Friday, April 21, 2017

“How can a man die better: than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods.”

“How can a man die better: than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods.”

Is it already too late? 

Such a terrifying thought to consider, knowing our Europe is on the verge of submitting without a fight. 

It is our Europe, because the United States of America - at her zenith - was nothing more than an amalgamation of what a united Europe could be and produce. 

Now our Europe is nothing more than a dying geographic region submitting to Islam. Where once men rose to protect their lands, they now kneel to offer not just their homes but their daughters as well. 

Terrorism? A small price to pay for the joys and blessings of surrendering your own forefathers ancient homeland and watching the temple of their gods become adorned with Minarets. [French Presidential Favourite Macron: Terrorism ‘Part of Our Daily Lives for Years to Come’ After Paris Shooting,, 4-21-17]

Recall the story of Ebba Akerlund, an 11-year-old Swede ripped in half by a Muslim terrorist attack. This is what a former Swedish Prime Minister said of her death:
Former Swedish PM: Murdered 11-year-old girl Ebba in Stockholm terror is "price we have to pay for our open society"
This is what Frans Timmermans, the first vice president of the European Commission, said after the latest ISIS terror attack in Paris, which left multiple police officers dead
The future o/t world is diversity. To fight diversity is like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs 🍳 It makes a mess. Let's embrace diversity 
Only in a world on the verge of total collapse would we see our managerial-elite classify their children as nothing more than carrion for the ravenous appetite of Islamic expansion. This is how a former prime minister of Sweden described Ebba Akerlund murder, as nothing more than the "price we have to pay for our open society."

A sacrifice to a God we never, ever agreed to worship.

The future of the world is identity, with the present dystopia of diversity but a bridge to this eventuality. No analogy to a breakfast item can change what's on the verge of happening, nor appeals to embrace a cult requiring sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice in the name of Ebba Akerlunds.

It's not too late.

Many of us awoke long ago to see a nightmare we thought we'd never escape, only to be joined by millions prepared to confront an evil seeking our total submission.
No, it's not too late.

It's just the beginning of the next era of western civilization.


Anonymous said...

Kiss it all goodbye...

or fight.

A million stories out there like this...

Long hot Summer ahead...yee haaaa!!!!

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

Paul, I'm so glad to see you are realizing the problem of Islamic invasion. We are not that far behind Europe in the invasion process. We've got way too many of them here already. Some are terrorists, some are here to infiltrate our government (hell, we had one for president for eight miserable years), and some have the mission of just out-breeding us. Someone mentioned in the last article that when blacks convert to Islam, it's to hate whitey. I believe it gives them a religious justification to add to their already strong hatred of YT. I'm sure they just love the Koran telling them it's OK to kill the infidels and, in fact, it is encouraged.

I know many people are giving up on Trump already, but I believe he will make a powerful effort to turn back the Islamic hordes and help save us from the suicidal path of national death by diverse enrichment. Hang in there fellow SBPDLers, the MSM's job is to make you feel as if there is no hope and you might as well give up and accept your fate. Fuck them! Fight to your last dying breath whatever way you can.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Although it is hard to see it now, eventually this will turn around. When enough white men get pissed off, the violence they unleash will be unrelenting and merciless. As necessary as this is, it will be a redefining moment in history. Plenty of blood will be shed. Many reading this will not survive. Yet I have no doubt in my mind, white men will prevail. There is no way around it. They have the brains, the fortitude, the drive, and the prize - white women, to defend.

I cannot even hazard a guess, but I'd say that maybe half of the worldwide white population may disappear in the inevitable confrontation. We have an enormous number of cucked white men and women who will go to their graves fighting for the noble negro. They will undoubtedly perish. My fear is that when this happens, historically speaking, the society we live in will become even more like a police state. Yet in many ways we are already in a police state, except we are the ones being cordoned off to make way for the negroes, Muslim, and Hispanic invaders.

Many cities will be burned to the ground. Millions will find themselves homeless and hungry. But white men (and women) will do what they have always done in history. Rebuild. Only this time, sans the negro, and other non-whites. The way it was meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money people. It leads back to Saudi Arabia. Europe's leaders are on the Saudi payroll. Those that aren't will soon be replaced. Europe is led by scumbags. But, alas, that's the way the Europeans like it.

