Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Crown Jewel of the New National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C.: Emmett Till’s Casket

Three movies...

None, of course, will mention the story of his abusive, misogynist father Louis Till, who a judge offered the choice of jail or enlisting in the U.S. Army many, many moons ago. While in Italy, he was suspected in the murder of an Italian woman and the raping of two others: for these crimes, he would be court-martialed, found guilty, and executed by hanging. 
The Casket of the anti-white Covenant

Three movies and all three will leave the final moments of Emmitt's father (and the reason for his execution, raping and killing white women in Italy) out of the script. 

Minor, inconvenient details barely registering as a worth of a footnote in the hagiography surrounding Emmitt Till. After all, it's his casket that will find a final resting place in the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C.

A building designed with solely one purpose - squeeze out every last drop of white guilt from any white visitor while simultaneously amping up black rage, hatred, and hostility to living and dead white people  (standing as a "rebuke to the world of white marble monuments to dead white men") is the only fitting structure in all of the United States to house such an important artifact as Emmitt Till's casket

Right? [Emmett Till’s casket a 'sacred object' at the African American museum, Chicago Tribune, 8-19-16]:

Among the most difficult decisions that Lonnie Bunch III had to make as he searched the world for objects to tell the story of African Americans was whether to include a casket that once held the mangled body of a murdered black boy. 
"I remember struggling with, 'Should we collect that?' " said Bunch, the founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 
Even after he accepted Emmett Till's casket, which Till's family gave to the museum long after his remains had been exhumed and reinterred, Bunch grappled with the idea of including it in an exhibit. "Was that too ghoulish?" he wondered. 
As leaders of the new museum, Bunch and his curators must strike a delicate balance. 
Every year, millions of tourists come to Washington to seek inspiration — in marble monuments to the nation's heroes and leaders, in temples of democracy and civic power. Now, for the first time, Americans will have a museum on the Mall celebrating black pioneers and highlighting the success stories of African Americans. 
Excitement surrounding the historic institution propelled its boosters through 11 years of collecting artifacts and fundraising to the tune of $315 million. It will open Sept. 24 with a dedication attended by President Barack Obama and with an invitation-only Kennedy Center gala. 
But for such a museum to claim scholarly integrity, uplift is not enough. In the years preceding next month's celebration, Bunch has had to consider how much of the dark corners of American history to expose. He and the museum's curators say they are ready to tell what African American historian John Hope Franklin called the "unvarnished truth" of the nation's racial past. 
The question is: Are visitors ready to hear it? 
As painful as it may be, Bunch said, it's essential that his institution delve into stories such as that of Till, the Chicago teenager who was murdered for whistling at a white woman during a visit to Mississippi — an event that galvanized the civil rights movement. 
"You couldn't tell the story of the African American experience without wrestling with difficult issues, without creating those moments where people have to ponder the pain of slavery, segregation or racial violence," Bunch said. 
But he said he also knew "that this was not a museum of crime or guilt or holocaust."
No, it's just a museum built as a "rebuke to the world of white marble monuments to dead white men."

What's funny is when you consider the famed, oft-quoted line from Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the Ark of Covenant is described thusly: "The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains and laying waste in entire regions. An Army that carries the Ark before it... is invincible."

Emmitt Till's casket is nothing more than a box (whose sterling, seemingly impeachable reputation is built entirely upon a hoax and the coverup of his father's execution for raping and murdering white women in Italy) that helped galvanize a movement ultimately laying waste to entire regions across the United States: St. Louis, Rochester, Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis, Camden, Savannah, Montgomery, Atlanta, Newark, Richmond, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Charlotte. 

The only item worth canonizing and displaying in a museum associated with Louis or Emmitt Till would be the rope used to have hanged the former, if it still exists.


Anonymous said...

How many THOUSANDS of black boys have been killed by OTHER BLACKS in the decades since???

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of diversity, Emmet Till should be portrayed by a white lesbian.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't his coffin below ground with him in it?

Did a voodoo witch doctor raise him from the dead and he's now a zombie wandering the quiet countryside sexually assaulting white female shopkeepers?

Is he going to do a zombie crossover movie with Nat Turner?

proudyt said...

They should raise the casket's of Biggie and Toupac and fill them with ice and colt '45's like big coolers. They could put them in the entrance of the museum so all the brothas could enjoy a cold one whilst looking at shit no buddy gives a flying fuck about.

Cookie Watkins said...

Oh Lawsee Jesus!

Anonymous said...

3000 plus shootings in Chicago and Osama could give a funk.

Anonymous said...

That casket is the equivalent of opening the Ark of the Covenant.

Anonymous said...

Another object "used" by a black person and a false narrative to go along with it. Will fit right in with all the other crap. The good thing is that when placed alongside the legitimate museums blacks look even that more pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I predict that museum will be a nice quiet place real soon. Blacks don't go to museums and stupid whites will tire of it soon enough. We all know the museum director wanted that casket so bad he could taste it - I don't believe he was conflicted about it at all. Are Newports and cheap booze in a brown bag somewhere in that museum? How about a tricked out ghetto car? A pimp suit from the 1970s? Hair weave, crazy long nails, afro comb, pair of Nikes or Air Jordans? It wouldn't be a complete museum of blacks without that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Emmett Till, what a freaking joke. His father got what he deserved. Actually both did. And of course Hollywood will give them saintly status.... That's why I haven't been to a movie theater in 15 years. Screw 'em.

Hey NC Blue Eyes,

Nope in central NC, but do spend a lot of time in WNC. Have lots family around there. It's beautiful, a lot more pure, and well armed that's for sure! I also spend a lot of time in coastal areas, very nice as well. Wish there was a way to meet fellow SBPDLer's (how bout a SBPDL dating site haha). One of my favorite posters, Formerly Bernice, isn't too far either.... God Bless yall!

NC Guy

-Thanks again for all you do PK

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should have a monument for all the white people murdered by Negroes! I believe it is too late for many whites to change their ideas about blacks - they are not redeemable. I grew up in an era that did not worship Negroes. All I can say about the black race is that it is loud, big, and in your face (and VERY VERY DUMB!!!)

Why doesn't the National Negro Museum pay homage to the Negroes who killed white devils? Like the white young man and woman from Tennessee who were so savagely murdered. They tortured them before they killed them! Do I hear crickets coming from the Negro crowd? If a white person dies "den dat be good." Remember the little white baby that was murdered in its stroller because the mother couldn't give the sambo any money? Yep...the sambo blew the little baby's brains out! I bet that won't be mentioned.

They could show how blacks have uplifted inner cities over the years with pictures of how things looked then, and how they look now. PK would be happy to supply the pictures I am sure.

How about using Haiti and the Congo as models for black achievement? I have so many ideas of things to put in the Negro Museum.

Anonymous said...

#1 post--its 5000? blacks killed by blacks a year. or more.
Stats are available.

also--. Towards the end of our visit a family of ferals show up. The environment totally changed from relaxing to tense. --Bring a radio and make sure Classical Music [not classic rock] is blasting.

Anonymous said...

If Hollywood does make a film about Till, I assume it wont be too popular.

Bird of Paradise said...

To be followed by Trayvon Martins first bed and Micheal Browns brass knukles

Anonymous said...

What would the world have been like if blacks had been left to their own devices in Africa? Darwin himself remarked how they'd stared at the oceans for years but never dreamed of sailing, so I would venture a guess that almost all blacks would have remained in Africa, unaware of the existence of the outside world, and fighting amoungst themselves for a few miserable patches of land.

Anonymous said...

How soon before they get desperate for cash and start allowing visitors to pose for photographs inside the casket in exchange for donations?

Anonymous said...

This Emmett Till Worship Center is a great idea! They should relocate the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center there too, right next to the Trayvon Martin "purpa drank" cocktail and skittles bar and the Michael Brown memorial cigar shop.

Anonymous said...

What did they do with his body? Throw it away?

I plan on visiting this so called museum just for laughs.

Anonymous said...

