Monday, September 19, 2016

Four Black Players on the Philadelphia Eagles Raise the Black Power Fist on Monday Night Football

PK Note: Hard at work editing/finishing the book on Selma, Philadelphia and New Orleans (all will be out before the end of 2016)

Sports Illustrated just went all-in with the Black Lives Matter inspired anti-cop/anti-white NFL black protests, allocating the back-page essay to Jacksonville Jaguars player Jared Odrick.
Don't stop, black players!

With four black players on the Philadelphia Eagles (only three days after a black Philadelphia resident opened fire on cops) raising a defiant black power fist into the air on Monday Night Football, it's important to quickly scan Odrick's essay. [Football, the Flag and the Right to Speak Our Minds, Sports Illustrated, 9-15-16]:
I was reminded this month of James Baldwin’s enduring words from a 1965 televised debate with William F. Buckley Jr., the conservative author who opposed the civil rights movement and denied the existence of systemic racism. Baldwin described the mind-set of those empowered by the system, saying, “The Mississippi or Alabama sheriff, who really does believe, when he’s facing a Negro boy or girl, that this woman, this man, this child must be insane to attack the system to which he owes his entire identity.”

For a black child in America, Baldwin continued, “it comes as a great shock around the age of five, or six, or seven, to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance, along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to you.”

Colin Kaepernick’s motives are genuine and truthful but, for the most part, have been rejected on the basis of his method. Exercising a First Amendment right isn’t an affront to our military. The notion that the flag is sacred and untouchable—or that it has pledged the same allegiance to everyone—is one of the great hypocrisies of our time.
Millions of fans tie their identities to our teams’ successes, but they don’t know the men behind the face masks. When Kaepernick bucked the system, he forced people to reflect on the constructs they’ve accepted or, worse, had never considered.

It's funny: the federal government has pledged its loyalty to uplifting black people (since roughly the mid-1940s, when segregation in the US Military ended and then restrictive covenants were deemed unconstitutional) for going on 70 years, and collegiate and professional sports have provided the foundation for white people to accept not only integration - since so many whites do base their identity off of their alma mater or favorite pro sports team - but the wholesale dismantling of their civilization, which is quickly regressing to the black mean.

But, with this national anthem boycott, an increasingly large number of white fans are finally noticing millionaire black athletes, the majority of whom would be virtually penniless were it not for professional sports (seriously, where would their labor be worth more than minimum wage in the free market???), are ungrateful, anti-American bigots.

So keep it up, black players.

By taking a knee or raising the black power fist, you're only driving away white fans who are the sole reason the NFL is the number one form of entertainment in America: and it's these fans who might finally start to realize all that has been lost in dismantling our civilization in trying to help blacks rise above their genetic predisposition to creating African levels of civilization wherever they reside in America.


Anonymous said...

"Millions of fans tie their identities to our teams’ successes" Please tell me thats not so. Surely the fans cannot be that pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are such dumbasses. They think every time they act unruly or obnoxious they are making some kind of Big Bold Statement; in reality they're only turning intelligent people off to their shines more every time they show their asses.

Step One: Build wall.

Step Two: Free boat rides!

Step Three: Kick back and relax for awhile. We've earned it. Phew.

Anonymous said...

And now we have Tulsa to worry about. What do you want to bet (((they))) will immediately play up the 1921 Tulsa Riots while they are whipping Shitavious and De'Quantarisha into a frenzy over this Crutcher guy?

You Oklahomans have my sympathy tonight.

Anonymous said...

Write\email the sponsors and tell them you are boycotting their products.

If you go to the game don't buy food, drinks or souvenirs.

Bird of Paradise said...

More commie contamination in america Joe McCarthy warned us of these evil communists scumbags now its time to heed his warnings

Anonymous said...

The Philadelphia Losers?
Winners of zero super bowls and no league championship since 1960.
They had to do something to get some press since the team is weak sauce.
The owner is a big open borders kumbaya moment lefty rat too.
I have grown to hate this league after loving it for years.
The late 80s early 90s was the turning point writing on the wall moment.
The early 90s is when Joe Montana started to wind down his career after a serious injury while playing against the New York Giants.
Also remember Jimmy the Greek? He didn't say anything that bad or wayciss but was run out of town and banished forever.
That is one of the low points of BRA besides the O.J. verdict aftermath with cheering nogs.

The deplorable Mr. Rational said...

For a black child in America, Baldwin continued, “it comes as a great shock around the age of five, or six, or seven, to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance, along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to you.”

A civilization only owes anything to those who support and continue it.  It's a two-way street.

Baldwin didn't, and couldn't.  America owed him nothing.

Californian said...

Please note that Paula Deen can be turned into an unperson in the Homeland merely for uttering a racial epithet when she was attacked by an African-in-America. Donald Sterling can lose his franchise for comments made in private about associating with Africans-in-America. And even a rodeo clown was sent off to Maoist style re-education for satirizing the Teleprompter-Reader-in-Chief. Yet here we have millionaire "athletes" making obvious radical political statements on the telescreen and what is the reaction of the NFL and the Mainstream Media?