Mutant Swarm said...

I. Will. Not. Submit.

I'm 60 years old, in pretty good shape physically compare to my contemporaries. I've watched a couple of people die from long, wasting diseases. That is not for me.

"I'd rather die with a bullet in my chest and blood in my mouth, than starving to death in some freezing basement with bits of cardboard in my mouth." - Frederick Forsythe, The Dogs of War

Eine weiße, sieben scheißt. Be they black, Moslem or anyone else who wants to kill me or mine.

Ex New Yorker said...

These people in Europe have been killing each other for years. This is all based on Religion. The early Church of Rome hunted down and slaughtered the Pagan Gnostics because they didn't believe in "Saviors". Hundreds of years later they butchered the Cathors and nearly half the population of France. When other Catholics refused to point out which of their neighbors were Cathars Pope Innocent the Third gave the order to "Kill them all, God will know his own". Burning at the stack was the favorite way of dealing with heretics and non-believers. The Reformation was the cause of hundreds of years of more slaughter. Protestants and Catholics showed no mercy for ether side. The French Revolution was a Catholic massacre.

At the moment I'm reading SAVAGE CONTINENT by Keith Lowe. The book is about the killing that took place in Europe after the Germans lost the war. One religion fighting another while the Communist whacked the shit out of everybody. Whole villages were wiped off the map. Different countries and numerous civil wars were being fought until the 1950's.

The whole history of Europe is about nations fighting with each other. It has been going on for years. For what. Some priest or Rabbi or banker. Fuck that shit.

Now new invaders have come ashore. The powers that be want to see more bloodshed. It looks like the plan is to genocide the white races. What I'm hoping is that we don't send troops over to SAVE EUROPE from another goddamn war. I believe in a nations right to self defense, but the way I see things is why should Americans be the ones doing the fighting. Fuck dying for all these other countries. To many soldiers have died in foreign lands. Most of these damn countries are not worth one dead American. Let them fight their own wars. It is not our job to "save the world".

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we have our own problems to deal with. All I care about is America. Even with the assholes and crooks running the place it is still the best country on the planet. Wouldn't want to live in any other place.

PB said...

A sacrifice to a God we never, ever agreed to worship.


Anonymous said...

First Europe next the USA then the world

Unknown said...

Former Swedish PM: Murdered 11-year-old girl Ebba in Stockholm terror is "price we have to pay for our open society"

These are the words of someone who is insane to the point of self-destructiveness.

The future o/t world is diversity. To fight diversity is like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs. It makes a mess. Let's embrace diversity

More insanity. The West did a fantastic job of fighting diversity for a long time and could again:

A) Stop illegal immigration
B) Limit legal "diverse" immigration
C) End welfare (that alone will do much of A and B).

Brian in Ohio said...

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither." -Ben Franklin

Stay alert, stay alive.

Paintjob Theory said...

Worse is better, and let us not forget, when whites become unable or unwilling to continue to support these muds they cannot survive without us.

senatortombstone said...

This is a painful phase in the history of whites, but it is one which we shall pass through and be stronger because of it. We will not go quietly into the night. All that we have lost will be restored. Not all of us will make it, but those of us who do will be the best of us. If I did not believe this, I could not live even one more day.

Californian said...

Let's not get so black pilled. As Formerly Miss Greenbaum notes: "When enough white men get pissed off, the violence they unleash will be unrelenting and merciless."

Look at how far we have come in the last several years: the Internet Insurgency; the rise of the Alt Right; the recent street battles in Berkeley in defense of White free speech; even the Trump presidency, regardless of the attack on Syria, shows how quickly things can turn.

Anonymous said...

What is it with all of these so-called leaders telling their people to accept and submit to their disposession / enslavement /extinction?

