Saturday, January 21, 2017

Back to Normal SBPDL Tomorrow

The Trump fandom stops tomorrow. 

It's time to go back to what made SBPDL one of the must read sites on the Internet. 

Until then, pick up a copy of "The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped" for paperback today! The Truth About Selma: What Happened when the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped is also available for Kindle! You can secure your signed copy now by donating $25 (via PayPal link on right-hand side of site) today!  

A few days of celebrating President Trump's inauguration are now over and done with, meaning the time to return to SBPDL form is now. 

Thank you for enduring the Trump coverage, but we now return you to your regularly scheduled SBPDL programming. 

Tune in tomorrow for more. 


Anonymous said...

I didn't have a problem with the Trumpgasm. During the height of the bashing during the primaries, I thought the Trump train wasn't going to make it out of the station. After the conventions, the MSM polls were slanted to make it seem as if the actual vote was a mere formality, that all the blue-from-birth snowflakes had to do was start booking their flights and reserving their rooms.

I guess the vote MUST have been so overwhelmingly against Clinton that TPTB couldn't get away with electronically flipping enough votes to steal the election. A few victory laps were entirely appropriate and justified.

We have been granted a reprieve - for now. Use the extra time wisely and keep prepping.

Anonymous said...

Cops: Pregnant Woman Beaten In Weave Beef

JANUARY 20--Angered that her pregnant sister refused to return a weave, a Florida woman allegedly pummeled her sibling, according to cops who arrested the accused assailant on a felony battery charge.

Police allege that Aryanna Ieasha Reed, 25, battered her sister Tyteahni, 24, during a confrontation Saturday afternoon at the victim’s Jacksonville apartment.

Two pregnant sheboons fighting over wigs! My, oh my, if only they fought so hard against their own ignorance, Maybe the muder rate in Chicago would fall (pun intended) if free weave were made available? Or would they riot if they ALL showed up for free hair and the supply ran today, gone tomorrow...common mindset in the ghetto.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played. said...

Yes, I too read about the fight between Miss Aryanna and Miss Tyteahni. I understand that their father was on the scene to break up the internecine battle. I also heard that when their husbands both returned from work, they drove their ladies to a doctor, out of concern for their future children. All gave thanks for the payroll health insurance contributions they had made over the years.

What if someone gave you a dollar for every error you can find in the above?

Anonymous said...

Saw a great line today, Trump, in one day, got more fat asses walking around than the Moochelle ever did in her worthless 8 years.
Female in FL

NC Realist said...

The "weave" wobble/war. Yes...comical indeed. The common low-life vile nasty negro cant grow a decent looking mane. Even my dogs have nicer hair than the standard negro. Maybe that's why they murder or treat poor defenseless animals like shit all the time. The standard negro will kill/mutilate or totally destroy anything that looks more attractive than themselves. Their most prized possessions are dey EBT cards...dey banana boots...dey bag of weed...dey nails did and da weave...dey negro luvn liberals and dey Sunday afternoon front yard bbq. Take all that away....and they will cease to exist.

Brian in Ohio said...

And now back to your regularly scheduled SBPDL programing...

You will not lack for material, Mr. Kersey. Of this I am certain.

This election was a bitch slap to the left and their ideology, and as you can see by their pathetic tantrums, they are furious. I believe they will push the race issue harder than ever.

Mr., excuse me, President Trump has said we will have law and order. If true, this alone will put him at odds with the majority of blacks. We`ll see how he handles it.

Sporting times ahead.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Proudyt said...

Women protesting because they fear their rights may be taken away from them ? These same women are in favor of abortion but against killing murderers. American woman stay away from me,American woman,mama let me be.

Anonymous said...

look at Europe and the leftists here.
no outcry from feminazis against muslims.

facebook--refugee resettlement watch

Anonymous said...

The era of whining, snivelling, attention craving SJW/BLM/Feminazi is OVER!!! Once Trump saves the economy by producing jobs for those willing, Liberalism as we know it will cease to exist. They're already coming apart at the seams, as more and more centrists are crossing the floor to Trump due to the incessant msm lies and violent leftist rioters destroying entire neighbourhoods. This will undoubtedly give Trump 8 good years, followed by a Pence Presindency. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Otay, President Trump celebrations are over, back to the jaboonery....

One of 0bama's mentally-deranged sons sets sleeping White subway rider on fire; doesn't run away but sticks around to laugh about it in front of his victim.

Comments there show people *are* waking up....

Chris Drew said...

I have to say Trump supporters in Sydney paying to have "Trump" written in sky writing whilst the people protested below has been the highlight of my year!