Thursday, September 1, 2016

When all they can do is call the restoration of the "Rule of Law" racist, you know the Left is losing: A Podcast with Paul Kersey

Trump Firm as Ever on Immigration Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, September 1, 2016 
Those who will not assimilate must not be let in. Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like applaud the powerful speech Donald Trump just gave on immigration.
When the "Rule of Allowing Minorities to Break the Law" ends - supplanted with the restoration of the Rule of Law - we'll be well on our way to having a country again. Trump's speech was a step, a huge step, in the right direction.


Racoon said...

Sorry PK, but I am certain that many others like myself find Podcasts utterly boring - they are akin to all of those compulsory career-obligatory WHS, Diversity-training, environmental training programs that we are constantly forced to endure.

NOTHING has the power of the written word - nothing. It is there forever, a powerful snapshot of intellectually well-expressed dialectic thought.

Podcasts? Very rarely are there transcripts of Podcasts, for very good reason - the vocal nuances of vis-a-vis conversation does not translate very well, compared with correctly, thoughtfully and succinctly written words that are powerfully committed to public display.

Historians of the future will immediately reach for examples of the written word in order to discover what exactly led to the downfall of the USA - they will not be trawling through millions of hours of voice recordings which invariably start with a minutes long mutual-admiration session.

The written word is King.

Anonymous said...

I always like when Jared Taylor says: we have Paul Kersey here today from Stuff Black People Don't like. The reason I say that is Taylor is an intellectual type with an educated voice. I guess it just sounds funny to me. I would like to hear William Buckley say that line as well! I think that was the man's name. He had an Oxford accent and used recherché words.

Hey...Trump is looking presidential! The trip to Mexico was a home run. It made Hillary look stupid and out of touch. His speech was what America wanted to hear, and what America needs. He may be our George Washington as a leader. I am 100% behind him at this point. I know there will be two people voting in Virginia for an Taylor! I doubt many more in Fairfax County will vote for Trump. I'm depending on the rest of the state to put Trump over the top. Once you get out into REAL Virginia, people hate Hillary.

Bird of Paradise said...

Get back to what america was ment to be and not a place for so called refugees Obama the Useless Nations and the CFR need to leave america

Ex New Yorker said...


Your last comment kind of blew my mind. Thank you for letting me know about the effect one of my rants had on you.

During the 60's and 70' when I was not busy trying to prevent someone from killing me I was a kind of an arm chair mystic. I read everything I could get my hands on by Richard Shaver, Ray Palmer, John Keel, Erich Von Daniken and of course the great George Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff was the one who made the biggest influence. His teachings sent me into a whole different direction. An example.....

"Never depend too much on any thing or any body. Depend only on yourself."

"The last thing a man will give up is his suffering."

"To know the secrets of one world you must learn the secrets of three worlds. The world above and the world below."

In searching for the secrets of those other two worlds is where I found the two trees. One of life and one of death.

Knowledge is power. You lose your power when you live in fear. The world is filled with people living in fear. They have NO FAITH IN THEMSELVES. They search outside themselves for the very thing they lies within them. They are the fruit of the tree of death. They become pious believers in different religions because they have no understanding of their own inner being. They live with a false sense of strength which comes from outside of them. Dreamers living in a dream world without a dream OF THEIR OWN. Their fear prevents them from knowing who they truly are.

They are really the children of the tree of life but the DARK SOUL rules over them because they are believers in the lie. The believers in the lie will make great speeches about the truth, but all their majestic words are nothing but lies. Lies built upon more lies. It has been this way for thousands of years. Slaves living in the land of the dead.

I leaned everything the hard way. Anytime someone started talking about honor and brotherhood and truth was a sign that it was time to for me to exit the room. I also learned to never trust anyone named "Gypsy".

Hey Centurion....If you have a day off sometime go sit in a Walmart store and watch the people. How many do you see that look really alive. I'm 73 years old and can remember how people use to look. It was nice in the old days before the zombies and walking slugs took over.

