Saturday, January 7, 2017

Indianapolis Black City Official Upset at "Lily-White" Promotions of Police; Completely Ignores "Coal-Black" Homicide Suspects Who Set Murder Record in 28% Black City


Keeping pushing. 

Keep exposing your hatred. 

On a micro-level, show that peace and coexistence was never an option. 

Indianapolis City-County Councilor Stephen J. Clay, upset promotions of police officers in the city went to white people (refuses to note almost every homicide has a black suspect in the 28% black city) 

Keep... pushing. [City leader blasts IMPD's 'lily-white' promotion ceremony,, 1-6-2017]:
One Indianapolis city leader says the latest round of police promotions does little to address the lack of diversity among the department's supervising officers.
"The current promotion list ... seems to indicate a commitment to preserving the status quo of lily-white officers," City-County Councilor Stephen J. Clay said in a statement emailed to media on Thursday.
“I’ve become exhausted with the promises of chiefs and administrations, both Democrat and Republican, that pay lip service to diversity while their policies and promotions tell another story," Clay said.
Diversity of officers has been a lingering problem for IMPD. Blacks make up 28 percent of the city’s population but only 14 percent of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Hispanic and Latino Hoosiers account for nearly 10 percent of the city’s population, but IMPD employs less than 3 percent.
Women, about 52 percent of the city's population, make up about 13 percent of the police force.
Twenty-three officers were promoted to sergeants and five sergeants were promoted to lieutenant on Friday. All but two were white.
"We recognize the need for diversity throughout IMPD at every rank," IMPD spokesman Maj. Richard Riddle said. "We continually strive to to recruit, hire and promote a workforce that is representative of the citizens of Indianapolis."
The department has made gains recently. The last recruit class was among the most diverse in IMPD history. The 33-member class brought one Asian, nine black and three Latino officers to the force when they graduated in June.
"It's going to take time for new officers to become eligible to take promotional tests," Riddle said. "We recognize that this is a problem."
IMPD is spending $50,000 on recruiting, with those efforts largely aimed at drawing more minority applicants. The campaign includes new billboards and IndyGo bus ads in both English and Spanish.
Clay called it a disgrace that just one black officer and another Latina were promoted to sergeant on Friday. He called on his colleagues on the council to overhaul the IMPD promotion process.
"There is no real effort to make IMPD more reflective of the community it serves," Clay said. "The Police Civilian Merit Board should either be demolished or reconfigured to make way for the kind of forward-thinking that would not allow this kind of narrow-minded promotion list to be advanced.”

In 1990, Indianapolis was almost 80 percent white. Today, the city is roughly 58 percent white.

Though black people make up just 28 percent of the city, they are uniquely responsible for virtually all the violent crime in the Indianapolis.

Be it a robbery, homicide, nonfatal shooting, burglary, carjacking... the 28 percent of the population of Indianapolis that is black keeps police extremely busy (pleading with the black community to please snitch on black criminals and stop protecting them), especially in a year when a new homicide record was set. Entirely the collective accomplishment of black individuals.

A somber reminder of the consequences of refusing to acknowledge the source of criminality (black community) is the city of Indianapolis posting 149 criminal homicides in 2016, breaking the prior record set last year.

The real question,  City-County Councilor Stephen J. Clay, isn't, "why are police promotions lily-white?"

No, Mr. Clay, the real question is this: "why are black people responsible for almost every homicide and nonfatal shooting in the city of Indianapolis, when they represent just 28 percent of the population?"

Were Indianapolis to be an all-white city, the police department would deploy homicide detectives maybe three times in a year. With Indianapolis being 28 percent black, the police department deploys homicide detectives constantly to try and convince the black community to stop protecting black criminals. 


Anonymous said...

"Coal black" I prefer saying "Fecal black".

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Clay has never seen a buffet he didn't like. Kind like our local rabble rouser William Barber. Like PK says, keep on poking the White bear. I make it a point to nod to like minded working people, and also now bring up the Chicongo torture case. The cracks in BRA are starting to widen, with no stop in sight. God Bless.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Those two boys don't miss any meals,do they?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully no one outside of the (((media)))who of course love and promote this type of whine..tirelessly, takes Professor Klump seriously.

Oil 'n Water said...

One more comment about the White-Out - the boycott of goods and services I proposed - and then I'll put a cork in it.
Thank you to the (two) people who thought the above was a good idea. And thanks go to the (two) people who took the time to comment that they felt the proposal wasn't so hot.
What was surprising was the minimal interest pro or con that was generated in a venue that I felt would be open to some - to any - peaceful proactive proposal.
Part of it may be not wanting to leave our comfort zones. For instance, a friend of mine read the mission statement and said she thought it sounded great…however, she was not about to give up her shopping on the proposed Thanksgiving week-end. Matter closed.
Paul provides an essential service here, and Lord knows we need this site for our own sanity. He will continue to post news article after news article, and we will continue to comment on them. We have no problem being reactive. Proactive - not so certain.
The point is, whether it was a good or a bad proposal where was the interest? Where was the feedback? Where were the suggestions on how to improve the mission statement, or to whom to disseminate it? For example, how many tens of thousands of officers in law enforcement alone would love to express themselves in such a non-job threatening manner, along with their families?
If stout realists are at best apathetic about an idea that might turn others in our direction, or help to unify whites, then who else is left to effect a change? Seems like the intent largely is to count on somebody else to get things going and to hope that somehow change begins. We complain about how badly the car runs, but will not get grease under our nails to fix it.
I don't mean to sound preachy, but it is disappointing.

