Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Superstar Actor Chris Pratt Stands Up For "Blue Collar" Americans... then Apologizes Profusely for Noticing Hollywood Doesn't Represent Them

Years ago, there was a piece published here titled The Emasculation of the American Male: What Happened to Action Stars from America?
Chris Pratt and his young son in 2015, saluting the U.S. flag and reciting the pledge of allegiance... recently, he stated Hollywood doesn't make films for blue collar Americans and immediately apologized 

Roger Ebert, the famed movie critic, bragged about the white male being removed from action films in his review of XXX: State of the Union

Did I enjoy this movie? Only in a dumb mindless way. It has whatever made the original "XXX" entertaining, but a little less of it. Does it make the slightest sense? Of course not. Its significance has nothing to do with current politics and politicians, the threat of terrorism, and the efficiency of bullet trains. It has everything to do with a seismic shift in popular culture.

Once all action heroes were white. Then they got a black chief of police, who had a big scene where he fired them. Then they got a black partner. Then they were black and had a white partner. Now they are the heroes and don't even need a white guy around, although there is one nerdy white guy in "XXX" who steps in when the plot requires the ineffectual delivery of a wimpy speech. So drastically have things changed that when Ice Cubeoffers to grab the president and jump off a train and grab a helicopter, all the president can do is look grateful. Oh, and later, in his new State of the Union speech, our nation's leader quotes Tupac, although he doesn't know he does. Well, you can't expect him to know everything.
In an earlier review for the first The Fast and the Furious, Ebert made fun of Paul Walker for being literally a white bread, "no crusts" actor in an otherwise brown film. 

Enter Chris Pratt, a "straight, white male" who dared voice an opinion differing from the conformist point of view demanding only "marginalized community" in America be depicted on film. 

With Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World - the latter where he literally affirmed he was the alpha of a pack of velociraptors - Pratt has become one of the biggest stars on the planet. 

A few years ago, he triggered social justice warriors nationwide when he posted a video of his son reciting the pledge of allegiance on their bucolic front porch. [Chris Pratt teaches son Jack, two, how to say the Pledge of Allegiance in heartwarming new video, Daily Mail, May 18, 2015]

And then he came out and told Men's Fitness the truth about Hollywood... and was forced to immediately apologize for it. 
[Chris Pratt apologises for comments about blue-collar Americans not being represented in Hollywood films: 'That was actually a pretty stupid thing to say', Independent, April 23, 2017]:
While promoting upcoming Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Chris Pratt talked himself into a tricky situation.  
“I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories,” the actor told Men’s Fitness 
“I think there’s room for me to tell mine, and probably an audience that would be hungry for them. The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.” 
Many publications reported on Pratt’s words, pointing out how blue-collar Americans are one of the most prominently represented groups in Hollywood movies.  
Soon after the comments were picked up on, Pratt delivered an apology on Twitter, writing: “That was actually a pretty stupid thing to say. I'll own that. There's a ton of movies about blue-collar America.” 
In the same interview, the actor — who was recently filming Jurassic World 2 — also spoke about the polarising nature of modern politics and the need for both sides to find common ground. 
“I really feel there’s common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us,” he said.  
“You’re either the red state or the blue state, the left or the right. Not everything is politics. And maybe that’s something I’d want to help bridge, because I don’t feel represented by either side.”
Please, Mr. Pratt: Moonlight, the 2017 Academy Award winner for Best Picture beautifully captures blue collar America!

As Icarus flow to close to the sun, Chris Pratt was forced down for daring to speak the truly forbidden truth about Hollywood and the absolute filth it produces on a yearly basis.

Though he apologized, the heart of what he stated doesn't make it any less true.

The pendulum of morality, which Hollywood controls, can swing back violently in the other direction.

And it will.


D-FENS said...

The entertainment industry tends to attract shallow, fucked up people. That is why they are unable to maintain relationships, have substance abuse problems as well as other drama in their lives. They should be ignored.

Bird of Paradise said...

Screw Hollywood Screw Oliver Stone,Screw Leonardo DiCaprio,Screw Speilsburg,Screw all of these hollywood leftists making their usial leftists propeganda films screw them all who appeared on their hypotcritical Demand a Plan Screw all hollywood liberals. We need a few sinkholes to open up and swallow these liberal snowflakes

Ex New Yorker said...

Paul...The story you posted tonight has had an incredible effect on my inner feelings. It has truly touched my heart.

I would like to use this forum to make my most heartfelt apologizes to all the poor oppressed black people whom I have degraded with all my racist comments. I am now groveling and asking for forgiveness for my past unthinking behavior. I am so sorry.