Emmet Till's casket is tangible evidence of a quality that has enabled a dysfunctional race to thrive in an environment that should have extinguished the race long ago. To my knowledge blacks are the only race that actively cultivates and takes pride in continuously developing this quality to the fullest extent. Blacks are nature's victims. If there is too much rain, they drown. They always have the highest unemployment rates, they are victims of violent crime and are incarcerated more often than any other race, police keep killing them, they can't graduate from high school, it is common for them to get killed during prayer vigils, and whenever a new lethal virus is discovered it will probably be found in a black population. This quality is evident prior to birth as demonstrated by the high probability that a black fetus will be aborted, and if a black fetus survives gestation it will grow up without a father. The chances of a black having a long and wonderful life are extremely low.

It is because of the pathetic state of black existence that white people feel morally compelled to take care of blacks. We feed them, cloth them, and give them housing so we won't have to watch the buzzards eat their carcasses in the streets. Blacks live in a world far more advanced than they can maintain, and they accomplish this only through the good will of other races that wish to avoid feeling responsible for the abject poverty that naturally follows blacks wherever they are found. It is a strange paradox that blacks only succeed as race in a modern world because they are a failure as a race. If they cease being victims, whites will be reluctant to carry them and Darwin will remove them from the gene pool. They realize that their survival depends on maintaining their role as victims, and they proudly ook and eek over any symbol that draws attention to this quality.

A secondary benefit to blacks of embracing the role of victim is the psychological benefit of being able to blame others for their failure rather than take responsibility themselves.

Anonymous said...

"A building designed with solely one purpose - squeeze out every last drop of white guilt from any white visitor ..."

"White guilt" is a canard, an erroneous idea propounded by inferior psychologists. Properly speaking, you can only feel guilt for your own actions, not those of others. If you claim to feel "guilt" for something you didn't do, you are displaying the effects of neurosis, not guilt. You're just like those lunatics who confess to crimes they didn't commit. Your "guilt" is purely imaginary. That much is obvious.

But if "white guilt" is so obviously wrong, why is the notion so widely accepted as denoting a real phenomenon? My guess is that the main reason is probably because it makes whites feel virtuous. Someone claiming to feel "white guilt" is engaging in virtue signaling, a form of status seeking. He's publicly displaying how morally sensitive he is; that he's better than you, at least unless you feel equally guilty as he. In that way it's a call to action; that's the way it spreads. But even whites who feel no guilt themselves can at least admire the spectacle of such virtue, and feel confirmed in thinking they belong to a morally superior race. Another reason is that it provides fodder for conspiracy theorists who want to believe whites aren't responsible for their own actions, which in the matter of race have been so profoundly masochistic; that they are being manipulated by (((others))) like puppets on a string. This makes maintaining the fiction of white guilt into a political necessity. Without white guilt whites would be left with no excuse at all for their self-destructive actions. They'd be brought face to face with their own idiocy, which would be psychologically unbearable.

Thus, the erroneous notion of "white guilt" has taken root and grown among white people like some noxious mind-weed. In a marvelous economy, this one defective meme simultaneously exonerates them of all responsibility for acting against their own interests, and is proof positive of their moral superiority.

Anonymous said...

The Weather Underground coup will be complete if Hillary gets elected.
Obama launched his political career in the Chicago living room of his revolutionary comrades William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who are the leaders of the Weather Underground terrorists. Chicago is a known hub of the Communist Party USA.
Terrorist Carlos the Jackal said that only an alliance of Marxists and Islamists could bring America down.
The negro dysfunction will be used by this alliance to get the NKVD/SS-Gestapo police force in place.
There is no loyalty to or love for the negro by this unholy alliance and they will be discarded after serving their purpose.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Emmett may be the first official Dindu Nuffin. I wonder why his father isn't also featured as a victim of racism beside his rapist wannabe son. Wouldn't this prove that eebil YT had it in for the innocent Till fambly? Who's to say otherwise? Hell, if we're going to make shit up let's at least make it colorful.

Till's grandfather was a runaway slave who was escorted to safety personally by the 20 dollar bill negress. The slave owner's fambly pursued the Tills through history seeking revenge for what they considered stolen property. Till's father was intentionally directed to serve under slave owner's son in Italy. blah, blah, blah.
It writes itself.

Hollywood is tanking due to lack of imagination.

Anonymous said...

How many victims of black mobs are featured in the "white" museum?

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful to have a black shit only Smithsonian to celebrate, among other amazing black achievements, the end of segregation.

Anonymous said...

"...11 years of collecting artifacts..."

Why 11 years? Weren't these "artifacts" already important enough to be in the regular museum with everything else? Why does the proud negro require so much special attention if he isn't inferior? SJW's pat the negro on the head, telling him he is just as good as anyone knowing the whole time it is a lie.

But he said he also knew "that this was not a museum of crime or guilt or holocaust."

Bullshit, that's all the hell it is. Oh well, it won't bring in enough to support itself so, like all negro ventures, it will be kept afloat by guess who.

No one is obligated to give a damn about the genetically challenged negro. The sooner this becomes YT's mindset, the better.

Anonymous said...

So where do they display the 170 million crimes blacks have committed against whites?

Brian in Ohio said...

Didn't the funeral home get busted for reusing Till`s casket, along with many others? Seems like I remember that.

Now THAT story would be a great one to tell at their museum.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

So.... the fambly dug him up... then reburied him... kept the original box for a while then donated (for a hefty consideration I'm sure) it to a museum that no (human. SJWs don't count either) will go to?
This loooksatmuhseeum needs to have all of its contents preserved, for when the saxon awakens, and finally deals with the negro problem, we can look at it as an example of what not to do ever again.

Anonymous said...

The local rag printed an AP story about this joint. They will hand out tissues for those overcome with grief. I suspect it will be the stench.

Anonymous said...

Oh the blacks and more white guilt tripping!

Let's see. People I know of who were assulted, robbed, verbally abused, hit by blacks: my dad (elderly by neighbors,) mother (nurse giving orders,) sister (teacher,) cousin (raped by two,)
my uncle (beat while walking. robbed of his $3,) my aunt -who was in 60's civil rights marches beat with a pipe in school, my bosses where all "racists" & "prejudiced" in a company that became 80% black, various things I'd see of abuse, smashed cars, robberies on TV, killings on TV, myself -as kid, later as public servant: too many to list.

Oh yes. YT is the bad guy or gal!

NY Girl said...

Judging from the shitty quality of that glorified packing crate, his family no doubt opted for re-interment in a casket built by whites.

Not that he deserved it, though. In fact, even the shitty packing crate is too good for him.

Why the hell did they dig him up anyway? If you want a dead black kid, the Chicago morgue gets a new shipment every five minutes.

Anonymous said...

A guest come on WMAL Washington this morning and mentioned Emmitt Till's coffin as a highlight of the museum. This will give guilty whites a chance to show true contrition to the almighty Negro.

Their day can start off by bowing to the statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. like the North Koreans bow to the statues of their dead leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
Then they can crawl on their bellies to the African American History and Culture Museum to wail at Emmitt Till's coffin to show true white guilt.

If they have Emmitt Till's coffin, do they also have Trayvon's hoodie? Special attention should be paid to the riots in Charlotte NC, Detroit, LA, and other places to show the pain felt by Negroes. It should show how the Negro lifted the white man out of ignorance and poverty and introduced him to science. It should dwell for hours on slavery and how the white man must atone with money and gifts to Negroes.

Mike Isbell said...

Every day I come to SBPDL and read your latest entry. Thank you so much for your hard work and consistent entries and updates. Your page was what started me toward my current racial awareness as being white in a black run America.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

So this looks like OUR Smithsonian Museum funded by taxpayers decides it was necessary to turn over the casket so that WHITES can be fingered as RAYCISS.

Anonymous said...

Egalitarians really have no sense of taste. A casket as a museum piece? Talk about desperation.

How about including some rubble from Detroit? Maybe have a VR exhibit where you can take a virtual tour of Detroit. Or how about a bullet riddled car from Chicago? Why not give the full African-American experience?

But PK is spot on about this being a White guilt extractor. The whole idea is to capture White school groups going to DC. They sure as hell wouldn't make money by relying on Black patrons.

behind blue eyes said...

Just like its daddy,Till was only about Muh-Dik. In todays day he'd have been arrested for attempted sexually assault. Even his southern born homeboys warned him about this but his lust for yt womenz was just too much.
This waste of money museum will be forgotten soon enough. The nogs will tire of it and the busloads of forced white kids will grow sick of the whine that is nonstop nowadays. These daily chimpouts are opening up so many eyes. Thanks for all you do, Paul. This site is a wealth of information.

