Sunday, April 23, 2017

Black Pastors in Nearly 90% Black Jackson, Mississippi Call Upon Blacks to Stop Committing So Much Crime

Recall the Detroit Corollary to Robert Putnam's findings on the impact of increased diversity to a once homogenous community: whereas social capital and a high-trust society is supposed to flourish in the absence of diversity, the blacker the American city the more likely it will lead the country in social metrics determining least livable. 

No social capital. 

Ceaseless violence, requiring a monthly march, vigil or basketball game at midnight to try and convince the black individuals living in the city to collectively stop... the... violence. 

In nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi (the capital of the state), the Detroit Corollary comes to life in stunning ferocity. [Jackson Pastors call on community to help cut down on crime,, 4-19-17]:
A group of Jackson pastors are calling on the community to come together and stop the violence following the capital city's 20th homicide of the year.  
“Jackson, we are better than this,” said Pastor Hosea Hines. 
Pastor Hosea Hines is with the 100 Concerned Clergy of Jackson. He along with members with Heal the City Coalition, and The Business Ministerial Alliance of Mississippi are fed up with the rise in crime. 
They point to Tuesday's gun battle that left two dead and one injured. 

“Most of our crime has to do with a lot of teens, so we know one thing we are going to have to do is we are calling out all our men,” said Pastor Aaron Banks. 
They point out that the senseless acts of violence put citizens in fear and destroy families and communities. 
"We need unity. We certainly need peace and we need a respect of life. We are going to come together on Monday, April 24, at 6:30 PM at Save-a-lot on the corner of Suncrest and McDowell and I'm encouraging all pastors and clergy to come in with their congregations and let's have a big rally as it relates to coming together," said The 100 Concerned Clergy of Jackson. 
“One way to prevent crime is to come up with methods within our community. If you see something, say something.  We are helping to influence the minds of stakeholders in the community, so we can turn this situation around in the black community,” said Banks.
A persistently deficient quality of life is found in communities once they edge north of being 55 percent black, with black residents electing a black mayor and a majority black city council voted into power precisely because high rates of black crime keep productive white citizens away. 

Mind you, it's these displaced white citizens who desire a government maintaining infrastructure, parks, roads, and schools, which is the exact opposite of what elected black officials care about in majority black cities: they are voted into power to stymie gentrification and to augment black political power. 

 Prayer doesn't work. Marching doesn't work. Vigils don't work. Midnight basketball doesn't work. 

But persistent black violence, both homicides and nonfatal shootings by blacks, does work in keeping white people from moving back into cities their ancestors abandoned (via white flight) and potentially mandating their tax dollars go to improving the local government instead of just enriching blacks and propping up a public sector-fueled black middle class. 

All blacks in Jackson are stakeholders in maintaining black violence and keeping away white people, because they would demand accountable government instead of a bureaucracy accountable only to blackness.

The Detroit Corollary to Putnam's findings on diversity negatively impacting social capital is alive and well in Jackson. WDAM-TV 7-News, Weather, Sports-Hattiesburg, MS


Malcolm Xcrement said...

I got news for Pastor Hosea Hines, You are wrong you all are in no way better than this, this is what your people are and will always be.

Ex New Yorker said...

The early years of my life was spent "living on the edge". Even though I was young and dumb I learned many lessons. Because of the extreme way I lived I developed a different view of life than most people. Over those years an incredible sense of gratitude built up inside me. To this day that sense of gratitude has stayed with me.

When I read these stories that Paul puts on his blog my first immediate reaction is not anger or hate. The first thought is gratitude. My feeling tonight is that I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT I DON'T LIVE IN JACKSON. I cannot imagine living in a town with a 90 percent black population. I must be totally unreal. Like being marooned in some African jungle.

I am very grateful for cities like Jackson, Selma, Detroit, Newark, etc, etc, etc. I consider it a blessing that black folks enjoy living in these crime infested ghettos. Who am I to complain about how they have turned these towns into slums and killing fields. They have built themselves cages and prisons filled with their own garbage and trash. Whole towns have been turned into slaughter houses. These people live like rats packed into these dumps called cities. Because of this there are still hundreds of small towns across America where you will never ever see a black face. Blacks don't like small town middle America. They prefer living in their self created shit holes and for that fact alone I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL.

I am grateful that I can sit on my bench at night and not be looking over my shoulder.

Ghettos filled with drugs, death and destruction. Preachers asking the local riff raff and gang bangers to stop killing each other. Money being flushed down the toilet for community programs. Animals roaming the street that can barely read or write. Dead bodies lying in alleys and sidewalks. Welfare mothers morning their dead. Junkies and winos. Hospitals filled with gunshot victims. Brain dead bottom feeders breeding faster than they can kill each other. I am SO GRATEFUL for these large city ghettos. Better there than here.

