Saturday, April 29, 2017

Courtesy of 'Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City' Report, we learn in 2015 Blacks & Hispanics Responsible for almost all Violent Crime in Trump's Hometown

The New York City Police Department's current authorized uniformed strength is 34,450. There are also approximately 4,500 Auxiliary Police Officers, 5,000 School Safety Agents, 2,300 Traffic Enforcement Agents, and 370 Traffic Enforcement Supervisors currently employed by the department.


Well, it's not because of white people. 
To Make America Great Again, we must speak honestly about why our cities are so dangerous and no longer safe for families: crime data from New York City in 2015 showcase the reality of just which racial group is responsible for all of the violent crime...

We've mentioned the Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City report produced yearly by the NYPD before, and the 2015 edition has recently been released. 

Recall: of 8.3 million people, New York City is 33.3 percent white, 28.6 percent Hispanic, and 25.5 percent black. 

Interesting, New York City is the hometown of our President Donald J. Trump, a man who announced his candidacy in June of 2015. 

While he was starting his campaign to Make America Great Again, white people in New York City were trying to maintain some hope for western civilization within the city. 

In 2015, the record indicates 2.3 percent of those arrested for shooting incidents (gun crime) were white; that same year, 71.2 percent of arrested suspects were black, with 25.6 percent of the suspects arrested classified as Hispanic
A staggering 96.8 percent of those arrested for shootings in New York City in 2015 were black or Hispanic. 
How about murder victims/those arrested for murder?
In 2015:
  • Blacks were 63.7 percent of murder victims and 59.1 percent of those arrested for murder.
  • Hispanics were 27.6 percent of murder victims and 31.2 percent of those arrested for murder.
  • Whites were 6 percent of murder victims and 6.8 percent of those arrested for murder.
In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 90.3 percent of those arrested for murder in New York City.
How about rape victims/those arrested for rape in 2015? 
  • Blacks were 39.4 percent of rape victims and 44.4 percent of those arrested for rape.
  • Hispanics were 35.4 percent of rape victims and 42.6 percent of those arrested for rape.
  • Whites were 18.6 percent of rape victims and 6.8 percent of those arrested for rape.
In short: in 2015 blacks and Hispanics were 87 percent of those arrested for rape in New York City.
Robbery victims/those arrested for robbery?
  • Blacks were 38 percent of robbery victims and 61.9 percent of those arrested for robbery.
  • Hispanics were 32.7 percent of robbery victims and 30.1 percent of those arrested for robbery.
  • Whites were 15.2 percent of robbery victims and 5.2 percent of those arrested for robbery.
In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 92 percent of those arrested for robbery  in New York City.
Without a black or Hispanic population, would New York City need 1/10th the size of its current police force? 
So for those keeping score at home:
  • A staggering 96.8 percent of those arrested for shootings in New York City in 2015 were black or Hispanic. 
  • In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 90.3 percent of those arrested for murder in New York City
  • In short: in 2015 blacks and Hispanics were 87 percent of those arrested for rape in New York City
  • In short: in 2015, blacks and Hispanics were 92 percent of those arrested for robbery  in New York City
Make America Great Again? To do this, it means being honest about which racial groups are responsible for violent crime in America (and the explosive growth in the police/prison-industrial complex). In New York City, President Donald J. Trump's hometown, black and brown people (Hispanics) are responsible for nearly all the violent crime. 


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Trump, a 22 year old coalburner by the name of Molly Matheson was strangled by her pet ape.
Her facespook account shows her sharing a post about how terrible it is for women to vote for Trump because of how he treats women.
Good riddance stupid.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Paul thats alot of statistics, but I'm surprised you haven't been done a post on New York City I do know there's a whole alot of diversity

Paintjob Theory said...

"School Safety Agents"

My graduating class from high school was a little over 300 and apart from the day they come in to lecture about drugs being bad I don't recall police coming to our school once. Did I mention we only had 4 non-whites in the entire school? Two negroes (one of whom was arrested for dealing drugs shortly after we graduated) and two Vietnamese or Laotian children of refugees who were good at math and didn't cause any trouble.