Proudyt said...

Look at this fat pos. What's he reaching for in his jacket , some skittles ? Black,black,blackety,black,black,black. It just never ends.

DoubleTap said...

"Blacks make up 28 percent of the city’s population but only 14 percent of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department."

Did it ever dawn on them that maybe, just maybe its because of the orcs low IQ therefore making them unqualified for the position? I'm so tired of them getting free passes for jobs they are completely unqualified for thereby diluting the quality of people in that profession just because they're black.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought it was safe to be a concrete bench... along comes the fatass in that photo (and his less-portly sidekick).
I understand his negro logic: Negroes are creating those job opportunities for cops, so naturally, those opportunities and promotions should go to negroes. I understand it, but it's still a big, fat lump of shit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, blacks want the promotions but they don't want to have to pass the tests or qualify for the promotion. The tests have to be dumbed down otherwise their failure is "racist." If this kind of thing keeps up and people keep coddling blacks, it wouldn't surprise me for the U.S. to wind up with 5'4" tall, 300 pound negropotami on the Olympic swimming team. Hey, all that matters is that the team is diverse and blacks are represented front and center so they can feel good about themselves, right?
S.O.B. (sick of blacks) signing off.

Fled The Undertow said...

Er...last I heard, didn't the Sargeant position require candidates to pass a written exam?

Thought so.

Bird of Paradise said...

Oh there they do again WHINE WHINE,WHINE their that just about all you hear from these pathetic bunch of fools who are always looking for a soap box to stand on looking for trouble and perhaps a lawsuit against someone to line their pockets

Anonymous said...

this clay guy is starving....for attention, obviously

Baron Münchhausen said...

That City Council Negro got up and said the term "Lilly white" in the context that is racist and derogatory and nothing happens, other than told by cowards that he is correct and just.

This brings to attention something that We, the Sons and Daughters of The Men who went to the Moon, must start fighting back against.

I'm talking about the use of Racist and Derogatory terms or expressions towards Whites.

Example #1: White Boy.

Don't call a White Man a boy. Ever. It is emasculating and demeaning.

Example #2: African American.

What!?!? You may say. Let me explain. When someone around you uses that term, ask them do they call White people European-Americans. If no, ask why the racist discrepancy? None of those Blacks are from Africa. Calling Blacks a hyphenated fancy bullshit name then referring to Whites as simply Whites infers that Whites are not as vibrant or cultured or meaningful.

Example #3: White people are bad/evil.

When you hear that, ask "Compared to Who?"

Africans to this very day are eating, raping, and murdering each other with impunity while chopping up albinos for medicine.

Chinese oppress their own people, imprison people for the wrong opinions, are openly racist (GASP!?!), send no aid (that I am aware of) to any country for humanitarian needs, declare sovereign nations like Taiwan and Tibet to be theirs and Let's not forget the 80+ million they killed of their own.

The American Indians/Mexicans/Central&South Americans were raping, enslaving, murdering, and eating each other and still would be if the white Man never put an end to it

Arabs still practice slavery, the oppression of women, and consider child rape to be normal under their religion

And don't forget to mention the untold Trillions of Whites wealth that was stolen and freely given to the peoples of the world for the past 100 years. The same wealth that is used to support, house, feed, and educate non-whites here in this very country built by Whites at this very hour.

Ask them, "Who else does this?"

Example #4: This is a Nation of Immigrants

I hate this one most of all. I've had to point out to one brain dead liberal after another that there is a difference between an immigrant and a colonialist (like health care and health insurance), what percentage of people were born here at the time of the Revolutionary War, and when there was mass immigration it was from EUROPE and nowhere else. They act like everyone here is an immigrant who does not have children, as said children are imported from another country, that all the infrastructure and cities existed by their own volition and the White Man just simply moved in. (I also have another argument about who was here first, but that is for another post)

Example #5: White Privilege

This one can be fun if you lead with the right questions. You can get that person to admit that America is a White Country; conceived, created, fought for, and built by Whites. All you have to do is have them define it. After all, for this "Privilege" to exist means that Whites created everything here. Institutions are built, they don't grow in the wild after all. Ask them "What right do they have to another persons Labor?" If they give some nonsense tryout to justify such thing, ask them this: if you have the right to force yourself into their home, move into their spare bedroom, eat their food for free, rape their daughter, and call them "racist" when they tell you to leave. Then just go from there.

Beam Me Up.

The Baron

P.s. to me, a Colonialist is someone who goes somewhere there is nothing and builds something.

An immigrant is someone who goes where something already exists

To me, that is A very big difference

Anonymous said...

Maybe the blacks and Hispanics are too stupid for the position fatso! I think the NBA and NFL are too dark...there is TOO much diversity there JACKASS! I would gladly sponsor Negroes who want to return to Africa.

Anonymous said...

