Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Black Lives Virtually Valueless in 75% Black Birmingham: The Very City Where White America Ceded All Moral Authority Over to Blacks

Just another reminder:  The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013 is perhaps the most personal book yet published by Paul Kersey and one I can't encourage you enough to purchase if you haven't. This most uniquely American city was ground zero for launching the war on our people, and yet in 2016 stands as the nearly 75 percent black reminder as to exactly why our ancestors dared protest so vehemently to protect the civilization they had created for their posterity
This macabre statue found in Kelly Ingram Park in 75 percent black Birmingham was erected so black people passing through would know what it felt like for Bull Connor's dogs to harass and "dehumanize" them; Connor unleashed those German Shepard's for only reason... to stop 2016 Birmingham from ever happening

In the end, praying for black people to stop killing one another won't work nor will gathering thousands of black males together work to inhibit their low impulse control from taking over: holding rallies and pretending to hold black people accountable for their violent tendencies won't work either; putting "Lord, please stop black people from killing other blacks"on church signs won't shame black people into placidity; in the end, the genetic reality of black peoples inability to sustain the western civilization they inherit courtesy of white flight is but a reminder why Jim Crow instituted long ago. [5 killed in 52 hours in Jeffco: 'Black lives must mean more to black people,' Roper says, AL.com, 9-26-16]:
A violent weekend in Jefferson County left five people dead in just over 48 hours, including a 4-year-old boy playing outside who got caught in the crossfire of an argument over a cell phone. 
Three people were shot to death Friday: two in a shootout at a Fairfield gas station, and another inside a downtown Birmingham motel. On Sunday afternoon, the little boy was shot in Birmingham's Ensley community and then, just hours later, a 28-year-old man was killed in the Marks Village public housing community in Gate city. 
"Across the nation and in our own metro area, too many of our urban communities are challenged with senseless gun violence,'' Birmingham police Chief A.C. Roper told AL.com Sunday night. "Quite too often our young men of color are pulling a trigger to solve the most basic disagreement where they not only destroy their own lives, but their families and communities." 

"These are not random crimes and at some point, black lives must mean more to black people,'' Roper said. "We understand the socio-economic factors that exist, but there is no excuse for this type of recklessness. We should all be saddened and troubled when a 4-year-old loses his life because adults can't solve a simple issue without resorting to violence." 
The Jefferson County Coroner's Office this morning released the identities of the five victims killed since Friday: Hason Amin Alford, 30; Darryl Dewayne Grace, 26; Mandel Hardy Lawson Jr., 21; Rodriquez Ferguson, 4; and Cordarrell Caldwell, 28.
What once was one of the best cities in the southeastern United States is now just a 75 percent black reminder of what happens when a city becomes just another example of Africa in America. 

Once, the fear of Jim Crow held black dysfunction in check. 

Now, liberated of this civilization-saving constraint, all that is left in once thriving Birmingham is... Africa in America. [Birmingham Pastor: "Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks", WVTM13.com, 5-11-16]:

The sign outside Birmingham's New Era Baptist Church reads: 
"Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks." 
The pastor of the church, Michael Jordan, has a knack for posting eye-catching signs. The other side of the sign reads: 
"Young black males must respect authority." 
"The future generation of black males, they're either in the cemetery or the prisons," said Pastor Jordan. "We don't have a future church or community or leaders because of it." 
He said he posted this public prayer for Easter weekend and intends to keep it up until Labor Day. 
"They feel like I should not reveal the iniquities in house in the black community. But the proof is in the major murders," he said. 
According to Birmingham Police, a whopping 95-98 percent of homicides in 2015 were black on black crimes. Pastor Jordan blames gangster rap and drugs. "Our black boys lack role models. Their role models are dope boys ... and these rich thugs that sell drugs," he said. "Our role models are not doctors and lawyers now. 
They idolize these fellas that make a lot of money and then end up getting killed."The Reverend says only 20 percent of his congregation are young black males. "A white policeman can stop me, it's 'Yes sir, no sir, you need my VIN number, you need my driver's license and insurance and it's no problem'" said Pastor Jordan. 
"The young black male has been taught disrespect ... and they don't respect the police's authority." Pastor Jordan said he hopes his sign ignites other black pastors to spread the message from their pulpits. 
"We are the leaders in the black community so it must start with the black pastor." 
It won't work.

