Sunday, April 9, 2017

Once Again, Blacks Meet in Nearly 70% Black Memphis to Address "Black-on-Black Crime" Without Simply Addressing the Problem of "Black Crime"

Knowing Memphis is a 67 percent black city on basically life support at this point makes the following breakdown of violence there even funnier. [Body Count: Anatomy of a record homicide year in Memphis, Memphis Daily News, 2-4-17]:

A day at a time, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland has been writing the names of those who have been murdered in a notebook he keeps with him since he became mayor in January 2016.
When five people, two of them 15 years old, died violently the weekend that much of the world’s attention was on protest marches and the new administration in Washington, Strickland was getting updates on the latest surge in violence. 
And when the work week began Jan. 23, he reacted. 
“The weekend’s violence came from cowards who are using weapons instead of words to resolve conflict – and it has to stop,” his written statement began. “My message to any of you who illegally carry or use guns: You are the problem in Memphis. You are hurting our efforts to bring jobs and opportunity to our community. But you will not succeed in tearing us down. I repeat: You will not succeed in tearing us down.” 
The statement was borne out of a familiar and time-honored frustration. 
“Just the personal outrage I felt over the weekend,” Strickland said when asked what prompted his reaction. “The tragic loss of life.”
Opportunity is long gone for nearly 3/4th's black Memphis, with white people (the progenitors of Memphis' glory days and - with white flight - inadvertent architects of its demise) rebuilding the city in the far away suburbs of the city. What's left is the type of community Africans in America are uniquely capable of creating, where the civilization and infrastructure white people long ago built (and abandoned) crumbles in the hands of its new demographic masters. [Panelists Say "Black on Black Crime" Is A Multifaceted Problem, Local Memphis, 4-6-17]:

Of the 55 homicides so far this year, about 65% involved African American victims, according to the Memphis-Shelby County Crime Commission. 
This evening LeMoyne-Owen College sponsored a forum to examine the causes of black on black crime and ways to decrease it. The discussion was officially titled “Black-on-Black Crime Forum Program.” 
Seven people ranging from pastors to crime commission members to the director of the Shelby County Division of Corrections were on the panel. Several said violence resulted from a number of complex factors. 
"Crime has no demographic. This particular university or college used to be a safe place, but now crime has drifted into this campus," said Harold Collins, vice president of the Shelby County Crime Commission. 
"We know children who have been traumatized are easily irritated and agitated. They are hard to calm down once they get upset. They see the world as a bad and punishing, a not to be trusted place," said Dr. Altha Stewart, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and president of the American Psychiatric Association. 
Stewart said the presence of a consistent, caring adult is important in helping children heal after they suffer trauma.
Problem here, Harold Collins.

In places across America, crime victims might not have a particular demographic, but through a simple look at arrest records for municipalities across the nation we learn in places like Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Nashville, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Chicago and Los Angeles, criminal suspects have a particular demographic in common.


The problem isn't black-on-black crime, but black crime.

Rarely, to the detriment of the mainstream media and organizations relying on tax-exempt donations to provide operating capital for their anti-white missions, does white-on-black crime occur.

But the preponderance of black-on-white crime, with the astronomical high rates of black-on-black crime in play, make it hard for people to truly understand just how bad America's black crime problem is in 2017.

It's the fundamental problem at the heart of every issue in America we debate. Until we address this, no issue - healthcare, education, so-called income inequality, home ownership, the economy, urban renewal, urban sprawl, clean energy, green issues, public transportation, and our culture - can ever be fixed in any meaningful manner.


Anonymous said...

Back to to our regular scheduled programming...Good work PK. But I've noticed from your Twitter feed that you are courageously(and I fear foolishly) addressing the JQ. That's a rabbit hole with no end. Timing is key. I would urge you yo broach the subject cautiously. A time will come to expose these vampires, but at the moment they still hold sway. Each day their power is eroded by the power if the web but I believe it would be prudent to exercise caution when approaching the subject. At least for now.


PB said...

MAGA may stumble and fall, but BRA just barrels on regardless.

Ex New Yorker said...

All these great cities were built in the old days of early American construction. Masterpieces of architecture and masonry. Buildings and houses that were made to last for years with only minor upkeep. Made out of wood, bricks and steel.

