Saturday, September 10, 2016

If Hillary Thinks Half of Trump Supporters are "Irredeemable," what does she plan to do to us if she wins?

By the way Mrs. Hillary Clinton, "irredeemable" is my word.

But seriously: If Hillary thinks half of Trump supporters are "Irredeemable," what does she plan to do to us if she wins?
So what do you intend to do with us "irredeemable" folk, Mrs. Clinton, if you win?

Our existence represents a detriment to the kind of tolerant, progressive nation she hopes to lead, right?

So what is the 'final solution' to those you've deemed classified as 'irredeemable' (racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic), who "are not America"?


Anonymous said...

This is why they don't want to have cameras around Hillary! She says things like this that makes her look bad. While Donald Trump is paying last respects to an American Icon in Missouri, she is making stupid, revolting comments which insult half the country. I suppose I am one of those people who want laws followed and borders maintained.

On the Drudge Report there is a story of the President of Equatorial Guinea who eats his enemy's testicles and brains to make himself more potent. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! These are the relatives of those blacks who live in America today. You know...blacks with an IQ of 60 (Hillary's kind of people.) Blacks are animals and savages.

Anonymous said...

So what is the 'final solution' to those you've deemed classified as 'irredeemable' (racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic), who "are not America"?

Posted by:
Stuff Black People Don't Like at 9:34 PM

I think you asked and answered the question. Things are reaching the boiling point, and the lid's about to blow off like an old Saturn rocket.

Time's almost up.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot: Look on the bright side. A t-shirt with Hilary's image with the caption "Irredeemable" would probably sell like crazy. They love to take a word or a phrase out of context to try demonize the opposition, but this one is truly a double-edged sword.

Pot, meet kettle.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

PK, I think Hillary has spent a bit of time actually reading your site as well....

Of course, only a select few know exactly how many "hits" you have on your site on a daily basis. I wish you'd give us a mere hint one day as to how many hits you gather on a single day. It would be nice for us regular readers/contributors to know if your site is gaining momentum. I'm sure you have many folks that read the site but never actually comment in fear that the elites might come and single them out.

But anyhoo, I saw that rant that the Hilderbeast gave in her latest speech about us Trump supporters. The only place her followers need to be following her to is the nearest psyche ward. That bytch has clearly has not only fallen off her rocker, she obviously landed right on her brain dead head. It's obvious in her case that money is truly the root of all evil. I truly hope that this speech in itself has made many people rethink about who they will vote for in this election.

This first debate between Hilderbeast and Trump might actually garner the absolute biggest audience ever in a debate. Since I don't own a DVR, I think I might actually have to break out the good ole' VCR to record it, even though I'm sure I'll be able to download the whole thing online. I personally wouldn't miss it for the world. I can't wait to see Trump devour this POS on live national TV. Trump might actually tear her a new one so bad that she might actually be capable of having a nervous breakdown on national TV. Trump, may the stars be aligned in your favor. Crush this bytch in a fashion you are absolutely known for. She deserves it 1000% !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was listening to NPR Radio today. A reporter who is an "expert" on the Clinton's was discussing Hillary's scandals from cattle futures to email scandals.

She spent the whole interview telling anecdotes about how Hill was really warm in private but stiffened in public.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did...

The outcome was that had she been more forthcoming about Whitewater et al she could have cleared herself. No mention of the McDougal's and others who went to jail over Whitewater. Ridiculous. She has an 11% honesty rating. This is why. The Internet is not her friend.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the deplorables. I work everyday and have done so for 45 years. I raised three boys and put them through college with no student aid loans or grants. I take care of my property and have never received a dime in government funding. I have never robbed, raped or murdered anyone. I am married to the same man that I married forty years ago. You, Mrs. Clinton are beyond deplorable. If wanting the United States of America to be a nation, with borders and rules of law, makes me a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, islamaphobe, then so be it. God help this country and all the hardworking deplorables! Take your bigotry and hatred back to all white Chapequa.

Ex New Yorker said...

I have always been a long time believer in trying to stay alive. She plans on killing us all. All "they" have to do is shut down parts of the grid and blame it on Russia, the terrorist or the Grinch that stole Christmas. There are always different "bad guys" to blame anything on.

To survive we must be prepared for the worst. The most important thing to survive is WATER. If there is a 4 or 5 state grid failure (or even nationally) your faucet in the kitchen will be useless. What will you do when you get thirsty. A few suggestions.

If in the city or burbs your water will be coming from the sky. Rain or snow will be your source. You MUST HAVE BUCKETS and other containers to catch and hold water. The more the better. You can get those big plastic tubs at any Walmart of hardware store. They will hold 20, 30 or more gallons of water. Plastic garbage cans are even better. If you have a slanting roof the water pouring off during a rain storm will save your life, depending how much water you can catch. Rain gutters will be very helpful. Having a good supply of empty plastic gallon size water bottles will come in very handy. I have about 50 to 100 stashed away.

If no slanting roof, then the water flowing down the gutters of the street will be your next bet. A kids wadding pool will catch water. With plastic sheets or tarp you can make a cistern in the yard. The back bed of a pickup truck will also catch water if you place in a tarp or plastic sheets correctly. Snow in the Winter if you can find a way to melt it. Ten inches of snow makes one inch of water.

Continued.....part 2 for sterilizing water.

Anonymous said...

They are going to out breed and overwhelm YT.

"Herds of African immigrants are being housed in shelters in the Mexican border town of Tijuana while they await entry into the United States under what appears to be a secret accord between the Obama administration, Mexico and the Central American countries the Africans transited on their journey north. A backlog of African migrants is overwhelming limited shelter space in Tijuana and Mexican officials blame the slow pace of U.S. immigration authorities in the San Isidro port of entry for granting only 50 asylum solicitations daily."

Hillary is going to bring them in by the boat load and airplane load .... millions.

Oh---did I mention that there are some GREAT quality firearms and ammo that is on sale on line and at many fine sporting goods stores for the Fall Season? Spend now---get all your family trained---and Survive later.

Trump 2016!!

Truth Corps said...

She means to have you killed & your heritage/history erased. Period.

I've preached to any White who will listen for the last ten years, YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH AMMO FOR WHAT IS COMING. Thankfully, I cut the cord to the TV and added that $1500/year into my already substantial ammunition and firearms budget. Firearms and ammunition give you and your family/group the ABILITY to protect your lives and the supplies (water, food, medicines) you have laid in for the coming storm.

It's 1861 all over again. If Hillary wins, this Nation is finished. The best we can hope for is balkanization but a bloody War is more likely. That little voice in your head? That's your critical thinking telling you to prepare while you still can. See you in the trenches my friends.

Ex New Yorker said...


I saw a video clip on how to sterilize water using a quart or half gallon plastic or glass bottle with a good secure lid. Just fill the bottle with water and let it lay in the sunlight for a couple days. The sun and heat will kill any bacteria. Don't lay it on dry grass. It could act as a lens and start a fire. You can then drink it. It may taste like shit but will not make you sick. The water used in the demonstration came from a murky looking lake. Of course this is only if you are desperate.

There are incredible water filtering systems for sale on the net. Some really fantastic stuff. For only a few hundred bucks you can get really good equipment that will provide clean water for the whole family. That water flowing down the gutter can actually be made drinkable. Do your own homework on what you thing is best. At the NATURAL NEWS web site Mike Adams has a store that sells a nice system along with removable filters. I don't know how long a filter last.

If on a budget you can get small "camp sight" filters. The first one I bought was called a "Gravity Filter". It holds a gallon. Just hang it up and the water dripping out the bottom comes out clean. It was good for six thousand gallons. That was in the "old days". Now there are super new stuff available. The SAWYER company makes a nice hand held filter that cleans 100,000 gallons. It takes out 99.99999 of harmful bacteria. You can also clean the filters yourself and don't need any replacements. Then of course there is a small filter called a LIFESTRAW. You use it like a straw.

Where I am at we have windmills and stock tanks for cattle. There are a couple within a mile or so out of town.

The best long time food stash are the 25 years FREEZE DRIED food. Great stuff. The MREs (meals ready to eat) are only good for five years. And of course you will be smart to buy up any kind of heritage seeds for planting a garden. Some of those come in sealed storage buckets which also have a good shelve life. Nearly every place that sells survival food and gear has seeds.

