Sunday, April 30, 2017

Black Mayor of 65% Black Baltimore Asks FBI for Help in Stopping Homicide/Nonfatal Shootings/Violent Crime Increase by Black Males

Poll Taxes or literacy tests to restrict the franchise (instead of allowing demographic supremacy of black majority to dictate terms of surrender to dwindling white population, including removing Confederate statues). 

Sundown Laws.

Jim Crow.

Restrictive Covenants.
Baltimore's decline correlates directly with the drop in city's white population and the dramatic rise in the black population (and complete takeover of elected/appointed public offices by blacks)

When you consider what life was like in Baltimore when all of these ideas flourished, you'll know civilization prospered and the city's economic prospects boomed; when you consider what life has been like in Baltimore when all of these ideas were overturned - unleashing the black-rule after the very legal protections in place to protect white civilization were outlawed - you'll know a civilization blighted, with once thriving city now decaying.

100 years ago, Baltimore was 85 percent white. Today, the city is less than 25 percent white and nearing 70 percent black

The shocking transformation in the racial population of the city is reflected in the boarded up, decaying row houses once sheltering white families but left to rot in the hands of a majority black population and the hilarious plexiglas - most enduring symbol of the costs of the civil rights revolution, with destruction of social capital and freedom of association complete - found protecting workers at liquor stores and convenience stores throughout the city (from the dangerous black population). 

Two years after black riots, endorsed by the black political cadre in control of the city of Baltimore, forced the infamous empty stadium Baltimore Orioles game, black on black (and black on white) crime, shootings, and homicide is out of control. ['Nobody feels safe no more': Baltimore hits 79 murders, Fox Baltimore, 3-30-17]
The catalyst for the black riots, arrest and death of the heroin dealer Freddie Gray, was one of the defining moments in the Black Lives Matter hysteria. Fitting, nearly two year later, a black on black homicide took place feet away from where the arrest happened. [Two years later, a man is fatally shot on the West Baltimore block where Freddie Gray was arrested, Baltimore Sun, 4-11-17]

[Pugh asks FBI to help fight Baltimore's high murder rate, Baltimore Business Journal, 4-28-17]:

Mayor Catherine Pugh is asking for the FBI's help in cutting down the city's high murder rate as Baltimore passed 100 homicides on the year this past weekend — the quickest the city has hit that mark in 20 years. 
The mayor stated at a press conference Wednesday that she has reached out to the FBI's local field office in Woodlawn to ask for additional help in solving open homicide cases and reducing crime in the city. 
Pugh said the high murder rate is unacceptable, and she's trying to explore all options to provide the city's police department with assistance. The city sent a formal request to the FBI this week for help, and Pugh said she expects a response by the end of next week. 
"We just want more assistance by our FBI partners," she said. "The conversation has been around what additional assistance they can provide. We believe there could be more people on the street. In terms of technology we've done some things ... but there's some more technology out there that the city has not had access to." 
The exact role the FBI would play in crime fighting is currently unclear, but Pugh said she is open to anything. There are already FBI agents working with the police department, Pugh said, but she was unsure of the exact number. Representatives from the local FBI office could not be reached for comment. 
"Really I just want to know what additional assistance they can provide," she said. "We need more federal help with our police department." 
Pugh said the police department is doing all it can to stop homicides in the city, but it is currently understaffed and awaiting a new class of recruits to graduate from the academy. Despite the recent spike in crime, Anthony McCarthy, a spokesman for the mayor, said the mayor retains "full confidence" in Police Commissioner Kevin Davis. 
If the current rate holds, Baltimore would be facing 313 homicides this year. That would still be a decrease from last year when 344 people were killed in the city, but up from the 211 homicides the city saw in 2014. The rate usually increases in the summer when the weather gets warmer.
No, you can't just blame the weather. 

Actually, it is behavioral differences between the races that account for the need to request FBI help in stemming the tide of black crime/shootings/homicides (in not just Baltimore, but all across America).
  • Low-impulse control
  • An aversion to saving money for the future (poor future-time orientation)
  • A toxic level of self-esteem (hence, the high frequency of respect killings)
  •  Though certain black individuals can achieve the cultural standards set by whites, collectively, blacks have one-standard deviation lower IQ than whites
Until white people realize their civilization and their posterity shouldn't have its future mortgaged on the belief of racial egalitarianism, every American city will suffer the tragic fate of Baltimore. 


Anonymous said...