Utter groveling.

That is the real story. Not just the black power salutes or takings of the knee. Those might be excused as freedom of expression, the tantrums of overpaid and over-promoted pros, or typical African-in-America behavior. The real story is that the System condones and supports these behaviors.

It's like Black Lies Matter. How far would that have gotten were it not for the support of the Mainstream Media, academia, DWLs and cuckservative politicos? Without the backing of the System, BLM "activists" would be gunning each other down in the 'hood or cooling their heels in lockup. Michael Brown(tm) and Trayon Martin(tm) have become brand names only because they have the System using them for agitprop.

Far from being rebels against the System, these "athletes" are just one more front for that System. Enter, stage left, and use CGI to remove the puppeteer strings raising the fists in the salute of Black Power while bending the knee to the masters of BRA.

Pay attention to that Man behind the Curtain, YT, pay attention...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

This election season has revealed for many Americans things that they were never quite able to put their finger on. Perhaps the most visible being the blatant singularity of mass media when it comes to important topics. The way that they have uniformly attacked Trump and covered for Hillary has really opened a lot of eyes.

So why do I bring that up?

Because the facet of media that shows the MOST SINGULARITY OF OPINION is sports media. ESPN is the biggest offender of all, but far from the only one. There are figurative graveyards full of sports personalities who were executed and buried after expressing an opinion even mildly conservative or approaching race realist.

Sports is really just the escape of the middle classes, and opiate is a great description of it, PK. But the second any type of contentious social or political issue pops up and enters the arena of sports - everyone in media knows they must go with the boilerplate and advance the narrative. Most of the fans kind of roll their eyes and tolerate the messaging, because they have to listen through it in order to get to their drug, the sports. Not unlike a junkie turning tricks to secure her fix, they just kind of accept that this (messaging) is the trade off to get the high (sports,) and eventually they stop noticing or caring what they have to endure (BS propaganda) to get it.

ESPN and others are only able to get away with this because an alternative does not exist. Virtually every single one of these white, middle class sports fans would turn off ESPN and the rest if there were a right of center, edgy sports talk show - where someone could hear the "other side" of these social arguments. There isn't even a Sirius XM type show that bucks the narrative.

Bruce Jenner? Michael Sam? Black Lives Matter? Colin Kapernick and the anthem? The muslim fencer in the olympics? there are so many I can't think of them all ...... but there is SINGULARITY in message, directly antithetical to its core consumer (white men.) It amounts to nothing short of forced feeding.

There is a lot of money waiting to be made by the figure that can pull such a show off. The exodus from left wing sports commentary would be thunderous. It is also a great entry point for many of these people to be exposed to the alt-right, and as we all know, once someone develops a taste for such commentary - they ALWAYS go to the deepest stuff eventually.

I think you can do it PK. Your football podcasts have been awesome. There is a reason that this is a multi-BILLION dollar per year industry - the (((enemy))) recognizes that keeping white males satiated, entertained, and in fantasy land is the primary paralysis that allows all the other political stuff to roll through society unopposed. We cannot allow this to continue being uncontested territory.

That battlefield is where the fight is, hence their commitment to defend and fortify their position in it. Controlling the minds of white men is the high ground in this war, and they know it.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

My Negro Fatigue Cup runneth over. I'm glad I'm divorced from this Television produced Niggery and B.S. If you're White and still a participant, you're a MORON! I'm proud to say that if I didn't read and enjoy this Blog, I wouldn't even know about this latest Black Buffoonery. CUT THE CORD TO THE NOSE CONTROLLED IDIOT BOX AND STARVE THIS BEAST. IT WILL GO AWAY WITHOUT YT REVENUE, JUST LIKE THEIR NEWSPAPERS THAT ARE DYING. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Military segregation ended in 1957. Just saying.

Brian in Ohio said...

I for one, really appreciate all the help the cause of race realism is getting from blacks lately. Keep it up! If you could assault some white fans after the game, or hell, DURING on the field, that would be awesome!

You wont get a better platform than Monday Night Football to put TNB on display. I hope they don't waste it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

The King of All Crackers said...

My relatives once were the owners of a NFL team in the infancy of the league and have gone to NFL games when I was a toddler that said I will no longer support the NFL by buying licensed merchandise or watching the games on television or buying tickets to the games. I used to hang out with the Chicago Bear players 35 years ago were mostly normal guys and would never tolerated this nonsense. This disrespect is appalling to our nation and our flag. The players fail to understand that the NFL is losing popularity and the only thing that helps today is that the broadcast rights are so valuable due to the demographics of the audience being primarily white males with median incomes and above that buy the products that are advertised such as Ford trucks. If you lose the demographic of people that buy the products advertised the advertisers will find a new outlet and there is a ton of new media with the internet. Golf has fairly low ratings though has fantastic demographics that advertisers desire, above average income,education and high disposal incomes. The players are coddled and usally broke after the time thay make millions playing a game in the end.

Good Bye NFL after 55 years!

