Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Western world is on the verge of a civil war to determine if Islam has the right to conquer western civilization or not. Think about that...

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There is nothing else to say about what's happening after President Trump dared implement American law to protect American lives and our way of life. 
One man is standing against eternal dispossession of whites in America, a cartographer trying to chart a course for white Americans to embrace their past so that they may have a future

Refugees, would-be refugees, and those waiting to migrate to the United States have - to the detriment of white liberals and the coalition of non-whites united by their intense hatred of white America - absolutely no rights under the United States Constitution. 

Absolutely no rights. 

The mainstream/legacy/corporate media, academia, corporate America and the Democrat Party (as well as many within the Republican Party) are, after President Trump's actions, uniting to assert that Americans have no right in protecting their nation, their sovereignty or their future from the same fate we see in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. 

It boils down to this: 

The Western world is on the verge of a civil war to determine if Islam has the right to conquer western civilization or not. Think about that...


NC Realist said...

Sure feels good to see the long over due ass kicking. It feels REAL good.

Ex New Yorker said...

What is disturbing is seeing white women in large groups carrying signs saying REFUGEES WELCOME. We saw the same thing for the last couple years in Europe and now it is happening here. Who are these people. You hear the feminist crying about "rape culture" and the same women are welcoming their future rapist to America. What is wrong with this picture.

By viewing this insanity from a safe distance it is hard to think things are going to change overnight. Looking at the photos of the protestors and flag burners I notice that most of them are white. How very sad that our fellow white citizens are the ones trying to destroy America.

The other thing I've noticed is most of the trouble is coming from larger cities along the coastal areas. Don't these people have jobs to go to or businesses to run. Are the truck stop waitresses in Kansas out protesting in the street. Living inside the FREE ZONE it is my observation that Middle America is still somewhat normal while those in the larger cities have become NUCKING FUTS. It's going to take more than Trump to clean this mess up. Maybe Mother Nature will give us a helping hand.

Anonymous said...

"Refugees, would-be refugees, and those waiting to migrate to the United States have ... absolutely no rights under the United States Constitution. "


...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

The Western world is on the verge of a civil war to determine if Islam has the right to conquer western civilization or not. Think about that...


I cannot get my head around the Islam religion. I studied it in high school and also in college. Subjugating women and forcing them to be what I consider slaves is something that teachers and professors swore to me was just a cultural thing. To me it continues to be barbaric.

Watching the obscene women's march recently, I was greatly appalled. The fact that so many women are embracing the Muslim religion, mostly white women, only enforces my belief that the Western world has completely taken leave of its sanity. Oh, and they seem to love gyrating and wearing pussy hats. Goes well with a hibab and burka, I hear.

And a timely article, Mr. Kersey, for there is yet another "Muslim" attack on a mosque in Montreal this evening. The Russian press, RT, reveals that the at least one of the shooters shouted out "allah Ackhbar!" Funny, our press and even the British Daily Mail are silent so far on that little tidbit.

I will confide in you all here, and I don't want to sound like a nut, but I was beginning to wonder why all of the "Muslim terrorist attacks" have ceased happening these past few months. It is almost like I can sense the next one coming. That's pretty freaky. And now, with the uproar over Trump enforcing immigration laws that were already on the books, we get yet another "Muslim attack". This time in Canada.

What force or entities are behind these "random" attacks? They all seem to be tied to political events.

From one of my favorite song lyrics from the fifties, "Could it be our boy's done something rash?" Extra points if you can guess the party in question.

A beer at the establishment of your choice is on me to the first one who can peg the song and its singer.

One who can see said...

We are about to see just how cucked the USA has become. I hope Trump keeps pushing these buttons and I hope it causes California to secede. That seemed ludicrous not so long ago. But now I think quite possible. And if they did, they'd be followed by Oregon, Washington and the North Eastern states. The sane remainder of the country would have to kick out the parasites living in DC and take back OUR capitol. Imagine the nation this could be once again!

Anonymous said...

"How very sad that our fellow white citizens are the ones trying to destroy America. "

Some people probably said that about the Christian abolitionists, but look how that turned out. After the War, even the states in the former Confederacy ratified the 14th Amendment.

Bird of Paradise said...

And thats why Obama allowed all these so call refugees into america its all the plans of the CFR,UN, amd mamy other sinister forces working with terrorists supporting nations at the Useless Nations why else do they oppose trump

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Ex New Yorker,

I already posted my comment and then I saw yours. Great minds think alike? It is not just television where I see this white idiocy. I work with a huge number of these morons every single day. Liberal whites that openly call for Trump's assassination. The older I get, the more lunacy I see in the white human race. They openly beg for their displacement, rape, and murder. You can almost see it in their eyes - a sort of glassed over, hypnotized gaze with a strange sneer across their face. They will walk away whenever you question the logic of their beliefs.

I had a brief discussion with a negress I work with today. She was outraged that Trump is enforcing our immigration laws. I said, "If I tried to immigrate to Mexico without papers, I'd be thrown out in a heartbeat. I know retirees who had to go to great lengths to retire there (cause it's cheap)." She did not believe me.

Again, I tried reasoning with her. I said, "If you do not have borders, you do not have a country."

She said, "Well, there are people who are fleeing war torn areas. What about them?"

I said, "There are legal as well as illegal paths to citizenship. It is not fair to not equally enforce the laws to law abiding people vs. illegal aliens."

That temporarily shut her up. The icing on the cake? She is not a citizen. Has her green card, and a niglet (no husband), and collects some handsome benefits).

Sometimes I just want to give up. There is no fixing stupid. I fear that when the race war comes, we will lose many, many, cucked whites. Darwin at work, I suppose.

AnalogMan said...

It's not Islam, per se. Rome didn't fall because it was conquered by Goths, Vandals or Huns. None of those Barbarian tribes could have conquered Rome in its heyday. They sacked Rome because it was rotten and defenceless.

That is where we as a race, and as a civilization, are today.

Islam could sack the West now, but it could just as easily be the Chinese, or the Africans, or the Indians, a la The Camp of the Saints. Just a gentle push will do it.

I just got through watching this video, twice. It's hard to take it all in at once, because at points the narration continues while a different text scrolls down the screen. It includes video of atrocities that will be familiar to readers here: the knockout game, the home invasion captured on the nursery monitor, and so on. It's nearly an hour long, but well worth your time. Please watch it, and spread it around.

