Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Does Anyone Have the Racial Breakdown of ESPN's Fired Employees Today? Appears Overwhelmingly that Whites Got Axed.

The big news today was the purge at ESPN, after incredible losses in number of subscribers and deep drops in profitability. Yours truly noted this was coming in October of 2016.

Inquiring minds want to know only thing: what percentage of those fired were white males?

ESPN went full SJW, equating every heroic stand by black athletes with civil rights lore. This, and only this, was the catalyst for huge drops in subscriptions.

But, instead of admitting the mistake of broadcasting leftist talking points masquerading as sport, ESPN apparently fired primarily white employees.

Can this be verified?


Anonymous said...

PK...I stopped watching that crap years ago.

NC Realist said... This particular article gives a lot of insight...especially the comments at the end. It appears so far they are mostly white. I did notice one black.

Anonymous said...

For all the fools at espn who toed the line supported all of the communist bs. Ha ha ha ha ha. Dose of reality. Now in the real world out on the street true patriotic Americans are all treated as true enemies of the state. Good luck. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ex New Yorker said...

I think it was last October (or maybe the year before) I read a story that mentioned for the first time a whole month had gone by without an NFL player being arrested for murder, assault or rape. Imagine that. A whole month.

I outgrew sports and football while in high school. Having a 200 pound guy grind my face into the dirt was not my idea of fun. While in school my main interest was girls, which was something that stayed with me for my most of my life. In America many women get divorced because their husbands spend all night watching sports on television. In my younger day all my girlfriends were "hot babes" and the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of the frigging TV when I could be getting in my licks with the chicks.

What ESPN and other networks have not figured out yet is people are tired of the damn "race card" bullshit. These multi-millionaire sport heroes complaining about racism is starting to have an effect on the working class who are living from paycheck to paycheck. Most families need two jobs to make ends meet and nobody wants to hear some ghetto thug who just signed a 10 million dollar contract bitching about being oppressed. These guys are making more money in one or two years than most working families will make in a life time. Listening to how these POOR bastards are "down with the struggle" is falling on deaf ears.

Nobody gives a shit. People are finally starting to tune out on all the "suffering and oppression" bullshit. Nobody cares. Enough already. Play your game. Take the money. Go home and shut the fuck up.

I haven't looked at TV for nearly five years. When I did look at TV all I watched was those dancing shows. My late wife was a dancer and we both looked at "So you think you can dance" and that other show with burned out movie stars.

This Winter a friend and I drove 60 miles to see the Mel Gibson war movie "Hacksaw ridge". Have not seen any other movies in five years. Hollywood turns out pure garbage.

Anonymous said...

Just like FOX news...Get rid of all white males and put in White women that worship Black cack and Weak white gay male cucks that have Black or Brown boyfriends.I have no affinity for Fox news but they are being turned into yet another leftist propaganda machine. O'reilly may be an a-hole but he is no worse than Black men abusing,beating and rapping about the abuse and sexual degeneracy aimed towards women and especially white women.I find it hilarious that this sick country is trying to destroy white males and put Black males on a pedestal of virtue.Trying to make it out that Black males are the protectors of women and women's rights.Blacks ,who abuse and beat and knock out and rape white women on college campuses,especially said college "affletes"on a regular basis then whitey covers it up as fast as he can.No one calls out the degeneracy of Black men and their rap hip hop abusive garbage.Unbelievable!

Brian in Ohio said...

Looks like they`ve let some air "talent" go, but I`m guessing the majority will be producers, cameramen, sound guys, gaffers, grips and the like. So yes, they`ll all be white.

I would like to thank Colin Kappernick for the great service he has done the cause of race realism. Who would`ve thought that in BRA, one nigger refusing to stand for the National Anthem would cause 10 million Americans to say fuck sports. Sports... the crown jewel of black achievement. Truly amazing.

Blacks are bad for business, whether they are the customer or the product.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Paul I don't know why you post this about ESPN most of the bloggers don't care about the channel or NFL team anyway

Anonymous said...

this article is good too, specially the end

Bill in St Louis said...

Whats an ESPN? Whatever, if it has to do with promoting monkeyshines by subhumans who can't add 2+2, but can catch or run with a ball, no whites should be working there anyway.
However, watching a (((group))) commit economic suicide by doubling down on thier insults to thier paying fan base is amusing. Maybe they can change the name to BSPN, (BlackS Promoting Negros)?

Gwoobus Harmon said...

What an idiot network anyway.

