-White votes. They have no problem.

Also, if you have to wonder or question? That person isn't White.

For A @9:10 AM: Type 2 Diabetes and High blood pressure are caused from 2 major "food" groups. Grains and Dairy. Both of these "food" groups are unnatural and poisonous to Humans and their degree of damage IS based on Race. Asians and Whites die slower, Africans and American Indians die faster.

The African's body and metabolism gets wrecked faster. All humans should avoid these unnatural "foods" since out digestive system, and metabolic systems, were not designed for them. We can't digest grasses or seeds from grasses, and NO adult animal drinks milk, especially ever from a different species. Totally absurd.

The 3rd most dangerous, long term, damaging poison is Sucrose, especially refined. When you combine the typical diet of Sugars, Grains and Dairy, and feed it to our African get obesity, etc., long term chronic health problems, etc. All this information has really come to light in the past 10-15 years.

Michigan Jim said...

What ya wanna bet that if a particularly nice gun gets turned in for a pizza it winds up not with the po-po but in Donald Dancy's personal collection? A nice Sig Sauer for a pizza? Mr. Dancy's a better businessman than we give him credit for.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Shytrelle: Man, you stupid! We gets the guns, sells them fo two hunnert dolla's and we get all da pizza we want!
Daquan: You smart! Let's do it!

You know it's going to happen. Don't pretend you don't.

September 10, 2016 at 9:12 AM

A more likely scenario would be Shytrelle and Daquan murder Marquise and his cousin, and with the stolen firearm, rob the pizza place and murder the owner, even after he gave them the cash and made them two pizzas.

The whole series of events being set in motion by nothing more than they were hungry...or bored...or it was Tuesday.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

He must have brain damage. He is going to end up shot and killed in his own pizza shop.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.....

African Americans constitute more than 35% of all patients in the U.S. receiving dialysis for kidney failure, but only represent 13.2% of the overall U.S. population.

I wonder if this is Gods or the universes way of thinning the herd! Think about it. Kidney Failure. Diabetes. Heart Disease. High Blood Pressure. Sickle Cell and on and on. Anyone in on a "Take a Black For a Big Mac" or "Take a Sow For a Chocolate Cow" day?


Anonymous said...

What about BAKE A CAKE.....Anyway remember "JUSTICE FOR HARAMBE"

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

Bad Marketing. This Pizza maker doesn't no sh*t about guns.

He needs to print up a new menu, and this city, being Northern, gives him an added advantage. Here is My Pizza-for-Gun MENU:

Regular Pizza = Revolver
Extra Large Pizza = Semi-Auto Handgun
DEEP Dish Chicago Style Pizza = Lever Action Rifle
Extra Large Deep Dish Chicago = Semi-Auto Rifle
3 Topping Deep Dish, Extra Lg.= Any "Assault Style" Semi- Automatic Rifle.

Now, he can offer additional toppings and sides:

Garlic Bread Sticks = Any box of ammo, 20 rounds
Spaghetti & Meat Balls = Red, or green, Laser Pointer.
Curly Fries and Cheese dip = 30 Round magazine

Hey, I can see this guy having a chain of "PIZZA PISTOLS"......he can have delivery where the yoot hands the driver the gun and the driver hands the yoot the pizza. Everybody happy in Da Hood, Yas sur Massa !!!

Anonymous said...

Proutyt said How about fucking against violence ? Let's all us white people procreate to even this shit up ? My wife is past child bearing years but I'll see if it's okay if I find a young white woman to help the cause.

Your heart is certainly in the right place, but it might be a good idea not to mention the part about looking for a young white woman to your wife.

Detroit Refugee said...

This is just another Negroe hustle.
He's looking to drum up business @ his filthy roach & mouse infested pizza joint.
Also, any quality stolen firearms are going to be resold.
This guy doesn't give two fucks about the hood rats.
It's about dat green!!
My IKAGO says so. In the words of my Negroe @ FRAP, "No Regrets"!! Sheeeet...

Anonymous said...

So Dancy's latest deal at his pizzeria is this: bring in any gun in exchange for any extra-large pizza, no questions asked.

If they weren't so hypocritical, the gun grabbers would demand that Dancy run a background check on himself each time he receives a gun so his scheme won't be taking advantage of a “loophole” to avoid background checks. Because Dancy is a groid who isn't in prison at the moment he will be praised by the left for his work whereas a white veteran obtaining a firearm without a background check is someone to fear.