It's a propaganda film for the Butler Plan, the Northwest Front, though it gives no details of the actual plan. It concentrates on the need for separation and renewal. I was impressed with the quality. It's good to see our side starting to master media skills. This is absolutely vital.

YouTube: Our Time is Coming.

Fun fact from the video: Of 22 historical empires, 19 of them fell when they reached the stage of decadence that America is in now. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

There is a giant parasite class in America at the federal, state and local level which depends upon government for its daily bread. The main purpose of state and local government is to have a big payroll by spending and taxing as much as they can. Occasionally the government does something useful like put out fires or catch criminals but the main purpose of government is simply to grow like a tumor. The more people who depend upon a government check the safer government is thus the constant growth of government through economic dependence of the populace.

This results in a large and growing class of minorities perpetually on welfare and aggrieved because they are wogs and don't like the daily unfavorable contrast between them and white people. The grievance industry of wogs cultivated for the last 60 years under the guise of "civil rights" and "equality" has meant an enormous growth in government at all levels to fix the unfixable problems the wogs create. This has also created opportunities.

A class of millionaires who build then tear down slums, lawyers constantly suing, universities edumacating the uneducable, professional grievance societies such as $PLC, LULAC, La Raza, United Farm Workers, NAACP etc. and religious organizations running the "compassion" racket have grown up around government money. Most of this started with FDR and his New Deal which expanded government dependency enormously in the 1930s followed by the "Great Society" of LBJ. Moslems are just the latest and most violent iteration of this government racket.

Immigration became an integral part of these rackets because of the dependency of wogs upon government. I believe in biology this is called a symbiotic relationship. The U.S. government and its owners also controlled the issuance of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency since 1944 which was crucial in growing the government.

By attacking immigration in general and Moslem immigration in particular Pres. Trump is attacking Leviathan thus the violent reaction from the ruling class. What the ruling class doesn't realize is that these rackets have reached their logical end. 20 trillion in debt, hundreds of trillions more off the books means minorities (especially Moslems) are no longer affordable, something has to give.

What Pres. Trump wants to give is immigration, what the ruling class wants to give out is white people.

The other guy from NE

Anonymous said...

Massacre at Canadian mosque! They have the people who did it...but hiding their identities...why?

Demand we see and know all about the perps IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Why hide them??!!

Valkyrie said...

I have friends that are so afraid that Trump is going to take away their rights etc. ect.He's going to throw their friends out or worse put them in prison just because they want a better life blah blah blah.You get my drift. When I ask them if they want what is happening in Europe here I get a blank look when I tell them about it they don't believe it and accuse me of buying into conspiracy theories,These are people that I have known for 20+ years and used to think were well informed and at least of normal intelligence but they all have this in common they are politically (IN)Correct.It's like a part of their brain is missing.I don't think they would 'see' if a Troop of pavement apes kicked in the door and killed their whole family down to the pet goldfish while muslims buggered the dog!I have given up trying to get through to them,in fact I hardly talk to many of them anymore.

Proudyt said...

The hypocrisy of the left knows no boundaries. While they protest a ban on Muslims in our country Muslim's throw gays off of buildings and stone to death women who leave their homes unaccompanied by a male. Is everything that comes out of the left mouths bullshit ?

Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with a lot of white woman, they are just plain nuts. There is no other way to put it. They range from a very young age to very old age. Just look at that still unnamed liberal Portland hag hauled off Alaskan Airlines. I personally witnessed an old bag telling me Obama was cute as a button!
Something needs to be done about public education. The finished product they are turning out is defective.
Trump won't fold, he's doing what he knows is best for the country.
Female in FL

chattanooga gal said...

you're right. I remember the people in Europe welcoming the "refugees" with signs and flowers. now they are having to wear high tech chastity belts to protect themselves from the rape culture of said refugees and be wary of ever being in a crowd anywhere for fear a terrorist may bomb you or run you down with a truck. And we saw every bit of it on television. How dumb do you have to be to ignore evidence that is dancing gleefully right in front of your face?

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Senator Chuckie Schumer and his ilk. (please understand my true meaning of ilk) will make sure we have plenty of Muslims to keep the pot stirred up. Balkanization will be the only hope for Whites that remain and they better not give up their weapons, or South Africa on steroids we become. Nomesayin?

Guest said...

President Trump and those that are brave enough to speak out certainly has showed us the truth of what is going on out there which is on display daily with the so called protesters. We have a war alright and it is with the main stream media aiding and abetting the progressives aka communists which have infiltrated America.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

It will be very interesting to see what the results are from the investigation of the mosque fire in Victoria, TX.

Generally when something seems too sensationalist to be true, it probably is.

This is a news story that has been kept pretty quiet even though it BEGS round the clock coverage from mass media, especially its coordinated timing with the enacting of the travel bans.

So why are mass media intentionally avoiding this low hanging fruit that could, under normal circumstances, drive their narrative by further encouraging sympathy for muslims as victims of bigoted, ignorant hate?

I suspect it is because the arson is such a sloppy and transparent hoax that no one wants to sign off on the narrative, nor build up public interest in it, since that would shine light on the duplicitous lengths muslims are willing to sink to achieve victim status.

Rather than strengthen the narrative, it counters it, and must therefore be memory holed.

Anonymous said...

Read all the official statements and comments about the latest attack in Quebec-every single government official praising "diversity", and sucking up to muslims, while implying that it was White Canadians who attacked the mosque, when in reality, it was Syrians.

Anonymous said...

My traitorous, white libtard brother is married to a Puerto Rican woman. He is trained as an engineer and actuary. Very smart, but very stupid.

After marriage, he moved to Puerto Rico and lived for 5 years while he worked for a venture capital firm and made a ton of money. His job fell under government scrutiny, and so he was quickly fired. He used to tell us stories about the Puerto Ricans' low IQ, stupid behaviors, and the fact that they all went to loiter at the Walmart and suck up the air-conditioning. That they can't drive. Their country is shitty, etc. He said they were all lazy scum on welfare. He could not stand living there anymore. But being a superior white man, and could signal his virtue by living there and bitch about it. He started larping as a Puerto Rican, plucking his eyebrows, shaving his arms, tanning, and picked up a thick Puerto Rican accent. We used to laugh at him.

