Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Black Political Cadre in Control of Atlanta Launches "Anti-Displacement Tax Fund Program" to Protect Blacks from Gentrification

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Black Mecca Down: The Collapse of the City too Busy to Hate is the story of the greatest ecological disaster in America. 

Wait... we've covered this fact already, right? 

When white people abandoned Atlanta for the seemingly limitless potential suburbs of metro Atlanta (cutting down forests and building on farmland in the process), they gave away all political power in the south's most important to blacks. 

There's an apocryphal story involving Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta and President Jimmy Carter's ambassador to the United Nations, and an address he gave to the historically Black college Clark Atlanta University in the 1980s. While addressing the subject of the eroding tax-base in the city and the fear of a diminishing amount of resources (funds) to allocate, Mr. Young addressed white flight with this ominous warning:
"No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can't escape us."
Andrew Young is correct; no matter where white people fled to - from the crime of blacks, crumbling business sector, private property devaluations, and poor school systems that accompany any majority Black area -   creating thriving communities in the process, the Black Undertow followed. DeKalb and Clayton County went from being thriving majority white counties to, well, majority Black counties that resembled the Atlanta that whites had fled from in the first place. 

Then Rockdale and even Cobb County (once one of America's most conservative counties, racial changes helped Hillary Clinton actually win the county in 2016...). 

But though much of metro Atlanta becomes a nightmarish black dystopia, white people are actually moving back in downtown Atlanta. With this move comes an economic resurgence as commercial and residential real estate appreciates, new businesses are created, and commerce flourishes. 

But what of the black population that for so long has negated civilization from arising where whites long ago built a city they'd only abandon to black crime once segregation and Jim Crow fell?

Don't worry, the black political cadre still in control of Atlanta is looking out for them! [Mayor Kasim Reed Announces New Anti-Displacement Tax Fund Program, City of Atlanta, 4-12-17]:

Mayor Kasim Reed Announces New Anti-Displacement Tax Fund Program 
Partnership with Westside Future Fund will ensure that current Westside Atlanta residents are not displaced 
ATLANTA– Mayor Kasim Reed announced today that the City of Atlanta is partnering with the Westside Future Fund to launch the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund Program, an initiative which will pay any property tax increases for qualifying homeowners in the English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights and Atlanta University Center communities. The new program is designed to help ensure that current homeowners are not displaced due to rising property values as public and private investments are made in these neighborhoods.  
During a press conference held at the home of an English Avenue resident who has qualified for the program, Mayor Reed was joined by Department of Planning and Community Development Commissioner Tim Keane, Westside Future Fund Executive Director John Ahmann, Vine City Neighborhood Association President Pastor Dexter Johnson and Atlanta Councilmembers Ivory Lee Young, Jr., Michael Julian Bond and Keisha Lance Bottoms. Commissioner Tim Keane was instrumental in helping shape the program by offering best practices from a similar initiative administered in the City of Charleston. 
“The City of Atlanta is proud to launch this essential program which will help ensure that long-time residents get to share in the prosperity coming to the Westside, thanks to new infrastructure, new parks, more transit, the Atlanta BeltLine, and a surge in economic development,” said Mayor Reed. “This program is another stake in the ground to preserve the character and the history of our transformative Atlanta neighborhoods. I would like to thank Commissioner Tim Keane for his leadership, and all the partners who believe in our vision to revitalize Westside Atlanta and serve as a City where everyone can live and build their dreams.” 