D-FENS said...

I can see Dean Martin singing,

When you trade in your gun for a big pizza pie
That's amore
When your bling seems to shine and you're prone to whine
That's amore
Sirens will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And you'll sing "I dindu nuffin"
News media will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
Like a gay tarantella

Anonymous said...

These gimmicks never work! There are videos on how you can make your on gun for about $20.00. The answer to this problem is what has work in the past, curfews and stop & frisk, the black leaders would protest! So what do black Americans want, continue killings at high rate or safe neighborhoods? Donald Trump had said he is in favor of strong law enforcement, just maybe we could see a return to strong law enforcement and not this attack on peace officers.

Here in Chicago we have no go zones on the West Side and South Side, especially the Austin, Englewood and Roseland neighborhoods. Harvey, Dolton,Calumet City, Maywood,Oak Park,University Park, Mithlodian, Matteson and Country Club Hill are now high crime areas. These once were beautiful suburbs!

We blacks must realize that it's not a gun problem, but a black people problem. We are committing more crimes then any other group. As Colin Flaherty say," Dont Make The Black Kids Angry".

Willie from Naperville

Blue Eyes Matter said...

What's the difference between a black male and an extra large pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four. Give a man a pizza and he eats for a day, give him a gun and he can hold up pizza delivery boys forever.

Anonymous said...

They already can get a free pizza by bringing in a gun, just by pointing it at the store owner's face.


Anonymous said...

You just know these jokers are going to turn in their freshly spray painted water guns for free pie? And when they get rejected, they'll pull out a real one and Rob their ass!

Anonymous said...

AnalogMan said

"Or I can order four pizzas; shoot the deliveryman; eat four pizzas. I still have the gun. Tomorrow I can do it all again.

(That last is a joke. Negroes don't plan for the future)."

They sure don't. How many stories have we seen posted here and in the comments where they simply get caught an hour later at the address they gave when ordering the pizza?

D-FENS said...

With a return of freedom of association, the negroes largely solve the problem by themselves. We are left to once again have nice things.

Negroes mostly kill each other with guns. Prohibiting negroes from gun ownership won't stop them from possessing them any more than a total gun prohibition would. I would rather have them in their own enclaves shooting each other. I would not be terribly upset if someone actually placed guns and ammo in negro hoods.

Besides, plenty of negroes have used other means to kill Whites. Freedom of association allows minimum interaction which is the first and best method of safety.

Finally, a return to freedom of association is accomplished by repealing of laws. Repealed laws cannot be used against you, unlike a partial prohibition on gun ownership.

Anonymous said...

Yup, sounds like the Bolsheviks are lacking their chops for a purge of white Christians once again, and it's the usual suspects behind it too!

Anonymous said...

An observation from many years of factory work with negroes: They don't seem to like pizza much at all-they will eat it if it's free (usually courtesy of some YT), but I hardly ever saw them order a pizza on their own-they seemed to really prefer meat with bones in it-chicken and ribs.

Anonymous said...

Yup, but we also have to deal with the root of the problem....liberal Communists/Marxists. It's well past the due to enforce McCarthy era policies to eradicate these treasonous vermin before they do the exact same to every breathing white conservative, as Killary specifically targeted in her Hitler-esque speech last night. It's quite clear what direction this country is going if God forbid another Demonrat gets into office? It's do or die for America....hell the world this November!

Anonymous said...

It would likely be reported 24/7 on every msm channel with black riots and violence happening across the country. Just wait until the NFL starts fining these pos dindus pull a 'looks at me' clown show tomorrow, as they give a giant FU to the flag, anthem, servicemen, law enforcement, first responders and veterans on 911? There's a shitstorm brewing and every black worshipping cuck better pick a side.

Hobgoblin238 said...

10 years ago I moved to Mexico to get away from the black undertow of Atlanta. I have never felt danger here as I did in the ATL.

With that said I married a Mexican gal. She never believed me about the nagnogs in Georgia. Well she finally does now. We had some africans move to this part of Mexico. Do they hold down jobs? Building businesses? Nope. They are BEGGING in the streets. As per usual for groids. I would always remark how horrible they were doing that. Not doing anything constructive. My wife would frown...until the other day.