The crime statistics seem consistent with what's observed anywhere on Earth except that the "white" number is likely inflated with many mystery meat mongrels or flat out nogs, see example:

Of course President Trump is "The least racist guy you'll ever meet"(TM) and surely has led a perfectly insulated life far up in an ivory tower well removed from the mayhem and blight caused by non-whites. He will not (be allowed to) do anything to even attempt to address our mud race problems, nor would I want him to try. On a long enough timeline there really is only one solution and things will have to get much worse before the surviving whites are willing to admit it and face the grim decisions.

Anonymous said...

Paul is New York City the subject of any upcoming books

Anonymous said...

Off topic on the subject Trump some people going around are saying his first 100 days as president is a big mess, plus low rating. I also heard his supporters in the next election will be 90% of the vote

Brian in Ohio said...

PK, I know there`s more TNB than one blog could ever hope to possibly cover, but I do hope you`ll give these stories some attention.

At 86 years old, she went down fighting.


Stay alert, stay alive.

chattanooga gal said...

they will never address the obvious elephant in the room. a sjw will look at those same statistics and whine about disparate impact and the fact that " poor blacks and Hispanics get ARRESTED more" than whites rather than notice the obvious, that they ARE the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hispanics can be any race. NYC has more Hispanics with Black or mixed with Black in them such as people from the Dominican Republic. So how many of these "Hispanics" are in reality somewhat Black"? I've lived around Mexican Hispanics and while there is a low class criminal element, their crime rates as a whole are nowhere near Blacks.

Some girl far away said...

We are living in a horror movie, where the reality of things is not even considered.

Not diluded, even though half mex said...

You won't see that cities going bankrupt are mostly black on the news now will ya? They would cause hell over that.

MDC said...

These are the real "hidden figures".

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story is without HISPANICS (NON-WHITE) and NEGROES the world would be much safer for us. I hope the stupid libtarded whites get the message before it is too late. Look at what happened in Haiti.

Zabo said...

Great job P.K.
More facts and statistics the Marxist media will ignore.
You would think that we are in the twilight zone with all this hate YT b.s.

Anonymous said...

Black or brown, if they're in your town, the crime goes up when the sun goes down.

Anonymous said...

B-b-b-b-bu-bu-but those statistics must be skewed in some way! Those stats aren't representative of the objective reality portrayed in the Baskin-Robbins grab-bag of Law & Order TV shows!

I suppose a story next week will tell me there's no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Great Pumpkin. I've been clean and sober for quite some time, but shit like this makes quote Lloyd Bridges:

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking."

Ex New Yorker said...

Also in New York City there are the subway cops. As I recall they were called the TRANSIT AUTHORITY. Also what is never mentioned is during the day another 6 million or so people come from outside the city to go to work. These make very easy victims. So remember that a lot of the murdered people don't live in the city. They come in from New Jersey, Long Island etc.

Over the years thousands of people went out for a pack of cigarettes or quart of milk and never came home alive. Imagine the fear of the wife, husband or family waiting late into the night for their loved one who never returns home. Then having to make that phone call to the police and later identifying the body. This is the horror of the great city of New York. The spawn of Wall Street and Rockefeller Center.

Many other thousands were butchered inside the hallways, stairs and apartments where they lived. The subways became hunting grounds. In the 70's cab drivers were the next easy prey. 40 to 50 cabbies were murdered yearly. Bullet proof shields were placed inside cabs between the passenger and driver. You paid your fair by putting money through a small slot. Bullet proof shielding is now the new look in America.

These crime stats have not changed since the 1970's. The percentages are still the same as far as the races of the perps doing the crime. Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx became human slaughter houses.

I went through my changes there. The only things that saved me was that I didn't live in fear and I was crazier than the fuckers who tried to kill me. What a long weird trip it's been.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PK for doing a story on these statistics. There's nothing anyone can really say after reading those. Mic drop. Thanks for all you in pointing out the numbers in numerous cities. North, South, East, or West it's basically the same. There's only so long the truth can stay bottled up. I will let several people know about this...

I also agree with Brian in Ohio, that story from Cali about the 86 year old woman deserves a post. She wasn't the only elderly lady he attacked. Several of my family members are in that age range and I am terrified to think what I would do if some punk "teen" hurt them....

God Bless, lock n load. This summer is going to be HOT. They will test Trump with TNB.

