Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Her Name is Ebba Åkerlund: 11-Year-Old Swedish Girl Victim of Islamic Terrorism in Stockholm

The blood that flows through my veins is largely Swedish.

Watching what is happening in Europe over the past few years has been difficult, knowing there is nothing we can do yet to turn the tide. 
To see what happened to Ebba, go here

It's like a bad dream, where you want to wake up, but the harder you try to scream out and regain consciousness, the farther you slip into the nightmare. 

There would be no Islamic terrorism in Europe if there were no Muslims in Europe (or America). 

But knowing the Mohammedan terror attack in Stockholm took the life of white woman who worked her entire adult life to stop non-white asylum seekers from being deported from Sweden - especially when the Muslim terrorist was ordered deported from the country - is a jarring kick to the face to try and escape from the nightmare.[Belgian psychologist who helped failed asylum seekers being deported is named as Stockholm terror attack victim, Daily Mail, 4-10-17]

But then you realize 11-Year-Old Ebba Åkerlund was also a victim of an Islamic terror attack everyone has already forgotten - for dead white bodies broadcasted over the airwaves only serve to energize nearly drained, lifeless white bodies watching, providing a spark of life every act of the mainstream media, academia and private/public companies seek to keep from being ignited on 24/7/365 basis - and you fall deeper and faster into the nightmare of 2017 western civilization. [Girl, 11, killed in the Stockholm terror attack as she walked home is named as Ebba Åkerlund, Daily Mail, April 11, 2017]:

An 11-year-old girl who was walking home from school has been named as the latest victim of last Friday's jihadi atrocity in Stockholm 
Schoolgirl Ebba Åkerlund went missing in the panic which ensued when a terrorist mowed down innocent pedestrians in one of the Swedish capital's busiest shopping districts. 
The 11-year-old's grief stricken family launched a desperate social media appeal to find her after the atrocity - but tonight confirmed she was killed as she walked home. 
According to local media, Ebba's family are understood to have found out on Saturday she was one of the victims killed in the horrifying attack.  
In a statement, Ebba's family said: 'With all our heart we thank the Swedish people for all the warmth and love you have given us in a time of despair and pain. 
'We now need peace and quiet to process our grief and ask for your understanding that we need to do it in peace.'  
Her family said Ebba knew the route well, and would take the bus from school to central Stockholm in the afternoons, before switching to the subway and continuing back to her parents' home. 

Ebba's photograph was shared across social media when she didn't arrive home last Friday.  
A failed asylum seeker who has professed his support for Islamic State today admitted carrying out last week’s terror attack in Stockholm. 
Rakhmat Akilov, 39, said he was responsible for the rampage in which four people were killed.The other three victims in the terrorist attack have been named as Lena Wahlberg, 69, from Sweden, Chris Bevington, 41, from Britain and Maïlys Dereymaeker, 31, from Belgium.  
The construction worker from Uzbekistan was being sought by deportation officers when he used a hijacked 30-ton beer truck to mow down pedestrians on the Swedish capital’s main shopping street. 
After being arrested, he allegedly told police that he had plotted the attack as revenge for ‘the bombing in Syria’. 
Years ago, I read the Enoch Powell 'Rivers of Blood' speech, and the first line of this immortal address has been etched in my memory since: "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils."


Terrifying, really, in its simplicity. 

Putin is right, with the murder of 11-Year-Old Ebba Åkerlund in Sweden by a Mohammedan just another reminder state-mandated egalitarianism is a minefield none can cross without casualty. 

Why are there Muslims in Sweden? 

It's a question cutting to the heart of the insanity we all awake to each morning, knowing our most haunting nightmares at night are nothing compared to the macabre reality of 2017. 


Anonymous said...

I consider myself to be a decent man so it is difficult for me to understand why I believe that I would feel better if I could kill the piece of shit who did this to Ebba and the others.

Anonymous said...

Get a 357 magnum, place it next to the murderer's temple, and pull the trigger. Show this to all the other Muslims for educative purposes.

Alternate solution: find a large tree, put a rope around the Mohamaddan's neck, and hang him until he is dead.

If they have problems being men in Sweden, then I would volunteer to pull the trigger if they paid for my airfare over there.

Don't be meek! Blood for blood in my book!

Ex New Yorker said...