Remember....This big fairy tale that people are living will not last forever. Fuck the nerd population. Survival is number one. Be careful who you trust. Let the losers take their own path.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's comments come as no surprise to me. To the Democratic Party, the American voting public has always been a means to an end: complete power over the masses via a totalitarian goverment. Their ultimate goal is coming within reach and we are letting it happen. And when it does happen....I predict that many 'undesirables' will find themselves in gulags througout the nation. Many of those will be the useful idiots who were insturmental in bringing down our Republic: the violent inner-city blacks, who were manipulated by Democrats through social welfare programs in exchange for their votes, will no longer be needed and their savage behaviour will no longer be tolerated. The whole country could end up looking like Panem from The Hunger Games, with Hillary & the Dems and their supporters in the Capitol District, and the rest of us in other Districts (gulags).

Does this sound so far-fetched? Is it so far-fetched when a former SecState is able to avoid prison for dereliction of duty and perjury because her minions are spread so far & wide within the government? Presidemt Clinton=President Snow.

I cannot believe just how fucking stupid we have become as a nation-in just one generation!!

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

Who woulda thunk that Hillary read SBPDL? How else would an idiot like her know that word?

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

Dude, great show on FTN. Glad to see my favorite blogs and podcasts collaborating. McFeels and Halberstram rule. Daily Shoah is also funny, you should reach out and get on there as well.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I'm pretty sure the insiders know she's terminal. The whole plan is gain control of the presidency for the Democrats. I'm sure nobody really cares if that twisted old psycho buzzard dies just as long as she dies after they've put her in the Whitehouse. Gotta hand it to the elites, it's a new twist on the throw away candidate. So, yeah, you can pretty much expect the elitists to fawn over her rotten corrupt carcass, it's their version of taking one for the team.

Unknown said...

My guess is she will decide to kill us off. I mean its not like she hasn`t already got one hell of a body count. Just like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others have done. The populace will be striped of their guns. First thing she vowed to do btw. Then after that those who won't drink the "koolaid" will be made into it. Probally a nice cherry flavor jello made from human gelatin. Better that way because its easier to color and then it will be the new solient green, er I mean red. Yeps bet they will call it bigot and racism brand. Made from those who hate the elite. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

OT, but I went to an event that drove things home for me.

I went to this renaissance fair sort of event, out in the middle of nowhere. There were any number of people carrying blades, no security presence at all, and yet, no fights broke out.

Obviously, this was due to the general lack of black people. The only ones there were running a pair of food booths, both of which saw essentially no business, even as people lined up elsewhere.

I actually took a look at one of the black food booths. I saw nothing on display, and a proprietor that was slow and unhelpful. Everyone there at the time I was simply left and got in line at a booth run by someone willing to work.

Overall, it was a good day.


D-FENS said...

It is a great motivator to vote FOR Trump.

Having said that, I vote for Trump with some reservations. His remarks about consulting with Bill Gates about internet restrictions to stop ISIS recruitment, suggesting Carl Icahn for Treasury Sec., his plan to increase military spending and his groveling to Israel are bothersome. Pence was a poor choice for VP and does not seem likely to continue the Trump movement in the future.

Given his expressed pride in his familial closeness to the chosen, he is obviously not a White Nationalist. So it is puzzling why there are hints of White nationalism that, taken together, can't be passed off as oversights. Implicit outreach to get White voters who have "dropped out"? Or something else?

Bottom line: on 3 key issues - Wars, Immigration and Trade - Trump is right and Clinton is "not even wrong" as physicist Wolfgang Pauli would say.

Anonymous said...

She will do what they have already been doing: They will identify your towns and states as being too White, and will "diversify" them with endless loads of Somalis and Syrians, making you a powerless minority in your own homeland; They will nibble away at your right of self-defense by tormenting you with endless lawsuits and trials in every case of legitimate self-defense; They will whittle away at your gun ownership with taxes and restrictions on ammo, and drive manufacturers out of business with restrictive rules and regulations; They will label any protests of these policies as "hate speech", and shut down any website that gives a voice to you, leaving you isolated and cut off from any information or news that is not "approved".
Dark days are coming.....

Paintjob Theory said...

Who do you think is going to keep the lights on, the water running, the streets paved, and food on the tables? Blacks? Who is going to dutifully send their sons off to fight the neverending wars for (((our allies))) and to keep the Golden Triangle free from fundamentalist rule so we can ensure that heroin stays 5$ a bag? Who is going to pay the taxes which don't even go to pay operating expenses but only to pay (((interest on the debt)))?

The New Atlantis won't build itself and the degenerates, perverts, layabouts, muds, and other perpetual victims and starry eyed dupes sure aren't going to get their fingernails dirty. Their job is only to create a voting block who demand socialism and have no sense of nationalism to oppose giving up sovereignty to world government.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

This was like Romney's 47% comment and will be the Bitch's undoing. I am against everything this Bitch is for. America First you traitorist C*nt! Nomesayin?

Earl Turner said...

What does she have planned? Not just her, but what does the Never Trump phonycon Republican Establishment have planned? It'll be war. Economic war. That's my own personal prediction. They'll take a page from the SJW playbook and go after our jobs, our families, our friends, they will try to ruin us. The alt right has to be purged from not just the Republicans and Conservatism, Inc. but from society and they won't be happy until every last one of us us living in a homeless camp.

Bitter Clinger said...

The Left is pretty open about its desire to slaughter White Males with a new Holodomor, e.g.:

"worthy of the firing squad"
WV Professor Christopher Swindell Calls for War on the NRA

“Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal...If some people refused to give up their guns, that ‘prying the guns from their cold, dead hands’ thing works for me.”
Des Moines Register Editorial Calls for Killing Gun Owners

" It will require a domestic civil war...It could be as bloody."
The Coming Civil War Over Guns
Jim Sleeper, Yale University

Anonymous said...

What she'll do, part 1

She’ll continue support for Agenda 21 which is being implemented through ICLEI (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) and, of course, money comes attached to it. ICLEI is an International organization. It is in most countries. There are ICLEI cities in every state. California has 123 and counting.
Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego, etc. are all ICLEI cities. ICLEI cities are given money they have to spend on multiuse buildings, public transportation and everything green.

She’ll support other means being used through the use of unelected, unaccountable regional planning commissions. Here in LA it’s called SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments). These regional planning commissions override local plans. Most of us have no idea they exist.

At their meetings, they show glossy video presentations that tell us how much we’re going to love living and working in the same area in “walkable communities” and using bikes or public transportation. As we speak there are apartment buildings being built in Santa Monica that have no tenant parking.

Anonymous said...

What she'll do, part 2

She’ll make sure everyone understands the UN’s position on private property as well. They have this to say about private property, “Land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interest of society as a whole.”

All of this minority/negro fatigue is just a drop in the bucket. People ask,” what we can do about this.” I’d love to say I had some brilliant solution but I don’t. The leaders of nearly every country in the world have agreed to this fundamental transformation of the world’s economic development model. It’s true that Agenda 21 and the new 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development have never been ratified so we CAN pull out of them.

But will the rest of the world let us? What most of us don’t understand is that if a President signs an agreement that isn’t ratified, it doesn’t just go away, it’s considered a “soft law” and although it’s not legally binding the UN still expects it to be honored. Hillrat will honor every bit of it!

chattanooga gal said...

you know, considering that ALL white people are now considered to be racist, even if they haven't said or done anything, just on the basis of " white privilege" that is an especially astute question.

Unknown said...

This is merely the result of allowing Marxists into positions of power with education & Media.
It's old school Skinnerian behavioralism aka mind scrubbing.

Anonymous said...

Christ, what a cunt.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the nation more divided than it is right now. Obama and the democrats have almost destroyed our country. If we don't fight back at the voting booth, or if necessary by insurrection, then we will lose our nation.

Our kids are being fed lies and made to feel "guilty" that they are white. They are instructed by teachers that they should feel guilt whether they do anything racist or not. White football players are kneeling with their Negro buddies to show support for a lie; and to show disrespect for our national anthem. The lie is that police are indiscriminately killing young Negroes. Everyone here knows that BLM was a BLATENT lie propagated by the liberal media pushing THEIR agenda! I would challenge any of them to read the TRUE statistics from the DOJ. Michael Brown and Freddie Gray were common black thugs and died because they DESERVED to die.

Blacks are committing record numbers of murders, rapes, and robberies on ALL people. If whites had a lick of sense, they would see the pavement apes for what they are "thugs" and stop feeding the problem. Stop selling them guns; stop giving them welfare to breed. Let the black bastards starve for all I care. Their mamas and papas don't care for them, why should I?