“The Department of Planning and Community Development is committed to achieving sustainable growth in Atlanta’s Westside neighborhoods,” said Commissioner Keane. “As part of that sustainable growth, we must have programs and policies in place to ensure affordable housing and offer housing incentives and resources to our residents who need them the most. We hope that the Anti-Displacement Tax Program is one of many initiatives to come.”  
The fund, administered by the Westside Future Fund and sourced from philanthropic donations, will operate as a grant for individuals and will not require participants to pay back any funds received. Residents can apply for the grant program from April 12, 2017 – March 15, 2018. Fund payments will begin in the 2018 tax year. 
The program is one of many strategies initiated by the Westside Community Retention Collaborative, which was created to address Westside resident concerns on displacement and gentrification. The Collaborative is driven by the Department of Planning and Community Development, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Atlanta Housing Authority, Invest Atlanta, Atlanta Beltline, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and the Westside Future Fund. The Collaborative receives guidance and input from members of the community. 
“Our success begins and ends with the residents,” said John Ahmann, Executive Director of the Westside Future Fund. “When the Westside Future Fund was created, we were clear in our intention to do right by the members of this community. I'm grateful to have a board and a host of supporters who have taken that charge to heart. Their tireless support and generosity allows us to keep our promise, ensuring that the people who have grown up and built their lives here can continue to be a part of it for generations to come.”  
Philanthropic support comes from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, the Georgia Power Foundation, Cox Enterprises, Pulte Group, Delta Air Lines, Georgia-Pacific and individual contributor Tommy Holder, chairman and CEO of Holder Construction Company. 
The Reed Administration has made it a priority to revitalize Atlanta’s Westside and has worked to bring new public and private resources to support economic and civic development in the area.  
In 2015, Mayor Reed partnered with Atlanta business leaders to establish the Westside Future Fund. The Fund serves as a catalyst for philanthropic and corporate support to accelerate improvements in the health, education and welfare of current residents, address equity and social justice issues associated with new residential and commercial development, and attract new investment, new jobs and new residents. 
The City of Atlanta has pledged more than $30 million in new infrastructure, greenspace expansion and to fund Martin Luther King Jr. Drive streetscape improvements, which will transform the iconic road into a connected corridor with a Complete Streets approach. 
In September 2015, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded the City of Atlanta a $30 million CHOICE Neighborhoods Implementation Grant, which has already enabled the city to leverage additional public and private funds to assist in revitalizing five Westside neighborhoods. 
In June 2016, the City of Atlanta received the Promise Zone designation, which allows the City to work strategically with HUD and other federal agencies to boost economic activity and job growth, improve educational opportunities, reduce crime and leverage private investment to improve the quality of life in the “Westside Promise Zone,” comprised of the historic Atlanta University Center neighborhood, Ashview Heights, Vine City, English Avenue and Castleberry Hill. 
The communities will also soon welcome the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Castleberry Park mixed-use development and a Hard Rock Hotel.

English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights and Atlanta University Center are almost all black, veritable wastelands only possible courtesy of Africans in America. Jim Goad wrote about Vine City and even he wasn't harsh enough

The entire reason why these areas were blighted, crime-ridden,  food deserts needing armies of nonprofits to provide sustenance and repelled outside business development and new home construction for decades was because of the people this bill will now protect: blacks...

This story is exactly why SBPDL coined the concept of Black-Run America (BRA). The Visible Black Hand of Economics removed every last remnant of the civilization white people created - and abandoned - from English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights and Atlanta University Center, courtesy of Africans in America inhabiting those vacated properties. 

Now they get to stay in those properties courtesy of a black political power in Atlanta worried about gentrification forcing these loyal black voters to move to Cobb, Clayton, Rockdale or DeKalb County... 


SteelPalm said...

"No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can't escape us." - Mayor Andrew Young, Atlanta

This is a very dangerous sentiment. (Even if the quote itself is apocryphal) Eventually, the whites will tire of being followed. Eventually, they will have nowhere to escape to. And while some will submit, others will fight.

This is of course completely ignoring the question of Hispanics and Asians, who absolutely despise blacks, don't want them in their neighborhoods, aren't weighed by white guilt, and would have no moral qualms about initiating massive bloodshed.

If any black leader genuinely cared about the long-term success of his people, this is the last type of attitude he should be seeking to instill in them.

Anonymous said...

Any white person who is into gentrification of a black neighborhood is completely out of their mind. What kind of brain dead moron would want to "invest" their time and money fixing up a slum. Who are these people and what kind of drugs are they on.

