Sunday, January 8, 2017

"No More": The Hilarious Yard Sign Campaign Started in 80% Black Selma to Compel Blacks to Stop Killing Each Other

For years, I looked for this story.

Rumors that yard signs littered 80 percent black Selma, Alabama -- literally the city birthing the never-ending gobstopper of guilt white people continue to suck without spitting out realizing the taste was always artificially created -- imploring black people to stop killing other blacks have long been circulated.

Though never verified.

Until now. [‘No More’ campaign kicks off, Selma Times Journal, January 9, 2014]:

The letters are bold and the message is simple; “NO MORE.” 
Employees of the Selma Public Works Department were busy assembling 500 bright blue signs bearing the words “NO MORE” Thursday morning. The signs are part of a nonviolence campaign started by Selma Mayor George Evans in response to the Dec. 21 shooting death of Selma High School student Alexis Hunter. 
Can we stop celebrating Selma and the march to nowhere now? Please?
Evans said Thursday the public response has been impressive since he first mentioned the idea of the No More campaign at Hunter’s funeral in late December.People have been calling and waiting signs, and I’ve already had several saying they would make donations,” Evans said. “My hope is that churches and business would want some to put in their windows or put in their yards.” 
Evans said the signs can be picked up for free at city hall, but donations would help the campaign grow in the future. 
“People can pick them up and we certainly appreciate any donations,” Evans said. 
“Donations are not required, but any money we get will go toward the purchase of new signs. I’m going to pay for all of these myself, either through my discretionary funds or through other money I just have, but I’m not going to turn anybody down if they want a sign.” 
The one-sided yard signs were printed by ScreenCo of Selma, and ScreenCo manager Jeff Nichols said his company was honored to work with Evans to make the campaign a reality. 
“It was really good to be a part of this,” Nichols said. “And so, we did what we could to put it at a price point that would be good for him and show him how much we supported this effort.” 
Nichols said the signs were ordered Jan. 2, and delivered to the city on Tuesday of this week. 
“We printed them as fast as we could. He really wanted them done as quickly as possible,” Nichols said. “We have printed 500 signs and there will be more ordered once those are all taken. We can supply what ever they need and we really support the mayor’s work on this.” Evans said he planned to work with other local printing companies to create large banners that would also say ‘No More’, adding that one could be displayed over the main entrance to Selma City Hall.
One day -- years from now, perhaps decades -- a march of an entirely different kind will happen in Selma, Alabama.

Instead of marching out of Selma across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, we'll march into Selma: a city birthing so much of what is wrong with America must be liberated from the consequences of a failed march.

Strangely, the concept of "No More," started to implore black people to stop killing other blacks in Selma, powerfully captures the concept of what white people worldwide must do in spitting out the never-ending gobstopper of guilt.


Malcolm Xcrement said...

Ah,...#%??? they forgot a word...Blacks. NO MORE BLACKS there now its correct.

Bird of Paradise said...

I wish them all the luck they can get at trying to stop the killings they just might want to put a end the BLM NBPP,NATION of ISLAM otherwise their pleads are falling on deaf ears

Anonymous said...

Guess they're tired of candles and t-shirts and marches. No More What? is my question.

Hope the printer got his money up front and in cash-he's an idiot if he didn't.

Anonymous said...

Are those signs bulletproof? Cause that's the only way they're gonna protect anyone from gun violence in the 'hood.

Dave said...

Liberals have been "liberating" black people since 1860, and what have they wrought? Lyndon Johnson started a massively dysgenic breeding program, mating the most violent males with the most irresponsible females, making each generation stupider, lazier, and more violent than the last. A good slave fetched sixty ounces of gold in 1850, and there was still a lot of value in the black race 100 years later. But now their genetics are so utterly ruined as to make their brothers back in Africa seem relatively sane and sober. The whole African-American race needs to be humanely ended -- sterilize them all and settle them on reservations for the rest of their natural lives.

NC Realist said...

Wouldn't "NO MO" be more appealing to the perps there..? No More sounds too.....well kinda whiteish. And he paid for these out of HIS pocket..? No black govt grants..? Proof....? Still........the icing on the cake it will do any damn good anyway. I have a better sign... "Keep Up The Good Work". Yeah...that oughta make em feel better.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

We are pleased to learn that Selma is so pristine, so free of trash and pot holes that their D.P.W. has time to devote to this project. I guess that the city and county mail's population lacks the skill set necessary to operate a stapler.