Bird of Paradise said...

Their wasting their time trying to persuade these black goons and gangs from commiting crimes they might as just as well ask the sun to stop shining or the wind to stop blowing their plea fall on deaf ears i'm afraid

NC Realist said... we go again. More NSB. (NEGRO SHIT BABBLE). How many White taxpayer funded federal grants has this 90% black cesspool received over the years..? How many hundreds of thousands of dollars..? Why don't you common low life negroes just continue to kill yourselves off and quit crying to the world. I don't really give a damn what your race wants. Your ideas for crime prevention are just as ignorant as the shitheads that make them up. Nothing ever changes for the better with you africans. You continue on a DAILY basis to kill each other over the most trivial negro shit. You don't have...nor have you EVER had a solution to your problems. Your kind are NOT capable of empathy or dignity. Giving you money is like putting a fresh coat of paint over a termite infested board. How many more times will the liberal cucksucking main stream media do another story just like yours in another negro dominated city..? Worthless pathetic don't need to be labeled or stereotyped by any REAL human being in this do it to yourselves.

Harry said...

“Most of our crime has to do with a lot of teens, so we know one thing we are going to have to do is we are calling out all our men,”
Right off the bat Pastor Hosea (LOL) trivializes it by referring to them as "teens".
There are no "men" there. A man sticks around to raise the children that he brought into this world.

Harry said...

“Most of our crime has to do with a lot of teens, so we know one thing we are going to have to do is we are calling out all our men,”
"We need mo money fo dem programs." LOL

Brian in Ohio said...

"One way to prevent crime is to come up with methods in our community.."

Such "methods" are well known, and have been used by white people for centuries to create safe, prosperous communities. Its no secret.

If blacks could`ve, they would`ve. But they cant. Stop trying to force a square peg in a round hole.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in st Louis said...

“Most of our crime has to do with a lot of teens, so we know one thing we are going to have to do is we are calling out all our men,” said Pastor Aaron Banks. "

Calling out men? Or teens? Has the good pastor realized that what the media calls "teens" range in age from 10-55? Is he actually admitting that black men are the problem?
Sigh, no, just another witch doctor chanting magic words and shaking his stick at the sky, all the while with the collection plate out, waiting for YT dollars. Stay on this one, PK, and update it with a body count the day after the rally.

chattanooga gal said...

"Giving you money is like putting a fresh coat of paint over a termite infested board. "
best comment of the day. show me ANY program anywhere in the world that has curbed black violence, other than sure and certain strong punishment for misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

PK, this is the BIG story!!

The war has begun in earnest!!

Fight this or it's over...

Proudyt said...

Off topic,but why has blm been relatively silent since Trump took office?

Anonymous said...

It will come to your town one day...And sooner than you think.


A negro killing a negro is not a bad thing. It is a good thing.

It fights crime and reduces crime and is efficient. As long as one, or both, die then it is also very cost effective.

We should leave the "community" alone and let them deal with their culture without the racists, jack-booted, nasty hand of the White Man.

Leave the negro community alone and stop forcing upon them our Racist Eurocentric White closed minded culture.

Anonymous said...

Just in case nobody knew, even largely Hispanic areas have feral blacks camping out. Check out the 15 year old with the machete! And the last story with the post of going harder against people using stolen firearms is right, but the speaking apes have resorted to machetes for their savagery in the past and will again, and again, etc...

“We’ve have some very felonious and aggressive and homicidal children in this town".

Drobik said Anderson is a former Sandia High School student and a school resource officer at the school helped identify him once his picture was released.

Gavin Newsome said...

“Jackson, we are better than this,” said Pastor Hosea Hines. Nope. You are just animals with hands and more white people are waking up to this fact.

Brian in Ohio said...

Re: Ex New Yorker

Indeed, thank god that blacks pack themselves into the urban ghetto shitholes. It makes them ALOT easier to avoid.

As to why they avoid the middle American small towns? In the ghetto, they can be anonymous. No one bats an eye at their abhorrent behavior because they`re all doing it. In a clean, safe and most importantly WHITE, small mid western town, they stand out like a sore thumb and draw the ire of the locals. And small town law enforcement wont turn a blind eye, coming down on them for the slightest infraction such as littering which they seem to enjoy so much.

In the ghetto, they can be who they are.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Here in detriot on Saturday nite, a young mom aged 28 with 6 (six) chillens was gunned down at a strip club. You might ax, at what time? 2am.

Anonymous said...