Anonymous said...

This entry by PH kinda reminds me of Coney Island, Brooklyn. Everywhere in the US, developed beachfront property is the most expensive, exclusive, and highest-taxed real estate in the country. Which is why it's mind-boggling that Coney Island is almost completely low income housing. I used to live there, so I know. Parts of C.I. look like Beirut, complete with vacant apartment buildings with boarded up windows. What a waste.

Bird of Paradise said...

More reasons certian people should'nt be allowed to run for any public office in any way we already had eight years of Obama and his abuse of the power of office

Anonymous said...

"Now they get to stay in those properties courtesy of a black political power in Atlanta worried about gentrification ..."

Not entirely. Notice the help from the Christian front group Habitat from Humanity. Habitat's mission statement: "Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope." Wherever something like this goes on, you will usually find Christians deeply involved. This is the abolitionist project of the nineteenth century continued into the present, trying to integrate white and black into the same civilization, doing "good works" to raise themselves up in the esteem of rabbi Jesus.

Anonymous said...

We're their food.
Parasites need a host.

D-FENS said...

Negroes want to retain their own excludive enclaves while also allowed access to White areas. They learned their lessons well from the (((wandering tribe))) who trained them.

Besides the lack of dining choices that are not entirely staffed by dumb, surly negroes, another thing I hate about Atlanta's airport are the relentless public announcements by Kasim Reed.

Californian said...

With BRA, the idiocy never ends. There's always got to be some urban renewal program, some government initiative on disparate impact, some redrawing of voting districts, some midnight basketball game to stop the violence, some DWL beating of breasts and parading about in sackcloth and ashes. And no matter what is done, black run areas continue to decline and drag down cities with them.

The real issue is, as always, that a certain racial demographic can not maintain the civilization of White people.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Where ever you find the black man, everything is coming down around him. And where ever you find the white man, things are improving." -Robert E. Lee

True in 1860, true now.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

The new program is designed to help ensure that current homeowners are not displaced due to rising property values as public and private investments are made in these neighborhoods. "
So.... it is okay for the current residents to have dragged down property values for so long, but now that YT is here, Err Boda Poda Hep and the rising taxes will be paid for these same people that caused the area tp tank in the first place. This can only end badly.
"As part of that sustainable growth" right there shows Keane has no idea what sustainable means, as it doesn't, in any way, include those residents who drove down property values in the first place.
This is nothing more than a shuffling of money from one hand to the other, in a big show of racism against YT. They used 30 million of my money, (HUD grants) to "leverage" private and corporate donations.... wtf? Sigh, peak negro fatigue reached early today. PK, can your next article be a feel good story about how "goot boy aspiring rappers" are killing each other?

Anonymous said...

Like they say, "once you go black you never go back".

Paintjob Theory said...

This is like some bizarro-world reverse plantation scenario where 10 humans voluntarily subject themselves to mistreatment and torment in order to work like dogs to support 100 useless talking apes.

Oh well, on the up-side, those who attempt to bring civilization to congenital savages will be sorted out. Many through becoming prey to local wildlife. The survivors will learn the folly of the white man's burden mentality and eventually become our allies. There's only so many times you can get bit by a pet (a pet which shows you no loyalty or affection) before you either release it into the wild and let it fend for itself, try to give it away, or simply have it euthanized.

Godspeed, SJWs. Do hurry back to tell us how wrong we were as soon as you "transform" Atlanta into a functioning first world society again.

Meanwhile, (((Shelley Garland))) writes that it's high time we ban white men from voting.

Cliff notes: White men are the last line of resistance standing in the way of their world Bolshevik "utopia". This is not satire, this is how our enemies actually think.

Baron Münchhausen said...

I see this as an unintended delay tactic.