Anonymous said...

Off topic
Rest in peace officer Kevin Quick.
Looks like the taxpayers will be taking care of your murderers for the rest of their lives.
They should be executed!

Bill in St Louis said...

Something I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for this site. I don't watch n*ggerball, (any variety) nor do I read SI. I am glad that the national felon league is backing these afleets right to behave this way, especially with more police being shot, since more and more hardcore, white fans are starting to wake up. I have noticed that the only air breathing upright hominids that talk about "the game" at job #2 on the weekends are black, where I used to have to listen to otherwise sane whites ramble on. Now they look lost, like a junkie in need of a fix.

Anonymous said...

I hope this costs the NFL LOTS of money.

Anonymous said...

The black players get a pass the white players don't: they can raise their black fists in defiance of white people in a black power salute. Whites are now slaves to these animals. They are well paid for what they do, and they are much richer than the average white person. It is white people who overwhelmingly support the Negro Football League. Blacks watch sports on TV, but few actually buy their merchandize or go to their games.

If I were to say something perceived as racist, or if I raised by fist in white power, I would lose my job. Yet, blacks can be as racist as they wish. This will continue until whites turn off the NFL or NBA. The day of segregation must return.

ejit said...

The terrible price we must pay to reclaim Western civilization from the savages: boycott all black-dominated sports, especially at the college level.

Anonymous said...

Good. Perhaps some of the stupid, fat white boy-men eating oversized burgers and guzzling beer in "sports bars" will wake up, reflect on what exactly they are watching, and grow up by rejecting this silly kids game.

Anonymous said...

My interest in watching NFL football has plummeted to zero. If more people feel as I do, the low TV ratings will panic the sponsors who advertise during the games. And if they start to pull their can figure out the rest.

VariedSort said...

I am not into sports at all. But had an idea for former football fans to burn football memorabillia, especially jerseys sporting the names of these black power players, then posting the burn video on social media or youtube

Anonymous said...

"Millions of fans tie their identities to our teams’ successes" Please tell me thats not so. Surely the fans cannot be that pathetic.

You've obviously never met any Crimson Tide fans.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Executive Order 9981

That was the nail in the coffin: 1948

Anonymous said...

I know one person who is a libtarded football fan who also listens to NPR. He will defend anyone of color no matter what they do. Even as regards the recent bombings, he claims he heard on NPR that the muslim restaurant owners were "mistreated." His view on the negroes in the NFL raising the black power fist and refusing to stand for the national anthem takes the same tack- blacks are mistreated so their reactions and behavior are understandable. From listening to him, I get the feeling that NFL players could crap on the American flag center field and scream kill whitey and still have his support and "understanding." All I can hope is that the vast majority of football fans aren't as deluded and simple minded. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:…."The black players get a pass the white players don't: they can raise their black fists in defiance of white people in a black power salute. Whites are now slaves to these animals. They are well paid for what they do, and they are much richer than the average white person. It is white people who overwhelmingly support the Negro Football League:"

All white Africans Voted for an end to apartheid, Look at them now. The same will happen here in the end. How many of our women will out right vote Dem this November? I believe enough to ruin their children and grandchildren’s lives forever. If nothing else, male or female, when it comes to a race traitor, we must remember whom they are, and remember what they did…..Never forget.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who finds the fanaticism of football fans to be hilariously ridiculous would often go to bars after the local team (Tennessee Volunteers or "Vols") won a game and walk inside and yell, "How about MY BALLS!" The drunken crowd would erupt in cheers much to his amusement.

Anonymous said...

O/T: So I happened on this piece from the LA times about a stray dog problem in Dallas:

"During a news conference a few days after five Dallas policemen were fatally shot at a protest in July, Police Chief David Brown cited the loose-dog problem as one of many “societal failures” that cops are now being asked to solve."

Once you get deep into the article you find the dog issue is all south of I-30 in the black and latino neighborhoods, where people have been abandoning dogs and/or not getting them spayed or neutered for years.

The dogs, left to roam and fend for themselves, have reverted to the mean, become feral, and now are willing to attack the same creatures who've left them that way.

I thought that was kind of an ironic metaphor given the same thing happens to blacks left to fend for themselves.

It's also yet another example of the lack of ability to grasp cause and effect by these creatures.

Anonymous said...

Irecently saw a TV commercial for "The UT Vols" and it showed head coach Butch Jones arm in arm with a like of black UT players getting ready for their entrance onto the field. Looked like a scene from "Planet of the Apes".

Paintjob Theory said...

Just trying to find out who this "Jared Odrick" fellow is I did a little google searching and found he tweetet this משותפת עיר . I don't know what that means, but it seems very biblical so it must be good for white Christians.

“it comes as a great shock around the age of five, or six, or seven, to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance, along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to you.”

