Thursday, September 8, 2016

Keep it up, Black NFL Players! The More Blacks Take Knees During National Anthem, the More White People Rise

Here we go! With rumors [black] members of the Seattle Seahawks will take a knee during the national anthem, another black player took a knee during the kickoff game of the 2016 NFL season.   [Brandon Marshall Kneels During National Anthem, Denver CBS, September 8, 2016]:
Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall kneeled during the National Anthem at the start of Thursday night’s season opener. 
What happens if more and more blacks take a knee? Trump is right... go find another country.
Andra Day sang the anthem at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and the television broadcast showed Marshall on one knee as other Broncos teammates were standing. 
All of the players on the Carolina Panthers appeared to be standing as well. 
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for the national anthem during the preseason has sent shockwaves through the NFL, and some players have followed suit. Kaepernick said he is doing it as a protest against the way African-Americans and other minorities are treated in American society. 
So far there’s no word public statement from Marshall on why he chose to kneel.
The Denver Broncos released a statement about the matter to NBC, the network broadcasting the game: 
While we encourage members of our organization to stand during the national anthem, we understand and respect it being a personaldecision. 
Marshall was a teammate of Kaepernick’s at Nevada, NBC reported.
Remember, Donald Trump has already gone on record regarding Kaepernick's stance
“I think it’s a terrible thing, and you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him, let him try, it’s not gonna happen.” 
Keep taking a knee, black NFL players.


Keep it up (or should it be, "keep it down?").

You have no idea what you are helping unleash, so please, keep taking a knee.


Anonymous said...

The black guy on the right seems to have his hand on his left arm. Crafty devil.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, they will get away with this too. You might get a few to stop watching, but most will continue the patronage, of their heroes. I don't even hear the coaches or the commissioner coming down on these guys. By the end of the season our national anthem will be F the police by NWA. Then they can all stand. Idiots all.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The democrats understood that their only path to victory was very high black turnout for these elections.

They made the decision not to run a black candidate since they have nothing in the bullpen, and therefore began priming the pump with all of the BLM nonsense almost 2 years out.

What they did not factor into the equation was the white response to seeing cities set aflame and cops murdered. Now, black activism has a net negative effect, since it energizes a white resistance more than it does a black activism for a shitty white candidate (Hillary Clinton.) For this reason, money has been pulled from street operations and keeping BLM out of focus during the election.

However, there is no quieting down the idiot black football players. We need to do everything in our power to encourage these high visibility stunts as much as possible.

It does not energize blacks ----- it activates whites. Especially the kinds that normally do not vote at ALL!!!

When the illusion of racial harmony ends it creates the vacuum for something else to fill it. Just look at what sports is - it sends the message of all players from different races working together to win, all fans of every race cheering together, commercials of all races eating chips and drinking beer together, etc...


The only examples of "good blacks" are sports figures. The only examples of race equity social cohesion are in sports.

Expedite. The. Death. Of. This. Fantasy.

All of these carefully crafted cooperative images must ring hollow when there are REAL WORLD examples of it not being TRUE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

The fastest path to this dissolution is for EVERY single revered black athlete disrespecting the pillars of white society - "the flag" "the anthem" "the troops" "the fans" ---- even discowing "the money"

The point where our side wins is when EVERYONE IS COMPLETELY aware that the social experiment is a total failure, so that a new reality based alternative can fill its void.

The visibility of these stunts will do more to cement this reality than any amount of blog posts and dissident politics could ever do on their own, especially after the destruction of the "conservative" party in electoral politics.

I don't remember being this excited.

rent slave said...

Pete Carroll should tell his team that any player doing this will be suspended for the rest of the season.If enough do so,the owner should announce that he'll hire scabs from anywhere in the world to fill out the roster.

Mr. Rational said...

You have no idea what you are helping unleash

That is true in SO many ways.  Blacks are clueless about how their behavior looks outside the tribe.  They are literally UNABLE to understand how their antagonistic attitude appears to others.

What they did not factor into the equation was the white response to seeing cities set aflame and cops murdered.

The handlers understand, now.  But the Africans-in-America are now loose cannons and very hard to direct.  I wonder if Soros is regretting anything yet.

We'll really understand, if Trump's attorney general hasn't indicted Soros by July 2017.  Trump has to know.  He has to either have indictment on his agenda already, or have good reasons not to.

Anonymous said...

I really don't watch football at all anymore. It is just a bunch of negroes running back and forth. Any white person who watches that crap supports NEGROES. I would bet many who post here also watch football and SUPPORTS NEGROES by watching football. Don't support the animals by watching their games! White people are so DAMNED stupid sometimes.

Anonymous said...

If they spent even 50% of the energy they spend hating whites, civilization, themselves, and instead used that energy to love their own children (and perhaps their own community), might they stand a chance in the "great race" we call life, the only "race" worth really talking about...but who am I kidding; this isn't a Hollywood film, this is BRA life, and we're all just to blame for their failure to adapt to societal norms, while they repeatedly exhibit anti-social behaviours and, alas, just when they're making millions and millions in football contracts must they STILL want's never enough. Let this be a warning sign...the smoke before the forest fire, only this fire is intentionally set with the sickest, most hateful and deadliest of intentions.

My close circle of friends have begun calling each others "racist" in the same light that blacks call each other "naggers," as both terms have lost such potency with their general overuse and vernacular perversion, it's just another laugh when a friend of mine calls me and we great one another with, "what's up mah racist?" and we just laugh until tears shoot out of our eyes.

Great legacy the Black Community continues to leave itself (and it's no surprise!): more reasons to hate themselves. 400 years later...and this is what they come up with.

Anonymous said...

Boycott time for the Negro Felon League.
They are treeing up the wrong bark.
It is whitey who supports the league.
I would never buy a jersey with another man's name on it but it is usually whitey who does buy the jerseys.
Hockey jerseys with no names on them are better.
I think it is time to became an NHL fan.
Once you learn the rules of hockey it really is an awesome game.
I'll go bike riding or fix up the mancave instead of sitting around watching NFL games this fall.
I'll always support the Great White players from any era.