Anonymous said...

from the past 48 days:

7/18- Jimmie Norman, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/18- Terry Taylor, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/17- Cindy Raygoza, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/11- Luis Aguilar, 91 year old hispanic male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/10- Brittany Simpson, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/6- Sarah Goode, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/6- Jeffrey Westerfield, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/5- Perry Renn, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/3- Laurey Kennedy, white female still in coma from beating by black male. No national news.
7/3 Eric Mollet, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/2 Rupert Anderson, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/2 Jennifer Kingeter, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
6/30 Jim Brennan, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/29 Paul Shephard, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Shirley Barone, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Penelope Spencer, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Inga Evans, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/26 Jake Rameau, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/25 Gina Burger, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/24 Nathan Dasher, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/22 Jonathan Price, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/20 John Whitmore, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/18 John Yingling,white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/17 Allyn Reeves, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/15 Michael Beaver, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/11 Angela Cook, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/11 Nathan Hall, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/7 Harry Briggs, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/5 Laura Bachman, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/2 Robert Mohler, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/1 William Headley, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.

Anonymous said...

Tom Watson COME BACK!!!

“Let them remember that, and quit knocking at us about lynchings. When the crimes stop, lynching will stop. Not a minute before.”
– Tom Watson

Anonymous said...

But if "white guilt" is so obviously wrong, why is the notion so widely accepted as denoting a real phenomenon? My guess is that the main reason is probably because it makes whites feel virtuous.

I don't think the Whites that are motivated by White guilt think of themselves as actually having it. In their minds they are doing the right thing because they have been indoctrinated into believing the great lie.

The great lie is paint job theory. Whites that have White guilt believe that Blacks have been "held back" by other Whites because in their minds Black people are simply White people with darker skin and frizzy hair. That's the real source of White guilt. The majority of Whites see race as superficial which then implies that racial inequality shouldn't exist and also that Whites are a vain and nasty race for simply judging an entire group based on color. Once Whites learn there are undisputed biological differences that affect behavior their sense of White guilt diminishes.

But the propaganda is so thick that even intelligent Whites have a hard time seeing through it. In fact intelligent Whites are often the most vulnerable because the propaganda feeds into a belief that intelligent Whites could fix the problem if not for the bad groups (Christians, meanie Whites, rednecks, gun owners, business owners, etc). In college I watched as most White students bought every line of the anti-White propaganda. Only the fearless and naturally skeptical could see through it. The majority nodded their heads like good little children. Most intelligent Whites fall for argument by authority and anti-White egalitarians have capitalized on this.

But they are having a much harder time pushing the great lie because of the internet. They basically have a hard time retaining the best and brightest unless they are gay or have some grudge against society. Naturally rational and talented Whites inevitably reach the conclusion that egalitarians prefer lies to truth and resent rational Whites.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the black "history" museum will be replete with all the black invention myths and stories of how they created the modern world and the white man "stoled" all the credit for it while abusing blacks. Any debunking of such ludicrous claims will be declared racism. School children will be forced to go to the museum for their politically correct social justice warrior brainwashing sessions by libtarded teachers. Any child who subsequently dares research the ludicrous claims and writes an accurate report showing all the falsehoods will be severely punished and ostracized. Another "benefit" of the museum and its false claims will be to give black children a puffed up sense of pride and self worth and (in typical negro fashion) it won't matter if the pride is based on lies. An additional "benefit" of such brainwashing will be to increase the resentment of blacks and attempt to make white children feel guilty.

There have already been reports of black "educators" going around to schools and giving presentations of false history and false accomplishments to black children. Even the "educators" themselves admitted that what they were teaching was false but excused it by saying it was to instill pride in black children. That alone is the greatest indicator of a failed race devoid of any true accomplishments.

Of course, anyone debunking all the claims and exposing the lies will not only be accused of racism but also of "just tryin' to make black folks feel bad about themselves." Feelings will take precedence over truth and woe unto anyone who dares question the narrative. The wrath of the outraged negro and the offended white libtard will descend like a force 5 tornado.

It's all quiet hilarious but rather sickening at the same time. Like a negro dictator in Africa wearing a uniform with a thousand pounds of unearned medals- don't you dare question when, where and how the medals were "awarded" since dear leader awarded them to himself and probably confiscated them from a military surplus store.

As I've often said, with the negro "Image is Everything, Substance is Nothing."

-CR said...

Dindu degeneracy is quite evident in the martyrs they elevate, most of whom were engaging in TNB that led to their demise. Witness: Emmett's hostile sexual advances, said to include some grasping at the breasts, and based on a dare from his whooping hoodlum friends; Trayvon's physical attack of a would-be murder victim; and Michael Brown's robbery preceding, an attempt to kill a police officer by wresting his gun away from him.

I've often wondered why the Dindu seems to primarily select criminal, miscreant scumbags as their chosen martyrs. Why can't they find a true hero or saint? Why not find a black George Washington to promote instead of some thug?

The answer is twofold: First, they instinctively do not honor or revere the same morals and standards of behavior that Western civilization espouses. They want to martyr dirtbag Dindus who were (at best) the recipients of a reaction to their TNB, which reflects their internal desires to act badly without having to suffer the consequences. Secondly, the kinds of black people who do mind their own business and try to act civilized are never the victims of a reaction to TNB, simply because they weren't perpetrating it.

As for Emmett's coffin, it had been exhumed by the FBI around 2004 to autopsy the body inside. Apparently this was part of a reopened investigation, and likely more of a public relations move than anything else. The body was reburied in a brand new coffin.

The old coffin was found wide open and occupied by filthy raccoons in a rotting shed in 2009 when the Dindu owners of the cemetery were charged criminally with digging up old grave sites and reselling the now-vacated plots for cash. A number of them went to prison. If it weren't for the criminal investigation spurred by more TNB, the forgotten coffin would likely never have been re-discovered in the first place.

And some poor 'coons would not have lost their now-famous home.

Keep your power dry!


Anonymous said...

OT: Black man AND FORMER MULTI-SPORT ATHLETE, has sex with 13 year old. Get's caught, ARRESTED, AND HE DINT EVEN DU NOTHING!!

"Enis – the former Winchester Community High School multi-sport athlete arrested on Thursday, his 19th birthday – said he later had sex with the girl two more times and “knew it was wrong,” an affidavit said."

Anonymous said...

Does anyone but me think this is ghoulish and macabre, to the extreme? I mean, a USED casket complete with cemetery dust!??

Anonymous said...

The Weather Underground coup will be complete if Hillary gets elected.
There is no loyalty to or love for the negro by this unholy alliance and they will be discarded after serving their purpose.

What that unholy alliance wants to do is dilute the negro cities with Arabs and Hispanics. They know the real source of conflict is genetic so their only option (other than admit the truth) is to turn the US into a third world country of mulattoes where the leaders profess a belief in equality and socialism while living in gated compounds and sending their kids to private schools.

But I don't see how this is a win for them. These Marxists clearly gave up their "new Soviet man" dreams and underlying belief that the state can turn any group into anything. They also reject widespread state ownership and ironically support private banks. So their plans are really to turn White countries into Brazil and push for international capitalism.

I don't think anyone wins if they get their way. Obama/Hillary types are motivated by bitterness and revenge. As far as I can tell they lost during the first round of riots when it became clear that segregation was not actually keeping Black areas from flourishing.

I believe only Whites can still win the future. Either Whites win or everyone loses. This 60s alliance already lost. They just moved the goal posts. The Age of Aquarius was not supposed to be a dystopic Brazil built on the ruins of a first world country. I have no doubt that half of that alliance are on anti-depressants or other drugs to help them cope with their failures.

Anonymous said...

OT – A petite woman armed with the 2nd Amendment and the correct mindset is more dangerous than three orc home invaders. Hillary will change that if she becomes President.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis: "Mo dem programs."

Thanks, whitey!!

cecilhenry said...

Not to change the subject.... but on free speech and Google.. look at this. Staggering. Evil

Google 'European people art'

or even 'white man white woman'

Is Google Blackwashing European Self-Image?

Californian said...

They could show how blacks have uplifted inner cities over the years with pictures of how things looked then, and how they look now. ... How about using Haiti and the Congo as models for black achievement?


