Monday, January 16, 2017

Thanks John Lewis: Black Gangs in 80% Black Selma Fired Upon White Paramedics as Part of 'Gang Initiation'

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With John Lewis and Martin Luther King experiencing the kind of praise and admiration usually reserved for deities and potentates for their march back in 1965 across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, it's always instructive to take a look at the world individual black people have created in 80 percent black Selma, Alabama today. 

Because time didn't stop in 1965 in Selma, Alabama. 

Oh no. 

Time kept slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future... [Ambulance crew shot at while responding to call in Selma,, 12-5-16]:
Rapid gunshots greeted a driver and paramedic from Care Ambulance after they responded to a call Friday night in Selma, according to Care Ambulance area manager Jamie Lee. 
The driver and paramedic responded to what they now believe was a suspicious 911 call in the 1900 block of St. Phillips Street. 
The Care crew arrived with the intent of checking out a patient's blood pressure. 
Once on the scene, someone fired multiple shots at them. 
Once the crew realized what was going on, they ran back into the truck and slammed it in reverse. The patient reportedly jumped and ran. 
No one was hit, there were no bullet holes in the ambulance and so far, no arrest has been made in the case. 
Lee says her two team members are still rattled by it all three days later. 
"He said he heard roughly seven or eight shots. They're upset. I mean who wouldn't be if you thought you were getting shot at while helping people," Lee said. 
District Attorney Michael Jackson said be believes the incident was a gang initiation ritual. He said the so-called "patient" may have known all along what was about to happen. This is the same area where law enforcement conducted a massive drug raid 11 years ago. 
Jackson says the investigation by Selma police is well underway after getting the name of the "patient."

The consequences of John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr.'s march in Selma back in 1965 produced the world where black gangs now have initiation rituals in the current year to kill paramedics and first responders.

There's nothing to celebrate in either of these guys lives, for their every breath helped birth a world of horror far beyond what the architects of Jim Crow feared could come to fruition.

We are forced to applaud their actions though by every discernible metric, Selma is a far, far worse for black people to live in 2017 (under black rule for decades) than it was in 1965...


Standup Broad said...

...and this is news? My late son rode with the Chicago FD "bus" in the mid-90's. The paramedics had to have a police escort when answering a call at "the projects" lest they be shot, stabbed, mugged, or all three. Or return to find the bus stolen. "Yo, hare come da white debil, les put a cap in hz az". No thought that da debil be responding to a call for help from one of their own. ALL White emergency personnel should refuse to respond to calls in groid infested areas, let the blacks look after their own.

Bird of Paradise said...

John Lewis and his fellow scoundrels we can do without these fools and we c can do without gangs of black thugs who make paramedics as targets to the right of passage to some gang of extremists wheather it be the NBPP,NATION of ISLAM, or Jewid himself disarming their attended victims and frankly he needs to resign in disgrace him and quite a few fellow demacrats like Obama'Sharpton,Jackson and many many others

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement, paramedics and first responders are under fire now, literally. It's a surreal reality we are living in. Law enforcement knew already going into their jobs that the risk of life and limb were staggering, today they are basically signing their death warrant. My friend has a son who just completed classes and exams and was just sworn in at the local police dept. I couldn't help but to feel myself in a state of mourning. No one is safe and we all know why.

Anonymous said...

Am I the first to state it?

An ambulance call gone wrong!

Brian in Ohio said...

They cant get a pizza delivered for this same reason. Now the ambulance wont go in there. Soon it will be the cops... Blacks are painting themselves into a corner.

I wonder if the mail carriers still venture in?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

PK, it's not John Lewis, it's civil rights icon John Lewis.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

All of this John Lewis worship will die down in about a week so the media can prepare for Black History Month, 28 days of pandering 24/7 about all three of their contributions (blues music, jazz music and bbq).

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: where black gangs now have initiation rituals in the current year to kill paramedics and first responders.