I especially regret all those horrible things I've said about all those fat and well fed welfare mothers whose loving children become cold blooded killers. Please, please forgive me.

Since I am now aware that I have not only insulted the suffering common black citizens I would also like to apologize to all the white "pencil neck geeks" whose feeling I may have hurt along with numerous Wiggers.

I am overcome with guilt for the "pod people" and "pajama people" whom I may have offended. Please forgive me.

On another forum I made a snide remark about a biker chick I saw at Sturgis who was wearing a tee shirt that said "I fuck on the first date". Please accept my apology. It is not my place to judge others.

It was a great mistake for me to say anything about the upper class white folks who have co-signed on student loans so their kids can learn to become Communist. I hang my head in eternal shame.

Of all those whom I have offended the ones I am now making my personal apology to is a couple of people at the woman's march in Washington. One was a nearly naked over weight lesbian with purple hair, a bone through her nose and humongous droopy boobs while dressed in an eight foot vagina costume. Also her anorexic girlfriend who was wearing a dog collar around her neck, nipple rings, a gee string along with a battleship tattoo on her stomach while carrying a sign that read "hands off my pussy". I sincerely apologize. You have the right to expose your beautiful bodies in public.

Anonymous said...

It was kind of a "stupid thing to say". What he should have said, is that White Americans are not being represented. But forget about that. How about White scientists and IT workers? Every goddamned """genius""" in a movie is a bootlipped 83-IQ negroid, who can barely pronounce the words he's reciting from the script, let alone understand them.
Chin up, Pratt. Invest your money wisely, because you can lose your career in a blink, for nothing. But if you do finally get sick of toeing the tightrope, go out in style, and address the JQ in an interview with GQ. We'll give you two!! thumbs!! up!! for your trouble.

Ex New Yorker said...

I just read on the the YAHOO news page about the 1008 people who were shot in Chicago so far this year. Of the 68 comments 66 were totally anti-black. 2 were anti-Trump. It looks like more and more people are starting to understand the real problem.

Brian in Ohio said...

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

Oh, he was correct. He was also correct for apologizing, simply because he has the potential to extend his career, and find subtler ways to get his message out. Once he gets to the "director" stage, he will be able to affect a positive direction in his movies, even if it is a 30 second scene, buried in car crashes or alien slaughter. Cut the black guys funny one liner. Show the "smart, sassy black empowered all knowing (spit) etc" woman as a fat, illiterate cum dumpster who cares more about her weave than her keeds. Hell, pick rock and roll for the soundtrack instead of "lilalphabetjumble" rap. As long as he is moving toward a position of power, go for it. Since we know that blackcentric films, and films designed to show the white man as cucked get praise from (((them))) but never really make money, (except through forced attendance) he will eventually be able to pick, choose and speak his mind without fear of backlash.

Anonymous said...

That self hating Cuck Roger Ebert, was one of the biggest pos in Hollywood. He made it no secret that he favoured the endless white guilt tripe that came out of that shyte hole, even giving his fellow Cuck George Lucas above average scores for those garbage prequels and the hilariously atrocious Red Tails. He also gave thumbs up to his fellow pedo Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin lol!!!Glad someone wiped that pedos smirk off his face(literally) before his journey to hell.

Paintjob Theory said...

Who is this guy and why should I care?

Getting upset at being exposed to anti-white propaganda when you patronize (((Hollywood))) is about as silly as eating 20$ worth of KFC and then complaining about the explosive diarrhea.

"Doctor, it hurts when I do this".

"Well, stop doing that."

You did mention Fast and Furious movie. Back when the first one came out, nearly 20 years ago now, a friend offered to pay me to sit through the whole thing. I tapped out in less than half an hour... literally couldn't sit through if you paid me.

Anonymous said...

Never forget...

(((Hollywood))) is completely run by the (((tribe))).

It is their primary tool for domination and control. It literally is mind control, along with the news (((media))).

Nation wreckers are fully in control.

Fight back...

Mutant Swarm said...

"...Roger Ebert, the famed movie critic, bragged about the white male being removed from action films in his review of XXX: State of the Union..."

Between crap like this and the atrocious behavior by people in movie theaters, have they figured out yet why their movies are bombing?

Brian in Ohio said...

Re: Ex New Yorker...

You have to search to find news sites that still allow comments, but when you find them, the comments are overwhelmingly race realist.