One came to our car and the wife was driving. She pulled up a foot away from the groid at the window. He smacked our window and screamed he wasn´t doing anything wrong by begging for food. That got her attention. She said everything I ever said was true. See Mexicans themselves sometimes beg for money...but if you pull your car past them they go to the next one. Never aggressive. Glad she was able to see it with her own eyes.

PB said...

" get money to bury a father and son shot down in front of a liquor store."

So they do teach their young how to hunt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27- "That is a ripoff trading a $300+ gun for a $10 pizza."
It's a bad deal for the citizen who originally paid $300 for it, but a fair deal for the African who stole it for free.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I was watching one of the True Crime Documentaries on Netflix about Illegal Guns. In the Hood, Yoofs can rent a gun from other enterprising Yoofs. The amount of rental charged depends on how "Hot" the weapon is based on how many crimes it has previously been used in. Now when your Rod is too hot for rental, it can be traded for a Large Pepperoni! Only in Amurica! Nomesayin?

europeasant said...

You think itz bad now. Wait another 30 years or so when the African population in Murica will be at roughly 80 million.
I watched the opening of the NFL season and about 75 percent of the starters were Africans. Yes there were a few large, fast and powerful whites. But when the Africans reach 80 million, how many Whites do you think will be starters in the NFL? My guess is that Africans will be about 80 to 90 percent of the starters. Do you think White people will still watch professional football?
If the NBA is any indication then Yes Whites will still watch and more importantly pay for tickets, jerseys etc, etc.
ITZ going to get a lot worse before it will get better.

Time to watch that classic movie Idiocracy.

No I never spent a nickle on the NFL. I did buy two tickets for a college game.

Anonymous said...

How about "Re-Engineer The Genome To Stop Violence"?

Anonymous said...

Question: does any other racial group behave this way other than Africans-in-America?

You have to ask, what do Hispanics, Asians, et alia think of this sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

I know of a friend's family member who had a car stolen. It was used in a rap video. And I'm a deplorable. America.

Brian in Ohio said...

I`m thinking the only way this fool is gonna see a gun come into his store is muzzle first across the counter, followed by "Tha register muthafuka! Open it!"

Stay alert, stay alive.

Old age warrior said...

Who for one would want the blacks to stop shooting each other ? Just saying

Paintjob Theory said...

"the poor, downtrodden negro has been forced by YT to eat largely European-type foods for many centuries."

Whereas in the old country their primary diet is nothing and a little bushmeat when they can chase down a neighboring tribesman. They belong in sub Saharan Africa and we need to quit sending them rice. Really the negro in its natural habitat rarely lives beyond the age of 40 so they simply aren't designed to run past that mileage even if reasonably well cared for.

"All humans should avoid these unnatural "foods" since out digestive system, and metabolic systems, were not designed for them."

A cat will happily lap up a saucer of milk and mice are proverbial for eating cheese. You confuse Homo Sapiens with Homo Africanus or Homo Habilis. My ancestors long long ago discovered agriculture and domesticated livestock for dairy and we have become quite well adapted to this sort of diet. A long series of blood relations that eat a normal, modern, western diet who live well into their 90's and some over 100 testify to this. Our European ancestors have had plenty enough time to adapt quite nicely to diets which are more consistent with the type of food production methods that are needed to sustain first world civilization. I'll get behind you on the processed sugars (though I'm in the maple business so I have some skin in the game there), and other food additives and flavorings. Most of those make me feel sick when I eat them so I avoid them.

If you mean we are meant to eat a diet of a hunter gatherer it's simply not practical on the macro scale when it comes to feeding populations the size that we must reckon with in the modern world.

The Umpire said...

Anonymous (9-7-16):"Europeans have always been superior and smug about our
issues with blacks and other diversities. They knew they could do it so
much better."

Ohhhhhh yeah, y' can say that again. Ugh, how many times has some European
said to me, "You know, the native Americans were here before your
ancestors." I remember this middle-aged German man proudly telling me how
his daughter--in an American school--would lecture her classmates and put
a guilt trip on them over that. Pff, yeah, AS IF Germany has never invaded
anyone. Yeah, AS IF Europe never colonized anyone in Africa, the Middle
East or Asia. Yeah, AS IF those horrible, white-American settlers
descended from Asia and not Europe.