In the end, all of this represents one of the great jokes of all time, which would debilitatingly hilarious if only the punchline wasn't our civilization being destroyed.


Anonymous said...

The value of black lives plummeted sharply after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Anonymous said...

This just in:

Bull Connor is waiting by the segregated water fountain with some large mean dogs and a high pressure firehose...oh wait it's 2016 not 1964.

Ted Baxter

Unknown said...

"The future generation of black males, they're either in the cemetery or the prisons," said Pastor Jordan.

If ONLY this were true!

Anonymous said...

This black on black killing is all a myth. All these young innocent black children are being killed by cops. The average black person lives in fear and does not go outside because the mad killer cops are killing thousands of black people all over America. The cops are shooting them for "being black". Large cities like Chicago are not safe for because racist cops are roaming the streets killing small children. Blacks are not killing each other. I know this is true because I saw it on television.

Anonymous said...

off topic
State farm says hello to yr Black neighbor


Anonymous said...

310 -thx Drudge

Anonymous said...

It was EBT night at the Sack N' Save and as I rounded the corner of the paper towel cleaning supplies aisle to head down the pet food aisle Rastus Pickaninny broke into some Krush Groove MC Hammer break dance moves.
I mean these moves would have made Michael Jackson proud.
Shanaynay just shook her head and laughed at Rastus.
I would have thrown some spare change his way but I had just enough to get some animal chow.
Lots of vibrant diverse panhandling at the Sack N' Save so I only take enough to get what I need.
Wanna know why EBT is never going anywhere no matter Zimbabwean the economy gets?
Too big to jail or fail banks get a cut of every transaction.
Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

Anonymous said...


Wonder if Jesus is as bored of them as we are?

Anonymous said...

The sad part is white America HAS ceded all moral authority to blacks. It is all part of the trying to get along with others mentality that curses the white people. The time has come we NOT get along with them. Some animals you cannot tame; the Negro is an animal that cannot be tamed.

Bird of Paradise said...

When will they come to their senses whens all this going to stop when will they send the National Guard? when will Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton and Calpyso Louie and the Black Panthers going to be held personaly and fimancialy liable for all those mess and lets add OBama as the #1 cuase of this all along with the Useless Nations and CFR as well

Anonymous said...

Recently, I had a friend parrot back to me that BS about the US being built on slave labor.

I countered that slavery was only prominent in the South, which was not industrialized. That, in turn, caused it to lose the Civil War. If anything, that's proof of how useless slaves were.

Just something to think about. We're a lot more industrialized a hundred and fifty years later. Negroes might be able to use captured guns, but could they seize control of a drone? Could they use the factories to make more gear?

If sleeping YT ever wakes from his eternal slumber, the outcome isn't even in doubt.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again!!!


Anonymous said...

Negroe genetics tell the tale!

Anonymous said...

blacks shoot each other, often 5-10 killed per weekend and this somehow does not matter to BLM? There is a big sickness among blacks, one that keeps them from seeing reality.

Anonymous said...

That monument - practically encouraging blacks to hate dogs, as if they weren't callous toward animals already.

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

Caught the Red Ice interview. Great stuff. When you find yourself in a situation where you must discharge your firelock, maintain your posture and your composure, find the largest and loudest specimen, aim centermass and prepare to protect yourself and family who you believed lives were in imminent danger. The negro is a natural coward. When faced by a resolute white man who has demonstrated he will not move an inch, the google swarm will flee in search of easier pickings. I do not condone violence, as it is one of the basest instincts of civilized man. When in Congo, do as the Congolese.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel


I think they got the story wrong about the "Racial Terrorism". If it weren't for the Noses and their Slave Trading and Ships, Blacks would still be back in the Mudderland and Whites would be on Mars by now. Blacks should sue the Noses who profited from the Slave Trade. It shouldn't be too hard to find their descendants. Goldman-Sachs and a few others comes to mind. Just use some forensic accounting. Nomesayin?

P.S. The U.N. can suck my Ba*ls!

Anonymous said...