And i laughed my ass off at your first post.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

And yet one on one, in reality, not one single nigro has ever stood up to me after starting crap. Even larger ones. Stare them down, show no fear and they balk. Carry something, however, because it's ALWAYS more than one. ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

Turn the stupid movies off. Really, sit here and complain and then spend hours trying to find a non anti huwhite movie. Stop being idiots.

Pat Boyle said...

If you find the current crop of white male movie stars to be less than admirable. To be effete and pusillanimous. Relax, your righteous revenge is well underway. Being a movie star is not much fun anymore.

Chris Pratt, Alexander Skarsgarde, and Gerard Butler have endured the torments of the damned in order to meet the new requirements of modern white action star - a 'six pack' stomach. Typically the poor SOB has to train for six to nine months to prepare for a few moments of screen time with their shirt off. Chris and Gerard are a little bit chubby in their natural state and Alex is a bit too thin. Irrespective of their starting point they have to eat nothing but poached fish and raw vegetables for three quarters of a year in order to train for a few moments in the movie when they appear on screen bare chested.

All three of them have testified as to the agonies of all the dieting and weight training now expected of our screen Gods. Apparently after months of self denial the bare chested shot is shot they immediately hog out on 'comfort food' and quickly reverts to their natural physique. So the image you see in the movie of a buff and cut male body only exists for a few fleeting moments of supreme effort by the actor.

One suspects that these neo-hunks also indulge in a lot of anabolic steroids - which may have other health consequents. In the old days John Wayne and Robert Mitchum often took off their shirts and Kirk Douglas always did, but they didn't have to torture themselves for months to get the kind of chiseled torso now seen on every white and Asian male movie star.

It use to only be runway models and other female celebrities who constantly dieted. Now its the boys too.

I took weight lifting as my PE requirement in college. I was never very good at pull ups but my stomach was very strong. I used to put an eighty pound dumbbell behind my head and do sit ups for hours. I could do sit ups for the entire class period this way. But I never got a washboard stomach. I probably had had to have starved myself concurrently. My subcutaneous fat persisted no matter how strong my mid section got.

There was a similar fad in the fifties over women's breasts. It became fashionable for women to have these large boobs. Actresses like Jayne Mansfield were not particularly pretty but they had a wardrobe that emphasized their chests. When you see old pictures of Marylyn Monroe or any of the other bombshells of the fifties they look pudgy. That was because they were overeating in the hope that some of the fat would land on their boobs. Surgery and implants have made the fifies bombshell look obsolete.

I think the current movie obsession with the male abdominal washboard will similarly go out of fashion. Interestingly enough black actors do not seem to be under the same pressures to show their tummies. In real body building there are many black competitors but in movie body building the black stars don't seem to have to indulge in the same levels of self torture that is expected of white actors.

Hollywood actors and actresses don't seem to live very long (mostly cocaine I think) but now the guys also lead long periods of pain and deprivation.



Anonymous said...

Who would have ever thought (((Hollywood))) could be anti white? Hmmm
Mr Turner

NC Realist said...

Pratt has a medical/mental condition that affects a lot of young white men these days. It came about around 40 some odd years ago. I noticed it after I had graduated high school and I'm glad it happened after I got out. This disease gradually got worse after that... it seemed to have an effect on some and not too much on others. As it continually ravaged across America...doctors began to notice a trend. It seemed to be largely based on demographics and the quality of schools they attended. The quality of the schools and those who ran it had a major effect on this deadly disease. The disease is called spinalundisplayshutesticaldisappearus. It's a long word yes...but if you break down in syllables ...it just rolls off the tongue. Doctors were horrified....just the name alone had them scrambling for a cure. Soon the operations began...but the doctors were not able save them. When they opened them up...they noticed that the logical function of the brain had completely melted. It had been "washed" too many times. Further investigation showed that the spine had crumbled and was no longer able to support what shit for brains was left in the cranium. But the worst was yet to come. Further tests had showed that there a huge drop in testosterone levels. Upon investigating this...they discovered that the balls of their patient had totally evaporated !!!!! Nothing...not even a hair. One of the more notable characters of this affliction is a preacher in Indianapolis. Do your part and stay far away from these white liberal cucksuckers.

NC Realist said...