Frans Timmermans ✔@TimmermansEU
The future o/t world is diversity. To fight diversity is like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs It makes a mess. Let's embrace diversity
10:32 AM - 20 Apr 2017

Really? Sounds like some misplaced priorities to me. Here's an idea for you, Mr. Timmermans: Why don't you get some Dijon Mustard or some Heinz
57 sauce, (your choice) and go eat a 50 pound bag of dicks? You would have us just lay down and die with not a word of protest, let alone any effort at defending our rights and freedoms? What promises were made to you? What share of the spoils are you hoping to receive from the wholesale pillage and looting you so eagerly promote? You and all these other globalist cocksuckers remind of Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings. Go fuck yourselves.

ejit said...

Unfortunately, Marine Le Pen's coming victory will instantly raise French anti-Semitism (dangerously high for decades) to new levels.
"Officially", she's pro-Israel, meaning she has rehearsed what lies to tell. Actually, she threw her father out because he's violently against but still active.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

The entire political class of Western Europe needs to be hanged. In public.

D-FENS said...

Trump won't even override Obama's proclamation (not even a law) for the "dreamers".

If Trump does something worthy of support, he should be supported. But let's not defend the undefensible.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Follow the money people. It leads back to Saudi Arabia."

I think you're off by about 800 miles on that one. Though perhaps you can name all the prominent Saudis that have been involved in media, government, finance, and academia in the west who have been pushing this agenda?

Might be that Barbara Spectre was mis-quoted in her infamous interview. Anyway, I'm eager to see your evidence.

Anonymous said...

Niggaz be like...."reparayshunnns!!!

And they didn't pick any cotton, and Whites today didn't own any slaves. So there's that.

But, how about we demand reparations from all n*ggers due to their overwhelming role as pimps in enslaving White girls for the sex trade aka sex slavery.

Imagine how many poor White (and hispanic) girls have had a n*gger pimp force them to f*ck for money. Just imagine. Since the civil rights era I'll bet more girls have been pimped than there ever were slaves from Africa working here.

So, that work OK folks? Reparations from all n*ggers for the slavery engaged in by n*gger pimps.

And I'll bet every n*gger out there today is only one or two degrees of separation from an actual pimp...cousin Leroy, Uncle Shitavious, etc. They're ALL elated to pimps!! White slave traders!!

Anonymous said...

"A sacrifice to a God we never, ever agreed to worship."

Hmmm, well, except for our political representatives who support it, and who keep getting elected, and re-elected -- and who would lose overwhelmingly if they can be successfully tarred as a "racist".

Anonymous said...

Nope, I am afraid you are in the wrong. White folks dont breed period. They have lost the game a long time back. Latinos and black kids already outnumber white kids in US population, once the baby boomers die off the shit is gonna hit the fan in a major way. 20 years from now and white people will be a minority.

Denise said...

{{{Timmermans))) is one of the Saturday People.

Proudyt said...

I work with a white man married to a black woman. I find it ironic I have to defend my race to another white but this is Obama's America. We have discussed what a race war would be like. He claims that he would side with blacks. He also told me if he had me in his sights he would be hesitant to shoot me. I told him don't be,if I have you and a black in my sights I'll shoot you first.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Arabs (who are also Semites) are angels in all of this?

Anonymous said...

And one way trips to the firing squad for our rulers, if that's the price we must pay to keep our country safe, is perfectly worth it.

Those who fail in their duties to keep their countries safe fail at the most basic function of every government since the dawn of time and, effectively, abrogate their government's legitimacy.

Anonymous said...

Or the words of someone so depraved, so inured to being a coward, that he has rendered himself unable to recognize the truly evil.

Anonymous said...

The future of the world is diversity is dead wrong if we continue on the path we're on.

Unless major changes are made SOON, the White race go extinct due to race-mixing, and most people will be some brownish mix of multiple races. Africa will still be black, asia will still be asian, but every formerly White nation will be filled with multiracial people.

This is not diversity.

Diversity is what we had 100 years ago, when each nation was distinct with a distinct unique population.

When they say "diversity" what they mean is "no White people".

Proudyt said...

I wonder if in an alternative universe where the majority of Muslims are white,would the dickhead liberals still defend them ?

NC Realist said...