I read a lot of history. These great cities started as little villages and over the years turned into centers of industry and commerce. Thousands of jobs were created. These cities became as fabulous as anything built in Europe. Inner city transportation was provided by trolley cars, buses and subways. All created and built by white Europeans. All across America these buildings are still standing. Even in small towns in the mid-west and deep South. The building I live in was built back in the days of the wild west.

And now these great cities have become rat infested shit holes and killing fields. Miles and miles of empty houses and boarded up store fronts. Detroit looks like a damn cow pasture. Sad to see some of these old Victorian built family homes turned into a pile of rotten lumber and busted out windows. The faded glory of these beautiful cities has now been turned into a pile of shit by the invading black hordes. Nice landscaped parks are now filled with garbage, dopers and whores. The streets are so dangerous that nobody goes out at night. Whole populations living in fear. Predators prowling the streets looking for prey.

The great "war on poverty" was supposed to help the black man. Instead all it has done is destroy the white man.

Anonymous said...

No one in any real position of power is willing to confront the problems head on and call black crime out for what it is. Doing so and identifying the problem will cause blacks and their coddlers to go ballistic and the resultant screeches of racism would raise the roof. Then of course there would be the tidal wave of excuses and blaming others for all the crime happening. The only realistic way to deal with black dysfunction is with raw, naked force and even that would cause them to pour out into the streets rioting, raving, looting and burning. Simply put, the only way to get blacks under control is to crush them and slap them down hard permanently. Anything less than that will never work- there is no other solution. That's the harsh reality. Lacking that, everything will continue to grow worse decade by decade.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about NoN crime. Not even a little. Not even when it's "dey babies" getting killed. Let them do what they're gonna do. White intervention only causes resentment anyway: "Over-policing," "disproportionately represented," "racially profiled," "disparate impact," etc., etc., etc. It's the same effect as in the Middle East. Why? Tribalism. We need to stay out of others' affairs. They're not our tribe, and they're certainly not our equal.

Brian in Ohio said...

"..crime has DRIFTED on to this campus." Well that's a new one. Drifted.

And yes, crime has a demographic. One narrow, easily identified demographic.

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

Whole heartedly agree with your final analysis. What happens when the boomers start to kick the bucket en masse? How much of the Caucasian population is actually legacy Americans? We don't even have the moral courage to address illegal immigration, much less our 14th amendment fellow citizens. I'm in Philadelphia now, and the ruins of Camden and Trenton are huge black pills. Are we going to slouch forward into a mass grave so we don't get called mean names? Looks like it. Sorry for the depressing post man, but damn!

Anonymous said...

Summed up beautifully PK. You da man!!

Paintjob Theory said...

"This evening LeMoyne-Owen College sponsored a forum to examine the causes of black on black crime.."

Here's a hint, Sambo, the answer is in the name, twice.

" and ways to decrease it."

Well if it were a symposium on "gun" crime/(knife crime for you subjects of the Queen), the """logical""" conclusion of any group gathered from the halls of academia would be laws regulating guns/(knives), reducing the number of them on "the streets", and so forth. Sadly we are still a lomg way off from actually connecting black violence to black Africans who perpetrate it.

"Crime has no demographic."

Of course nobody will offer any statistics to contradict actual crime data, nor would any (((journalist))) demand proof before publishing such an absurd claim.

Chicongo police scanner. Any time day or night you can listen to the death rattle of a once prosperous first world city. Nights are best though. The great thing about Chicongo is that there's still enough tax dollars to float a police department that even bothers to respond to calls. Tune in after dark to hear the continuing saga of Robert (code for overnight shift coppers) vs the hoards of Mordor.

Anonymous said...

The title of this article says it all.. Once Again...keyword being Again. And again and again and again day in day out. The miserable life of the common low life negro. Who's your daddy Shitavious..? How bout you Latrina..? Do you know your sperm donor..? For all you know your brother is your daddy. It's really no wonder the negroes are so incredibly stupid with all the inbreeding they do. So stupid they continue to have all these stupid meetings.. we need to do this...we need to do that..flap those lips...but never get a thing done. Day in day out you low life fuckers kill each other over something as trivial as a pair of banana boots. Hold a candlelight vigil and praise the one who did the killing. Then go to the funeral and kill some more. Then blame YT and say you need more money. Then pretend you'll have another meeting to say we need to do something. And the cycle repeats itself again and again and again etc.