If you want to see what a certain demographic does to once great cities, go to CharlieBo313's channel on YouTube. This guy drives around Detroit, Philly and other infested areas with nothing but a camera. There is no commentary; you don't need it as the scenery does the talking. He also films incognito at businesses like gas stations and fast food joints. The common denominator is bulletproof glass and drugged out customers. Yogi Berra once said that you observe a lot by watching. This adage applies here.

D-FENS said...

About a year ago, I did a back of the envelope calculation that showed each negro costs us at least $5000 per year. TheAlternativeHypothesis has done a similar calculation that suggests $7700 per year.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is the FBI going to do?
Let them kill each other, the more the merrier.
Female in FL

countenance said...

What does Mayor Pugh expect the FBI to be able to do? The FBI does not get involved in what is stereotypically considered garden variety street crime. Even if there’s a Federal law violation to ordinary street crime, the local PD refers the files directly to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the area, and that doesn’t involve the FBI at all. Such as it is, a majority of the FBI’s work involves forensic accounting. I don’t think forensic accountants will be much good in trying to figure out what happened between Ray-Ray, Pookie, Skillet, Hambone and Shitavious.

No way. That city threw a lit match of the pool of gasoline called the black undertow and then turned around and neutered its own beat cops, and, to nobody’s surprise, homicides are way up.

Really, we know what’s going on: She needs to put on appearances like she’s doing something and she cares, when she knows it’s a meaningless stunt.

Brian in Ohio said...

This is just the city trying to avoid paying their officers overtime. They figure the Feds are salary, lets dump some our case load on them, then they can take the blame when these cases still dont clear.

The FBI knows that the face of crime is a black face. They`ve done the math. But what are they gonna do, start arresting blacks? Sure crime would actually go down, but RAYCIS!!!

I guess its gonna have to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

"Those who will not see, must be made to feel"

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Detroit led the way years ago, becoming the murder capital of the U.S.. Now that everyone has either left Detroit or was murdered in Detroit another city will be crowned. Top contenders are Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, well, any city with a significant black population. On a per capital bases of course. Even with a much smaller population Detroit will still be in the running. They just can't help themselves. Fancy sunglasses, fancy jackets, fancy athletic shoes, nice leather coat, disrespecting tone, side ways glance, taking the wrong piece of chicken, spilled grape koolaid, drug deal gone wrong, need for a vehicle right away, store owner too slow in handing over the daily take, and last but not least 'just because '.

Proudyt said...

Fuck it. Just drop MOAB's on all the once beautiful big cities that have fallen into enemy hands. It'll be cheaper to just rebuild afterwards than to keep pouring money into them. Blacks can't and don't want to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Another day another body bag in the crown jewel of the DPRM. Go Bodymore!

Anonymous said...

I'm a black male and I'm glad to see this black mayor reaching out for help. I'm hoping this will lead to something like the stop and frisk policies implemented in new york, in which crime decreased dramatically.

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with Baltimore's crime rate except the wounding to murder ratio is still too high. Marksmanship classes are needed-maybe the FBI could help with that.

Anonymous said...

Who cares at this point?

Anonymous said...

Why so many defend the broken life negroes choose to live is beyond me. Their relentless obsession with wrong doing, mixed with endless paths leading to destruction, is too damaged and impossible to uplift. They will never be in a “working order” or in “one piece” so to speak, never. There is no serviceable condition with negroes.

Can you say: Haiti? Can you say: white South Africans?
Taking up the multicultural cause. Holding hands with diversity and loading up the life boats with all the excess baggage that follows them is walking YT through a one way door. There will be no coming back. It truly will be our demise. It will be the end.

We are allowing them to burn our bridges, dismantle our monuments and criminalize some of our symbols. Their crimes are proof of their contempt for our laws, our women, our children and our race. They’re testing our strength with their child soldiers as I type. All over the Nation we’re being attacked. Still, no defense for YT from our own Government, just total support and financial gain for the federal negro.

Our Government rewards the negro for their pathetic, larcenist, perverted ways. What’s wrong with that picture?

Bird of Paradise said...

Maybe the baltimore mayor should consiter resigning they have failed to stop the crime in their city and it only gets worst and as usial with most all liberals and esoecialy Liberal Demacrats they prefer to blame the guns rather then the crinimals

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight.

A predominantly 70% Black city wants law enforcement in the form of the F.B.I. to help them. # Bang my head.