Anon at 10:11 said
"Nope, I am afraid you are in the wrong. White folks dont breed period." Being that the average White man and wife are the bread winners AND taxpayers in this nation...they knowingly cant afford to. This is an interesting point. Does our preacher Davey Blackburn still "work out" at the gym ? You remember...the gym that he conveniently happened to be at the morning his wife was savagely butchered by the common low life negro ? Think.

Anonymous said...

Another fave:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

//Former Swedish PM: Murdered 11-year-old girl Ebba in Stockholm terror is "price we have to pay for our open society"//

What the cuck is this?

I like Sweden, I love IKEA. The furniture might have been made all over the world but the stuff in the food market is usually Made In Sweden (The concentrates, the jams, the cookies) and it is a trusted brand in China (where there is legitimate trust issue against local food sources, IKEA is a safe place to bring kids). I'm sad that IKEA is no longer Swedish, it's not only a loss for the Swedes but a loss for the entire world.

I had lunch with my aunt recently, Hong Kong women of her generation traveled Europe with just a few girlfriends together in the 1980s, they saw Paris and London when there were still Parisans and Londoners to see, French people doing French stuff and English people doing English stuff. David Attenborough asked, on the subject of natural conservation, if we want a world where the only way our grandchildren could ever see an elephant was in pictures. Well, I'm mournful that I and my future children will never have the chance to visit and see a French Paris or an English London. So much genetic and cultural diversity has been lost due to open borders, unchecked violence against white people, and unbalanced burdens.

Open Borders is Open Abuse of any country's citizens. Even with "countries built by (productive) immigrants", now that the country has been BUILT - with infrastructure and administrative government, no wave of new immigrants should be so great that it can undemocratically change the politics of their new country and displace the locals.

When it comes to countries NOT built by immigrants such as, England, China, Sweden, Japan, and France; these countries have the absolute moral right to refuse ALL immigration. No means no.

White people are an embattled minority. At some point there are grievances that are legitimate (opium war), but we've pretty much gone 180, and that's not fair to white people and again, bad for everyone. White people need to defend each other more against /injustice/ and violence, civilly and wisely. This means instead of joining KKK marches or making racist comments on Facebook, you donate to white families in need through GoFundMe, (the victims of black violence), you vote, you dispassionately report on black crime when using your real name so you don't shoot yourself in the foot.

Whites of means should become godparents to the children of disadvantaged white parents. Poor whites in rental apartments might not be able to give their children musical instruments or practice space, so rich whites should help out on this front, rich white godparents need to sponsor their poor white godchildren to gun clubs, take them outside the city to practice shooting - whites in rental apartments will probably have no opportunity otherwise. Godparents who live in different areas, especially better ones, should take in the poor kids over the holidays, let them have a different experience, network.

White people have got to do this for themselves, because the government ain't gonna.

- A Chinese In Canada

PB said...

"Follow the money people. It leads back to Saudi Arabia. Europe's leaders are on the Saudi payroll."

OK, I'm looking over there as you asked, what am I supposed to not see?

PB said...

"Someone mentioned in the last article that when blacks convert to Islam, it's to hate whitey."

Australian Aboriginals, in their natural habitat of prison, have started this caper. Thanks to our PC brigade, it gives them privileges based on the seeming untouchability of religious observance, and because we have a lot of Lebanese in out jails (again, natural habitat) they all mix, united by this religious thing with the result that power in the prisons is shifting away from the jailers to the jail-ees.

Unknown said...

I don't like scrambled eggs,,,so,,,,fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Proudyt said - "if I had you and a black in my sights I'll shoot you first".
I'd shoot him first too - just be comforted my friend, in knowing that when the "shit" hits the fan his black "comrades" will quickly put him out of his misery.
The people of Europe must vote to break the back of European Union and "dethrone" their out of touch leaders. I'll be keeping an eye on the elections in France and if they don't elect Le Pen, France is done - no question about it.

Anonymous said...

Europeans have proven to everybody that their intentions were good and that multiculturalism is one huge chaotic failure. Just because one chooses to live by the golden rule and pay it forward doesn't mean that the foreign-born opportunist will.