He moved back to the USA a few years back to start his family, and chose to settle in a 99% white suburb. His two mixed daughters go to all-whites schools. He is such a hypocrite. His PR wife now supports him financially and he's a stay-at-home dad at age 50. He's angry and hostile about everything because his ideology is based on a mountain of lies about equality.

Today on Facebook, this sellout moron is defending the Moslem invasion, saying that we "are all immigrants" and "any Christian who is against immigration is not really a Christian.." He is a certified negrophile and zookeeper for his nonwhite friends. He openly promotes and is an advocate for homo marriage and gay pride. He raises his daughters to be feminists and pursue STEM careers. He believes that whites are boring and have no culture. We are just "blah" in his own words.

He has defended his Turkish friend at a bar. He fought in Desert Storm, and criticized the retarded Afghans, so he knows better. Now he denounces rednecks, Confederates, Nazis, and the KKK. It's so pathetic. These sick whites really just want to commit demographic suicide. His other best friend is Korean. He dated an African woman while he was serving in the military.

I am so sick of these people.

Robert Dezinna said...

An American President thinking of America First is somehow inappropriate. These MSM media scumbags are really trying to say black is white, the moon is the sun, and a dog is a cat.

George Weinbaum said...

Larry Auster, now deceased, wrote about this at "View From the Right" years ago. I suggest everyone who reads SBPDL read Auster's blog.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Absolutely no rights."

Our founding documents suggest that ALL MEN have certain rights, given by God, and inalienable. That said, the Constitution for the United States of America does NOT guarantee these rights to the world, but to the citizens of the several states and those of "The United States" (freed slaves, residents of Washington DC, military bases, and territories, etc). If those mongrels want to secure those rights they must take up arms in their own lands and claim and/or defend them then codify a system of government which protects and guarantees them for them and their descendants in their own lands.

"Don't these people have jobs to go to or businesses to run."

Is this a joke? Obviously this IS their job. Atavistic revolutions may have the face of the under-man but the under-man is not who leads, organizes, and finances. Take the Bolshevik Revolution as an example, do you really think that a pack of folks who were underqualified to pick potatoes managed to fire up printing presses for propaganda, organize logistics and arming of a vast army, and manage to overcome a monarchy? Of course this is a rhetorical question, as history is plan as to who and (((who))) were responsible for funding and organization.

Certainly at some point it's just herd instinct and those who are unfit for civilization will revolt against it given the chance (see Stoddard), but I'd bet my life savings that someone is putting up a lot of money to stage these events. Of course we will NEVER see any action to follow the money trail and expose the (((communists))), (((traitors))), and (((subversives))).

In related news (((Schumer))) and (((Feinstein))) have hastily crafted a bill to block any efforts to protect our borders from these savages. Starburgs founder (((Schultz))) has stated that they will hire 10,000 rapefugees, and Canada is desperately trying to figure out how they're going to spin the 3 Johnny Jihads that just shot up a mosque in what for muslims passes for a quiet discourse about the fine nuances of their faith last night.

Meanwhile, normal folks woke up this morning at 5 or 6 AM to feed their children and are at work right now doing their bit to maintain western civilization.


EX New Yorker: wrote above:

"Maybe Mother Nature will give us a helping hand."

I, too, have been waiting for something like that.

I was over-joyed with the spread of AIDS, but it damaged Gay parties and festivals faster than it spread across the truck routes of Africa. Once the powerful Gay Love lobby realized the AIDs virus was spread through gay sex, they were able to put the break on the spread of this amazing, natural, virus with their mono-Political agenda, (adoration of Anal Sex), and the support of homosexual politicians.

Then, when Eboli came to the rescue of the White Race, I was smiling, until I saw how the White "leaders" were willing to spend Billions to stop Eboli in Africa. We should have stayed out and let the African population return to the level before nasty, racist, hate-filled COLONIALISTS went into Africa and Africa became the "White Man's Burden" (Rudyard Kipling).

The negro and nature, back in Africa, had a very beneficial relationship and balance, all in keeping with the love of ecology, nature, and evolution (concepts adored and followed by progressive liberal white theology). Due to the random, promiscuous reproduction of nigglets, African Nature kept throwing newer, and better, and more lethal solutions to the over-population problem. Starvation was not enough, and took too long, thus Nature had to resort to more efficient techniques.

BUT THEN, White Man shows up with the miracles of his Brian (antibiotics, hot water, wiping the rectum, soap, (digging a hole - poop in said hole - cover poop with dirt originally removed to make poop hole...................) and caused the unnatural explosion of a sub-species way beyond the carrying capacity of Africa......(we defied and defiled Nature with our haughty sense of superiority)......and thus millions migrate to Europe and rape White girls.

But, we can be happy with small victories. The intelligence of American Police to "Stand Down" is helping remove THOUSANDS of known rapist, killers and felons from African Urban Jungles. I love the New Motto of the Chicago Police Department:


Their actions, in Chicago, are proving to be the BEST crime fighting approach ever. Convicted felons are being removed from the streets efficiently and cheaply. I personally thank the NAACP and BLM bowel-movements for this brilliant crime fighting strategy.

Anonymous said...

At The Former Miss Greenbaum, Would that song be Mack the Knife and the singer Bobby Darrin?

Anonymous said...

A beer at the establishment of your choice is on me to the first one who can peg the song and its singer"

Bobby Darin..."Mack the Knife".

Thanks for the offer of the beer, but I make my own.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin.

Anonymous said...

To FMG...Song is "Mac the knife"... by Bobby Darren? As to aliens having no constitutional rights, I think it is more accurate to say they have no rights to enter the country. Unfortunately, if they sneak in, then they have some due process rights in the deportation process, while they are still within US borders. That's what I liked about Trump's order - don't even let them on the airplane in the foreign city, cause they won't be permitted to de-plane here.

Anonymous said...

Google the Swedish refugee loving Elin Krantz. Fascinating story of a brain dead lib. Great picture of her naked body at the bottom of a ravine.
Female in FL

Oil 'n Water said...

Too easy, FMG; Mack the Knife, Bobby Darin. He knew he wouldn't live long, needed to take oxygen after performances. A great talent. Listen to his version of "If I Were a Carpenter" on You Tube.