Anonymous said...

Seattle Seahawks may boycott the national anthem on 9/11:

Anonymous said...

A month ago even Rush Limbaugh said to turn it off:

Anonymous said...

NASA pays Russians over $70 million to bring astronauts home:

Anonymous said...

Integration only works on the playing field or the battlefield. Why? Because there is a mutually beneficial outside objective - winning or staying alive. They aren't integrating for the sake of integration. Any time that is the main objective it is doomed to fail. Also, in both cases performance trumps everything. If you can't do the job, you're cut from the team.

Blacks will always find white laws/society oppressive (we would too if we were low IQ species designed for tribal Africa). Whites will always find TNB and the accompanying destruction, despair, and death both insane and uncivilized. Additionally, in society, one group (white) is supposed to owe/help/support the other (black), and it creates a completely natural power imbalance. As it should. I have never felt like anyone that I had to support was my equal. The facts don't bear that out. If they were my equal we would both be supporting each other or both taking care of ourselves.

- Brazos Valley

Racoon said...

Gwoobus Harmon said at 9:11pm: "I don't remember being this excited."

Totally correct - there are suddenly many important societal issues bubbling away like volcanoes, such as an apparent transition of the "Occupy" folk to BLM - as was readily apparent in the recent Heathrow protest:

London, FFS!

It is being driven to a head simply because of a powerful threat to (((the rulers))).

What threat? Donald Trump, of course. The sociopaths who run the media spin against Trump are desperate, and the more that they become visible in their stunts, the worse it will be for them.

We live in exciting times.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:07 said, " I don't even hear the coaches or the commissioner coming down on these guys"

Are you kidding? Their multi-billion dollar enterprise hangs by a thread, and you want them to "come down on these guys"?

All of it - every dime, the luxury suites, the taxpayer money, the contacts, the babes, the bathing (vicariously) in the sweat of high-T men in the locker room after a game - all of it is at risk if this spreads.THEY DON'T DARE DO ANYTHING.

Look at the "University" of Missouri. A couple of unhappy thugs and the President has to resign. What do you imagine Roger Goodell's private sector value actually is?

Anonymous said...

Very well done!!!

Brian in Ohio said...

Let every single one of them kneel. In primetime. That will be a great visual cue for whites that do not yet see.

They are not like us.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

Are you ready for some football?

Thomas Jefferson said...

On the vacuousness of sportsball:

"A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprize, and independance to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind."

-Thomas Jefferson (1785)

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why white people even watch sports like the NFL or NBA these days. The players seem to be mostly black. It's a constant reminder of how we've lost our own country. How can they not see it? Why do they celebrate the achievements of the blacks?

Anonymous said...

Anti-Hillary TV ad idea...

Music bed is the National Anthem... shots of healthy, clean, strong White people standing with their hands on their hearts a t a football game and at military ceremonies looking at a waving American flag.

A shot of Trump doing same...

Then the music becomes discordant and slows down; a ghoulish version of the anthem begins...

Now we see video montage of the n*gger feetsball players dissing the anthem....on their knees, sitting...

Then a final slo-mo shot of that video of Hillary spitting some glob of mucus into a water glass...

End with Trump logo.... Make America Great Again.

Michael Dean Miller said...

What you said is very well put, good points all.
Carry On.

Guamanianpie said...

I echo Donald Trump's summation. Any black jerk who hates this country because of their own skin color is free to leave to find a country that believes they are the gods they think they are. We should be so lucky to have them all gone.

Paintjob Theory said...

Every single one of these shit-skinned ingrates needs to be relocated to another country. Let's see how they do without YT's oppression in Liberia, Sudan, or Zimbabwe. All (((those who have been ramming them down our throats for the last 50 years))) must go with them.... they can continue to own sports teams and make their movies full of these cretins over there.

"What they did not factor into the equation was the white response to seeing cities set aflame and cops murdered."

Yeah who would have ever guessed? Seriously? This is as contrived as all the (((media))) attention that Trump has been given. Really after the 20th time they "try to attack him and it 'backfires'" don't you think they would have learned? Do you guys think for a minute that NONE of these folks have ever heard the phrase "there's no such thing as bad publicity"?

If you are getting emotionally invested in the political theater playing out today you are being led down a primrose path. The people scripting this show are masters of manipulation and any emotional response is by design.

Annie Oakley said...

These negroes are just showing their true colors. This is how they've always felt, they've just kept in check until the magic negro got into office. I'm seeing the seething hostility just where I live in my white town (which has very few blacks).

A few months we were in a fast food place (only because I left the doctor's office and was too exhausted to cook or even think of cooking) and I got ripped off by a nog. I get to the table and notice the sheboon charged me for bottled water. I would have never bought bottled water at a fast joint. I immediately go back and told her hey! You charged me for bottled water. She looked down and said I sowwy, and walked away.

The white beta cuck manager meekly came to the register and said sowwy Ma'am, let me refund your money. She was going to take that out of the frig later for one of her freenz hoping this old white cracker wouldn't notice the added charge on the receipt. This is some of the insidious ways they rip white people off. I'm sure MANY a white person don't check their receipt and by the time they get to their car, it's too late.

A few nights ago I had to get some Rx refilled at my local big store Pharmacy. They had a white pharmacist but a black clerk. I should have just came back another day. Sure as shit, I was shorted several pills. I know the sheboon tried to pocket those pills. They were pain killers. I always count my pills before I leave the pharmacy. I said hey! You shorted me 3 pills. Same thing, she looked down and said I'm sowwy, let me correct that for you. Had I went to my car and came back, I would have had no recourse, but it was all on camera.