"They're upset. I mean who wouldn't be if you thought you were getting shot at while helping people," Lee said.

Uh-huh, helping "people". Perhaps among these two medical workers and their friends/coworkers, there are some that now can see?

proudyt said...

The accomplice in the back of the ambulance is lucky this wasn't Chicago where the gangbangers have terrible aim. Btw,love the Steve Miller reference.

Anonymous said...

Gun shots greeted a driver????? Did anyone else double take when they read that?

I didn't know that gun shots can greet someone. To greet means to welcome to negro town?

You just have to shake your head at the language they use when trying to downplay negro crimes in the press.

Shots rang out....streets turned violent....and now gun shots greet a driver. Good Lord what a joke.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a lot of low-hanging fruit for a Trump justice department to pick and send to federal prison for a long, long time. The crimes are easily solved with a bit of effort. The conspiracy is all on Facebook, Twitter, etc. RICO the head agitators regardless of race. The template is there from how they handled the Mafia (and the police and politicians who covered for them).

Mexican gangs would self-deport as fast as they could and take their nasty drugs and non-existent hygiene with them.

I don't care if we have automation to do low level jobs, we need to have unskilled labor, piecework type jobs (like sheltered workshops for the disabled). They weren't expected to necessarily make a profit but they paid their own way. Breaking even on the deal would be a huge step up from our current welfare scam system and busy hands means less time for baby making. Give bonuses for being childless - a little up-front money that'll save millions down the road.

Anonymous said...

"District Attorney Michael Jackson said be believes the incident was a gang initiation ritual. He said the so-called "patient" may have known all along what was about to happen. This is the same area where law enforcement conducted a massive drug raid 11 years ago."

Maybe they need to do drug raids a bit more frequently!

Anonymous said...

How about "we" stop heping them altogether? No more whitey in their neighborhoods, no more police, paramedics, or firemen. They hate us anyhow and they think their lives will improve without the man around to keep them down.

I'd really like to see what they could do, it'd be nice to see a positive change but we all know what would happen.

Anonymous said...

Cities that fall to the black undertow are indeed sites of confusion and violence. My nine year old grandchild asked if a war was fought in the city of Detroit. No, I said, it was simply people who don't take care of their property and belongings. It really is that simple. The million dollar question is WHY. Sometimes while watching the news you will see garbage blowing in the background of a live shot. Do they not see it? Not care? Seem normal, and almost comforting? Doesn't take long either. Someone wrote a few columns ago that they actually grew up depressed because they were exposed to the black dis function as a child. I can second that condition. So very frustrating and disconcerting. I'll go with the "all talk" comment. Fifty years of talk, talk, talk. Get off of your collective asses, and start making the neighborhoods in which they live, something children can be proud to call home. One block at a time!

Anonymous said...

But the magic negro got us to space and Selma is a utopian paradise.
It must be true I saw it on teevee on FNN (Fake News Network).
Why the hostility towards EMT and firefighters?
They be holding the magic negro down by first responding with rudimentary medical care at accidents and putting out dangerous fires?
Hell these people are so selfless they still respond to calls in the paradise part of town where all the magic negroes live.
You will never see any magic negro do anything so selfless.

Anonymous said...

I live in what's called Metro Atlanta, unfortunately. I used to know my representative and he lived only a few miles from me. Then my voting district was gerrymandered, and my voting district now goes through five of the blackest voting districts around Atlanta, Douglas, Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Dekalb counties. I have had a black rep every since. He lives over on the other side of black Atlanta somewheres. It's all the same as if I have no representation in congress.