I challenge any black lover out there to show me ANYPLACE in the world that a majority black population has prospered. Why don't they prosper? Because they are NOT like us. They are goddamned animals that need to be separated from us.

Anonymous said...

Message received loud and clear. Progressive agenda is 100% incompatible with the silent majority that supports Trump. HRC has just overplayed her hand with this comment. Progressives truly need to be driven out at this point by any means necessary. They have proven themselves to be a destructive element in our society, and my patience and tolerance for them is wearing thin. I'm confident my opinion is shared by literally millions of red blooded Americans. You know, the ones that really matter, and keep the lights on in this country.

Janie In Detroit said...

Hay now, that's your word Paul! I wonder if she got it from you? Classic democratic move if she did, using our own language against us, twisting it around and even changing it.

Seriously though, if this cunt gets in, nothing will be off the table. She's got a supreme to nominate, then guns will go. Legislation might be passed making it illegal for us to move, or forcing businesses to set up shop in ghettos. Reeducation camps, fuck, they might even force us to take negros into our own homes!

We are so fucked.

Anonymous said...

She dropped the other shoe at the 9/11 ceremony when she fainted.

Anonymous said...

We are way past the days of someone winning an election. That is not how a plutocracy works. People are selected into office. Hillary has already met with her wealthy supporters. The press was not allowed inside. It was all a private affair with no peasants welcome. Who could afford to pay $100,000.00 to hear her speak. Not anybody I know. The peasants are only allowed at her "basketball court" appearances.

She has already told us what her plans are as she cackles and coughs into the microphone. She likes to shake her fist in the air while spewing out nothing but hate for the majority of Americas. What you see is what you will get. Hate and more hate.

The first on her list will be what is still left of the free press. Breitbart being high on the list. Others will follow. Anyone who still believes in freedom of speech will be next. That includes you and me. She is filled with hate for this country. Her enemies list includes heterosexuals, working class families, veterans, police, Christians, white males, free thinkers, believers in the Constitution, gun owners, children, blacks, small businessmen, women (except lesbians), Trump supporters, school teachers, tax payers, Nationalist, poor people, talk radio, internet sites, bloggers and anyone who does not agree with her. She will kill anyone who stands in her way.

She lives in a safe walled in mansion filled with armed guards. She has not driven a car in over 40 years. She is a power monger and puppet that is controlled by a plutocratic system ruled over by people like George Soros.

The master plan is to destroy America. She will be the perfect person to do it. Because of a rigged elections she will be our next president. That is if she lives that long.

Anonymous said...

Out of respect for the women who frequent this blog I'll bite my tongue. This washed up old sea hag is a piece of political garbage about to be hauled out to the curb and not soon enough. She's either ignorant or totally out of touch with the real Americans who've had enough of the bullshit being fed to us by BOTH SIDES of the aisle! Either way she's a dangerous extension of Butterscotch Barry O's / Geotge Soros' destruction of this once great nation!

While I pledge my undying support to Donald Trump there's a small, small part of me that wonders if the proverbial powder keg will in fact blow should this coughing, loogey hacking, prune skinned, liberal agenda pushing dish rag robot get elected. If I could place my faith in ALL OF the "alt right" to heed the call of "to arms, to arms" then I'd say elect the bitch and we'll do the rest!


Anonymous said...

So what is the 'final solution' to those you've deemed classified as 'irredeemable' (racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic), who "are not America"?

I read an article written in December 2015 where it was estimated that there were approximately 18,297,000 Trump supporters at that time, but the number would climb if he won the nomination.

Apparently, Hitlery considers only half of that number as being deplorable and irredeemable which leaves her with about nine million problem people. History tells us that this is a manageable number. Hitler45 disposed of 6 million people while burdened with the hassle of WWII. Hitler45 was probably a psychopath unrestrained by a conscious or feelings of empathy for others. Because of the absence of these feelings psychopaths have a tremendous capacity for committing atrocities. Most, if not all, serial killers are psychopaths.

I'm not a psychologist, but it is my opinion that Hitlery displays more than one personality trait of a psychopath. Narcissism and pathological lying are only two of several psychopathic indicators easily observable in Hitlery's personality. With far more resources at her disposal than Hitler45 it isn't inconceivable that a President Hitlery would consider a terminal solution less obvious than highly visible death camps.

Several of my acquaintances are seriously making plans for the worst case scenario of a Hitlery presidency. What makes their planning different from the usual plans for surviving a disaster or dealing with the usual zombies is their inclusion of plans for the possibility of a kinetic engagement with a hostile government.

Anonymous said...

What she'll do, part 3

In other way she’s going to achieve/support International goals( this is a major one) is through our children. To understand, read the UNESCO world education plan. It’s actually the basis of Common Core. It says “answers aren’t as important as how the student arrived at them.” It also says “truth can be decided by consensus.”

It also requires everything to be gender neutral. Chapter 25 of Agenda 21 says we need to “enlist and empower our children and youth in reaching for sustainability”. Keep in mind that “sustainability” is a euphemism for socialism or top down control.

Every subject is used to propagandize our kids. Fairness, social justice, saving the earth, questioning their values and their gender are all imbedded in their classes. Anti-Capitalism, anti-Christianity, pro-Climate Change and socialism is sprinkled throughout curriculum, not necessarily by name but in terms of “fairness” and “social justice” (plus a lot of shaming).

An example is a lesson from a grade school text book that says by two years old an American child has a larger carbon footprint than a Tanzanian has in their entire lifetime. What they neglect to mention is that a Tanzanian’s life expectancy is 48 years because they have no indoor plumbing, refrigeration, clean water or electricity. I think increasing their carbon footprint would be preferable than lowering ours.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT: Dindu gonna dindu.

Anonymous said...

This is what I think could happen. Since Hillary's health is not doing that well I think that if there were an "incident" and she was no longer with us our rulers have a back up plan.

They can preserve her brain and place it in a glass jar. Her brain could be wired up to a high tech audio system so that she could still make speeches. Of course we all know that her loyal followers will still vote for her. This could save money spent on security because now all you would need are two Secret Service agents hauling her brain around in a pickup truck. Anti "Hillary's Brain" voters would now be called "Brainist" and "Brain Bigots" instead of sexist or bigots. Of course her brain will be in a bullet proof jar to protect her from "sniper fire".

After her eight years are up Hillary's Brain could be used to run the UN. With the right type of nutrients and electrical stimulation her brain could rule the world for fifty years.

This could start a new trend in politics. Joe Biden and Paul Ryan's brain would do very good in a glass jar. It is cheaper than the old stand by of using Political Androids. Don't get me wrong. I am not against androids. The George Bush android was my favorite and it was able to function for years.

Anonymous said...

What she'll do, part 4 and the last. Sorry for the length and thank you P.K. for the platform. ....TRUMP!

She’ll continue entering trade agreements like NAFTA, GATT and TPP, that put us at a disadvantage. Why would we do that? For instance, NAFTA allowed Mexican truckers to cross our borders to deliver goods. This hurt American truckers and the Mexican trucks didn’t comply with our regulations. So, whose responsibility is it to bring the Mexican trucks up to our regulations? We are!

And, why does every city in the country seem to be on the same page. Anyone who has traveled across the country knows that states have their own personalities and priorities. Why are they all building multiuse buildings, bike lanes, lite rail trains, and not building or repairing roads and freeways? But it’s not just American cities. Cities around the world are doing the same. With her, I understand why.

Maurice Strong, who was the Secretary General of the UN, introduced our administrations agenda at the Rio Earth Summit by saying, “…current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable”.

He also said, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” An interesting thing about Strong is that he became a very wealthy man through his investments in Canadian oil and American cattle ranches. But apparently he doesn’t want anyone else to have the same opportunity, neither does hillrat clinton.

obummer said, “We can’t drive our SUV’s and eat as much as we want and keep our homes at 72 degrees at all times and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK?” That follows right along with what Maurice Strong said, and hillrats right on bored with the whole plan.

Her goals for the 21st century, are the goals of social, economic and environmental justice. Fully implemented, it pushes to end privately owned homes, farms and ranches. End the use of fossil fuels. End privately owned automobiles and personal travel. End irrigation, pesticides and commercial fertilizers. End livestock production and meat consumption. End golf courses, ski resorts and water parks. AND she’d like to reduce the population of the world to under a billion….although she’ll never mention how she plans to accomplish that.

See you on the battle field.

Brian in Ohio said...

Ex New Yorker said...

I have always been a long time believer in trying to stay alive. She plans on killing us all. All "they" have to do is shut down parts of the grid and blame it on Russia, the terrorist or the Grinch that stole Christmas. There are always different "bad guys" to blame anything on.