The real museums to African-in-America achievement can be found in any American inner city. Boarded up businesses, trashed schools, once stately houses now decaying, sirens wailing 24/7 and gangbangers moping around street corners, eyes dead.

Anonymous said...

There have already been reports of black "educators" going around to schools and giving presentations of false history and false accomplishments to black children. Even the "educators" themselves admitted that what they were teaching was false but excused it by saying it was to instill pride in black children.

Numerous school books already do this by exaggerating the inventions. So what was an improved part becomes the original invention.

I actually don't care that they do this. I think it will inevitably be perceived as compensation like a small man driving a giant truck. They must think children are pretty stupid if they don't think they will notice. Children can identify complex patterns at age 5. But I guess liberal educators view them all as drones that are unable to spot the special measures taken for Blacks.

I suspect is actually has a reverse effect on black children. It's just so obviously patronizing and the largely the work of White liberals. Don't worry black children, Righteous White liberals are here to explain why you feel good about Black history. They are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to convince you that Black history is amazing and super awesome. Not amount of effort will be spared in this endeavor. It make take years to convince you but your White liberal educators will do whatever it takes to convince you of what they assume you are unable to believe on your own.

Anonymous said...

GOOD comment from poster "Jjames" on

"I know it is fun to make fun of the colored people but sometimes you guys sound like the Southerners bragging before the American Civil War that one Southerner could beat twenty Yankees. Know your enemy and know yourself if you want to succeed in battle. Here are a few points to ponder:

Black youth have mastered and put into practice what white nationalist have only talked about for the last thirty or forty years - leaderless resistance. Yes globalist monsters like Soros have dumped money into BLM but most of these disorders we have been seeing start spontaneously as local issues. The globalist termites only come in later to extend the disorder and pour salt in the wound.

Black youth have mastered and put into practice communications and mobilization techniques based on social media like FB and Twitter. They have turned the white practice of artsy and ironic flash mobs into an extremely effective tactic of youth swarms that destroy and "liberate" property and show that they can almost without penalty or resistance exert dominance over public space almost anywhere in America at very short notice. Sometimes these have political overtones like their responses to police shootings of blacks but more often these are just barbarian raids against civilization.

Blacks have a racial loyalty that white nationalist can only dream about. Let me ask you a question, be honest, if a black or a cop killed your child or your wife how many members of your family, friend group and community could you mobilize to protest? How long would it take? How often, since the defeat of Southern Massive Resistance against the Civil Rights movement and Federal government intervention in the South, have you seen whites stand together explicitly against actions against our people that we here recognize as white genocide?

Blacks through their drug connections with Mexico have an in place pipeline to move guns and ammunition into this country in large quantities should they wish to do so and if they could manage some agreements with the browns.

Blacks through their drug gangs already have a proto-militia in place. Atlanta has some 120 criminal gangs being tracked by police, almost all are black or brown gangs. The thousands of young men in these gangs are already mentally prepared for violence, many have already assaulted people and some have killed. This doesn't make them trained soldiers but it does make them felony ready.

A black drug gang from a mid size Georgia city sent a 6 man drive by team out in the county to a house in a black area just a mile from me and put 60 plus rounds into the walls and windows as retaliation for some slight or insult. Now ask yourself if you had a beef with someone how many of your close friends and family could you mobilize to come and stand with you? Whites aren't felony ready. Civil war and insurrection is just one felonious act after another designed to challenge and discredit the power of the state.

There is a difference between our image of a thing or people and the reality of them. Yes blacks can be pretty amusing and predictable but they can also react with lightening speed and furious anger against anyone they target."

Californian said...

What this episode indicates -- again! -- is that Africans-in-America have nothing to offer other than the fact that a century ago they were on the bottom of the feeding chain. A movie about Emmett Till or Selma or the Tuskagee Airmen might show that they once have had some past claims to glory, even if only being on the wrong end of a homicide. But bear in mind that all black "accomplishments" occurred only because of White support. The Civil Rites movement had the backing of several White House administrations, the mainstream media, the usual suspects among DWLs, and quite a few corporations (including Coca-Cola(tm)). Imagine what Race Realists would do if they had similar support!

Today, they have to dig up (literally!) the casket of a punk who got waxed for making a move on the wrong woman way back in 1955. 1955. The reason they have to reach back that far is because if they were to make a movie about Africans-in-America today, objective research would show that they have been the perpetrators, not victims. Perpetrators of hundreds of thousands of murders, armed robberies, home invasions, flashmob attacks, driveby shootings, and sexual assaults -- at least Carolyn Byrant was saved the latter fate.

And perhaps that is why they have to keep dredging up Emmett Till. Can't have YT thinking he has a right to protect his own people, can we, comrades?

Something to think about in the coming chaos.

Anonymous said...

Congressional Black Caucus be having some demands and shit:

Anonymous said...

They could have made the black Lenin if they had started sooner.
Embalm the esteemed comrade in a clear casket and let worshippers file past with their hats in hand while singing hymns of praise to the martyr.
Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

Pat Boyle said...

The truth about the Emmett Till incident is being buried under a huge load of political propaganda. Let's examine some of the known facts.

First of all lynchings have been done on all of the races in America. In California and the West it was common to lynch the Chinese. There were political parties organized around anti-Chinese activities. I live in California and there has never been a lynching of a negro in this state but there were lynchings of Chinese in Los Angeles only a few decades ago. The largest mass lynchings in American history were of the Chinese not blacks.

Why were the Chinese lynched? The Chinese were considered unfair economic competitors. The Chinese worked too hard for too little money. As far as I can tell no Chinese was ever lynched for sexual assault - a common motive for lynching blacks.

After Emancipation white Southerners worried that the newly liberated blacks would commit crimes especially violent crimes and rape. They had reason to worry. American Renaissance estimates blacks attack whites at 27 times the rate whites attack blacks. White men raping black women is almost unknown but black rape is very, very common.

Looking at the specific incident there are some discrepancies from the official story. I only know about this case from Wikipedia. I'm no expert but some pertinent facts have been under appreciated. First of all Till was 14 years old. That would make him a child if he were white or Asian. Blacks develop faster and mature earlier. Everyone agrees that he had bragged about his past conquests of white girls and women.

The woman's husband should not have killed him, but it was not a case where the white husband just over reacted to some casual flirting remark as it is usually portrayed. The woman was so upset that she ran out of the store to get a gun from her car. If she had fired this whole incident would never have gotten much attention. But she didn't. It sounds as if she scared him off.

Later when her husband got home he sought the youth out and murdered him. He seemed to take the incident seriously. Even so he should have reported the thwarted sexual attack to the police and let the justice system take over. The husband was furious and took the law into his own hands.

The husband and an accomplice left the body in the river where it was found several days later. The body was in bad shape from its time in the river. Perhaps the husband had defaced the body or perhaps it was damaged by the river or both.

So far this year more that 500 persons (mostly blacks) have been shot and killed in Chicago alone. By New Years Day that figure may be over 700. Most of these black men, women and children were killed by blacks seeking revenge for some real or imagines offense. So black men and boys have been killed in the tens of thousands since 1955, often for less than what Emmitt Till did. Why no outrage?

The reason no one cares about all those piles of black bodies is because the Till incident has become political narrative. It is used as a weapon against whites. Blacks kill each other for little reason in whole battalions. They do this every day. While I have been typing this note probably some other modern day Emmett Till has been murdered in some American city. But no one cares.

Don't allow yourself to be manipulated. Refuse to feel guilty. A husband overreacted to what he saw as an attack on his wife sixty years ago. There have been tens of thousands of sexual assaults and revenge killings in those sixty years. I never took part is any of them, so I don't care what happened in Mississippi when I was a kid.


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

My time to shine! Do you know about the Till grave robbing, perpetrated by blacks?

Read this

then this

Make sure to note this little tidbit:

"Jesse Jackson: Opossum Jumped Out of Till's Casket"


PS. PK in all your free time I think a fun column would be cili rights elders victimized by other b;acks: Till's grave robbery, Rosa Parks getting mugged, I'm sure there're others.

Anonymous said...

A lot of commenters are noting that having a casket in a museum is ghoulish, in poor taste, macabre, and desperate.

But you must use Dindu Logic - It is not a coffin. It is a sarcophagus.

Like the pharaohs of old.