When the property value gets high enough, they will sell. The Negroes mind will fill with images of 24" rims, gold-plated teeth, skin lotion for ashy skin, skittles & watermelon flavored Arizona Ice Tea, Air Jordan's, Sail Foams, good schools, fried chicken, Watermelon, and Cadillac cars... it will be too much to resist.

That aside, this appears to be a vain attempt by the Negro overlords to hold on to power. Eventually they will lose power, but they are willing to sacrifice as many white people to rape, murder, and pillaging as possible for just one more day of power. Ends justify the means.

Can't make an omelette without breaking a few white people's lives right?

The Baron

Anonymous said...

Gentrification has brought a lot of crappy places back from a full decent into hell. Believe me, I'm no proponent of moving into Groidian territory, hell I grew up surrounded by boons! But you see it anywhere that a great city or center of power is. Look at Santa Fe, NM. You have families who used to farm and raise animals and got by. As years passed, the families didn't farm anymore and took on the lower rungs of the economic ladder as other bothered climbing the ladder. After a time what was prime land or location goes to those who pay the owners the sort of money to implore them to sell. Once that happens others realize that the home that was perhaps paid for generations ago is now pure profit. The rentals or families that generally have people too young to live independently but too old to increase their income are generally slowly pushed out by the increases in taxes.

Strangely enough, this happened to my parents, whites who moved to an affordable suburb of the nation's capital. In their retirement years the home they bought in the mid-sixties had become so valuable that the yearly taxes (over 5k per year by the time they sold) really started becoming a problem. So my parents sold their house for a major profit from what they paid for it and moved to their vacation cabin.

Anonymous said...

Why should ANYONE pay their taxes in that area? Say you are black and save money! If they don't pay taxes, why should I or any other white pay taxes?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Any place you have a high concentration of negroes, you have what amounts to an economic wasteland. How telling that the entirety of humanity runs from the negro scourge as fast as their feet can carry them! Any other race would be ridden with guilt and shame that no other race wants to be anywhere near them. But not our negroes, who follow yt to the very ends of the earth.

Think about it for just a minute. Let's assume you are an Irish American and also a Catholic. Anytime you or one of your fellow Irishmen seek to move into a predominately Wasp neighborhood, the Wasps pack up and sell their houses - often at a loss. What becomes of said neighborhoods? Easy answer, they become highly desirable among the Irish, who set up businesses, organize parochial schools around their churches, and before you know it, the place is teeming with success. I've never heard someone say, "There are just too many Irish people living there. I don't feel safe." Just something to think about.

Anonymous said...

After all the EVIDENCE, present and past that one only needs nothing other than their five senses to comprehend, it is most definitely a type of mental illness to continue to allow and/or help those who would destroy us. As to the comment above as to why so some SJWs/DWL actively engage in such 'uplifting' work...its because they perceive it as very UPLIFTING for THEIR SELF IMAGE to garner the admiration/applause and yes, even at times for the zealots among them, the sense of redeeming some salvation for their souls in the afterlife. Most of the seemingly outward 'giving' iaction is in truth deeply solipsistic. Like so many other ills that plague our modern society it is type of ADDICTION, a neurological/biological need for dopamine, the neurotransmitter that mammals' bodies produces to 'motivate' a body to do that which will enhance its surviving to another day/generation (such as eating or having sex and its a mechanism that is in effect from birth on - that really satisfied look on a baby's face after nursing is a prime example of what dopamine flooding a body, after a desirable act has been achieved, does) However the flooding of body with dopamine, called a dop bomb, can be become abused and that is when addictions start to take over to a deleterious degree - such as drug addicts on a killing or robbing sprees or SJWS looking for dop bombs from the 'accolades' they desire to receive with the work that enables some subhumans to survive another day/generations on 'evil' whiteys' tax dollar ( I know this first hand as I used to work with a few in Buffalo NY and there are all white SJWs who do the heavy lifting to support the laziest POS who only show up to move into the renovated homes or grab the produce from the community gardens they never lent a hand to help or get done - and the payoff for the SJWS - tons of 'gov't funded grant $$$' and press in the local media for all the 'amazing' work. It was for me an eye-opener on the self-serving, almost drug like addiction of the dynamics of the SJWs/DWLs driving all the 'good' works. Ive since come to the solid conclusion that most people who appear to be so generous/overly giving, ESPECIALLY TO THOSE OUTSIDE OF THEIR OWN RACIAL/CULTURE GROUP are actually covert control freaks cowards with warped emotional needs who are desperate for a means of gaining total control and access to never ending attentions / accolades- a steady supply of the 'feel good' dop bombs- for their over 'generosity/devotion' to a 'lost' cause. Look close and you can see that SJWs/DWL can all be readily described as such)...and just today I see another piece of the SJW - DWL addiction insanity in action:

Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, South Chicago, South much more blatant does the TRUTH need to be for these self-imploding BS acts of 'kindness/generosity' to stop enabling the subhumans who seek to and do kill us?!?...

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is sustainable, but you must simply ask what they hope to sustain... since not enough of them have the ability to utilize the Negro College Fund for the benefit of society as a whole just think of this as yet another "Negro Non-College Fund". This led me to think about the G.I. Bill which was responsible for many Whites being able to gain assistance to further an education which they would've been unable to afford prior to this program. Remember the Space Race? Many White families were able to benefit from hardworking men who wound up brokering their skills and natural abilities to further their economic opportunities. This also leads me to wonder what percentage of Blacks bother getting the G.I. Bill when they enlist. I think there was one white guy I did my induction training with who didn't sign up for it.

Anonymous said...

I have the good fortune of having been alive for a long time. I have lived in different areas of this country and been lucky enough to have traveled rather extensively. My observations are that everything these people touch,run or in any way been associated with turn out a disaster. It's been my practice to dis-associate myself from them whenever possible. For example I recently purchased an auto and made sure the salespson was one of my own. We can still control many aspects of our lives and should do so whenever possible.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This entry by PH kinda reminds me of Coney Island, Brooklyn. Everywhere in the US, developed beachfront property is the most expensive, exclusive, and highest-taxed real estate in the country. Which is why it's mind-boggling that Coney Island is almost completely low income housing. I used to live there, so I know. Parts of C.I. look like Beirut, complete with vacant apartment buildings with boarded up windows. What a waste.


Same thing with Asbury Park, New Jersey. Beachfront property littered with ruins....and negroes......everywhere. You will notice a huge amusement park that has long since been shuttered, along with decrepit abandoned buildings, peeling paint...the works. The only new(er) construction (post 1960's) is welfare housing.

I was last in Asbury Park in the mid '90s. It was at one time, during the '20s, the go-to seashore resort town for middle income whites. Until integration. About a year after my visiting Asbury Park, I took some vacation time in La Jolla, California -a delightful bastion of pristine beaches, hot men working out on Muscle Beach, and lovely, bikini clad young nymphs chasing after volleyballs. Little old ladies walk their dogs with no concern over safety. With Africans you get Africa along with the destruction and violence that always seems to follow them.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Wherever something like this goes on, you will usually find Christians deeply involved."

It's opposite day already?

"doing "good works" to raise themselves up"

For someone who has all the answers it's interesting that you miss the most fundamental tenant of Christianity, which is "salvation through faith".

Salvation through works, "good works" (did you mean to say The Great Work TM?) is the foundation of the mystery religion of Babylon.... but you already know this, don't you, Hiram?

"Christian" leaders and sects who promote salvation by deeds are preaching heresy and are the enemies of not only Christ, but civilization as a whole. By their fruits should you judge them.

That all said, if some deluded SJW types want to build a house for a family of apes to ruin, with their own money and sweat, more power to them. The same right to freedom of association which should allow me to NOT deal with non-whites certainly gives the right to deal with them to anybody who feels it's a good idea.

Marc said...

If indeed whites decide if is time to gentrify inner city Atlanta I think secure condominium buildings rather than single family houses would be the smart choice.

Anonymous said...