How can we obtain a few of these signs? With a little modification, they could say No More Section 8, No More EBT, or No More Miscegenation. Many possibilities exist.

NY Girl said...

And if Blacks could read or follow simple directions, this could be a genius idea.

Detroit Refugee said...

These signs won't make a difference at all.
D'eAndre and Jamall may repeat the cheesy slogans at a "prayer vigil", but as soon as they feel dissed or see a rival at the gas station @ 3-4am, shots will ring out.

The killing fields of Detroits east & west sides have been very active the past week or so. If the Southern Negroe is anything like the Norths Negroes, my prediction above will prove true.

Paintjob Theory said...

I'm trying to find some statistics on how many all white towns or cities need to have public service notice campaigns to try to coax residents into not slaughtering each other and am coming up blank.

Seriously though, try to wrap your head around how thoroughly black Africans fail to assimilate into western civilization.

Consider even if a negro's ancestors were brought here at the tail end of legal importation of African livestock that's 207 years ago. Now average negro breeding age @ 14-15 years old and you have 10-14 GENERATIONS of ancestors on this continent. Double that for those who's forefathers came on the first waves of ships.

A dozen generations in civilization and they still can't wrap their purple lips around our language, can't manage to wear clothing properly as humans do, and still can't grasp that murder, rape, torture, and mayhem are unacceptable behaviors. All in all, our home grown African savages behave about the same as those only a few months off the boat from darkest Congo, Somalia, or Sudan.

In other comical news, I was spinning through the radio dial while driving through South Carolina last night and caught a snipped of some all black political talk radio show. The nogs were very excited about Obama's farewell address and how much he has done. They didn't actually mention what he has done apart from being black, but they did insist that unemployment is now only 3%.

"If you introduce these people into a new community, as it appears to me, for every man whose place is filled by a negro, you injure the community in that degree. If these people mingle their blood with the white race, the progeny is debased and fallen from the white status ; if you hold them in slavery, they are hurtful to the progress and prosperity of the community ; if you set them free, they are not desirable for citizens. . . . There is no disguising the fact, that if you legislate to giye the Africans place, position, and employment which would otherwise belong to white men, you depreciate white men, — you insidiously stigmatize their race." — Samuel T. Glover

Fled The Undertow said...

This reminds me of the old Whole Language fad of the late 80. Teachers of my generation (and probably Pat Boyle, who always knows about stuff in general) may recall the WL strategy for learning to read: simply put signs on EVERYTHING and sooner or later, by osmosis and/or sheer repitition, kids will recognize the shapes of the words as symbols and magically learn to read, no phonics necessary. (This would work great if the kids were learning, say, Cantonese. For a phonetic-based language like English, not so much.)

So the best we can hope for here is that the illiterate will recognize two sight words by the end of all this. Yippee.

Anonymous said...

Maybe whites could use a few of those no more signs in their yards. In this case, it would be no more negroes. There is a way for whites to cut down on black crime rates in their communities....just sayin!

countenance said...

If only yard signs prevented murder, St. Louis would be murder-free.


Anonymous said...

OT: Indiana University website helps us track the spread of fake news. #pizzagate #CometPingPong

Is everyone raping and eating children and babies these days? Defending child molesters? Fuck this gay Earth.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

For those of you who would like to spread the word around, here is a very affordable rubber stamp. At $10.95 + free shipping you can't go wrong....


This campaign, of no mo' blacks deaths, would be mo' effective is the sign said:


Mr. Rational said...

How can we exploit the "NO MORE" campaign?  Agree & amplify, maybe?




Anonymous said...

We needs mo programs for the keeds and teens so dey can turn dey lives round.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ex-New Yorker!

I believe you collect shirts done up in the event that our vibrant brethren buy the farm. I also believe you've said that you are running out of space alloted to these memorial (made good) shirts.

May I be so bold as to suggest a new prize for your collection? Think of it as a "sign" from the Dindu cargo cult gods.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT, Orlando police officer killed by groid with one of the most scrabble tile middle names I've seen in a while.