Surely they would have to know that their core demographic is older, white, and very male. Sounds like just the audience to blast non-stop anti-white, anti-male, anti-traditional values towards 24/7 -- I mean what could go wrong?

Everything from glowing treatment of Bruce Jenner, to the non-stop coverage of the gay NFL player, to every commentary show featuring screaming black panelists, to hip hop music breaks and interludes, to the viciously anti-white "30 for 30" type documentaries which ALWAYS have some kind of racial angle, to firing even moderately conservative/non-PC talent (Schilling, Cowherd, Hank Williams Jr. for MNF song etc...) pushing the Kaepernick situation, glomming on Muhammad Ali, etc...

The list just goes on and on. They drew their line in the sand after they merged with (((Disney))) and pushed all chips in on SJW values. They did this at the same time that the political climate was changing and these same White men were turning off the NFL and finding more worthwhile activities, while cities across the USA were aflame.

They will try to say it is "millenials cutting the cord" and "cable TV subscriptions down" --- but make no mistake, ESPN is a casualty in a massive but unarticulated racial awakening that is bubbling just below the surface.

These same white men are learning that they do not need the distraction, and life is just fine without it. For I was once one of them and I know that is exactly why I turned it off and do not miss it much at all.

BrerFox said...

Looking at this running list, it looks like it's about half white men, a third black men, and the rest women of various flavors. I've got no idea how that compares to the overall demographics of the network.

Paintjob Theory said...

(((Disney))) has deep pockets and (((advertising dollars))) will keep flowing in order to keep these companies solvent for the sake of promoting the diversity agenda.

Worse is better. We need to get to the point where the war on white Christian civilization is so blatant that it is undeniable, the combatants can then be revealed, then we can make our stand.

In the meantime, if you are paying for TV or patronizing sportsball you are supporting this.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, sports fans, but it looks like the youths of San Francisco have a new sport and train robbery is only part of it. Teens will literally drag a victim from public transportation for their sport. This happened on the 13th!

Anonymous said...

There were several blacks fired which was significant in that there weren't many out there to fire in the first place. Len Elmore, the long-time basketball announcer, was the most prominent cut in my mind out of everyone fired. However, "black sportscenter" at 6 PM will go on unabated and unwatched.

Anonymous said...

Just don't watch TV and do slot of reading

sykes.1 said...

The irony of Negro athletes kneeling before White fans was lost on Kaepernick and his ESPN supporters.

Anonymous said...


Never a fan of ESPN (or the others.) Let's see. All the hosts use a certain pillow, eat at a certain submarine shop, all have credit card/identity theft protection, all get their part from certain places, etc. All of them! So between their high commercial load, they hawk thinks in between. All the whites are idiots, of course and the backs can sit down during the Anthem, beat their (white) girl friends, etc.
Person of the Year was Jenner. That crap was also broadcast on (co-owned) Radio Disney. (Get them while they are young!)
It went from being a sports network to, like everything else, social engineering. This is the content, ads, hype, etc.

Comments therein are interesting. Blacs vs whites. ESPN got what they wanted.

"We are all equal. Only some are more equal than others."

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Ex New Yorker:

In high school, I made more friends by quitting the football team than I did by joining it. People who had never spoken to me before were giving me high fives when they were told about it.

I think I can speak for everyone here. We always enjoy your posts.

Mike Isbell said...

Chasing the black $dollar only gets you about 30¢. Someday, when enough media companies have become bankrupt financially, this will be quietly admitted openly.

Anonymous said...

I bet ESPN "whitewashed" their staff a bit. I quit watching them years ago, but know they have some very annoying and outspoken race baiters on there that i'd bet a million dollars will not get let go. Ex New Yorker hit the nail on the head, as always. You've been on a roll lately brother!

My humble opinion is that espn is nothing but a propaganda machine, no matter if they are losing money. The most important thing i've learned is follow the money. Liberal espn prez & unc grad (((John Skipper))) takes his orders from (((disney))), who probably take their orders from very powerful (((bankers)))....

Meanwhile in Durham, we have another case of the lighter fluid thrown in a kindergarden teachers face by a "mom" b/c her kid dindu nuffins. Y'all check this out for a laugh.

NC Guy

-Nice to see the posts by NC Realist, you in the central part of the state?

--Also y'all PLEASE check out what Craig "Sawman" Sawyer is up to with . Hunting down elite pedos. Check him out!!

Anonymous said...

If you notice a lot of their highlights are white players getting schooled no matter if its basketball or football or soccer etc.

They never get tired of trying show the big coon as superior being. A reverse of Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia

Anonymous said...