Anonymous said...

maybe now those white paramedics will wake up from that " theyre just like us" dream

Anonymous said...

okay I don't understand something here regarding this information and the information posted on different sides about mr. King plagiarizing material to get his degree why doesn't some law school graduate that's hungry take on all this pro bono...why are files sealed until long as the person can document their material nothing can be done against them...again I don't care what anybody here says maybe the best thing that could happen to America is the Fulfillment of George Washington's vision for America if you're not familiar with that Google it three great perils will fall upon the Republic the most horrific will be the third...also Pastor Shelton Emory's booklet the Bible says Russia will invade America and be defeated...time is extremely short it's time to make some decisions and commitments....if we do not take command of the situation the divine order will and it will not be pretty...the Book of Jonah indicates that God will spare a nation if they will turn from their evil it going to take the horror of an invasion to make the people of this country wake up and to address the parasites and to return this country to time to choose people like they say it's time to get down or stay down....

Anonymous said...

The thing is that it all happened so fast. There's an old small city center less than five miles away here in New Jersey and in the early sixties my teenage sisters would catch a bus after dinner on Thursday nights and go shopping. At twelve, my buddies and I would be dropped to see a movie and hang out in town.

Within five years, the place was a shooting gallery.

Earl Turner said...

Just happened where I live, Macon GA. A group of [[[teens]]] just innocently walking past a white woman's house and the white woman shoots one of them in the head. With no details released by law enforcement, our local paper (called by some the Macon Obamagraph) is already running a story about how the woman is a huge racist. Why she lives in that neighborhood is beyond me, it's the worst neighborhood in Macon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Barbecue was learned from the natives, that's another black history myth. They taught the settlers how to smoke meat and the settlers came up with what we now call sauces and rubs.

Bill in St Louis said...

I just had to laugh. It isn't funny, but when faced with such bare-naked stupidity, what else can one do? Hopefully the EMTs in question will now wise up, and refuse to take calls in da hood.

Anonymous said...

"all talk"
of course
of course
if the "problem" was solved
the low IQ thugs would be out of business

free at last
free at last
thank god everything we want is free at last

Anonymous said...

Watch the classic 80's horror film 'Return Of The Living Dead'.

Great scenes as semi-intelligent zombies use radio and say "Send more paramedics".

Now it's come to life with n*gger zombies calling 911 to send them victims.


(Excellent flick if u've never seen it, btw.)

Anonymous said...

There's a photo out there of Trump eating the taco bowl at Trump tower and was posted for evidence of his love for Latinos. Can someone photoshop in a KFC bucket and add caption "I love dem Negroes!"

Spread it for Black History Munf.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
maybe now those white paramedics will wake up from that " theyre just like us" dream
January 17, 2017 at 8:13 AM Selma Al.? C`mon, you KNOW they are realists. Imagine the stories those guys could tell. Be surprised if they didn't have PTSD. I wish some of them would chime in on here.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
How about "we" stop heping them altogether? No more whitey in their neighborhoods, no more police, paramedics, or firemen. They hate us anyhow and they think their lives will improve without the man around to keep them down.

I'd really like to see what they could do, it'd be nice to see a positive change but we all know what would happen.
January 17, 2017 at 7:17 AM

Haiti. You would have Haiti. I`d say it`d take no more than a few years to get that bad, as spoiled as ours are.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Californian said...

OK, the next time you hear that...
* black areas are neglected
* the black community is "under-served"
* blacks living in the worst part of town
* taxicab drivers not picking up black customers
* pizza delivery people not wanting to drive into black areas

...think about this incident. And thousands and perhaps millions more like it. The endless shots ringing out and responders being greeted by gunfire. The fact that the basic amenities of a civilized society are under non-stop attack in the 'hood. The feral mentality that creates mindless violence. Blacks create their own dystopia. The dilemma is that everyone else ends up having to live out their nightmare.

Stay armed
Stay alert

Anonymous said...

I like this idea! God I hope Trump reads this board. MAGA! I wonder how much partying there will be had on Friday. I took the day off and so did the old man. We haven't had a whole lot to celebrate in the last 8 years.

Brian in Ohio said...

OT, but in the last six months I bet I`ve gotten more of my neighbors mail than in all of the 30 years I`ve lived in this house. Literally. And it arrives about an hour later than it ever has.

Now I know why.