Another African "Malling". Now, they don't tell us it was 100 Africans, but there is no way White "teens" would do this. Not even Mexicans act like total apes.

I'm convinced these are diversions to allow others, in the African Tribe, to steal in other locations. They would not get together just to hoot and holla'. They want free sheeeet.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when Selma needed only one sign to prevent violence in the streets. That sign read: WHITES ONLY.

DoubleTap said...

I think signs are a great idea to the point I have come up with my own because I want to be a part of helping black people too! BOAT BACK TO AFRICA THIS WAY>>>>>

Anonymous said...

"Everlasting gobstopper of white guilt?"

NOW you've done it . . .

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
I’ve got another puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa doompadee dee
If you are wise you will listen to me

Who should be blamed for all of these brats?
They scamper around like a pack of filthy rats
Blaming the dindus is a pointless waste of time
They grew lazy and fat on the taxpayer's dime
Drain the swamp and just start over

Oompa Loompa doompadee dah
If you weren't so spoiled you could have gone far
You could have lived in happiness too
Like the posters on this site already do

Brian in Ohio said...

I suppose if you stacked enough of those signs together, they might stop a bullet. Or you could use pallets of them to barricade off your street, but that's the only way they`d really have an effect on groid behavior. Of course they might burn really well, and you know how they love fire.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The mockery of this effort to end the violence is absolutely uncalled for, offensive and insulting in the extreme. I have it on good authority that the signs were printed with an infusion of voodoo chicken blood in the ink supplied by Shareeka Spazmodia Washington who is a high priestess of chicken bones, turtle entrails and squashed road kill. She spent 36 hours making sure the juju was going to be in the signs and emit calming rays that would settle the brothers down. I mean, that poor woman stomped, shrieked, spun in circles, spit gin and rum everywhere and had a damn seizure and flopped about on the floor like a fish out of water for 6 of those hours and ya'll got NO damn respect! Hmmph! White people!!

Anonymous said...

He asks, "What the heck is happening in Chicago?" "Why is crime skyrocketing..." etc. etc. etc. All the usual rhetoric. Commenters are blaming everyone and everything except the low IQ of the nog. So far there's only one comment that it's "black culture" to blame.

Time for SBPDL folks to blow up the comments section! I'm doing my part!


Anonymous said...

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

The answer likely is going to be "no" - signs don't work on people who could care less what they say even if they could read them.

Centurion is right, even if it wasn't organized to steal, some of them are just smart enough to take advantage and run out the door with whatever they can grab. But they'll go so far as to start a fire in a store to serve as the distraction, these videos of fires in Wal-marts, that's what it is.

Someone shared a video the other night on Faceberg taken in a store with what looked like Spanish language signage, otherwise resembling a Target, and literally dozens of apes were running out the door carrying big screen TVs, sometimes dragging one end on the floor. Apparently they decided security couldn't stop all of them.

O/T: Some may recall my friend the bartender and all the problems they had with Africans. They parted ways with the DJ who brought in most of them; the DJ was trying to open his own bar, but my friend tells me the DJ was "surprised by all the work involved" to do it.

In the meanwhile he's doing events at other places, so where is he going to be in a couple of weeks? In a hole in the wall place just a block from where *I* live. Great. Might have to wander in there and have a chat and ask the owner if he enjoys having people stabbed in his bar.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Rosa Parks Memorial Bus Tour continues in Los Angeles. Race is not mentioned in this article, but consider the M.O. and point of origin of the perpetrators, anyone care to make a guess?

About 80 people were detained and two men were arrested in a flash mob style robbery late Saturday night in Huntington Beach [a suburb of Los Angeles], police said. ... Huntington Beach police received a call from a witness 11:08 p.m. regarding a strong-arm robbery occurring at the 7-Eleven at 706 Pacific Coast Highway, Officer Jennifer Marlatt said. ... The witness said a very large group went into the store stealing items while others in the group pushed and shoved the clerk, she said. ... The group then got onto a private party bus that drove north on Pacific Coast Highway. Officers stopped the bus a short distance away, Marlatt said. ... Seven loaded handguns were recovered on the bus. During the investigation, officers arrested Isiah Bryant, 21, of Los Angeles and Wynzel Worthan, 18, of Compton on suspicion of robbery and conspiracy. They were booked into Huntington Beach Jail. ... The bus, owned by LPB Inc. based in Whittier, was boarded by the group in Nickerson Gardens, a public housing complex in Watts, said Marlatt.