# My jaw hit the floor and all my hair fell out at the same time.

So..... not so far in a distant galaxy far, far away Magic Obama Jesus , Holder, Lynch , Ms. Rawling-Black bitch Blake went on a witch hunt post Ferguson.

All innocent until proven guilty police became the target. You marched out into the streets. "Ffff the Police what do we want dead cops, when do we want it. Now!!"

YOU snuck up on them in their patrol cars, and the worst from your cowards perch in a parking deck with a snipers rifle pulling triggers. For racial justice and equality. The world is watching.

The Department of Justice decided that the rule of law was tossed out like trash. For eight years. It was so distorted on purpose. To quote; remember- "WE MUST GIVE THEM SPACE TO BURN".

Mr. Freddie Gray was a convicted felon. A felon that had neck surgury a few months before he broke his own neck in the back of the police truck. BANGING IT UNTIL IT SNAPPED. Look it up. Search the internet plus the media knew.

The Doctors, nurses were under threat to keep quiet about it. The result damaged the sinal cord nerves controlling organs and breathing. Death follows. The deep state media kept stirring the BLM pot riling you up into a festering rage. What did yo do, YOU rioted. Refusing to listen to reason from your families. The only one woman who had her head on straight was that woman who caught her son and beat him on national t.v.

Causing billions in damage. YOU could give a damn. YOU moan constantly about the struggle. " I deserve respect". That will never happen. The almighty dollar is your bait. You are your own judge, jury, and executioners every day. (CHICAGO)

YOU. Black run cities that continue to elect mac daddies who line their pockets instead of solving anything. Democratic party and the policies ruined these cities.

You march for Goverment to fix the system. Better schools but shitavion and his 30 siblings won't go to skoo. That be too YT to learn. Mo jobs. Well you keep burning down your hoods. It is also the system blame the system. YT is the system. Right.

System meaning "run yt out, take theys bisnez, theyz money, gibs me a check, work? whah? Run dis bitch, ain nobody got tim fo dat ,looks at muh ima b a rapper one day ,I got myz paw out fo' all da free chit, hep us Magic Black Jesus Obama. Well....

Obama is gone and did not give a ffffffuuuunnnnnnkkkk about YOU. HE JUST GAVE A SPEECH FOR FORTY MINUTES AND MADE $400,000. He is more than laughing all the way to the bank. Did you get your Obama prize in the mail?

Hey 90% of Blacks. Here is a newsflash for YOU. FBI, CIA, STATE, LOCAL, basically all law enforcement were labelled pigs by you pussies.

You followed the sjw idiots mantra hunted down your fellow AMERICANS in cold blood. (For the sjw whites who literally, monetarily who fund this you are the Nazi modern New World Order brownshirts courtesy of Soros.Congrats. When the Blacks turn on you good damn luck.) They had families and were all colors.

Whites please leave band together Let them fend for themselves. Let the eat each other. I am not law enforcement. We will never ever forget what you did. Ever.

My response.


Anonymous said...

Baltimore's decline correlates directly with the drop in city's white population and the dramatic rise in the black population and DRAMATIC RISE IN CRIME(funny how that works) (and complete takeover of elected/appointed public offices by blacks)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could be medicated to lower their testosterone. Once we accept the reality of biological difference, then dealing with the NQ won't prove as tricky and niggardly as it has done so far. I realise liberals and the antifa fanatics will do anything to prevent the exposure of such info. Off topic but people who have been debating who bares greater blame for the shitpile we find ourselves in, ignore that "The Greatest Generation" witnessed the most catastrophic and horrifying war in human history. A medieval war fought with modern, almost space age weapons. They can be excused their moral failing. They witnessed human beings do things they were probably not designed to do. You can't really blame them. The baby-boomers on the other hand....


Proudyt said...

The problem is most blacks think stop and frisky is racist.

Paintjob Theory said...

"The exact role the FBI would play in crime fighting is currently unclear"

So this really boils down to 'gibs muh dat'. No actual ideas, just beg whitey to come pat them on the head, give them a few bananas, and clean up all the shit they've flung.

Honestly with a 15% nog population 100 years ago I find it hard to believe Baltimore was ever a nice place. When I have to go into the city here and see one or two of them I feel uneasy; when I visit my family in Florida (in a 5.9% nog county) I feel like I'm on safari in the heart of Africa... 80% must be inconceivably bad.

Anonymous said...