Get some St. Johns Wort. I use the liquid extract and get it from HERBS ETC in Santa Fe, NM. It has helped to keep me in a good mood while rolling around in this damn wheel chair. Get the 4 oz. bottles. A couple droppers a day in a small cup of water will do the trick. It takes about two weeks to have an effect. It is a great herb and will keep your spirits up.

Welcome back to the world of the living. Now the big adventure begins.

Mark in NC said...

I tried to access the Amren podcast at work. The site is blocked by my company, labeled as hate/violence/racism site. What's ironic is that the lack of freedom was the reason my parents escaped from the Polish communism in the early 70s.
How quickly things change. Here I am 40 years later seriously considering going back to Poland. There seems to be more freedom there now although the same forces destroying America are also trying to destroy the country of my birth. Yes, the all powerful tribe is everywhere.
At least Poland is still mostly White and mostly Christian. Successfully resisting yet another muslim invasion.
America is my home now and the Country I love. I don't even want to think of what will happen if Mr. Trump doesn't get elected.
Thank you for all the great work you do PK! God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Off topic,but needs to be said: 5-year-old white girl slapped on a school bus by a 17-year-old black teen, superintendent says the slapping was normal behavior, you have to see this,unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Re Mark:
Yeah amren is blocked in many companies. I worked at a mfg company and got blocked too. Probably even tagged as a hater too.
Funny thing though the company hired some black women - affirmative action ya know - who promptly proceeded to CRASH the entire company's computer system for eight hours because they were playing virus - filled Internet games at their desks. The company was a multinational manufacturer of hospital equipment. They crashed about 2000 computers.
They were quietly let go.

Anonymous said...

Also OT but.....I either read or heard (it's all becoming sensory overload) this past week that due to prison overcrowding Butterscotch Barry is releasing "non violent" offenders back into the wild for another shot at becoming violent offenders. Overcrowded prisons have been an issue for decades now. Can someone explain why we're not adding on to existing / building new facilities to keep our streets safe? Maybe after President Trump builds "The Wall" he can take aim at some new, modern four walled structures with bars. After all he does know how to build!



6 Ideas on my Mind today;

1) "Dindu Nuffin" is spreading. I have just spent the last hours, off and on, checking out my list of daily web sites to visit. I noticed, that on 2 different sites, in their comment section, the term "dindu nuffin" was used!!! When I read that I know it is one of us and that we here are actually changing the language of America. GOOD. Hopefully, we will see a Dictionary entry for "Dindu nuffin".

2) Why Restaurants MUST close some of their locations. In the previous post/comments, it was mentioned that many chains are closing locations or going bankrupt. Well, the reason IS RACIAL. Here is one thing I realized, for all chains that are about 50 years old:

They have old locations. Now the locations themselves are most likely fine, but we all know the demographics have changed around them. "Sit-down" nice restaurants can only survive in a White culture (we invented the idea). Once the negro and mexicans move in, the restaraunt, itself, can not longer function as intended. Just think of Detroit, but in terms of every small neighborhood.

So, chains that have 40 to 50 year old locations HAVE to close them since at a certain point they will lose money, even though the restaurant has done nothing wrong. Restaurants work as long as you have White People. Take away the White People and they must close.

3) The NFL loser named Colin Casper-Nig. Can you blame him? He is living out the exact same feelings of hatred for White People as does Obama and all other half breeds. They know deep in their half-breed hearts, if their white slut momma loved him/her, she would have mated with a White Man. But no, these white whores create self-hating mongrel children who grow up to hate White people since deep inside they hate their white mothers. Sad and Sick.

4) THe latest Smithsonian magazine came out, which I usually like reading, but they are certainly Anti-White. This latest issue is their "Negro Worship Edition" and it's all about negro "culture" and the soon to open Museum of Negro behavior on the Mall in D.C.