White Europeans are not allowed to see or talk about the perils of diversity (see The Color of Crime) so the result is a huge blind-spot that blacks and browns can continuously exploit; we are all equal so no racial patterns of behavior are to be considered.

If there is one thing that I have learned in recent years it is that white populations will often play coy when asked about their intentions, particularly if the questions include a racial angle. In general it is currently socially unacceptable for whites to take pride in their race or to notice the harmful behavioral habits and intentions that come hand in hand with diversity. Whitey will often bite his/her lip in accordance with current social norms when pushed further.

If Le Pen gets in, we win and we win big. Banks are refusing to lend to her- the media thought that they could destroy Trump and Brexit and we see how that turned out. Even right-wing "losses" of late have actually been gains as far as power and influence goes- populism is and has been on the rise in white countries across the world. None of us want to see a future where we are forced to constantly give and share with others who won't assimilate and who would never return the favor. The fact that a white and non-white mate pairing results in a non-white child compounds the problem even further. Thousands and thousands of years of white culture are being forcibly erased using our own democratic apparatuses.

While it would be tempting to mock white European males I think many of them now get it as well as any of us do. There will be another unseen tidal wave of populism and pollsters and corporate pols everywhere will be "taken by complete surprise".

Diversity has nothing positive to offer, all of us have much more to lose.

White people will eventually find a way to rid themselves of the third-world selfish scum that they have systematically released on themselves, this politics of the womb b.s. can only go on for so long...

Anonymous said...

"I.Will. Not. Submit."

Well said M.T.! I won't either and I'm sure most of us here will never submit. I'm just a couple years behind you...better shape than my contemporaries as well and always keep the great equalizers near by....Smith Wesson, Colt, FN, Beretta....

Tom B. said...

This cycle will not last forever, PK. Now, man lives out of balance with nature. But I firmly believe one is coming who will right that balance, and, to quote the old movie Dune, "Cleanse the universe, and bring us out of darkness."

This is a holy struggle, the culmination of a cycle of birth, degeneration, death, and eventual rebirth.

**When justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, then I come. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born in age after age. **
Bhagavad-Gita 4.7-8

AnalogMan said...

ejit said...

Unfortunately, Marine Le Pen's coming victory will instantly raise French anti-Semitism (dangerously high for decades) to new levels.

Wrong blog. Anti-Semitism is not our problem. The Semites can take care of themselves. Truth be told, I'm on the other team, myself.

Anonymous said...

the real problem we face isnt black people, its the white traitors who enable them to come here and parasite our nations

Anonymous said...

"Former Swedish PM: Murdered 11-year-old girl Ebba in Stockholm terror is "price we have to pay for our open society"

Not just Sweden, here is the former Interior Minister of France, Manuel Valls: After the 2016 Nice attack Valls said "Times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism, and we must face this together and show our collective sang-froid" . . .

The former PM of Sweden and the former interior minister of France committed the mortal sin of politics, telling the truth, white societies will have to live with terrorism. The ruling class sees this as a feature, not a bug of diversity/multiculturalism and it is, from their point of view. They are despicable, worse than the terrorists and deserving of the same fate.

Terrorism/immigration is low level irregular warfare by the state against the white population by Moslem and racial proxies. Terrorism leads to a police state i.e. total, unanswerable control of society through fear by the hostile elite ruling class while maintaining the veneer of liberty, representative government and property rights. The police state is imposed an inch at a time in the name of "public safety" until it eventually encompasses everyone and every aspect of life through exceptions to rule of law, draconian regulation and penalties and confiscatory taxes.

School indoctrination teaches that whites are responsible for terrorists' violence and every other societal problem requiring endless penance and reparations. Attacks against white people are simply rough justice for centuries of white oppression against colored people. Businesses practice diversity against whites to avoid lawsuits that would have the full weight of the federal government behind them. The "news" and entertainment businesses reinforce the official narrative of evil whitey/saintly colored people. Everyone knows the script, we've seen this wretched play a million times and we are always the villains.

The Achilles' heel of the hostile elite is that they are completely dependent upon the white middle and working classes they despise to keep society functioning. Colored people are unable to competently carry out skilled technical and management tasks when placed in those positions through government mandated diversity. Even supposedly high IQ Asians generally lack initiative and creativity that accompany white success.