I emailed the corporate office and raised bloody hell. I got a call back the next morning and it was resolved. But how many older whites go to these stores (large retail) and are ripped off by these nogs and don't realize it. Or if they DO realize it when they get home, they just tell themselves, well what do you do?

Always and I mean always check your receipt before you leave. If you're getting an Rx filled, always count your pills. If you hold up the line, tough titty.

My point in this personal rant is this. They lie and will steal from you whitey in devious ways. Most stores now have self serving kiosks. The one in my town now does. The first day 250 people went through the kiosk. It's usually a white woman monitoring the kiosk. With automation many nogs are going to find themselves out of a job permanently. Whites will vote with their wallet and either use the kiosk or go somewhere else.

Point in check...if you come to the register and there is a black clerk, use the self-serve kiosk. And always use a local pharmacy, usually it's all white.

Blacks steal even when they don't have to. It's part of their DNA, lying, cheating and stealing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Africans in America ! For giving me my Sundays back !
I've been a football fan my whole life. I've always pulled for the white players or teams with the most white players, as well as the home team. My interest has really dropped over the last several years but this is the nail in the coffin. I'm done ! I don't even care that they don't stand for the anthem. It's not their anthem, not their country. They are Africans first and always will be. If anything, white males are oppressed in this country, not blacks. It's gonna take a SHTF scenario to set it right again. I pray that it's coming.

David In TN said...

The irony (something blacks are totally bereft of) is the NFL has wrapped itself in the flag and patriotic imagery for decades. IMO this has been a sop to the white fan base.

Anonymous said...

All the comment sections I read have been against these players. It might be different if what they were protesting were real, but it is imaginary. The Ferguson thing was a fake, as were all the other episodes. Sure...there are a few bad cops, but they do not represent the vast majority of cops.

Blacks talk of social justice: how is it justice when a black person is placed ahead of a white person because of the color of their skin using Affirmative Action? I see daily instances of violence against whites (and everyone else) by young black men. Why do they rape OUR women? Do we rape their women? Of course not! I have NEVER, in my entire LIFE, read a story of the gang rape of a black woman by white men; yet, I hear of them doing these atrocities to whites on a DAILY basis.

Does anyone out there reading this believe for a second that if white men kidnapped a young black woman, tortured her, raped her, murdered her...and then tossed her body to the alligators the liberal media would not be all over it? I am frankly tired of their black ass shit!!! I am tired of them crying like babies...waaaaaaa! I needs my pacifier! Eber body looks at me, I be black!

I stopped supporting blacks in sports LONG ago. I frankly don't like to look at them. For the most part, they are revolting apes. If any out there watch this stuff on TV, you are supporting them and are giving tacit support to them. Stop feeding the animals! Bring back segregation!

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Africans in America ! For giving me my Sundays back !
I've been a football fan my whole life. I've always pulled for the white players or teams with the most white players, as well as the home team. My interest has really dropped over the last several years but this is the nail in the coffin. I'm done ! I don't even care that they don't stand for the anthem. It's not their anthem, not their country. They are Africans first and always will be. If anything, white males are oppressed in this country, not blacks. It's gonna take a SHTF scenario to set it right again. I pray that it's coming.

September 9, 2016 at 6:57 AM

Amen to that! My house is cleaner, my wife is happier now that I'm not staring at the (((tube))) for four or five hours, and I'm even starting to see something I haven't seen in a waistline, now that I'm not hogging out on chips, dip, and beer.

In a backhanded sort of way, I guess I owe those guys a "thank you. " If I see them on the street with a "help a brothah out" sign, I'll be sure to tell them.

Mr. Rational said...

Thank you Africans in America ! For giving me my Sundays back !

Now do yourself a second favor and cancel your cable TV.  You'll have a bunch more money in your pocket and Hollyweird will take it in the shorts.

Read books.  If you want video, there's YouTube and Netflix.  Just cut that cord.

Anonymous said...

I'm in 100% agreement with you. A few days ago, someone posted about whites wearing negro jerseys, said they looked like Halloween costumes.

Anonymous said...

He can go fuck himself. The traitor will fly to Pittsburgh to watch his Steelers. Maybe he can pick up his buddy Cruz along the way.

Earl Turner said...

Annie Oakley, if you think negro theft is bad at pharmacies, talk to any nurse in a hospital. The turnover of negro nurses is incredible. Always for stealing patients' medications.

Now as to trying to "avoid the groid" sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I like to give them a chance to "be black" so I can contact corporate with a well written complaint and get them fired. Just imagine if more whites started doing this on a regular basis. Open up some entry level jobs for white teenagers entering the job market.

Unknown said...

I think you are correct, Paul-- this may be the third rail for blacks in the putative Black Run America. Let them rape our women-- that's fine. Get our kids to hate themselves for being white-- yeah, we deserve that. Try to knock out random whites with one punch-- hey, we're just going to stick our head further into the sand. Burn a beautiful 12-year old boy with a blowtorch on Christmas Eve-- we can bury that, nothing to see here, folks. But if you mess with our national anthem at our national pastime, and in real time where the MSM can't hide it from us, we might actually wake up and smell the Jheri Curl.

Bird of Paradise said...

If you think america is so bad then just move away go live back in africa in a very remote part far away from any communities but don't expect them to be celebrating kwanzaa becuase it is'nt a african celebration

Anonymous said...

While one of the originals is still at it:

I gave up on The NFL decades ago. Talk about irredeemable!


Anonymous said...

Yeah,I was buying groceries the other day at a big chain store in Central Texas, the dindu person at the register was popping mints? or something in his mouth after every customer had left the register while waiting I couldn't help thinking he is putting his hands in his mouth and then placing his hands on the customers' groceries. That is unsanitary and just sick. I told the manager about it and he said he would say something to the cashier.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see one of these street slugs I wonder what they would be doing if not for football. I know half of them would be doing time in prison. Now that they are millionaires they can bitch about being oppressed.