There are people who elected this thing? I'm betting he threatened to eat everyone who didn't vote for him. Not to worry. Look at him. Probably in a diabetic coma when he said it. Anyway, life expectancy low single digits at best. Can't come soon enough.

rexfreeway said...

Hey Stephen J. Clay, Obama is gone. Shut your pie hole and do your job or you will be replaced.By a White person. White America has grown weary of your ilk. The days of liberal and Black rule are over. Either be the best man for the job or push a broom.

PB said...

I suppose promotion for him would mean access to more donuts?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Off topic, but trust me, it's worth your time. While searching for something else I just stumbled on to a video compilation on You Tube. Please search " dogs vs intruder see what happens". It's kind of like porn for the racially aware. I feel sorry for the Shepherd in the opening clip. He must have had to lick his butt for 10 or 15 minutes afterwards to get the taste of negro out of his mouth.

Paintjob Theory said...

"We recognize the need for diversity throughout IMPD at every rank,"

"Diversity of officers has been a lingering problem for IMPD. "

Yet nobody ever explains why this is such a problem or why hiring black Africans is so important.

Oh and here's a tip for you folks, when your city starts electing some 500 pound plus nigapotomous as a representative, the time to put up the For Sale sign was about 10 years ago.

In other news, I'm finally driving down to Florida for what's left of the winter and have been witnessing some stunning jaboonery along the way. Honestly I don't know how if I'll be able to stick around until the snow is gone back home or how many more years I can handle traveling through the heart of darkness which is the eastern seaboard.

We have lost so much.

Michael Dean Miller said...


Maybe the police department should be 90% black to reflect the 90% of black murder suspects.


NC Realist said...

This 650 lb lowland gorilla doesn't need to be lamenting on diversity of the police dept. It and others like it don't have the qualifications to spew their nasty negative attitudes to the hard working white tax paying people that supplied the EBT funds for its rotund figure. Send this big ball of blubber out to the black killing fields along with its other affirmative action hires. It would be fun to see this retard try and and waddle away from its peoples when the bullets start flying. Instead it needs to be a spokesman for weight watchers along with harpo the whale "all old white people must die" winfrey. Talk about something you know about....nothing. Be thankful that the "lily white" qualified policeman protected you this far.

Anonymous said...

It seems if mr clay could put his fork down for just a second , push away from the table and do some real research to back up his statement he wouldn't sound so incredibly ignorant. There were two brownies promoted and at no point was it said a police officer was not promoted based on the color of their skin.

They seem to quickly gloss over there was a test involved that I'm sure not everyone passed??? Plus Mr clay are you actively recruiting new cops or mentoring the ones currently on the force that are trying to be promoted?? Were any of them flat out rejected cause you seem to have no argument here.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Personally, anytime I deal with someone who looks like Mr.Clay, I cant help think they must have impaired judgement. Couple that with his debilitating negroism and well, you get the picture. FMG, finish him!

Anonymous said...

I've been practicing a boycott for years now. So have others I know.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

I challenge Mr. Clay to chase down any elected YT and try to do something about it. It'd take about 1 city block before his heart seized for good and then we wouldn't have to listen to his yammering anymore.

My son's college town has a campus police guy who looks like Mr. Clay. I said "That's the guy you want chasing you if you're caught with some liquor or pot."

Funny times. Hang tough Indy!

Pissed Off said...

OT, but relevant as always...

Paul, have you seen this shit? I think it will manage to drop the jaws of even the people that frequent this site. To my knowledge, a story on this has not been done on here and IMO, this needs more attention, even though it happened in 2014.

This is video of the 2014 CEDA national debate championship. It starts out as a newscast, but the video uploader also interspersed actual, real footage from the debate. It is so appalling and terrible that I thought it was an SNL skit when i first saw it, but sadly it is all real.

Watch in horror as a group of nogs ook, eek, and even rap (yes fucking rap) their way to first place. I shit you not it is nigh unintelligible. She-boons attempting to speak, but all that comes out (and i am not kidding) is what sounds like spasms and incoherent babbling. This is what is being passed off as knowledge at our nations colleges. This is what blacks think is intelligent debate. My god it is sickening how far gone this country is.

Again, they fucking got FIRST PLACE and won. Let that sink in.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine the reaction if a White politician complained about the race of the police promotions by saying "these promotions went to jet-black cops! This is unacceptable! We need diversity! White cops should have gotten these promotions!"

Thats the test. Flip the race and see how it sounds. If it sounds RACIST that's because it is.

The civil rights movement has gone from "we just want equality" to "we must dominate" in just a few decades.

Anonymous said...

The anti-White racists are not even trying to hide their hatred anymore. There is no pretense of equality. They openly publicly state "too many Whites. Whites must relinquish to black. Black must be promoted because black."

How is this not racism?

Brian in Ohio said...

The promotion exam is obviously racist, requiring readin an maff an sheet.

Thankfully, It` doesn't look like Mr. Clay is long for this world. C`mon diabetes, do your thang!

Stay alert, stay alive.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played. said...

Perhaps Mr. Clay is unaware that many blacks are , for whatever reason, (ahem) apprehensive about walking into a police station. This cuts into the universe of potential applicants. Many P.D.s insist that applicants submit to a urinalysis and criminal background check. This further reduces the number of applicants.

