Friday, January 20, 2017

"...we give it back to you – the people."

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True story: in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, Trump Tower in New York City was used as the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises

Now President Donald Trump even attended the New York City premiere of the movie

Why bring this up? [Donald Trump's Inauguration Address Compared To Bane Speech From 'Dark Knight Rises', Access Hollywood, 1-20-17]:

Part of Donald Trump's inaugural address sounded awfully familiar to some Batman fans. 
A real photo of Donald J. Trump at the 2012 New York City premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. In the background is an image of the man he quoted in his inaugural address... 

Following the new President's swearing in on Friday, social media users noted that one line from his speech seemed to echo supervillain Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises." 
Speaking on the front steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Trump told his audience that "we are transferring the power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people." 
In Christopher Nolan's 2012 film, Tom Hardy's masked character shares a similar sentiment while pledging to shift control in Gotham City. 
"We take Gotham from the corrupt, the rich, the oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you – the people," Bane says. "Gotham is yours."
Bane was, of course, the actual hero of The Dark Knight Rises (as a member of the League of Shadows, he worked as a check against the corruption of society that Batman lacked the courage to actually confront).

There can be absolutely no doubt Trump, or his speechwriter, knew exactly what they were doing when they added this line into his address.

Absolutely, positively no doubt.

Buckle up. It's going to be a hell of a first 100 days.


Bird of Paradise said...

As wwe have seen liberals are a bunch of sore losers and poor sportsmansship their rioting,vandalising and commiting acts of arson and crimes and just your typical anarcists and bolshveks they realy need to leave america and the sooner the better

Anonymous said...

In short, it's just more of the same. Why the racial right is so excited about this guy is baffling.

I am part of the 'race realist right' and I was excited that we didnt get 2 serial killers, who might have nuked Russia.
Thats much to be thankful for.
Clinton Body --- 5 killed in 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

You bet it will! It was a hell of a first T-minus 18 months.
Give em hell, PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why "angry white men" played a huge part in the election and not "angry white women", "angry black man", and so on?

This guy covers it perfectly, even covering white former Obama voters and "whites without a college degree":

Anonymous said...

Bane was the hero of TDKR?

I'm not sure that I follow this line of thinking as Bane was a "badass" Bernie Sanders, fighting for anarchy and socialism on the surface but really working so that a power-mad psychotic woman could achieve her endgame.

Anyhow, thank God that Trump is in charge, I can't wait for the MAGA to kick in. Hopefully we'll get to see that "law and order" on display in DC forthwith.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Early yesterday morning, I held a ceremony in honor of the waning Obama administration and its achievements. The commemoration began with me walking into the bathroom with a newspaper. The festivities concluded with my wife yelling "Turn on the fan!".

Anonymous said...

Trump is crashing the D.C. establishment ...


Anonymous said...

Trump's now a Big Guy ....

... for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Q: If Hillary took off that pantsuit, would she die?

A: It would be extremely painful.

Anonymous said...

Nobody care who Trump was ...

... until he put on the presidency!

Antidote said...

I had to listen to a lot of corrosive crap whilst Obongo and Moochelle were in the White House. He said that America was "a proposition nation" so that my family's eight generations in this country were exactly the same as a recent illegal alien from Ooga Booga land. He said that America "was no longer a Christian country" even as he and Ellison proclaimed, "Islam has always been a part of America." I was told that race doesn't exist---that it's only a soshul construck----even as we celebrated Bl@ck Histry Mumf and were told by Holder that the Civil Rights Division would nor defend Whites.
The Obongo Regime is gone. The Obongo Regime is on the wrong side of history. The long night of the negro is over.

Anonymous said... you...the WHITE people!!

The founding majority of our country is coming back...WHITE people, and our higher IQs etc. It's genetic, don't forget!

And look at this line form Trump's speech!:

"And the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."

Totally calling out the n*ggers and various muds amongst us, infesting our great nation!! Haahahahahaaaaa...!

He's onto you, you animals!! No more multiple time and your in your cages for life, chimps!!

This will be glorious to behold...!!

Go get'em tiger!!

Hail Trump!!

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I did not get to comment on the Trump expectations/impressions thread, so I will do it on this one.