Baron Münchhausen said...

Most people will read that article and never ask themselves the questions about the facts that are left out;

1) What demographics makes up the 35% of victims unnamed?

2) What demographics are perpetrating the homicides?

3) Why does the media refer to Crime as though it is a living breathing person, a random act of God, or even a weather pattern that you shouldn't worry about or do anything to avoid?

Beam me up

The Baron

Anonymous said...

I have the solution: The first thing to do of course is march. They must march. After the requisite march, they should demand several actions: demand more funding for the schools, demand programs for community youth, demand that more corporations invest in the "community", and demand more funding for job training and higher education.

I'm not looking for praise but I really believe I'm on to something here. I've spent much time developing this program and if only it were implemented, Memphis schools would close the achievement gap and the city would experience peace and prosperity. Unfortunately I fear that systemic and institutional racism will prevent my program from even being considered. The white power structure regretfully remains committed to keeping African-Americans down.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Donald Jesus Trump Make Memphis Great Again?

Anonymous said...

So the Kwanstain is going to be great again with an ever increasing third world population and Kwannies that are jock sniffing rap spitting cucks?
Cities that have been abandoned to nogs won't ever be coming back and there shouldn't be one cent spent on improvement or one finger lifted in labor to uplift Nogtowns across the Kwanstain.

Anonymous said...

@ Sunscreen,

When there is tribe that can never be mentioned it is easy to tell who rules the Kwanstain.

Anonymous said...

Listen, and understand. That terminator (groid) is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.


Anonymous said...

"Tribalism. We need to stay out of others' affairs. They're not our tribe..."

True. However, in order for that to take place, THEY need to stay out of our communities and neighborhoods and restrict their crime and dysfunction to their own tribal enclaves- which they won't do unless forced to. There used to be segregation for a good reason and it was precisely for isolating and containing the problem. That's the only "program" that will have any success at gaining control over the ape community. Even then, it's not FOR them- it's for us- to protect OUR civilization. They'd continue their NoN crime unabated but it would be far removed from OUR communities as it should be.

We've already seen what happens when they're allowed to run loose: they breed out of control, destroy everything around themselves, send the crime rates sky high and refuse to take any responsibility for the consequences of their own behavior while blaming everyone and everything else for the miserable conditions they create. Stupid can't be fixed and I long for the day when well meaning fools stop trying and wasting time and money on the problems of a failed race. However, it's not only the well meaning fools that are a part of the problem- it's also the malicious manipulators behind the scenes who are intentionally spreading the black plague for their own nefarious reasons knowing full well the destruction that will follow.

There is only one solution proven to work: isolation and containment aka segregation. Anything else is just pissing into the wind.

Bill in St Louis said...

So.... the BLACKS, in Memphis, had a forum on BLACK on BLACK crime, and what causes it. Yet, crime itself has no demographic. There is truly nothing to be done except to survive the day the EBT stops working and the mass chimpouts that follow. Once enough of them have killed and eaten thier coddlers and themselves, a new day will dawn, and the cargo ships can haul whats left back to the mudderland.

Unknown said...

This is another one of life's IQ tests. When blacks start saying they want to lower the black-on-black crime rate, they're aiming for whitey. They don't care about black-on-non-black; in fact, there are countless stories of blacks clamoring for blacks to go to white neighborhoods and "burn that s..t down."

Years ago, I was on a business trip to San Francisco. The hotel shoved a copy of the local morning paper under my door, so I read it. Their mayor at the time, Gavin Newsom, had given a press conference after crime statistics had been released a day prior. Black crime was way up, and he was embarrassed. Looking for that silver lining, he pointed out, "at least black-on-black crime is down." Another IQ test. If black crime is up, and black-on-black crime is down, what happened to black-on-non-black crime? Answer: it went up, disproportionately.

Anonymous said...

"Why can't Donald Jesus Trump Make Memphis Great Again?"

Or Chicago! There was all that talk about sending in the FEDS to put a stop to all the negro violence but, in the end, only a dozen or so federal agents were sent to Chicago.