Problem is, this museum has NOTHING to do with negro culture since they don't really have one. Wooden beads, shrunked heads and weird fertility dolls do not a culture make. They admit the museum has 3 "themes" or floors 1) The almighty slave trade, 2) the the Jim Crow - Segregation Times and last 3) the contributions to art, music, etc.

First, the slave trade, as usual, was an Arab, Hispanic and White thing. The blacks of African didn't run nor control the slave trade since they were to stupid. All they did was run in the jungle and capture their uncles and nephews and sold them at the coast. This is really NON-negro history.

Second, Jim Crow and Segregation was WHITE culture and history used to retain and protect White culture. The negro didn't come up with it. It was done TO them so as to protect America from them. It was to prevent negro culture !!!!

Third: Art? Music? Again, the greatest contribution was made when the White Man forced them to live together. They brag about the Apollo Theatre (created from segregation), Soul Food (created from segregated restaurants), Jazz and Black dance (created from segregation), The Tuskeegee Air Boys, (again, a product of White culture, not theirs)

5) The latest Dominoe's Pizza ad is a sick showing of a white race-traitor whore with her fat negro husband and 2 NON-WHITE kids. No whites in the family to show how they intend to exterminate us. Use the race-traitor white womb to breed us out of existence. Sick.



6) I was having a diner at a WHITE Sit-Down restaurant and could see the TV playing above the bar area. There was a CNN group fest talking about Trumps honesty on immigration and one on FOX.

As for the CNN, the host was a mexican and his 4 quests were a) Negress b) Hebrew writer from the N.Y TImes, c) a gay person and d) another mexican. Not a single White, American person involved. So, here we have the fate of the White Race being debated by defective losers who have no reason to be here.

ON FOX? Oh, they have 5 at their round table with a metro-male host. 2 negreeses, 2 Hebres and a mexican. Not an America in there. Not a single White person in there, discussing our fate.

(And, last, but personally most important to me, thank you Ex New Yorker. Thank you.)

Pat Boyle said...

I read today that "Ex New Yorker" is 73 years old. Me too. I thought I was the only old fart who frequented this blog. I'm not however a mystic nor do I take St. John's Wort. My mood is just fine without it.

I used to be an Internet pioneer. My first computer was an Altair 8800. Later I had a Commodore PET and still later I wrote a web page and sold (or tried to sell) merchandise. I never tried a Podcast. I preferred video to just audio.

About a year ago I made a bunch of YouTube videos. For example:

I have about a hundred YouTube videos currently online. Many are musical and a few are political. But I found it was hard to keep on the schedule I had set. I intended to put out one a week but I struggled to even release one a month. I recommend not doing Podcasts - its an obsolete format. There were a lot of Podcasts a few years ago but there are fewer each year. YouTube has become more important in the past few years but most of the videos are of very poor quality. If you choose to continue with broadcast media you will need to understand "Three point lighting". You will need a good modern electret condenser mic and some studio lights. I bought a tele-prompter and a foot switch. Jared Taylor as I'm sure you realize makes videos for his own site. His videos are well produced. My videos were over ambitious. If I ever make some more I would simplify and shorten them.


Anonymous said...

PK I enjoyed the podcast with Jared Taylor, both of you were able to articulate and eloquent explain each point of Mr. Trump's speech on immigration.

I came across an interview that George Soros admits that Donald Trump will win the popular vote, but Hillary Clinton will be the president. It's a short interview, here's the link..

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

Democrats=Globalists=Socialists=Communists=PURE EVIL

Californian said...

Problem is, this museum has NOTHING to do with negro culture since they don't really have one. Wooden beads, shrunked heads and weird fertility dolls do not a culture make.

The museum could include a tire and cans of gasoline used by the ANC to "necklace" pro-White blacks during apartheid era South Africa. There might even be an audio-animatronic display, Great Moments with Mr Mandela, showing ANC activists planting bombs at civilian targets. Youngsters are encouraged to sing along with "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer," all in the spirit of black cultural values such as tolerance and diversity.