Another time, I was standing on a train platform. This middle-aged, know-
it-all woman from the old Yugoslavia was talking to this stupid, middle-
aged American couple. Yug'a was ripping into America like crazy, and
the stupid couple was just standing there, smiling and pleading guilty
to all her guilt trips. Then she said this: "Also, Yugoslavians don't have
anything against blacks." HUH?! Hmm, y' think maybe that had something
to do with the fact that Yugoslavia DIDN'T HAVE ANY BLACKS?! The thing is,
only a month or two later, the various Yugoslavian civil wars broke out.
Yeah, there y' go: the Yugo's "don't have anything against blacks," but
they're sure ready t' slaughter you if they don't care for your religion.

That's epitomizes a weird quirk about a lot of Europeans: an insatiable
appetite for feeling superior to white Americans mixed with--as someone
here once described it--the "Cult of the Magic Negro."

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

From what I've read about "Cash for Guns" programs that police depts. try every so often, is that the guns that are turned in are non-functional junk that are pretty much useless. The bros get money for trash, the libtards who sponsor these programs feel good and nothing really changes. I suspect the pizza for guns deal will work the same way.

Original Ex-Detroiter

Mr. Rational said...

How many stories have we seen posted here and in the comments where they simply get caught an hour later at the address they gave when ordering the pizza?

<pulls the rubber tip off his cane and bangs it on the floor like a gavel to quiet the hubbub>

One of the advantages of having been around for (cough) a while (cough) is that you remember things that came around before, that younger people would have to specifically catch up on to know.

One of these things was a "dystopian" (not really) story in Analog about some future justice system where criminals were punished on a sliding scale by IQ.  At the bottom there was TSTL (too stupid to live) and above that there was TSTR (too stupid to reproduce).  The end of the story was that criminality got worse, because the system just selected for smarter, more dangerous criminals.

What the author deliberately ignored (probably because he was a blank-slatist, with a nod to the heritability of IQ for the sake of the premise) is that criminality is strongly correlated with low IQ and high time preference; higher IQ automatically leads to less criminality.  If we executed such incredibly stupid criminals and sterilized their parents and all their siblings and half-siblings, we would eliminate large amounts of future criminality.

Of course, if we simply removed almost all our Blacks back to Africa it wouldn't be our problem.

How about "Re-Engineer The Genome To Stop Violence"?

Strong genetic selection will do it.  Just about any scheme that will work in less than hundreds of years will turn ghettos into baby-free zones.

Mr. Rational said...

Hey, Original E-D... my favorite brewpub closed down but you and I should still find a place and time to hang out.  Pick a place and time convenient for you, and describe it in vague terms that no AI is going to get.

Anonymous said...

Pistol Petes's Pizza Parlor.

The Umpire said...

Pat Boyle (9-7-16): "[...]if we are ever to recapture the heart of Detroit or
Chicago ever again." Uh, Mr. Oakland, if by "heart" you mean Chicago's
downtown, here's the deal: Chicago's downtown is actually much, much better
off than it was 40, 30, or even 20 years ago. The areas immediately north,
west and south of downtown--and even many new residents in the downtown
itself--are mostly affluent, many of them downright rich. Don't let the
propaganda machine tell y' different. Therefore, the term "inner-city youth"
is actually rather archaic in Chicago. Nowadays, it's more the "outer-city
youth" around here. If some know-it-all says I don't know what I'm talking
about, then just look at the crime map. Currently, the biggest bloodbath is
in the Austin neighborhood, on the city's far-west side. By the way,
Chicago's dindu neighborhoods have been very, very violent for over 50
years: this is nothing new. What's new is--relatively speaking--the level
of hype. Hmmm, y' think maybe....? Oh, never mind. Later Oakland.

Anonymous said...

Poor downtrodden snowflakes are so oppressed in the Kwan:

Anonymous said...

Good pizza in the hood is Little Ceasars or Pizza Hut, which is the garbage of pizzas.

Anonymous said...

The nice revolver on the pizza box is probably the pizzeria owner's gun.
Dindus will bring in Hi-Point, Jennings, Kel-Tec and other flea market heaters.
He probably will keep any Beretta, Glock, Heckler & Koch or Sig Sauer that come in even if they are hotter than an oven.

Sick n' Tired said...