You guessed it, diversity has arrived at my small towns post office.


Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I can foresee a day when all service personnel refuse to go into black neighborHOODS due to the inherent dangers of entering the jungle. If they want an "amberlamps," they'll have to drag whatever negro carcass needs attention to the outskirts of negroville to be attended to or do without~ or let the local witchdoctor deal with it. Negroes in the hood don't pay enough in taxes to justify spending inordinate amounts of money on services for them~ especially not when those service personnel need police protection at extra cost to the taxpayer just to do their jobs. NO Pay, NO play. That includes medical, fire, police, and every other kind of service. They want to have their no go zones off limits to whitey, then let them have it. They can fund and staff their own damn services to whatever pitiful extent they can and to hell with them all. Let them rot in their negro paradise.

Proudyt said...

How could you forget rap ? My idea of hell would be to watch reruns of Empire with my eyes sewn open while rap music is pumped into a room as Oprah gives me a lap dance.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

My experience with negroes is that they not only expect you (yt) to provide for them, but they resent you for being able to do it as well. In that respect, their attacking an EMT crew isn't all that surprising. You have to get into the negro "mind".

YT exists to serve them. An EMT unit is just one more thing to be summoned at will, in much the same way one would call Papa Johns for a pizza, for their entertainment and amusement. Oh, and unlike a pizza, they don't have to pay for it. Duh EMT be "free" (YT be payin' fuh it).

I routinely keep a jar of instant coffee in my bottom desk drawer at work for an afternoon pick me up. I save money by not having to use the coffee machine. The negress across from me noticed me spooning out some coffee into a cup of hot water at my desk one day and axed me fuh sum. I offered her the jar and said, "You know, Food Lion has some really great deals on this brand sometimes."

Of course, she didn't take the hint. I guess she considers me her on-site pharmacy, in that she has noticed I have a bottle of aspirin as well as a pack of chewing gum in my desk as well. Point being, the thought of actually paying for her own shit seems to be beyond her limited comprehension. Did I mention she has an eight month old niglet, courtesy of some negro male sperm donor, all bought and paid for via Medicare? Oh, and she is not a citizen. The fambly hails from the Ivory Coast.

Negroes will never hesitate to bite the hand that feeds. That's why watching them devour themselves over the next eight years during Trump's presidency will be so much fun. Go long on popcorn, folks. We are in for a great ride!

Anonymous said...

Hidden figures. Motherfuckers!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:04 am. I, used to at age 13, get on a Woodward bus and shop in downtown Detroit by myself. Granted this was 1963, but I can't think of anywhere a 13 could shop alone today. By 1970 shopping in downtown Detroit was an excercise in stupidity. Marauding gangs of blacks walked three and four abreast through J.L. Hudsons downtown store intimidating white shoppers. Never seemed to be challenged by store security either. My sister had a black boy run his hand up the back of her dress on an escalator one day, that was our final day of downtown Detroit shopping.

Proudyt said...

I haven't heard about this yet but would bet my next paycheck the woman has had previous run in's with them. She probably just said Fuck it. Enough is enough.

FSR said...

Selma to make youf curfew even stricter thanks to black "teens":

Council discusses amending curfew for teenagers

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Changes to Selma’s curfew for teenagers might be on the way after it was discussed Tuesday during a Public Safety Committee meeting.

The committee members, Mayor Darrio Melton and interim Selma Police Chief Johnny King talked about changing the time of the curfew, which is currently midnight.

“We do have a curfew in place, it is just that we haven’t had the opportunity to make it effective at the moment,” said councilman Michael Johnson. “I think we’ve got to tweak some little things in that, and I think one of the things we’re trying to tweak is the hours.”

The city adopted its current curfew in 2009.

“It shall be unlawful for any minor to be upon the streets, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, public places and vacant lots, or to ride in or upon, drive or otherwise operate or be a passenger of any automobile, bicycle or other vehicle in, upon, over or through the streets or other public places,” the ordinance states.