You know I really have to say that the more I read about and watch youtube videos about past civilizations the more convinced I am that it was CAUCASIANS and ASIANS that built these great ancient sites.Especially Egypt but everywhere.These places were advanced and along came the NEGRO to pillage and destroy.Even then somehow ,without today's concepts,the LIBERAL EXISTED,the SELF HATING WEAK WHITE<ASIAN masses that allowed BLACKS and BROWNS in to infest and destroy from within ....There is no doubt in my mind. CAUCASIAN whites built Egypt and they brought Blackie in as we did in America.Even though we did not create their slave status as Blacks sold Blacks ,even back then ,to superior whites for labor.The only way Blacks had even taken over Egypt was when ,finally,the Nubian's conquered their enemy and ran things right into the ground for about 100 to 200 years.They more I see with my own eyes what happens to Black areas when they take over,including in Africa,ala South Africa,Rhodesia,the Caribbean ,as in HAITI,wherever Blacks are allowed to fester the same result.Total and utter regression.No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

"Salvation through works, "good works" (did you mean to say The Great Work TM?) is the foundation of the mystery religion of Babylon.... but you already know this, don't you, Hiram?"

Paintgob, your rabbi Jesus said:

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."
- Matthew 7:12

Further, faith alone is NOT enough. Good works are necessary. He goes on to say:

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven."
- Matthew 7:21

As always, you yourself don't even understand the religion you defend.

Steve Smith said...

Try living in this shithole.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in NYC--1960s-1970s.
Even then Coney Island [the few times that I was there] seemed run down.
Not nice.

So the housing is for 'under privileged'--bingo.

Bill in St Louis said...

To truly gentrify Atlanta, all that is needed is to remove whites, test them, (SJWs go back inside city limits) and wall it off. Wait 6 months, and gas the 100 or so survivors left. Problem solved, with a bonus of not having to bother tearing down existing buildings. Just bulldoze the rubble and start over.

Mike Isbell said...

Without being propped up, blacks would die out in America and all over the world. The black population is being kept alive by every other population.

Anonymous said...

The negroids are as destructive as that monster bomb Trump just dropped on Afghanistan!

Anonymous said...

I just want to share this link:
"Alleged abusers came from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uruguay and Sri Lanka, according to UN data and interviews. More countries may have been involved, but the United Nations only started disclosing alleged perpetrators’ nationalities after 2015."

I don't know who to hate more, the darkies who are always committing rape, or the disingenuous white liberals who are always enabling black criminals to get away with raping everyone, everywhere, even when 'everyone' includes their own poor whites, or when 'everyone' include brown and coloured women they profess to promote and protect. This goes all the way back to The Cave of the Negroes incident around WWII, "1945 Katsuyama killing incident
The Katsuyama killing incident in 1945 was a killing of three African American Marines by Okinawans from the Katsuyama village near Nago, Okinawa, after the Battle of Okinawa, shortly before the end of the war in the Pacific.", black soldiers form US were repeatedly raping Japanese locals - this continued long after the end of the war. As a child I was shocked reading about this incident in Japan where as little girl was raped by an "American soldier" in a bathroom to the point where everything was tore up - I now know that soldier was also black.

Praise Prime Minister Harper for scaling back Canadian involvement with UN's gang of rapists!

- A Chinese In Canada

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, (((Shelley Garland))) writes that it's high time we ban white men from voting.

Cliff notes: White men are the last line of resistance standing in the way of their world Bolshevik "utopia". This is not satire, this is how our enemies actually think.

I guess Blacks being the majority in South Africa isn't enough.

But I can't say I am surprised. Marxists don't want to bother with democracy as the results will never be equal enough for them.

Remember folks, even when Blacks are a majority in a democracy it's still the fault of Whites that they have problems.