To survive we must be prepared for the worst. The most important thing to survive is WATER. If there is a 4 or 5 state grid failure (or even nationally) your faucet in the kitchen will be useless. What will you do when you get thirsty. A few suggestions.

Spot on. The human body can only go 3 days without water before it starts to shut down. It needs not only water, but CLEAN water. Drink unclean water, and you wont even make it 3 days. Dysentery will kill you, the very old and very young especially.

Its been said that the plumber has done more for the health of the community than any doctor. Not only because of clean drinking water, but waste removal. Yeah, you need a plan for that too... If the power is out long enough, not only does the tap stop running, the toilet will stop flushing....bad news.

Bottom line, if the grid goes down, you will be on your own. You need food, clean water, any medicines you require(at least 3 weeks worth) and a firearm with plenty of ammunition.

Even good people can be dangerous when they`re desperate, and blacks will beat, rape and set fire to old ladies when their bellies are full and they have heat in their homes...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Bitter Clinger said...
The Left is pretty open about its desire to slaughter White Males with a new Holodomor . . ."

Bitter Clinger has hit the nail on the head, the Holodomor is the template for the communists' preferred method of getting rid of ideological enemies of which we are the prime example. In the Ukraine famine was the preferred method, in BRA/Europa it's third world invasion but the end result is the same, our extermination. These people are so evil they don't care if the electric grid fails, if there is no more food or medicine because of no more white people, they just don't care.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she and the other washington elite will "overtly" kill us . They will take to social media just like they are doing now to demonze and label dissidents as "hate mongers" "instigators" etc.

They then bring in millions of illegals, refugees, and empty the prisons of all but the most heinous of criminals create millions of dependent people to pull the lever for the progrressive agenda. They know they have to create a willing and majority voting block to justify the genocide they are planning.

Then ..... The hammer drops. Orwell arrives. Thought police. You can't speak like that or think "that" way. Are we going to overtly kill you or imprison you? No that would be too obviuos. First we will shame you by broadcating your heinous thoughts publicly. Then you will lose your job , then you will be denied any type of public assistance. Any time a new company tries to hir you we will let the public know what company you went to work for (you will be fired again).

The end goal is to bar you from participating in commerce. A financial system that excludes the non-compliant . That is the ultimate genocide. Watch your family starve hater.

Anonymous said...

OT but gotta share.....

My wife was on the supermarket checkout line yesterday morning behind two female thirtysomething SJW's, progressives (pick one) bagging their items and yammering on and about Hillary, the elections, she needs to be president, Trump is a blah, blah, blah. They leave as my wife approaches the cashier and says, (proudly) God help us all is Hillary gets elected!

As she finishes her sentence, she feels a tap on her shoulder. Turns around and has to look down at this older, seventysomething gray haired woman. The woman says "We're in deep trouble if Hillary gets elected. My husband and I just came back from the local "Triggers R Us" and added to our collection in case the SHTF!"

She then asked my wife about her internet habits and mentioned pretty much every "alt right" site most of us are familiar with and proceeded with bashing the MSM liars and how in her day things weren't like this and on and on. It was beautiful. I had goose bumps!
Keep the faith!


Pat Boyle said...

This morning Hillary Clinton had another 'health issue' when she tried to attend a 9/11 memorial event. She couldn't stay for the entire event. She was basically carried away by what I presume were the Secret Service.

She was hauled away and packed into the vehicle like a sack of potatoes. So the race has come down to Trump versus a sack of potatoes. Maybe she was trying to build up the suspense for the first debate. Millions will tune in to see if can stand up for the whole debate or if she will be seized by a non-stop coughing jag or if she has those strange tonic-clonic movements. Some may be interested in what she says but major attraction will be her health.

If I were a believer it would tempting to attribute her ongoing campaign Gethsemane as payment for her pat sins. Maybe she can't walk because of business with the cattle futures in the sixties. But realistically she's just an old woman and old people suffer from mounting frailties. When I was sixty eight I fell off a cliff - I still feeling the effects of that. I didn't have any Secret Service chaps to grab me and hold me up.

People vary a lot in their responses to aging. Trump is about the same age but he seems vigorous. My guess is that with today's medicine about half people who are their age are like Trump - active and healthy. And half are like Hillary - approaching feebleness because of some disease process like Parkinson's or a blood clot in their brain or something else.

If she had beaten Obama in their Primary race eight years ago, she might be retiring from public today rather than preparing to run again. Her health wouldn't be an issue. She would be preparing herself for just her taking it easy and observing the world going past from her rocking chair. Liberals would revere her no matter what she had done. But she lost. In fact she's never been a very good politician. Obama beat her like a redheaded stepchild.

If you think all this attention to Hillary's health is unfair - blame Obama.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said This is what I think could happen. Since Hillary's health is not doing that well I think that if there were an "incident" and she was no longer with us our rulers have a back up plan.

I'm not convinced that Tim Kaine isn't their primary candidate, but he is probably unelectable as president. If the left can get Hillary in before she expires, Kaine will glide to the presidency on her skirt tail.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully, this wretch of a human being will drop before any debates, then the VP of her choice would run, then it's "a man" against another "evil man" as only Hillary, the all knowing, all-mighty, enabler of us peons, will be gone roasting with the devil himself. No "vote for the first woman. You owe it to me" bull crap.
This is a spoiled person who has faked her way and had her way, like POTUS, her whole life. What happened to Rodham-Clinton?
I've always found the most "tolerant" in the society are actually the least.
Go rope off the reporters, fly on your plane and tell us of "climate change." Go directed to Hell. Forget go. No $200 for you! I married a white:I'm racist. I married a woman. In 2016. Kinda old fashioned for this guy.
Screw off lady...loosely used!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Marvel is creating whiz-kid superheroes of color that will promote STEM education.

Anonymous said...


Indianapolis: Victim found in near east side alley dies, becomes city’s 100th murder of 2016.

Anonymous said...

The several stops on the road to her alinskyite social fascist death camps always starts with a "humanitarian" stop for awhile at a "re-education" center. The stops after attempted "re-education" become less humane until you end up as DAED (sic)

Brian in Ohio said...

For a look at a post-Hillary America, go watch the 1973 film Soylent Green.

Altho to be fair, that would be a best case scenario....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

To the person who was at the fair in the middle of nowhere, was curious what food the blacks were selling. Soul food? In our neck of the woods, even with a very high black population, soul food is generally a greasy overcooked mess, collared greens boiled down, mystery meat swimming in congealed grease, sugary BBQ sauce macaroni and cheese. unappetizing. I've worked with people who rave about soul food. YUCK. At any community events the menu is chicken swimming in grease with fried plantains and Little Debbie cakes.

I would not spend a penny on the above so called food.

No doubt the booth people will blame their lack of sales on YT inability to accept their culture. If the culture is anything like the food, it's not for me.

Another note, it came to me that the rush to judge all whites as evil is the witch hunts all over again.

Anonymous said...

"Black are shitting all over America."

Indianapolis has hit it's 100th homicide for the year. Nearly 100% of them are blacks killing blacks so when cares.

But the biggest problem in Indy is black agitation, nuisance behavior, and crime, not black on black murder.

The Einstein Bagels store in Castleton Sq. Mall area was robbed at gunpoint at 5am by a shit-bag black male a few days ago. He locked the workers in the office at robbed the place. This bagel store had a steady stream of early morning traffic, mostly whites heading off to work. I bet there have been more armed robberies in the area that the media is covering up.

3 black males were just arrested for breaking into cars in the same area. A black woman in another state was just caught skimming credit card numbers while working at McDonalds drive through.

I went downtown Indy for an event last week and there were filthy black bums on every single corner begging for money. Retarded homeless blacks were loitering and shuffling around all over the place. Black women were standing in front of parking meters, pretending to search through their purse, pretending to park their car, asking passing whites for change.

Blacks have more fucking shams going than I can keep track of.

Is the "glorious leader" Trump still pandering to these feral monkeys? Do we really want their vote?

Anonymous said...

30 years ago, there were only the "Big Three" networks, PBS, and maybe a dozen or so "brand-name" cable channels. In a way, the world and national news was more easily stage managed back then, when the only options consisted of Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, or the McNeil-Lehrer Report.

CNN had just started to become a big-time player in the news game. By early 1986, just 5 years after the first successful flight of the Enterprise, the space shuttle had gone from being the peak of engineering and a triumph of that fabled and mythic American know-how to just being accepted as routine. All of the "news" networks had stopped providing live coverage of space shuttle launches- except for CNN.