The ordinance is for the hours between midnight and 5 a.m. Monday through Friday. The penalty for first-time offenders is the child will be taken into custody, and the parents will be contacted. The parent and child will be issued a warning citation. The penalty for a second offense is a written citation to the parent and child and a $25 fine. A third offense warrants an appearance in juvenile court, a fine of up to $250 and imprisonment up to 90 days.

Emma Alexander, principal of Selma High School, spoke to the committee, asking for a change in the curfew to help protect students.

“We’re doing our part, and what we’re asking … is for the city to assist. Things are better. Discipline is down 60 percent,” Alexander said. “I just personally feel that it will save lives, and I realize it is something that we may not have the man power to do, but it will help tremendously.”

Three people 18 years old and younger were murdered in Selma during 2016. One of them, Cedric Williams, was confirmed as a senior at Selma High School last spring. At least two of the homicides happened after curfew.

Interim Selma Police Chief Johnny King said the ordinance needs to be strengthened and more man power is needed to enforce it.

“The ordinance has been in effect for a few years, but we just haven’t had the man power to enforce it because there weren’t a whole lot of teeth in it,” King said during Tuesday’s meeting.

King mentioned stricter consequences for minors being out after hours.

Johnson mentioned the idea of moving the curfew up to 10 p.m. with extended time on the weekend or during events that extend past curfew.

“We’ve got to hold the parents accountable also,” Johnson said. “It’s really getting bad out there, and we need to do something about it.”

Johnson asked Mayor Melton to have the legal department look into changing the ordinance so the council can go ahead and take action as soon as possible.

FSR said...

Selma's blacks have ruined the historic homes district. Now they want some gibsmedat tax money to restore the damage they caused:

Talks held on restoring homes in historic district

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Selma City Councilwoman Miah Jackson’s ward, Ward 3, includes all four of Selma’s historic districts, and that’s why she wants to make sure the city is doing the best it can to preserve and restore the homes and buildings that make up those districts.

Jackson met with the Selma Historic Development Commission Thursday to get an idea on how the city can work with the commission to help restore many of the once beautiful homes to what they once were.

“I’m really interested in collaborating with them to bring about the necessary change and influence to the historic area,” Jackson said. “It’s vitally important that this area is kept and that the historic commission has an influence because it is an attractive tourism area [HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!], and we want to make sure that we put our best foot forward.”

FSR said...

Five Young People, Three Others Shot During MLK Day Festival in Miami

Eight people — five of them children and teenagers — were shot as thousands ran for cover Monday during a festival in Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Miami on the day celebrating the civil rights leader's life, authorities said.

Two people were detained for questioning, and two weapons were recovered, Miami-Dade County police said. It wasn't known whether other subjects could be at large, said police, who described the investigation as "very active."

The eight victims were ages 11 to 30, police said. One of them, a 20-year-old man, was in critical condition.

Five others were listed as stable, with their conditions not reported. Two children were treated at the scene for superficial bullet wounds and were sent home with their parents.

Aerial video of the scene showed scores of law enforcement officials among hundreds of people in a North Miami street lined with booths and tents for the festival.

"I saw three girls, one boy," Gregory Boyd, a vendor at the festival, told NBC Miami. "They were crying. They were upset."

It also wasn't immediately clear whether the shooting was related to the holiday honoring King. But it occurred during a festival honoring King after the city's annual MLK Day parade.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan J. Perez called the shooting a "shameful closing to the MLK Parade."

"Certainly not what the followers of Dr. King Jr. want out of our community," Perez said on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to ex New Yorker?

FSR said...

What’s Selma like now? LOL. The victim in this case was black, so I am trying to care, but:

1 arrested, second sought in Christmas shooting death of elderly Dallas County woman

Tuesday, January 17th 2017


A Dallas County teenager has been denied bond after investigators say he fled to Mississippi following a deadly shooting that claimed the life of an elderly woman on Christmas Day. His cousin is also facing charges in the case.