The latest Cadillac CTS commercial is a doozy. Oriental woman passenger and male negro driver listening to Bach while driving.
Female in FL

Brian in Ohio said...

I love how they always call it "gun violence".

In the absence of firearms, the black community would have a "machete violence" problem...

They are what they are. They have progressed as far as their going too.

Stay alert, stay alive.

PB said...

an argument over a cell phone.

A bit more substantial than a chicken wing I suppose.

Proudyt said...

Blacks Lives Matter won't be marching for that little boy will they ? I guess black lives only matter when taken by a white person. Recently a little black boy was found in a garbage can in Chicago,his body burned beyond recognition. No protest,nothing. But shoot a scumbag in Charlotte...

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that it's refreshing to see a black male admit where the problems lie other just blaming white people.

Oh and good morning my fellow European Americans.😄

Anonymous said...

When the good pastor says the community does not want him to reveal the "inequities in-house", what he means is that the local black coon-munnity does not want him airing the black dirty laundry in front of whitey. Whitey might pull the brakes on the ghetto breeding program and start lynching again.

Every black preacher is like General Butt Naked, just waiting for his moment in the spotlight. Seeking fame, fortune, and white adoration.

These black churches are political hubs for black liberation theology, communism, and liberal extremism. Most of their parishioners are black single mothers who shamelessly keep popping out more welfare babies. The black church gets millions of dollars in crime prevention and up-liftment grants fo dem programs.

I will bet that some nasty Human Rights Jew is behind it in every single instance since blacks are not smart enough to pull this off on such a massive scale.

Blacks put on a totally different face when whites are around. They clean up their language, check their behavior, and present a fake morality that is not present when they are back in nogville with their fellow blacks. But they are always sizing you up, like predators.

Blacks KNOW that they are murderous and criminal. They KNOW about the niggers. But they have been told and actually believe that whites are stupid and guilt-ridden over slavery. But the niggers do the dirty work to advance the whole race. Just like the Moslem jihadi extremists do the dirty work for all of Islam. Now we have "Islamaphobia" in NYC and an "increase in hate crimes against Moslems" so the central planner Jews have created the #MoselmInNYC movement. A blanket indictment of all white people.

I have said many times that what we need to do is cancel their HUD rent EBT card for the smallest of infractions. Let them feel some pain. This includes all the beaners, kebabs, and orthodox jews sucking on the government tit.

Zero tolerance.

Anonymous said...

I could almost cry when I listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama".

This is a must see link:

Depicts demographics in each state according to year of past or projected United States demographics.

We are running out of states to move to.

Anonymous said...

The blatant reality that there is a need to address black on black violence in black areas, but there is no need for "white people stop killing white people" signs in white communities.

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe the dog statue thingy was in honor of how much blacks like to train dogs to fight. We had one doing it in a rental house in a white suburb - killed a neighbor's tame dog and nothing was done. Finally got so crazy the cops got off their padded butts and arrested him and busted a large dog-fighting ring. I think they also got some weapons and drug charges but we all know that stuff was planted (wink, wink).

I didn't have much sympathy for the whining suburbanites because I personally think one neighbor could have quietly fixed the problem several different ways but I know I'm not supposed to think those thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The Confederate flag was considered racist, and yet, this "statuary" is not. In detriot they have "da fist", it's supposed to represent joe louis but you need a lot of imagination to believe that. Coalman young, hatefilled racist, paid 750k to have it constructed. I always thought it would be better suited for some gay bar.
Thanks to obama, race relations are at the flash point. If YT doesn't get his act together, the future looks mighty dim.


Hey, Pastor, don't forget the Pizza.

Also, whenever I read this phrase, in ANY discussion about violence, I know it is a total waste of time listen to the person:

"......with senseless gun violence."

It is impossible for there to be gun violence. A gun can not be senseless, and violence can't be senseless,either. There is ALWAYS a reason for violence. Always, since it takes a person to do it. A gun can not commit violence and a gun can not be senseless. Therefore, anyone who makes a statement like that is a fucking idiot and is Irredeemable & Deplorable, according to bitch Hillary.

But, dear reader, there is hope. It is going to get worse!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's especially ironic that packs of wild dogs far more dangerous than Connor's ever were now roam free where darkness rules.