I'd say that Stoddard better captured this idea when he wrote the following:

Now how does the Under-Man look at civilization? This civilization offers him few benefits and fewer hopes. It usually affords him little beyond a meagre subsistence. And, sooner or later, he instinctively senses that he is a failure; that civilization's prizes are not for him. But
this civilization, which withholds benefits, does not hesitate to impose burdens. We have previously stated that civilization's heaviest burdens are borne by the superior. Absolutely, this is true; relatively the Under-Man's intrinsically lighter burdens feel heavier because of his innate incapacity. The very discipline of the social order oppresses the Under-Man; it thwarts and chastises him at every turn. To wild natures society is a torment, while the congenital caveman, placed in civilization, is always in trouble and usually in jail.


Such is the Under-Man's unhappy lot. Now, what is his attitude toward that civilization from which he has so little to hope? What but instinctive opposition and discontent? These feelings, of course, vary all the way from dull, unreasoning dislike to flaming hatred and
rebellion. But, in the last analysis, they are directed not merely against imperfections in the social order, but against the social order itself. This is a point which is rarely mentioned, and still more rarely understood. Yet it is the meat of the whole matter. We must realize clearly that the basic attitude of the Under-Man is an instinctive and natural revolt against civilization.

Wayne and His Wife said...

My wife and I lived in the Philadelphia area for many years. The groids who play for the franchise have a long history of anti-social behavior directed the the White community who has made them rich. Nothing infuriates me more than these ungrateful niggers who would be nothing if it were not for the white society that supports them. How are these animals mistreated? How is this sub-species mistreated. My wife and I worked two jobs a piece for 36 years in order to make ends meet and to provide our son with life's basic needs. Now we have to be subjected to the gross slap in the face. The whites of this country need to stop supporting this groid league in all ways. Let the savages support these ungrateful and selfish animals.

Anonymous said...

Shannon Sharpe went off on unter-cuck Skippy Bayliss for intimating blacks' complaints are on shaky ground. Not-so-Sharpe insisted "because 400 years..."
Not even the prissy mulatto-in-chief can make these evolutionarily-challenged bipeds into Americans. It be fuss-cratin'!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:48 am. In regards to the story about the wild dogs in big D Dallas. I'll take their nine thousand dogs and raise them fifty thousand. Dirty D Detroit at one time had over 50,000 stray dogs roaming the streets. Oh yeah, that's south of eight mile rd., and that too is black and Hispanic. Shocker!

Anonymous said...

"The Black man’s favorite past time, as always, is to find new ways to make it harder for us to justify his existence."

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Taken from Paul´s wiki link:

Fifteen years after Truman's order, on July 26, 1963, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara issued Directive 5120.36 obligating military commanders not to employ their financial resources against facilities used by soldiers or their families that discriminated based upon sex or race.


There you have it. The Federal government asserting its power to uplift the (then & now hopeless, hapless negro). The MIC was raking in the $$$ like nobody´s business a few years later after JFK´s assassination (JFK was actively planning to end the Vietnam war before he was, ahem, escorted out of this world). This order, along with the 1948 Shelley vs Kramer ruling (which Paul also expertly wrote about) effectively ended the freedom of association that is our implicit right as Americans. As you can see, this has been going on for a very long time.

I am still trying hard to get my head around the whole thing and only now do I clearly see the writing on the wall. It is a comfort to know there is a community out there (all who comment here) who understand what is going on in this country and indeed the world. I have never been a big sports fan, although I went along with it for years to be included in social groups at home and work. Like my never truly felt liberalism, it was all an act and felt strange and foreign. I am happy to be through with that millstone around my neck. I actually blush when I see these animals take a knee during our anthem. I don´t watch the games, but I see the photos online. It rightfully makes me angry, as I hope it does many Americans.

We have been conned and lied to for fifty years plus. We are facing perhaps the biggest threat to our country since the Civil War, only now our men have been softened and our women simpering, bleeding heart fools. The common sense of our grandparents and parents is gone. I can remember as a child hearing my grandmother use the word, ¨nigger¨ with such vitriol that I could not understand the seething hatred she had for them. To me, it made no sense. I knew, just like most whites of my generation, that negroes were kinda dumb, mostly useless when it came to getting hard work done, and having a strong propensity toward crime and violence. Part of me still believed that somehow the racism of my grandparents´ generation was to blame. I now know better and see much more clearly the writing on the wall. My stepdad, who was a salty, decorated marine during WW2, used to say with a certain amount of bitterness, ¨You´re old too soon and smart too late.¨ Pretty much sums up how I feel these days.

I shall end this rant by borrowing the sage words of Gwoobus Harmon: ¨That battlefield is where the fight is, hence their commitment to defend and fortify their position in it. Controlling the minds of white men is the high ground in this war, and they know it.¨

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! In case you need a good laugh:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said

All white Africans Voted for an end to apartheid, Look at them now. The same will happen here in the end.

Ya got that right!


Anonymous said...

I've been a huge fan of the NFL for years and have tons of NFL stuff. Officially on the boycott. Been waffling about it for a long time, but this is the final fucking straw. And just undoing this, just making players stand for the anthem - that's not going to bring me back. Because I know damn well if they reverse this one decisions, they'll both be drooling with desire to undo their reversal as well as implement all sort of other SJW shit.