The guns are all stolen, so anything they can get for them is a profit. Plus it's a great way to get rid of a murder weapon.

Anonymous said...

Well don't blame me, I never voted for a half breed rat mongrel P.O.S. and wouldn't for all the sailfawns and welfare checks in the world.

Archie Bunker

The Umpire said...

Wait a minute Pat, now I see something downright ridiculous (regarding
your "heart of Detroit or Chicago" statement): "Its [sic] hard to
imagine how we could ever get whites or Asians (the productive races)
to ever go in these central cities ever again." HUH?! Oakland, when
was the last time you were even east of the Mississippi, let alone
in Chicago? (1)As far as Asians are concerned, you see them here more
often than ever before. (2)Last I checked, poor Detroit was a whopping
83% black. By contrast, Chicago's white, black and Latino populations
are about even, with all three hovering around 30%. (3)Hordes of
whites come into town every working day, and plenty also come in for
fun. Dude, haven't you ever heard of Wrigley Field? (4)Despite all
the know-it-alls from places like Manhattan, Brooklyn and Oakland,
we still managed to attract--for the first time ever--over 50 million
domestic tourists last year. Later Oakland.

Anonymous said...

"They hate us, cause they ain't us"
I regularly work with people from Europe, and while they may try to keep an air of superiority, they love having to come to America for work, and most are impressed by the sheer size of America compared to European countries. Germany is roughly the size of Montana, but has 50+ times the population. Lake Michigan is bigger in area then Switzerland. Think about that, we have 5 lakes in our country that are bigger then entire countries. Our biggest issue is the negro blight that infects our country with their propensity for crime and violence.

Race said...

The only lasting solution

Race said...

So true!

Race said...

Thanks for the laughter!

Race said...

That is super funny!

PB said...

"Anyway remember "JUSTICE FOR HARAMBE""

isn't that a kind of cheese?

Anonymous said...

It's the circle of life, Simba.

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Dancy . . .

Since the reporter didn't think to ask you the $64,000 question, I will:

What do you want on YOUR Tombstone?

Californian said...

That's epitomizes a weird quirk about a lot of Europeans: an insatiable
appetite for feeling superior to white Americans mixed with--as someone
here once described it--the "Cult of the Magic Negro."

One reason for this delusion of smug superiority is that too many Europeans have never had any contact with blacks. They buy into the paint job theory, and want to signal their own moral superiority by looking down their noses at Americans.

But today, thanks to mass migrations and globalization, Europeans are starting to come into contact with blacks and other third worlders. And they find their family members being assaulted. And their cars burned in riots. And themselves being forced out of their ancient cities by violence and degradation of their standards of livings. They see Rotherham and they see Malmo and they see Cologne New Year's 2016.

And many of them do not know what to do.

They can not crack down on third worlders because then that would mean they would be acting like Americans with their terrible legacy of segregation (tm). They can not buy guns easily to defend themselves--besides they can not imagine themselves shooting an "unarmed teen." All they are able to do is open their gates to even more "refugees" and repeat the liberal bromides about being "enriched." And watch their cities burn and hope they will be spared.

But some of them are starting to understand why America had segregation. Why white South Africa implemented apartheid. Why their own ancestors had put the boot in on Africans during the colonial era. This is one reason you are seeing the rise of nationalist movements in Europe.

It ain't over yet...

Unknown said...

This is just ridiculous nothing is going to work because Blacks are prone to criminality and violence!

Anonymous said...

You could give every damn black family in this country a million dollars, and they would find a way to blow it all on booze, guns, drugs, luxury cars and homes that they would soon run into the ground.

I'd give the average black family 3 months TOPS to blow through all the cash, plus all the debt they leveraged on the cash and assets (I'm assuming they're smart enough to even do that, and assuming any real bank is stupid enough to lend to them) and I'll even generously throw in another 6 months for them to hit rock bottom: half their family murdered by other "rich" blacks / homes burnt to the ground or collapse from hennessey/crack-laden house parties, their dindu grandkids locked-up or shot dead in gang-fights / all their money invested, and lost, in Jim Cramer's top shoe/sports-apparel company stock pick ), and not a damn YT in sight for thousands of miles to blame. Who then will be blamed? The people who gave them all $1m?

That would be it. That would be their legacy.

They would be back to where they are today.