Also, will keep posting this until it sticks:

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, ESPN - boycott it all. Six sides of the same rotten die.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on Twitter....

Ejike ‏@TheNewThinker
White supremacy disorder is marked by racist patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response

Ejike ‏@TheNewThinker
White supremacy disorder comes out of the global power system & dynamic structured & maintained by persons who believe themselves superior

ha ha I think this silly negro means (((White Supremacy Disorder))).

Anonymous said...

"We understand the socio-economic factors that exist, but there is no excuse for this type of recklessness. We should all be saddened and troubled when a 4-year-old loses his life because adults can't solve a simple issue without resorting to violence."

"Socio-economic conditions?"

Whites in Appalachia don't murder each other for the last piece of chicken.

Violent negro behavior has less to do with the "economic" and more to do with the "social."

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

First off, I have a bone to pick about the title to this article. Specifically, that young black lives are ¨virtually valueless¨. I would argue that not only do they hold no value, they are indeed a negative against civilization as we have traditionally, over thousands of years, understood it. When something is a constant drain on you or your family, you seek ways to either eradicate it or diminish it as much as possible.

For example, I have distant relatives who are good, Christian people. Their first born son was born with muscular dystrophy. They were not rich people, so it fell upon them to assist Arnold in any way possible, including installing ramps and other handicapped accessibility items in their home. This enabled Arnold to live to a relatively ripe age of 25 or so. The family, in return, got to enjoy that many years of my second cousin´s life, who was a loving man who actively preached the gospel until his last days.

Whites have a similar situation on their hands. They must actively accommodate the very challenged and ¨lesser¨ negro. What do they get in return? A loving, God-fearing, grateful populace? Heaven forfend! It turns out this kind, generous gesture toward the lowly, stupid, and lazy negro only feeds its ability to be violent, lash out, and breed recklessly. Our forefathers knew this. We have forgotten over the past sixty years, to our own detriment and peril.

I have given it much thought. Voluntary sterilization for all races who get government welfare should begin immediately. A modern day version of ¨40 Acres and a Mule¨ should be rolled out for anyone wishing to renounce their citizenship and return to the Motherland´s warm embrace. SJWs are welcome to this deal, too. Any flack of ¨Rayciss!¨ should be met with, ¨You say America is hopelessly racist. Here is your chance to be free at last!¨ Thank God almighty, we would be free at last!

Anonymous said...

"State farm says hello to yr Black neighbor"

State Farm is 100% racist anti-white and 100% a partner in HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.


They even support LaRaza:

Here are their "African American Relationships."

I fired these jerks a few years back. They are working to diversify white areas.

Anonymous said...

it's probably because state farm makes money off them.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I quit State Farm back in the late ´90´s. I put in a claim on my homeowner´s insurance and they decided to nickle and dime me. Sayonara, bitchez! Haven´t been back since.

Anonymous said...

Black people are free to destroy themselves and their communities and haven't wasted any time in doing so. Imagine the results if all the artificial supports such as welfare, EBT cards, Affirmative Action, etc were removed and they were left entirely to their own devices.

As many have pointed out, it would be instant Haiti or worse. They'd be killing each other in even greater numbers and any other race living near them would also be under constant attack. And, of course, blacks would blame everyone else for all of it-never themselves. Freedom and responsibility are anathema to blacks- they can't handle it and immediately begin their reversion to the African average. All cities that come to be dominated by blacks share the same fate whether it be Birmingham, Alabama or Johannesburg, South Africa. They're simply not ready for nor capable of living a civilized life or being in a civilized environment. Even when its handed to them completely intact, they can't sustain it or do anything but annihilate and destroy it and blame others. There are no artificial supports, special programs or initiatives that will change their base nature or transform them into civilized humans or alter the inevitable course of destruction they inflict upon themselves and civilization. It's a lost cause from the word go.

One day, all the excuses for black dysfunction, incompetence and lack of capacity will cease and they'll be generally recognized for the destructive force they are. Those who unleashed the destruction by stupidly believing that all men are created equal and thus are equally capable will be viewed as delusional fools deserving only of scorn and ridicule. Hopefully, once that happens, no other idiotic belief will take its place so that future generations will be doomed to repeat the mistakes currently being made.