Yes, the most disturbing part of the immigration of Muslims, blacks and browns into this country is Whites demonstrating FOR what amounts to their own demise. There is a tipping point…
This madness must stop.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Jan 29@923pm.
You should study more history before you try and speak towards the validity of the 14th amendment. Without going to in depth, as you would likely stop reading, those former Confederate states were required to ratify the 14th before they could regain representation in Congress. What other choice did they have? And remember it was no Civil war vying for control of the USA, it was a war of succession to determine their individual course. Honest Abe was the invader.

Anonymous said...

Yep! It's all twisted, convoluted bullshit.
Saw a young white woman toting a sign that said "Free Sharia Law". If she knew what she was for, she wouldn't be for it. Totally clueless idiots.


Anonymous said...

Trump is a blessing to America.
All these protests being on Americas coast's, mainly, is pissing off a lot of people in the "flyover states".
The leftist media and these "protesters" better start thinking about how many people there are in all those "flyover" states. We elected Trump!


Pat Boyle said...

At the risk of being pedantic "Mack the Knife" did not originate with Bobby Darren. It is one of the songs in "The Three Penny Opera" sung by Macheath (Mac the Knife) himself. The Three Penny Opera was written by Berthold Brecht and Kurt Weill in the twenties. Both were communists. It was the big hit of the Weimar Republic music and theater.

But the twenties German version was itself an adaption of John Gay's English version that was popular in the 18th century. So it's an old piece. There is movie version of Gay's piece in which Laurence Olivier plays Macheath. BTW Olivier is a terrible singer.


Anonymous said...

"Officers of color..."

White Won==>

Anonymous said...

The radical republicans in those state legislatures voted for that amendment. That or the legislatures did so at gun point.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm not quite as pessimistic about Islam as our host Paul Kersey is. If we rouse ourselves and vigorously oppose Islam and Jihad we should be able to demolish them easily enough. The problem has been - as I'm sure everyone here knows - that we elected a mulatto Muslim. Obama was raised a Muslim for at least a few years. Exactly how Muslim he was isn't known but I expect some revelations in the next few years.

It is known that Obama loved the sound of the Muezzin call to prayer. He said so himself. Now that he is out of the White House we discover that he had set aside space for Muslim prayers and established five times a day prayers towards Mecca. Obama appointed John Brennan as the head of CIA. Brennan is a Muslim convert.

So the idea that Obama was a 'hidden' Muslim practicing taqiyya is not that far fetched. Part of the reason that some are skeptical of Obama's relationship to Islam is because Obama apparently was also a Marxist. Remember Obama's long bizarre speech about how white people did not make their businesses? He did not believe in the individual accomplishments of anyone especially white men. He thought that inventions and innovations were due to the efforts of society as a whole meaning government.

Islam and communism are a strange coupling but not so strange in the Obama White House. Currently President Trump is trying to roll back the religious and collectivist ideas of Obama. Trump is being attacked of course. All this opposition reminds me of the similar attacks against Reagan when he started to oppose the communists.

I think a lot of the reaction to Trump's immigration reforms will blow over relatively quickly. The Muslims are quite vulnerable as an enemy. They have no Air Force. They have no navy. Indeed they have few real soldiers. Moreover Muslims in their odd religion worship cities. They pray to Mecca and Modena. These places are easy to bomb if we so wish. When we invaded Europe in 1944 all the continent was surrounded by fortifications. When we made a beachhead our Shermans were met by panthers and Tiger Tanks. And the Nazis were very damn good infantrymen.

We bombed in occupied France and then in Germany. We suffered terrible losses to the Nazi planes (Bf 109s FW 190s). The Muslims have no planes. Our best fighter for the last few decades has been the F-15 Eagle. No F-15 has ever lost a single engagement to an enemy fighter yet we are now replacing it with the F-22. Islam has no way to defend against our Air Force.

All we need is the will to resist.


Anonymous said...

This is precisely why Obama didn't enforce the borders, these are his "foot solders" to destabilize the country - to make it ripe for takeover. Same with the thousands of "undocumented children" that have been 'seeded' throughout our country - in ten years (or less) THEY will be the ones marching in the streets to steal what's left of our country, well trained by the infiltrators currently marching! In a just world, these White women protesting this ban would be rounded up and sent to live in a muslum country - never allowed back! Same for the jews and gays - JEWS and GAYS protesting FOR MUSLUMS!!! What next, blacks protesting FOR the klan - ok ok bad example - I'm POSITIVE that'll never happen, but work with me I'm blinded by rage right now!
For all of you that have lib friends/family that are driving you crazy, I can relate. Do what I've done to save your sanity - ban them from your life! You CANNOT change their minds. Let nature take its course and maybe one day a nice 'african'-American will beat some sense into them with an Amy Biehl trophy!

Anonymous said...

The best way to indicate his ilk is to use triple parentheses (((Senator Schumer))).

Anonymous said...

Disgusting what people like Chuck Schumer and "his ilk" are doing. Wish we could just deport them too.Then that scumbag "crys" on national television about immigrants. I often wonder myself, what the HELl is wrong with people in this country-especially on the west and east coasts. And Chucky boy shedding fake tears:. Men of my father's and grandparents generation sure wouldn't have stood for that nonsense

pyrrhus said...

It is well established that women love "bad boys" and alphas. Nothing says Bad Boy more than criminal invader....That's the reality.

Anonymous said...

The Trump Train is flying down the tracks, full steam ahead. Those who don't get on board will be run over, and good riddance to them. Every day when I wake up I smile (and laugh with pure joy!), knowing that this man is our President. I pray continually for his safety.

I am waiting for the boom to fall on the mainstream media for inciting riots, high treason, and other nefarious un-American activities. Don't know how the CIA or whomever is in charge of such things will go about singling out those responsible, but you know they're building their cases. It's also way past time Soros was arrested on the same charges. Not as though they don't already have enough evidence to put him under the jail. I can't help but think that their day of reckoning isn't too far off in the future.

There are only so many hours in the day and there are so many urgent things that need Mr. Trump's immediate attention. You know he and his team haven't been sitting idle all this time between the election and the day of the inauguration. They have been working hard and in secret, as it should be. You know there have to be serious plans in the works to put a stop to these riots. These whiny morons are well-paid to riot and destroy property. I have every faith that the Trump team will deal with these people and their handlers appropriately.