Authorities are thanking members of the public who stepped forward with crucial details about the fatal incident.

Tyrone Booker, 18, of Selma, has been charged with capital murder in the death of 73-year-old Juanita Tripp, a well-known and beloved member of the community. She was celebrating Christmas with loved ones when she struck and killed by a stray bullet.

Several of her family members were also injured in the shooting.

Deputies were called to the 800 block of Laredo Court in the Pine Glen Estates (also known as Craig Field), located off of Highway 80 East, on Dec. 25, 2016 around 6 p.m. in reference to gunshots being fired.

Tripp had family members visiting and, as she was walking them to the door, they heard shots ring out. Her relatives fell to the ground in an effort to protect themselves, but she was struck in the upper leg.

The bullet went through her glass storm door, through her thigh and into a TV stand in the hallway. Tripp’s daughter, Felicia, was also grazed by a bullet. She is a nurse and immediately started to provide aid to her mother.

Another relative was also injured by flying glass from the shattered storm door, which left her with cuts on her legs.

Tripp was rushed to the emergency room in a police cruiser because her wounds were so severe. Officers did not wait for an ambulance. At the hospital, she succumbed to her injuries.

The victims did not see who was shooting in the area. They only heard the gunfire.

Tyrone Booker was located in Mississippi where officials say he has been staying with family members since the shooting.

Captain Mike Granthum, who oversees the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, says Booker fled there following the Christmas crime and relatives arranged to bring Booker to Selma on Saturday for an interview.

Shortly after speaking with investigators at the sheriff’s office, Booker was arrested and placed into the Dallas County Jail. He made his first court appearance Tuesday and was advised of his charges.

A bond hearing was held and Booker was denied bail because he is considered a flight risk due to his family ties in Mississippi.

During the course of the investigation, another suspect was identified. Jalin Booker, 18, Tyrone Booker’s cousin, also faces capital murder charges.

The sheriff’s office is in the process of tracking him down and bringing him back to Dallas County. Jalin Booker also has connections in Mississippi as well as Florida, Granthum said.

“We really appreciate the help of the community. We couldn’t have solved this case without them. There were several people outside that day and eye witnesses stepped forward. The suspects have been positively Identified by more than one witness as the gunmen who fired towards Ms. Tripp’s house. They were also seen fleeing shortly afterwards,” Cpt.Granthum said.

The sheriff’s office believes there were more witnesses to the shooting and investigators would like to speak with them about what they saw.

Anonymous said...

And guess who gets the most upset about the militarization of the police? Bingo. They'll have to start sending in troops ahead of a ghetto medivac, like extracting a downed pilot behind enemy lines because if no one shows up, dat be rayciss.

Surely Pinson, Al. doesn't need an armored personnel carrier. Center Point, Al., a mere three miles away, should have been under marshal law about five years ago.

The safe, crime-free, all-white community of my youth has been reduced to empty store fronts and weab sto's where anyone with an instinct for survival will not venture out into after dark. Watch "The Omega Man" with Charleton Heston to get the idea. Very sad, indeed.

Anonymous said...


Oil 'n Water said...

Decades ago, I had a summer job with the parks department. While I usually worked with other whites, on this particular day the black driver of another crew called in sick, and so I was instructed to drive his crew of six negroes into the heart of the black area.
I still remember the negress riding in the pick-up bed, yelling, "Hey nigga!" and shucking and jiving with nearly every black we passed, and I had no doubts she knew them all in one capacity or another.
What I recall most, though, were the looks that I was given as we passed by the projects - a white "supervisor" transporting six black workers probably calculated in these all but vacant minds that "the man" was literally in the driver's seat. I still remember locking eyes with some of them and seeing the smoldering hatred, and the thought struck me that I was looking into the face of animals capable of tearing a person apart with only the slightest real or imagined insult.
I wound up returning to the barn early, mainly because I could not take the close proximity and all of the banter of the blacks in the truck. When asked why, I simply told the (white) supervisor the truth. He nodded in understanding. (In those days, you could still speak about race on the job, albeit selectively).
No, they are not like us, and any one of us with a friend or relative who thinks differently is just the more frustrated.
The wide-spread liberal message is one of distortion and downplay so as to keep the egalitarian dogma alive. And we are paying for it in the form of decaying cities, ever-expanding crime, and white censure.
The lessons learned are clear to realists:
To buy liberalism is to purchase ruin.