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

When I look at that Wall of Dogs, I get disgusted. The negro never asks WHY we needed the dogs.

Let us White Men make a wall of negroes attacking, as these dogs are, with knives and sticks and such........and then make White women walk through it to get an idea of the pre-rape excitement................

Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Is there a historical example we can look to for clues in which a Human population threw off the burden off the negro devils amongst them? Or just where they lose...Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc...?

How are we going to take our country back? Like actual measures to enact. Unless the orcs are shipped out, their very presence is an abomination against the Natural Way.

Can we ship them back to Africa, or a Caribbean island? How?

Anonymous said...

People are still learning to Avoid the Groid:

Carol Brown picked up her husband Tom Spalding from the nearby BART station just before 9 p.m. on Monday and went to the grocery store. Police say two masked men then followed home.

"We actually thought they were my son and his buddy doing a pre-Halloween prank on us, then I saw the guns," said Tom.

The shaken Orinda resident tells us he and his wife had just pulled into their driveway when two men wearing Halloween masks ran up to them.

"The guy said 'give it up,'" said Tom. "I reached in my pocket, pulled out my wallet, gave it to him. He hit me in the head with the gun. Meanwhile Carol still thought it was a joke and was fighting to keep her purse, which had her brand new phone in it and all her vacation photos on it. So the guy shot her twice."


What a pair of morons. Avoid the Groid. Folks that have not figured this out by now, well we're all just going to point and laugh when you are a target of TNB.

Sick n' Tired said...

When I went to bed last night there was no mention of this story, when I woke up this morning, I was already reading about the protests. So within a span of 8 hours, the incident happened and the protesters already assembled, which I guess is easy to do if you don't have to worry about going to work. And police departments wonder why they are having trouble finding people who want to join the police force.

FlowerBell said...

Blacks are going to keep terrorizing everyone until they're as ostracized and shunned in the states as they are worldwide. Once they realize they've pushed too far they will then engage the usual "Please, baby, please..." routine and it will start all over again. That's how they operate. A cycle of abuse.

Sick n' Tired said...

As someone pointed out here the other day, if they didn't have white support in the way of section 8, EBT, and other programs, they would be living in tar paper & sheet metal shanty towns. They are still living in blue tarp tent cities in Haiti since the earthquake in 2010, and instead of trying to dig out some of the buildings that fell, they just sit around on the piles of cement blocks, begging, SIX years later

Anonymous said...

Can we ship them back to Africa, or a Caribbean island? How?

Much of Puerto Rico and Haiti isd already in USA and Canada.
The islanders have invaded.


Anonymous said...

Prankster does a great service and takes one for the team:


*Only available as Twitter link*

Anonymous said...

College Admissions Czar forced to apologize for saying all lives matter, then apologizes for not groveling enough in the apology:


Mr. Rational said...

Violent negro behavior has less to do with the "economic" and more to do with the "social."

You mis-spelled "genetic".

Anonymous said...

NAACP wants more policing in Birmingham after 4 year old shot in crossfire:


Anonymous said...

Gibs me dat Cracka:


The Umpire said...

Here's something from American Renaissance (9-27-16, Anti-Black Posters at U. of..):

"White women who marry black men multiply their chances of being killed by their
spouses by 12.4--a 1140% increase. The risk of nonfatal abuse and girlfriend abuse
is also much higher with black men than with white men, and blacks are twice as
likely as whites to abuse their children.

"He is much more likely to have STDs

"1 in 16 black men has HIV. Compared to straight white men, black men are 15 times
more likely to be diagnosed with HIV, and more likely to go undiagnosed as well.
That's why over 50% of HIV/AIDS cases among white women result from having sex with
black men.

"Black men are 8 times more likely than white men to have syphilis, 12 times more
likely to have chlamydia, and 26 times more likely to have gonorrhea. Up to 78%
have herpes."

Now, just in case the Thought Police object to the source and its accuracy, let's
get a second opinion (CDC, 2012 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance):

"The chlamydia rate among black men was over 8 times the rate among white men [..]."
Gonorrhea disparity (among men): "16.2 times."
Syphilis: "The 2012 rate among black men age 15-19 was 14 times the rate for
white men [...]."