NC Guy

Truth-hammer said...

So what you are saying is that 98% of New York City crime is perpetrated by spooks and spics. And, the sky is blue.

paul marchand said...

When the figures are tabulated / extrapolated, it boils down to this:
per capita, a black is 40 times more likely to be a shooting suspect than a white.

W: 2.3%/33.3%=.069 (comparative number)
B: 71.2%/25.5% = 2.79
NOW...2.79 / .069 = 40.5

Jefferson said...

So Whites commit 6 percent of the murders in New York City. It must be mostly the result of Russian, Albanian, Bosnian, and Italian mafia groups, who all have a presence in the NYC criminal underworld. I can't see it mostly being Anglo Saxon Protestant WASPs.

paul marchand said...

The bullshit that blacks are over-incarcerated is a HHUUUGGGEE lie.
Bottom line: per person, a black is 40 times more likely to be a shooting suspect in NYC than is a white person.
When the figures are tabulated / extrapolated, it boils down to this:
per capita, a black is 40 times more likely to be a shooting suspect than a white.
W: 2.3%/33.3%=.069 (comparative number)
B: 71.2%/25.5% = 2.79
NOW...2.79 / .069 = 40.5
I like blacks.
But what is……………is.

Anonymous said...

One of the most famous and powerful cities in the world and statistically it is 25% black. How does New York keep from becoming a hell on earth due to TNB? Segregation. Keeping blacks confined to certain areas allows others to still function. Must be the same phenomenon in Chicago. Can any posters familiar with such areas confirm my hypothesis?

Anonymous said...

Get ready for summer, it gets worse every year.
And all thanks to the money you pay in taxes,
the folks you elect into office, probably your church,
the provocative media you watch, and your virtuosity.

Ex New Yorker said...

More about New York. You can be robbed or raped on the street or subway and nobody will do anything to help you. I was one of the few who interfered in a crime if I saw something taking place in front of me.

A lot of New Yorkers are transients. They are there to go to school, be an artist or writer, become a model, a musician, etc. I went there to become a cartoonist. The worst and dumbest were the ones hoping to
"break into show business" or "get discovered". I knew some of those types. They were a sad lot and finally left after a few years or became high dollar hookers.

The subway and street cops considered 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon as "crime time" or "prime time" since that was when the "animals" were let out of their cages ( From three to midnight was when a majority of the crime took place. Very few people ventured out into the streets at night. The crime rates would drop in the Winter because it was to cold to be outside. Spring and Summer it became a criminals paradise. The predators ruled the streets.

The "wolf packs" started in the 70's and NY was where the "gang up crimes" (four or five on one) first took place. The elderly were the most popular victims. The jigs called them "poppy loves" and "mommy loves". Even when they handed over their money they still got shit kicked and beat up. What kind of garbage beats up an old person. They were like hyenas devouring their prey. Nothing but animals.

During my "starving artist" period the only newspapers I read came out of garbage cans. When you thought the crime couldn't get any worst the next newspaper story would destroy that illusion. Each fucking day it got worst. Stuff so gruesome you couldn't believe what you were reading. Nearly every friend I knew had gotten mugged or robbed at least once or twice. Many were murdered. The schools in Harlem were teaching the keeds that "black was beautiful" and at night they roamed the streets expressing their beauty. In the 80's the first crack babies were being born. I guess crack was also beautiful.

I've written about some of my adventures on this site but that was only the tip of the iceberg. I was in some really gruesome shit that I still won't talk about. I do not feel bad about what I had to do to stay alive. None of it involved a gun.

The word WILDING came out of NY. When those 16 animals raped that lady jogger in Central Park one of the perps said to the cops "We be doing the wild thing". The press called it "wilding". When I left New York the "youts" were shooting people for sunglasses and tennis shoes. It seemed every day there was another shooting. Then the next popular thing to die for were radios (aka...ghetto blasters). Isn't it nice to die for a fucking pair of tennis shoes or radio. While all this blood and mayhem was taking place not one newspaper or TV news show ever mentioned that there might be a problem with black and brown crime. Never. Each night with the local news story it was "Our leading story tonight is......It was in Brooklyn that the first metal detectors were installed in elementary schools for first graders and up. Soon after school teachers became the new victims. On and on it went. Meanwhile Al Sharpton was parading around talking about all the evil white men killing innocent black people. It never seemed to end. Total insanity.

