Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Poetic Justice: Leading Ferguson Activist Darren Seals Gunned Down (Found in a Burning Car) by Fellow Black Person in St. Louis

Previously on SBPDL: Poetic Justice: Leading Black Lives Matter Protester Gunned Down by Fellow Black Person in Chicago... (February 18, 2016)

Let's just quote verbatim what was written on February 18, 2016, before the hilarious news of a top Black Lives Matter leader being one of the more than 500 murder victims in Chicago thus far in the current year...

What was written then, still pertains even more so today. 

Our job, all along, has only been to survive. 
Darren Seals, second from right, was a prominent black activist thrust into the spotlight by the lies surrounding Ferguson (check Bell Curve City for real story). Though he wasn't aligned with Black Lives Matter, Seals was found shot to death in a burning car... the suspect in the case will inevitably be a black male

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

The Trump phenomenon is showing how many people actually want to survive, and it should be the most encouraging thing you've ever seen in your entire life. 

The world's media has declared war on The Trump, and this should bring a smile to anyone's face who read Raspail's The Camp of the Saints. There wasn't supposed to be anyone contesting the overwhelming of the West... 

And yet, The Trump stands. 

And as he stands, defiance grows. 

Courage is contagious. 

And as white men around the world learn once again that they can get off their knees and stand, a hilarious reminder of what they leave behind them is found in the internecine violence in St. Louis. [Activist remembers prominent Ferguson protester who was recently murdered,, September 7, 2016]:

The death of prominent Ferguson activist Darren Seals has rocked the nation, specially people in the St. Louis area. 
Seals, 29, rose as an advocate following Mike Brown’s death in August 2014. Those who knew Seals say he was a plain-spoken and courageous young man. 
“He pretty much covered and planted the seeds that are necessary to move forward,” said Amir Brandy, Seal’s fellow activist. "He had a voice and he didn’t bite his tongue." 
Brandy stood on the Ferguson front lines with Seals. He says Seals was a man who stood up for change with his courageous and firm approach. 
“When someone is this accepted or this loved and this much supported and he gets killed in this way, it is like 'okay, what's going on,'” said Chris Mosley, high school friend of Seals. “He’s the epitome of I can be one way and turn my life around and not only that, but help others too.” 
Mosley considered Seals a revolutionary. He says Seals had struggles early on in life, but he transformed them into success. 
On September 6, police say Seals was found shot to death in a burning car. 
News 4 has been tracking the search for a suspect, but police say they cannot solve the case by themselves. Investigators are asking of the public's help. 
“At this point we don’t have anything,” said Sgt. Shawn McGuire with St. Louis County Police Department. “That’s where we are at, a brick wall. We’re waiting for evidence, waiting for clues from a phone call just for our detectives to get started on something.” 
Although his death touched the hearts of so many across the United States, local activists say it's like salt on an open wound for them - they lost a local voice of change. 
Please contact the St. Louis County Police Department’s Bureau of Crimes Against Persons at (314) 615-5400 or CrimeStoppers if you have any information regarding the Seals’ death. 

One of the so-called "leaders" of the Ferguson agitators/terrorists was gunned down by a random black person in St. Louis (and set on fire)... all while white people across the nation individually come to the conclusion something is distressingly wrong with the present, and that if things continue unimpeded they (and their children) will have no future. 

Enter The Trump. 

Not only do Black Lives Not Matter (courtesy of blacks killing one another without discrimination in making sure "respected" black leaders like Mr. Seals remain unharmed), but we are nearing a moment when The Trump lets slip a speech that changes things... forever. 

White Lives Matter. 

It's coming. 

The world is literally on the verge of shaking when white people explicitly state what they implicitly know to be true.

And in a nation where gun crime is almost invariably always committed by a black individual, the death of top "Ferguson" agitator Darren Seals is the exclamation point on the sentence "Black Lives Don't Matter!"


Anonymous said...

BLM = Burn Loot Murder

Anonymous said...

The death of prominent Ferguson activist Darren Seals has rocked the nation, specially people in the St. Louis area.

Specially? Ignorant low IQ rabble.

Anonymous said...

Posts like this one are one of the reasons I check this site DAILY for new info, even if it's coming from the commenters. Incredibly inspiring post- ballsy intro as well, but poetic justice is an apt term for this situation.