The visitor then moves on to the Cultural History of Black Detroit, from the 1967 riot to the glorious reign of Coleman Young and Devil's Night happenings, finishing up with a diorama of the ruins of the Paris of the West. To make the experience more memorable, you get to sit in a real gangbanger's 'chine and pop off blanks at a model schoolyard.

Time for lunch? Stop in the museum's Sergeant Doe African Cafeteria where you can feast on genuine Liberian cuisine. If that is a bit too exotic for the discerning palate, DWL volunteers will serve you ration packs generously donated by the taxpayers of America which you can resell on the black market.

Outside will be a cultural adventure playground, where children will be given "space to destroy." Yes, teens and youths can toss molotov cocktails at storefronts and put the beatdown on DWL volunteers atoning for the terrible legacy of slavery (TM). It's even worth a college credit at historical black universities.

On the way out, be sure to visit the gift shop and pick up a licensed Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown t-shirt. All proceeds go to their families because what spells "culture" better than making a buck off your child's death?

Anonymous said...

Let us all pause and give thanks for the explosion in Cape Canaveral. That will save YT from being extorted by Nigerians.

PB said...

"I came across an interview that George Soros admits that Donald Trump will win the popular vote, but Hillary Clinton will be the president."

Saw that too.

They don't even bother to hide it now.

NY Girl said...

"Museum of Negro Culture" ON the Mall?!?

Jesus H. Christmas, don't we see enough of that, you know, in actual malls? The only way this would be worth seeing is if they would have diaromas of Africans selling other Africans into slavery, or White humanitarian workers distributing bags of rice to grown-ass black men who can't feed themselves.

advancedatheist said...

Aldous Huxley in his foreword to the second edition of Brave New World writes that sexual freedom would tend to increase to compensate for the loss of political and economic freedom. So now we have the sexual freedom to engage in sexual encounters with Third World immigrants, and they with us, whether we want these encounters or not - gays indulge in that with abandon, as we saw in the story about Omar Mateen a few weeks back; and nonwhite men let into European countries have run rampant sexually with Europe's white women.

But we’ve seen the rollback of our political freedom of speech to ask why we have allowed these incompatible strangers to invade our country in the first place, and the freedom to demand that our politicians - allegedly our servants “democratically” elected by us and paid by our tax money to look out for our interests - to take measures to protect us from these undesirables. This seems to validate Huxley’s insight into the role of increasing sexual freedom as a consolation for the loss of other kinds of freedom that have more value.

In other words, we’ve entered into something like the last century’s science-fictional dystopias. Given the deteriorating condition in the country that our elites’ policies have caused, if the Alt Right didn’t exist as an organic expression of resistance to this project of dispossessing and extinguishing white people, someone would eventually have to invent it.

Anonymous said...

On You Tube.
A very young White couple from Phoenix, Arizona make good money from a You Tube business. This couple decided to move to Chicago, wanted to experience new things. After unpacking the couple go out to eat. They get on a train and a big man starts to harass them, followed them off the train. The couple was scared and ran into a Subway sandwich shop. The stalker stood outside and looked in, watching the couple. The White husband went to the door and asked the stalker if he wanted something to eat, the White couple would buy it. The stalker said no. The couple called Uber and 9-1-1. As soon as the couple exited Subway the stalker hit the husband in the head. They managed to get into the Uber ride. The thug celebrated. There is more to the story.

The couple never mentions the race of the thug. The couple is being called liars by many.

The couple obviously make good money because they tell their story from their home. It is obvious they are naive and do not know what happens in the real world. They use "like" and "literally" every five or six words. They ask whst is wrong with people. They moved back to Phoenix.

I doubt their experience woke them up. One can only hope.

Proudyt said...

Off topic but you gotta love the commercials on tv now where they show young mixed children and a twenty something white mother. The orc father is not present(probably at work right?). Getting close to chucking the tv, but would miss watching my cubbies.

Sick n' Tired said...

My first thought as well when I read that story.