Way to go, Trump! You saw a raging forest fire and threw a 16 ounce bottle of water at it! Impressive!

Oil 'n Water said...

"Stewart said the presence of a consistent, caring adult is important in helping children heal after they suffer trauma."

After they suffer trauma? What sort of trauma? From whom? And why?
Somehow it will all boil down to a failing of Whites, instead of the actions of some feral negro down the block, himself suffering from trauma because his "caring adult" is absent as well.
Now it's trauma. Well, at least the streets, malls gone wrong, guns, da slabery, and lack of funding, get to take a break - they've been pulling double duty for too long.
However, making amends for educational disparity is still on the job.
Four brothers have all been accepted to Ivy League schools. Harvard, Yale, and Stanford all have made offers.
Black, of course. Honors students? Perfect grade point average? No word about academic achievement, but that is no impediment to the protected species.
I'm sure there are a (very) few of the talented tenth that might benefit, but overall a person can only shake his head at the waste.

Unknown said...

Maybe Donald wants to be a one term president. He caved to those neocons all too quickly. I'm hoping this was done to placate the neocons so that he can move to other things. The problem is that no amount of placating will be enough for Juan McCain and Limp-wristed Lindsey Graham.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous April 10, 2017 at 8:38 AM said...Way to go, Trump! You saw a raging forest fire and threw a 16 ounce bottle of water at it! Impressive!

When the forest is something you want gone, I would wonder what the heck he's doing wasting 16 oz. of water on it.

Anonymous said...

The only reason there's black on black crime is there's no whites left to victimize 🤔

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous April 10, 2017 at 3:29 AM said... Tribalism. We need to stay out of others' affairs. They're not our tribe, and they're certainly not our equal.

In the case of negros, I will agree with you after they are returned to their tribal homelands.

Anonymous said...

Since the black victims only account for 65% of the total, I consider the entire conference racist...
The people who organized it should be run out of town on a rail. Any elected official who took part should be removed from office.
Imagine if a polar opposite set of circumstances existed Imagine 65% of the victims were white.
Imagine the outrage if the white government got together to discuss the 'white on white' crime problem and didn't bother addressing the remaining percentage.
Jus sayin'

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Blacks commit at least 90% of all fatal and non-fatal shootings in Dallas, Texas.
My comments on this article from the Dallas Morning News will be in bold, and in my next post I will provide links to the Dallas Police Department webpage that proves that ALL the shootings in this article were committed by blacks.

Deadly night in Dallas as 2 killed, 5 wounded in shootings

A woman and man were killed and five people were wounded Saturday night and early Sunday in unrelated shootings around Dallas.

No arrests have been made in any of the shootings.

Just before 7 p.m. Saturday, witnesses told police two people were fighting in the parking lot of a shopping center in the 2200 block of Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. [BLACK PART OF TOWN]

They fired at each other and struck 25-year-old ,Kenzia Perry [OBVIOUSLY BLACK, THANK GOD FOR STUPID BLACK NAMES!]. She was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where she died, police said.

A man, whose identity has not been released, was shot in the head early Sunday in South Dallas [South Dallas = BLACKS] and killed.

About 10 p.m., officers responded to a shooting in South Dallas. Two men said they were standing outside a convenience store in the 4300 block of Malcolm X Boulevard [BLACK PART OF TOWN LOL] when they got in an argument with a third person, who shot at them and fled.

The two victims were taken to Baylor University Medical Center with injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

Fifteen minutes later, officers responded to another shooting call less than a mile away [BLACK PART OF TOWN] in the 2700 block of Lenway Street. The victim had been shot in the foot and was taken to Baylor with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

About 1:10 a.m. Sunday, police responded to a shooting in South Dallas near U.S. Highway 175 and Railroad Avenue [BLACK PART OF TOWN], where a man said someone shot him in the leg. He was taken to Baylor with injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

In the early morning, police responded about 3:15 a.m. to the 3900 block of Mehalia Drive, near Bonnie View Road, in southeast Oak Cliff, where a man had been shot in the buttocks. [Southeast Oak Cliff = BLACKS]

The victim left the front door open when another man, whom he knew, walked in and began arguing about money, police said.