And once again, even though the victim here wasn't a white person but a black person "who mattered", no one will say a word.

They don't seem to grasp or care about how people notice their ACTIONS not just their words, accusations, and excuses- it makes their claims hollow. The hypocrisy is so naked and on display it is pretty nauseating, really. Maybe we can keep forming more laws forcing the rest of us to deal with negroes in every way, or we can just begin voluntary segregation under a different name.

Ex New Yorker said...

I have already found a memorial tee shirt for my collection on Amazon and E-Bay. These dudes in the tee shirt business are really fast. The tee shirt says "Dis shit be real....I really feels.....for brother Seals."

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Mr. Seals won't have to be taunted about not being "black enough" anymore.

Bad jokes aside, though, I wonder if this isn't the beginning of a new phase. I don't think this was a "random murder", any more than Vince Foster was a suicide.

Suppose this was a "hit", in the Mafia kind of way. The timing is pretty convenient, this close to the election. No one saw nothing, heard nothing or did nothing. I'm sure the DOJ will sweep in, ready to follow-up on every lead, including any legit leads from the public.

Some big investigation develops, with the release of a composite sketch of a "person of interest" - a rather pale person of interest, mind you . . . maybe the Thursday before Election Day . . . TPTB have been stirring the pot all year long, and they want it to boil over. These elitist fuckers will do whatever they have to do to bring this country down, and they'll gladly kill some of their own

Anonymous said...


Hilarious! Karma will get you every single time.

Ex New Yorker said...

I read an article last month that went into detail about who was donating money to BLM. It was list of corporations and wealthy movie stars.

There was no info on how this money was handed out and who was in charge of passing the loot down to the troops on the street. I will make you a bet that Mr. Seals demise was based in some way with BLM money. We all know how these inept creatures act when there are gibs being passed around.

There are so much killing taking place because of drugs and money. This looks like he ripped somebody off. I think it was a planned hit because of the use of fire to destroy evidence. If somebody busted a couple caps on him because of being "dissed" they would have just left him lying on the street.

As with most black organizations, they spend most of their time fighting with each other over who gets the biggest share of the funding. With blacks it is ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY. If not money, then maybe a piece of chicken. I don't think those rich movie stars were donating boxes of frozen chickens to BLM.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who ol' Darren pissed off so much that he wasn't only shot, he was burned. Someone wanted to send a message with that added touch. For his sake I hope he was dead before they lit him up. I pity the poor detective that's been assigned to this case...why bother trying to solve the murder of a cop-hating agitator? Pffft, this investigation is going nowhere fast. Besides, who's gonna snitch om some evil motherfucker(s) who shoots and then burns? Nothing scares blacks like fire does.

D-FENS said...

Really, I think we are just holding back the negro. We should just let them go back to Africa. Even if we could absorb and understand the cultural contributions and knowledge they offer, are we even worthy of such largesse?

Anonymous said...

The other thing that has to happen so the West is not overwhelmed by 3rd World Immigration, is to have more babies, most White Nations have fertility rates of 1.2- 1.7, replacement level requires 2.1, fertility rates have been below replacement levels for decades, while in 3rd world nations the populations are exploding.

On another note a high school in San Francisco named George Washington High School is being changed probably to Maya Angelou high School, so the attack on Western Culture continues oddly enough a White man is responsible for the change.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

This would be a good case for the PoPo to ignore. Why bother investigating someone who hates your guts. Nomesayin?

Mark in NC said...

"The death of prominent Ferguson activist Darren Seals has rocked the nation, specially people in the St. Louis area."

Yes, it has definitely rocked me. I have been walking around with a big smile on my face ever since I got the news. Another piece of black scum gone!!! Hallelujah!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Ferguson, I saw that article written last August on the Ralph Retort and the driver of that car who hit that guy was a black woman.

Anonymous said...

He made it to the ripe old age of 29, he should be grateful.

Anonymous said...

There is a God! God sees all and waits!

Michael Dean Miller said...


Black lives don't matter to black trigger fingers.


Anonymous said...

I bet they will never find the person who killed Seals like they don't find the one's who kill whites as well. If the killer were good, he would leave no fingerprints, footprints, or DNA behind for lawmen to find later.