SCC has a post today about where the murders are in America & the corresponding coincidence of who voted for Hillary. By sheer coincidence they match EXACTLY.

Anonymous said...

@proudt not just it racist but the diverse world never see white people stop and frisk

Anonymous said...

But but but...BLACK LIVES MATTER! Don't they? Seems like the rabble rousers in Body-more have run out of white people to blame for black deaths. New strategy must be to import some white FBI guys and then let BLM protest the presence of the white FBI guys!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous out of the cities you have mention Philadelphia PA I got to say that whites are moving back to the city, plus they are mostly tourist to that visit historic Philadelphia

Mr. Rational said...

I've got a solution for mayor Pugh:  mandatory long-term contraception for all welfare-dependent, criminal, or unmarried family-of-criminal women of childbearing age in Baltimore.  This will eliminate all the questions of "who be da baby daddy" and also all disputes about DaQuan's baby mama taking up with Jamal and getting one or the other kilt.  An entire class, maybe two whole classes of deadly social disputes in Actual Black-Run Baltimore, gone in a year.

Blacks can't and don't want to be fixed.

So we make the elimination of the troubles they'd make tomorrow the pricetag for our support today.

So this really boils down to 'gibs muh dat'.

It would let da may-yuh ob Bodymore pad the police payroll with do-nothing relatives and cronies because FedGov would be doing the actual work.  Rather, pad it more.

Honestly with a 15% nog population 100 years ago I find it hard to believe Baltimore was ever a nice place.

Read "Those Who Can See" for historic accounts.  Heck, just read H. P. Lovecraft's accounts.

Unknown said...

She's reaching out for more of yt's money. If there is no punishment, it's the same as promoting this behavior. Go nogs

Anonymous said...

" . . . Proudyt said...
The problem is most blacks think stop and frisky is racist."

The nogs are correct, it is racist, that's the whole point of 'stop and frisk', to prevent the races that commit crimes (nog and Hispanic) from committing crimes. It's like the pre-crime program in the science fiction movie "Minority Report" where the police have developed a program to predict crimes using "pre-cognition". Ironic isn't it, "Minority Report" isn't really science fiction, it's just the crime reports from NYC, Baltimore, LA or every other place the black/browns live. Instead of "crime reports" why not just call them "Minority Reports" just like in the movie?

NE Whitopia

Anonymous said...

Go to google.

Type in "chicago shooting suspect".

Hit the "images" tab.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Pugh is hitting up the feds with Aybah Poda Hep. Blacks are the cause of, and only solution to black crime. We can read about da murdas in Bodymo' (currently at 108) or about Tavon White, the leader of the Black Guerilla (Gorilla?) Family impregnating four guards while he be in the Baltimore City Detention Center, and on and on. BCDD is a hotbed of Negro crime, where in 2013 alone 13 female corrections officers, seven inmates and five associates with gang ties were charged with smuggling in drugs and sail foams.

Here's a story about one of the rampaging baboons during the Freddie Gray (St. Syringe) riots. Pure hilarity!

Anonymous said...

The FBI can't fix Baltimore or any where else. Trump looks like he has cucked out to his son-in-law and daughter. Only Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is holding the line on immigration. If he goes it's over.

To fix the U.S., if such a thing is even possible will take the bankruptcy of the U.S. This will end the money that floats BRA, keeps the minorities eating and breeding, supports wars in the Near East (and everywhere else), funds the surveillance state and keeps the cultural Marxist institutions such as universities alive. Until then it's business as usual in BRA.

SKIP said...

". I'm hoping this will lead to something like the stop and frisk policies implemented in new york, in which crime decreased dramatically."

Having been to NOO YAWK CD many times, I am inclined to think more like CRIME IS BEING UNDER REPORTED as all the usual dangerous places are still dangerous for the same reasons!

Unknown said...

All this violence is happening all the time in all cities all across the country by the same creatures. So President Trump, what will you do? A couple suggestions from the working white man. Stop paying them to breed, start enforcing the law, bring back noise ordinances, indecent exposure laws. Will our new savior actually do anything about this mess? My guess is a resounding NO. Trump is a business man I expect he will help the economy,bring back jobs to the U.S. But I'm sorry to say he,like all politicians live in an insulated environment, thier lives are not at risk every day just by going about their daily business. Anything he does try to do will be a steep uphill battle. I wish him all the luck in the world.

Bill in St Louis said...

. "The conversation has been around what additional assistance they can provide."