These thugs could take a shit on the field while down on one knee and the dumb white fans will still cheer them on. Nothing will change. The brain dead will never wake up.

Anonymous said...

Segregated campus housing for blacks-only, and at a reduced price! Thanks Whitey, and fuck you!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch or attend American football, I am a soccer fan! American Whites actually support these teams and they have the power to change these player's behavior. If Whites around the country start boycotting these games, you will see a change right away. This will not set well with the owners of these teams if they start loosing money. Unfortunately many American football fans feel that they are down with the cause, they will side with the protesters.

We Africans in America come from many different countries in Africa, like myself, I am originally from Morocco. When you are talking about American Blacks, they should be refer as Sub-Sahara Africans or Black Americans. Like many in Northern Africa, we do have some Sub-Sahara admixture. We have a different view of America verses the Black Americans. We see this country as a land of opportunity. Our Black American brothers see their-selves as victims, as long as they see their selves as victim, they will never achieve anything. They will always be the undertow of America's society.

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how any White people can stomach watching the pro sports that have degenerated into negroe leagues.

I have to deal with negroes during my job, so unless i'm being paid a lot of money to see negroes Im just not interested. I see negroes and change the channel. I dont even watch pro wrestling anymore becuase its gotten too black.

And "to protest how negroes are treated in america"?!?! Ummm,... You mean, how they are worshipped and coddled and protected from ALL criticism and forceably included into every tv commercial, print ads, billboards, music, movies, sports, and their violence is blamed on the GUNS instead of THEM?

These negroes are protesting a league that is making them famous millionaires. Think about that. They're FURIOUS at how america has treated them. Let that sink in.

Philadelphia Mike said...


At some point, the truth about the blacks being a separate species will finally be indisputable.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

It's horrible to think it, but maybe BLM is a high- level managed con - managed by the powers that be. Or it should be. I cannot think of anything more counter-productive than this tactic. Meant to elicit sympathetic awareness, it generates hate.
I'm reminded of the photographs of military age muslims arriving as " refugees " in Europe, and once safe, they give the fist in the air " power salute", reminiscent of the black power gesture. Immediately the locals get wind of it and start to push back. Now Merkel is on the ropes.
If this kind of open display of contempt continues NFL will be on the ropes. No icon is so great that it can't be destroyed. Lesson number one of power politics.

Anonymous said...

And the great God of irony speaks once more: now the ideological " leaders " of radical blackness are pressuring college campuses to require blacks to be shielded from any negative comments, and to get separate housing and separate classes. To give them safe spaces.
Exactly what could be more conducive to a rebirth of segregation? Sheepish blacks being herded into safe spaces by high cred leftists. We can just sit around and watch. We don't have to do anything, they're going away on their own.
Maybe this wonderful movement will spread.


So the NFL says the players have the right to demonstrate as they do. OK. I agree, BUT, let us be 100 "Fair and Balanced" as POX News claims.

The coaches, managers and owners are ALSO free to decide what to do. Freedom can be a bitch.

IF I was an owner, I would have one of my insiders get the message to every player that they HAVE THE RIGHT to not acknowledge the Flag, but those players will just not be played. No threats, no fines, no attitude, just: You are free to protest and we are free to bench you.

Don't let the public know, have it done in secret, deny this if it gets out (the player is resting for when we need him latter in the game.......etc......).

The NFL needs to put into ALL future contracts that the player will STAND and show respect to the United States. If not, don't sign him. Negro playa's are a dime a dozen.


Last week I finished my Taxes. The papers are over 50 sheets. The Privilege of Being White is spending 9 months, with extentions, etc. and hours upon hours with my CPA. I spend many a night, after working 6 days a week, to report to the Rothschild Family how much money I made.

Needless to say, even after 52 weeks of deductions from my self-employment payroll, I had to pay an additional $12,550 for the privilege of Working While White. This got me to wondering:

How many negroes pay or even file a tax return? Even just the 1040? You can forget about the company returns or real-estate related returns, etc. Just a simple 1040? When we look at the videos of Chimpouts, of "burn this bitch down", or the negro enjoying "space to destroy", do they look like the kind of "human" who can/does file a return?

I don't think so. I would imagine at LEAST 50% of all negroes don't file a return, never have and never will.

I would like somebody, with inside knowledge, to let us know. Maybe PK can do a book about that. It would cause an immediate sensation. It can be TITLED: "The Color of the Income Tax" which is a name I lifted from "The Color of Crime" by the guy over at AMREN.

Anonymous said...

Because we're not allowed to celebrate anything else.

Anonymous said...

"Expedite. The. Death. Of. This. Fantasy."


A slow suicide is a painful thing.

Anonymous said...

My close circle of friends have begun calling each others "racist" in the same light that blacks call each other "naggers," as both terms have lost such potency with their general overuse and vernacular perversion, it's just another laugh when a friend of mine calls me and we great one another with, "what's up mah racist?" and we just laugh until tears shoot out of our eyes.


Great idea!

"Yo, racist! What's up, bud?"

Wow. We're gonna see this spread like wildfire in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia Mike

Philadelphia Mike said...

Interesting photo of LB Brandon.

If he were an Italian or Irish Catholic, I would say that he's genuflecting to the national anthem!

But of course, being a negro male, he wouldn't even grasp the double entendre of his action.

It just gets better and better with each day.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

"The irony (something blacks are totally bereft of) is the NFL has wrapped itself in the flag and patriotic imagery for decades. IMO this has been a sop to the white fan base."

Once racial feelings have been destroyed, love of country is all that's left. Thus, the further irony is that most whites are big on country precisely because they are not big on race. In fact, the longer they defend country the less they will defend race, and even CAN defend race. Even now, race is a foreign concept to most of them. Instead, they think in terms of "skin color" or "ethnicity", which is not the same thing at all, both being amorphous categories which undermine the very precise alternative of race and blood ties as fundamental biological reality.