The tourist always made easy targets along with those naive dumb fucks that came to New York hoping to "be discovered". Is it any wonder I had nightmares for years. The stuff I saw around me was fucking unreal. I'm not talking about some newspaper story. I'm talking up close and personal. It has an effect on you that you carry for a long time afterwards.

After I left the first black mayor (Dinkins) ran the city. Talk about an increase in black crime. But by then I was safe and sound in New Mexico and having nightmares at night.

Anonymous said...

These statistics are great, accurate and informative. The only problem is, most of this country appears not to give a flippin’ hoot! They rally around it, demonstrate for it, push and shove to promote it. All while encouraging “more” of it. They are relentless in their pursuit to have a multicultural diverse minority white Nation We all know that’s no more than a recipe for chaos!

How can they continue refusing to put two and two together? Continue to be silent. If “people of color” are so special and productive and bring so much strength and achievement to the world, why do they come here to escape some sorry upside down backwards place they couldn’t develop or survive, then do everything in their power to create that “very same” environment here?

My people of color fatigue is at an all time high.

Anonymous said...

This is something they don't talk about on CNN. It would take away from their mantra of the Negro god. Their lies are their downfall...unless whites are too stupid to see.

Anonymous said...

True but when it comes down to Fake news keep calling Trump supporters blue collar redneck poor white trash

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that some of those in the White category are actually Hispanic, so the percent of White criminals is probably even lower.

D-FENS said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again to Paintjob Theory for a good one.

" . . . The crime statistics seem consistent with what's observed anywhere on Earth except that the "white" number is likely inflated with many mystery meat mongrels or flat out nogs, see example: . . . "

A picture is worth a thousand words, in this case a million. Once again the government is lying, lying, lying with the press doing its job reinforcing the official multi-cult narrative. This is part of a whole with the story of the magical negresses who calculated the orbits for the Gemini space program. That laughable story is propagated by NASA now if you tour the Kennedy Space Center and repeated with a straight face by the idiots on TV "news" who don't know anything about anything.

It's a good sign that the U.S. government and its owners are reduced to presenting bold faced lies as truth, not an ounce of subtlety either. The government and its agents in the press rely on repetition, browbeating and threats (so far just economic in nature) against their opponents to enforce their narrative. Truth is their greatest enemy and sites like SBPDL, VDARE, AmRen, etc. present the truth about race/ethnicity which is internally suppressed by white people because of social and legal consequences that follow from telling the truth about race and ethnicity.

This process of lying by the U.S. government and its agents is similar to what went on in the USSR although people there had the advantage of no immigration to contend with. The USSR Communist Party's official newspaper was called "Pravda" which is Russian for truth. The official Soviet government newspaper was called "Izvestia" which translates approximately as news. The Russians had a joke in Soviet days: "There is no "Pravda" (truth) in Izvestia and there is no "Izvestia" (news) in Pravda.

The same could be said for the U.S. now as multi-cult/diversity propaganda spews forth by U.S. government edict in advertising, business, employment, military, sports, "news" etc. That fact that government is reduced to ever bolder lies to maintain their multi-cult narrative indicates that the government narrative is failing. Daily life and forced mingling with diversity immediately contradicts official propaganda making race realists, for now quiet race realists of many whites especially those with young children. Just as the USSR failed so will BRA fail ending all this communist/cultural Marxist bullshit.

As PK says, our job is to survive.

NE Whitopia

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn, your president Mr. Trump got elected with the help of a real Marxist Mr. Putin!!!!

Anonymous said...

How long does it take for you to come with that rap 🎶 song. Plus you never know that diversity take over a town

Anonymous said...

@anonymous fake news would like to see diversity to destroy and self destruct whitopia

Anonymous said...

Trump came to Harrisburg PA to celebrate his first 100 days plus to see his supporters. Fake news reported from the White House dinner with the guess calling Trump supporters blue collar trailer park trash loser without a life

Anonymous said...

LOL. Oh the irony. It would be sad if it wasn't so funny.