As diversity spreads with its attendant crime, poverty, disease and terrorism the ruling class invites its own displacement. Brexit, Trump and Marine Le Pen are symptoms of the end game for the current regime. Financial failure is inevitable as debts become unpayable, the productive class shrinks and the government launches ever more wars for other countries. Financial fraud keep all the rackets constituting the economy going for a while but collapse is inevitable. As PK says, our mission is to survive and rebuild, not help BRA survive.

NE Whitopia.

Anonymous said...

"open society"-- Hmmm? It seems that I've heard that term used somewhere else before.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's so obvious. What "they" call diversity actually destroys real diversity.

Anonymous said...

Former Swedish PM, Frans Timmermans, et al similar, are cultural-marxist traitors to and enemies of their own people, nation, and to themselves.
They are mentally deranged due to being life-long infected with the cultural-marxist mental virus passed on through "media", "education", politics, etc.; Cultural-marxism is the weapon used by the "globalists (marxists)" for the past 100 plus years in their war against all the world's Ethnic-Europeans.

Only when they are rounded up, put on trial, and at least imprisoned for life, can global Ethnic-European civilization and cultures begin to revive.

Anonymous said...

So he's presented a child sacrifice to appease the diversity dragon? Maybe he needs to be sacrificed.

What I'm noticing is that whites are not employed at full time jobs. Blacks are. Blacks and immigrants are getting the good jobs because of affirmative action and the diversity cons. Once blacks get in enough numbers in a job they force out the whites, by harassment, by lying or out and out bullying. Anyway they can they have an agenda to harm whites. I see blacks with new clothes, all kinds of gadgets, vacations and cars. One of the first thing a black person will tell me is the vacation that they just went on, usually to the hell called the Caribbean.

Where I live, they are resettling blacks in the area. It is disgusting. I want to leave so bad.

Anonymous said...

"Just because one chooses to live by the golden rule and pay it forward doesn't mean that the foreign-born opportunist will."

Over and over again this is proven so true! Most are opportunistic sociopaths, this includes the passive - aggressive asians! The kindest, most balanced people I have EVER encountered in all my many travels are those from the ICE countries of northwestern Europe. With the homogenous societies that have developed and remained as such over millennia, their high sense of trust and social cohesion is startling to someone who knows only of the distrust and unease of environs that are rift with 'diversity'.

(As to the comments on what a Le Pen presidency could do to the 'semites' - sadly they have brought it on themselves...time and time again - I know for a fact that the WJC is taking place in NYC this week and its the leadership of such 'global' pseudo religious groups that are driving the destabilization - there is something I fear rather psychopathic about the 'semite' mindset.) They want to control the world via the 'monies'...its always about that for them - and this includes the other 'semitic' people - their greedy oil rich muslim brethren - the similarities are undeniable.

Anonymous said...

"Thousands and thousands of years of white culture are being forcibly erased using our own democratic apparatuses"

This is the exploitation that is never ending! The 3rd worlders ALL take advantage of the incredible largesse we Euros innately have having been developed over millennia of strong social cohesion and thus high trust values I've traveled around enough and worked far too many volunteering events to have experienced, to my dismay, how mudfolks - black, brown & yellow varieties- have demonstrated all too blatantly they have neither have the capacity or intentions of returning the kindness: look at all the no - go zones in Europe (Ive been in some in France - its awful place for any white venture into) & regard what a whole state in our own country, California, has become (a place where the browns now predominant and have taken to taunting to the faces of the diminishing white ethnos still residing there that 'their days are numbered"). Diversity is an abomination of natural law and is being used as a biological weapon took me years to awaken to that fact given all the social engineering BS I was brainwashed with in NYC public schools (some days the anger is tremendous for ALL the years I wasted in my life living out a false narrative that I never should have been exposed to - that my innate value, as a member of white Euro group - was completely circumvented at young age upon the 'altar' of diversity that too many of our schools have sunk to in order to serve an agenda that was NEVER in my best interest!)