If blacks were suddenly to disappear from the scene, I would predict calm would return to the streets of "white" America. I lived in the D.C. area during the million man march rally of black men. Most black men where I worked at the time went there. I must say it was nice, just for one day, not having loud mouth blacks around. Europeans don't understand what they are doing to their culture and their people by letting in foreigners. They (the foreigners) will destroy their culture, and ravage their women.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not heart broken? Is it the loss of an outstanding black man? Nope, it couldn't of happened to a more deserving asshole.

Unknown said...

It's simple, behavior is biologically & genetically determined as it is in all animal species. The color black will always be associated with death & unconsciousness. It is what it is.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Mosley considered Seals a revolutionary."

Indeed, one of the many soldiers in, as Stoddard described, 'The Revolt Against Civilization'.

Or perhaps he meant 'revolution' as in going around and around?

"He says Seals had struggles early on in life, but he transformed them into success."

Aha! The old just turning his life around, though slightly rephrased. Oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish. Hopefully that primitive didn't have a chance to breed before it shuffled off to that big watermellon patch in the sky.

The other takeaway here is that the whole murder + fire isn't just some special torment reserved for YT, it's just something to do on a Wednesday night if you're bored. I really believe that when the urge to kill comes along they really don't care who the victim is.

Unknown said...

black lives matter only when YT is the shooter. black on black crime is "business as usual in da hood". Lack of capitalization is proper, one does not capitalize baboon or monkey.

Anonymous said...

Consider that the most thoroughgoing racial segregation policy ever instituted was in South Africa yet today that nation is a worse mess than America. We had only a tiny fraction of the Atlantic slave trade - about 7%. The descendants of that seven percent have come to be perhaps our major national problem. But other nations had imported far more blacks and now have virtually none.

What nations?? Not Brazil.

Anonymous said...

When Trump brings jobs to the inner cities, I believe the nogs will have a problem with that too. I can just hear the gangstas cry, "How dare rich white men bring back breakin slave labor to da hood, telling us when to show up, take breaks and go home!" "Dats slabery all over again, f@ck dem cracker azzs!" There will be robbing the tool cribs, spitting in the walkway of a passing white person and berating every white person who they please. I have witnessed these behaviors first hand at a large automotive parts plant in Dayton, Ohio. Once a place of pride and hardworking people for the company to an influx of the hardened dindus causing a ruckus at EVERY chance. When I feared for my safety on a daily basis, I got the flock out. No amount of money was worth that. We all know how this will go down. What I want is F.E.M.A. camps for the ferals. Let the honorable people go to the cities and reclaim their right to work without hassles of the mud vermin. That will be making America great again!

Anonymous said...

"The death of prominent Ferguson activist Darren Seals has rocked the nation..."

Um, no it hasn't. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

Because of who killed him and the horrific way they did it, there is nary a peep about this story in the mainstream media. Had he been killed by the police or shot at a Trump rally, he'd be an internationally-known martyr. Now crickets are chirping after his death since he was killed and set on fire by other blacks behaving in stereotypical fashion.

Only the so-called right-wing "hate sites" are reporting on this ironic story.

Proudyt said...

He was loved so much by the black community that nobody will come forward with information about his murder. At least they torched one of their own this time.

Antidote said...

"He had a voice and he didn't bite his tongue..." That may well be his epitaph, but a more fitting one would be, "All their wounds are self-inflicted", or possibly "Live by the Negro, Die by the Negro.
Black lives do not matter to bl@cks. Just look at Haiti. Just look at Nigeria. Just look at Detroit.

Anonymous said...

"Those who knew Seals say he was a plain-spoken and courageous young man."

"He had a voice and he didn’t bite his tongue."

Sounds like a nice way of saying he was an @sshole. Notice the absence of anything other than words- he must have had such a magical voice that he never needed to even lift a finger to help anyone.

It must be nice to be able to have selective rage and sadness, to be able to turn on (and off) the anger and tears in accordance with the situation. So in this case, when it turns out that black super-predators gunned him down (and cooked him in his car to boot) the rage and sadness can be shoved aside because people don't need to be thinking about how this particular case turned out.

They're like sharks that have demonized the dolphins. We know who the real predators are.

Anonymous said...

Except this guy saw BLM as hacks who stole the grassroots movement that he and others started in Ferguson. He disliked Deray and wrote about BLM stealing publicity and funds gained from the original Ferguson protests.

tattooman said...


Anonymous said...