You ain't seen nothing yet. This shit is just getting started. Insanity has become the Modus Operandi of the modern world. I have been watching very closely what is happening in America and Europe. I also study a lot of history. The people on this planet have been spilling each others blood for eons. I live in the real world and have no delusions that this planetary blood bath will ever come to an end. The only common thing between Waterloo, Verdun and Normandy Beach is death. These wars finally come to a stop when one side runs out of ammo or money.

Ever wonder why during the Great Depression there was no money to feed starving children, but when the war started there was money available to buy guns, bombs, tanks, airplanes, battleships and aircraft carriers.

What is happening in Europe is just the first shots being fired that will later turn into another violent war. The same for this country. Here it will be a race war between 3 or 4 different groups. You cannot force people to live together that hate each other. Religious wars have been going on for thousands of years.

Those of us on this site know what is coming. We just don't know when. The crime rate in Europe is rising by the day. Some countries are reaching their limit with the Muslim invaders and are starting to fight back. Everything and everybody has a breaking point.

There are times that I don't give a shit what happens. What will be will be. That was the attitude I had while living in New York. My only concern was getting though the day alive. I developed a talent for surviving. That is our job. Surviving. When this shit comes crashing down someone has to be around to rebuild. Keep your powder dry and BE VERY CAREFUL of who you trust. Harsh times does strange things to people.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone care enough to actually DO anything? No. We're helpless. After the new neocohen atrocities begin in Syria, millions more will pour in, and nobody will do anything then, either.

If this sounds defeatist, well, it's not - we've already been defeated. It just takes a little longer for our bodies to die.

Californian said...

So the US is bombing Syria because of an (alleged) chemical attack which killed children. Yet here we have a deliberate attack on White civilians in Sweden, which kills a child -- and no action.

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide." -- James Burnham

Truth-hammer said...

BTW, the little girl victim's photo in this post is incorrect. The little girl victim I saw on other blogs had her legs and lower torso severed from her upper torso. The girl in this photo is whole.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whats ahppening in europe we dont watt o have happen here in america we dont want any so called refugees from hostile natiopns we dont want any open border we dont want to be any part of a World Community and we dont want to be part of any Useless Nations and their so called Peace Keepers let those nations defend themselves the UN isa vulture pretending to be a dove and fooling all silly liberals

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Why are there Muslims in Sweden? Because the Swedes have allowed them to come in and destroy the country. The same pattern is repeated in France, England, Germany, and most of Europe. Hell, it's happening here in the United States. The males from these countries are effectively neutered and cucked, as they bow to the central (((authority))) that perpetuates the idea that controlling borders is racist. It isn't surprising when you look at history.

Germany had its entire economy turned upside down after the first world war, when the (((usual players))) had their hands in the currency at the time. Today, we are faced with another war which is brewing over, of all things, the right of sovereign countries to broker deals which ensure their financial survival. But no, we cannot have Russia, with a huge stockpile of natural gas, able to provide freezing ass Europe with all the heat they will need for the foreseeable future. No, we must inject multiple Muslims who will destroy Western societies and derail any white, Christian attempts at survival.

What many people do not seem to want to accept is that our (((enemies))) know full well the triggers that keep us from reaching our greatness. (((They))) work day and night to make sure that YT will never succeed in his plans to enhance western society and preserve the civilization that whites have built over the past thousand years or so.

The Swedes, the Norwegians, and the rest of the cucked white men who have stood by and watched their entire societies collapse and fall are at fault for allowing the (((usual players))) to destroy their way of life. The (((controllers))) have their own tiny country all mapped out in the Middle East, and they're confident that once YT is exterminated, all the world's riches will be theirs for the taking. A little nuclear bomb here, poisoned water supplies there, and the best news yet - get some Islamic radicals to do the work for you while you sit back and count the shekels.

They've been at this a long time, folks. They're really good at it. They count on you being stupid. Around one hundred years ago, they found out you were getting close to finding out their modus operandi and threw some fireworks into the mix. The one hundred year anniversary of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand just passed, along with the U.S. entry into WW 1, with nary a peep from (((MSM))).

There's a reason Hitler kicked their asses out of Germany. A few thousand years ago, Christ did the same thing in the temple.

You're being played. The longer you dance to their music, the closer you come to your own extinction. The Muslims and their negro brethren are not the true enemy, but merely the foot soldiers of (((those))) who plot our destruction and dispossession of our homeland.