Forget it. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

@ Bird Of Paradise,

Joe McCarthy is a great American hero.
I'm so glad my elementary school teacher Ms. Taylor warned us about the commie rats and had us read "Animal Farm" in sixth grade.
In tenth grade we read 1984.
All of this in a public school system but it is a red state.

Anonymous said...

Preach that truth brother!

Californian said...

For a black child in America, Baldwin continued, “it comes as a great shock around the age of five, or six, or seven, to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance, along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to you.”

Does this fellow anywhere explain how the flag has not pledged allegiance to him? Can he give us some examples of things which are happening today which would demonstrate his case? Oh I know, Baldwin:
* lost a college admission to a White affirmative Action hire
* has not seen enough positive African-in-America role models on the telescreen
* has to be faced with the oppression of being unable to assault a police officer and try to take his firearm
* was not afforded the opportunity to vote for an African-in-America for president
* went to Baltimore and was refused "space to destroy"
* was prevented from playing in major league sports because of the color-of-his-skin(tm)

Oh the humanity!

Anonymous said...

This sickly, delusional, radicalized hag is flat out crazy! I wish she'd come and TRY to speak directly to me!

I am SOOO F'N sick of hearing this and watching idiots buy into her bulls*it. All cops should "Blue Flu" it for a week so the main stream media has no choice but to show the resulting carnage.


Californian said...

I knew, just like most whites of my generation, that negroes were kinda dumb, mostly useless when it came to getting hard work done, and having a strong propensity toward crime and violence. Part of me still believed that somehow the racism of my grandparents´ generation was to blame.

There was a hope at the time that if only segregation were ended, if only a few millions dollar$ in public monies could be tossed in the direction of Africans-in-America, that somehow they would start acting up to the level of White people. Well, all that was done and more. The result? Exactly what arch-segregationists told America would happen: Africans-in-America reverted to type and turned every city and town they dominated into a slice of Africa.

Please note that the worst African behavior is in urbs and universities which are the most liberal. Detroit was considered quite the progressive city in the 1950s and early 1960s. That did not prevent Africans-in-America from rioting, race hustling, gangbanging and making every street go wrong. Africans can sense weakness and then exploit it. YT has been on the retreat since the late 1940s. So it's time to get that impi really rolling across the veldt.

Works in Africa.

Works in America.

Anonymous said...

They absolutely are that pathetic.

Anonymous said...

How about actually, honestly boycotting? Let the negroes raise their fists to empty stands.

Mr. Clean said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...Executive Order 9981

Beat me to it.

Truman wasn't a negrophile. He was a southerner and a former Army captain (WWI). But, he said, " very stomach turned over when I had learned that Negro soldiers, just back from overseas, were being dumped out of Army trucks in Mississippi and beaten." But, there were laws against this (that could be used/enforced) and I am not sure how integration was the right answer.

I will note that we failed to win the next two wars.

I will note that most special forces today, to my understanding, have few negros.

Californian said...

There is a very good article on effective police tactics against the Civil Rites movement at:

Anonymous said...

Those were the halcyon days for blacks. They had their own "safe spaces" (segregated communities) and control over their children's education (all-black schools with all-black school boards).

Today, because of the white man's forced integration policies, they must live in fear among pale savages.

Truth Corps said...

I'll start watching the NFL again when "Johnny Jihad" starts making the spectacle interesting again.


razzmo flapjack said...

I watch college ball for a reason. I am sick of the show boating, the Nigg dance... all of it.

Pat Boyle said...

I can't really predict the future - no man can. But I can speculate on trends. We are seeing a trend in black rebellion. Where will that go?

What shall we use as a yardstick? I suggest Chicago. So far after only two thirds of the year has past there have been over five hundred murders in Chicago. Almost all of those murders have been committed by blacks. So it's fair to say that we don't have a crime problem - we have a black crime problem.

There is no evidence that murders by whites have increased. In fact the main stream media is pleased to point out that crime overall is down to historic lows. That is except for Chicago, Baltimore and a few other mostly black cities.

So mankind as a whole or at least those of us in America, have largely solved the crime problem. Crime - especially violent crime - is no longer much of a problem if you can avoid blacks.

Black crime is almost certainly genetic. There are no peaceable black nations. Everywhere in this country, the Caribbean, or Africa wherever there are blacks there is violent crime. Violent crime seems to be closely related to MAOA. The guilty 2R variant which seems to mediate the levels of serotonin, dopamine and other amines in the brain is 55 more common in blacks than whites. Asian have even fewer of the 'warrior' gene carriers. There is also the effect of dark skin. The biosynthetic pathway of melanocortin has pleiotropic effects on aggression. All dark skinned animals including mammals, fish, birds and insects are more aggressive than those with lighter skins (shells, feathers or other integuments).

These two factors alone suggest that there is no social remedy for black violence. We don't know how to make blacks less violent but we do know how to make them more violent - and that's exactly what we are now doing.