Perhaps Mr. Clay is unaware that any black who can obtain a high school diploma and hold his pants up is treated like a conquering hero by any business that seeks any kind of government work. Why would any but the most barely qualified black jump through the hoops to advance at a police department?

Anonymous said...

The issue that really irritates me as concerns blacks and all their whining about being represented is that they don't generate enough city tax revenue to fund the employment of even two or three dog catchers. They simply see what white people have built and all the organizations that white taxes fund that collectively operate to keep cities functional and want to be included in it for the money and the services provided by others. It's just another way for them to feed off the white man. Let's be honest- if blacks had to fund their own fire departments (for example) using nothing but revenue generated from the hood, their fire brigade would be a bunch of negroes running around with 2 gallon buckets full of water. Even then, if the water wasn't supplied from white created water systems, they'd be left to run screaming to the nearest creek or water filled ditch for the water needed. Talk about a negro fire drill! Take it further and imagine negroes trying to fund their own police departments, schools, social services etc and it becomes a hilarious and quite pathetic scenario.

It really does remind me of a story I once read of negroes in some southern town complaining that their area was neglected and the town put all the tax money into the white areas for streetlights and keeping the roads paved etc. That's the negro for you- they pay two dollars in taxes but expect to receive the same as people who pay 100 dollars in taxes so to speak. It's why they follow white people everywhere- so they can be propped up with everything the white man creates and supplies and whine like little b*tches if they don't get it. They're pretty much like the bum who goes to a neighborhood potluck dinner, brings a handful of peanuts to the affair and expects to eat steak and lobster until he's bursting. Then when people get sick of his BS and he's no longer invited, he screams about being a part of the neighborhood and how he should be included and represented. That's the negro.

Hey negroes! Prove me wrong. Run to a black area to have good schools, good hospitals, good jobs or good anything that's funded and supplied solely by "your people."

Anonymous said...

"We recognize the need for diversity throughout IMPD at every rank," IMPD spokesman Maj. Richard Riddle said."


Why can you not just hire the most qualified and competent people regardless of their race? Why can't we just treat every race equally?

Oh that's right, because in a meritocracy the negroe falls behind. ONLY when we have racist quotas and "diversity" mandates can the negroe have a place at the table. And he knows it. They all do.

D-FENS said...

I boycott the negro whenever possible. Besides the obvious reasons, it's also good for your physical, mental and spiritual health. No fast food. No pro/college sports. No donations to charities that disproportionately benefit negroes. No Hollywood trash. No cable - I don't even have a TV. Our financial planner informed us that we could comfortably retire today. We'll wait till the last college tuition payments are made. It will be nice not working to pay into the system. We just installed solar panels which should free us from the rapacious utility. I am already feeling more free to speak my mind to morons on Faceberg knowing my employer has no grip on me.

I also boycott (((them))). That is harder to do as (((they))) are so pervasive. I minimize prepackaged foods to avoid the kosher tax. Basically, anything opposing cultural marxism is also boycotting (them))).

Proudyt said...

Lmao !

Californian said...

Anonymous Oil 'n Water said...

One more comment about the White-Out - the boycott of goods and services I proposed - and then I'll put a cork in it.
Thank you to the (two) people who thought the above was a good idea. And thanks go to the (two) people who took the time to comment that they felt the proposal wasn't so hot.

You are making a valid point.

There needs to be a lot more discussion of tactics on the various Race Realist/White Nationalist/Alt-Right websites. And not just discussion, but also carrying through with action. There is a wide range of literature and experience out there on agitprop, information operations, street theater and civil disobedience. People need to read this stuff, then bat around ideas in online forums. And then perhaps do something.

Low level actions like a White-Out (boycott of high volume shopping days) make sense. They cost you nothing but can have a tremendous impact. Also need to look at a mass cancellation of paid television services (un-paid services, also!).

Perhaps people have some more ideas?

Anonymous said...

If Indianapolis were an all white city, the Homicide division would be about a busy as the local Maytag repairman. People like Clay make sure that they are busier than a one armed paper hanger in a windstorm.

Anonymous said...

Eatonville FL. Cannot afford to put gas in city owned vehicles.
But WTH, it's an historic black city.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

The fabric alone from that suit worn by the negropottomus could clothe a family four.

Anonymous said...

"Yet nobody ever explains why ... hiring black Africans is so important."

Nobody ever explained why freeing the negro and giving him citizenship and the vote was so important, either. When you have a Christian worldview, certain things are just assumed on faith.

"Why can you not just hire the most qualified and competent people regardless of their race? Why can't we just treat every race equally? "

That would really make America great again, wouldn't it?

Lulu said...

We "all" need to start saying AND doing those "things" that call out and fight back these feral pieces of shit. I have been doing it in my 100% liberal government job, which employs at least 75% nogs in my division alone. One black bitch was strutting around wearing a Black Panthers beret and even put up a BLM poster on the outside of her cubicle. I complained bitterly, and that situation went right up to the top aholes. The hat came off and the poster came down. Now the whole division knows where I stand and no one fucks around with that kind of crap anymore. The caveat is , they also give me a very wide birth and are very polite. F them all. I guess it doesn't hurt that they all know I have a CCP.