When you patronize (((Hollywood))), fly the "friendly skies", and send your sons and daughters to the indoctrination/castration centers that are known as "universities", you are part of the problem. Move outside of the system. Maintain business contacts with whites and whites alone. Shun the entities that wish to destroy you. Until you take some action, (((they))) will continue to use their Muslim and negro foot soldiers to destroy you. A line in the sand has been drawn. We know where Donald J. Trump stands. How about you?

Anonymous said...

Suggestion for PK. Place a flag somewhere in the post or somewhere prior to the opening of a comment window to indicate that comments are closed or are otherwise unlikely to appear in the comments section. It is frustrating to draft and submit a comment that sits in a queue until the next post appears which seems to signal that the prior comment is unlikely to ever appear. If I am only imagining this pattern and it is simply that my comments fail to pass through the filter more often than before, please disregard this comment.

Anonymous said...

PK, when you have time (I know, haha!, right?) check out the murky past of Presidential son in law and close advisor Jared Kushner. Very fishy...

Looks like (((they))) are right there in the thick of it using their influence to change America to their benefit. This guy has all the red flags of their tribe. Wormed his way right into the heart of our command structure. And now sending Bannon to the exit!?

Time to focus on this slimy little creep and make sure the President keeps him close, but doesn't let him really influence his decision making process. Let (((them))) think they have influence, but confound them before the button gets pushed. They got their Syria strike, leave it at that.

(((They))) are craftier than you can believe and Kushner is (((their))) direct line to the presidency.

Research him, write about him, keep it all out there and in the daily discussion. Watch for anything he may be doing that helps his real (((homeland))).

Mark my words...

Mr. Rational said...

There are Muslims in Sweden because of people like (((Barbara Lerner Spectre))).

A certain someone's struggle is being proven right once again.

Anonymous said...

Tragic story. What more do Swedish "men" need to see! They must rise up and eject ALL Muslims. Now. Very simple...

Or are they truly pussies ready to turn over their women and children to the invaders..?

ot: great video at the link below. Takes on the (((NY Times))). This chick dishes it out hard to them. And what's amazing, when discussing Chimpcongo violence, she still doesn't go for the n*gger angle, which is the only angle. Unreal. We gotta hit them even harder to wake people up.

But her video is a good start; spread it. And this chick is hot! Makes me feel nice in my manly parts! ;)


Paintjob Theory said...

"Why are there Muslims in Sweden? "

Who nose? Perhaps the (((Bonnier))) family who owns virtually all Swedish media has done some investigation into the subject. Maybe (((Barbara Spectre))) could shed some insight on the matter (look up her famous interview with IBA-News).

Quite telling that we can discuss Mohammed or Achmed freely as being toxic to our western societies but let's not dare whisper the same words leveled at his cousin Schlomo or Chiam. Both Semitic people, yet we can only earn the scarlet letter by criticizing one side of their family tree.

Bear in mind, also, that when we hear "muslim" around such topics as gang rapes, beheading, and other atrocities committed against our brothers in our ancestral homelands, more often than not it's not just some swarthy big nosed stereotypical Johnny Jihad, but shoe-polish black homo erectus from darkest Congo, Sudan, Somalie, etc. just expressing their genetic programing.

Regardless, we are still only barely allowed to hint that there is a problem, let alone admit it or name its source, and my own distant kin in France fare little better than Swedes, and Germans. How many of these countries and cultures will have to be utterly destroyed before the surviving whites get the message in sufficient numbers to take the ugly steps needed for self preservation?

Paintjob Theory said...

What a pair of proverbial stones on FMG (and PK for posting it here)!

Do not give up hope.

Last week, a friend of mine, who immigrated from Finland in her college days called me on the phone.

As a bit of background, she came to the USA in her college years and took the bait that a career is a better life path than raising a white family (I know that now that it is too late, it is her biggest regret in life).

In any event, she is smart and a driven worker and earned a masters degree in biology but quickly became bored/disillusioned with the monotony of actual lab work. (I guess you can't fool the biological imperative of millions of years of evolution)

From there she went to various third world shitholes to pass out rice and bibles to various mud hutters (maternal instinct denied its natural outlet often manifests itself this way in women). She later returned to USA to teach high school science. Again, her failure to produce her own children had her "taking in strays" as we called it; opening her home to various hard-done-by students (all white at least, though only for lack of muds in the area's private schools).