Did this sort of attack occur back when Bull Conner was in charge of public safety? Just askin'...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps shopping malls should be putting up signs reading NO MORE?

Another African "Malling". Now, they don't tell us it was 100 Africans, but there is no way White "teens" would do this.

Actually, I have been to the Westfield Mall in years past. It was kind of upscale at the time, and Culver City had a police department with a reputation for law and order. But the city is near to Inglewood, one of L.A.'s "'hoods," so perhaps this was a cross border raid by the usual suspects?

Anonymous said...

I found what they need to stop da bilence: magic.

The other guy in N. England.

Anonymous said...

NO MORE. How many do you reckon will point at that and say "What's that mean?"


Anonymous said...

If you're not going to threaten them with anything than the sign has no point. They only know violence, and violence is all the can respect and understand. In the history of the world, has there ever been a time when telling blacks not to do something actually worked?

What is probably most hilarious about all of this is that it is once again blacks reverting to stereotype. Trying to take the laziest and cheapest way out of the problem rather than addressing it head on like they mean it. Then again maybe it is a call for holier than thou white "progressives" to swoop in and save the day with white juju and of course, tons and tons of outside money.

By the way they act and live (ignore their Ebonic babble, they lie like it's going out of style) it is obvious that they follow r selection- black lives don't matter to them or you would see them invest in and care about black lives. You would really see them relentlessly trying to solve the problem. If you want to see them attempt to "solve a problem", steal their drug stash and leave a few clues. That will spring them into action.

Anonymous said...

LOL. More simian magical thinking Put up signs and whoosh! the violence goes away! Sorry negroes, your genetics, low iq's, and overall inability to function in white civilization is the issue. Naturally, you don't have a great track record dealing with reality either. I'm sure somehow you will find whitey at fault.


I have been reading here for some time, and we have all learned of the special juju ways to "Stop Da Biolance". Let us count the ways, so far:

Free Pizza
Sleeping on a bill-board
Mid-night Bakka Ball
"No More" Signs
Various Crap put in a pile at the latest killin'location
Community Outreach (never defined)
Pay them NOT to kill them

D-FENS said...

I am reading the latest paean to negroes, "Hidden Figures".

Ugh. I will provide a mini-review in a few days.

So far, a blur of Jim Crow experiences with some praise of the role of (((them))) in "break'n down da barriers". Really interested in the supposed claims regarding "vital contributions" to spaceflight.

Might even watch the eponymous film for comparison.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Want to save some lives? I suggest ditching the cardboard signs and print your message on sand bags. Fill, and stack them chest high.

Anonymous said...

I work a job that requires me to go to many facilities that house negroes in Chicongo. Assisted living, independent living, apartment complexes, retirement homes, and public housing buildings. All black.

I have noticed that ALL of these places are LOADED with signs. Signs EVERYWHERE. As you walk to the front door several signs taped to the door and all over the walls. "DO NOT PULL ON DOOR" "DO NOT LEAVE GARBAGE IN ENTRYWAY" "DO NOT CUSS AND SHOUT INTO THE SPEAKER" "DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO CLIMB HANDRAIL" then you walk up to the security guard desk (ALWAYS an obese negroe guard with a major attitude problem) and several signs are taped along the walls and on the desk "DO NOT STAND AROUND TALKING" "DO NOT SIT ON DESK" "DO NOT TAKE PEN OFF OF SIGN IN SHEET" "ALL GUESTS MUST SHOW ID" "NO ALCOHOL IN BUILDING" and more.



I can assure you that NONE of the residents or their guests read these signs. Just me. I actually make a habit of taking pictures of every sign, to show my coworkers and friends. It really goes a long way to show them just how childish and dull negroes are. I have noticed that pretty much ANYWHERE you have large groups of negroes you will see signs taped up everywhere essentially pleading with the negroe population to behave like humans and not wild animals.

So these "NO MORE" signs are basically just a "looks-at-muh" attention begging behavior. They know damn well that negroes don't obey signs.