Must be hard being a liberal or Marxist these days. The cognitive dissonance must be overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

I HATE the way blacks have NO problem moving into a white hood, bringing down property values, causing increases in crime rates, and causing decent folk with the resources to get the hell out, often sadly leaving nearby friends and family, who don't have the resources to move, behind. BUT if whites move back into and improve a declining neighborhood, that is rayciss and unfair. Once again, they think everything has to be set up so that only they and their "tribe" gain something- erbody else be all privilege an sheet, so they don't be deserving nuttin. EVERYTHING, every transaction, every law, every rule, should benefit them and only them.
Basil the Bridge Burner here in Atlanta, is shown often on the local (slanted of course) news- he is usually trying to cover his face, and the only way I found out about his NINETEEN former arrests was here from P.K. He will probably be set up as a "victim" because he was a black drug user. Meanwhile, all the working class whites, several I know personally, now have to drive 1 1/2 hours to work every morning on what used to be a 30 minute commute. Of course, the welfare queens and drug sellers don't have to worry about such. They will continue sleeping till noon.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

//Marc said...
If indeed whites decide if is time to gentrify inner city Atlanta I think secure condominium buildings rather than single family houses would be the smart choice.//

This will only work with segregation, which a Trump tried for the benefit of his apartment's white tenants, but ACLU or whatever forced him to put blacks in with the whites.

House is always better as long as it's properly fortified - gates all around the property - check before move-in on set-back allowances and such (some communities don't let you put up fences in front!).

I live in an apartment building and it's great, FOR NOW, my building hav whites and asians, no blacks, SO FAR. It would be terrifying once one move in because we have to share hallways. That's a recipe for a vermin explosion:

Bed Bug Report for 345 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON - Bed Bug Registry
The fact that more blacks are comming in and leaving garbage everywhere is no help -this will soon be down 2 the level of all the rentals in jane/finch ...

It would also be unsafe to have to share hallways and stairways with ghetto blacks. In a house, at least you can enter your garage from your house, and be in your car before you lift the garage doors, and then open the gates on your way out. Just like zombies, it would also be easier to dodge blacks in the open streets versus the confines of a building.

As far as I'm concerned, gentrification is a bad idea, it puts everyone at risk, the people moving in, and the people in the surrounding suburbs when the ghetto rats move out. Section 8 housing should be confined to inner city Atlanta and Detroit, with a cap on benefits after two children (Britain has a cap on four right now). They don't get any more benefits for having more chillin, they don't get a bigger house, they just stay right there, in Detroit and Atlanta, no housing for them anywhere else.

- A Chinese In Toronto

Anonymous said...

This is why I contribute money with a few friends to buy bulk ammo, and 30-40 round magazines every other week.

Anonymous said...

PK, I saw your tweet about Ann Coulter getting knocked off the Drudge Report. Paul, Ann is in a relationship with Jimmie Walker (the Black actor from the show Good Times). If you actually look past the BS, you'll see that she almost exclusively dates Black men. She's also good friends with Maher and his Hollywood liberal cohort. She's a total phony, my friend. I'm positive she'd condemn your blog for being raycisst.

Anonymous said...

Marc, that's EXACTLY what they're doing. The condos and apartments going up now look as though they came straight from the old East Berlin. And they're going up everywhere around downtown Atlanta. Most of the whites moving into downtown nowadays are the typical clueless liberal millenials. They think it's wonderful living right in the middle of this "vibrant" city and having nearly everything at their fingertips. They can walk to shopping, dining, parks, theatres, and all manner of "arts" events (and I use that term very loosely). The security systems in these places are better than the systems in prisons. I heard that rent in many of these downtown loft apartments is around $4K a month. Unbelievable. When the black you-know-what hits the fan, these idiots will have absolutely no idea of how to survive. Chlorine in the gene pool, and good riddance.

These condos haven't quite reached the West End yet. That side of town is still a slum. It's been that way for many, many years. It's full of small houses that have always had the typical negro look to them. Before I quit watching the local news, the leadoff story was always about a shooting in one of these neighborhoods. No telling how many shootings and murders were never reported. It's commonplace.