So if that's the case what do we do about it? It's possible that we could develop some drug that would moderate black aggression. But as far as I know there is no organized effort to look for such a treatment. And if there were - would blacks voluntarily take it?

There is no cause to be hopeful. Currently most liberals and many blacks put their faith in education. That's a little bizarre. In the South after Emancipation various religious groups opened schools for the children of former slaves. But all such schools have failed. Today the white-black education gap remains wide. We talk about 'Superman' teachers and new education strategies like computers but no one has been able to educate blacks up to normal white levels no matter what the innovation.

Meanwhile the economy prefers the best educated job applicants more and more. We no longer need blacks even as janitors or domestic servants. We have Mexicans who are in all ways preferable. Blacks are less employable each year. It has been a shock to blacks and liberals that black unemployment has risen so much under their black President.

Our solution to date is to simply give them everything they need to live - welfare payments, food stamps, free medical care and subsidized housing. But alas, it keeps them alive but it doesn't keep them quiet. Those rampaging young people in Baltimore you saw on TV smashing police cars struck me not just as blacks but as black welfare recipients. If the media were honest they would release the welfare status and the MAOA status of all those retained by the police. The public is being kept in the dark

In ten years the murder counts in Chicago may be double what they are today. Ten years after that they may double again. I see nothing on the horizon to slow the growth in violence. I'll vote for Trump but he has no strategy to dampen black violence. In fact he may make it worse. But I've run out of room so I'll have to post another note later.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that the system "condones" this behavior as it does accept it for what it is: TNB.

White American is just moving past it. We get it: Negroes act like assholes for attention just as small children do.

Negroes are not held to the same standards of decency, propriety or intelligence as the rest of society, nor do they want to be.

They just want society to PRETEND their behavior is acceptable so they can continue "keepin' it real."

That's all this is. Let them show their asses and ignore them just as you would a bitchy toddler.

Anonymous said...

****If you go to the game don't buy food, drinks or souvenirs.

How about just not going to the (Pro/College) game. If you need a fix, a good cheap alternative is going to see Pop Warner or Little League games. They are free. Food and drink purchases help the local league and economy. Players are local, and in my area 90% White. They make mistakes, often hilarious. However, every now and then you see some great plays and get to watch youngsters learn and get better. (And for you Alpha males out there, it can be fertile hunting ground for single mom MILFs.) The best part is you're not cheering on Dindus that other under circumstances would shoot you in the back for the $20 in your wallet.

Anonymous said...

America is gone, that's not something that's going to happen, it's something that has already happened. For whites what does the anthem and flag now stand for? Murder, robbery, rape, discrimination, ethnic cleansing and ultimately extermination. Only a cuck is concerned about this issue. His love for his wallet makes him want to see the Empire continue, even as it liquidates his people. He's found his place inside the Gulag and is afraid of the wire coming down, afraid of change.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder. Press went to his high-end neighborhood and asked neighbors for reaction to the idea that a brutal murderer could have been living in their midst.

A middle-aged white woman stood solemnly with her vulnerable teen-aged daughter and answered:

"I sincerely hope this isn't true; the Patriots really need him this season."

Anonymous said...

Everyone reading this should go online and do everything they can to encourage black athletes at every level to join in this protest. Who is the real enemy here? It's white conservatives, and they need to have their stupid noses rubbed in the results of allowing their nation and people to be destroyed by racist colonialism. Nothing will do it quicker than having their "sports community", which they substitute for their real community, being exposed as the fake that it is.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Let them police themselves.
See how many black police shoot the thugs in their community. That would be awesome!😂

Major1 said...

I turned on a rerun of the Alabama game last night while I was cooking dinner.

After about five minutes I turned it off.

My negroes can run faster than your negroes. Big freaking deal.

I am 100% done with negro worship in any and all forms. Period.

Avenge Harambe! said...

Yes, negro felons, please keep up the sideline monkeyshines. The more White people that are disgusted and un-cuck themselves by turning away from the negro spandex ballet, the better our country will be.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Virtually every single one of these white, middle class sports fans would turn off ESPN and the rest if there were a right of center, edgy sports talk show - where someone could hear the "other side" of these social arguments."

I'm sure the (((media))) will be just lining up to give us a voice in this arena. Interestingly enough I said the same thing via an alter-ego on another forum and you said youtube just a couple days before Colin Flattery’s channel was taken down. I guess the (((CEO of Youtube))) isn't on board with giving us a voice either. I'm very confident that when and if they cannot keep a lid on this anymore and are forced to give us "a voice" it will be controlled opposition. False/controlled opposition in the press is PROTOCOL for those who rule and a very old trick, tried and true.

"Joe McCarthy is a great American hero."

He was 100% right and history is vindicating him every day.

"During a news conference a few days after five Dallas policemen were fatally shot at a protest in July, Police Chief David Brown cited the loose-dog problem as one of many “societal failures” that cops are now being asked to solve."