To me the biggest takeaway from this entire election is that the power of the SWPL/DWL type white is basically finished. Their plan was to seed the land with as many dependent non-whites as possible so that through sheer numbers alone, conservative/normal whites could not win national elections. They believed that this coalition of browns and blacks would remain grateful and loyal to DNC leadership in perpetuity and team up with SWPL whites as an unbeatable voting block. They really believed they had accomplished this following the two Obama victories coupled with the demographic trend data, which is part of the reason they were so bold and condescending in mass and upon social media toward flyover whites. They really treated this election like a mop up operation.

A candidate like Obama was able to stitch these groups together, but in his absence, they splintered. Because the DWL does not understand RACE they had no way to foresee any of this. Non-whites are only loyal pets until they feel they can control things, then they attempt to seize power and shove others out of the way. The idea of "sharing" power is a white people thing, not a "universal human value." Democracy fails in the non-white world for this very reason, every time without exception. So with whites on the wane, that is precisely what occurred in the DNC - they hedged their bets and went all in on non-whites as a strategy. They decided the white men (Bernie Sanders idealists, and the rust belt union worker types) were not as important as the hispanics and blacks, teamed up with unmarried white women - basically everyone with an axe to grind against the "white male patriarchy."

Instead of conservative whites being overwhelmed by the dark hordes in general elections - all that they managed to accomplish is to overwhelm the very white, very left wing during the PRIMARY portions of their own in party selection process. Blacks and hispanics are now able to threaten to abstain from participation unless they get non-white DNC representation and candidates who run on exclusive gibs platforms. The DNC rather than having this constituency under their thumb, is under the thumb of that constituency to win.

All the SWPL actually accomplished was to alienate themselves, with no natural allies anymore. The non-whites care about gibs and spoils, nothing else. And they now have the numbers to control who wins their own primaries in the DNC. These non-white democrats do not care about gay rights, climate change, and all the other left wing white people shit!

There is going to be nowhere for the SWPL to go. Their ability to influence policy or drive the agenda is finished. It may take a decade to set in, but when that alienation finally does set in among these people - it is going to be something to see. These left wing white types will be forced to confront racial reality, because they have no political voice or venues after they made the DNC fully non-white.

Bird of Paradise said...

Repeal all those UN treaties signed under Obama like the UN Small Arms Control Treaty and end the global warming poppycock and have Obama,Clinton and Holder indited for their crimes

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus, excellent post. I just watched the DWLs creating chaos in Chicago. They disgust me more than the lowly negro. It will be nice to see their white asses beat to a pulp by their black pets.
Female in FL

NC Realist said...

Jan 20th 2017 surely must have been mentioned in Nostradamus's writings. I haven't seen it yet...but I hope someone might find a reference to it. Regardless....ONE thing will NEVER EVER change...THE COMMON LOW-LIFE VILE NASTY NEGROE will always be...JUST THAT. The muslim obama is the perfect example. He showed that yesterday...defiant even AFTER he was knocked down off his throne. The average negro hasn't anywhere near enough intelligence to do anything other than make veil threats. The one main thing that any decent American living in this country has to worry about is common scum of the Earth liberal like Hitlary Clinton and her followers/minions. People like Soros and the likes...need to be eradicated. Keep this in mind....every time you see a negro ....its nothing without its supporting liberal. #Liberals Death Matters

Anonymous said...

think this is orc?

I'll bet my left nut.

Trump, HELP US!!!

Anonymous said...

It would be extremely painful . . . for you.

Fed Up In NY said...

I see it like this:

The White House is the vehicle.

President Trump is the gas pedal.

We're the foot on the gas pedal.

We now need to keep the pedal to the metal or it's all for nothing.


Ex New Yorker said...

America is filled with victims. They all come in different sizes, colors and sexes. How the hell do these flunkies find the time and money to travel to far away cities so they can gather in large crowds to partake in their victimhood orgies (aka..protest).

Misery loves company and by forming large crowds they get some kind of perverted power by sharing and glorifying in their morbid depressed lives. Today the WOMEN VICTIMS will be displaying their victimhood from coast to coast. What kind of country have we become. A nation of losers. Lost souls who can only find comfort in being miserable and filled with hate. Any little thing sends them into fits of rage. What kind of person needs "safe spaces" to protect them from the world.

My prediction for the next four years is that we will see masses of these fucking people protesting and rioting in the streets. Now that the great "hope and change" fantasy is over these cry babies will have to confront the real world. The new America will be a wasteland of mindless losers looking to join the next "victim of the week club". I think most of these people just need a good spanking and sent to their room WITH NO MILK AND COOKIES.

Anonymous said...