Is it really any wonder why the banks in Europe wouldn't lend Le Pen $$$ to finance HER campaigns, forcing her to seek funds elsewhere if she wanted to proceed with her right to campaign in her own country! That she had to go to Russian banks to underwrite her political forays is because of (((who))) controls the Europe banks! Follow the money and you'll see who wants her to lose in order to prop into place in France another of their puppets in order to maintain control over one of the European strongholds of the EU (the other being Germany thats unfortunately still being led astray by the disingenuous virtue signaler par excellence, Merkel). Its the consumer multinationals, that are so open to 'diversity' not because of a universal group hug but for the LOVE of $$$$ - and destabilizing / dumbing down the 1st world countries via invasions of 3rd world hordes masked as 'immigration' as well as 'propping' up the shitholes in the rest of the world is only to include them into the farming of the world's populations as so many mass consumer addicts (China has been aggressively doing this to its own people over the last few decades who are traditionally very frugal people by breaking that mindset down and driving the younger generations to enslavement in factories in environmentally toxic cities as this new paradigm of how to live works far better for the multinationals who want everyone everywhere on the planet to be compartmentalized in what they are capable of producing for themselves in order to become slaves to getting 99% of their daily needs met via a mass consumer model that multinationals want to engulf the world with and the psychopaths want as many sheeple they can get corralled).

Anonymous said...

This SBPDL post today by PK sums up exactly the sentiments I have posted here occasionally -that the ONLY 'diversity' that ever worked was what USA initially was - an gathering of people, who hailed only from the European continent, who together for the first time in history as a holistic unit sans borders, collectively worked, utilizing each other's innate (e.g. genetically) superior talents/capacities to build the greatest civilization that the world has ever seen. That is until the members of the money grabber (((tribe))) who have historically never had a place of its own but are nomadic people who sought to undo all the good in this country that they envied/feared by introducing that damn Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965 and damn President Johnson for signing and knowingly lying about its consequences for this country to his political party's benefit : "This bill we sign today is not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the lives of millions. It will not restructure the shape of our daily lives." What sociopathic BS! Just look at what has become of the 'demographics' of the Dems even that traitor LBJ must be turning over and over in anguish in his grave or perhaps its hell upon seeing how his own actions have allowed for so many mud folk, the very ones he allowed in & probably assumed they would forever be content to be a enslaved class in USA - who now run the Dem 'show' at every level!

Anonymous said...

To "a Chinese in Canada' - please stop trying to passive-aggressively worm your way into what is not genetically yours to have - you're part of the problem inherent in the abomination that is 'multi-cult diversity'. Make no mistake your entire racial group is replete with passive-aggressive, ruthless co-opting opportunists who seek to undermine all things Euro that YOU ALL DEEPLY ENVY (e.g. actions are so revealing - the 'all things French' mania that asians self-imposed and are tripping over themselves in their 'can't get enough of it' madness). I grew up around enough of your kind and have seen first hand what has taken place over the years - you come in and completely take over any section of any town your kind can grab, transforming it into what supposedly your kind was running away from by immigrating here: overcrowded, piss-colored holes of 'asians wanted only' with pictographic asian language signage hanging everywhere over too many stores/houses crammed into every nook & cranny with nary a thought for health, proportion or aesthetics and, to add insult to injury, dump all kinds of garbage / sewage into the streets right in front of & alongside where your kind live/shop - just an awful sight to behold (heck, even a dog knows better than to shit where it eats/sleeps but then again, your kind eats dogs so you've none to observe and learn from). The Flushing neighborhood in NYC has been 'transformed' into just such a chaotic mess, swarming like some asian beehive gone out of control. Go back to your native lands & leave the '1st world' regions of North America & Europe to those who have the earned the right to live on these continents by dint of our bloodlines & the sweat of our labor as meted out in the application of our superior intelligence that manifested the very civilizations, cultures & technological know-how that you kind lust after and try at every chance to steal for yourselves (however, I will admit to having some pity for your plight - after all seeing nothing other than a billion+ carbon copies of yourself - the same black hair/black slanted eyes/yellow skin phenotype - all around you in your native land must be overwhelmingly depressing, perhaps even a bit maddening, especially upon seeing the awe-inspiring blue-grey-green eyed 'only diversity that truly works' phenotypes unique to the ICE Euros races. All you mud folks have this deep envy of us, the ICE Euros of the world and the amazing cultural and technological advancements we have created for and by ourselves). So 'a Chinese in Canada' I see right through your passive aggressive BS underlying your posts on SBPDL - nothing other than the usual self-serving 'coyness' so typical of the covetousness innate to the asian 'mind'.