I went to the elections and registration office yesterday to make darn sure I’m registered and ready to go in November. There’s going to be no surprises.

After Florida and the east coast storm, I pulled out all my Coleman stoves/lanterns. Repaired or replaced worn and needed parts. I made sure all are in working order, plenty of extra fuel/ propane and bought some more 25 year shelf life emergency dehydrated food. I have a large steamer trunk with the wool blankets, backpacks, and everything else under the sun for bug out, enough for the 3 of us and then some.

I’m ready. Let’s get this done. If Trump’s in, I’m ready for the negroes getting mad. If hillary makes it in, I hope and expect YT to get mad. Whatever way it goes, let’s get ‘er done!


The best thing White Men Police Officers can do in this revolting "has been" city of Furgestan is......................nothing..........Do nothing.........let the negro live the negro life.

So, a negro gets himself shot and burned. So what? Who really gives a damn. He was/is worthless, so let it go. Let him burn. He had is made in White America, but was to damn stupid to know it. We are better off with this idiot dead.

White PoliceMEN, stand down. Let the negro have his "space". Let him do what is natural. Let him kill other negroes. That is crime control. Let the negro have room to destroy, just like that insipid, ignorant, uppity negress in Baltimore said.

The war is on. It started in 1965 when the negroes revolted against the benevolence of White Rule. They "thought" they could live better without the direction, control, and benevolence of the White Man. Sure. Look at them today. Killing each other (a happy thought).

You will notice I always say White Police Men. Why? Law and order, necessary for a humane city, can only come from WHITE MEN. There is no way a non-White can be a police officer and there is no way a non-White Male can be a Police officer. The idea of a negro Police man is a joke. A Female Cop? Vomit time.

I see these self-hating "female" cops now and then and I want to go up to them and slam them in the face. See how long this "female" can last as I beat her to the ground. Oh, yeah, she thinks ("feel") she is equal to me? The fact that I am a WHITE MALE, and thus have respect and manners, prevents me from slamming my fist into her snotty bitch face.....relax.....breathe.......count to 10......OK, I'm back.

War is violent. We are at War, thus my comments will be violent. You can not have one without the other. I mentioned a few months back that the kind, understanding, reasonable CENTURION was going to change and become honest. Therefore, welcome to the REAL, HONEST Centurion. If you can't deal with it, then skip over my honest comments when you see my "name". The fact that you can't handle the Truth is not my problem. It is yours, and I could not care less.


"Those who knew Seals say he was a plain-spoken and courageous young man."
"He had a voice and he didn’t bite his tongue."

Let me educate the trolls and the stupid white visitors to this site who don't "get it". I am going to change just a few words in the above quote to demonstrate how are:

"Those who knew David Duke say he was a plain-spoken and courageous young man"
"He had a voice and didn't bite his tongue".

Now, how do you "feel", you pathetic losers?

Anonymous said...

His death rocked the nation.

Well . . . maybe my little patch of it.

Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I get on my knees and pray . . .

We don't get fooled again.

Flash forward, January 20th, 2017:

Meet the new boss . . .
Same as the old boss . . .

Unknown said...

Oh what a shame he was turning his life around!

Anonymous said...

off topic


Airbnb Plans To Fight Racism With Diversity. But Will It Be Enough?
Forbes - 1 hour ago
By Brian Solomon and Shelby Carpenter. When the #AirbnbWhileBlack controversy exploded earlier this year, Eric Holder was hardly shocked to hear that Airbnb hosts sometimes discriminate against their minority guests.
Here's Airbnb's plan to fix its racism and discrimination problem TechCrunch
Airbnb's Work To Fight Bias And Discrimination


Also thanks for the info on Ms Angelou.
Clinton made her famous when she read her Po-em at his in hog uration.
Here I read that bad comments bout her were removed from 'rate my professor' after her death.

loves ya all. from l.A. --310

Pat Boyle said...

No one white or black will be much surprised by this event. Someone will say - "Those who live by the sword will die by the sword" . And they will be right. Young Mr. seals worked at a dangerous occupation - street agitator. I imagine Barrack Obama looks upon Seals as one who pursued the more dangerous strain of 'Community Organizer". Obama himself believes in much of the same rhetoric but he is too timid to be completely candid. He would never expose himself to danger from those he exploited.