I am unsure about what Trump CAN do to contain negroes, or whether it is even possible. He could encourage inner cities to curtain their crime areas but what good would that do? He'll have a conservative Attorney General but I fear lawsuits galore 'cause those poor negroes feel picked on and besides, that they don't have to obey the law. Having suffered the loss of two teeth due to negroe monkeyshines, there's nothing I'd like better than to see them all shipped back to "Da Mudderland" but I simply don't believe it is possible, even feasible.

Anonymous said...

NAACP ‏@NAACP 2h2 hours ago

'Law & Order' is an assault on your generation, an assault on the Constitution & an assault on your civil rights. -@CornellWBrooks

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker said...

........What kind of person needs "safe spaces" to protect them from the world.

Kind of ironic when you consider that America was / is the world's safe space. Bunch of cry babies all of 'em.


Anonymous said...

To add to the awakening of our people by adding in NUMBERS, as in the amount of them! To the weak, pathologicalyl insecure among us who stupidly rationalize that is somehow permissible (Im talking to all the 'virtue signaling' phonies as well) to marry/breed with entities who are biologically farther down on the food chain - get a grip and do BETTER for yourself and our culture! Stick to your own kind! This type of self-inflicted genocide is getting rampant and its sickening to see on a daily basis. So tired of seeing white men and women lowering their standards to breed with the various kinds of mud-folk that already overpopulate planet - the negroes, the asians, the hispanic- all because of some ego dysfunction these deluded whites have that these predatory, lower on the food chain entities seize on to their obvious advantage but not that of ours, white culture?. White culture demands better, stronger, self-aware people - so do the work to elevate to that level, rise to the occasion as have millions of our ancestors before which is what made for our people creating the 1st world cultures that is the ENVY of the entire world and one that is actively being besieged on a 24/7 basis by the envious hordes of muds and their enabling SJWs/DWLs...This is what the Trump presidency is best signaling - we have to rely on ourselves and for ourselves - let the rest fend or decline as they will. Stop engaging with them as much as possible on your accord - stop paying into anything that benefits them or providing services to them that indirectly supports their numbers! Pull back on what your monetary needs are so that you can live with less as you move to disengage from an economy that currently seeks to feed them (gibs culture) more than us. Hopefully Trump admin can change the tide in a significant way but in his own speech, he's telegraphing its in our hands to pick up the baton/ball that has been momentarily shifted back into our court after 8 long years and make sure it gets passed along, one to the other to another, of our OWN kind/European based culture in this relay race gone amuck in this country. Where in the Constitution is there a mandate for this to be a 'browner' country? What a load of feces preferential crap that came out of that last speech from the psycho mulatto we've suffered under for 8 yrs. Yet no hew and cry from the MSM on that insanely deluded arrogant BS? Yet if the inverse were to be made, that this will be a 'whiter' country? The MSM propagating outcry would be deafening!...Wake up - stop colluding with the muds in all their less than the best forms and strive for better, for the best, for our EUROPEAN standards across all areas of your life for what choice do you have if you want to avoid living in 3rd world conditions everywhere in this country and the world? Brexit is underway, USA with Trump has followed and one hopes that more of Europe will as well - France with Le Pen and Germany ousting the Soros sell-out Merkel!

Anonymous said...

The insane left has indeed gone off the deep end. With these idiots running around loose I don't see how anything will be fixed. Find these morons a safe space with 100 abortionists and several thousand psychiatrists. Don't forget the Prozac and Xanax. A few bottles of bourbon wouldn't hurt either. Wow!

Pat Boyle said...

One thing Trump will certainly bring is a new approach to 'Global Warming'. So it behooves us to dwell a moment on this popular political-scientific issue for a moment before it fades away.

#1 - It will fade away. It's hard to believe now that Obama has spent so much time and effort to promoting the idea that Warming is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. But fade it will. Try to remember the hysteria than surrounded the idea that COBOL date code was going to crash airliners and hospital operating rooms when the clocks went over to the new millennium. I was in data processing then of course and I was inundated with programs that would protect my organization from the 'Millennium Bug'.

But within a couple weeks after 2000 everyone forgot about it and COBOL coders were out of work again.