We are dealing with an entire generation that has been taught by the state-run "education" system that there is no such thing as personal responsibility. They have been taught how to blame everyone else when they don't get their way, and that whining and destructive behavior are the right methods of getting attention. There is no reasoning with liberals. None.

I also enjoy watching liberal heads explode at Sean Spicer's press conferences. Takes a lot to break through heads as hard and full of mud as theirs. Roll on, Trump Train. - Dixie

Anonymous said...

to "Anonymous at 5:17 AM"...your "traitorous, white libtard brother" according to your description is indeed a sick man, as in mentally ill with what appears to be one of the Cluster Bs schizoid disorders, some form of NPD, Covert Narcissist. Most of these disordered creatures suffer with pathologically insecurities, as are many who actively 'virtue signal', and seek any means possible, even to sociopathic ends (like marrying ethnics, living/working in 3rd world situations, etc) to appear what their deluded thinking perceives as 'superior'. My sister is one of these perverted people, too, so I recognize the symptoms and its best to have NOTHING to do with them for your own safety - they are capable of rationalizing illicit actions, abuse, even murder due to their perversely warped egoisms. They often have 'alternate' personalities that they shape shift into (thus the schizoid nature of the illness) so as to capture whatever attentions they can and will lie compulsively sans, any remorse, about their actions & reality even when confronted with it in an irrefutable manner. Judging by some of your comments, I would offer that your brother may have a latent, covert tendency to homosexuality that is driving much of his perturbations & projected self-loathing and running to those he 'sees' as beneath him so he can appear a 'champion' of superior means. Sadly, this is the same rabid, deeply decrepit mental illness that our entire country suffered under for the past 8 yrs until ten days ago. Trump has his own ego issues but they aren't of the deeply subversive orientation as are those of the grotesquely twisted mulatto that got paraded around as an imitation of POTUS for too long. Obama (& DNC) finally got the boot, appears your brother warrants the same - mitigate his delusions as you can but protect yourself as well as you are dealing with a very deluded, mentally ill person of the type that by midlife is incurable. This country needs to take back ownership of its collective mind, e.g. European mindset/philosophical/1st world civilized thinking, and never again let anything other than that steer this nation. - that 'equality' credo was NEVER intended to be applied to anything other than Europeans and its been distorted beyond all reason and the empiricism of natural law -species are distinct from one another all across the world - the universality of 'equality' does NOT EXIST. Trump has a a tremendous amount of course correction to get done - we ALL do and it starts with seeing that all the mud people are deeply envious of what our culture and want it for themselves while destroying us in the process and this needs to be acknowledged implicitly and worked against with every action we take throughout our day - from where we purchase our daily needs, to where we live, to who we employ, etc, etc, etc. Otherwise we will have the USA completely disintegrate into a 'Haiti' or some other irreparable polyglot shit hole, harbingers of which have already occurred in many parts of this country, as this blog readily points out to us with each and every post. Wake up and save the best that there has ever been and push for the saving of our motherlands in Europe as well as you all can should you have relatives/connections there still.

Anonymous said...

Already several smart posters beat me to it, but Bobby Darin, Mack the Knife

europeasant said...

"The mainstream/legacy/corporate media, academia, corporate America and the Democrat Party (as well as many within the Republican Party) are, after President Trump's actions, uniting to assert that Americans have no right in protecting their nation, their sovereignty or their future from the same fate we see in Germany, France and the United Kingdom"

The leaders (corporate,academia) understand that population growth needs to continue at least at a 2 to 3 percent rate every year.Without population growth there is no business growth.We can only eat so much and buy so many TV's and smartphones.

Our leaders are worried about stagnation.
If our population will not reproduce then our leaders will introduce fertile populations in order continue the population growth.They don't care who they import as long as consumption continues.
Where the end point leads we can only speculate.

LuLuBelle2000 said...

WA state just filed a lawsuit over TRUMPS Executive Order for a temporary ban. Here we go.

Anonymous said...

"Our founding documents suggest that ALL MEN have certain rights, given by God, and inalienable."

Imaginary rights given by the imaginary Christian God. Glad to see you admit it again. Now all we have to do is get you to admit that the Founders knew that negroes were men too.

"That said, the Constitution for the United States of America does NOT guarantee these rights to the world, but to the citizens of the several states and those of "The United States" (freed slaves, residents of Washington DC, military bases, and territories, etc)."

Exactly. They meant to guarantee equal rights to freed negroes too, and the Founders anticipated slavery would eventually be abolished. That's why they didn't explicitly restrict rights to white men, but in the Declaration of Independence, wrote that ALL MEN are created equal. Lincoln, during the seventh and last joint debate with Steven Douglas at Alton, Illinois on October 15, 1858, put it very well:

I think the authors of that notable instrument intended to include all men, but they did not mean to declare all men equal in all respects. They did not mean to say all men were equal in color, size, intellect, moral development, or social capacity. They defined with tolerable distinctness in what they did consider all men created equal—equal in "certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." This they said, and this they meant. They did not mean to assert the obvious untruth that all were then actually enjoying that equality, or yet that they were about to confer it immediately upon them. In fact, they had no power to confer such a boon. They meant simply to declare the right, so that the enforcement of it might follow as fast as circumstances should permit. They meant to set up a standard maxim for free society which should be familiar to all, constantly looked to, constantly labored for, and even, though never perfectly attained, constantly approximated, and thereby constantly spreading and deepening its influence, and augmenting the happiness and value of life to all people, of all colors, everywhere.

Lori Cooper said...

O/T. Thiis morning at 8:00 an Amber alert went out for a 4 yr. black child named Janylia Fails inn Columbus, Ohio. The mother reported she put her in the car and went back to get another child (or 6) and when she came back her car was gone along with her daughter. Police later found the car but no child. The mother confessed afterward that her daughter was at a relatives house. She said she lied about the child so the police would find her car faster. You might be wondering what exactly was her ride ( that was more important than her own child) it twas a 2004 Chevy Impala. She is being charged with falsification. These are the same m'fers that would ventilate cousin Jamal for eating that last chitin. Fails...can you believe that is someones last name????

Anonymous said...