One is tempted to compare Seals actual life with that of how he could have lived. Had he worked in a bank or a grocery store it's unlikely he would be dead today. But that's not completely fair. Most conventional jobs want applicants who have high school diplomas and a history of no drugs or crime. I don't know Seals' personal history but I'm guessing that he wasn't all that attractive to the job market.

These black protesters have gotten themselves into an ideological cul-de-sac. They emulate deviant black heroes like Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown - both of whom ended up dead from violence. Their death by gun shot is hardly surprising.

I don't really blame these young black men. In a sense they are dying from their inability to do algebra. That wasn't true even twenty or thirty years ago but the business world and the job market are becoming more competitive. Employers can now get a kid with two years of Junior College for their entry level positions. Why should they then hire a high school drop out? The job market is competitive and increasingly black teenagers are losers in this completion. And it's worse than that. If a kid doesn't get his first job at 15 or so he won't have a job history when he's 18. He will have missed the boat. He will never get into the mainstream economy.

Currently there are a spate of dystopian movies like the "Hunger Games". I have an idea for a screenplay. The school kids are given a test to solve simultaneous equations. Those who fail are immediately shot- saves trouble in the long run.


Mr. Rational said...

I have an idea for a screenplay. The school kids are given a test to solve simultaneous equations. Those who fail are immediately shot- saves trouble in the long run.

You'd lose a lot more females than males.  Better to get rid of the ones with self-control issues.

Anonymous said...

Mark in NC said...
""The death of prominent Ferguson activist Darren Seals has rocked the nation, specially people in the St. Louis area."

Yes, it has definitely rocked me. I have been walking around with a big smile on my face ever since I got the news. Another piece of black scum gone!!! Hallelujah!!!"

Me too. I promptly began to ruminate on how I far prefer Emerson, Lake & Palmer's take on classical music to the real thing.

Anonymous said...

INDIANAPOLIS: Da unemployment beez rayciss an sheeeeeeit.

"After a rash of deadly shootings on the east side over 24 hours, including two on the same street, the sister of one victims told FOX59 she thought PEOPLE WITHOUT JOBS were perpetuating the crime."


Anonymous said...


joshrandall said...

This news made my day.I can only hope he suffered.Perhaps near the end he questioned his way of life. Like the old Steve Martin bit."Have I been wrong all this time?Should I have been a better man?.....NAH! I keel dem muffugazz!"


It is going to get worse. Far worse.

I'm lovin' it.

Anonymous said...

Basically we have a huge population of retarded, hateful, and violent children in adult's bodies loving amongst us.

Genetic aliens, missing links who are not capable of caring for themselves or creating and sustaining civilization. They get all access to our society, and can go anywhere they want. They can't read, won't marry, are destructive, and commit all the crime.

We even feed them to breed and let them vote in our elections.

How do we fight that? Now fair housing is going to move them to the areas we fled to 50 years ago. I don't see any hope for white America.

Anonymous said...

"Aspiring dentist" teen shot and killed in Black Lives Matter drive-by.

Tahsay, Tanesha, and Dannae. <=== Had they own HUD apartment. Only in America.

Anonymous said...

Black shit bags are destroying my city.

INDIANAPOLIS: "Right now there isn’t any information regarding a description of the suspect." @FOX59

Anonymous said...

Stop the violence Indianapolis!! Get to the ROOT of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Another fake hate crime? Only stupid blacks would write it as "K.K.K." lol

Anonymous said...

Here. We. Go.
The sequel to the biggest, most ubiquitous, most important story and subject ever to rock the earth.
The Bible?
The rise of Apple, Microsoft and personal computers and smartphones?


Biggie and Tupac.

The Ferguson protest head at odds with BLM?

THIS will replace the white man's culture from ever being taught and being the focus of its home land, formerly the beacon of all nations.

Pat Boyle said...

To Mr. Rational



Anonymous said...

The key to his death his buried in this passage from Time Magazine:

Seals was also a factory line worker and a hip-hop artist, the St. Louis American reported. In the same interview with MTV News, he said gun violence plagues the city. “What people don’t understand is, we actually live in a nightmare,” he said. “We actually live in a place where gunshots [are normal]. We hear gunshots everyday.”

Many activists have mourned his death on social media. At least one friend said Seals “represented the best of us in Ferguson.”