Anonymous said...

To Oil and Water- lack of response might be you're preaching to the choir here. I started my year-round boycott in 2009 when many employer dumped their older white productive employees in favor of "diversity". I buy as little as I can, choose carefully and never participate in Black Friday/Christmas crazy spending.

Anonymous said...

You mean lie two terms as president of the United States?.

This canard about Putin "interfering" in the US election is laughable, considering the the US media anointed the current negro as a virtual deity in the 2008. Remember when chocolate Jesus dressed up his campaign plane up like Air Force One and made a European tour and was greeted as a head-of-state? McCain tried to hold a press conference during that love fest and was totally ignored.

Anonymous said...

You're right on the money with your opening statements, P.K. Blacks and their uncivilized behavior create more and more realists everyday.

One thing that I have noticed during my lifetime is that no other group seems to go out of their way to force unwilling people to hire them. I don't see Asians or Hispanics going door to door looking for businesses that "are too lily white" to shake down for make-work jobs or settlements.

If you ever get to the point where you need to intimidate and threaten others in order to get them to hire you then maybe that is saying a lot about your behavior and reputation.

If these NAPAs had any capacity for decency or shame they might actually take steps to improve themselves rather than trying to force change on everyone around them. Be polite, courteous, and thoughtful are always too much work and not worthy of consideration. Just keep being your repulsive selves and force society to adapt for you- it's the lazy and inconsiderate negro way.

I would like once and for all for whites (and other non-black races) to stop extending the golden rule to these people as if they are worthy of such treatment or that they will somehow return the favor.

It's time for whites to start making noise back when blacks try their usual shuck and jive shakedown. While they might still get their way most of the time, it will take substantially more work on their part. And you know how much negroes love work.

In response to Oil and Water, I like that you are trying to be proactive and believe that you are on the right track. Just be advised that while cracks are forming in the foundation of BRA, as a white person the deck is still stacked solidly against you. The "war" will not be won with some mighty battle/decisive victory. It is a slow process of unbinding the restraints put on us that gets easier everyday. Every little act of resistance clues blacks (and everyone else) in that the pushover gravy train that they are used to is coming to an end. Even refusing to smile or small talk with them sends a powerful message.

The more we can allow and document acts of overt stupidity and blatant racism on the part of blacks the closer we will come to forging saner policy. Black people can't/won't think long term and this can always be used to our advantage when dealing with them.

The more video we can get of blacks living up to stereotype the better. More and more people will begin asking why we put up with them and what (if any) value that they bring to our society and communities. Being directly responsible for the hiring of more and more police officers (and jail guards) doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

“I’ve become exhausted with the promises of chiefs and administrations, both Democrat and Republican, that pay lip service to diversity while their policies and promotions tell another story," Clay said.

Clay becomes exhausted lifting a forkful to his cavernous piehole.

Anonymous said...

If you do a quick web search on the topic you will find countless examples of where goalposts (of public safety) are moved to accommodate black people. Here is one such article:

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has uncovered hundreds of documents from the City of Dayton, Ohio, showing that Department of Justice (DOJ) officials pressured the Dayton Police Department to lower testing standards because not enough African American candidates passed the written exam. {snip}

The City of Dayton submitted ahead of time its recruitment and testing plans in detail (including its written examination), per the request of the DOJ. Dayton also took steps to focus its recruitment strategy on “minority–African-Americans, Hispanic, Asian, Females and other underrepresented minority groups.” These plans apparently did not elicit any significant objection from the DOJ until after the tests had been administered and scores were calculated.

In a letter dated February 7, 2011, DOJ Senior Attorney Barbara Thawley informed the City of Dayton that the DOJ rejected the written portion of the Dayton examination: “The United States has determined that the City’s proposed use of the written examination…violates…the Civil Rights Act of 1964…because it has a statistically significant disparate impact upon African American candidates…” The letter closed by threatening court action. A subsequent letter on February 17, 2011, suggests the written exam be used as a “pass/fail” screening device, which the DOJ described as a “compromise.”

According to a report by Dayton’s ABC News affiliate on March 11, 2011, the ultimate compromise struck between the City of Dayton and the DOJ resulted in a lowering of test standards for Police Department candidates:

The Dayton Police Department is lowering its testing standards for recruits. It’s a move required by the U.S. Department of Justice after it says not enough African-Americans passed the exam. Dayton is in desperate need of officers to replace dozens of retirees. The hiring process was postponed for months because the D.O.J. rejected the original scores provided by the Dayton Civil Service Board, which administers the test.

Under the previous requirements, candidates had to get a 66% on part one of the exam and a 72% on part two. The D.O.J. approved new scoring policy only requires potential police officers to get a 58% and a 63%. That’s the equivalent of an ‘F’ and a ‘D’.

Anonymous said...

Like the push back term, 'coal black' to the pejorative 'lily-white'. Imagine calling a neighborhood 'coal black'. Yet, it
Is acceptable to contemptuously call a neighborhood 'lily-white'.

Anonymous said...