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

I wonder how many articles will be posted by PK by the time Selma gets its next murder? I say 3.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I want the Ebonics version "No Mo" Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

There is a sort of pathos in this, as blacks try to bring some order out of the chaos into which they plunge their communities. Here they are at the end of the Obama regime, and they still can not get it together to end the violence. Best they can come up with is a cargo cult like application of signage to a once peaceful and prosperous white town. Sic transit...

NO MORE. How many do you reckon will point at that and say "What's that mean?"

Indeed. Since the signs do not explicitly say "No More Violence" then who knows how this will be interpreted?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Not for anything, but to be truly a negro message, shouldn't the sign read, "No Mo!"?

Anonymous said...

Oomph loompa doompadee doo, the only solution is off to africa, picking the berries and eating the bugs.

Anonymous said...

these signs are always hilarious

Paintjob Theory said...

"#pizzagate #CometPingPong"

I fancy myself a serious conspiracy researcher and while I find many of the claims related to this rather credible, I have been following this one and have yet to see any tangible evidence of actual crimes. Be careful about following these things without real verifiable evidence.

"teens". You rascally youths, just wait until your fathers come home from work.... Comments are very encouraging.

To those of you who ask "did this sort of thing happen in the days of segregation?" I would say YES. Those sensible policies of our forefathers are a fair indication that they did deal with TNB to have created those policies in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Two Black guys try to hold up Dixie Gun and Pawn

Didn't work out so well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sounds like a jobs program paid for by the city. Probably created to put a little spending money in the pockets of some of the city councilmen's unemployed in-laws. You know, so dey can have some cash to getdey baby mama's nails done and take her down to da Pookies deli and get her some chicken wings.

Anonymous said...

He asks, "What the heck is happening in Chicago?" "Why is crime skyrocketing..." etc. etc. etc. All the usual rhetoric. Commenters are blaming everyone and everything except the low IQ of the nog. So far there's only one comment that it's "black culture" to blame.

Well Fox is establishment conservative which means they don't question paint theory or blank slate.

Anonymous said...

Well, the negro has yet again exceeded low expectations. The low bar was already low, but it needs to be lowered a bit more. As the savage negro rampages across the earth, it leaves chaos in it's wake. Utter destruction.

I'm not sure if negro has ever been productive. From what I understand it is the cultural norm in the dark continent for uncles to raise the spawn because the fathers are unknown. The sexual appetite of the negro female is every bit as ferocious as their male counterparts. Negro evolved in a disease ridden environment that took the lives of the young. Nature, unfortunately, selected the bucks who could produce a litter. In order for a species to survive it must reproduce. With disease offing half of the litter, negro was forced to have many sprogs.

Even though negro is no longer in Africa, it's mating habits have not abated. They may have even increased. So that leaves us with a Stone Age species in modern society without the ability to control itself sexually. Yes, we have big problems. With very poor planning skills, the future for the groid is simply ignored, perhaps they are not hardwired genetically to make the connection between actions and consequences, similar to cat or dog.

Anyhow, negro has multiplied in to an unsustainable number. They can't care for their own because nature did not intend for many of the spawn to survive into adulthood. They are not able, nor do they care, about parenting or providing for their offspring. That burden has been shifted to their host populace. Tax money from people that don't want anything to do with negro is essentially being taken from the working class and given to negro.

How to remedy this cluster f? Repatriation and imposition of a plan to wall off the entire continent of Africa for no less that a hundred years. The negro needs to be under the sole control of nature itself. They must be forced to be on their own. We can no longer afford negro, nor should we be forced to sustain it. If this is not done, the earth will be ravaged by negro.

I am not kidding or exaggerating. Estimated population of Africa in the coming decades exceeds a billion. Think about that for a minute. Where will negro go? Hundreds of millions (a drop in the bucket) will leave Africa and end up in the West. Yes, hundreds of millions of them. The current population of the US is only 365 million. Can we absorb a hundred million blacks? No, we can't, and nor can Europe.

Just imagine a billion blacks on earth unable to care for themselves and breeding like rabbits. Who will pay for them? Who will feed them? Negro is basically an overgrown child without the ability to care for itself. The negro question is a very serious one, one that needs not be ignored, but discussed. The time bomb of negro has already gone off, we don't have anymore time.