He was a HIP HOP ARTIST. That's what killed him. I know this because after an exhaustive study, I have discovered that virtually every black thug gunned in the ghetto was an aspiring rapper. There's your common link.

Awakened white said...

We're is my Kleenex.

Anonymous said...

Portugal - a major slave trader - is 10% black. They are a major problem for them, along with gypsies.

SKIP said...

"You'd lose a lot more females than males. Better to get rid of the ones with self-control issues."

If you are suggesting that black females have better control than black males, you really do need to get out more. No offense meant.

Ex New Yorker said...

About 5 yeas ago while in Florida I read a newspaper editorial about black on black crime. It explained how all this black on black carnage was caused by racism. The editorial said "Black people are killing each other because the white man has taught them how to hate each other." I found this theory very interesting. Blacks can't learn how to read or write but for some strange reason white people have succeeded in teaching them to butcher each other. Based on this racism theory it seems that white evil gremlins are hiding in the bushes with the sole purpose of teaching blacks to become cold blooded killers.

Well it turns out that these little gremlin bastards have struck again. A couple days ago I read on my YAHOO NEWS page about why all the fat overweight black people are suffering from heart failure and heart attacks. Yep...You guessed it. Racism.

A new GOVERNMENT STUDY has proven that racism is the cause of black peoples poor health. It is only a myth that the over consumption of junk food, sugar, fried grease, booze and cocaine has anything to do with a persons failing health. Only living under the STRESS of racism is to blame.

So the next time you see a black woman who's heart is working on overtime hauling around a huge fat ass know that it is all your fault.

Anonymous said...

More in-depth coverage from

Another “completely unacceptable” Summer Shooting Season has come and gone and what a shitshow it ended up being. Our generous prediction of 225 homicides and 1,000 wounded was no match for a 93 homicide August or a 75 ventilated Memorial Day weekend.

These are the numbers for Summer over the last three years. Summer is calculated as beginning at noon on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and running through to 6 AM of the Tuesday after Labor Day.
Summer '16: 263 dead, 1,296 wounded
Summer '15: 212 dead, 999 wounded
Summer '14: 169 dead, 847 wounded

A breakdown of the Season’s stupidity shows:

239 shot & killed
11 stabbed
13 killed via other means
A person killed every 9 hours, 12 minutes
A person shot every 1 hour, 34 minutes
Austin, Garfield Park & Englewood – 30% of homicides, 32% of shootings
15 ongoing “death investigations”
11 police-involved shootings, 2 fatal
214 in serious or critical condition
242 males killed vs 21 females
344 teenagers shot, 42 killed
67 grazed
7 selfies
74 #ShotInTheAss

The current trend puts 2016’s final numbers around 700 homicides with more than 4,300 people shot. Those numbers should put the outrage meter somewhere between “totally unacceptable” and “absolutely unacceptable”.

Summer ’16 = 100 days, 18 hours or 2,418 hours
Summer ’15 = 107 days, 18 hours or 2,586 hours
Summer ’14 = 100 days, 18 hours or 2,418 hours

SKIP said...

" Hopefully that primitive didn't have a chance to breed before it shuffled off to that big watermellon patch in the sky."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! at 29 can you seriously think that a black thug of that age has no keeds! My bet is at least 4 and maybe 10 by different baby mommas. Someone find out that is better than me on computers and searches.

Anonymous said...

Remember what Obama said? There needs to be a force equal to the police forces in this country.
He's found them. He's cleaning out prisons for his force.
It won't be long. Arm up!


Anonymous said...

WOW, what a tragedy. "Blackened Lives Matter".

Truth Corps said...

One poster said he just wanted blacks to leave.

Since that'll likely never happen, here's a warm, fuzzy thought in the meantime...

The current black population in 2016 is about 39 million.
Imagine a wall 20 feet high around our Southern border comprised of concrete and the bones of 39 million. We'd have the most secure National border since the Great Wall of China was completed.

Build the Wall.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that a BLM 'leader" was killed by the real threat to black people: other black people. Well that, plus their low IQ/less-than evolvement.

Anonymous said...

So, Black Lives Matter?