The good Pastor Hines said “Jackson, we are better than this,”

The good Pastor Banks said “Most of our crime has to do with a lot of teens, so we know one thing we are going to have to do is we are calling out all our men,”

I regret being the one to deliver the bad news to Pastor Hines, but they aren't better than this in Jackson. What we see in Jackson is what we always get with large numbers of blacks in charge. This has been true everywhere on earth at every point in time for the past 140,000 years.

Well Pastor Banks. There are no “men” to call. The adult black males are either in prison or they function as irresponsible adults who were lucky enough to not git kilt as teens and are not in prison at the moment. This isn't a situation where the younger generation has gone astray and can be corrected by an older and wiser generation that understands how to run a first world society. Blacks simply cannot maintain or create first world societies. No generation of blacks has ever accomplished this task, and there is no reason expect a future generation to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Another hit piece trying to weaken Team Trump.

Written and published by (((guess who)))?

Typical. Always has to be about (((them))).

Fight back. They are using the groids as their shock troops to wreck our nation. They are everywhere...

Anonymous said...

Did I read that right? Apparently the responding officer was in a car accident en route that killed a 6 year old and injured the mother and 9 year old sibling. I pray that they weren't white folk. Trickle down TNB.

Pat Boyle said...

My second wife's father was an alcoholic. Maybe you know what that means and maybe you only think you know what that means. It's not like any sort of social drinking. Not remotely.

My former father in law could never touch alcohol. If he did he knew he would lose his house, his car, his family and all his friends. He knew this because it had happened to him so many times before. If he were to take just one drink he would wake up a week or more later literally in a gutter. He was a 'black out' drunk. If he drank - he died.

His brother was a Monsignor in the Church. Religion saved him. He went to AA meetings every week and he prayed a lot.

William James said "The only cure for dipsomania is religiomania". That's pretty much the situation even today. Alcohol for some people can only be controlled through strict religious practice. If you have the 'wrong' genotype you either get God or you die.

The same thing seems to be true for Africans and violence. In the nineteenth century black violence was partially controlled by that 'Old Time Religion'. There is not much doubt that in the distant historical past all peoples were considerably more violent than today, just as alcoholism was once far more prevalent than today. But evolution continues and alcoholism and interpersonal violence are less common today than formerly. Blacks, being less evolved, are considerably more violent than whites or Asians. Black violence is almost certainly caused by characteristics of the black genome. It might be MOAO or some other genetic structure. But whatever it is, it won't get fixed anytime soon and it is largely incurable. Marches are insufficient.

The only way it seems to 'fix' excessive violence is to slowly change the genetic structures that underlie interpersonal violence. This is not the position of Pinker or Clarke or most others but I believe it will prove to be the correct explanation. I am probably a little ahead of mainstream anthropological thinking - yet.


Anonymous said...

William James said "The only cure for dipsomania is religiomania". ... The same thing seems to be true for Africans and violence."

Yes, we can see how effective these pastors are in controlling black violence! And did MLK's religiosity enable him to control his urge to beat women? No, but the veneer of respectability his doctor of theology degree gave him enabled him to work much mischief among whites. Also, you are talking about American negroes, who are largely racial hybrids, and for that reason, even as violent as they are, a bit calmer than the pure breed. Consider Joseph Kony, an African negro who is a radical fundamentalist Christian, the leader of "The Lord's Resistance Army", a band of cannibals that incites children to kill and eat their own parents! Did religion tame his predisposition to violence? No, if anything, it made it worse.

Your theory needs some adjustment.


The "State" will not release any video (and they have some) since they "feel" the guilty are teens.....yeah, right...but all of us KNOW these were not White kids. White kids don't do this.

Anonymous said...

All out chimp assault on riders in Oakland. "Teens" take over train, beating and robbing allt he passengers. Thank god it's in California; here in Texas we got CC.

Paintjob Theory said...

stakeholders in the community

According to Oxford Dictionary, stakeholder is: A person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business.

Even if you could convince me that the creatures infesting Jackson are people you'd have a real uphill battle in proving that they have interest or concern in anything beyond muh dik, gibs muh dat, and looks at muh.

Absolutely the most pathetic "violence" sob story posted in a year here. These spooks don't even bother with the rituals anymore. Come on Sambo, I understand not everyone can have a celebrity basketball game or hire Kenyan tribals to come lecture the local Bantu on civilized behavior, but at least you could have a march or vigil. Make a f@cking effort.

Anonymous said...

PK, I know my post didn't make it regarding the Haitian truck driver but I felt you needed to know that he told his insurance company he dindu nuffin, the piece that broke off didn't belong to him. BTW, he never contacted his insurance company, they contacted him because of us contacting ours.
Female in FL

NC Realist said...