Media always says diversity buy and pay for more things in life than whites. True story

Anonymous said...

duhhhhhh, lol, only Whites are Axeable

Anonymous said...

I hate sports. I would rather read,write, play role playing games and work than watch bread and circuses.

Oil 'n Water said...

Thirteen Louisiana Lafayette football players were suspended for stealing around $2400 worth of stuff from dorm rooms. Do names such as LaDarious, Damar'el, (and I'm not going to bore you trying to spell the rest of them) ring a bell? Well, at least it wasn't rape or battery this time - they're varying their modus operandi, I guess. This is today's "student" athlete.
I used to spend a lot of time scanning the sports section for any Nebraska football tidbit - not any longer. Instead, I'm more interested in the darker (no pun intended) side of sports.
I glanced through the rest of the sports section, passing quickly, the pictures of black faces with open mouthed, contorted expressions of joy after making some "key" basketball shot.
And a thought struck me: Wouldn't it be great if fans suddenly realized they were cheering for a group of "men" whose main skill set was akin to an act trained seals have been known to accomplish? I imagined the huge stadium growing silent, and then people quietly filing out, shaking their heads as to how they could have been so absolutely looney over something as inconsequential as a rubber ball and metal hoop.
And worse yet, of putting out of mind, the character of those behind the ball.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just another reason to totaly boycott ESPN andits sponsors more reasons to switch channels more reasons why we need to hit them where it realy hurts like in their bank accounts and wallets hit them financialy

Anonymous said...

Brian in Ohio said ”I would like to thank Colin Kappernick for the great service he has done the cause of race realism. Who would`ve thought that in BRA, one nigger refusing to stand for the National Anthem would cause 10 million Americans to say fuck sports. Sports... the crown jewel of black achievement. Truly amazing. “

Yes it is truly amazing. The black crown jewel of sports is all blacks have, and they didn't invent those sports. These sports were invented by white people for their entertainment, and without the support of white people these sports will disappear. The blacks thinking that they are responsible for professional sports is kind of like the livestock in a rodeo thinking that they created the rodeo.

Johnny See said...




Anyone else wanna try?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Media always says diversity buy and pay for more things in life than whites. True story”

Does that statement mean something?

Anonymous said...

Detroit Refugee said...

What is ESPN? If I were at my girls place & wanted to tune her out while cucking, what channel might I watch?

The silver lining perhaps, is that some technically proficient white men cross over.

Ex-New Yorker made some points, stuff that resonated with me. If much rather chase women than jocks.

Detroit Refugee said...

This individual has turned up lately, attempting to stir the pot. Me thinks we have us a gook agitator. I grew up & went to school with a couple hundred Asians. Going back a week or more, it reads like chink.

NC Realist said...

Love hearing these comments. Most know this is owned by Disney..who are responsible for much more die-versity than ESPN. The sporty negroes have showed their ugly attitudes that only a negro is capable of. I sincerely hope this is the beginning of the end.

Detroit Refugee said...

A lot of the failed jocks from my high school ended up as cops. ALOT.
Yes, X NY'r is great!!

Anonymous said...

Off post Topic Alert,

Baltimore mayor asks for FBI help due to high murder rate:

Anonymous said...

"Does that statement mean something?"
You know about that "roomful of monkeys on typewriters" holed away at some remote research facility, to see if one of them can eventually produce Shakespeare? It appears the smartest one has escaped, and is logging onto the internet -- including our precious outpost here -- in between his dumpster raids for moldy bananas and half-eaten chicken wings. If you can picture the highly trained teams of mercenaries and government agents desperately tracking this wily creature, only to have him slip their grasp at the last second, you may laugh. Sure, it seems comical in a C-movie sort of way, but this actually portends a serious existential threat to Mankind. It's always darkest, right before the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

Global cultural marxism at work - as always

Who owns and manages ESPN (cultural marxists)? Too "politically incorrect" to answer that one; don't want the cultural marxists to shut you down by answering truthfully?

66 million, mostly Ethnic Whites - mass murdered by the marxists 1915 -1989 - in Russian and Eastern Europe

Fratricidal wars in which Ethnic Europeans killed each other in the tens of millions at behest of global marxists - during "world wars" and the various "wars" to benefit the marxist-lead banksters and corporations

South Africa - 70,000 and counting - murdered Whites

Europe now being flooded with non-whites, Australia is a trickle - for now

USA is next up - with a proportional drop from over 90 % White population in the 1960s (the beginning of the global cultural marxists' campaign to destroy traditional White culture in the USA) to around 65% now

Global scale GENOCIDE of Ethnic-Europeans is the goal of the marxists (cultural and economic variants) and is now in full scale operation!