Anonymous said...

STDs are rayciss

An effective strategy for limiting the spread of STDs would be to simply warn children on the dangers of sleeping with Blacks.

Liberals can scream all they want but the statistical risk is there and well founded:
In 2010, 69% of all reported cases of gonorrhea occurred among blacks. The rate of gonorrhea among blacks in 2010 was 432.5 cases per 100,000 population, which was 18.7 times the rate among whites (23.1).

Gonorrhea is becoming resistant:

We saw in Africa how globalists basically gave up trying to get them to use condoms. That's why Gates has been investing heavily in an anti-HIV cream for the women to use. Better invest in an anti-gonorrhea cream as well. Guilt ridden tech globalists like Gates are trying to shoot for the moon with technology instead of facing the reality of race.

And since we live in the Age of Egalitarian Stupidity we have to pretend that everyone is at equal risk for these STDs and that these racial disparities only exist because of "lack of health access" or other excuses for the predictably irresponsible negro behavior. Thus our public policies will be locked in political correctness and unable to be efficient in how they target the problem. Medical workers are well aware of this (cough) disparity and don't believe for one second that the cause is White racism. They also don't believe that society is to blame for gay males that sleep around and then use medicaid to pay for the million dollar HIV treatment. The average gay male has around 200 partners in his lifetime and I am still waiting for a liberal to explain how society is to blame.

Anonymous said...

$315M for DNS?

Dey gotz to look good, even when dey daid.

Antidote said...

I read an effusive article about this "museum" in which the author, a shameful masochistic cuck, laments the dearth of bl@ck architects, and hails the building as "an affront and a challenge to the marbleized white supremacy of D.C." Gawd have mercy! What a disgusting bull prepper!
But one item of ultimate symbolic bullshit stood out from my reading: the entire building is covered in anodized aluminum grill work which is supposed to be reminiscent of "the New Orleans balconies, handrails, and fences designed and executed by SLAVE craftsmen". The slaves did not do any type of craft or guild work. They were only involved in simple agricultural production or labor. When people say "slaves built the White House" that only means they carried the lumber to the site and hoisted the stones with pulleys.
In the 19th Century wrought iron work was still in the sphere of father to son tradition and long apprenticeship. It was also regarded as technology. Call me a raycis, but I just can't see a cotton picker or a cane cutter having the aptitude, inclination, wherewithal or resources to take up ornate grill work. So let's say such a creature did exist: ol' massa paid for the training of the ornate grill work slave
and then sends him out to work each day and pockets the huge profit---while the slave gets three hots and a cot in a cabin? Such a slave would be a fugitive slave in short order; he could get on a ship and sail away to Cuba or Yankeeland or Canada and make big bucks with his skills.
Peanut butter, traffic lights, real McCoys and grillwork---it's all bullshit and lies.

Anonymous said...

Great observations.

Anonymous said...

It's all quiet hilarious but rather sickening at the same time. Like a negro dictator in Africa wearing a uniform with a thousand pounds of unearned medals- don't you dare question when, where and how the medals were "awarded" since dear leader awarded them to himself and probably confiscated them from a military surplus store.

As I've often said, with the negro "Image is Everything, Substance is Nothing."

This is how a lot of Blacks went bankrupt in the 2006 crash.

They got their middle class job and then went out and got a brand new BMW. They don't seem to get that most White middle class workers could afford a BMW lease but don't see the value in putting that much incomes towards a car that is mostly used to sit in traffic, especially one that requires expensive insurance and will depreciate off the lot. They see White guys in rural areas driving beat up trucks and assume that is all they can afford. They don't get that those trucks are flat out owned and have cheap insurance which allows those White guys to spend money on other things like a farm that actually generates revenue instead of sending it as interest to a bank.

This seems to be a universal phenomenon. Whites in South Africa talk about the same thing. They call the BMW a Black Man's Wish. Seems ironic that they all want to send their money to Germany.

Anonymous said...

By day, an assistant tour guide for a great metropolitan movie studio, but at night he dons his Mighty Hoodie of Social Justice and becomes Dindu Nuffinz! Yes, Dindu Nuffinz, strange visitor from another 'hood who, high atop his crib in the Hollywood Hills, uses his Ear of Righteousness to listen in on a meeting of film executives who are faced with an overwhelming challenge...

A movie studio meeting room, dominated by a big picture window on one side and a mini-bar on the other. Portraits of Spike Lee and Will Smith hang on the wall. A STUDIO CHIEF and several FLUNKIES are seated around the table, desperation in their eyes. On the table is a script titled: THE EMMETT TILL STORY.

Flunky #1: "But boss, how do we make a movie about a lowlife who assaulted a woman in the sticks of Mississippi? The female audience will take the woman's side."

Flunky #2: "Yeah, it'll look like the husband and his friend were just defending her from a thug. How'll that play with men?"

Studio Chief (holding his head in his hands): "I don't know, I don't know, but we gotta come up with some angle otherwise we're all outta jobs!"

The sound of breaking glass ringing out. The executives look up at the picture window, now shattered. There stands a figure wearing a Mighty Hoodie of Social Justice -- Dindu Nuffinz!

Dindu: "Not to worry, oh harried film executives."

The executives look up at Dindu with hope in their eyes.

Studio Chief: "Rescue us, oh Numinous Person of Color!"

Dindu: "Your marketing campaign will tell everyone that Emmett Till [beat] dindu nuffinz!"

Flunkies #1 and #2: "Brilliant! Brilliant!"

Studio Chief (hands in air, framing a shot): "I can see it now, we make the perpetrator into the victim and the woman into an accessory before the homicide!"

Flunkies #1 and #2: "Brilliant! Brilliant!"

Studio Chief: "And we premier it in Selma, they'll be lined up to that bridge to buy tickets!"

Flunkies #1 and #2: "Brilliant! Brilliant!"

Studio Chief (holds up the script triumphantly): "We got ourself a movie!"

Sounds of friendly slaps on the back and champagne bottles being uncorked.

Yes, that was a wrap, but it is not the end for Dindu Nuffinz. Wherever movie executives need to glorify a thug, whenever television networks need to justify rioters burning down a city, the cry will go up:

Dindu Nuffinz!

[Cue heroic Hollywood rap music]


Anonymous said...

Of course it didn't get national news coverage. It's black culture. You and I don't receive news coverage every time we mow our lawn or go to our jobs, do we? Not being horrified by black on white crime is the media's way of leading America to embrace diversity.

Anonymous said...

The Chicongo Tribune article quoted repeats the lie that Till was killed for "whistling at a white woman". Wrong. He sexually assaulted the woman. Look at Caroline Bryant's sworn testimony--if anyone else did the exact same thing to a store clerk, they'd be arrested.

I read that in addition to the 3 movies being produced, there's also another one in development. Un freaking believable.

gkru said...

Has anyone else noticed that this monstrosity looks like an upside down, unfinished pyramid? After all, we wuz pharoahs and sheet! This is probably indeed how a truly Afreekan pyramid would have looked. Were the architects trolling the dindus, or is this just more Masonic shenanigans?
Just imagine the tour of the nation's capital in the not so distant vibrant future: diverse, gender-fluid chilluns being guided from the King statue to the Afreekan museum to the Holocaust museum to the places where the Washington monument, Lincoln and the Jefferson memorials once stood, ending with a personal visit with the caliph-in-chief at the White Mosque.

Anonymous said...

Your homework for the weekend is to create some Emmett Till Conspiracy Theories.

I'll get you started ...

Emmett Till faked his own death and moved to Philadelphia.

Where he changed his name to Bill Cosby.

NY Girl said...

It took 11 years because of all the bathroom breaks, smoking breaks, complaint-filing breaks, mental health breaks, Gibsmedat breaks, work stoppage breaks....

Anonymous said...

Three movies about Emmitt Till are in the works? LOL~ Hasn't Hollyweird learned anything from all the financial losses they've incurred on similar films such as Selma? Just from a financial standpoint the person making the decisions to make such films should be fired and replaced.