Uh, Andrea (9-26-16 at 6:32 PM), you somehow failed to mention this.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I didn't have much sympathy for the whining suburbanites because I personally think one neighbor could have quietly fixed the problem several different ways but I know I'm not supposed to think those thoughts.

I have some sympathy for that viewpoint, but the problem is, it usually involves the dog paying the price. If you start poisoning dogs, you invite retaliation in kind. It's a bad idea all around.

Some years ago, in Cape Town in fundamentally-transformed South Africa, a White man faced a similar problem. His neighbour, a black policeman (sic) had a dog that barked incessantly, keeping him awake. Complaints to the neighbour were ignored, as were complaints to the police (the neighbour's colleagues).

Eventually, as will often happen in cases of prolonged sleep deprivation, he cracked. He went next door and solved the problem. Unfortunately for him, he was heard to say, on his return, "I shot the kaffir." The court ruled that that was proof that he shot the kaffir because he hated kaffirs (which you're not allowed to do). So, instead of being able to plead mitigating circumstances, which should have been a no-brainer, it became murder with aggravating circumstances. He never had a chance. To the best of my knowledge, he was never heard from again.

I wondered at the time, if the neighbour had been a woman, and if he had said instead, "I shot the bitch", would that have been proof that he shot her because he hated dogs?

Part of the reason why I loathe lawyers. And, of course, kaffirs.

Anonymous said...

"The latest Cadillac CTS commercial is a doozy. Oriental woman passenger and male negro driver listening to Bach while driving.
Female in FL"

You forgot the cherry on top in that commercial. When they get to the spa/resort they were driving to, a spindly white male bellhop jumps up to carry their bags.

Anonymous said...

In NY we call these areas "Self-Cleaning-Ovens". Isolate and let the problem take care of it self.

Proudyt said...

Doubt it. They were put here to test the patience of all other races.

Anonymous said...

Soooo...lissen up white people. This is BREAKING NEWS.

Your high trust attitude only works when it's ALL WHITE. When you add POC turds to the mix, they fight for their own tribe ONLY. And YOU LOSE. And they steal your shit while beating you over the head with an iron pipe.

Watch this video about #BlackLivesMatter vs. #AllLivesMatter and send it to your clueless friends and family members.

There is no equality, tolerance, or "racial healing" possible in a diverse society. No matter how far white people have their heads STUCK up their egalitarian, anti-racist asses, there will be no America.


Anonymous said...

Today, while walking on the treadmill, a black woman comes in, and another black woman next to me asks to be handed a paper towel. The black woman that gives it to her can plainly see that I am sweating, also, but does not do the decent and polite thing to do, and hand me one, too.
Recently, while going into a store, a black man stops and holds the door for a black woman standing there fiddling with her cell phone. He finally lets it close, and then I go in, and hold the door for her, also. She ignores me and keeps fiddling with her phone. I let the door shut and go in, and 10 seconds later, she comes in and goes to nutsville, calling us rude for not waiting for her. I just roll my eyes and totally ignore her. (They HATE to be ignored).
I know some of you would say, why did you hold the door for her?? Because I was taught good manners and I REFUSE to let anyone or any group of people take that away from me. If I allow that, they have won.

"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster."
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil
That being said, I definitely do not allow anyone to run over me.
Blacks mostly only look out for and protect EACH OTHER. But they expect YT to look out for and protect blacks, also, while doing absolutely nothing for YT in return, except to riot, protest and demand.
I told a family member last night that I have a little suitcase packed and I will grab it and my pets and stay with a friend in the county 50 miles from me outside of Atlanta. When she asked why, I told her that there may be a war on whites if Trumps. She said that is not going to happen- why would they do that?? I asked her why would they riot and loot and burn things?? She had no answer. She lives way out in the country 60 miles outside of Atlanta- she rents out her house in South Atlanta and spends very little time here. She said it would be useless for me to go to the county then because the war would be all over. I tried to tell her there were few blacks where I am going and no publice transportation but she still thought that I was just being dramatic. Siiiigh.....A black woman was murdered less than half a mile from where I live this past weekend....
Thank heavens I have realists here to talk to...
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Every major American city should have a set of statues depicting life sized negroes about to attack from various angles. That way the small number of white people who have never experienced a pack assault could walk through the statues and feel what it is like to be attacked by groups of negroes.