There was a marriage in there which due to somebody's (both of theirs?) age did not give her a child, and did not last long due to her husband's drinking.

Recently, her father (a bona fide mean M'fer) took ill and she returned to her native home to care for him in his final days. When dad passed away and she inherited his house in the country back in Finland, where she currently resides (renting out her house in the states). Which brings us to this week's conversation.

She mentioned the whopping estate tax she has to pay and I pointed out that Mohammed and his 3 wives have 20 hungry mouths to feed and doesn't she think that's what her dad had in mind for his legacy when, at 14 years old he was using corpses as sand-bags cutting down Russian soldiers with a heavy machine gun.

Honestly I thought I'd be chastised for being a meanie racist but instead I only heard the rage and warrior spirit of her Viking ancestors. I know her cousin (with whom I exchange emails) is very race realist and savvy to the JQ.

There are a couple morals to this tale, but the main theme is don't give up hope, and never underestimate the potential fighting spirit that for now only sleeps within our people. There will be some dark days ahead but our enemies will one day see some horrific retribution. For now our job is only to survive.

Anonymous said...

Being mostly French extraction, I remember visits to the homeland with family in my youth. I forget if it was in Marseilles or Toulon, but I was walking with my father and brother in inner of those cities nearly thirty years ago. We walked into an area populated with "NA's", or "North Africans". I'm sure readers here can begin to comprehend the utterly different conditions in which we found ourselves. Though nothing untoward happened I saw the huge difference between the French and NA areas.

The French areas were clean, tidy, had nice shops and truly vibrant people. The NA quarter had bedraggled people and was markedly different. We entered a market which had various meats hanging and laid out,with all the flies one could imagine in an open market on the Mediterranean coast in June.

A visit to a relative in the mountains bordering Italy showed a side of the family who actively disparaged the NA's for their alien ways, what they brought and what they wreaked (and boy, howdy did they reek!). Recently I spoke with an old friend in Germany who spoke of their town being inundated with swarthy invaders and how they looked angrily at them when they walked their all-black dog in town. I implored them to be armed, though in Germany it's tougher. Their father was a big 2nd Amendment proponent and when I was young thought him a "gun nut" for having a large reloading setup. Years later I know my youthful folly was just that and nowadays I am planning my rural exit to live like out ancestors did, living amongst our kind.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Truth-hammer said...
BTW, the little girl victim's photo in this post is incorrect. The little girl victim I saw on other blogs had her legs and lower torso severed from her upper torso. The girl in this photo is whole.


Well, yeah, okay....you weren't supposed to notice, see? You were expected to look at it and say, ".....ummmmm mmmmKAY....guess that's how it's gonna be now.....mmmmmmm<KAY??"

Get it through your head.....white lives don't matter, BLACK lives matter. There is no deviation from this script. Maybe you need to be re-pilled. There is plenty of stock for the red pill. And you can get it for a discount. They'll even throw in some free vaseline to ease you into it. I understand they will do free home delivery if you are unable to attend the next (((Indoctrination Meeting))).

awakened white said...

and they want to take our guns. yeah right, that will happen.

Lulu said...

The laws should be changed to have anyone that commits an act of terrorism that has hurt or killed anyone and is found guilty, that person should be executed immediately.

Anonymous said...

Spent two glorious weeks in a very conservative, upscale area of Florida. Saw one Muslim headscarf wearing woman working in a department store. Coming from southeast Michigan this was a real treat. No blacks, no Muslims, no problems. Oh yeah, no dirty, disgusting roads either.

Anonymous said...