All that being said, I certainly wish that when movies based on historical events were made that it was law that the real facts had to be told or else the penalty would be similar to those incurred for false advertising. Kind of makes me wonder too if a legal case could be made if such a movie as Emmett Till (that was full of misinformation and lies) resulted in outraged negroes attacking white people for "revenge." The victims could sue the movie producers for incitement and for the resulting damages/harm and hopefully charges could be brought against the producers for their actions by the government as well. Perhaps the threat of that alone would force them to tell both sides of the story instead of making a blatant propaganda piece. In any case, if that were the situation, I doubt they'd bother making the film at all as it wouldn't serve their purpose.

Wouldn't it be interesting if the living descendants of the whites portrayed in the movie were able to sue the producers of the propaganda piece for damages to their family for slander and defamation for presenting their ancestors as monsters who killed a sweet, innocent boy who dindu nuffin? You know such a movie will cause them to catch a lot of flak for "whut yo relatives done did to dat po' boy."

Just throwing some ideas out there. I don't think free speech and artistic license covers telling blatant lies when doing so can be reasonably expected to create a hostile environment that can lead to people being harmed by stupid, outraged and incensed negroes.

ruckus said...


Some of the funniest comments on here! Thank you and keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

White guilt and loathing truly rots the brain.

Can you imagine someone proposing to dig up Jefferon's grave and display it for a Founding Fathers museum? People would ask ....what is the historical significance? What does that teach or show? Do you understand the purpose of a museum? What would his relatives think? What the f--- is wrong with you?

But when it comes to Blacks there is no such thing as a bad idea. Nothing is tasteless if you have good intentions.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Egalitarians are here to show equality by digging up graves. You can't make this stuff up folks.

Wide Awake said...

Truly ironic how the African American Museum will stand in stark contrast to th Air and Space Museum. Left to their own accord, they'd still be crafting crude tools with rocks and living in mud huts. If you look at many videos from Africa today, they all are wearing western hand me down donated clothes. Striped collared shirt, Levi's, Adidas, etc. African culture ? Yes, if you speak of low effort thinking or inherent violent behavior...sure, then they have culture.

Anonymous said...

I predict that museum will be a nice quiet place real soon. Blacks don't go to museums and stupid whites will tire of it soon enough.

The Whites that go to museums actually want to learn history and not waste their time on lib exaggerations and White guilt exhibits. I know liberals and the vast majority are vain TV watchers that will find excuses to actually go do anything like this. They will have the story about how they went to DC and really, really wanted to go to the AA museum because it's so important but they didn't have time. Then they will follow-up with an anecdote about getting really drunk at a bar in the middle of they day and not realize that it contradicts their excuse.

But I have no doubt the museum is designed around the traditional end of year DC school trip.

I also have no doubt that lib teachers get a major case of the guilts when they visit DC. It is after all a Black city and it only takes a few trips around a Black city before the kids see some type of unsightly Afro behavior (all ultimately caused by White racism of course). So of course you need to whisk the kids off to the museum to look at a casket and hope they forget about seeing the Black crack head pissing in the middle of the road.

I have to wonder how many of those end of year DC trips have the reverse effect on students. After visiting a Black city in junior high I was in total shock. It also made me question liberal narrative. Why was there so much graffiti? How is that the fault of White people? Doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

How about a white toilet that all the great black civil rights leaders have all defecated in? Formerly pristine and state of the art but now completely inoperable and hardly recognizable under all that the negro has "contributed" to our society.

Anonymous said...

There are currently three movies about the saintly Emmitt Till in development in Hollywood.

Three movies...

It's all a gigantic coincidence. It has nothing to do with Jewish control of the lovely propaganda machinery of Hollywood. Just a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said...
Looking at the specific incident there are some discrepancies from the official story. I only know about this case from Wikipedia.

You do not refer to Wikipedia for ANYTHING related to ANYTHING with political dimensions. In fact, I would be suspect of Wikipedia's Periodic Table, it having been modified for some leftist purpose.

Proudyt said...

This is one of the best replies of reading on this site. It should be covered in all the liberal schools our white youths are being poisoned in.

Anonymous said...

Seattle Mariners catcher suspended without pay for tweets:

PB said...

As museum pieces go that is just plain revolting.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:42,

Bwahaha! I LUL'ed. I'm loving the Hollywood boycott and pro feetsball boycott.
People that say it is not a strong enough message should rethink it as it is hitting the pocketbook of booth Hollywood and the pro feetsball league.
Many bomb movies this summer from Hollywood and the pro feetsball ratings are going down as well.
I haven't watched a single snap of pro feetsball and may not ever again.
I did ask a Craigslist buddy about the QB of the local overrated pro team and he said he is not doing well and the team has no victories so you are not missing anything.

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

They re-label the casket/coffin to............"crib". "He done lay in dah cribe, nomesayin?"

I also wonder if the labels and descriptions in this "Museum" will be written in WHITE MAN's English or the more natural, Ebonics?

I'm going to go there since I want to see the Flying Pyramid display and the original first proofs of Algebra (which by the way is an ARAB word, from the Indonesian word "Aljabar". So much for the Negro contribution.)

Anonymous said...

As I've often said, with the negro "Image is Everything, Substance is Nothing." From direct experience, while working with groids,all they talk about besides sports is buying super expensive cars Escalades,BMW's,Volvos, and putting the best sound electronics in them, most of them have family and kids to support.It's all about impressing the other grids with fancy rims,tires,to hell with family.Lots of groids on the talk show today talking about "as usual" having the poolice always pulling us over FOR NO REASON.

Anonymous said...

Incredible comments and article today, looks like current events are inspiring many realists/alt-righters to go into overdrive. You guys are killing it!

After reading my all-time favorite episode of Dindu Nuffinz! I realized one part that he eluded to about the movie- they will make it look like the white woman led him on. Watch for it. Or it will show the white guy is gay and not "servicing" his wife so she in utter desperation threw herself on the dindu who was reluctant to oblige. She will even tell him- "if you ever need my help, just whistle at me". When he is being chased by random white men (who were unprovoked and in search of negro blood) he will whistle out for the woman to buy him time etc. etc. etc.

You think I'm being facetious but I can actually see something like this being "produced" by black "filmmakers".

Anonymous said...

Emmit till is a good boy now!

And hey, Team Trump.... to win the debate just be serious and presidential. Dont say or do anything remotely misogynistic, however tempting. They will try and bait you. Resist. Just stay cool and you win.

Anonymous said...

"I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race. (Whites)"

- From Barack Obama's 'Dreams from my Father' - Ghost written by Communist-Terrorist William Ayers

chattanooga gal said...

"When people say "slaves built the White House" that only means they carried the lumber to the site and hoisted the stones with pulleys."
you might just as well say the mule grows the crops.

Anonymous said...

Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader attuned to the will of the people. It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including your health and well-being, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action whether by force or through regulation and social pressure. Everything, including the economy and religion must be aligned with its objectives. Any rivalry identity is part of the ‘problem’ and therefore defined as the enemy…Contemporary American liberalism embodies all these aspects of fascism.

Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning.

Anonymous said...

Pat- You're preaching to the chpir on that one. No white guilt noticed on this site!

I am a retired structural engineer and I did a stint at a black Architect/Engineering firm. It was the biggest cluster f*** I've ever been associated with. This firm would get AA contracts handed to them, and then hire white engineers to do the work. It's customary for engineering firms to have resources like computer programs, extensive files of past jobs, specifications and drawings that an engineer could use for reference, and of course many code books and design manual. Their drawings literally consisted of a few plastic garbage cans with rolled up drawing thrown in them. That was it.

When you where hired on as an engineer you soon learned you had to do the whole job yourself with no support. It was a great learning experience. The building, which they somehow owned, had a leaking roof and have the time the heat didn't work, but the firm had a stellar reputation as an example of black engineering prowess.

The place went out of business a few years ago.


Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I drove past that mess about a month and a half ago while on business. I first wondered who the Hell would dump something that ugly within sight of the Washington Monument. I then remembered that the government was erecting an A A monument somewhere in the district, so I put 2 and 2 together.
Let's cut to the chase. If the cafeteria offers reduce price/free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the place will be a success. If the snack bar offers malt liquor and Thunderbird while accepting EBT, then Katie bar the door.

Anonymous said...

These are my contributions to the black museum. A jar of Dixie Peach, a doo rag, a recording of loud talking, a Saturday night special, some Motown records, and an American built car from the 1970's with an empty bottle of four roses in the door panel. That ought to do it!

Pat Boyle said...

There's another way to look at these riots.