Anonymous said...

Suspect in parking garage beating of white man in Charlotte apprehended charged with ethnic intimidation, common law robbery, assault resulting in bodily harm and false imprisonment:


Anonymous said...

It's not just EBT and section 8, it's also the government hiring practices via TSA, postal service, tollbooths, the DPS. These people wouldn't exist without all the propping up our government forces us to perform.

- Brazos Valley

Californian said...

Is there a historical example we can look to for clues in which a Human population threw off the burden off the negro devils amongst them?


The White Man's Revolution which followed in the wake of Reconstruction. White people in all of the USA got fed up with African-in-America dysfunction and violence. They enacted segregation (de facto and de jure) then went to work building a real country. This led to one of the greatest eras in history, one in which the USA became the leader in industry, culture and science. The era culminated with White Americans putting men on the Moon (1969).

Here's an article no this -- note that a century ago, even progressives were race realists:


Anonymous said...

Funny how none of the WaPo articles for those stories don't allow comments.

Anonymous said...

In Vicksburg MS I see cucked whites conducting business with the google owned quick lube every day, 'cep on Sundees. Ironically, this google owned business has an owner that is very ambitious in his purchase of classic cars. So ambitious is this google, that the business no longer has a line of credit with the area parts retailers. Cash on delivery is the only way business gets done with them, and not due to his fiscal responsibility.

Start talking to your friends about trading with white owned businesses. No googles or (((skypes))) should get one drop of fiat from us. If your white pals own grocery stores, tell them it is treason to accept EBT cards. Tell them their bottom line is going to cost them more than any banks can loan them once the Trumpenführer is in command and the taking back of our territory begins. If making a buck on EBT googles at the expense of our labor isn't collusion, I don't consider them any better than a skype.

Everything they touch turns to shit. Every position in gubmint which they occupy allows them to further the wrecking of this machine by throwing a monkey wrench into the gears. If not for AA quota hires, government services, and other service industry jobs, these coons would be back to mud huts and bones in their hair. Fuck em all. Thank Kek for the sickle cell.

-Redwood, MS Original

Anonymous said...

Thank God I have heart disease and I'm going to die within the year and I've already sold all my stuff so good luck finding it for your f****** rap reparations

Anonymous said...

"note that a century ago, even progressives were race realists"

The eventual and inevitable collapse of segregation goes to show that more than vague suspicions of the reality of racial differences are needed to mount an effective defense.

Too bad that Darwin's ideas were so vociferously resisted by Christian Americans of that time. They would have provided a scientific basis for defending segregation. Had they been embraced instead, the science behind racial difference could have been demonstrated a lot sooner. Of course, the Christians had to fight against evolution, and still do to this day. It's hard to imagine anything more opposed to Christian "brotherhood of man" baloney than Darwin's theory, which essentially puts the races eternally at odds with one another. If Darwin is correct regarding man's nature and origins, and if he's right about the significance of race, Christianity becomes impossible to rationalize.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where I read it but the TSA now wants to Frisk you when you get on a bus or a metro train or a trolley or a Subway interesting times Obama's civilian Army think about that Google it

Anonymous said...

That's true: Afterall, Hillary said at the debate that crime is really, really down. Blacks only commit half the 5200 murders each year. In the 1990s, the rate was MUCH higher.

Anonymous said...

It's not just EBT and section 8, it's also the government hiring practices via TSA, postal service, tollbooths, the DPS. These people wouldn't exist without all the propping up our government forces us to perform.

You know, now that I think about it I don't believe I have ever seen a black toll collector, at least not in this state. And I still use the manned lanes, my use is sporadic enough I've never bothered with the electronic deal (some months I might use it 3 or 4 times, other months not at all). But I've exited in all the major cities on the east-west portion, or been through the barriers between free sections, and I don't remember ever seeing a black collecting the money.