Two black churches got millions for their properties when the new Benz stadium deal was sealed. Haven't heard anything about them lately, but they've probably spent it all on new clothes, new shoes, and new cars. It's all about the show - all about drawing attention to themselves.

I remember when the Olympics were awarded to Atlanta and immediately the hue and cry went up to make sure negro "businesses" were involved and contracts were awarded accordingly. Billy Payne's hands were tied right from the start. Techwood Homes, a public housing slum, was torn down to make way for Centennial Olympic Park. The usual howls of protest ensued. Now the Georgia Aquarium and a couple other "attractions" are there. The worthless and nearly riderless Atlanta Streetcar now runs in that area. But guess what? It's still full of negroes! Tourists beware.

Anyone remember Freaknik in Atlanta? Just one big chimpout that lasted for days. If that wasn't enough to convince white people of the norm of black behavior, nothing will ever get through to them. If you ever hear of a Freaknik coming to your city, batten down the hatches and get out of town.

Mary Norwood, a white woman, just might be the next mayor of Atlanta. We haven't had a white mayor since Sam Massell in 1974. She almost beat Kasim Reed in this last election. Well, we all knew that the negro (and liberal) powers-that-be were not going to let her win. Should be an interesting drama.


Oil 'n Water said...

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."
- Matthew 7:12
For over half a century, the "others" have indeed been receiving vast amounts of - call it - good will, by Whites. In fact blacks have been afforded not merely equal, but favored status, over Whites. And what has been the response?
Not much, except to shamelessly pre-empt jobs for which they are unqualified, and to become further dependent, and increasingly violent and hateful toward their benefactors.
This would suggest to me that while truly human "others" would have responded in kind with gratitude and resolve to acknowledge and return the good that has been shown them, that the black race is indeed short on humanity. Should a race lacking in conscience, empathy, and compassion, a race known in modern times, to drink the blood of children they murder for just this purpose before going into battle with other blacks in eternal warfare (see Liberia), be considered on an equally human level as whites? If the answer is no, then your quote above holds no weight.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in the hood.
I've learned one very important lesson.

What's the difference between projects and town houses/condominium.

The people!🤔

Can be built exactly the same using the same material.

See whichever stays safe and clean.😉

Anonymous said...

"I don't know who to hate more, the darkies who are always committing rape, or the disingenuous white liberals who are always enabling black criminals to get away with raping everyone,"

Actually, I hate the disingenuous White liberals more. Blacks are what they are but these Whites that throw their own women and children under the bus are pathetic. Blacks couldn't get away with nearly as much if not for DWL's.

Anonymous said...

Read Ephesians 2, Romans 1&8, Galatians 3. Justification is by faith alone.

Atlanta Admirer said...

I was in my 20's in the 1990's and lived in Bill Campbell (ex-con) mayor era of Atlanta. I lived in the hood (this was what I could afford) and went to one of those empowerment meetings.... was the only white. I lived near Zone 3 (as in the police zones), one of the police (all black) had his side business of pimping girls out of his crib while he went out to serve and protect, I knew one of these girls. Other police would have side jobs at strip clubs or as bodyguards for drug dealers. You did not call the police back then due to the duality of most of the policemen.
The most interesting thing about these meetings for home-owners were the "grant projects" for the neighborhood. Blacks would write grant proposals (or hire someone to do this) for things like "neighborhood playground", which would yield a $75K grant... yet years later after the $ has been spent.... there would be no playground.
This is the heart of the invisible hand of black economics.
No investment.
I see many young, hip, white people moving back into the city and paying top dollar for marginal properties in very marginal neighborhoods.
I understand they are close to work.
Some feel sorry for my hour commute to the burbs in the morning and then again each afternoon, but I am in a wonderful neighborhood and I can listen to audiobooks while commuting.

Steve Smith said...

I saw something on the news about the bridge burner the other day. Of course, the talking heads fawned all over him.

They concluded the report by reassuring us that he now has a legal dream team by his side...

... imagine my relief.