Now when the "thin blue line" isn't putting 30" wheels on their cruisers, doing that "nay nay" dance, handing out free shit in the ghetto to the uncivilzable orcs or on the side of the road shaking down YT for revenue he can play dog-catcher. I guess LA has all the murders solved and violent (black) street crime is all taken care of so they have plenty of time for this sort of thing. Next time you drive through your local coon-town and see all the open lawlessness be sure to give the next cop you see a big pat on the back for being the vanguard protecting civilization.

Anonymous said...

I used to like college ball, but not any more. Only sports I support are ones that blacks are not participating in at all. I refuse to watch, support or spend my money on them and their licensees.

Anonymous said...

BASEBALL to Marge Schott (Cincy Reds) was a two year ban for racial remarks. 1996?

FOOTBALL, 20 years later....the idiots are running the asylum. Have a little more "diversity" please. PUKE!

These people have wrecked downtown areas, malls, cultures with their crap music, their hip hop clothing, pants to their kneecaps, now football, and auto racing is next.

Glad I'm not a big sports fan.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Don't stop now, brothers. I urge Jared to pull an American flag out from the seat of his pants, lay it on the turf beside the NFL logo, and invite like-minded (minded?) blacks and the whites who love them to urinate on it. Come on, talk is cheap, toilet paper's expensive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”And now we have Tulsa to worry about. What do you want to bet (((they))) will immediately play up the 1921 Tulsa Riots while they are whipping Shitavious and De'Quantarisha into a frenzy over this Crutcher guy?”

This could be interesting. Rather than the typical uncooperative orc with a bad attitude getting daided by the police we have a revrun orc with the same qualities leading to the same result. Revrun orcs are more important than most so we can expect doj involvement.

Anonymous said...

What took you so long? I haven't been able to watch most pro sports in years. Take up something uniquely White like reading.

Anonymous said...

In Chicago they're called Ghetto Wolves.Sometimes up to 10 wide dogs running, barking in the streets of a modern city. All in DarkTown.

SteelPalm said...

Excellent article, Paul.

Indeed, our enemy is tactically foolish, and nationally televised stunts like these, especially on the eve of a national election, can only help our side.

Hilariously enough, Jared Odrick (who appears half-black) is completely correct about football fans never pausing to stop and seriously think about the black millionaires donning the jerseys of "their" team.

Only he doesn't connect the dots; once they DO start considering the words and deeds of anti-white, dyscivilizational savages, they're not going to react with "Gee golly! Those poor, oppressed black millionaires!", but with "Fuck these pieces of shit".

Anonymous said...

Can the Negro Felon League, let them find a way to pay their salaries and fill their useless stadiums without a single white man's dollar.

Old age warrior said...

If everyone gave up on the national felony league (NFL) they would change their tune . Let them try and make that kind of money back in the hood . Stupid knuckle draggers .

Anonymous said...

And for the rest of us the tension keeps growing. Time at the range grows more intense as mental scenarios play through the mind.
And each day, as the abnormal criminal behavior of blacks and muslims are discovered, you think "Is this the day?".
Is today the day all the training and self discipline is going to pay off?
Patiently waiting for the day the SHTF!


Anonymous said...

OT but interesting. Apparently the groid recently killed by police in Tulsa might have had a little drug habit. This might explain why his broken vehicle was parked in the middle of the road and a woman reporting the incident to 911 explained that a man was claiming that his vehicle might blow up. It might also explain why the officers all seemed to think that he acted like he was on pcp. The results of his blood test should be interesting. The family objects to the discussion of the pcp because it detracts from the shooting itself. They just want quick justice – whatever that is.

It really isn't that hard to get through an encounter with police without getting killed. All that is necessary is to follow instructions, don't grab the officer's weapon, and don't go out of your way to extend the duration of the encounter by being hostile, belligerent and uncooperative. I've managed to do this many times. I don't know why groids can't seem to get the hang of it.

Anonymous said...

If the team owners, or the NFL, had any guts at all, as soon as one of these asswipes pulled a stupid stunt, they'd be history.

You know for every spot on those NFL, and NBA, teams there is a hundred willing and capable players wanting it, badly!


Anonymous said...

Under man must be totally removed from the white civilization so that the civilization can move forward and not held back.

Anonymous said...

He needs to take a nice stroll into Englewood one evening.

Unknown said...

What white person in their right mind is still watching this bullshit! NFL stands for Negro Felon League!

Unknown said...

Yep, Paul, I'm still with you. Let's hope this current nonsense of theirs is the final straw-- but I doubt it.

SKIP said...


Lulu said...


Lulu said...

Thank you Formerly Ms. Greenbaum and GHarmon , precisely! PK I love your blog. I've been away for a bit. Health problems. PK for President! So wish I could do more. God bless!!

Anonymous said...

For those idiots who still follow the Negro Felon League, I have a question: if your teams wins, how will that pay the rent? Turn off this garbage once and for all. I haven't watched a NFL game in eons. Please do the same. You are killing yourself sitting hours on end watching these low-IQ morons chase a ball around. Instead, go on a long hike.

Fatigued (formerly) in Minneapolis said...