The argument turned into a physical fight, and the victim managed to push the man out of his bedroom and brace the door shut with his body. The other man fired a shot that went through the door and struck him, police said.

The shooter got in a vehicle and fled with a second person, a witness told police.


A @ 8:38

Trump knows you can't do anything about the negro. He knows. His past history shows he knows.

Why waste any time and money stopping the most effective crime technique we have?: Blacks killing blacks.

Let the forest fire rage. It is called culling the dead wood. Let it burn. The only problem I see is that it is only negro men killing negro men. That doesn't help us, since a queen bee negress can grind out at least 30 niglets from age 12 to 42. She only needs one buck to provide the "baby batter" and she can fart them out every 10 months.

One buck, "doing" 5 birth canals a day, can produce 1,825 niglets per year. Multiply this by 20 years (since most likely he will be dead or in prison by age 30) and he has "produced" 36,500 niglets.

They win. We loose......and don't forget (((who))) is behind ALL of this.

Anonymous said...

DALLAS = CONSTANT BLACK CRIME!!! Over 90% of all annual murders in Dallas Texas are committed by blacks, and almost all the rest are committed by Mexicans and other kinds of Latinos.

From the Dallas Police Department's blog, these are all from just the last few days:

Shooting at 2900 Block of Holmes Street

On April 7, 2017, at approximately 10:08 PM, officers responded to a shooting call at 2900 block of Holmes Street. Upon arrival, officers observed the victim, Daniel Green B/M/36, being transported by Dallas Fire Rescue to Baylor Hospital with a gunshot wound. The victim was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at Baylor Hospital. Homicide detectives canvassed the area and spoke with several individuals who stated hearing gunshots but did not witness the shooting. A murder offense was made on case number 077729-2017.

Shooting in the 2200 Block of Singleton Blvd.

On April 8,2017, at approximately 7:49 p.m., officers responded to a shooting call at 2223 Singleton Blvd. Upon arrival officers found the victim, Kenzia Perry, a 25-year-old Black female, shot. She was transported to Parkland Hospital. She died a short time after arrival to the hospital. Homicide responded and interviewed witnesses. The witnesses stated that two suspects had a disturbance with one another in the shopping center at the location and both began shooting at one another. During the exchange of gunfire, the victim was shot. A murder offense was made on case number 068489-2017. There are no suspects in custody at this time.

Shooting in 3100 Block of Easter Avenue

On April 9, 2017, at approximately 4:00 a.m., officers responded to a shooting call at 3119 Easter Avenue. Upon arrival officers determined that a shooting had taken place at the location in a vehicle and the vehicle had driven off and come to rest at 100 E. Kiest. Dallas Fire Rescue also responded to 100 E. Kiest and transported the victim, Kennan Dawson a 16-year-old Black male, to Methodist Hospital where he died of a gunshot wound a short time after arriving at the hospital. Homicide and Crime Scene responded to both locations and interviewed witnesses at police headquarters. A murder offense was made on case number 078777-2017.


April 4, 2017
Detectives Seek Information on Homicide – Occurred April 2016

One year ago today, on April 4, 2016, the victim, Jean Claude Pratts, a Black male, 33-years-old, was found deceased lying on the side of the road near the intersection of Kolloch Drive and East Ledbetter Drive. Anyone with information regarding this murder is encouraged to contact Homicide Detective White, #7682, at 214-671-3690 or Please refer to case #79497-2016

PB said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Sunscreen,

When there is tribe that can never be mentioned it is easy to tell who rules the Kwanstain.

In every occupation, resistance begins in whispers.

PB said...

"Way to go, Trump! You saw a raging forest fire and threw a 16 ounce bottle of water at it! Impressive!"

Overthrowing the President of Syria at the behest of Israel (see: Yinon Plan, its still active as ever)? Only this can restore America's greatness...apparently. Fix American cities? Later. Israel will fight to the last American to bring about the dream of Greater Israel, but meanwhile your great cities collapse into cesspools of crime, collapse and squalor. Blackie is a symptom, but the cancer lies deeper.

Anonymous said...

No a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor to be exact.

Anonymous said...

"sending in the FEDS to put a stop to all the negro violence"

In Mexico they call them the federales.