Do you get it yet?

Anonymous said...

I hate sports. I would rather read,write, play role playing games and work than watch bread and circuses.

Hell, I'd rather work digging trenches and filling them back in before watching negroes play games with balls. The idea of watching people sit around talking about negroes playing games with balls is absolutely inconceivable to me.

Bill in St Louis said...

It took me a minute, but they meant (I think) that we are always told, (through the unbiased MSM) that "diversity", (in this case non-whites) buys more sport related programming and side gear, (team shirts, shoes, etc) than whites. This is brought up by libs whenever the idea of whites using economic means of protest , ( i.e. not subscribing to E xtra S pook P rograms about Negros) to make us feel helpless. While more black people probably buy sports-figure endorsed shoes, the rest of the argument is BS.

Anonymous said...

Of the announced layoffs:

85% of those fired were white
13% black
2% Hispanic

68% white men
17% white women
0% black women

Anonymous said...

Blacks are always demanding to be included in white activities, jobs, movies, tv shows, etc. etc. But then go to special lengths to CHOOSE to separate themselves from us by choosing clothing, hairstyles, names for dey chillens, (Octavius, Latrina), that most of us would NEVER choose. And when they make their demands that never cease, you might as well add ...or else... to the end of the demand. The "or else" being that they will pull one of the 3 R cards of you if they don't get what they want- the 3 Rs being- race card, riots, or reparations. We will be called racist at the drop of a hat, they will agitate and loot, and demand some form of payment from us.

This is a Georgetown University professor who says if you’re white – or even if people ‘think’ you may be a little white, you must open a bank account to pay reparations to blacks for your ancestors owning slaves. Even if they didn’t.
PS: Sending your kid to Georgetown? You might want to think that over… there’s more
If YOU ARE White, Or People 'Perceive' You As White, You MUST Open A Bank Account Solely For Paying Reparations For Slavery...
You know, just use some of that money you were "born into" because you are white.

If you really want to be nauseous today, watch this short video of an Atlanta area white woman who has a Black Lives Matter sign on her front lawn. Someone taped over the black part with red tape, leaving the sign to say "lives matter".
She says she was "horrified" and felt "personally violated" and felt that the red tape used represented blood, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Unbeleivable.
Also, 2 Atlanta area cops were arrested today because they supposedly beat on a black man they stopped. This might be the tipping point for the long hot summer.
I will keep you updated.
L in Atl hell

Unknown said...

When I saw the title of PK's article that said, "...that whites got axed" I thought it meant the negroes were asking YT's opinion on something. Which is not likely.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about ESPN because I only watch kid's play sports but I have something amazing to share that I didn't know still existed.

I went to a hospital yesterday to sit with family for someone's surgery. I noticed immediately how clean, quiet and orderly the place was. Then the surgery started on time, finished a bit early with no complications. The food court was uber clean and well stocked with healthy food - no junk food. All the children waiting with parents were behaving nice and age appropriate.

After a bit it struck me that every person I'd seen was white. Four hours, 3 departments, food court, janitorial staff, nurses, doctors, visitors, patients - white. No mystery meat, no miscegenation, no wiggers. White, white, white - working & middle class white.

You don't realize what you've lost until you see it like that. ESPN and almost all of TV can kiss my behind because they're not getting one penny from me for their anti-American, anti-white war drum beating.

Unknown said...

61 names (provided by deadspin)
41 "white" men
10 "white" women
8 black men
1 Latino male
1 Latina female

Anonymous said...

ESPN = Eternally Supporting Problematic Negroes

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I believe that this is a very important story.

Freedom of association!

Unknown said...


Easy to
See why.
Paychecks command,
Naturally, Loyalty.

Everywhere I go,
Smart people, REAL
People, say, "this
Needs to stop.

Endowed with
Set-asides, black
People are
Now Advantaged.


D-FENS said...

ESPN - Everything Said Promotes Negroes

Basso e Grasso said...

ESPN stands for, "every subscriber punked nightly."

Anonymous said...

If whites are the majority in this country. Create a real American Sports Network. It would include all of the best but these all colors of the best that are not fellons of any kind. Respect their women and men. Real awards based on merit, character, family dynamic, acheivements, charity, academics. Not based on political pandering cuck balls tied in a sling posers who run the networks. Last, awards given posthumously for grace, courage under incredible odds ,not for getting your willy hacked off , cross dressing and mental illness.