First separation, then repatriation

Anonymous said...

Naw, day back in dem ole racist days, before dey got dey cibil rights.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Now if they could figure out a way to keep those roving bands of racist Trump supporters from destroying them they might have a shot!



Anonymous said...

Dave said...
Liberals have been "liberating" black people since 1860, and what have they wrought? Lyndon Johnson started a massively dysgenic breeding program, mating the most violent males with the most irresponsible females, making each generation stupider, lazier, and more violent than the last. A good slave fetched sixty ounces of gold in 1850, and there was still a lot of value in the black race 100 years later. But now their genetics are so utterly ruined as to make their brothers back in Africa seem relatively sane and sober. The whole African-American race needs to be humanely ended -- sterilize them all and settle them on reservations for the rest of their natural lives.

Ironically it sounds like you're describing The American Staffordshire ( Pit Bull) Terrier they're so fond of......


Anonymous said...

If you want a laugh type in local man a racist on your computer. There is page after page of bullshit. For example there was a video of a man making a racist rant about black people, and immigrants. Of course there is the standard Trump making America great blah blah. Just happens to be a local columnist present record the entire event and the video goes viral. Scroll down and you see that the video was staged by the columnist to make a name for himself. He paid the guy two hundred dollars to be in his video but he was supposed to pixel his face out but he didn't. Then all of the peace loving anti racsists found out where he lived and showed up at his house with rocks and pipes to beat the white privilege out of him. Then there's one with a headline that read Woman attacked by three racists with a brick. In that one some fat black bitch was randomly attacked by three white guys who hit her with a brick, kicked her, threatened to rape her and hang her from a tree, all the while talking about Trump making America great. They are discribed as having mullets, and white power t shirts. Their car had a Trump Pence sticker on it. It is such an obviously made up event with the standard Trump style racists, it just ridiculous. But the newspapers obligingly publish these stories time after time as if it is real news and the police take the shit serious. That is the really the scary part. It's the lefts final push against law and order, using the media as vast propoganda tool.
It is this kind of bullshit that makes racists out of ordinary Americans. According do the left we are all dumb Hicks with beer bellies who drive rusty pickup trucks and chew tobacco.

Oh and we also marry our sisters and cousins.
The movies like to portray how dangerous it would be for a black man to have a flat tire in rural America. Never how bad it would be for a white man to have a flat in the black side of town, and believe me I know something about that. One good thing about these articles is when I read the comments I could see that people aren't buying it.
But the battle goes on and on and we have to keep fighting.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

The current population of the US is only 365 million. Can we absorb a hundred million blacks? No, we can't, and nor can Europe.

---see my post about 1965

Anonymous said...

Statistics on white town violence?
You never heard of the Hatfield's and the Mcoys?
Then there's the Amish mafia.

Seriously though, there has been a dark, dangerous plague that has been.
quietly creeping into small white rural town all across America. It is the resettlement of African refugees. The violence is rarely reported on in the mainstream, just barely at the local level. It is Obama's transforming (destruction) of America.
I live near a small town of about fifteen hundred residents. In the last couple of years the Lutheran Church settled about twenty or so into an apartment complex on the edge of town, Somalis the worst of the worst. Within weeks the crime rate trpled. Mostly bikes stolen and whatever people would leave in their yard. Somehow they arrive here with the same sense of entitlement that their American counterparts have.
F@*,k it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they know what a sandwich is what to call a picture of a cat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can make the signs out of thick steel so people have something to hide behind when shots invariably ring out.

Fled The Undertow said...

If you're not going to threaten them with anything than the sign has no point. They only know violence, and violence is all the can respect and understand.


In fact, the other day I was explaining to a colleague about the signs of a kid with Oppositional Defiant Disorder: the overinflated self-image, pathological lying, picking on the weakest kid just for fun, annoying others on purpose, stealing/destroying property, blatant disrespect of anyone in authority, etc. It took every ounce of self-preservation in me not to end my description with, "You know...just think of you're average black kid."

There's also a good commentary on right now written by a young black man with a decent IQ. He basically affirms everything that PK, Jared, and the rest of us have been saying all along. He actually states that looking at the world through the lens of race realism is the only paradigm "that makes sense".

OT...I'm interested to know what Pat Boyle thinks about the guy's essay if he reads it.