CNN was broadcasting live from Cape Kennedy on the morning of January 28th, 1986, when the Challenger exploded 73 seconds after lift-off. For CNN, this was the equivalent of Abraham Zapruder having his very own broadcast van on the scene at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

Nowadays, you don't have to think about the news at all. You can just tune in and be spoon fed your opinion by whichever broadcast personality you believe is a good match with your ideology or is showing the most cleavage. People's perceptions of reality are being managed by their choice of information. "Confirmation bias" is the catchy little slogan currently in fashion.

Milton Berle famously observed that television is a medium, since it is neither rare nor well done, but for my money, Bruce Springsteen nailed it about 25 years ago:

I bought a bourgeois house
in the Hollywood Hills
With a trunkload
of $100,000 bills
A man came by and
hooked up my cable TV
We settled in for the night,
My pretty baby and me
We went round and round,
'til half past dawn . . .
There was 57 Channels and nothing on
There was 57 Channels and nothing on

Take it from me, a good chunk of the other posters here, and from the Boss himself:


I had a .44 magnum,
It was solid-steel cast
And in the blessed name of Elvis
I just let it blast
'til my TV laid there
In pieces at my feet
And they busted me for
Disturbing the almighty peace
The Judge only asked me:
"What you got for your defense, son?"
There's 57 Channels and nothing on
There's 57 Channels and nothing on

I can tell by your eyes, friend,
That you're just about gone . . .
There's 57 Channels and nothing on
There's 57 Channels and nothing on

Anonymous said...

Lotta free time today folks...

I just watched the video of Hillary's Trump supporter remarks and my first thoughts were she looked drunk or high on something. Kind of like one of your friends mothers who life was unfair to so she spent the day drinking and watching soap operas until it was time to throw some TV dinners in the oven. Anywho five minutes later this pops up:



Anonymous said...

NY TRUMPER, after watching that video I'm not sure how any American would want her leading the rest of us. She was pulling an FDR but instead of leaning on a son, Hillary is being held up by a large woman. With all the assistance she still nearly does a face plant.

Glad I'm not a Hillary supporter, this does NOT LOOK GOOD.

Anonymous said...

What Clinton said is mainstream news by the way, I just found an article on her backtracking on the issue without even looking for it:

New York (CNN)Hillary Clinton expressed "regret" Saturday for comments in which she said "half" of Donald Trump's supporters are "deplorables," meaning people who are racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic.

"Last night I was 'grossly generalistic,' and that's never a good idea. I regret saying 'half' -- that was wrong," Clinton said in a statement in which she also vowed to call out "bigotry" in Trump's campaign.

"To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables," Clinton said. "Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it."

Clinton then said some of these people were "irredeemable" and "not America."

Add to this her pathetic limp-legged display at the 9/11 memorial and you have a candidate TANKING and TANKING FAST.

She is on the defensive in a big way- which is always a great time to strike.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous September 10, 2016 at 10:24 PM said...I was listening to NPR Radio today.



Remember that in a "national emergency", the government relies on white men. Look at the "tip of the spear" for the military and law enforcement, not to mention former military and law enforcement. You would have to have a LOT of race traitors and anti-Americans, and I don't think they are there. I still have confidence in the backbone/soul of this country.

D-FENS said...It is a great motivator to vote FOR Trump.

There are still a lot of independents, and I think the "Never Trumpers" are going to come around.

Anonymous September 11, 2016 at 3:52 AM said...She will do what they have already been doing: They will identify your towns and states as being too White, and will "diversify" them with endless loads of Somalis and Syrians, making you a powerless minority in your own homeland

Whose fault is this? YT, look in the mirror. If they attempted to infest an Hispanic, Asian, etc. neighborhood, what do you think would happen?

Anonymous September 11, 2016 at 8:21 AM said...She dropped the other shoe at the 9/11 ceremony when she fainted.

This is bad news. The last thing I want is for that evil gasbag hag to drop out now. She can pull this ish the week before the election.

Anonymous September 10, 2016 at 10:28 PM said...If wanting the United States of America to be a nation, with borders and rules of law, makes me a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, islamaphobe, then so be it. God help this country and all the hardworking deplorables! Take your bigotry and hatred back to all white Chapequa.

That hag is personally, at least as "racist, bigoted, xenophobic, islamaphobic" as anyone else. She's crazy or evil, not stupid. She will take whatever position gets her elected.

NY TRUMPER said...I just watched the video of Hillary's Trump supporter remarks and my first thoughts were she looked drunk or high on something. Kind of like one of your friends mothers who life was unfair to so she spent the day drinking and watching soap operas until it was time to throw some TV dinners in the oven.

The stress (and age and mileage) might be getting to her, and her handlers might be fortifying her. Reminds me a little of Elvis.

If she is destined to fall off the crapper and croak, please let it be 3 days before the election...

PB said...

She knows she's just slandered a huge number of voters that will now never vote for her, yet she doesn't really seem concerned.

She knows something you don't.

The Umpire said...

Hey you guys, A WORD OF WARNING! Recently, someone here suggested the herb
St. John's wort. About 22 years ago, I started taking this herb, and all
of a sudden, it seemed that my previously healthy hair was falling out.
I stopped taking the herb, and the problem went away. I see--thanks to
the internet--that other people also suspect/believe that St. John's
wort causes hair loss. Take care.

Ex New Yorker said...

People wonder why she wears all those long sleeve clothes in the hot Summer. Those years I spent in New York I was around a lot of junkies, speed freaks, smokers and dopers. Junkies and speed freaks usually used needles. With intravenous ( took me awhile to get that word spelled right) drug use the arms become scared. The word used was "tracks". Too much needle use would cause the vein to collapse. I've seen some grimy looking arms caused by needles. After years of use needle freaks will have burned out veins on both arms and end up shooting up by hitting a vein in the their hand. Once a collapsed vein is done for the junkie can't get a needle to enter because of too much scar tissue. The needle became as much a habit as the drug.

Needle freaks were always easy to spot because in the boiling hot Summer they always dressed in long sleeve shirts to hide their "tracks". Of course the narcs knew what to look for and on stopping a junkie the first thing they would do is roll up his sleeves. Tracks gave them further grounds for a search.

If Hillary is injecting any type of drugs it would show in the veins of her arms. It could be spotted by anyone close to her or be visible when shaking her fist during speeches. My guess is after this last "health crisis" they hauled her uptown and gave her another big shot of Meth. She sure seemed NICE AND HAPPY when coming back outside. Too much booze and drugs finally takes it's toll.

Pat Boyle said...

I have a proposal to make America better. It is positive and hopeful. It does not call for the extermination of any race but if it is not implemented we may be forced into that circumstance. All men of good will should be looking for a way to avoid the extermination of negroes in America and the Americas.

Currently black crime in the US is high and rising. Black unemployment in also high and rising. We seem to be no closer to raising the school performance of blacks up to white standards than we were when the Civil Rights movement made that a goal forty years ago. Meanwhile the structure of the US economy has changed such that employers want smarter applicants and blacks are being left behind.

Unless we do something about all this it looks very bleak for the blacks. It's not hard to envision a society that simply locks up all negroes or ships them off shore.

Blacks have lower IQs which is a tremendous handicap in school or the job market. Yet as citizens there are no handicaps for an unintelligent person as a citizen. The millions of blacks with low IQs can still vote. Remember its not just that the average African-American has an IQ of 85. Half have IQ's lower than that. There are millions of blacks who are deeply stupid.

The founding Fathers would be amazed that we would let such people vote. They intended for only white male property owners to have the right to vote. Women we now know have an IQ only about 3.6 points below that of males. That's close enough that it can probably be disregarded. But the black-white difference is too large and persistent.

Fortunately we don't have to invoke any kind of racial test. Just set the IQ requirement at 110 and you will get largely high school graduate level voters and there won't be that many blacks on the rolls. There will be an over representation of Chinese and Japanese but that's not so bad.

The Democrat Party counts on their stupid black voters so we can expect their opposition to the IQ test proposal.

When I first looked for a job it was common to have to take a Wonderlic test before the interview. The Supreme Court made that illegal with the Griggs vs. Duke Power case. That decision needs to be reversed. Allowing employers to hire based on merit is perhaps the first reform on the way to a more just and prosperous America.