Defending America, which is the most anti-racist, anti-white country in the world, is the last thing I want to do, or any racist should want to do.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I've never been into team sports and have always preferred activities where an individual has to excel based on his own abilities and merits. That naturally led me to martial arts, archery, target shooting (guns) and things of that nature. It was also about developing useful skills instead of wasting time on things that were merely fun and had no useful application outside of that. In a serious/survival situation, no matter how much "teamwork ethic" you've developed, bouncing or running with a ball is not exactly going to be of any use. Would make interesting targets though.

As is, I do know people who are into feetsball and they'll just make excuses for the negroes refusing to stand for the national anthem. At best, they'll say it's wrong and they don't agree with it but will be watching the games anyway. The addiction is so powerful that a negro player could crap on an American flag in the center of the field and they'd still watch the games. The only hope is that those who are not so addicted will see the light and walk away from it all. That would leave only a small number of true addicts and the game would wither away due to lack of attendance and lack of revenue.

Anonymous said...

The red rats of the left will keep marching until there is some pushback and that is why they hate and fear Trump.
Evil P.O.S. George Soros has said America must fall before the one world government can begin.
These ivory tower utopian statist lefties have no plan for what to do after they collapse society they just want to burn it all down.
Once the NFL allowed the pink socks and other SJW crap you knew then it had jumped the shark.
It is another in your face to the mostly white fans who now don't have that Sunday escape anymore.

Anonymous said...

America version 1.0, has sold itself into an irredeemable state:

and the only sane thing to do at this point is, as the author of this site often writes at the closing on most posts: "manage to survive"... disengage from the insanity that is our cultural 'pathos' these days and work to help the sleeping giant find means that will allow us to survive to implement version USA 2.0 with the application of lessons learned about the empirical truth of 'equality' always in mind....most days I have an unmistakeable sense of nausea from finally 'seeing', really seeing & understanding just how I, and so many others, got duped by a system, from the 60s onward, that never had the founding stock of this country best interests at heart....don't engage with the all the crap thats around, pull back spending those $$$ on a system that doesn't give a shit about the standards that made this country great, arm up and vote Trump....

Anonymous said...

Why? Let them show their asses whenever possible. Whites need to see this. They need to see Beyonce's hate show at the Super Bowl. They need to see Kanye'S Drunken rant against Taylor Swift at the music awards.

It's funny, because they are defiant because they think they are in control.

The mouse tossed in with a sleeping Boa Constrictor jumps all over the snake, and thinks he has it made as well... until the snake awakens.

New Jersey Woman said...

When I heard about the negro football player refusing to stand for the National Anthem I was disgusted but not surprised. TNB. What SHOCKED me was that he was a QUARTERBACK! My husband told me there are several negro quarterbacks. I assumed he was joking as I often do about all the brilliant colored astrophysicists and mathematicians. I discovered that the NFL consists of 69% black players and 30% white, with 21% negro quarterbacks. Wow. Even 1% would shock me. Must be AA at work in the NFL, like everywhere else.

I echo the sentiments above - keep it up negroes.

P.S. We love hockey. So good, so White.

Sheila4g said...

David in TN - you are absolutely spot on. What one group of Negroes playing another group has to do with patriotism somehow eludes me, but all organized sports make that fake connection.

One thing I feel a lot of people are missing - while Kaepernick and other Negroes are refusing to stand for the anthem as a means of "dissing" White people and the country they created, too many Whites reflexively cling to patriotism when that country is not theirs any longer and has been actively working against them for decades. I'm no longer moved by the flag or the anthem - I have totally disengaged (mentally) from America 2.0. It's genuinely NOT my country. Sure, Kaepernick and every other Negro, athlete or not, is a spoiled, self-indulged waste of oxygen. The knee-jerk reaction is to say "Screw you, magic Negro. I love Murrica." But Murrica doesn't love you, White man. And it's that reflexive, unthinking patriotism on the part of Whites which is maintaining this corrupt and inherently anti-White system.

So metaphorically "screw" Kaepernick and other Negro affletes by not watching or in any other way funding organized sports. And "screw" this vile imitation of historical America by not bowing to or honoring its symbols. It needs to be destroyed if Whites are to survive.

Anonymous said...

This worshipped, spoiled, negro child feels right in his decision to “take a knee”. The tolerance and support for him shows the great leaps & bounds being forced on the rest of us because we “YT” dared question his motives.

You can go to the UN website and look most of this up. They’re very proud of their new agenda 2030 agreement. This agreement goes into detail on the importance of open borders and the rights of migrants. The rights of migrants apparently supersede our rights. We are to adjust to them not them to us. There are 17 goals in the new agreement, goal one is to end poverty, as if that were possible. Goal 10 is to reduce inequity among countries, which is code for wealth redistribution. But also it calls for “orderly, safe, regular migration” of impoverished people from undeveloped countries to developed countries.

As we all here know very well, right now HUD regulations are requiring the mandatory relocation of low income families into middle class and affluent neighborhoods. He and all his kind will see things a bit differently when “the keepin’ it real” negroes move in next to him with the changes he’s advocating for today. It’s well known the *do good blacks* run right along with the whites, when the ghetto trash start culturally enriching entire areas. They will be trapped, right alongside us, with nowhere to go!

IMO, this is what Michelle Obama was alluding to when she said, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we are going to have to change our traditions, our history, we are going to have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future we all want desperately for our children”. (This isn’t the future I desperately want for my children but isn’t that what’s happening?)

Aren’t we changing our traditions, our culture and moving into a different place as a nation? Aren’t we redistributing our wealth? De-industrializing? Aren’t our religious rights under attack? Free speech? Gun rights? The Rule of Law? Our Constitution? And our way of life?

This trash took a knee and what happened? His jersey sale went ski high! I’m just negro fatigued over the whole thing.