Got to clean our own house before we can help those that are willing to help themselves. Can't just go in and do it for someone else if they aren't willing to maintain the course. So that leaves Africa out.


Anonymous said...

Rather amazing, however, to think that whites/progs/libs/neocons/etc. frame this as thinking it's up to them to give the kebabs PERMISSION.

In their minds they're still in charge, IOW. If we are harmed, it's a completely understandable and acceptable loss shoring up their power to grant or withhold the right to invade.

Anonymous said...

"There is a giant parasite class in America at the federal, state and local level which depends upon government for its daily bread. "

With all due respect, fuck you, you PR agent for the white male hating Globos.

My husband is a civil servant at the state level.

He is a highly skilled, highly trained infrastructure worker in his late 50s.

He is doing work that the private sector won't touch because it isn't lucrative enough by Globalist standards of economics. He has to produce RESULTS that people's lives depend on.

I'll bet my left arm that he's more productive in an hour than you are in a week. For starters he doesn't have time to read blogs, never mind comment at them.

He worked in high tech companies in the Bay Area and Seattle for many years.

At the apex of his productivity they cut him loose to hire H1Bs because they can be gotten cheaper. They can't do as good a job, and when they fuck up their projects, some young white guy (usually 30s) is called in to fix it. But that doesn't matter because these companies then move to the next thing. One fuckup to the next, and the numbers on Wall St. keep going up till they don't, then you declare bankruptcy, reboot, and the guys on the top of the pyramid walk away.

You have no right talking about my husband, a hard working white man and family man, like that. He is on call 60-80 hours a week for very little money, so that he can support his family and have time with us. Also, when he was in the private sector, we couldn't have a marriage or family life. He was supposed to be married to the Globos and their cadres of affirmative action vice presidents.

One last thing. The REAL parasites on tax money are the private companies that do bottom-dollar contracts for the public sector. You pull that money back, and none of them will be able to compete in a free market--big ag, Microsoft, THEY are the parasites. Men like my husband are hard working free AMERICANS.

Anonymous said...

Let them be lost. There is nothing you or I can do about it. I have begun to believe we as a people will be better because of it.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

I know many of the same sort of folk. I rightfully gave ip on them sometime ago.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Social security offices around metro Detroit are jammed packed with Muslim immigrants signing up for benefits. I'm not sure exactly what they get, but it must be something, or else they wouldn't be sitting there. Does anyone know what they receive from our government? Wish Trump would do something to correct the gpo and wep fiasco. Watching our money go to foreigners is disturbing. Sat in a social security office next to two African women who literally clicked to one another. Quite certain that they didn't leave empty handed. Cost of all this benevolence????

Anonymous said...

The song is Mack the knife and the singer is either bobby Darren or Louis Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

I just wish this website would actually let race realist from the military the police firefighter EMT post without censor...with all due respect mr. Kersey we know more than you...yeah we might not have a Ph.D attached to our name...or have graduated from one of these false prophet religious institutions but we know what is happening example George Washington's vision for America and what the ultimate outcome is...yes this is a runaway freight train but it's not out of control you forget who controls the final purse strings Majestic 12 Area 51 ring a bell....

Race said...

That's called traitor.

Race said...

TV always show whites raping, robbing and killing, even though crime statistics reveal just the opposite. TV tells women we are bad, and mud blood = Good

Anonymous said...

To hell with bringing refugees here. For what it costs to settle 10,000 Syrian refugees here, we can keep 120,000 safe and healthy back in the ME. In other words, in order to virtue signal sjw's would rather leave 110,000 refugees there to die by bringing 10,000 here, instead of taking 120,000 there.

Lefties are a cynical morally, depraved lot.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 5:17 am. Too bad we can't fix your brother and his family up with my cousin and her family. Birds of a feather for sure. You are correct when you say it's annoying. Most times we avoid the conversation of politics, and what that conversation brings. But, whenever we go there, yikes, my teeth are clenched for the duration.

Race said...

The 14th amendment was never legally ratified. That's not conspiracy, it's just so. You can't replace the southern state legislatures with half negros, push your bs through and call it kosher.

Anonymous said...

excellent comments here. some people with a functioning brain. god is so refreshing. at work im surrounded by liberal idiots... and posting comments like these on facebook can get you in trouble

Anonymous said...

I am a middle aged man, and have seen a lot in my life. When I see idiots out there protesting, I want to scream. Don't these idiots see what's going on in Europe or what's left of it?? I can't believe what my country has become. Nothing but stupid snowflakes who don't understand the full effect of these invaders... It's bad enough to deal with the illegals that come across and demand to be recognized. What the Hell has happened to the USA??
I pray that the good Lord will help our President to fix what has been broken by the democrats....
God bless the United States of America.
A Proud American

Anonymous said...

as I ramble on in Canada

up here in Canada we have charged a Quebec white man with borderline mysogynist and anti Islamic views..who also look Trump on his facebook

and now all out politicians are losing their minds and doubling down on diversity, on how Canadians have to do more to be more welcoming..

awww goodbye Canada, our feminist pro islam prime minister and pc sycophants will
be the ones to break down and cry that we didn't do enough to make immigrants welcome and use this as the excuse for any and all muslim issues in my country
when the real trouble starts

our foreign terror policy is that if we welcome (and pay for) our enemies to become our friends they will love and respect us.....
who our liberal leaders really fear and hate is Trump....

it's like living in an insane asylym up here..

please encourage your family and friends not to come to canada,
white Americans will be seen as oppressors, gun toting bible thumping hypocrites( I guess because they assert you are against abortion but all for shooting children in the head)oh yeah and racists who keep black people down

sadly the dark and mohameddian will probably be given refugee status

In my ,major city dark demographic crime is not as high in numbers but statistically shows the same as many US cities, take away the dark demographic and violent crime drops to utopic standard

we can't mention the dark demographic as it's illegal to collect "racist" data
but our elected reps and community leaders will trot out the community outreach and mnore edumacation crap, every once in a while they slip up and suggest midnight basketball which increased the rate of crimes committed

we also have a black police chief so you know..that's a great thing.. now most thugs have stopeed their evil ways and have gone to law school

our immigration minister is from Somalia, he came here at 16 became a lawyer, community leader and helped thousands of Somalis come to he is my immigration minister,
he also is my area rep. and canvassed at my door. told me how he helped thousands come to Canada and how immigration is great, I told him he would get no support here and he was genuinely confused as i'm sure no one else in my condo did anything but gush at him for the obvious result of their liberal largesse...
wait till the housing units down the way and past the tracks start overfilling with the disgruntled class

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is so many on the left say the USA is so terrible especially if your Muslim, Latino, Person of Color etc, and yet so many from Muslim, Latin and African countries, etc. want to come to the USA even risking their lives, Khaled Beydoun a Professor of Critical Race Theory in Detroit is always saying how racist the USA is and he always talks about white privilege and white supremacy, and I say to myself, if it is really so bad why do so many want to come? why do so few want to leave? (Many said they would leave if Trump won and none at least that I know actually did).

based on this, they should be grateful to not be allowed in, not letting them in protects them from white privilege and they should be grateful they are being protected from being in a racist country and they can stay in a country that is fair because it is all people belonging to the same group as them.