#2. Anthropogenic Global Warming is Real (but tiny, beneficial, and largely beyond our control). One of the reasons this issue has been so contentious is that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere really does make the earth warmer. Without greenhouse gases the oceans would freeze. But that has never been in question. The issue was how much of the added CO2 has increased warming. Richard Mueller a physics professor at UC Berkeley calculates that the US has in the last fifty years contributed to a rise in world temperature of one fortieth of one degree.(1/40)

#3. AGW is beneficial. There is no question about this fact. Greenhouse owners boost plant production by injecting CO2 into their facilities. As greenhouse gases increase plants thrive. Crops, forests, and weeds will all prosper with a little more CO2. We need more crops for our growing population. In the longer run we will have to control our CO2 emissions but for at least the next few decades the rise in CO2 and the mild warming it may bring will be beneficial.

#4. We can't do much about AGW anyway. The US is becoming a minor player in the carbon emissions business. Already China produces twice as much CO2 as we do. India will also soon surpass our emissions. None of the various international efforts to curtail CO2 by the developed nations has done much. They will likely be even less effective in imposing draconian restrictions on nations where millions routinely starve. Obama's carbon stance was mostly posturing. It provided him with material for his speeches but it did nothing in the real atmosphere.

#5. The northern continents are inverted triangles. That means that there is more land available the further north you go. If the world were to get considerably warmer we would have more land available for humans - not less. One third of Russia is above the artic circle. Canada also has vast lands covered in permafrost. If the world were to get considerably warmer. We would have to move to the north. The seas would indeed rise somewhat and some coastal areas would go under the waves but great swaths of lands in the far north would become warm and hospitable. The tropics would increase and too many areas would be uncomfortable without air conditioning, but the Great Plains would grow and there would be more temperate areas than now. Look at a map.



Pat Boyle said...


#6. It may be that mankind's industrialization has saved the planet. Back in the Precambrian the earth had much more atmospheric CO2 and was warmer. But over time the carbon was lost to the biosphere. It was buried in the earth and formed coal seams and oil reservoirs. Gradually over millions of years this carbon sequestration created a cooler earth. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been dropping for millions of years until some scientists worried that by removing so much carbon from the biosphere that plant life would suffer and fade.

But at the last moment mankind arose and dug up and returned the carbon to the biosphere. Plants returned and animals flourished. Our stinky, smelly coal burning factories began to restore the balance and the earth blossomed again.

Some of the above is probably wrong, but if it is a fable at least it's a hopeful fable rather than the depressing fables of Obama and the liberals.


Anonymous said...

100% agreed. We were taught as children NOT to be sore losers. You congratulated the winner and tried harder the next time.
Temper tantrums were for two year olds.


Anonymous said...

"I am part of the 'race realist right' and I was excited that we didnt get 2 serial killers, who might have nuked Russia."

It's revealing that his major selling point to you is that he is NOT a Clinton. I suspect that was true for a lot of people. But I wonder if a guy with a cabinet full of generals and family ties to Israel is going to be much better.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of idiot that just makes things worse.
Why don't he advertise locks are against civil rights so he won't be using his anymore?
Break into my house and you will discover that door was locked for your protection.


Anonymous said...

I believed it was MSNBC that had to to point out many more people attended Obama's inauguration than Trumps.
Well Duh! It was Friday. Trump supporters had jobs to go to and paychecks to pickup. Doesn't mean he had any less support.


Anonymous said...

J.J. we were also taught to share in grade school and by our parents, remember? Share your toys, your treats, whatever you have.
but the blacks and immigrants don't share, they take. We're supposed to share with them, but they're not supposed to share with any white people.
The most sickening sight I took in this year were the masses of black adults and children trick or treating in my neighborhood - ruined Halloween for me.

Well DT. hope you can make American safe for white people again.

The organizers of these marches are paid. The community groups and organizations that show up have paid staff who corral members on the the chartered buses that are paid for by the non profit along with meals, snacks, t shirts, posters, banners, metro cards home. The majority of people in these demonstrations did not pay their own way.

These marches depress me.

Anonymous said...

If the scientific community and Al Gore are so worried about 'man made' climate change why are they emptying out all the third world hell holes? In third world backward countries very little carbon is used or expelled. Now move the third world into modern countries and voila....more carbon. Make up your minds, man made global warming, or everything must be shared. Can't really believe both. P.S. Stfu. You folks on the looney left are giving me a daily migraine.

KasPAr said...

"...#5. The northern continents are inverted triangles. That means that there is more land available the further north you go. If the world were to get considerably warmer we would have more land available for humans - not less..."