D-FENS said...

"You rascally youths, just wait until your fathers come home from work"

Fathers? Work? That's pretty funny!

Fled The Undertow said...


This is just the American-black version of the spray-painted signs along the filthy human litterbox they call a "beach" in Liberia: "NO PUPU ON BEACH". Meanwhile, the local mayor can be seen nearby, taking a dump on the sand right alongside his constituents.

D-FENS said...

Maybe the Five Man Electrical Band can update their 1970's classic "Signs" to reflect life in negroland.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals have been "liberating" black people since 1860 ..."

No, since at least 1780. Article 1 of the Constitution of Massachusetts stated:

Article I. All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.

This had the effect of abolishing slavery within the state. Quoth wiki:

This Article was the subject of a landmark case in 1781 before a Massachusetts court sitting in Great Barrington, Brom and Bett v. Ashley. Elizabeth Freeman (whose slave name was "Bett"), a black slave owned by Colonel John Ashley, sued for her freedom based on this article. The jury agreed that slavery was inconsistent with the Massachusetts Constitution and awarded Freeman £5 in damages and her freedom. A few years later, Quock Walker, a black slave, sued his master for false imprisonment; the jury found for Walker, and awarded him damages of £50. His master was then subject to criminal prosecution for assault and battery against Walker and was found guilty by a jury, which imposed a fine of 40/- (£2). In this manner, slavery lost any and all legal protection in Massachusetts, making it a tortious act under the law, effectively abolishing it within the Commonwealth.

Not content to do good works only in their own state, these high-minded Christian folks agitated for the Civil War so they could set the monkeys loose all over America. Wiki again:

Massachusetts played a major role in Civil War causation, particularly with regard to the political ramifications of the antislavery movement.[4] Antislavery activists in Massachusetts sought to influence public opinion and applied moral and political pressure on Congress to abolish slavery. William Lloyd Garrison of Boston began publishing the antislavery newspaper The Liberator and founded the New England Anti-Slavery Society in 1831, becoming one of the nation's most influential abolitionists.[5] Garrison and his uncompromising rhetoric provoked a backlash both in the North and South and escalated regional tension prior to the war.[6]

Of course, Massachusetts remains a hotbed of liberalism to this day. The virtuous descendants of the same good Christians who brought us the Salem witch trials now pursue their crusade against racists with equal vigor. They elect intellectual giants such as Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, and Maxine Waters to make sure the white race will sink to minority status as soon as possible.

Mr. Rational said...

How to remedy this cluster f? Repatriation and imposition of a plan to wall off the entire continent of Africa for no less that a hundred years. The negro needs to be under the sole control of nature itself.

I don't think we need to go quite that far.  We can offer White management to those populations of Africans who select it, lasting for a term of years and renewable, replaceable (by others) or revocable at the end.

This could work out well for all.  Rhodesia was quite productive even with a small White minority.  The problem was that the Blacks felt grievance because they hadn't chosen the system.

Things are different now.  Africans are explicitly stating that colonialism was better than self-rule because things were run better.  Great!  Let's allow Africans to live in White-run societies...

in Africa, not Europe or America.  Let's make everything better where they came from, and split the profits with them.

fedupinmd said...

D-FENS - check this regarding "Hidden Figures":

Also, this is the "black" woman in question:

Unknown said...

That post 9 posts up, literally had me up at 2am last night.

I kept thinking look what they've done to Detroit in just 50 years.

Hick'ry Stick said...

"Trying to take the laziest and cheapest way out of the problem rather than addressing it head on like they mean it."

You cannot expect them to give up advancements they have cultivated for half a century. Where is your sense of the value of diversity? You're probably one of those connected with denying them Oscar nominations last year.
Why, they have contributed…uh…well…they run well, can throw a ball through a hoop, spend their leisure time developing imaginative activities (see knock-out game), are able to organize efficiently (e.g. flash mobs), and they are great at fund raising when "more needs to be done."
Addressing what problems head on? They dindu nuffin!

Anonymous said...

In Berlin yesterday a young Swedish girl visiting Germany pushed under a train and killed by ‘Refugee’ in the country only 1 day.

Bill in St Louis said...

That scenario has a better chance of working than mayor McGibs signs alone.