Hiding the low IQs of blacks through Affirmative Action programs is the wrong solution. If a white person finds himself working for a stupid incompetent black supervisor that experience stays with him. People accept bad outcomes if they are shown that those outcomes are from a just and equitable process. But granting extra privileges to blacks for something their ancestors may or may not have experienced is a sure fire way to build white resentment. Ju8stice and American ideals demand that Affirmative Action be abolished.

We start first in the private sector an then move to the governmental sector.


Anonymous said...

I'll just leave a couple of "feel-good" stories from Chicago right here. A little Darwinism in action to brighten the mood for dinner time.

First up, we have what appears to be a drive-by gone wrong in Humboldt Park:

About 11:30 p.m. Friday, officers near Division Street and Maplewood Avenue saw a vehicle drive by a restaurant and at least one occupant open fire, according to a law enforcement source. A male — who was standing in front of the restaurant or had just left it — pulled a gun and began firing toward the vehicle, according to the source.

For this next item, I need to put on my hooded brown terrycloth bathrobe, wave my hand like
Obi-Wan Kenobi and say:

This isn't the "high" you were looking for.

OAK PARK (CBS) — A 17-year-old boy suspected in a west suburban carjacking jumped to his death from an Eisenhower Expressway overpass while trying to run away from authorities Friday night, according to Illinois State Police.

You can go about your business. Move along.

Anonymous said...

I concur. Happening to us already.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hillary dropped her other shoe at the 9-11 ceremony because she thought she was Cinderella at the ball. I wonder who is her Prince Charming? Michael Savage talks about her health! He obviously feels deeply about her. Mark Levin would surely help her place the shoe where it is supposed to go.

Anonymous said...

Judging by what I read, I think she is in frail health. She has symptoms of pneumonia; I think she has been fighting this virus -whatever it is - for quite some time. Could it be Legionaire's disease? She has been in a lot of crowds, in large indoor venues with recirculated air, and she has flown in a lot of public airplanes.
She had better watch it. She could die from this.

Anonymous said...

That's for damn sure! Did you see that bleach blond head bobbing right before she almost fell flat on her face?

25#er Deplorable one said...

The truth of the matter is Hilary and her ilk despise us not for being so called isims ,phobics or any other of the things they accuse us of being. They despise us for being clear sighted and open mined enough to see clear of all the bullshit they shovel out and feed to the populace. If only we would just shut up ,drink the kool aid and go along with the rest of the flock.

Seriously, does anyone really think she and her kind care about anyone much less blacks?
All they care about is money ,power and sex That's it.
Nothing or no one matters to them. All one has to do is look at their past actions to see what our future holds. More lies, more corruption,more lost jobs, more poverty,more goverment,more war, more attacks, more more more and none of it good.

The evidence is all around you if your mind is open and your vision is clear.

I truly deeply believe Donald Trump is our only and last hope for us living in a sane and safe country. I'm tired of worrying about my children's and grandchildrens future.

Anonymous said...

"Another note, it came to me that the rush to judge all whites as evil is the witch hunts all over again. "

Yes, exactly. By framing the issue in moral terms, a rational discussion of racial differences based on evidence and logic can be avoided. That's the goal. Of course, the original mistake whites make is to play along with this. Trump, for example, is quick to describe himself as "the least racist person in the world", and condemns Hillary's characterization of his support base as an insult. Such an approach only reinforces the idea that racism is evil and a sin, and that Hillary is right to oppose it. About that both candidates are in agreement.

I also find it interesting that the word "irredeemable" is one frought with Biblical connotations of atonement for sin. Christ is known as the Great Redeemer, as it was through his execution that humanity was offered Redemption. The ideas of sin and atonement occupy a place in the American psyche comparable to the idea of jihad in Islam. Both require endless vigilance and struggle; both are attempts to purify humanity of sin that can never be completely successful. Jihad is the struggle to bring all humanity into submission to Islam, and for the Christian humanity can only be redeemed when everyone submits to Christ as Lord and accepts that they are all equal in his eyes. It has a secondary meaning, also Biblical, that of repurchase from bondage, of liberation. It's a good example of how deep is the cultural penetration of Christianity in American life; even a secular person like Hillary uses Christian terminology to describe current conditions. By saying racists, sexists, and so forth are irredeemable, Hillary is saying that such people are unsalvageable, that they can't be "saved" and be members of her raceless, sexless nation of souls, her City on a Hill called America. It's less a call for extermination than it is for continuing the revolution against a "sinful" established order in which race and sex determine life chances; she's calling for a continued jihad against sinful beings such as racists and sexists and a racial hierarchy that has placed whites, and specifically, white men, on top.

So Clinton's use of this phraseology is a rhetorical way of expelling from the American nation those who don't share her worldview. How can she achieve this in the real world? Does she intend to send all of us evil people to death camps, as PK suggests? In point of fact, she only has to be patient and wait. The American nation, the Biblical City on a Hill, is a white racial self-genocide project that has been going on for four centuries now. Every year it gets a little closer to completion. The white race, along with its old racist, sexist ways of doing things, is slowly being absorbed into the non-white population, like milk being mixed into mud, drop by drop. There is, essentially, no resistance to this, and there can be none, because everyone has already accepted that racism and sexism are evil, and it goes without saying that evil must be opposed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe for her next fundraiser in Los Angeles, she could stay the night at
the Chateau Marmont.

Anonymous said...

Bolshevik rats always hate kulaks and the middle class.
If The Whore of Babylon gets (s)elected it is time for the mountain redoubt or the country bunker.
Kwannies are stupid enough to elect her.
After all they elected a half breed mongrel rat P.O.S. twice.

Archie Bunker

Pat Boyle said...

In 1881 there was an incident in Arizona and three men were shot and killed. That's about the number that are killed each day in Chicago on a busy but not atypical day. There were 270 men shot and killed last year in Chicago. But those three killed in Arizona were killed by Wyatt Earp or his friends or brothers. The OK Corral isn't famous because Earp was famous. Earp is famous because of the OK Corral.

The day of the 'Duel at the OK Corral' was a special day. No one was shot in Tombstone the day before or the day after. There were - I think - no more shootings in town that year. It was such an unusual event that they made a movie about it - or rather 22 movies. Only Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes or Tarzan have been celebrated as much in the cinema.

Researchers have established that society has gotten much more peaceful since at least the Middle Ages. The brief Wild West episode in America was an exception but today he live in a period of violence unprecedented in Western History. The only period and people known to anthropology with such levels of violence are the Yanomamo - "the fierce people" - who live in the Amazon basin. But lots of Africa also has this kind of interpersonal violence without guns. The Rwanda genocide required no ovens or camps. The Hutu killed a million of their Tutsi neighbors with only machetes and clubs.

White Americans seem to be unprepared for the levels of savagery we see in the black areas in American cities. They don't seem to be able to credit what they read about or see. Reports from Detroit or Chicago generate MEGO.

If this is a correct analysis, then there will be a day when whites wake up and become horrified by all that is now around them. This isn't the America that they build or grew up in.


Anonymous said...

That wasn't so bad. I didn't even check any scores or listen to the local team on the radio.
If the NFL thinks they are indispensable they better think again.
I didn't watch a single game from 1997-2004 and 2007-2012.
The local team drafted the hot shot blue chip QB so I started watching again.
Not everyone can be Tom Brady and win 3 super bowls in their first four years but this QB turned out to be overrated.
Now the team paid the QB all the money and it has no defense and an ancient running back so there is no reason to watch anyway.
The pass happy rules are boring as well. Running back shouldn't be the red headed stepchild of football positions.
Remember the Great White RBs like Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick, John Riggins, Rocky Bleir, Mark Van Eeghen, Norm Bulaich, John Capaletti, Hugh McElheny?
Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Deplorable Scumbasket

Anonymous said...

What kind of IQ test would be best to determine the IQ of a Negro? There are two kinds of test: verbal analogy and puzzles. There is no way most Negroes could pass the verbal test!

D-FENS said...

I think the hypothesis that Clinton has Parkinson's disease best fits the facts available. Many of the symptoms she has are consistent with the side effects of Levodopa used to treat Parkinsons.

Already, todays event is being spun as Hillary attending the 9/11 memorial despite having pneumonia. Yeah, that's the ticket!

I can't see her stepping down. The Democratic National Committee could ask/demand she step down. If she is dropped I would think Timmy would head the ticket. However, I think the DNC could name anyone they could agree on.

At this late stage, the DNC is damned either way.

The BLM has been fairly quiet lately. Soros must know their outbursts actuall hurt his investment in Clinton.

Paintjob Theory said...