None of the post offices I go to have any of them, either. Which is a little surprising I suppose in a 30% A-A city. But I mostly use the main hub here (open a little later) or the branch in the village. Once in a while when I had to go someplace else and had stuff to mail I'd go in others, including the main hub for the next city over, but still the same thing. Had to stop in one in Lima, OH before I saw one behind a counter.

The DMV is another story. I had a black clerk once giving me crap because I wanted a couple of forms they didn't have on the rack at the counter. Now I just go online and print them up myself.

My sister is a TSA employee. She has a degree in Equine Studies that she put to use for a couple of years, then went to work in a grocery store. The level of BS she goes through leaves me amazed that blacks can manage to last very long there, but I guess if it's racist to fire you then job performance is irrelevant.

Mr. Rational said...

Eventually, as will often happen in cases of prolonged sleep deprivation, he cracked. He went next door and solved the problem. Unfortunately for him, he was heard to say, on his return, "I shot the kaffir." The court ruled that that was proof that he shot the kaffir because he hated kaffirs (which you're not allowed to do). So, instead of being able to plead mitigating circumstances, which should have been a no-brainer, it became murder with aggravating circumstances.

This sounds like a googles-on-juries problem.  Theodore Wafer of Dearborn, Michigan had the same problem.  He shot dead a google named McBride who'd been drinking underage, wrecked her car and was trying to get into his house in the wee hours of the morning; he couldn't find his phone to call police, so he came to the door with his shotgun.  Evidence suggests poor trigger discipline.  Prosecutor Kim Worthy, a google, charged him with first-degree murder (which is ridiculous on its face, because he never saw the google until the moment he opened his door to try to run her off) and a jury full of googles convicted him.  One of the jurors' comments I saw was to the effect of "it wasn't self-defense".  As I recall, he'd pleaded accident.

Googles will judge along tribal lines, period.  They should not be allowed to serve in White justice systems in any capacity:  not officers, not prosecutors, not judges, not jurors, and probably not even witnesses in cross-race cases.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected my friend.
When I met my future husband five years ago, he drove one of those things. I hated it, he's a Mercedes guy now.
Female in FL.

Bill in St Louis said...

"The future generation of black males are in the cemetery" (let's skip prison)

Sounds good to me. I did notice his sign implied killing YT is still okay, though.

Anonymous said...

All MEN are created equal. Nothing is said about negroes.
So called "black men" never grow up.
What's their average I.Q.? Something around 70? Isn that about the same as a 8 or 10 year old WHITE BOY?
Ability to play ball, shoot a gun, have children and collect welfare does not make a negro a man.
Calling black boys "men" is degrading to the men of all other races and nationalities.
No matter how hard democrats May try, they'll never live to see a "black man", maybe a black killer but NOT a black "man".


Anonymous said...

It could be done, but you would also have to send a whole bunch of politicians, lawyers, democrats, bleeding heart liberals, Bill & Hillary etc. etc. etc.
Hmmmm....I really don't see a downside to it. Not like we'd be losing any people that actually work.
Be a lot less taxes to pay to support the parasites. Would set a precedence for anyone thinking of importing afreakans. Nope, all would be good. Lets do it!


Anonymous said...

They don't want more policing, they want more opportunities to play ghetto lottery.


Anonymous said...

Female in fl- My favorite gm ad is the negro conductor, the maestro genius. Hilarious.


Anonymous said...

FMG- You probably won't agree, but I think the solution is federalism, that is return all welfare to the states and only allow the federal gov to do what is enumerated in the constitution. The only reason there are all these fed welfare programs is because of the ability of the fed reserve to print, or digitize money. The states would have to be fiscally prudent. If a state like California started giving away everything, the darkies would flock there, but the fed would not bale them out. It was meant to be self correcting, but it's broken.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous Californian September 28, 2016 at 4:47 PM

Best link ever, please read this.


Pat Boyle this has dancing Negroes to entertain you.

Anonymous said...

Senseless black violence is the correct phrase with "senseless black" being the operative words.

Dirty South Side said...

"Wanna know why EBT is never going anywhere no matter Zimbabwean the economy gets?
Too big to jail or fail banks get a cut of every transaction."

Banksterism is the root of all evil.