Think about it: the expression "black lives matter" is incomplete and as such it has no meaning. It is akin to a child's answer of "just because" to the question "Why did you ...?" from a parent. If black lives really matter then in what way do they matter? By looking at the totality of the facts, statistics and common
knowledge regarding backs it appears that black lives matter in the same way as do the the lives of rats, cockroaches, lice, ticks and other vermin. When you find that your home has become infested with vermin, you have two options: find a new home or get rid of the vermin. If you decide to do battle and get rid of the vermin then you don't make exceptions for some of them because one may be too young, or another looks too old or some other superficial reason: you get rid of all of the vermin and do so in a way that keeps them from returning. So, in my opinion, "black lives matter" is just a contemporary version of the much older Americanism "the only good one is a dead one".

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter is also raking in big bucks through a charity. Soros is behind the charity money. Soros funds black lies matter. Obama organizes their riots.

Anonymous said...

Got 556??

Anonymous said...

Christ, I wonder how many kids he had? :(

Anonymous said...

They want this hushed up because it shows that racist white cops are the least of their problems.

Anonymous said...

The blacks have got our full attention. They are obnoxious, they are in our faces, we get frustrated that they seem so uncontrollable. But they are just a smoke screen, they are the one hand you watch as the magician does the trick with the other hand. Instead of focusing on the in your face obvious, dig a little deeper, who is the magician, what is he up to? Focus on him and the blacks will be easy to control. Hint; they align with a guy who's name spelled backwards is 'soroS'.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Seals death rocked the nation." It did?

Well, technically, I DID rock back in my chair a little as I laughed when I heard the news.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Proudyt said...

Oddly enough ? If it weren't for white bleeding heart liberals we wouldn't be in the mess we're in.

Janie In Detroit said...

The death of darren seals has rocked the nation. Yawn, fart, belch....daren who? Another dead negro, boring.

chattanooga gal said...

forgive me if I don't cry

Ex New Yorker said...

Having been a life long heretic I am now trying to change my evil ways. I have come up with an idea for the next taboo word that should be banned among the liberal whack jobs who suffer from "trigger words".

The word that is sure to offend is the word JOB. For example.....

A "job" well done.

Filling out a "job" application.

What kind of "job" do you have.

And of course the most offensive use yet....Getting a "job".

I am hoping there are PC trolls reading this site and that they will spread this idea to their fellow "trigger word" friends. Another word to be banned and forbidden from use so as not to offend the sensitive crowd is the word TURD BLOSSOM.

Anonymous said...

A hip hop artist? Slim Dunkin was a rapper in Atlanta but was shot to deff by his best friend over a piece of stolen candy. America be lubbin' her rappers.

Anonymous said...

I'm an old school kind of individual, I don't necessarily think us men should be kicking the ever loving shit out of our wives or girlfriends; but good God almighty female cops are funniest part of this whole shit show we live in today. As you said, it's nothing other than our good manners and chivalry that keep us from laughing at the idea of some delusional 125lb blonde thinking shes big shit whos going to go out and fight crime (extorting taxpayers) and call shots. Any one of these women and a good amount of the men would drop like a rock with a nice squeeze on a pressure point. How about a nice cupped hand right to your ear? Can you think straight with a blown out ear drum?

I love the female cops who sit in the car until a male backup arrives on scene.

What a fucking joke it all is. A bunch of physically feminine "men" and mentally jagged "women" or children to be more accurate is whats among us today. Very strange indeed and I'd love to see exactly whats in this shit we call food.

Keep your head up dude


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, my friend.

"Yo muhfugga you fogot da dots dat go inbetweem dem bitchz"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Portugal - a major slave trader - is 10% black. They are a major problem for them..."
The Portuguese miscegenated with their African slaves. Prior to that, they were one of the greatest countries in Europe. Now, they're at the bottom, and will never recover.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

A nasty skank worthless negro is killed and roasted.

I couldnt care less, except to say that I hope another 10,000 are likewise dispatched tonite.

And another 10,000 the next night...and another 10,000....

rex freeway said...

I have no words for what has happened. Just an ear to ear grin on my face.

Anonymous said...