Anonymous said...

"mal-si" means "evil-yes" in latin.

SteelMidnight said...

I used to sit on the front porch, enjoying a glass of tea with my wife and watching the kids play in the yard, finishing the evening off with a nice sunset. We lived in a perfect town. Small, and when we got the house, there were very few of any people except whites. Hell, it was a place where no one ever locked their doors. It wasn't very flashy, being a poorer area, but we dumped all we had into owning this home, and we loved it. These days...Not so much.
After Hurricane Katrina, a lot of blacks were displaced, and moved here. At first it wasn't very many, and they kept to themselves so I didn't see a problem. But month by month, year by year they must have moved every damned friend and relative they had into our town.
And as to sitting outside at night NOW?...Hell no. Now there are crack dealers standing in mobs on the corners flagging cars, and gunshots at night. I used to think those "gangta" Spike Lee violence glorifying movies of the violent, money worshipping, ignorant lifestyles they portray HAD to be over-the-top bullshit. Man, was I wrong. Blacks are every bit the stereotype branded on them and then some. I know for myself, despite what BLM and other pro-blacks try to sell....Because I am living right in the middle of this nightmare with no hope of getting my family away from here. Between the damage from the storm (Thanks for nothing, Fema, as once again they prioritize helping out of towners and blacks who come running for free-bees and leave the victims high and dry. But get these blacks out of here, you forced on us, FEMA, and we will call it even!) and the crime that came with these blacks, the property value is next to nothing. I probably couldn't give our house away accept to a black person. And since this happened, we hear of 3 murders a week in comparison to never. I have had 2 lawnmowers, and ALL my tools stolen. Our home has been broken into Multiple times.
None of this is intended for sympathy....Its intended as a warning! I NEVER thought it could get so bad, so fast. A lot of people I knew had the foresight for white flight, but being the optimist, I really didn't think much of it until the damage was irreparable. Now, white flight is a pipe dream. Just as home schooling is a pipe dream, yet they take your kid if you don't send him. Its a sigh of relief every day as I anxiously wait for his bus.
But I don't think white flight IS the answer. They are going to keep pushing us into corners until there is no where to go anyways. We need a REAL solution. Because this disaster around MY life is on its way to YOU eventually, no matter how serene or well off your neighbor is. Area's of the white and poor are just getting obliterated first. They flooded the poor white trash area's in the 90s, the Christian and Conservative poor white areas have just or are now falling, and they have already migrated into most middle class area's thanks to government housing programs.
What we need, is to covertly get people who see the truth and are loyal to their own white brothers and sisters into power, and cut off all these welfare, food stamp, housing, and education programs. Cut them off for ALL people, white or black. Once the animals stop being fed, they will want to go back to Africa most likely. They are ONLY still in this country for the hand outs. Hell, most of these people are not even decended of slaves. Whites were 90% of the American demographic until sell out politicians brought in a shitload of Africans and Haitians in the mid 1960s. To get to the numbers of blacks we have now, every black family would have had to have 50-60 kids between the 60s till now. Yeah, they have 15 kids from 20 fathers, but that doesn't explain the sheer jump in the population at all, if anyone does the math. We NEED to make America white again, or its going to be a third world hellhole within 20 years at the rate its going. My fellow Americans of European decent, lets get organize, be smart about it, and deal with this problem to save OUR people for a change!
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Were already a minority but as long as there's some of us theyll never mix us all the way. I am caucasion my children ate Caucasian and theyre children will be caucasion. I dont hate black ppl. I hate niggers but thats a mindset any race can have. But I 100% agree on keeping races pure