Why are there less comments every day? I usually see 80 or more. Today 16. What's up? Not bothering to comment on the subject as all has been said. Sadly. I used to think I'd like to retire to Germany. Not any more.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - we all feel this pain & deep anguish - those of us with direct blood ties to OUR motherlands in Europe. Well put sentiment,PK, on the monstrosity and abomination of natural law that is taking place in this country and Europe with all the 'sanctioned' invasions of the mud/shit-stained specimens of biology, the very ones that our ancestors had the temerity and fortitude to escape and distance themselves away from so many millennia ago. Nature never intended for this up close and living side by side of those throwbacks among the more evolved humans - if that was so, the 'equality' would be readily observed. I concur with a poster from PK's last narrative that I, too, would go back to my motherland of Europe where I have visited and even iived for a time, to offer myself as 'replacement' for the imported subhuman 'replacements' that have all too insidiously been allowed in, sans have any legit (bloodline) right to do so. America is becoming irredeemable, a shit&piss colored cesspool in so many areas with all the muds of the world, who already outnumber whites by far, encroaching on all parts of our beautiful country with every single day same as they are doing trying to do in Europe. I do not want to work with or for them, sell to them, build for them, feed them or engage with them in any way, as to do so does NOT SERVE ME as they are NOT my people but illegitimately given the same title as I have, a title that has since the 60s onwards, been distorted beyond sane version of being an "American'. Ive come to be ashamed how that title is now perceived by the rest of the world in that any mud colored/mystery meat thing can call themselves "American' and no one looks at them incredulously but the same can not yet be said of Europe. For example when a subhuman ape looking Nigerian dares to accept a title of 'Ms. Helsinki' - the sane folks of the world sees that and roars with laughter or cries of disbelief. Truth as we all can see it, is that America has had a head start in being pushed towards devolving into a Haiti, another disaster of what happens with the importing too many of the shit-stained and muds to live in close proximity to Euros and being an "American' is more and more 'equating' being seen as something akin to a muddied up mess and really the rates of miscegenation in this country is exploding to an offensive degree. While I voted for Trump Im losing faith that he isn't going to completely revert back to his double dealing DWL ways but I'm at glad that for and support Sessions/Gorush placements. With AG Session's now actively pushing for hard lines in the sand about immigration across borders to our south, that with a full SCOTUS restored with a solid replacement for Scalia the 'immigration ban' may stick as it makes its way up the court system & possibly get even more restrictive and perhaps finally, that insanity called Affirmative Action is tossed into the garbage pail where it belongs. Yet I hope as well to be returning to and fighting for my beloved castle filled European motherlands where things are yet not so muddied up as they are getting here, except for the 'whitetopias' of the far northeast area, Mid-west & Pacific North West areas, where European genetics/culture/sensibilities still remain strong. I WANT TO SUPPORT THESE AND ONLY THESE GROUPS/CULTURES WITH EVERYTHING I DO EACH DAY IN TERMS OF WHAT WHO BENEFITS FROM MY WORK, WHAT I BUY AND WHOM I ASSOCIATE WITH AND ITS GETTING HARDER AND HARDER NOT INADVERTENTLY SUPPORT THE CORROSIVE MUDS THAT SEEK TO DOMINATE, REPLACE AND DESTROY US. MULTICULTURALISM BEYOND THAT OF A EUROCENTRIC ONE IS AN ABERRATION, AN ILLNESS THAT I WANT NO PART OF AND DEEPLY REGRET THAT I DIDN'T SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS DOING TO USA AND EUROPE FAR SOONER IN MY LIFE.

Anonymous said...

"As a bit of background, she came to the USA in her college years and took the bait that a career is a better life path than raising a white family (I know that now that it is too late, it is her biggest regret in life). From there she went to various third world shitholes to pass out rice and bibles to various mud hutters (maternal instinct denied its natural outlet often manifests itself this way in women"

It is the rare man or woman that that thinks a job is more important than having kids and women combining career/family was what was promoted. Women can certainly combine kids and a career, plenty do it's not an either /or. Also, not every woman has a maternal instinct, there are some men/women who have no desire for kids. Your friend may have not have kids because she couldn't have them or didn't meet the right person or whatever but she certainly could have had a career and kids if she wanted them.

Anonymous said...

Sweden was like ❄ Iceland just white. now Sweden is diversify

Anonymous said...

(From there she went to various third world shitholes to pass out rice and bibles to various mud hutters (maternal instinct denied its natural outlet often manifests itself this way in women)

Nothing to do with maternal instinct denied as she could have kids if she wanted them unless infertile but it has everything to do with do gooder White Christianity among both guys and females who have to go save the world. LOL

Unknown said...

There are Muslims in Sweden because of people like (((Barbara Lerner Spectre))).

The Barbara Spectre's in Sweden should all be put on trial as accessories to murder, given a speedy guilty verdict, and face the guillotine. Well that's what would happen in a sane, non-suicidal nation anyway. But Sweden will double down instead and import more.