Harry said...

'ESPN yanks poem honoring cop-killer Assata Shakur' (Read the FOX article with the aforementioned headline).
ESPN has gone the way of the NFL and the NBA. ESPN has a political agenda; an anti-white political agenda. You could not pay me to watch ESPN.

Mr. Rational said...

Just another reason to totaly boycott ESPN andits sponsors

ESPN (Disney) gets paid $1.30/month from your cable bill whether you watch it or not.  The only way to keep Disney from getting your money is to #CutTheCord.

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

Actually, I don't give a flyin' coon what the race of the "talent" who got fired. All the real white men had already been fired (Curt Schilling, Rush Limbaugh), and all the other white boys and girls left are ape-sucking ninnies anyway. - Luke

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Sure Johnny, let me give this a try....

Nowadays !!!

Negroes !!!

I'll come up with more shortly....

Until then, fk ESPN and EVERY LAST SNOWFLAKE that watches that straight garbage !!!

It gets back to our old saying, live by the negro, die by the negro...

Another +1 for us. Another -100 for them !

This makes me EXTREMELY happy :)

YT is taking notice and doing something about it; speaking with his wallet !!!
Actually he's not saying much, but he's also not pulling wallet out as much either...

Anonymous said...

What I find funny is Kappernick is now saying he'll stand for the anthem this year, but still can't find a team willing to sign him.

Anonymous said...

Fishwraps could save money by folding their police blotters into their sports sections.

Michael Dean Miller said...


Years ago I said on an Orlando radio talkshow, I couldn't understand why grown men and women would obsess and genuflect about other grown men and women playing childrens' bouncy bouncy ball games.

Dead air for about 5 seconds then...back to the scoreboard!

I tried...they didn't care.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad a lot of people got the memo to throw off the yoke of the NFL and NBA. You are wasting your time watching and spending money on low IQ people run and toss a ball. If the Chicago Bulls of Dallas Cowboys win, how will that pay your rent or put food on your table? It doesn't. Instead of watching the negro sports league, join a gym or go on a long walk.

The only way we will become a free people in our own land is to continue to resist. Eschewing sports is a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Best statement in entire comment section:

"Blacks are bad for business, whether they are the customer or the product."

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for the whites who were fired. They were part of the negrophilia industry.

cecilhenry said...

Diversity means chasing DOWN the last White person. ESPN goes full SJW. Don't buy the Kool-aid folks!!! Send your comments to the fired ESPN hosts. Wake them up!!!!!

Unknown said...

Were you at u.c.i. medical center irvine orange county ca? Beautiful place staffed properly with MEN doctors in white coats (white and a few asian) women nurses (white and a few asian) in blue then latinos and philipinos as orderlies cafe workers in mustard or in blue suits and ties as valets. All looking pleased with the hierarchy and the clean efficient top quality care they provide. It was like stepping into a time machine when i used to go visit my nurse mom at work in the 70s. May it stand as a shining example to all! People themselves like being in a properly ordered hierarchy with white men in charge. As soon as we stop lying about equality and return to a properly ordered patriarchal meritocracy with merit based immigration policies - and repatriate thems who cannot be seen at night we could have the whole usa like this again. Heavenly

Anonymous said...

Really don't care who got fired, because most of them are liberal Cucks, who would suck their black overlords d*ck for a penny, if asked. All that matters is that ESPN and NFL can die a slow death. Like TV/movie/music/arts/theatre/museums/comics/video games/books etc Political Correctness and Marxist Liberal's have destroyed everything in this country, and the boycotts are in fact hurting them immensely. If only Trump would send Seal Team 6 over to a Soros family picnic, there would be no money propping these failed experiments up? Alas, apparently bringing in Snowden and Assange to justice, is more of a priority for this administration,even though they're part of the reason why Trump is in office. Looks like he's been comprimised, and it's usually the same villainous 'chosen one's behind it.

Fled The Undertow said...

I agree with Detroit Refugee...the OP has been commenting a lot under the "anonymous" screen name lately, but all his nonsensical posts are exactly the same. My guess, too, was that he's likely a semi-illiterate agitator from Central or East Asia.

The negroes, on the other hand, are easy to spot, as they never seem to grasp subject/verb agreement or basic punctuation.

Unknown said...

I dumped the NFL and NBA years ago. Watching that crap was a complete waste of time. I'd rather spend my Sunday's riding on a bike path or kayaking down a quiet river.

Reading stories about clowns like Krapernick only confirm my decision. Screw ESPN.