PLEASE someone explain the logic of them wanting to come to a country that according to many on the left like Khaled Beydoun is so horribly racist, and not wanting to stay in a country where everyone is of the same group as them meaning it has to be free of racism?

PLEASE someone explain the logic? I really can't figure it out. Thank you in advance.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

To expand on a point made by PJT, Howard Shultz at Starbucks just announced plans to hire 10 k refugees over the next 5 years. Following the advent of BRA, since when was a business allowed to decide where their new hires will come from? Try announcing that you intend to provide jobs for a hundred people who's family came over on the Mayflower and see what government agencies crawl out from under a rock to ruin you.

The next time you have to speak to a black (ugh), ask it what they think about Starbucks' plans, and the reasoning behind this decision.

A year or so ago, didn't Starbucks announce plans to open some shops in the deepest, darkest hoods? If they did well, you would have heard about them ad nauseam by now,correct?

N.C. ralist ll said...

Whoever made this post should seriously think about adopting a name; I found your writing to be profound and on point! Thanks you for taking the time to post.


Anonymous Anonymous said... from 12:30am...
There is a giant parasite class in America at the federal, state and local level which depends upon government for its daily bread. The main purpose of state and local government is to have a big payroll by spending and taxing as much as they can. Occasionally the government does something useful like put out fires or catch criminals but the main purpose of government is simply to grow like a tumor. The more people who depend upon a government check the safer government is thus the constant growth of government through economic dependence of the populace.

Anonymous said...

"War is when the government tells you who your enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself."
Not sure who said this, but it is timely.
Have Americans really forgotten 911 that quickly?? And how many "refugees' do the idiots think should be allowed over here before cutting it off?? There is not enough land, food, water, and resources for EVERYBODY. Do they not understand that flooding America with immigrants reduces resources in the future for THEIR children?? And that almost all other countries are strict about immigration, including Mexico?? Why is there not somewhere set up in some far away place with low population, for refugees to go to and work hard for their own freedom, instead of coming here and trying to steal our freedoms?? Or maybe let the idiots sponsor one immigrant each, and house and feed them.
The local news is making sure to interview every cute little illegal alien under the age of 10, to make hearts bleed. Seen about a hundred on tv so far. But so far, not ONE of them has said a damn thing about applying for citizenship and doing it the RIGHT way. Just complain, blame Americans and the government, etc. Not one word about the PARENTS putting their kids in that position to begin with. If they had tried to come here correctly, their kids would not be afraid of deportation. No sympathy here.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

"Some people probably said that about the Christian abolitionists, but look how that turned out. After the War, even the states in the former Confederacy ratified the 14th Amendment."

Hi Troll

The 14th amendment was ratified by bayonets on rifles marched into state assembly houses. It was the first act of Lincolns Marxists 48ers, each of these states resisted all they could, then their legislatures were removed and carpet bagger politicians were put in their place. This was the actual death of Mr. Jeffersons Federal Republic.

Anonymous said...

A Caliexit would be superb!! Take all the loon left states with you. Hell, just increase taxes by a Penny to a dollar to make up the difference. But with all the bottom feeders leaving might not need tax increase. Those states would soon turn into foreign countries and the conservatives would have no choice but to leave. I don't see CA going anywhere, but we can hope it happens. Idiots!!

Anonymous said...

OT but a few years ago I was lucky enough to go to Normandy and explore Omaha & Utah beaches. Seeing the German bunkers and fortifications made with feet of concrete and steel that is 6+ inches thick, in person is beyond impressive. It's a true testament to the quality of German engineering for building such structures, and American fortitude for storming and destryoing them.

Anonymous said...

Trump's response to Schumer crying was so good.
Asking who is acting coach was and saying that he's known him for years and he never pegged him as a crier made me laugh.

Proudyt said...

It's no use talking to them. My blood pressure soars and I'm afraid some of their stupid may be infectious.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Trump. He deserves our support.

Joshrandall said...

Re Anon at 11:29 AM :Bless you my friend!! Been there done that,got the psychic scars.My sister went off to help the Haitians,teach the poor negro etc ad nauseum. A nasty SOB,a Catholic nun. What has happened to the RC church?? Anyway,she abused my parents,was a piece of sh*t and I should've banished her from our lives,if only I had a brain and a harder heart.

Ex New Yorker said...

I have never been much of a religious person but I do have a very strong faith in God. Some of my best friends are very religious and we do not let our believes get in the way of our friendships. This is very good. These people are very nice, kind and non-judgmental towards others. With many of them I have never heard them speak an angry word about others. Over the last few years I have noticed a change. They have become tired of the none stop barrage of insults from Obama and the bias left wing press. I think it started with the speech about "guns and bibles" and telling them they "didn't build" their own businesses. The daily bullshit about calling them racist and bigots became tiresome. This media onslaught had an effect after eight long years. These nice gentle people started to get angry. I watched it happen. Who could blame them.

The majority of people I know have only been around blacks while in the military or college. I would call none of them racist. That also has changed. Zimmerman, Ferguson and Baltimore was what opened their eyes. Watching burning automobiles, buildings and gas stations on the nightly news had an effect on their points of view. Obama and Eric Holder along with the press ranting about killer cops, racism and evil white people. Yet there was not one film clip of white people burning or looting drug stores. Racism, racism, racism and blah, blah, blah took it's toll. I've been here over twenty years and never heard people using the N-WORD until these last few years. Remember, these are nice Christian people without a mean bone in their body. I saw them change. I called it the QUIET AWAKENING.