" It's not hard to envision a society that simply locks up all negroes or ships them off shore. "

This is the bare minimum needed to preserve civilization and our people and culture.

Also, for the love of God, this isn't Nambia or Nigeria (yet) where the president can just do anything they like by decree. We have a constitution and you can read the whole thing in under a half hour.

This whole "it's the end of the world and concentration camps if Hillary" or "we're saved if Trump" is childish and ignorant. EVERY power (besides veto) the president has is exercised only with consent of congress or funding which MUST be allocated by congress and even a veto can be overridden by congress. Do you know who your representative is? Your senator?

Irredeemable indeed. We deserve everything we are getting (which is more of the same).

Anonymous said...

Kind of happening to me now.

Do not engage in a any political discussion with anyone.

My mistake was comparing the mexicants who were portesting Trump to the brown shirts.

Me getting called for work fell off a cliff.

I am lucky if I get ten days of work a month. And public assistance is none existant for whites.

Anonymous said...

America, 2018

Anonymous said...

I remember being a stupid, halfwit & “in-a-basket-of-deplorables” college freshman & falling head-over-heels for the liberal agenda. But I knew something was amiss… so I started to study & understand why I was so wrong. At least at that age, I knew whatever I was believing must have been so stupid, because I myself was such a moron. I guess at least I had strong self-awareness going for me; I just needed to know “why” – & with no real help from my liberal family.

"George Bush is going to repeal Roe vs. Wade" I remember a libtard professor shouting the day after Bush was elected, but I do also remember a friend of mine, whom I had much respect, "if you ever want to make it in this country, vote Republican, & think like one." You can imagine the DERP that occurred in my brain at this point: two conflicting thoughts, & everything that had been shoved down my throat was so anti-republican, how could I ever become one?

Interestingly enough, Roe vs Wade was not overturned by George W. Bush as all my crying liberal classmates were screaming would happen, the economy tanked the moment Obama took office, & the America I had once come to know & love took a dark turn down an alley reminiscent of an Orwellian novel. Now, the economy tanking had nothing to do with Obama taking office, but what has happened in the 8 years since (hate crimes against whites, an anti-law-&-order culture, & the absurd backlashes/riots against a civilized way-of-life have exponentially risen, populism blooming, & I would wager a bet: IQ’s of the American people plummeting as a result) has literally sealed-the-deal as to why I became a Republican, & it’s for no other reason than REALISM & SURVIVAL. Who knew that being wealthy (or fostering the pursuit of wealth), happy, healthy, charitable, nice, fun-loving, & embracing of all cultures would have landed folks in the cross-hairs of the national psyche? Thanks, Obama.

Unfortunately, I voted for that idiot back in the 2008 election, but only because John McCain pissed me off in the last two weeks of the general election, & I was too much of a half wit to do what liberals did & still do: vote with emotion, not logic. Boy did I learn my lesson, & NO, I didn't vote for Obama or any lib in the 2012 election. I’ll regret that for a long time.

That’s where I learned my first lesson, with my new best friend, Hindsight singing loud & clear: "THINK FOR YOURSELF. DO THE MATH." Since then, I have seen time & time again that libs are full of unlascivious rhetoric that not only is fraud, but prays on the weak underclass (the majority of black community, the severely impoverished &, you guessed it, the uneducated, undergrad college students - like I was then) who do not dare second-guess the mainstream media, trusts in the "politicians" -the same folk who believes Jim Cramer & Suze Orman are suitable stewards to their family's finances, yet NONE of them chose to pick up a book on finance, read the local FBI Crime Stat, or actually care about who the country electing the leader who will do the country right. Rather, they care about "being right" by their own definition of what "correct" means.

We all know this election is not about being right or wrong, it's about truth, & saving whatever is left about this country & whatever is left of it’s law & order: that BLM is a hate group & wants to turn the USA into Haiti, that Hilary is a felon who was able to buy-off the FBI & get away with Snowden-like, traitorous activities, & all that st&s between this country & the continued, exponential, downward spiral – fuck-it: another 9/11 – is Trump.

It’s time to vote with our heads, not our stupid emotions, America. Look around folks, “9/11” is happening as we speak in Ferguson, Detroit, Baltimore, & most-recently Dallas & Milwaukee. Thousands are dying at the hands of criminals, white-haters, peace-haters, law-haters.

Anonymous said...

Deplorable Scumbasket said....

The pass happy rules are boring as well. Running back shouldn't be the red headed stepchild of football positions.
Remember the Great White RBs like Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick, John Riggins, Rocky Bleir, Mark Van Eeghen, Norm Bulaich, John Capaletti, Hugh McElheny?

My God that Super Bowl ( XVII ? ) where Riggins dragged 3 or 4 defensive linemen with him play after play until he scored then sucked an oxygen tank between posessions was legendary! My favorite player to this day! But then along came the "Icky Shuffle" and all the other end zone gyration bullshit and looks at me tribal dances. Pretty much the beginning of the end for me. They can fu*k up a glass of water.....


Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous September 11, 2016 at 4:31 PM said...That's for damn sure! Did you see that bleach blond head bobbing right before she almost fell flat on her face?

The clip I saw only shows her from behind, and at a bit of distance, but it immediately reminded me of this.

D-FENS said...I think the hypothesis that Clinton has Parkinson's disease best fits the facts available

Disagree. My knowledge of Parkinson's is limited, but I usually associate it with tremors and speech problems, at least at first.

Clinton seems to be pitching a full-blown fit for a few seconds at a time, which I don't associate with Parkinson's. Or with "pneumonia".

Anonymous said...

Very interesting take on her choice of words. I would take it a step further and say that she is offering herself as the messiah. Vote for me, and your sins of isms will be forgiven and you may live with the knowledge that you have repented.

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting. No descriptions of the perps or victims have been released, but it reeks of a typical groid attack. Two perps began bludgeoning a woman from behind while she was placing her child in her car at a Wal-Mart parking lot. The first good Samaritan got physically involved and was seriouisly injured by the perps. A second good Samaritan was armed and killed one perp, and the other perp ran away to later be captured. I'll be surprised it the perps are not black, but it will be difficult to find a msm outlet willing to disclose that information.

Stay armed at all times, and be prepared to be a successful good Samaritan if necessary. Although the “experts” will always advise against getting involved, it doesn't seem reasonable to expect an armed white male to watch a couple of orcs beat and rob a white woman. I would rather risk getting killed or prosecuted in a kangaroo court. The only way to deal with this behavior is to end it in a way that is terminally and abruptly unfavorable for the perp.

Mr. Rational said...

The whole country could end up looking like Panem from The Hunger Games, with Hillary & the Dems and their supporters in the Capitol District, and the rest of us in other Districts (gulags).

Does this sound so far-fetched?

Far from it.  When I read the books I realized just how easily the Panem dystopia could be produced from today's USA.

we don't have to invoke any kind of racial test. Just set the IQ requirement at 110 and you will get largely high school graduate level voters and there won't be that many blacks on the rolls.

Just reinstate literacy tests, English-only.  Much quicker and cheaper than testing IQ.  Or maybe analogy tests, as suggested by anon @ 5:05.

Many of the symptoms she has are consistent with the side effects of Levodopa used to treat Parkinsons.

IIUC L-Dopa users have a distinct unpleasant smell.  This has not been reported, but the reporters have been carefully coached to ignore everything else too.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! Arkansas carpterbagger Hillybilly looks like the great Cornholio in that picture.
The Insane Hussein regime has already floated the if one of the candidates dies and *evil* Russian hackers violated the election balloon to stay on for a third term.
Don't laugh or break out rolls of Reynolds wrap when it happens.
We are in the early stages of the second Bolshevik revolution and it won't end well.
Last night the radio announced that government workers outnumber factory workers ten to one in BRA.
At first I was depressed then I realized this will speed up the collapse of BRA exponentially.

Anonymous said...

@ NY Trumper,

That was one of the best super bowls ever. It saved a strike shortened 9 game season.
The big touchdown run by Riggins won the game for the Redskins.
It brought the "Hogs" offensive line to fame as well.
That might be the only offensive line to ever have a nickname.
Riggins started out with the New York Jets in 1971.
Good times and fond memories of before the NFL was ruined by vibrant diversity.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

Regarding Hillary's health:

We can't be sure as to just what her medical condition is and we can't be sure as to how far it has progressed but we can be sure
that there really is some sort of condition and that it is not going away. Speculation leads in interesting directions.