Is there any other race or culture that has had access to the same schooling, tv shows, movies, books, and radio stations for 50+ years, yet still can't speak, read, or write proper english 5 generations later?

Anonymous said...

Sibil Rahts were NEVER about equality.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Buffet restaurants are disgusting in general, but when you add in the orc factor, it makes them worse. The few times I've dined at one, they are always full of grossly obese groids piling plates full of the good stuff like shrimp, steak, pork, chicken, etc, and putting it in plastic bags in their purses to take home. God forbid it is one of the fancier places that offers snow crab or lobster tails. Their niglets are usually running amok grabbing food with their hands, pulling the levers on the ice cream machine, or generally causing a mess. Most of the families make a day of it, going there toward the end of the lunch buffet and slowly eating until the restaurant puts out the dinner buffet items. At which time they jump up and immediately start loading mountains of food on their plates again, because they gots to get their $9.99 worth.
To me, it's worth paying an extra $5 to go to a regular restaurant, or local place that has good specials, than dealing with that crowd, which usually ends up spoiling my appetite anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hiring based on race is just as discriminatory as not hiring based on race. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Need more blacks in the officer ranks? Sure, let's try this. Pick any dozen volunteer black officers and promote them to Sarges. Now wait 3 months. If the number of violent offenses committed by blacks hasn't dropped by half then FIRE (not just demote) every one of the twelve. Then repeat for another 3 month cycle. Hey Bros....any volunteers?

Pat Boyle said...

Please indulge me with a little math. This will be very elementary math - nothing like the math needed to fully appreciate the posts of Le Griffe du Lion. Promise.

Apparently some in the civil rights lobby (SMW) think that the blacks in Indianapolis have been shortchanged in promotions. Is that true? Let's run some numbers.

Imagine that there are exactly two hundred cops in a jurisdiction - one hundred whites and one hundred blacks. What should be the number of white and black cops who qualify for promotion? For simplicity and to make the arithmetic easy I will assume that the only relevant attribute is IQ (intelligence). Obviously we also want cops to be brave but there are no good statistics for courage. But we all know from the Sherlock Holmes books and movies that detectives are all supposed to be smart.

Let's assume that a detective needs to have an IQ of 115. This is nowhere near the IQ of Sherlock but it is close to that that you see from the real life detectives on the TV show "48 Hours". Real life detectives don't need to be so smart because real life criminals are so stupid.

So how many of our model cop population will qualify at an IQ of 115?

At this point you should find a z-score table. IQ (our simplification for all the many required attributes needed to be a detective) is distributed Normally. That means it has a Bell Shaped or Gaussian probability density function. Most of the values are in the center but they diminish nearer to the extremes.

The relevant values are 0.8413 at one z and .9772 at two z. We are interested in a one tailed test so we need the reciprocals. That simply means that among whites who have an average IQ of 100 we are interested in how many are above the IQ of 115. That's one Standard Deviation (one z). That's (1 - .8413) or about sixteen (16). So we should expect, if everything is as it should be, 16 of our white cops to qualify for promotion.

But blacks with an average IQ of 85 ( two SDs or z scores) below the criteria we should expect only (1 - .0772) of our hundred black cops to qualify. That's only about two black officers.

So if the testing and the procedures are fair between the races there should be eight times as many whites pass the tests and qualify for promotion. The problem here is expectation. A neutral expectation does not mean equal numbers of each race. A test is fair if eight times as many whites as blacks qualify.

I made up the numbers in this simple example. It may be that detectives or supervisors do not need just an IQ of 115. Maybe they need to be smarter. If that's so then, because of the shape of the Gaussian curves, the situation is even more lopsided - we should expect many fewer blacks.

This example is simple. I wrote it in a overly formal manner to try to escape criticism. In general lawyers and courts at innumerate.


Californian said...

This incident (once again!) exposes the fraud of judge-people-by-content-of-character(tm). The Civil Rites movement was never about a color blind society. It was a racial struggle in which Africans-in-America used the rhetoric of "equality" to get in the front door. And once inside YT's citadel, they have been pushing for a racial spoils systems, no questions to be asked. The fact that this racial spoils system has resulted in the self-destruction of civic infrastructure in many cities is allowed to go by the boards.

Then again, if Africans-in-America were to be judged by content-of-character-merit, what would happen? Well, most would be disqualified from jobs in emergency services, STEM, big company management, and etc. You'd end up with a two tier America: an upper echelon of people making it on merit (mainly whites); and an underclass which could barely function in a modern civilization. Africans-in-America know this at some level, so they do everything they can to grab and hold jobs for which they are not qualified.

And this drags down the country with them.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

These kinds of comments illuminate the mind of the average black involved in government. In their minds, the government exists to be one gigantic affirmative action employer and any functions beyond that primary role as employer are of little importance.

Now if you are talking about who works the counter at the DMV, who answers the phones at the social security office, who sorts the mail at the post office, and who mows the grass of the public park ---- it doesn't really matter that much if they are majority black. These are not jobs that require any real expertise or talents. These government jobs also don't affect life and death of the citizenry.

The big problem is when you get into government functions where life and death discretionary decisions must be made, the stakes are higher, and the competency of the employee is paramount. This is when you look at positions such as police officer, fireman, combat arms, military medics, veterans hospitals, etc...