Recently The Washington Post has called terrorist attacks on America as 'statistically insignificant' That's OK I suppose as long as you are not one of those terrorized.

But let's take that notion into the racial arena. I suggest that we just shrug off the police shootings of blacks on the same basis - a couple negroes more or less aren't very significant. I made this point as a joke the other day, but it bears repeating seriously. There have only been two fatalities in a nearly a week of confrontation and rioting. Both of these were of blacks and by blacks.

It's hard to take negro complaints seriously. The blacks and their liberal supporters are desperate to find a clear case of bad behavior by some white cop. There are not many such cases so the negroes simply manufacture a case. The cop in this case almost certainly thought the black man he was confronting had a gun and was preparing to use it. Maybe the cop was wrong but if so the appropriate action by the police would be an apology. People make mistakes.

What's the big deal? As long as blacks commit so many crimes they will suffer a disproportionate number of police shootings - valid or not. The Chinese never seem commit any violent crimes and are very seldom shot by cops. Coincidence?

Summer ended yesterday. Black rioting is a summer time activity. It's probably over for this year. I'm a little sad. I enjoy watching negroes caper. It's not my property they destroy. Ninja Warrior is also over for this year. I'm left with nothing but regular TV. Oh well maybe there's an good old movie on TCM or Roku.


Anonymous said...

Build monuments to blacks, tear down the monuments of whites! Be safe and watch your backs, lock and load.


Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

Apologies in advance if another comment addresses this.

As an attorney, I have had the opportunity to read the trial transcript in Till's death. (It was available online as of about 2013. If you google it, I imagine it is still available).

EXACTLY LIKE the Trayvon, Gentle Giant and every other "innocent black man killed by racist whites" narrative, the ACTUAL, real, courtroom sworn testimony of what happened to Till bears virtually no resemblance to that narrative.

There is little, if any, disagreement about what happened from the testimony of his victim and his cousin. Till sexually assaulted the woman. First he grabbed her hand and wouldn't let go. When she tried to run to her car to get her pistol he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. She was terrified. His cousin testified that he knew this was really bad and ran inside to get him. She was terrified and ran to her car.

Just like Trayvon, Brown, Gray and the latest dindus, Till got himself killed. My guess is that any white man who attacked and humiliated a man's wife in public would likely have been killed, too. But the fact that Till was an obnoxious little trouble-making shit from Chicago no doubt didn't help matters.

Read it for yourself. Till was anything but an innocent kid. He was a rapist just like his dad. But, as keeps happening, because of wailing and moaning in the "community" a dead criminal somehow gets magically transformed into a martyred saint.

The only thing worse than this horse shit is the deification of Nat Turner.

Sick of this shit.


Anonymous said...

This was a great article but,man, I have to put this on the who gives a shit channel. Why give my money to BRA? Im all guilted out. "Go cry me a nile." I shake my head at this nonsense and say "find another fool to fuck with." Im done! :)

Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

Anyone else sick of the black plague overrunning EVERYTHING our ancestors built, on the basis that blacks want to be included, too? And then, on TOP of that, they want their own things just for them.

- Blacks included in every museum, but they also get their own museum;
- Blacks included in every professional organization, but they also get their own dedicated organizations;
- Blacks included in every student organization, but they also get their own student organizations;
- Blacks demand admission to schools and neighborhoods with whites, but also have their own, dedicated shit hole neighborhoods where no other race of people will go;
- Blacks included in every political organization, but having their own separate caucuses;
- Blacks in every MFing nook & cranny of every last thing on TV - news, sports, entertainment, commercials...every f***ing thing - but also getting their own dedicated black TV stations, black radio stations, black magazines, etc.;

Now blacks are getting their own dedicated housing and classes on campuses across America. Which would be great, except they also have full access to classes for everyone else. So, again, they get to ruin everyone else's experience, but they also get to have their own segregated experience.

Who or where will be the first ones to start for us? All-white university housing? All-white classes, organizations, TV channels, museums...places where blacks are specifically banned from?

I know that I am not the only one ready to stop with the big lie and start behaving accordingly.


Detroit Refugee said...

A better use for this coffin would be, that is if it's quality wood, is we place it on top of the bonfire. The bonfire/family outing we hold after BLM is declared a terrorist org., shut down, and the $100 million donated by Ford Foundation is appropriated to the victims of black on white violence.
We throw this party live on national TV.

Or maybe a YT father and son could quietly bust it up, and heat an ice fishing shack on the Detroit River this winter. I know I know, some are going to think GROSS!
The fumes run up & out through stoves pipe. I'm thinking about our lake perch & walleye now Damn!! Anyway, one could catch a delicious dinner while staying warm off the POS's legacy.

To the anon who shared a few paragraphs from daily stormer, thank you.
Info & observations like that need to be read by all. That stuff is relevant.
Very sobering too.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous said...

¨As I've often said, with the negro "Image is Everything, Substance is Nothing."


That is very true. It reminds me of a story from my childhood. When my parents got married in 1956 they were like most newlyweds at the time, fairly poor. They both had a fondness for that year´s Cadillac model, which was sleek and elegant, with only subtle fins. Of course, they were too poor to afford it, so they could only dream and take the bus.

About ten years later, they had begun their suburban American experience and could now afford a ten year old Cadillac. The car, which still had a gleaming body, had a stubborn engine that would take forever to start on cold mornings. As lovely as the car was, the engine would seize up every few blocks in the dead of winter. Our family was growing larger and a dependable car was required. The time came for them to sell it, but who would you sell a car that would not turn over in the dead of winter?

Dad worked in downtown D.C. and had the Cadillac cleaned, waxed, and the extensive chrome polished up. He purposefully left the car running in our driveway for about an hour, to ensure that the engine would start promptly and tooled it into Negroville DC. Dad told me, ¨Those coons took one look at that fine Cadillac and were ready to offer me five hundred on the spot. They never even asked about the engine. That had to, up to that point, been the easiest five hundred dollars I ever made.¨

Sheila4g said...

Very well written, Paul.

Someday, the mall will be cleansed of this "rebuke to dead White men" along with the MLK hagiography. Someday, this country will be freed from the yoke of multiculturalism and diversity. Someday, Whites will rebuild. And then take the utmost care to ensure all of the lies since 1860 are blotted out forever, along with those who promulgated them.

Anonymous said...

Harvard University sociology Department should do the following experiment:

Send a pasty-faced freshman to a Harlem grocery store where a timid, 19-year-old married black girl is working alone.

Have Pasty put his hands on her, inform her that he'd "been" with black women before, and ask her for a "date."

Then instruct him to stay in the neighborhood, wait for her husband and the husband's testosterone-fueled combat veteran brother to return, then record the results.

Surely, in these enlightened times, we would have a different outcome than that which befell poor Emmett.

Anonymous said...

It's a double-edged sword. If Europeans had never found Africa, the current population of the dark continent might be a few million, the rest having been eaten by predators, murdered by each other, or dead from disease.

Instead, it's teeming, thanks to exploitation of the resources the savages would never have known were there, and the nifty idea that these negroes were an exportable commodity

The law of unintended consequences.

Fast-forward a few hundred years and we are reaping what very few of our ancestors sowed.

After World War 2, Africans wanted autonomy, and they got it, along with the infrastructure built by Whitey, and that should have been enough.

They squandered it.

Then, Whitey decided they "deserved" more.

Left to their own devices, they'd be back down to a few million.

Instead, the World feeds the most agiculturally fertile, mineral-rich continent on the planet, and gives it foreign aid in the way of food, medical care and money, allowing it's subsidized populations to teem.

But that's not enough. Now we have to import illiterates into the US and Europe - illiterates who take and contribute nothing.

They are rapidly seeking the boat.

Oh, if we just had a Hot Tub Time Machine.

Anonymous said...

I belive the law in most states is that when a body is buried and exhumed for forensic purposes, it must be reburied in a fresh coffin.

This is Till's original box, in which he was interred prior to resurrection as a civil-rights icon.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but this particular dead negro boy is a valuable weapon to rob whites with.

Anonymous said...

Paul - let me give you a hint. Your writing is okay. It's timely, but the tone and format is just repetitive. It's a formula, a subject, a paragraph from you, some news quotes and a video. It has become real boring.