Pat, you always make me feel better.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 9:27:

What can Trump do? Deal with murder, rape, assault and other black dominated crimes without the kid gloves. I would love to hear Jeff Session yell "send in the damn tanks"!

But you can meet them with overwhelming force but you can't stop them from engaging in TNB or get them to turn in criminals- yes, so you take them for what they are and work around them.

If black eyes aren't going to "snitch" (i.e. do their civic duty to look after their own neighborhoods) then you set up eyes of your own. You develop a file on every male Dindu who feels the urge to frequent and terrorize whitey-ville events and then use those files to identify them back in the hood when they inevitably get caught breaking the law.

The dindu's behavioral patterns are well documented and at this point highly predictable. Stop treating them as if they are an evolving threat. Increasing, yes. But they are stupid, selfish and short-sighted regardless of their numbers. Always remember this.

Like a poster above remarked, they are NOTHING without white liberals propping them up. No money, no ideas, no organization, and no finesse.

D-FENS said...

When someone from an undeveloped country relocates to the US, their "carbon footprint" increases by anywhere from 3 to 10 times. Yet most that worry about CO2 tend to favor open borders.

My argument with the climate changers is based on the climate models which estimate increases in temperature from increases in CO2. These models are "hindcasted" against past climate in order to tune them. Once this is done, there is no independent climate record to test them against - they must be run against the real time climate. The problem is that there are several climate cycles that have periods on the order decades. They are not well understood. For a robust confirmation, a run through at least 3 cycles would be needed. As an example, the Kepler spacecraft required 3 orbital periods before confiming that it had detected an exoplanet. So we are looking at a confirmation time of at least 30-50 years. During this time, the models are improved say, by adding the effect of clouds or ocean currents. Now the verification period needs to be reset since we have in effect been allowed to retake the test after seeing the answer key. Further, the models have not predicted the slowdown in warming over the past 10-15 years - a significant part of their verification run.

The other argument is that these models are being relied upon to extrapolate into regions of CO2 concentration that we have no recent, accurate data for. They try to get around this with semantics saying that they are "projections".

Then there are the problems with determining the consequences from warming such as precipitation, degree of ice melting, wind patterns etc.

Anonymous said...

Trump just announced form Oval Office!:

"We gotta stop the racism, the Mike Brown-Trayvon stuff. We gotta get the police of color in there to deal with their neighborhoods; they do it best. So I'm making new laws, terrific laws, that we can enact and stop all the terrible racism we saw under Obama. So, from now on, in majority Black areas we have Black police and ambulance crews, etc. it's only fair; really fair".

"And we are going to address hate crime legislation. You commit a crime against someone from another race, you get the regular penalty - times 100. White kid mugs little old black lady - the book gets thrown at him. Life in lockup. Same the other way. Gotta stop racism,. Gotta do it. I'm sorry."

Get ready...

Anonymous said...

One thing that needs to be addressed is career welfare. Libs whine about poverty causing crime yet insist on paying "poverty stricken folks" to breed. Why are we breeding, and importing, more poverty? Poverty is a myth in the U.S. Working families can only afford two or three children at most; Child care costs around $700/month per child in my area while poverty mommas are paid $600 per illegitimate chowd per month. Add free housing, medical, sail foam, etc. The last number I saw put the annual equivalent income for welfare sows at around $70,000/year. Look at that and look at the living standards of the average negro and it's rather obvious that "poverty" isn't the problem. It doesn't take a black guhl mathematician to see we must eliminate welfare as a career choice or we will drown in the sea of diversity.

Then again, that may be the intent.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at hundreds of photos of the massive woman's protest marches across the country. I found it very comforting that hundreds of female multi-millionaire movie and rock stars were there to protest their daily struggles in America. I know life must be very difficult living in their Malibu Beach and Beverly Hills 30 million dollar mansions. I cannot imagine the anguish they must endure trying to find a parking space for their private Lear Jets. Their life is a constant fight to succeed in this sexist male dominated society. I feel so sorry for these poor women. I even saw Yoko Ono in her wheelchair. Oh how she must have suffered these past 25 years.

It looks like the King of Dorks will be the new spokesperson for the female justice warriors. Mister Stud Muffin himself (Michael Moore) gave an arousing speech of unity and inspiration for all the struggling women of American.

I am so glad that the leftist women support our serial rapist Muslim brothers and other third world citizens who move to America for a welfare check and to fulfill their desire for some of that nice white pussy. The long struggle is just beginning. Coming soon to a town near you.