Sorry for the mis-spelling and missed words in my previous post. the disease as we know it here in the USA is commonly referred to as LIBERALISM. The long technical word is commonly used in Hollywood and San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

The huge hypocrisy and reverse racism of the black community is what blows my mind. I don't usually watch shows such as TMZ, (celebrity gossip shows), as I consider them worthless and don't really care what celebs do or don't do. But I was hurrying , getting ready for an appointment yesterday, and had no time to change the channel. The big news there is that black women everywhere are in an uproar because celeb Jesse Williams has left his wife- they are both mixed race white and black- and has taken up with celeb Minka Kelly, who is, gasp, white. Jesse is apparently a big supporter of Black Lives Matter, and the black women are furious with him for taking up with a white "gull". They say you can't do both. On the same show, a shea butter hair product company recently released a commercial featuring only white women instead of just black women, and black women are again, furious. The company wanted to appeal to a broader audience and the white women in the commercial say- "My hair is special, too". Hell, naw. Dat spose da be jus' fo dem and dey community. Betta not be no white bitches buying "our" stuff. But logic and reason tell us companies exist to make a profit- NOT to be politically correct and cater only to 1 group of people. If white people acted like this, we would never hear the end of it. White folks are supposed to be ever tolerant and indulgent while the black community want their own special groups, shows, magazines, products, award shows, and contests, whites need not apply, but they want to be included in white folks stuff, too.
This is hypocrisy, entitlement, and arrogance on a whole new level.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

It has been interesting to see the threats and antagonism from the left run at a steady clip since the election. But it reminds me of the famous quote:

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you win

I'd say we are at the beginning of stage three right now. People are biding their time, and they aren't talking about it publicly because speaking openly about race is off the table for whites in BRA. Trump pummeled Clinton in the election in all of the battleground states and we were told beforehand that something like that happening was physically impossible. Just like with Brexit, we the people were told that there was no chance and to not even try.

What liberals don't realize is that the war is a slow, day by day thing. Consistency and group effort are what makes for regular progress. They have a grievance coalition with shared complaints rather than similarities. A huge percentage of them even hate each-other, they seem to be a marriage of convenience that is getting inconvenient.

When white progressives (is there any other kind?) get sht on enough they will finally get a clue and realize that they are taking pride in digging their own graves. Diversity does not allow for some kind of hippy love-in. With diversity goes trust, investment in social capital, and personal safety. When whites flee the left in even larger numbers the brain-drain there will really start to sink in and then they can completely abandon any virtuous ideals that they once held.

With a little help they will eat each other.

Anonymous said...

Is this disease contagious, then? How contagious?
Is it only moderately communicable (like athlete's foot) in shared public facilities? Or is it super-mega-ultra contagious like the genetically engineered Captain Trips / Superflu virus from The Stand? Davey Blackburn kind of looks like a college student version of Randall Flagg,come to think of it.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

When you patronize Hollywood, you are funding the (((enemy))). If you cannot get through life without paying to see and hear the vulgarity and filth that comes out of the "entertainment industry", you life is probably not worth much and you should consider therapy. It's been a month since I quit cable and my bank balance and intellect are much better for it. Mind you, I still have television, but have ditched the $140/month cable bill for $20/month Roku stick. Personally, if I never saw another television program it would be too soon. I do not live alone, however, so I have found a way to de-fund the beast.

Hollywood is constantly promoting "alternative lifestyles", interracial dating and marriages, and presenting white males as silly, effeminate, stupid, and whiny. I have no problem with someone who chooses to be intimate with a member of their own sex. I do not think that gives you the right to promote it. Same with abortion.

If you have children and watch this media garbage, you are poisoning them. We are under near constant assault now where anyone who does not spew out the garbage of communism is berated and condemned. Ann Coulter just folded and will not be speaking at Berkley. The Left has achieved yet another victory. Cucked Whites sit firmly on their asses as the country, the Bill of Rights, and our self determination are being destroyed.

In twenty more years, the America most of us grew up in will no longer exist. The force that is out to destroy us is both well funded and supported by our elected officials as well as the shadow government that seeks a New World Order. None of this will be resolved without plenty of pain and bloodshed. Donald Trump should have proven to anyone in doubt that we cannot and will not vote our way out of this. Ignore it at your own peril. If you have children and are not panicked right now, you are not paying attention.

Axis Sally said...

Overheard in a Hollywood studio:

“Hey you there, Pratt...”
“Mr. Feldstein says you need to apologize for that stupid, racially insensitive remark you made, or else…
“Or else what?”
“Or else you'll never work in this town again.”
“Ah, sure—no problem—right away...”
“Better make it grovelling...”
“Er—grovelling, sure, of course...”
“Ignominious wouldn't hurt...”
“Ignominious, check.”
“Don't forget the simpering...”
“Yeah, Mr. Feldstein likes simpering.”
“Er… OK.”
“Get to it, or you'll never...”
“I'm on my way!”

PB said...

"I could do sit ups for the entire class period this way. But I never got a washboard stomach."