The Great Train Robbery of 2017. Oakland California. Yes siree. Love it. With exception to Californian (one of the regular posters here)...I couldn't think of a better state for it to happen. How's that liberal die-versity attitude working out for ya..? Stay tuned liberal assholes of Oakland...more to come.

Brian in Ohio said...

NC Realist said...
The Great Train Robbery of 2017. Oakland California. Yes siree. Love it. With exception to Californian (one of the regular posters here)...I couldn't think of a better state for it to happen. How's that liberal die-versity attitude working out for ya..? Stay tuned liberal assholes of Oakland...more to come.
April 24, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Pat Boyle is actually IN Oakland, if I`m not mistaken. Any local insight into this, Pat?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Detroit Refugee said...

The day Grosse Isle, Mi. proudly announces the ground breaking ceremony of 2000 sec.8 apts, is the day it's over for me.

Bud said...

I somehow doubt that Johnny and June Carter would be singing about Jackson today.

Just for fun, let's revisit our mental list. The only possible outcomes seem to be:

1) we continue with our version of Africa (Brazil at best)
2) repatriation
3) the (cough,cough) "unthinkable"
4) separation and segregation

Let's hope for the best and assume (1) is off the table.

Pretty sure no country in Africa would take them so (2) is out.

If the "unthinkable" (3) happened we would end up like Germany, forever portrayed as evil and paralyzed with guilt.

So option (4) is looking pretty good. Stories like this in almost every large city are helpful to convince the remainder of our civil society. The worse thing whites could do is to help blacks turn their lives around. Whenever you read of some black atrocity, especially at a school, pass it around with a note like this:
"Somebody just sent me this! Golly, gee, I didn't know these type of things are happening in our cities. Did you? Wow, I hope our kids are safe!!".

Bud said...

Wonder how this one got by you all but hard to believe West Point cadets caught selling drugs.

Five members of the class of 2017 — Joshua Bobo, Jaelen Gadson, Tevin Long, Christopher Monge and Jalen Swett — and one member of the class of 2016 — Jared Rogers — have been charged under military law with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and wrongful use, introduction and distribution of controlled substances, according to the academy.

You can read the names and the picture becomes clear.

Then I ran across this that shows one of the players.

This type of story really chaps me. It is very difficult to get entrance into West Point. So six deserving people were excluded, without even counting the number of blacks that are also there taking up space.

West Point graduates all earn an engineering degree. Unless you are extremely smart, you cannot play football and keep up with your studies. I think we can assume this is not the case with Tevin. So standards seem to have been relaxed so this guy can graduate and play football.

And finally "He would have graduated from West Point this year". Imagine working for a person like this, or god forbid being placed in harms way under his command. I guess the good news is that the tanks won't run a week when turned against us.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"A persistently deficient quality of life is found in communities once they edge north of being 55 percent black"...

Once again, PK, ever the gentleman, being charitable to a fault.

Show me a place over 25, no 20 percent black where you can safely leave your car unlocked in your driveway. Where you can enjoy an evening with your
house closed by only a screen door? Where you can grill dinner out on your deck without being exposed to rhythmic chanting accompanied by jungle drumming?

Here's my challenge: Show me a 20 percent black town that doesn't feature gang tagging and litter blowing down the streets like tumble weeds, and I'll kiss your ass.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny when you read the news and they don't mention race and you just know it's about blacks by the behavior.

For example I'm reading the news just now and it says "mob of teens rob passengers on train", and of course once I found pictures and video footage it was ALL blacks.

It's intellectually insulting by saying "teens", when it obviously has far more to do with being black then being "teens". Litetally EVERY time they say "teens" it's a mob of blacks. It's almost comical.

NC Realist said...

You are right Brian.....or at least mentioned Oakland several times in his posts. Naturally anyone worth his salt in this blog .... I hope is ok. My apologies Pat.

Bill in St Louis said...

If the "unthinkable" (3) happened we would end up like Germany, forever portrayed as evil and paralyzed with guilt.

Not really. Portrayed as evil perhaps, but if it (please) comes to that point, the coddlers are going to be treated like thier pets, and I'm pretty sure the collective guilt the rest of us feel will be nil. Much like I don't care when I spray my yard with flea/tick killer. Vermin, all.
Stay alert, stay armed.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

The Daily Mail will usually let comments accumulate until there are several hundred or more. For this one the comments were cut off at 25. That was all it took to show were the general trend was headed: monumental, quota-filling TNB.

DaShui said...

Whites from the neighboring county have been subsidizing jack towns water treatment. Now they are gonna build their own treatment plant, 15 years Jackson won't have potable water.