You could literally give them all (INDIVIDUALLY!) $1m and put them all in their own nation - free of YT, free of "Popo" and free of law-and-order (an island, please) and we could all show up in a year to witness (in bulletproof and disease-proof bubbles) the majority of them completely perished, and the remaining living in utter crime-laden, violent, disease-ridden poverty.

Hmmm. sounds like a familiar neighbor to The DR in the Caribbean, but I digress.

$1 million per family is not going to help them, Welfare is not going to help them, PIZZA(!!!!!!!) is sure as hell not going to help this sad people. And when it does come time to blaming someone, you better believe it'll be the pizza delivery boy who was at fault for giving them ALL of dat damn-good pizza, and "a-takin mah gunzzz fo protekshun!"

I do wonder what folks in the year 5016 will think of all of this when they read about it in History class...hopefully it will only be, at most, a photo caption.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberal do gooders want want everydody the exchange their guns for food coupons,tickets to the ice capades sorts balls a pualtry amount of money and sign some dumb pledge of nonvoilence which im sure no thug with ever sign ecept on some phonie liberal talk show

Anonymous said...

Here are a couple of links for your consideration, both from your neck of the woods.


You may not want to read what is being posted on that site, but if you don't want to wind being skinned like a white-tail deer and having your head mounted on a wall in somebody's living room on South Loomis, you better make an effort.

CPD is inadequately equipped, is completely unsupported by the media, FOP and City Hall, and is massively understaffed and overwhelmed. District 016 has 5 beat cars to patrol 31 square miles while 007 (Englewood) has 30 beat cars patrolling 4.5 square miles.

So with all the police presence in da hood, what do the bad guys do? They hop the Red Line and go north. Muggings, shootings, residential and vehicle burglaries are starting to spike big time. So are strong arm robberies, CSAs and other "teen" activities. Wrigleyville, Boystown, Edgebrook and River North are sliding into the toilet.

This other link is about the most current and up-to-date source on the web for tracking the "gun" violence in Chicago:

Very complete stats going back to 2013, with partials for 2012. Hot zones by neghborhood. Austin, Englewood and Garfield Park currently account for just about one third of all of the chaos and carnage in the whole city so far this year. Austin has the most shootings, but Garfield Park is actually more "deadly", in terms of killed to injured percentages. Nice graphics to take it all in . . . Year over year increases in percentages, shot placement, breakdown of victim demographics by age, race, gender and cause of death. My favorite is the shot clock. A shooting every 2 hours, and a murder every 11 hours and 40 minutes. There are monthly summaries, running totals for the week in progress, year to date and a summary of the weekend's fun and frolic every Monday.

Over 3030 shootings this year, with 522 homicides- more than New York and Los Angeles COMBINED. 2016 has ALREADY beaten the totals for ALL of 2015. More homicides in general, more deaths by gunfire, more people wounded by gunfire, and of course, more shootings overall.

So, downtown's got some people with money?
Lining up to outbid each other for a nice loft apartment or maybe a condo in Lakeview? Nice, high-dollar housing to generate lots of revenue for property taxes, which get pissed away on Rahm's vkte pandering projects. Aside from being able to name drop a zip code or building name, what are you getting for your money? Not much in terms of police service, but what the hell, you said this was all hype. Good luck. CPD will lose between 800-1100 officers to retirement by May, and the hiring process for the next YEAR won't be enough to keep pace. If you don't already have one, you better get yourself a carry permit. You're gonna need it.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are so convinced that gun make people evil they think that people are good and nice but when they touch a gun they turn evil just like with Dr Jekyel and Mr Hyde Becuase liberals have walnut sized brains

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Centurion said...

"the only moral, ethical, humane and decent solution is TOTAL separation."

I agree that this is the only moral, ethical, humane and decent solution, but there is the other, much darker solution, which is certainly within the realm...

" Why the hell would a negro trade a $150 nice semi-auto Glock for a $9 Pizza? Even the negro is not that stupid."

I wouldnt want to bet on that...

Proudyt said...

"My wife is past child bearing years but I'll see if it's okay if I find a young white woman to help the cause."

What a brilliant strategy. I think this idea has merit. Count me in!

The Umpire said...

"Californian said" (8:56 AM)
Uh, actually, DUDE, that was me.

The Umpire said...

Excuse me, scratch that last one please.