Seeing as how the city refuses to acknowledge the fact that blacks are responsible for a huge percentage of the crime, there is no solution. There is no help. There is an endless stream of death, because without acknowledging WHO is doing it, there are no measures that can be put in place to stop it. FBI, CIA, MMA, BLT, QED ETC., are all useless, since none of them start off with: black people are committing most of the crime. Target black people for stop and frisk, increase penalties for blacks not only committing crime, but for abetting. Stop cell phones, EBT, ADC, Medicaid, everything on arrest. Use work farms for both sexes, time spent hoeing weeds to eat is not time spent fucking, getting high or killing. Sterilization of any convicted of any crime, to start the process of breeding out criminal behavior. Or, a one way ticket to any African nation, with a stipend for 5 years equal to their total welfare payments. (Strengthen border controls with retina scans or some more of the much vaunted "tricknology" not available to Baltimore, but controlled by the YTs FBI.
Good luck.

Pat Boyle said...

The commenter D-FENS had a link to an article on the cost of blacks. I recommend that article to the readership. Thanks D-FENS.

The authors conclude - "All of this discussion of a “national debt” and “deficit” is primarily of function of blacks and hispanics." That is to say the problems of the budget and deficit are only problems because of the two 'bad' minorities (blacks and Hispanics). The 'good' minorities (Japanese, Koreans and Chinese) earn more money and cost less from the taxpayers than the majority whites.

Read the details in the article but another way to think about it the realization that it costs about five whites to support one black. This is one of the reasons why municipalities that have a black population above around 20% are inherently unstable. Not enough pulling the cart and too many riding the cart.


Anonymous said...

Baltimore's 15% blackness, 100 years ago, was perfectly manageable, thanks to Mr. Jim Crow. Without segregation & Bull Connor style law enforcement, 15% is chaos.

Anonymous said...

Those people are going to voted for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election which the liberal are ready for

Anonymous said...

Hot of the press, this summer’s reason for riots and “burn this bitch down” happened Saturday in Texas. A 15yo negro, Jordon Edwards, shot by police.

If the man was wrong, rake him across the coals! I’m sick of this too. If the picture of JE turns out to be 4 years younger than he actually was, I’m sick of that too!

This is simply too much of a dangerous subject to be falsifying information. I’m going to have to look at this kids picture on protesters signs, t-shirts, hoodies, at black lives madder rallies, and on the news for the rest of my life.

His name is now a battle cry, a justification for innocent white people to receive severe bodily harm or death sentences at the hands of the black vigilante undertow.

Proudyt said...

Anonymous 6 am. Show me one city in the U.S. where white crime is so rampant they would need to do stop and frisk.

Anonymous said...

@pat Doyle I don't know what neighborhood you are in because there are some bad Asians to

Anonymous said...

@anonymous hate to bust your Bubble the liberals Kill Bill Connor and the Jim crow era forever

Anonymous said...

Stop & frisk or anything that is effective at lowering the crime stats *has* to target black yuts to be effective. And to the libtards, that is rayciss and needs to be stopped. Therefore, the left will oppose any efforts that will reduce crime - they're like a dog chasing its tail, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Of course the mayor is going to wail for help from whitey. Negroes are helpless, incapable, incompetent and uncivilized and always want someone else to clean up their messes or take the blame for their problems existing in the first place. Its why they need strict societal controls placed on them such as segregation, sundown towns and swift and severe punishment when they get chimpy. Otherwise, they turn every area/city they inhabit into a jungle war zone that's violent, dangerous, dirty, decrepit and decaying. Baltimore is but one of numerous examples.

Imagine how bad negro infested areas would be if all the artificial government supports that prop them up were removed and they couldn't run away from themselves! All negro areas would quickly descend into Haiti-like conditions or worse. Is it any wonder that no other race on the planet wants blacks to migrate to their areas and will leave if they do? It isn't racism- it's simply a practical acknowledgement of the parasitical and destructive nature of the negro beast and a rational desire to be as far away from them as possible. Humans simply do not want to live in a negro jungle environment but negroes can't understand that as they see nothing wrong with it so they scream that it's racism and discrimination.

If I were looking for a room mate, I'd want someone responsible, clean, orderly, pleasant to be around, civilized and who contributed to the household- not a slob who trashed the place, ate up my food, showed their ass constantly, begged for handouts and supports, blamed me for all their issues and created nothing but problems. I'd discriminate and choose wisely. Get it, negro? Discrimination isn't wrong and as far as cities and neighborhoods go, YOU are the slob in the scenario!