The comments on the other hand make your blog interesting. However, most comments never post and commenters cannot interact with one another.

Your work is not moving forward. I hope you make a decision to either do something with this or do something else.

Matchbox 21 said...

Yuck. That casket doesn't look too clean.

Matchbox 21 said...

Yes, it's creepy. No one wants to see a casket, except perhaps from ancient burials such as an Egyptian sarcophagus. Bad taste and bad judgment, but what should we expect?

Matchbox 21 said...

Maybe they should display the mystical, magical casket with some taxidermied racoons or opossums in it. Sort of a Saint Francis reference for Emmett. Even in death he was kind to animals.

Anonymous said...

And it seems to hit women a hell of a lot harder than men.
I feel no guilt from being white. No guilt because blacks are so incompetent. Not my fault.
Crying about what ended ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS AGO is causing me no guilt whatsoever.
Why does TV show them as big and manly but a word hurts their feelings. Micro (microscopic?) aggressions hurt their feelings. What a bunch of cry babies.


Anonymous said...

Well it is nice that all their valuables are in one building. When they're all shipped back home, we won't have to go looking for it.
On the other hand, all the crap in there might make a good bonfire.


Wayne and His Wife said...

Once again, the government takes my money and builds a worthless museum dedicated to a sub-species that has brought nothing but shame to my country, society, and culture. It is nothing more than a beast of burden, a tool, an implement and does no deserve this type of recognition

Instead, build a museum to honor the White Men and Women who, through their hard work and sacrifice, built and sustained this nation. That would be an exhibit worth seeing and supporting

Anonymous said...

Emmet Till would still be alive if he hadn't ooked when he should've eeked.

Anonymous said...

Quickly checking, the Barone lady was only stabbed not killed.

Anonymous said...

I have a pretty liberal friend who showed me some funny cartoons and things he found cute and funny, and apparently he shows this crap to his young girls. One clip was about thanking slaves for "building America". There was even a bit about how "1200 slaves" helped build the Statue of Liberty. I finally had to ask him to stop playing these clips, many of which used white children as tools in this bad pro-black propaganda. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the Statue of Liberty was conceived of after the Civil War and that no slaves could've been used in that particular production.

Anonymous said...

Look at the post from anonymous at 845. It's a story of a small white woman who killed 1/3 negroes who had made their way into her home.

Felons are ready to commit crimes to meet their "needs" while the soul of Europeans is geared to create and protect that which is rightly theirs.

Anonymous said...

Africans in America are well known for their grill work... Dey grill be dey metal-covva'ed teef, homeboy! Gnomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Going by the information given in the Wikipedia article, it would seem that Emmet Till's dad wouldn't take no for an answer from the wife/mom to be and Emmet was born 8 months after the marriage. After the marriage, Mr. Till beat his wife and repeatedly violated the restraining order against him.

How much do you all want to bet that Emmett Till is the progeny of rape?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 10:18 pm. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! It ain't broke. Like it just fine, the way it is. You are correct when you say the comments are interesting, they are! Incorrect on other point.

Anonymous said...

Two observations.

(1)When white people build a museum, it is to house art, or scientific artefacts, or natural history such as dinosaurs. No white museum has to do with the experience of being white. But "being black" is all that blacks know anything about.

(2)I read Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe a while ago. I was surprised to learn that, according to the story - which of course is fiction but nevertheless based on contemporary reality - that Englishmen were, at that time, sometimes taken into slavery by Mediterranean pirates. (This indeed happened to Crusoe for a couple of years.) This dismayed me. It is humiliating to discover that a few of one's own folk were once enslaved. If it were in my power I would minimise this uncomfortable fact and not let it be widely known. I cannot understand why blacks don't feel the same way about their enslavement. They always bring it up. Don't they understand that their enslavement diminishes them?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Paul - let me give you a hint. Your writing is okay. It's timely, but the tone and format is just repetitive. It's a formula, a subject, a paragraph from you, some news quotes and a video. It has become real boring.

The comments on the other hand make your blog interesting. However, most comments never post and commenters cannot interact with one another.

Your work is not moving forward. I hope you make a decision to either do something with this or do something else.”

Although Anon's comment is directed at PK it was publicly posted as a comment rather than sent directly to PK via email. I'll take this as an invitation to comment on the comment.

A problem for PK is that the subject matter he addresses is repetitive. There aren't many ways to present the constant barrage of black dysfunction. The format and tone is excellent for quick reading and forwarding to others who might be ready to awaken.

The comments certainly add significantly to the quality of the blog. We need to remember that the quality of the comments comes from the combination of the quality of a portion of the comments submitted to the blog and the criteria PK uses to filter the comments. Anon indicates that most comments never post, and if this is true, it means that PK deems many of them unsuitable or not relevant. I suspect that PK could change his filter and the comments appearing on this blog would look more like those appearing on other blogs focused on race and other controversial topics. It is my opinion that PK's efforts to filter comments keep this blog on realist side of the line between realism and extremism.

I also have considered the fact that the interaction between commenters is limited to exchanging comments on the blog, but we can't expect PK to be a clearing house for communications between commenters. Direct communication between commenters would be fraught with peril because neither individual would know the true identity and motives of the other. Having the ability to link commenters to email addresses would subject PK to demands by various government agencies to provide information. Although some commenters such as Pat are not concerned with anonymity many of us post at risk of major repercussions.

Perhaps we need to look at this blog as an open door that does an excellent job of drawing the attention of an audience to a serious problem that many thought could not be discussed. We might need to find our own way after crossing the threshold.

PB said...

"Paul - let me give you a hint. Your writing is okay. It's timely, but the tone and format is just repetitive. It's a formula, a subject, a paragraph from you, some news quotes and a video. It has become real boring.

The comments on the other hand make your blog interesting. However, most comments never post and commenters cannot interact with one another.

Your work is not moving forward. I hope you make a decision to either do something with this or do something else."

Mate, you should change hands occasionally.

PB said...

Matchbox 21 said...
Yuck. That casket doesn't look too clean.

Its a ghetto casket.

Anonymous said...

I have a pretty liberal friend who showed me some funny cartoons and things he found cute and funny, and apparently he shows this crap to his young girls. One clip was about thanking slaves for "building America". There was even a bit about how "1200 slaves" helped build the Statue of Liberty. I finally had to ask him to stop playing these clips, many of which used white children as tools in this bad pro-black propaganda. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the Statue of Liberty was conceived of after the Civil War and that no slaves could've been used in that particular production.

September 24, 2016 at 1:08 PM

Uhhh, plus the fact that the Statue was built in France.

-CR said...

AnonymousSeptember 23, 2016 at 10:18 PM
Paul - let me give you a hint. Your writing is okay. It's timely, but the tone and format is just repetitive. It's a formula, a subject, a paragraph from you, some news quotes and a video. It has become real boring.

Boring to you, perhaps. Going to work every day and tending the crops are often boring as well, but pay the bills and keep people fed. I suspect few people would have the fortitude and tenacity to maintain the admirable effort PK has - most would quit. Sometimes the formula works, especially when the subject matter - Dindu malfeasance - doesn't change.

The comments on the other hand make your blog interesting. However, most comments never post and commenters cannot interact with one another.

As for most comments not posting, PK's work filtering them is proof positive that he selects for quality and relevance. It amounts to choice and distinction, which in some ways is what this is all about. As for the interactive aspect, that might amuse you, but in the world of BRA, it can introduce the risk of very real physical and financial dangers. At this time, many cannot tolerate that risk, and would not participate if that risk were introduced.

Your work is not moving forward. I hope you make a decision to either do something with this or do something else.

Here you hit upon the truth of the matter, made especially apparent with your expressed hope that PK either take your advice or engage in another endeavor (apparently one more to your liking).

I submit this alternative: PK, please keep doing what you're doing.

Anonymous, if you don't care for PK's work here, you are certainly welcome to create your own forum more to your liking. I write that without derision or emotion, merely as a simple statement of fact.

In the end, regardless of the forums in which we virtually meet to exchange ideas and information, the unstoppable pressures of evolution (both natural and man-made), mean the time of the Dindu will draw to an inevitable conclusion. As that process expresses itself in our lifetimes, we must remain realists to promote our own survival and that of others who can be saved.

Anonymous, I invite you to keep your powder dry, but respectfully disagree on other matters.