Anonymous said...



I am writing in response to a post from 2 nights ago regarding the murder of the 2 White nuns by a black male.

These days, the seasoned White and Oriental social workers have come to HATE the blacks. Yes, HATE. You should hear them talk among themselves. I am witnessing a phenomena that I would have never believed could happen among the bleeding heart set. They're all bled out now...and have no more blood to give.

The great White dragon has awakened. The great Oriental dragon never fell asleep.

I am way or another...we will prevail...both here and in Europe.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Feetsbaw! Bakkabaw!

Anonymous said...

I was in a bar recently when the olympics were on, and there were 2 negroes sitting at the bar. They were cheering the black "German" athlete that was competing against the White American athlete, to the extent that I finally turned and asked them "are you 2 from Germany? You understand that the olympics are country vs country, right? Why would you root for the foreigner against the American?"

They laughed and laughed and said "yo man, ya'll know weez gosta cheer fo our niggers, no matter what country we be in we all black!"

I was not shocked, but looking around I could see that at least 5 White men WERE shocked. One old man said "in my day you'd get your ass kicked for rooting against America in public, if you don't love America get the fuck out of it."

The bartender came rushing over to calm everything down, he shut the olympics off and the negroes started looking angry an uncomfortable but they were outnumbered 20-2, so they paid their tab and left.

I stayed for a while, chatting with the White drinkers and told them about this web site, and Amren, and pointed out how as long as we Whites can stay a majority, the negroes can be managed and will back down every time.

Eventually it started to turn into a little Trump rally and the bartender begged us to stop talking about race and politics and just go back to drinking. He wasn't saying we were wrong, he was just afraid of negroes or liberals walking in and hearing all of us speaking truthfully about race and America.

Some "free country" huh? Whites have to fear speaking openly about being pro-America.

David In TN said...

To my point about the NFL wrapping itself in the flag I would add something else. Big-time football, pro and college, is also a kind of substitute for the patriotism we used to have back when it was "Our" country.

The modern SEC fans call it "bragging rights" when their home state team wins. Football fans have their enthusiasm channeled to rooting for their favorite team instead of paying attention to what is really important.

Anonymous said...

On CBS world news, the NFL is talking about teams moving, like the St. Louis Rams latest move to LA.

For those of us more intelligent species, we ALL know what this is about...

Follow the money!

As more inner cities turn into suburban black ghettos, the NFL is fleeing such cities, hence the move by the St. Louis Rams, even though we know they'll tell us it's anything BUT the obvious.

I live in (ahem) Cleveland, aka Cleavewood, Ohio. Almost 20 years ago we saw Art Modell pack up the once Cleveland Browns team and headed for Baltimore. We might have a repeater here with our latest (C)lowns team, according to rumors. The link above says sorry, Cleveland. In reply to that link I say not only is no apology necessary but I actually encourage the move. While they are talking about the latest Negro Felon League™ move, please do the better citizens of Cleveland a favor and take your worthless savages with you. Oh hell nawl, we're (NFL) moving to get away from them. Blackies don't go to the games to support and watch, they go to start trouble.

I've NEVER worn any sports figures' jersey, not even as a child. I'm glad I never got neck deep into the American sports world to begin with, and know I know exactly why I didn't. I've always been awake. I didn't know exactly why then, but I do know now.

How hypocritical of the NFL to do such a thing as moving teams, but we know they gotta do what they gotta do to get YT's money. I hope with these latest perversions of Craperdick and now this latest worthless negro standing on one knee, that YT wakes up out of his slumber and finally realizes that the things they support the most eventually leads to their own demise.

Please, (C)lowns owner, by all means, pack your team up and move. The sooner the better. I know at least one person in Cleveland that is all for it. I don't support any sports team where the majority of the players are otherwise worthless negros. It won't bother me one bit to not have a major NFL team here in Cleavewood. While your at it, have talks of a joint venture with Dan Gilbert, owner of the NBA Cavs, and have him move that Niggaball team out of Cleavewood, too. That would be a great two-fer !!! I could give two fucks less where you go. Just go, and take all of your savages with you !!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, black McDonalds workers!

"Mekeisha Diamond Roberts, 25, was charged last month with nine counts of fraud, one count of corrupt business influence and one charge of theft."

She dindu nuffins, just wanted to buy herself some gas, chips, pop, skittles, gold and diamonds.

Pat Boyle said...

The thing that doesn't seem to be mentioned is that Kaepernick is only a marginal quarter back. I remember Joe Montana and Steve Young. Had those guys decided to pull a stunt to attract attention to themselves it would have been real news. But the last couple years have convinced white Americans that the testimony or opinions of blacks are not to be taken seriously.

I think it started with the O.J. jury but it greatly intensified with all the black witnesses who claimed to see Mike Brown held up his hands in surrender.

In ancient Rome the only way a court could accept the testimony of a slave was with him under torture.

Smart guys those Romans.


Anonymous said...

Shhh...don't tell the ruff n' tuff feetsball players but a pink sock is a street term for a distended anal tract after some rough anal sex or fisting.
After the rock hard athletes chase a tapered turd around and slap each other's asses they have a fabulous hot shower together in the locker room.
Dontavious would say the shower was simply divine if he had the vocabulary.
Also as for the NFL not being able to make anyone stand for the national anthem why is it mandatory to wear pink socks?

PB said...

"The modern SEC fans call it "bragging rights" when their home state team wins."

Bragging? About something you'll never do, done by blunt instruments that hate you (not so) deep down and have nothing in common with you, over a team usually run by another group that hates you and wants to see you robbed blind and your society destroyed so they can own you....but my town won...yay.

Its the same here with rugby, mostly Islanders & abos, Fijians, Samoans etc. but still a fair bit of white representation.

Anonymous said...

If idiot Whites would quit buying tickets to professional sports, especially now during football season, the NFL would get the message.