You can't just plug in any old person into these positions. There is a rigorous screening process to insure that they are competent and qualified. Many times the disqualifiers are IQ and spatial skill related for non-whites, and physical strength for women.

The solution has been to lower the standards to achieve "diversity." There are just some jobs where you can't take these chances. In other words, go to hell Mr. Clay. Judging by your waistline and age, it will be sooner rather than later.

Fled The Undertow said...

Hey Paintjob...

That's why we ditched the Eastern Seaboard a couple years ago and moved out to the Mountain West. Sure, there's Mestizos around doing domestic work, but they keep to themselves. Better still...NO NEGROS.

I think our town has about three negro residents who must work in, like, eight-hour shifts or something. Spotting wild elk is more common than seeing a resident groid around here.

Come join us!

Anonymous said...

"For simplicity and to make the arithmetic easy I will assume that the only relevant attribute is IQ (intelligence)."

That's a mistake.

Fled The Undertow said...

They're pretty much like the bum who goes to a neighborhood potluck dinner, brings a handful of peanuts to the affair and expects to eat steak and lobster until he's bursting. Then when people get sick of his BS and he's no longer invited, he screams about being a part of the neighborhood

Funny you should mention fact, the exact same thing happened in my old swim/tennis community back in the Deep South. As the black undertow slowly crept closer, whites in the neighborhood would flee and be replaced by blacks. It got to the point that the pool committee was struggling to keep the pool open each summer, since we were not an HOA neighborhood and, therefore, paying for pool membership was optional.

Of course, the new negro residents were incensed that they had to pay to swim in the pool, and would try all sorts of tricks to get their kids in free, like sending them as "guests" of a paying member (which is forbidden if you live in the neighborhood already and are too cheap to pay).

I'm sure the original white residents of the neighborhood never envisioned a scenario by which the pool was in danger of being closed down completely due to a higher-than-desired ratio of cheap negros who refused to pay their membership dues.

They'd make sure to show up at our annual "open potluck parties" on Memorial Day and July 4th, which were meant as a way to generate more paying membership from nearby neighborhoods. They'd bring nothing, eat everything, then complain when they were asked to join the pool. "Why we gots to pay?!?! We be livin here!" One new groid resident actually called the cops, claiming our monthly membership meeting at the tennis courts was actually a KKK rally meant to keep out the negroes (by charging them a fee to swim, I guess).

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that people are allowed to openly complain that there's supposedly too many white promotions, even if it is untrue, yet no one is allowed to openly complain that there's too many black rapists, muggers, burglers, and murderers when it's plainly true...

Slavery and social reparations will always be the bottom line - that is until the latinos take over lol

Anonymous said...

Slavery and social reparations will always be the bottom line. Everyone knows there is a double standard...

Anonymous said...

Wow thats a shit ton of consumed Drape pop an' Hot Chips!
Gibbs dat man a red sweater..Hey Hey Hey, iiiiits fat Stephen!

Anonymous said...

Well, there's plenty of promotions to be had for any and all qualified electrical, civil, mechanical, structural, computer, chemical, aeronautical engineers; also plenty of room to move up in for architects, aircraft pilots, etc.
There are also unlimited opportunities in all aspects of medicine, law, business, finance, management, ... the list of potential upwardly mobile occupations is massive.

There are inventors and entrepreneurs who daily come up with tons of useful materials (and many not so useful ones) who basically blaze their own path to economic glory.

It's true, such professions and opportunities require life-long dedication to study and self-improvement together with a natural ability such as higher IQs, in order to learn and use higher mathematics, computer programming, physics, chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, etc.,

So perhaps skilled labor such as computer network engineers, repairs or mobile phone repairs, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, construction foreman, construction project managers (building is booming in many areas of the USA), airfield operations such as Air Traffic Control, aircraft handling, similar for shipping industry, ship handling, manufacturing, mining, oil drilling, etc.

Even trucking - truck driving is not a very desirable life for most, but it's a decent living,and requires someone who can drive relatively carefully, do some basic time management, have some common sense, basic arithmetic, a few weeks of training, that's all

So what's the problem with so many Africans in the USA not finding good, high paying careers?

Anonymous said...

They're always crying that black women are under represented in the work force. Not true. I worked at a civil service job that was commandeered by the Mammy Mafia. 98% were black women as were the affirmative action do nothing know nothing supervisors managers, I was bullied and harassed out by the above of a civil service job. One of the few males employed in the department was my direct supervisor, despite being white, he participated in lying about me, screaming at me and getting me out of a civil service job. Now he's a field supervisor of another division. I guess that was his pay off.

The lesson learned is that blacks will lie about anything and be backed up by other blacks. Those from the Caribbean are particularly hostile to White Americans. The blacks feel that the job is their 40 acres and a mule and no one else should have that job. Otherwise they will burn down cities, riot, do property damage and harm people. The Chinese are gaining ground because well, no one can understand them, they have huge scams, most Chinese are getting four and five benefits cases under variations of their names.

But the blacks at this agency, the older workers may not have a high school diploma or have very little education, are petty and vicious. When we got a raise, the Caribbeans complained about it all day long. Anything at all they will complain and rant about. It's because of these people that I voted for Trump. Please end Affirmative Action.