Anonymous said...

If you are writing a book on NYC I could be a resource. More and more blacks are being moved into where I live in (a borough) at the same time that gentrification is going on.

A great idea for an article would be the lack of diversity in all NYC agencies. Start with HRA/Welfare, 16000 employees, the majority are black women who don't know how to spell, turn on a computer or be polite and professional. This was their first job at 18 and they expect to retire from it. They can work no where else as their job skills are horrible. Unless you count eating on the job as a skill and selling toxic oils on the job - oh it's African. The majority are Christians with some Muslim converts. Nepotism is the key word, as everyone is some one's cousin.The mayor's wife is a black women who worked in the Dinkin's administration, which gives them some edge. The offshoot cottage industry is the union, DC 37. Close down that shop and you get rid of problems with any NYC agency. Caribbean blacks are over represented in all NYC agencies, but the Chinese with their 3rd world inate abilities to scam are coming on strong.

The subway is the worst, filthy dirty and dangerous. There are laws against selling anything in the subway or the platforms, but as you all know, these laws are for white people only. The illegal immigrants and blacks don't have to abide by any American NYC laws. Do you want to buy fried crullers from a stolen shopping cart? how about alcohol laced fruit punch, weed, loose cigarettes, porn, perfume, pirated dvd's and candy? You can get them all on the subway
Subway violence finally has been reported on the rise, rush hour is the worst as blacks like to flaunt their mental illness at this time and threaten whites as much as they can so other blacks will gang up on the white person.

Yes blacks are destroying NYC. Try going to the Bronx and your eyes will be opened.

Anonymous said...

Chiraq, Chicago, is worse than that. 80% black homicide victims, 14% hispanic, 3% white, 3% unknown race (body of victim too decomposed or burned beyond recognition. As you can imagine the stats of the people doing the killing are about the same; note, of the 3% of white victims negroes or hispanics were responsible for about 2% of those homicides. So the actual rate white on white homicides is around 1-2%. Shocking facts and figures ignored by the media and the politicians who are whoring for the negro votes. Billions of dollars have been spent trying to discover a way to reverse the trend of negro violence to no avail.

Pat Boyle said...

Most people think of Oakland as a black city but in fact it is slightly more white than New York City. Both cities have approximately the same number of blacks and Hispanics although - again slightly - Oakland has a little fewer Hispanics than New York and a slightly higher number of blacks.

I'm not sure this means much. There are more Asians (mostly Chinese) in Oakland than cities in the East. And of course the Chinese contribute to commerce and not to crime, so on balance you would have to say that Oakland has a superior racial demographic profile to NYC.



Pat Boyle said...

regarding the posting by Paint Job Theory, I don't mean to be overly competitive but my high school had only one 'outsider' He was a Jew (this was a Catholic school). We had no blacks, or Hispanics or Asians whatsoever.

When I went to public school for my last year we also had no one except whites. This was Northern Virginia. Not so long ago this pattern was common. No one lived near or went to school with anyone except whites.

We didn't have 500 TV channels or quadraphonic sound but we also had little crime. Back then we assumed that the City of Detroit would last forever. We thought that the Nazis were impossibly evil.

But today we seem to be inching towards genocide and fewer Americans object than once seemed possible.


Brian in Ohio said...

My sole experience in New York City was in 1999 as a young Marine. I got to participate in Fleet Week.

Two of my most vivid memories are of a negro in a green sequined robe standing on a crate on the sidewalk ranting and raving about how white people were evil. I was a 18yo, blonde hair, blue eyed Marine in dress blues, and he pointed right at me and yelled "It`s not your fault your the white devil!"

A guy in my unit who was a native of Redhook told me "There will be lots of nuts out on the streets. Crazy fuckers just looking for a fight. If someone starts yelling at you, act like you don't hear them and keep moving." So that's what I did.

That and while standing on a subway platform, a rat as big as a housecat ran down the rail. It was huge. I couldn't believe it.

Oh, and my eyes burned like hell for the first few days from the pollution.

Glad I saw it with my own eyes. Now I know there`s absolutely nothing there for me.