Seven or Eight Shots and you can't it a F'n Ambulance? Really?

OK, Sambo,bring on your pathetic revolution. With 7 rounds I can easily take out 9-10 of you (my rounds 30-30) since I can put one bullet through 2 of you.

Anonymous said...

@ Proudyt for sayin’; “How could you forget rap ? My idea of hell would be to watch reruns of Empire with my eyes sewn open while rap music is pumped into a room as Oprah gives me a lap dance.”

Got ol’ mighty man! I’m not going to sleep for a week after that one. Nightmares, nausea, feelings of suicide, anything including death is better than that ending!


The Chicago Police have wised up. They have a great phase that explains it all and protects them:

"For Survival it is Vital to remain Idle."

They also encourage each other to "stay Fetal", but I don't like that. It sound chicken. It is better to come out and say, in my words, to STAND DOWN.

Now, I want all EMT, FireMEN to Stand Down...... (women have no business trying to play fireman. Give it up chicks, your vagina, that glorious hole men will die for, prevents you from doing the hard-ass work we men can do. Can't you be proud of having a Vagina rather than wanting to have, and be, a "dick"? It ain't easy being a man...shallow, pig-like, smelly, balls hanging out....come on women, be better than us).

(Damn, can I write or what !!!!)

So, EMT and FIREMEN, Stand Down. Let the negro bleed out since every one that does is best for society.

Anonymous said...

Fled the Undertow (glad you did) said a day or two ago, that they had taught school in East Point. I went to schools in East Point in late 70's, early 80's. I don't know how you did it. It was bad enough then. Thanks for your prayers, but the county I am moving to in April has less than 1% blacks. I might need prayers on January 20th, though, as rumors around here in South Atlanta is that there will be "unrest"- otherwise know as riots, on Inauguration day.
The local channels here are treating the Trump-Lewis brouhaha as big ole' mean raycissss Trump pickin' on saintly lil ole cibil riots "hero' John Lewis. He is NOT my hero at all. Lewis has done nothing for me except try to take away as many of MY rights as possible, to ensure that "his community" has more rights than me.
Almost in retaliation, the local news interviewed Malcom X's daughter over the weekend. She also portrayed Malcom X as a saintly hero. This "blue eyed devil" (what he called white people) does not believe a word of it. Analog man would be proud of me- I turned off my tv over the weekend and Monday, because I knew it would be full of Mar-hen Loofah Keen worship. I only watched the news at 11pm, and that was enough. It was unbelievable seeing the amount of white people attending Ebeneezer Baptist church, waiting in line at the King Center, etc.
And here are 2 different instances of white people being absolutely stunned when they are attacked- in one instance a football tackle- and robbed.
And this woman- allowing a black woman to distract her while the black womans pals robbed the house- some white people will NEVER be situationally aware and realistic.
The white woman said that she never thought about being robbed...Newnan is about 30 miles or so outside South Atlanta. USED to be nice...
A woman in Newnan is warning her neighbors to watch out for a group of alleged con artists purporting to be utility workers before robbing victims.

Surveillance pictures show one of the people believed to be part of the elaborate scheme to deceive. The victim said she never saw it coming.

She said she saw a woman on her security camera wandering around her backyard so she went outside to check it out. The woman said she was with Newnan Utilities and that she was "counting the poles" on the woman's property.

"The last thing on my mind was burglary robbery or anything like that," the victim said.