Anonymous said...

Take the thing to the zoo and "accidentally" throw it into the lion enclosure. Oops!

Anonymous said...

"Get a 357 magnum, place it next to the murderer's temple, and pull the trigger."

A poor choice. A shot to the temple does not guarantee death. It guarantees blindness and probable frontal lobe damage -guaranteeing a vegetable leeching off of the public, whilst not remembering the crime.

Better to hang it from a tree.

Oil 'n Water said...

Who could ever forget the photo of this child lying there, violated, murdered, dismembered. It's an image forever etched in any sane person's mind. And how many of us immediately thought of our own children, or grandchildren?
This abominable act was 100 percent avoidable - that's what makes it even worse. The God-damned people in government and the "do-good" left who sponsor and protect this nightmarish hoard have an equal amount of blood on their hands. The insanity has to stop.
After viewing this poor girl's remains, the thought struck me that if I were God, say for ten minutes, there would be at least three things on my agenda…three no-brainers.

Anonymous said...

We are discovering why Spain kicked out the Moors. I recall it as always being taught as a dreadful example of european tyranny. But now we are (re)discovering the truth.

Free Julian Assange said...

Ebba Akerlund’ tragic death is extremely sad and certainly should have shocked the world, but her young blood is in the hands of the Swedish nation:

1. We all know the drill by now

1.1-The Muslim attacker was a mentally ill “radicalised” muslim that ate pork and drunk alcohol, a 'lone wolf'.
1.2-This attack has nothing to do with Islam, which is “a great faith”
1.3-Those who link the atrocities to Islam are racist islamphobes bigots deluded Trump supporters, English Brexit hooligans.
1.4 The swedish media will explain the problem is “radical” Islam (but if we ignore the “radical” bit we will find the truth)
1.5 We are not going to let this terrorist to divide us and radicalise us.. “Terrorists want us to be afraid…to not live our lives normally, but that is what we are going to do. Live normally like nothing has happened. Terrorists can never defeat Sweden, never. Ever. Ebba…. “

1.6-A minute silence for the victims, hash tag “je suis Sweet dish”, candle lights and vigils while we wait for the next slaughter to happen.
1.7-Repeat same speech (but change the names of the victims and the country accordingly)

So, while we have been fighting against the above false narrative, the swedish on the contrary have been validating it and playing along with the enemies of the western civilisation.

2. Will this be a turning point for the swedish nation and accept the catastrophic failure of the criminal Multiculturalism in Europe and their stupid stupid open borders?


This will be just another fucking cover-up operation for Sven and its mates but this time being more defensive and more in denial about the swedish muslim invasion

3. Will the men of Sweden grow balls and defend their country, women and children?


They will be proud of being *Political Correct* and continue to defend muslims and call for "unity against islamophobia".

4.Will the swedish grow a spine and learn a lesson from their folly?


They will turn a blind eye to the truth because they have chosen to believe in a narrative that's based in fantasy and not in reality, while calling Mr Trump islamophobic for telling them the truth

5. will the islamic inability to assimilate swedish culture will ring a bell that this is NOT a “refugees crisis” this is a full fleshed Islamic invasion while the “vikings” are being culturally raped through the squeaky viking arses? (They don't call it Stockholm syndrome for nothing.)

6 Sweden is a decadent society,. A New Israel in Europe and white swedish people in Stockholm have become the New Palestinians

Sadly this has been perpetuated by the left’s pipe dream that all cultures are the same, even ones with a founder who raped a 9yr old child, beheaded un-believers, enslaved, and conquered through his unsuspecting hosts’ hospitality.

Shall we all be sad or just accept that this is what happens when you exercise blind benevolence and allow Arab cavemen to use your generosity against you. Arab caveman do not respect their own Arab woman and don't treat them with dignity, why we expect caveman treat our woman any different?

Sweden has opened a pandora's box into their nation and their future will never be the same again!

This is the world they wanted, the world of cowardice and submission (Islam) to ppl that pretend are harmless while people continue to die in the name of not offending someone.

Will the swedish establishment ever recognise they have done a terrible terrible mistake and apologise to Ebba Akerlund and her poor family and friends because this fucking fucking fucking tragedy could had been easily avoided by just stop being so politically fucking correct?

Wake up Sweden because Your future is not what it was supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

ENERGY is the only solution.