Californian said...

Perhaps the mayor is thinking back to the good old days of the civil rights struggle, where the FBI came to the rescue of blacks who were under attack by segregationists? The federal government gets on its white (I mean, black) horse, rides into town, then saves the day.

NC Realist said...

I propose another solution for the mayor. Instead of the FBI...set up drive thru funeral homes and crematoriums for the summer season. Don't even have to get out the car....just pop the trunk and the attendant will come running and dig that jig right out. Have those teddy bears and candles right there at the for it all with that stolen credit card. Just as you're leaving and grieving...have one of those police ice cream trucks waiting to tell you Thank you for your business and see you tomorrow.

Mr. Rational said...

Look at the weasel-words that DWLs use to describe the impact of NAMs on White kids' education:

"Black students at the paired schools made greater test-score gains than their peers in segregated schools. White students also made strides, though those who didn’t switch schools saw their scores improve more."

In other words, White kids' education was hurt by integration and "inclusion".

White children are not a "resource" to be sacrificed to NAMs.  Segregation now.

Negroes are helpless, incapable, incompetent and uncivilized and always want someone else to clean up their messes or take the blame for their problems existing in the first place.

If they're our pets, they need a huge spay and neuter program because NOBODY wants to adopt all the ones in the "shelter".

Imagine how bad negro infested areas would be if all the artificial government supports that prop them up were removed and they couldn't run away from themselves! All negro areas would quickly descend into Haiti-like conditions or worse.

Precisely.  We should demand long-term contraception for all of them (males included) until they have shown that they can conform to the demands of civilization and support themselves AND any children they create.  Under such a regime, most would never reproduce.  If they don't like it, Africa is that-a-way.

Anonymous said...

If the press, government, universities etc. were to honestly report on the subject of crime or other minority dysfunctions they would be undermining the basis of social policies since the 1930s, all races are equal. The poisonous doctrine of equality is exposed as a lie every time minorities commit crimes, indulge in bastardy, rioting, mayhem and their usual daily destruction. This is common knowledge but there are too many important people who have built careers and lives profiting off of the lie of equality to have a 'Come to Jesus' moment now and admit their ideology was wrong, all men are not created equal and that philosophy has destroyed much of the country.

That is the underlying falsehood of BRA, "all men are created equal" therefore unequal outcomes in life, unequal civilizations are a flagrant example of injustice and these injustices will be rectified by BRA. To oppose BRA is to oppose justice itself making one an outcast from society. Over the decades as BRA's policies have gotten more extreme going from housing policy to school, work, employment etc. destroying the right of free association along the way BRA has settled upon whites as the arch enemy of the new regime of equality.

The glaring difference between white societies and non-white is a daily rebuke to the keepers of the religion of equality and therefore, we must be replaced. The ruling class would rather rule over a third world cesspool than enjoy civilization in a first world country. Tis better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and holy damn.

Anonymous said...

"To fix the U.S., if such a thing is even possible will take the bankruptcy of the U.S."

Think Great Depression except with 35 million blacks infesting the cities. From my Mom's accounts, city whites helped each other out and she never spoke of a crime problem. Dad grew up on a farm and his family of 12 provided for themselves.

Negroes will bar-b-q each other, then spread out into the country hunting/gathering where they will be eliminated en masse. Armies march on their stomachs, negroes will be easy to bait.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @6:08 am. Whites are moving back into parts of Detroit too. That certainly won't stop the never ending monkey shines. Just more people caught in the crossfire. Duck and cover. Better yet...stay away.

Anonymous said...

"This is common knowledge but there are too many important people who have built careers and lives profiting off of the lie of equality to have a 'Come to Jesus' moment now and admit their ideology was wrong, all men are not created equal and that philosophy has destroyed much of the country. "

"That philosophy" derives from the writings of John Locke, a Christian theologian. Much like America itself, he already done went to Jesus and ain't never comin' back.

Anonymous said...

One indicator as to whether your area is getting diverse is the pigeon population. Pigeons were downtown birds, or so I thought, until they followed diversity out here to the burbs, now both are everywhere. You never see pigeons out in the country as they seem to follow negroes wherever they go. I never saw a pigeon around here when it was all white. Funny, that. I guess they are the negroes of the bird world.

Anonymous said...

" . . . From my Mom's accounts, city whites helped each other out and she never spoke of a crime problem. . ."