She said the poser walked her around to the front of the house, she didn't lock the door, and that's when she believes the victim crept into her home and stole her safe.

After about 15 minutes outside with the woman, the victim went back inside. She knew something was amiss when she found some mud on the floor and other things out of place, but she paid it no mind.

The next day, she found out she'd been had.

"I opened the cabinet that didn't have the safe in it, and everything was askew," she recounted. "So, then, I opened the side that had the safe in it, and the whole safe was gone. That's when I knew I was in big trouble."

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Are some whites REALLY that unaware?? Don't they watch the news?? oh,yeah, that's right- locking the door would have been "raycisssss".
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Watching Trump handle the latest liberal attacks is like watching an old Bruce Lee movie- he beats them into a pretzel, throws them aside and then motions for the next to come forward.

The election is over but all these venerated liberal hacks seem bent on attacking Trump and then crying foul when he embarrasses them.

After Trump's comments (reply, really) about Selma/Atlanta being crime infested I did a Google search. Guess what? Every single personal account that I found of the place agreed with this sterotype. The media has been obviously attempting damage control as you can see a few mainstream articles on Selma- they point to crime rates and statistics and say that they are hardly beyond most inner city areas, "calling it a crime infested hell hole is a bit of a stretch."

I don't know about you, but I would rather rely on first hand accounts and experiences rather than looking for averages and percentages to tell the story.

Isn't this the same place where people don't lock their car doors because they are tired with having to replace car windows? Where Dindus purposely rear-end you to get you out of your car so that they can car jack you?

I'm so glad that all these blowhards and virtue signalers are finally being dealt with. These people don't know when to shut up- which is making them easier to find and deal with.

Earl Turner said...

EMTs and paramedics, the white ones, already know full well all about [[[them]]]. [[[they]]] treat ambulances like taxicabs. Some negro has heartburn, they call 911 for an ambulance. The negro of course exaggerates the symptoms. Ambulance crew has no choice but to take it to the ER. So the crew loads the morbidly obese parasite into the ambulance and head for the ER. The other 11 negroes in the house shuffle outside and get into the 8 cars in the yard and all follow the ambulance.

Any one of them could have taken the parasite themselves, and probably quicker because they wouldn't have had to wait for the ambulance, and they all drive like maniacs anyway. But no, gots to call da amberlamps coz it be free wit da medicaid.

This happens 24 hours a day in every city with even a small negro infestation. Just running up the costs for the rest of us like they always do.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I don't go to downtown Atlanta very much anymore- nothing there for me- but if I was a good shot, I might be tempted to drive by and thrown a rotten tomatoe at the mural of John Lewis....
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Incredible!! Shooting at EMT's, Paramedics, all first responders for that matter.CAN we hear first hand by any race realists,i.e. 1st responders please preferably from this area of AL.How can these brave people go into these combat zones and still want to keep their jobs ???I am a former Navy Hospital Corpsman who saw action during the Saigon evacuation, I cannot even fathom the idea of trying to save someones' life and getting shot at IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY FOR heaven's sake. Can we please get some responders to take a stab, at this crazy situation pardon the pun at why do you feel the need to die for people that hate your guts??

Kyle Winstead said...

I grew up in Marietta in the late 60s early 70s. After l came back from service and a couple years in Colo. Someone decided to expand MARTA (moving Africans rapidly through atlanta) to Marietta. First it was mexes then nogs, time for me to go. Marietta used to be a nice city.

Mr. Rational said...

Barbecue was learned from the natives, that's another black history myth. They taught the settlers how to smoke meat

Nonsense.  Smoking for cooking and preservation probably dates back to the paleolithic.  Smoked meats and sausages have been staples for many centuries; Europeans didn't have to learn it from anyone.

Know something else?  Blacks didn't create jazz either, Ludwig von Beethoven wrote a jazz riff in eighteen-twenty something.

If you are reading about a purportedly Black invention, it's almost certainly a lie.  Unless it's the Super-Soaker.  And maybe even then.