Question for Ex New Yorker, is there a film, like maybe Taxi Driver, that is pretty realistic in your opinion as to what it was like there in the 70`s? Just curios.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense as NYC is one of the world's Marxists' headquarters and largest (by population) gun-free zones of the USSA

Yes - thousands of marxists from NYC went to Russia - 100 years ago, this year - and proceeded to destroy Ethnic European (White) civilization there.

From Russia the mental virus and cancer of humanity attacked Eastern, then Western Europe - i.e. other Ethnic European (White) civilizations, including their initial attempts to destroy Germany (which caused the Germans to attempt to defend themselves, now an endless Hollywood fantasy story) - all funded by NYC marxist capitalists, such as Jacob Schiff; all promoted by the world's leading marxist newspaper - the NY Times...

The global marxist today, headquartered in NYC, have their latest weapon - the "people of color" (POC) are being used as nothing but another weapon to destroy and ultimately genocide Ethnic European (White) civilization and peoples in the USSA - as they are doing in the EUSSR.

Won't be long now, NYC will be another Detroit, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm,

Ok, back to sleep; it's all a bad dream

Anonymous said...

Whenever someone says that Trump won the uneducated, trailer trash vote, remind them that Hillary carried all the high crime areas. Idiots indeed.

Anonymous said...

I bet at least some of the "whites" lumped into the stats are actually Hispanic and /or camel humpers.

And don't forget-these are the crimes they have solved. In Philly, for example, they admit that they currently solve less than 50% of the (hundreds)of murders committed-so in most of those cases, they don't know who did it.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, these crime stats should come as no surprise to anyone. These statistics should be the daily headline in cities all over America. If the media were truly interested in doing their jobs then they would report this truthfully, without any unncessary editorializing, and let people make up their own damn minds. The only thing newsworthy about this is the way it ISN'T reported at all.

Detroit Refugee said...

Plus you never know that diversity take over a town.

My beloved island safe from diversity.
No free/reduced lunches that continue over summer break. No discounted public transportation tickets. No fast food, malls, community center. No Sec.8 housing.
Township Supervisor & his/her board see to that.

NC Realist said...

And this is how you can learn to love to HATE New York.

D-FENS said...

In 1967, a serial killer of young girls terrorized the area around Tucson AZ. A 16-year old negro was caught and convicted. He was just released by the Arizona Executive Clency Board led by a negro and a jewess. These people HATE us.

PB said...

"The same could be said for the U.S. now as multi-cult/diversity propaganda spews forth by U.S. government edict in advertising, business, employment, military, sports, "news" etc."

Its very sophisticated really in that they actually build narratives from the ground-up and recruit believers through participation and activity, be it political involvement, sports, music and movies, newspaper etc. Its a total package, and if you don't buy into it you are effectively sidelined socially every time you open your mouth. They don't need the 2am knock on the door approach because it's a self-sustaining system with so many lazy-thinking people loving that spoonful of opinions being fed to them (and its not just the US). I remember the first time I visited the US and watching a debate on FOX, the fundamental premise of which was untrue, but the debate wasn't about that, it was already about what needed to be done (urgently) about this (untrue) premise.

Unknown said...

Grew up in Marietta,Ga.,long time ago. Dad retired in 66 from the army. Moved to Knoxville for a year. I now think that after 20 yrs. in the army Knoxville was even then to diverse. Moved to Marietta,Ga. the next year. Grew up there, left in 76 to join the Marines, went back after I spent a couple yrs. in Colorado. Remember MARTA(moving africans rabidly through atlanta) coming to town, and things started getting worse. Mexes at first then the nogs,and l was gone again. Back in Knoxville now I know why my father left.

Anonymous said...

A movie(of course they are never quite realistic)that depicts NYC is the 1969 film "Midnight Cowboy".

A book on NYC should include the 1983 Diana Ross in Central Park concert. Rained out early in the show then rescheduled for the next night. That's where I first heard the term "wilding." That's even a few years before Central Park jogger (1989). The natives ran wild through the streets of NYC stealing and looting. Also, don't forget the blackouts. The relative calm of the November 1965 outage versus the demographically changed violent July 1977 outage.