The drug cartels own the lives of hundreds of thousands of underclass people.
It is way past time that the theme of " oppression " and related sentimentalist rhetoric be permanently silenced. Hundreds of billions of dollars have poured into the bank accounts of drug cartels- to the point that the Mexican government is crippled. Mexico can't govern much of its territory. The gangs are drug cartel employees. When they start to turn to kidnapping and other terror crimes perhaps we will wake up.
Our international banks are deeply involved in the laundering of drug billions. The criminality permeates the boardrooms.
I wonder if the constant attention we are forced to pay to European immigration problems isn't a media ploy to divert attention from the war on our southern border.
I feel certain that if Clinton is elected and acts to increase immigration quotas given the certain rise in drug and terror crime as a result, Texas will move to secede.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... combine the lessons from this wonderful story and this from American Renaissance we would have a functioning country!

Anonymous said...

The death has rocked the nation? Puh-lease! I told 15 random people that Seals was dead (today as I was out shopping) and everyone just looked at me in confusion and asked, "Who?" It was just a little social experiment of mine. I did tell a few exactly who he was and the reactions were basically the same as I'd of gotten if I'd said I saw a dead squirrel in the road. NO ONE CARES and no one even knew who he was.

Claiming that his death rocked the nation is so hysterically laughable that I have to question the sanity of the person who wrote that. Whatever world they're living in, it's not reality based.

Mr. Rational said...

If you are suggesting that black females have better control than black males

No, I'm reminding everyone that White females are not as good at algebra as White males.  It's an abstract thought thing; principles are important for large-scale cohesion, but not so much for family and children.  Sexual dimorphism at work.

If I threw the algebra stuff that I do for fun at this group, I'll bet not one named commenter in 10 could handle it.  Pat Boyle is one of the few I'd expect to deal with it effortlessly.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! at 29 can you seriously think that a black thug of that age has no keeds! My bet is at least 4 and maybe 10 by different baby mommas.

Let's pay the females and their caretakers to stay on Depo-Provera until they're 18, and if they're still academic and social failures then (and how many of them won't be?) pay them a nice big lump sum to give up reproduction permanently.  Then it scarcely matters what the thugs do; no decent woman will let them get close, and the 'hood will rapidly become a baby-free zone.

Imagine a wall 20 feet high around our Southern border comprised of concrete and the bones of 39 million.

Add another 45 million from the Mexicans and others who didn't go back soon enough, then you're talking.

And another 10,000 the next night...and another 10,000....

That pace would actually reduce the problem quite rapidly.  A pity that the coonmunity doing it for us is just a pipe dream; if Whitey wants something done right, he has to do it himself.

Anonymous said...

Rocked who's nation? The Obamanation Abomination? My first thought..... What goes around comes around! My next thought..Bwwahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ........Good for the lying little trouble making prick! I love this blog!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, September 8, 2016 at 7:51 AM mentionned.

Looks like there's more than meet the eyes.

Sick n' Tired said...

While they are always crying about the lack of jobs/opportunity in their hoods, I want one politician to ask them "What are your qualifications?" Then see them hem and haw. They all want think they are managers/bosses, but they are barely qualified to sort garbage. What company wants to hire a barely literate, entitled, petty, tattooed person who even though their family has been here for generations, cannot speak proper english?

Mistress Claudia Balzac said...

Hasn't rocked jack shit around here. We'd never even know who the moron was, if we had not heard it all over the news. As if he was deserving of positive recognition.

Just another dirtbag.

Anonymous said...

What about the aspiring astronauts?

Anonymous said...

Trump: Kaepernick - find another country.
Obama: Supports Kaepernick's BS.

Trump 2016 - the anti Obama.

Anonymous said...

The mob in Italy is getting over until. It is now 3,000 a day coming ashore.

Anonymous said...

29 and no keeedz. What. Shock. Butt pirate.

Anonymous said...

150 million dollars just from soros. How many celebrities donated. Think about it if it were traced, money was traced to said celebrity and blm supporter/activist/terrorist went out and killed a cop. Pre-meditated murder and a connection.

Matchbox 21 said...

My guess is that the car was torched to destroy any DNA evidence. It's hard to believe that the perp(s) didn't have a record and samples in the system

Matchbox 21 said...

The video was very disturbing. The burned-out wreckage looked like it was previously a nice, late model car.

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

Maybe... just maybe... the thug thought thug Darren SEALS was actually great cop Darren WILSON! That may 'splain the confusion...

Anonymous said...


Bill in St Louis said...

Hell, the case is going to sit there, open and cold until "no snitching" becomes "i seens hoo shot him, can i walk on beating that white gurl up for her sail foam?"

Bill in St Louis said...

So, blm only if they are stealing from YT?