And Pat, if that isn't enough, to get that look down on the day they have to dehydrate themselves in preparation to refine the muscle definiton, with the risks to kidney function and cardiac output on long days that doing this entails.


AH, so the true HATRED for White women comes out with this latest controversy of White women being in a "black" ad for some greasy crap negro women slosh on their brillo-pad hair.

I'm Lovin' It.


This is getting better and better, and all this RACE crap is going so main-stream, now. That is good. Even the lowest dolt, living on their iPhone, 24/7/52/12/365, are going to be exposed to what we all know.

The (black) cat is out of the bag...

When this all explodes, it is going to be a wonderful, cleansing, orgy of violence.

Marilyn de Lou said...

I know you-all know Roger Ebert was married to a black woman... Right?

awakened white said...

here here Paintjob! the first one is tame compared to the other ones. all of them pretty much promote miscegenation.

Proudyt said...

He was married to a black woman so no wonder his views are anti white.

Anonymous said...

You'll pay for your treachery, Chris Pratt. In the next "Captain America" installment you get trans-gendered!

Anonymous said...

"... Whites sit firmly on their asses as the country, the Bill of Rights, and our self determination are being destroyed. ... The force that is out to destroy us is both well funded and supported by our elected officials ..."

Conspiracies and dark forces aren't necessary in the face of white stupidity and acquiescence. They elect and then re-elect the same people who come up with these anti-white policies, and then they suffer the consequences. What's so mysterious about that? You may as well say a conspiracy is necessary to explain why a school of fish all swim in the same direction. Hint: It's no conspiracy, it's just what they do.

Anonymous said...

OT.....watched a new episode of See No Evil on ID channel about the murder of Nathan Trapuzzano in Indy in 2014. White man out for early-morning walk killed by, guess who, 16 year old f'n animal dindu. Sad part is that at the beginning of the show I knew who the killer (s) would be just by how and where it happened. Unfortunately the little asshole got shot in the neck after the murder but didn't die. Hopefully he gets it in prison before he can be released early.

AR in Illinois

Anonymous said...

When there exists a group who has a disproportionate control over the money supply it facilitates the situation we're in now. Disproportionate control of govt, media, and academia. But then I guess that sounds too much like a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Best post i have ever read. I wish i could buy you a drink.

Anonymous said...

That America is already dead and gone, Ms G. So far as coulter backing down, it should really be no surprise. I'll need a fact check, but she's rumored to be a coal burner, having dated that negro that starred in " good times". Yeah, that butt ugly mofo. So, in her place, comes ((( rebel media))) cuck Gavin McInnes. Yeah, he's a hardcore supporter of our people. All these pricks are nothing but controlled opposition. And I know you know who's in charge.
Mr Turner

Unknown said...

Yeah it was always playing in the background, but its in your face now. Premature celebrations. A certain lack of self control. Not just the dark hued ones mind you. Look at Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks, the little weasel playing a RETARDED White boy who has all these misadventures, but he's stupid. His great love contracts AIDS from Black Panthers, but HE WUVS HER. His mother is a whore. His business is the idea of a "heroic black combat vet". Yeah sure. Bubba shrimp.
All these black films lose money, but they keep making them. They won't even bother showing this junk overseas. In China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, its all empty theaters. Same with Ghandi's India. No surprise there. Ghandi HATED blacks.
Its all for you YT. And your women too...

Anonymous said...

"When there exists a group who has a disproportionate control over the money supply it facilitates the situation we're in now. Disproportionate control of govt, media, and academia. But then I guess that sounds too much like a conspiracy."

The problem with that is that in America, anti-white policies date back to the Civil War, and even before. Nobody except whites themselves made negroes into fellow citizens and voters. They have nobody but themselves to blame.

PB said...

"You may as well say a conspiracy is necessary to explain why a school of fish all swim in the same direction. Hint: It's no conspiracy, it's just what they do."

Apex predators know how to channel such fish.

Anonymous said...

"The pendulum of morality, which Hollywood controls, can swing back violently in the other direction."

The pendulum of Christian morality gave citizenship and the vote to negroes long before Hollywood even existed. That fact alone is enough to demolish the idea that a conspiracy is necessary to make whites act against their own racial interest.

Of course, the idea that whites have ceded control over themselves to Hollywood (could there possibly be a more pessimistic, hopeless view?) is weirdly attractive, because that way the painful recognition can be avoided that all of their assumptions about race were based on Biblical fairy tales. And wasn't the election of Trump, despite the intense opposition of Hollywood and the media, supposed to prove that whites had control over themselves after all? I guess not. Once he disappoints, it turns out that he's part of the conspiracy too.