Anonymous said...

The latest Dominoes’ Pizza ad is a sick showing of a white race-traitor whore with her fat negro husband and 2 NON-WHITE kids.
No whites in the family to show how they intend to exterminate us. Use the race-traitor white womb to breed us out of existence.

---- yuck. I dont eat their junk food. and the drivers survive thanks to tips. I knew a driver. he worked at 2 'stores' as DP wont give 40 hurs at one location. part time at 2, no benes.


Anonymous said...

310 Borders and The White Race are obstacles for these leftist monsters.

For example, Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU politician who heads the European Commission, enunciated this month the ascendant dogma: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.”

Expressions of open-borders extremism such as this are becoming ever more explicit and common, but way back on Sept. 10, 2001, Mrs. Clinton’s husband affirmed “the ultimate wisdom of a borderless world” and called for “open borders to all.”

Although The Wall Street Journal first called for the constitutional amendment “There shall be open borders” in 1984, the world’s elites have typically been more enthusiastic about denouncing commoners for doubting their dream of borderlessness than in empirically testing their idea.

For example, Puerto Rico’s police department appears to be violent, crooked, and ineffectual. A Mother Jones article entitled “You’ve Probably Never Heard of America’s Worst Police Force” reported:

Between 2005 and 2010, more than 1,700 Puerto Rico police officers were arrested for crimes including murder, assault, theft, domestic violence, and drug trafficking. That’s roughly 10 percent of the 17,000-person force and nearly three times the number of New York City police officers arrested in a comparable five-year period. The NYPD is about twice the size of the PRPD.

If you are an American criminal on the lam, though, Puerto Rico is a good place to hole up from the law. For instance, one of the more lurid recent murders in my neighborhood was the 2009 Armenian-versus-Armenian killing in the parking lot of the local Sears in North Hollywood, Calif. By analyzing social media, the victim’s father tracked the affluent killer down to a beach town in Puerto Rico and federal marshals arrested him. But to the outrage of the LAPD, a Puerto Rican judge let the killer out on $50,000 bail, and he immediately disappeared

Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki's Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don't get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

Earl Turner said...

Pat Boyle, the Altair is before my time but I remember the Commodore PET. My last landlord was an elderly man who kept a business office on the main floor of the apartment house. He had a PET on a table over in the corner with a cover over it, still in pristine working condition. I'm a fan of old computers and begged him to sell it to me. He wouldn't.

I once picked up a TRS-80 at a yard sale for $20. More than it was worth, but it was so much fun to play around with it and remember the good old days. I'm a few years younger than you at only 44 but in my teens, I was a computer nerd. I had a Commodore 64. My family didn't have much money so I worked all summer to save up the $150 to buy it. I had to use our TV as the monitor. I worked another summer to buy that huge floppy drive. I still remember the loud noises it made. Good times!

chattanooga gal said...

"be sure to visit the gift shop and pick up a licensed Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown t-shirt"
"pick up" being the operative word here, as most will be stolen if they have blacks patronizing the museum ( though, I must admit, admission would have to be free for them to do so, so most the visitors would probably be sjw's)

Pat Boyle said...

Before I worked in private industry as a computer programmer, an MIS supervisor and a CTO (Chief technology Officer) I was an administrative officer for a government agency. As it happened I was responsible for all the classified documents and records.

So I was responsible in a small way for the kind of thing that Hillary Clinton was responsible for at the State Department. Of course I was the person who best understood mail systems in my agency. I could have set up a bogus email server if I had so chosen. But it never occurred to me to do so.

In government I had about 400 women who worked for me. I never cheated on either of my wives and I never diddled with my almost all female staff. (BTW in private industry almost all my staff were male - I'm not sure what that means). Let me explain what it meant to have a almost all female staff in eleven buildings.

Women are not passive victims who are just preyed upon by predatory males. Periodically some woman would come into my office, shut the door, drape herself across my desk and bat her eyes at me. That's when I would get up and open the door again. You can't succumb to feminine wiles if you want to survive.