Unfortunately Whites have been brainwashed into White guilt, and others are outright Communists who support this communist display of hating America.

Obama is getting exactly what he wanted - division, racial divusion. It is number one in the Communist playbook.

Look up the hacked documents done on George Soros. The hacked documents show this division was planned by Soros, who controls Obama and Clinton.

D-FENS said...

In South Carolina you can tell it's football season. You see more USC and Clemson shirts, stickers, pennants etc. than American flags. Half the men I work with seem to have Clemson or USC memorabilia in their cubicle. At least USC sucks so I don't have to hear (as much) about this shit at work. Fans tend to shut up when "their team" has a losing season.

I remember a poster here that had recently moved to South Carolina and unwittingly gotten into a dispute about whether he liked Clemson or USC. He got assaulted even though he didn't know what they were talking about.

Anonymous said...

I don't see many Nigerians getting Multi Million dollar contracts you worthless pieces of shit. If you don't want to stand during the National Anthem the leave this country you hate so much. If I am at a game where one of these worthless Cunts takes a knee I will leave and never return.

Anonymous said...

Best way is simple. Don't support them. Don't go to the games. Don't buy their over priced junk. I worked at 2 community colleges and the students were there just to play ball. Reflective of their grades it was not for academics. I do not watch college or pro ball at all and i do not miss it. I do like Ice Hockey as another poster said. Colleges need to get out of sports but they want that money too much...

White-Skinned Goodness said...

To Anonymous at 11:37 AM:

"Godsgift Moses, Promise Owei, Thankgod Harold, Success Jumbo, Savior Samuel"

LMAO!!! Those Nigerians are delusional as all fuck. It might just be that African DNA thing.

Anonymous said...

"Obama is getting exactly what he wanted - division, racial divusion. It is number one in the Communist playbook."

Right. And also, let's not forget that integration was a Communist plot too. Gosh darn those (((plotters))). We beez helpless!

Anonymous said...

When will whites stop standing for the natl anthem? This isn't our country anymore. It has been given away. The powers that be enforce the diversity (i.e. Any group except white) agenda and I'm supposed to stand for a song that hionors that? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Oh hell nawl, we're (NFL) moving to get away from them. Blackies don't go to the games to support and watch, they go to start trouble.

Whites right now are in a state of confusion and football lets them rally around something that involves Blacks.

Most Whites are unable to discern lies from truth. They are told that race doesn't exist and that "science" has already proven it even though the medical world accepts hundreds of biological differences. Their pastors tell them to not be raysiss because it goes against God even though God surrounded them with dangerous game and landlocked them with a massive desert. Most Whites have doubting thoughts (Why is racism not holding back Blacks in music and sports?) but they still try to be good and celebrate the negro people where they can. The majority of Whites simply fall back on either modern Christian or liberal teachings. It's a minority that can see race inequality as fundamental aspect of nature which conflicts with both liberal and modern Christian orthodoxy.

I'm not sure what the answer is but I wouldn't get too upset about football or most sports for that matter. Younger generations of Whites don't care as much about them as boomers or the greatest liars generation. The hardcore sports fans I have met had no lives at all and probably wouldn't be much different if spectator sports didn't exist. Then you also get workplace situations where everyone talks sports and you have to play along. Our society require dishonesty on race. You can't say you missed the game because you were reading about negro brain differences. We're in the age of egalitarian stupidity. Just be glad SJWs don't control sports.


A @ 12:34 PM

I hope you didn't "tip" the ahole race-traitor bar tender.

In fact, I hope you TOLD him why you would not tip him. A race-traitor needs to pay the price. Today, in Federal Reserve Notes. Tomorrow? Price goes up.

New Topic: When ever I am at a friends house, on Sunday, or anytime there is "phoot ball" on, I make it a point to support the side with a) a White quaterback. If there is no White quarterback, I don't give a shit. When there are 2 white quarterbacks, I support the team with the most active WHITE players.

Once, a person in the room with me asked why I was a fan of the team I was cheering. I calmly looked at him and said: "I am a community activist and I support the players from my community". I said it loud and proud. You should have see some of the looks. BUT, being self-employed and relatively "rich", and elderly, what the FUCK do I care about the feelings of idiots.

It is a wonderful feeling to BE FREE to speak out, as I do. That is why I LOVE THIS SITE.

The guy who wrote: "I LOVE THIS BAR" should come out with a song: "I LOVE THIS BLOG"

"We got winners
We got losers'
We got Ex New Yorkers"

"WE got women
We need Lebensraum
We got Former Ms. Greenbaum"

I love this Blog"

Anonymous said...

This 'taking a knee' bullshit is the same natural response as those Negroes in Dallas who spontaneously broke into tribal dancing after 5 cops were murdered. It's their genetics telling them what to do.

Bird of Paradise said...

This idiot needs to take up something more his speed like all pajama boys want to do like Ballet of chess Footballs a mans game not meent for Pajama boys

Michael Egan said...

Really like this reply. I too am exited.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

If idiot Whites would quit buying tickets to professional sports, especially now during football season, the NFL would get the message. (Emphasis added.)

Unfortunately Whites have been brainwashed into White guilt, and others are outright Communists who support this communist display of hating America.

Obama is getting exactly what he wanted - division, racial divusion. It is number one in the Communist playbook.

Look up the hacked documents done on George Soros. The hacked documents show this division was planned by Soros, who controls Obama and Clinton.

September 9, 2016 at 1:29 PM

The NFL is busily shooting itself in the foot on ticket prices. It takes a family of four $760 just to get to their seats at the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara, CA ($60 for parking, $175 PER TICKET for the nosebleed seats).

Almost $1,000 to worship at the Church Of The Negro. Plus, when the ex-wife had season tickets I never went to a game where a drunken fight didn't break out in the stands. Not exactly a family-friendly atmosphere.