Any pictures of NYC before 1965 show a cleaner city. After '65 comes the graffiti and filth. The game at Yankee Stadium in 1966 that got Mel Allen fired because he mentioned the attendance that was in the hundreds. Nobody wanted to come to that hell hole of The Bronx by then. The 1977 World Series game at Yankee Stadium when ABC camera shows a warehouse fire in The Bronx. Howard Cosell says "The Bronx is burning."

How about the 1991 Crown Heights riots? Or the Brooklyn teacher's strike in 1968?

I could go on.

NC Realist said...

Do yourself a HUGE favor Mr.President Trump sir. Cut your ties with NYC. You'll thank me for it one day.

Anonymous said...

Listen to this;

This will give you a feel of NYC during the 1991 Crown Heights riot. Imagine someone on the radio like this today?!! He was always a bit too easy on (((them))), however.

Anonymous said...

@nc realist Trump cut ties from NYC that will never never going to happen to do that his home town and got all his 💰 money

Anonymous said...

"I went there to become a cartoonist"

Ex New Yorker- your posts present a great mental picture about you...a tough gritty no-nonsense guy!.

The cartoonist comment completely threw me off....a testament to the incredibly unique following PK has here.

Ex New Yorker said...

For Brian in Ohio.

If I had to pick a film about New York it would be TAXI DRIVER. Those scenes of him driving around the city. A lot of it was shot up in Times Square. The streets filled with hookers and pimps. Him with Peter Boyle having coffee in some diner. I always tell people how real the movie was. Films from the cops point of view that were good were FRENCH CONNECTION, SERPICO and PRINCE OF THE CITY (which covered some of what went on during the Knapp Commission busting dirty cops).

I was there during the Diana Ross riots. It is hard to find info on the net giving the gruesome details of what happened. Every cop in the city was called on duty. Hundreds of people ended up in hospitals. The TEENS took over all of mid-town Manhattan. The worst was what happened to people in the fancy hotels when the mobs came charging inside.

The event that wins the big cigar was the 1977 BLACKOUT. Three to four days of looting. A couple of weeks afterwards I went with my girlfriend up to the Bronx to see her uncle. Every store was either boarded up or sat empty with the windows smashed out. It was unreal. U-tube has some really good films about what happened. Fifty buildings were set on fire.

Last Summer I was watching some films of what happened in Watts back in the 60's. I saw a news clip of a soldier walking down the middle of the street carrying a B.A.R. with all the burned out buildings in the background. It looked like it could have been shot during World War 11.

I was in NY during the Newark riots. I was in Virginia Beach a week after the Octoberfest Riots when all the black college kids tore the shit out of the place. It was mind boggling seeing all the damage. The streets were still filled with three feet high stacks of broken glass.

What gets to me is how many naive white people there are that have no idea about what is going on in their own country. If there is ever a nation wide blackout it will be one big horror show.

Anonymous said...

NC Realist: "Do yourself a HUGE favor Mr.President Trump sir. Cut your ties with NYC."
You're not very realistic if you think he's going to do that. Might as well recommend cutting ties with the merchants.

Brian in Ohio said...

Thank you Ex New Yorker. I thought Taxi Driver was excellent. It really seemed to show how gritty and dirty the city was, but you never really know, since its hollywood.

One scene that's always stuck with me was when Travis (Deniro) is doing a monologue and he says "I`ll go anywhere in the city. I`ll go to Harlem, I don't care.", and you seem him speeding down a dark street with black kids smashing bottle against his cab as he passes. Wish I could find it on youtube.

Thanks for your insight.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Live from Cali said...

It is noted by another poster that "Mexicans" don't have crime rates near that of blacks. While that is true the fact of the matter is that their levels of crime are far, far higher than those of Whites. The LAPD and LA County Sheriff's Dept. estimate the murder rate for Mexicans to be almost 5 times that of Whites, even though the Federal Govt. does its best to count "hispanic" perps as White and hipanic victims as hispanic. At least some numbers are kept in CA and NY that attempt to separate Whites from hispanics. On a side note, the LAPD etc. also note that the murder rate among Salvadorans is almost is not too far behind that of blacks. Not really a surprise. The Salvadorans have been letting the rest of the country enjoy some of the benefits of diversity, along with our "own" blacks, African immigrants, other Latin Americans, Middle Easterners...all of it by design one would have to think at this point.