That's why I never could respect Bill Clinton or his wife. It is contemptible for the boss to exploit his position to enjoy the favors of his female staff. When I became divorced I made up for lost time. I went out with more than a hundred women in the first year after we split. Sleazy Bill didn't wait and I've always thought Hillary was in on it.

If you read the lives of the Founding Fathers they were uniformly brilliant and almost all virtuous (except Aaron Burr of course}. We have fallen so far with the crummy, sleazy Clintons.


Anonymous said...

Off topic but with regards to that Kaepernick guy, isn't he the spitting image of Bubbles, the cop-friendly heroin addict in 'The Wire'?

City Boy in AZ said...

@ Californian

Your post is one of the best I have seen in a very long time. It would make a wonderful comic strip. I say that with sincerity and no sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Groid Cop caught stealing drugs on own body cam

Anonymous said...

pat i enjoy reading your stuff, as well as the other regulars, ex ny, former ms, cent, etc. but your stance on the german " bad" guys and the whole holo thing has me a bit worried. why are you buying into that?

Truth Corps said...

Great podcast. I'm about to listen to number three now.

I'm also very glad you made the decision to "cut the cord" and stop watching TV. Your life will become immeasurably better the longer that Television is not a part of your life.

Everyone here should do the same.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, tears are flowing like a river!!!!! You are absolutely spot on. If you don't mind, I'm going to post that on my regular sites.
All that guy needs is a shopping cart on the friction.

Anonymous said...

Pat--In government I had about 400 women who worked for me.

At my local 2 year public college I notice many female teachers.
The place is run by a black woman who was a 'diversity' counselor.

and our popo chief is also a black female.
and our HS principal is black. and LA unified is run by, guess who?

Anonymous said...

Once you notice "diversity" in comnercials and marketing, you can't unnotice it. A friend of mine pointed this out some years ago, using the Honda ad with the white family driving an SUV/minivan and starts singing an Ozzy song ("Crazy Train" maybe), and in the van is a young dindu. My friend pointed out that there was no logic in him being there, but there he was, just crowbarred into a seemingly average suburban family. He then went on to point out a couple other examples, and I've noticed it ever since, and even more so these days. What amazed me was that I hadn't taken the time to notice it before, like many people probably don't, then it all just seeps in over the years.

Sick n' Tired said...

I was in DC for work a few years ago and went to the Smithsonian during some down time. I went to the one with the Mineral and Gem exhibit, which was excellent. The only detractor was the buses full of orcs in sumer programs who were also visiting the museum that day. None of them gave 2 shits about any of the exhibits. I imagine the new black history museum will be the same, something they don't give 2 shits about, other then it gets them out of school for the day.

On a side note I do recommend going to the Smithsonian for the Mineral & Gem exhibit, but think the Museum of Natural History in NYC is better all around.

PB said...


They've set up downunder. Some fool at work ordered them when we actually wanted pizzas. So much sugar in the overly lathered-on sauces it was more like a cake than a pizza. A big, flat turd in a box.

Anonymous said...

The Honda ads are the absolute worse. They are trying to be the next Chrysler.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Once you notice "diversity" in comnercials and marketing, you can't unnotice it................What amazed me was that I hadn't taken the time to notice it before, like many people probably don't, then it all just seeps in over the years......

My wife and I notice it every day. "There's another one" we'll say. The ones that get me are where the dumb white homeowner, customer, employee, etc are portrayed as idiots and the blacks are smart and savvy and always have the right answer, solution etc. Blood boiling. We watch less and less tv nowadays because of it, aside from the fact that most tv shows today suck anyway. Most crime dramas now the blacks are commanding officers and heros while the whites are subservient know nothings, lost and in need of direction and guidance by Captain Dindu. Sickening......


Unknown said...

All we need to fix the countries problem is to elect a black president, I'm sure he'll give us hope and change. Nah! I prefer Jim Crow.