Yes, that was so in the 1930s. I have heard the same stories from relatives who lived in Boston and other cities during the depression. Although it's a cliché now it was actually true that people didn't lock their doors and helped neighbors. It certainly wasn't paradise by any means, there were no antibiotics, jobs were scarce and there were always scumbags around but there was almost no random violent crime despite the poverty of the Great Depression. There are interesting statistics from that era that back all this up.

BRA geniuses are well aware of these facts and detest and ignore these truths that as poverty increased rapidly in the U.S. from 1929 through 1939 violent crime dropped. This directly contradicts the Church of BRA religious dogma that 'poverty causes crime' ergo eliminate poverty and one eliminates crime. The truth is the contradiction of this BRA religious dogma, poverty doesn't cause crime but crime will most certainly cause poverty.

A class of natural criminals such as our dusky brethren guarantees poverty no matter how much of other people's tax money is spent. The only exception to this rule is the scumbag businessmen and politicians engaged in the poverty racket such as building section 8 housing, private prisons and the vast government bureaucracy. Those people suffer neither poverty nor the presence of their chocolate clients as neighbors, they vacuum up the money though.

NE whitopia

Anonymous said...

Off topic but relevant...

Not that long ago, in addition to the "City That Reads" campaign, they had one aimed at older guys who impregnated younger (underage) women. Yes! They had the, "Pick on someone your own age" campaign.

Anonymous said...

Looking at Charlie bo 313. What simply happened when whites moved out and blacks moved in. What happens when white people run a city, and its taken over by blacks running a city. What happens when unions go to the southern states, and bring blacks up north to work in auto factories. When a white police department becomes a black police department. When a cities population elects a black mayor to replace a white one. This is Detroit 1973. If the cities population, votes out the current white mayor of Detroit, for the bastard son of Coleman Young, we get to watch the shit show all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Oh yeah, grab a broom and a dust pan, Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Go to google.

Type in "chicago shooting suspect".

Hit the "images" tab.


May 1, 2017 at 6:39 AM ROTHFLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

" . . . Negroes will bar-b-q each other, then spread out into the country hunting/gathering where they will be eliminated en masse. Armies march on their stomachs, negroes will be easy to bait. . . "

Yes they will. One advantage to living in a cold climate is that once the leaves change color and winter comes it is very difficult to live off of the fat of the land especially if one is afflicted with an 85 IQ, bad temper and lack of forward thinking. A foot of snow on the ground and temperatures in the 20's with early darkness are not conducive to TNB. Also, in spite of what many think in many "liberal" areas there are many, many people who are race realists and firearms are abundant. Add in YT refugees from warmer climes and the life expectancy of nogs/Hispanics is drastically reduced once the wheels come off BRA and they continue to engage in TNB.

As PK says, our job is to survive.

Anonymous said...

"So this really boils down to 'gibs muh dat'. No actual ideas, just beg whitey to come pat them on the head, give them a few bananas, and clean up all the shit they've flung."

I am always trying to figure out which category a particular black request or behavior falls into. In this case, I think it fits squarely within 'aybah poda hep', not 'gibs muh dat'. Of course, as soon as the Feds actually did start patrolling, etc. there would be cries in the community of "rayciss" profiling, shouldn't get out of the car, turn a blind eye to most crimes, etc. It seems one simply cannot win with this subpopulation. The only way to win, is not to play.

Sick n' Tired said...

Lol, I occasionally like to share ridiculous pictures with a few of my realist friends, this is like digging in your backyard and finding a chest full of pirate treasure...on top of an untapped oil field.

Sick n' Tired said...

If they reported crime accurately in NYC, do you think yuppies and hipsters would still be willing to pay $3k+ a month for a studio apt?

Anonymous said...

If this black on white incident in Austin Texas doesn't rile whitey to react, nothing will. We truly act like we are the minority idiots. Step up guys. Blacks keep shouting "we woke". I think we white folks are asleep at the wheel. Zzzzzz

Anonymous said...

For me, this the feel good story of the year.

Four black brothers going to Yale.

The Wade quadruplets, all of whom got into Harvard and Yale, and who had offers from a combined 59 colleges, will attend university together in the fall, they revealed exclusively to NBC News.

Yale offered all four brothers from Liberty Township, Ohio, an "extraordinary" financial aid package, which no other college could beat.