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I work with two blacks at work. Usually the conversation is about work for the most part, however the news does filter in somehow and with blacks you can bet on it , race is always on top of the list.One of the guys likes the forty-niners so of course kamperidiot is right naturally standing up against the white establishment. Normally I just listen to it and keep quiet. One of these two guys stole 400.00$ worth of property from our work place about 3 months ago, I know it and so does the other black guy. When I leave the conversation , make a phone call,go to the bathroom, etc, the conversation is ALWAYS some black getting the shaft from some white supervisor.So far i have not heard them discuss Ferguson or Baltimore, maybe because it's old news. They are good guys but I just stay off race topics.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Segregated campus housing for blacks-only, and at a reduced price!

This should be encouraged. Make those honkies live in separate dorms, use separate drinking fountains, ride in the back of the bus - hell, ride in separate buses, go to separate schools and colleges, live in separate towns. Show 'em what it's like. Shoe be on da udder foot now, cracker!

Anonymous said...

Ark. dad killed in shooting while helping daughter fix flat tire

(Sent from THV11)

Anonymous said...

"If I am at a game where one of these worthless Cunts takes a knee I will leave and never return."

This was posted not that long ago and is why I don't think the actions by black NFL players will affect the thinking of the vast majority of the white sports fans. The person who typed that is posting on this site, so they obviously know the truth about the negro, but they still go to NFL games, probably go to NBA and various colleges games as well. Opiate truly is the right word.

Anonymous said...

Even the mindless high school dindunuffins are doin' it now. Hahaha! It's the beginning of end of football - thank God!

Surgio said...

Rush Limbaugh walks a tightrope on this one, being the niggaball lover that he is. He says the NFL opened up a can of worms which they better stop now. Clearly the NFL feels otherwise.

Rush's point was that the league makes most of its money from TV advertisement and TV viewers are predominately patriotic whites with resources. The P'neck flap, if it spreads, will reduced viewership and drop the confiscatory rates for ads during Fetidball games. NFL owners are caught between a muh-dik and a hard place but they are betting that whites will suffer yet another humiliation at the hands of their pets. They'll grumble a lot but will nevertheless stay tuned. I figure the NFL owners are right.

Rush put forth the BLM view of P'neck taking a knee. In essence, BLM says this protest is actually respecting the flag because that flag gives them the right to protest. That protest of course is built on bullshittin' lies about Negro O'pression in America.

If there were any O'pression of the Negro in American P'neck the magic Quarterblack is a sorry spokesnigga for it at something like $200,000 a game just to sit on the bench.

I gave up the Negro Felon League years ago. I just could not glorify the African any longer. Besides I saw too many games that were obviously thrown or fixed in some way.

Wayne and His wife said...

This blatant disrespect for the society that is paying that groid 19 million dollars a year is reprehensible. The groids aren't paying its contract. Its the Whites who are picking up that tab and yet he slaps them across the face. As many have said, we Whites need to hurt back where it counts-the pocket book. stop supporting them, stop watching them, stop buying their junk. These useless animals and their coddlers are not worth our time and money.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this woman would have liked a safe space.

Anonymous said...

Fans threaten boycott after Dolphins discuss anthem protest

NJ Woman said...

To Anon at 12:56 pm - how do you know that Mekeisha Diamond Roberts is a colored girl??? Was there a photo?

Anon at 4:03 pm said "You can't say you missed the game because you were reading about negro brain differences." That is a hoot! Thank you for that treasure.

Anonymous said...

No, he just doesn't know any better. Like everything else they try to mimic from the whitey, they still end up messing up in the end. Such a useless race.

Anonymous said...

Hockey coach John Tortterella came out and said he'll bench any player who disrespects the anthem. He won't have to cause there isn't a black on his team. Of course one 4th liner from Tampa came out in defiance of his statement in order to get his 'looks at me' moment.

Anonymous said...

Kapernick is a Muslim as is his girlfriend.

If he wants to act like an orc, fine. My issue is Kapernick belongs to an ideaology disguised as a religion that is the most barbaric, oppressive, murderous "religion" in existence.

If he and his Muzzie blm girlfriend go to the Middle East they will get a rude awakening. The girlfriend will not exist, have to wear a body bag, can't drive.

The rich Middle Easterners still engage in slavery. They do not like Blacks. Liberal commies lie to push a narrative and oppressive agenda.

Fight back with the power of the wallet.

Race said...

So you capitulate and celebrate their attempt to flaunt their superiority in their eyes?

Kyra said...

I hate football, but why don't White people who do like it just boycott the games en masse? Maybe the players' salaries will take a hit if you do.

Anonymous said...

Analog man@ 5:06 said "This should be encouraged"

I support the right of all people to choose their associations.

Anonymous said...

The NFL along with ESPN are two of the most liberal organizations on earth. They support almost every liberal cause that comes down the pike. They hire black players almost exclusively to play on their teams. They do not believe in equality. THey need to fall. White people should stop watching and attending football games. If we did that for just one season things would change drastically. I cannot stand the NFL for it is biased against white players and it wants nothing from white people but take their money. Only complete white fools will continue to watch this crap every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Support your local high school games if you wish but throw your college and pro-teams to the curb until they acknowledge white players and become more conservative.

Anonymous said...

If they want to protest and help so much, why instead don't they take some of their millions and go to a ghetto, build a court and give sports class/lessons and engage the kids there in productive activity? Or something similar? But no, they want to protest on the cheap, while keeping their resources firmly in their pockets! GTFOH!

Unknown said...

Turn off the television boycott the NFL!

Anonymous said...

Curling is a great sport to watch as is Darts.

Tim Velasquez said...

Why is it only black people only they can have an an opinion , if I try to say I don't like it when they don't stand for our fallen , because that's what it's for . I'm called a racist a white boy they Wana curse at me . When in reality I'm a vet and Latin . Kapernick is a child whose career is coming to a close .