Trump won the election because of the media bias from the left. The CEO's of the TV and press never took the time to figure out that the masses of middle America was tired of all the bullshit and lies. The brainwashing only had an effect on the minority (the brain dead 15 percent). It never dawned on the politicians that you can't spend millions of dollars on Hillary TV commercials calling the people a bunch of inbred, redneck, racist, bigot, white trash, toothless hillbillies that fuck their sisters (aka...deplorable).

I would like to thank CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and the Washington Post and the New York Times for your coverage of the elections. It was because of you that Americans got angry enough to stand in line and vote for Donald Trump. Thank you very much.

Blue Eye Debil said...

Thanks for all the comments. A breath of fresh air.

All the marches, demonstrations, the crappy art installations (saw a couple tonight) that are anti Trump are depressing to me. I don't argue with people and I try not to talk about politics at all.

Everyone doesn't need to know my opinion or point of view. It's self preservation.

If you look at history, mass marches, demonstrations and rallies are never a harbinger of good news. They precede chaos and anarchy. This is not good, this is really bad. That's what scares me. Large groups of people in the streets can be set off to do mayhem as what happened on Inauguration Day.

For the person who was wondering what the Muslim's get- as long as they have that Golden REFUGEE status,(asylum or asylum-like) they get it all. With out ever working in the USA, with out establishing quarters, with out paying taxes, they get Social Security as do their children and elderly "parents". They get food stamps, Medicaid. In our City the welfare has an entire department for Immigrants.✓&affiliate=ssa&query=Refug

Anonymous said...

"You should study more history before you try and speak towards the validity of the 14th amendment. Without going to in depth, as you would likely stop reading, those former Confederate states were required to ratify the 14th before they could regain representation in Congress. What other choice did they have? And remember it was no Civil war vying for control of the USA, it was a war of succession to determine their individual course. Honest Abe was the invader."

What other choice? Why, sticking by their principles and refusing to ratify it, of course. Besides, several (Louisiana, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Arkansas, Florida) of them ratified it before it was passed, and two more (Alabama, Georgia) before it was unconditionally certified by the Secretary of State. At least Texas, Mississippi, and Virginia waited to ratify it until after it was already passed. Had all the former Confederacy stood on principle and refused to ratify it, the 14th Amendment might never have passed.

Cecil Henry said...

While violence is a concern, the prime reason we don't want non-Whites and Muslims is because we have the right to have our own countries.

The West, including Canada and America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for "all races and nations". To claim that it is, or was, is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.

This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy,
to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.

Anonymous said...

"Our founding documents suggest that ALL MEN have certain rights, given by God, and inalienable."

If God gives equal rights to all men, then that would include everyone in the world. That's always been the Christian/liberal dream and aspiration, of course; that everyone regardless of race or country would eventually accept Jesus, and that these Christian notions of liberty, equality, and fraternity would be recognized by the whole world. It's the same God-besotted fanatic ideology that motivated the abolitionists, but which sees world domination as the goal, instead of having merely regional objectives. This similarity makes it quite appropriate for PK to refer to it as a civil war. Like the original American Civil War, it's an internal struggle of the white race. At issue once more: shall white men take their own prattle about liberty, equality, and fraternity seriously, or not?

"That said, the Constitution for the United States of America does NOT guarantee these rights to the world, but to the citizens of the several states and those of "The United States"..."

Wrong. According to the Constitution, only two rights are expressly restricted to citizens: the right to vote, and the right to hold elective office. The rest are guaranteed to "persons" without a citizenship qualification.

Phillip said...

Reading comprehension. Give it a try. "Those wanting to emigrate are a group distinct from "illegal aliens". One group has set foot on our soil. His statement stands as factually correct. Those outside our borders, yet to arrive, have no claim under the Constitution.

Phillip said...

Conflating the author's statement with something "that was probably" said is intellectually dishonest

pa said...

Too bad I didn't see this post sooner. I know this song well - Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin. But it's okay because I don't drink. Well, I might raise a glass on New Year's, and that's about it. On the other hand, I go back a ways, so there aren't many songs I don't know (okay... mostly oldies) LoL Cheers!

Simon Jester said...

Saw a young white woman toting a sign that said "Free Sharia Law". If she knew what she was for, she wouldn't be for it.

Maybe she does.

We all know that what women say they want is often entirely different than what they actually want. I'd wager that a lot of these feminist women are actually dying for some serious domination, even abuse, by macho virile men, domination that's difficult to find among the feminized men of the west. Why do you think so many white feminist women go with misogynistic, strutting, moronic bucks? Deep down, I think most of them don't even really believe this feminist bullshit they spout. They only spout it because they think they're supposed to.

Sick n' Tired said...

They left with a check for their utilities, and a pamphlet showing them how to use a toilet and what toilet paper is for. Plus someone filled put the forms so their 8 kids can get free food at school.

Sick n' Tired said...

They can live with my aunt and cousin. Both of them are insufferable PC liberals. The best part of Thanksgiving this year was my aunt admitting I was right about my Sept prediction of Trump being elected.

Sick n' Tired said...

Imagine a company saying "We are only going to hire 10k whites over the next 5 years". How quick would their stock drop and they would be crucified by the media?

SKIP said...

"A Caliexit would be superb!! Take all the loon left states with you."

I can't agree with this. Consider the tremendous agricultural capacity of Callaforeigner and the deep water ports to begin with. Take out most of the population and Callaforeigner is a net gain for the U.S. My sister (Santa Cruz) says Cali is full of fruits, nuts and flakes.

Flush the Tpp said...

Another point closely related to Orwell's "doublethink" is namely that in as successful manipulation of the mind the person is no longer saying the opposite of what he thinks (rather) he thinks the opposite of what is true.

The (anti-fascist, open-minded, non-violent) liberal Party rejects and vilifies every principle for which liberalism originally stood, and it chooses to do so in the name of liberalism.
Erich Grimm after word to 1984

Joseph Brennan said...

Why supporters of this ban keep repeating oh its temp sounds like apology make it perm.

Bill in St Louis said...

Because at least one of them shouted "allah snackbar" or something similar. Cant have muslim terrorism right after the PM fellated islam to spite Trump.