"Yale won," said their father, Darrin Wade, a senior staff software architect for General Electric

"Their mother, Kim Wade, a 52-year-old junior high school principal".

So, it seems like the parents have pretty good jobs, doesn't it? Don't you wish that you could have four stupid kids that get a full scholarship to any prestigious university they wish to go?

Anonymous said...

The media scumbags talk about "uneducated" white Trump voters.

Meanwhile, 47% of the adult population of Detroit is functionally illiterate.

In Baltimore, 1/3rd of all adults 25 years old and up have neither a high school diploma nor a GED.

Mr. Rational said...

I think it fits squarely within 'aybah poda hep', not 'gibs muh dat'.

"Aybah poda hep" is a subset of "gibsmedat".  The other two are:
- "Looks at me"
- "Muh dik"

NC Realist said...

"Yale won," said their father, Darrin Wade, a senior staff software architect for General Electric. Oh yeah...that's right. General Electric...the same company that shut down so many of their plants in the USA. Then outsourced all those jobs to Mexico...right after Bill "I didn't have sex with that woman" Clinton signed the NAFTA agreement. It's a small world after all.

Anonymous said...

D-Fens at 6:23 PM

I also want to thank you for the link.

This doesn't really tell the whole story. We also need to factor in the AA hires in government and private industry where BHO was able to force it on us.

Probably more about 30% with blacks. What happened to our space program and military superiority? Military members, Post office jobs, government jobs, etc. One big cluster F*ck. AA positions in college, both students and teachers.

State and local government, motor vehicles, hospitals, fast food restaurants. It may never end.

Anonymous said...

What they don't tell you is those stupid white Appalachia yocals still score higher on IQ tests, on average, than the blacks from the wealthiest black families in the USA.

Anonymous said...

The Media is attempting to manipulate you. This is a well-known propaganda technique known as "The Big Lie". If you repeat a falsehood often enough, eventually the low-information sector of population you are trying to control will believe it as fact. Here are some statistical facts which the Media always fails to include in their propaganda pieces - they just don't fit with the desired agenda: Of the 990 people who were killed by police officers in 2015, the Washington Post reported 258 of them were black. So far in 2016, there have been 708 documented deaths in police shootings, 173 of which have resulted the deaths of blacks. University of Toledo criminologist Dr. Richard R. Johnson examined the latest data from the FBI and Centers for Disease Control: From 2003 through 2012, law-enforcement officers killed an average of 429 people per year in “legal interventions.” These include a relatively small number of innocent people killed by cops and many more who died due to reasonable use of force. But the biggest problem black men face is that their black lives don’t matter to other black men.

On average, 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012, according to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports. Using FBI and CDC statistics, Professor Johnson calculates that 112 black men, on average, suffered both justified and unjustified police-involved deaths annually during this period. This equals 2.5 percent of these 4,472 yearly deaths. For every black man — criminal or innocent — killed by a cop, 40 black men were murdered by other black men. Here are five key statistics you need to know about cops killing blacks. 1. Cops killed nearly twice as many whites as blacks in 2015. According to data compiled by The Washington Post, 50 percent of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26 percent were black. The majority of these victims had a gun or "were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force," according to MacDonald in a speech at Hillsdale College. Some may argue that these statistics are evidence of racist treatment toward blacks, since whites consist of 62 percent of the population and blacks make up 12 percent of the population.

Californian said...

On average, 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012, according to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports.

And compare the 4472 with the 3446 blacks lynched during 1882-1968:

1118 blacks KIA by other blacks in four years compared with 40 or so lynched annually during segregation. So who's the bigger threat to blacks. Of course, the real issue is the number of Whites killed by blacks.

Bill in St Louis said...

They needed an "extraordinary" financial aid package, with parents pulling down at least $100,000K a year? From jobs they can't (AA) be fired from? This is simply Yale`s version of "Looks at muh", virtue signalling to the extreme. I bet in 2years when shon`de #1 gets busted for dealing, while 3&4 are busy having rape charges buried we will hear nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the number stated was 4472 black-on-black homicide victims per year.
A quick peak at the archived stats over at shows that blacks are about 80% of the fatal gunshot victims in Chicago, year after year. For 2016, that number would be 650+, just within the city limits of Chicago. Start adding the numbers for the rest of Illinois in 2016, such as other problem areas like Rockford, Aurora, and East St. Louis, not to mention suburban Cook County, and Illinois probably puts up close to 1,000 black-on-black homicides a year.