Bill in St Louis said...

Entirely off topic but.... just watch:

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else ever noticed that as you move North from Africa, the further North you go, the lighter-skinned the people become. The civilizations also become increasingly productive, prosperous, and intelligent. Mother Nature and evolution are trying to tell us something I think! Keep the nogs at a distance!

Mr. Rational said...

Pat, it might help the commentariat and lurkers to show HOW to calculate these numbers using standard tools.  I'll be using Open Office Calc, but the same things should work in Excel.

This can all be done quite easily with the NORMDIST function, which calculates the fraction of a normal distribution equal to or less than the cutoff given a specified mean and standard deviation.  The fraction above the cutoff is 1 minus that value of NORMDIST, and to estimate the number out of a total population you multiply by the population.  So, to calculate how many out of 100 you'd expect to have an IQ of 115 or greater, with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15, you'd plug in this formula:

=100*(1-NORMDIST( 115;100;15))

This yields 15.86 or roughly 16.  For the hypothetical Black sample, with a mean of 85 and also a standard deviation of 15 (it may be lower), you'd use this:

=100*(1-NORMDIST( 115;85;15))

This yields 2.27.

Now you all have what you need to at least follow what La Griffe du Leon does.  Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem as I see it: all the semi-evolved negroes, semi-intelligent mulattos, quadroons, and octaroons have been incorporated into society via government jobs and affirmative action.

What are left are the absolute dregs.

Those are the denizens of the inner-cities.

I heard a white immigrant to a right-wing talk show say the best answer was to pay them to voluntarily pay them to quit breeding and they will eventually become extinct.

They quickly went to commercial.

Anonymous said...

It's actually hard to believe Indy is only 28% black.

I mean I've posted before about how radically it changed from visits in the late 1990s to 2012, but just last year's visit, going to places all around the city, they were everywhere. Every neighborhood looked run down and dangerous, or you were only a few blocks from that environment.

The story is basically the same old crap from the A-A imbeciles. More demands based on population percentage without taking any other factor into account. When it comes to police, fire, medical, the only consideration should be ability to do the job. To liberals and blacks, all that matters is race. We all know how that ends up.

PB said...

"McCain tried to hold a press conference during that love fest and was totally ignored."

I recall Obama being portrayed as Luther King-esque (media LK, not actual LK) and McCain and Palin looking as hapless as they indeed were. I knew then that Obama was a fraud like the Bush he replaced. Both Parties were in on it and every part of that election was stage-managed to deliver the preferred result. Russians nowhere to be seen.

Fled The Undertow said...


You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oil 'n Water - sorry if I missed something earlier. We are certainly on board with boycotting particular stores and products. Hit them where it hurts the most - spend our money elsewhere. We MUST. I don't think I've ever gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving, and I avoid the malls like the plague. Estate sales and thrift stores are our favorite alternatives. I also take extra time to read labels in the grocery stores and avoid products marked with the "U", "D", etc. If we don't like the company, we don't buy the product. Period. But it takes a lot of homework and research.

Did anyone watch the Golden Globe garbage? I sure didn't, but perhaps there's another way we can find a list of its advertisers.

Somewhat OT, but relevant to undesirable businesses - not too long ago we were shopping at a smaller-box chain store that sells rural-themed items and light duty agricultural products (without saying which chain, you can probably guess which one it is.) They had briefly offered a veterans discount. Great. We made the choice to shop there instead of at the big-box home improvement stores that usually DO offer a veterans discount because we despise those other stores. In December, we were stunned to learn that this company's corporate bozos suddenly discontinued this discount because, as they informed their store managers, they were "losing too much money." We'll certainly do our part to make sure they lose even more.

We have to start somewhere and every little bit will help, even though it seems we're trying to devour an elephant. If enough of us eat away at it on a regular basis, it'll make a difference.


Anonymous said...

He looks like Fat Albert from the Cosby Kids cartoon show ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, hiring/promoting qualified people will put us back on the road to greatness again.
Also raising standards instead of lowering them will be the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you and a lot, a very large number of whites must stop doing business where you're forced to deal with surly blacks.
If only a few do it, they'll just be labeled racist and it'll be forgotten and nothing will change, but if a lot of people do it, and business owners get the same answer over and over, and it's costing them money, then things will change.
You have to hit a business in the pocketbook to make any difference.
I don't go to many fast food places any more. I'll walk out before I'm treated like a second class citizen by a lazy afreakan.


Anonymous said...

Shitty Councillor "Fat Albert" should shut the hell up and put down the bucket of KFC.

FranSusan said...

Stephen J. Clay is a typical low IQ negro. He will never understand the concepts of merit or logic. There's no point in trying to explain to him why more negroes aren't promoted.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clay sho'nuff loves dat fried chicken and mama's gumbo! He's got a jelly belly only a mama could love! He's gots a ton of love for them mammies! I bets he gets churched up every Sunday and I bet he's a reverund or a funeral director hisself! Dang he's a big boy!

Jim said...

How about these:


"Cut it out" Obama to Putin re: hacking

No Mo

"Down with drugs!" Mayor Barry during an anti-drug march.