I was on the road this week hiking and climbing and camping out west for eight days; in one (unusual) lodging I had there was actually a television and the Vikings were playing the Packers.. and I thought, "Hey! rivalry! new (Minneapolis) stadium!.. etc.. and then I thought, "naw.. fuck that.,".. and watched a thing about 1950s rock 'n' roll music instead.. and was all the more enriched for it.. it's an addiction.. that's all it is

Anonymous said...

All white Africans Voted for an end to apartheid, Look at them now. The same will happen here in the end.

That's a myth, they were actually never given the vote. They would have voted to keep it.

Their traitorous leader De Klerk dissolved the White government by declaring elections that involved Blacks. Well of course the Blacks voted for the Black nationalist party.

Whites were never given a choice in the matter.

The Umpire said...

The Cult of the Magic Negro has--for generations--used sports as propaganda to
brainwash the sheeple. Remember p.c. Tom Brokaw and his half-truth-filled TV
special about magic negroes in sports? T.B. (cunningly singling out whites):
"Are blacks better athletes than whites?" Naturally, Brokaw's magic-negro show
focused disproportionately on basketball, sprinting, etc. The thing is, the
magic negro sure ain't so superhuman when it comes to swimming, diving, auto
racing, weight lifting, etc. Are magic negroes superior at any winter sport?
Y' catch my drift?

The Cult of the Magic Negro loves to say that white men can't jump. Oh yeah?
Hmmm, let's see: the Olympics has awarded 28 gold medals for the men's
high jump, with white men finishing first--by my count--24 times.

How many World Cups have there been so far? 20. With all due respect for Pele,
how many have been won by an African nation? ZERO! HA!

Anonymous said...

College sports are a whole different level black ignorance. The destruction of society by these liberally biased gladiator institutions is sick. Keeping one hi IQ deserving person out of higher learning to give some nigger an athletic scholarship beyond stupid. Society does not progress when it attempts to educate the ignorant and low IQ.
Ohio born

Unknown said...

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Been saying that for decades. Wake up

gkruz said...

The NFL would not allow Ben Roethlisberger or Tim Tebow to wear uniform accessories that proclaimed their religion, they would not allow Cam Heyward (who is black) to honor his dead father with his name on his eye black, or deAngelo Wiliams (also black) to honor his dead mother with "Find the Cure" eyeblack, and they would not allow the Dallas Cowboys to honor the slain Dallas police officers murdered by a Black Lies Matter assassin, but they allow Kapernick and his imitators to disrespect the nation. This is not an accident or the result of muddled thinking. They are quite clearly signalling what they want to promote (BRA) and what they want to discourage (religion, family, patriotism, law and order). In other words, these millionaire owners and players are pursuing the same game plan as the communist party has been pursuing since the 1930s when they decided that the American White working class was too reactionary, and focused on organizing the negro as they primary revolutionary agent for destroying and transforming the USA. Good thing the Soviet Union fell years ago and it's now safe to sit back and focus on what's really important like football, right, Whitey?

Euro American said...

To anonymous who wrote: "I've been a huge fan of the NFL for years and have tons of NFL stuff"

Welcome to a whole new world. What will you do with your money and time? Find a white gym and work out. Cook paleo meals. Find some white family looking frustrated at Aldi and do something nice for them. Volunteer for team Trump.

ruckus said...

Ugh! This is horrible and disgusting, and thats putting it lightly!

Cat or dog, I would happily trade the lives of 1000 worthless negroes for the life of even one of these critters.

Anonymous said...

Good picture for a practice target!

Anonymous said...

College is a farce! America needs people who can weld, wire, fabricate, repair, engineer, and build. The millenials and what follows seem to be whining sniveling lil bitches incapable of maintaining a vehicle let alone performing basic maintenence on a home or defending themselves. The liberal training camps (public schools)have really turned the children into sjw's. The lie of diversity and racial equality being preached in the public schools has and will continue to turn America into a 3rd world hellhole. This ecar raw we all talk about will never happen, our great grand children will be brown with nappy hair and dumb as rocks. Deal with it! At some point in the very near future people who think and feel as we do will be hunted down and eliminated. I wish I could see things differently, I was at a wedding in Indiana this weekend, on top of a hill in the middle of no where. The groom and groomsmen wore jeans and cowboy boots. The father of the bride wore the same and the bride and her court were pulled to the wedding on a hay wagon pulled by a john deere. Somehow and some way there were niggers there. IRREDEEMABLE!
Ohio born

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...


You are correct. You know what is really going on, and like you, we must be very, very, very, very careful what we say.

But, again being very very very very careful, it is not the negro who is doing this to us. They are far too stupid.

The negro has never, ever, developed an organization. A race that could not invent writing, math, the plow, the wheel, could never achieve this level of extermination of the White Race.

I must be very very very very very very careful in suggesting their might be a nation behind the negro.

Anonymous said...

This has been said before, the only people keeping people of color down are people of color. White people would LOVE to see people of color be productive members of society. But they just can't get it together. They are not like us. And by the way, I do not watch basketball or football anymore because it's all negroes, which I do not want to watch. I stick with baseball.