There is no precedent of a candidate for US President dying or otherwise becoming incapable to hold office. I don't think that
there is any federal law that would cover the situation, either and I don't think that Federal law would apply anyway since
finding a replacement for a candidate would be the legitimate concern only of the party that nominated her. This would be
uncharted territory.

So, to speculate: suppose that HIllary is being manipulated? With her driving greed and unhinged ambition (someone said that
she is dying to be President) it wouldn't be hard to convince her to keep on running and forget about doing the right thing and
bowing out of the race. Suppose that the behind-the-scenes goal is to push her to the point where she has a major medical
meltdown in public that can't be denied and that it becomes obvious that she can't go on and that it is way too late to repeat any kind of nominating process? Who takes her place? At first glance there seems to be three possibilities: her selected running mate Kaine, the primary runner-up Sanders or maybe even Joe Biden. Each one is a possibility except for one not-so-small matter: not one of them possesses a vagina and Hillary is the historic first female candidate who would just simply has to have an historic female replacement. Well, there's Liz Warren ... but not really. There is, however, an ideal replacement just waiting and ready to step in and step up, someone we might refer to as a "three-'fer": Michelle Obama. Michelle is black, she is the wife of a (soon-to-be) former president and she possess the magic, all-important vagina! Win! Win! Win! And win again because Barry will be back for a third term and will have the satisfaction of having stuck his finger in Bill Clinton's eye. And he will be more than ever before beholden to the Powers That Be.

Annie Oakley said...

Anon at 5:39pm. I'm right there with you on NOT talking to anyone about politics. You just never know if the person is on your side OR just pretending to be on your side to get dirt on you. In public discourse, I discuss safe subjects, the weather, what's on TV (I have to pretend to know if I'm talking to a TV addict as I don't have cable), grandkids, pets or recipes. That's it!

As far as benefits goes, here's my take. Having worked in personnel/payroll for many years, I had quite a bit of experience dealing with governmental agencies and I learned a lot.

For one thing, if you're not earning ANY money, you'll qualify for $197 a month in SNAP. Find a white case worker and have all your ducks in a row. This way you can at least get some decent food to eat. Bring all your paystubs. If you're under 50, you'll have to register with the local job center.

I've been in my small white town for about 6 years now. Don't get me wrong, I love the South, but I may have to go. PK, I remember you said you had to leave Atlanta because of the blacks, the humidity and the people in general.

The whites around me are nice, but they're cucked beyond belief. My husband and I to no avail have tried making friends here, joining groups and nothing. All we hear from the first conversation, is where are you from and why did you move here? We even tried to hire some people to do some work here and I can't even get a return phone call.

I don't get that when we're in the Midwest or up North. It's far whiter up north and with the rising sea levels, it's probably safer to live there. We're in the process now of finishing up some remodel on our house and once that's done. We're selling. I know for a fact we'll get a good price.

Whites either need to move west where there are less nogs, or colder weather where they're not in such abundance.

I had such high hopes for my little white town, but alas.....time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:02 AM: you're unpleasant when you ignorantly and unknowingly support The Nation Wreckers with your asstastic rants about Hitler and The 6 Million Myth.
I'll bet that your tiny mind holds the belief that Osama bin Ladin orchestrated, from a cave while on Dialysis, 9/11 and planted The Dancing Israelis there AND on a Tel Aviv TeeVee talk show...after Chertoff let them go back home.

Anonymous said...

The Hillary that came out of Chelsea's apartment building was A LOT THINNER than the fat Hillary. I've seen four different clips of Hillary falling apart before she entered the SUV. She was totally fucked up and COULD NOT WALK. Her body completely stopped working. Then a short time later she comes out all happy and smiling and waving at the crowd.

The little girl was also at the 911 memorial. She appeared in one of the news clips taken during some of the naming of the dead. What was she doing uptown with Hillary. All this is starting to look like some kind of strange magic show being played out before the public.

How many Hillary's are there. A fat one. Then a thinner one. This shit gets weirder by the day.

Bird of Paradise said...

This woman is delerious and crazy she needs to quit her attempts to be in the oval office and get her head examened

The Umpire said...

Back during the Jordan era, I was at a Bulls' game: upper deck, about
half-court, toting binoculars. Back in those days, lots of
celebrities and bigwigs were flying into Chicago to see--and be
seen at--a game. So, who do I suddenly notice is sitting on the
court's other side? You guessed it, the First Lady! Basketball's
many lulls provided many opportunities to look her way. Over and
over again, it was the exact same scene--Hilary chatting with some
insider. Oh brother, I don't think I saw her give so much as ONE
single glance at the game. The whole time, Hilary would smile and
nod as she conversed with one hobnobber after another. But of course,
can't you just imagine the local news stations that evening? Y' know,
with Hilary facing the game, standing, smiling and clapping--AS IF
she's just like the rest of us deep-down inside. After all, when it
comes to the propaganda machine's manipulation of the sheeple,
image is everything.

Anonymous said...

"Very interesting take on her choice of words. I would take it a step further and say that she is offering herself as the messiah. Vote for me, and your sins of isms will be forgiven and you may live with the knowledge that you have repented. "

Yeah, that's an aspect too. Hillary wants to lead us to the promised land of universal brotherhood (or perhaps personhood would be a better word, since in her utopia male/female distinctions will be reduced to a mere detail) in which race and sex are no longer of any importance, delivering us from the sins of racism and sexism. Her promise is the Christian promise of an egalitarian utopia not of this world; a utopia that owing to man's imperfections can never be realized in the present, but nevertheless is always dangled tantalizingly as possible in the future, and for which we are obliged to strive. This is an archetype of great power in a society shaped by Christianity, and gets used again and again. In racial matters, Lincoln was depicted as such a hero, and MLK as well. Obama probably got a lot of votes because of this too, a lot of people who voted for him thinking that by his election he'd usher in a post-racial era.

NY Girl said...

A "domestic" civil war? What other kind is there?
Also, do they understand that we have to be dead in order to pry our guns "from our cold, dead hands?" I'm pretty sure 99.9% of us will be alive.

Anonymous said...

Researchers have established that society has gotten much more peaceful since at least the Middle Ages.

How so? By % of population?
WW1 n 2 killed 100,000,000?
Holomodor killed 10? 50? million. China killed off 200? million since Mao.

Africa has always been a train wreck. Hence if true-
Researchers have established that society has gotten much more peaceful since at least the Middle Ages. that doesnt apply to africa.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said . . . IIUC L-Dopa users have a distinct unpleasant smell.  This has not been reported, but the reporters have been carefully coached to ignore everything else too.

Well, she certainly looks like she would have a distinct unpleasant odor.

Sick n' Tired said...

We have the same problem in S. Florida, as I imagine every area with a sizable negro population does. Every night on the news it is full of new stories about home invasions, car jackings, armed robberies, and "teens". I don't mind when they kill each other, it's just not at a quick enough rate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said . . . IIUC L-Dopa users have a distinct unpleasant smell. This has not been reported, but the reporters have been carefully coached to ignore everything else too.

Well, she certainly looks like she would have a distinct unpleasant odor.

September 12, 2016 at 7:31 AM

Nothing a fire hose full of vinegar and water couldn't handle. TURBO-DOUCHE!!!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said... OAK PARK (CBS) — A 17-year-old boy suspected in a west suburban carjacking jumped to his death from an Eisenhower Expressway overpass while trying to run away from authorities Friday night, according to Illinois State Police."

There is actual US census data that shows the black population is actually starting to decline, or has begun declining in the US. The problem is literally taking care of itself, most of which has to do with a drop in population growth-rate among the protected class, but the stats don't go as deep to cite the specifics, such as: "homicide," or "not having children," or "killing their children." Killing each other, however, probably has something to do with it. (while this article touches mostly on "black flight" - whatever the hell that is - it does touch on the decline in population growth)

In other fun news: A report by the U.S. Census Bureau projects only a 0.1% increase in African Americans from 12.9% to 13.0% during the period from 2010 to 2050. Being that blacks are killed at a rate 15x that of whites, this comes as no true surprise. What is surprising to note, however, is the mismatch in many projections regarding the growth rate (+ or -) of this species. Regardless, the outcome is looking bleak for them however you shake the numbers.

Anonymous said...

I think Hillary has a body double-stand in.
the stand in is thinner. a lot thinner.

Anonymous said...

Irredeemables is marxist speak .

When Communism takes over, those that fought against it are "reeducated " . Those that will not give in to the brainwashing are called Irredeemables and are eliminated.

Hitlary Clinton was mentored by Saul Alinsky, hard core Communist, wrote Rules For Radicals and dedicated the book to Satan.