Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Colin Kaepernick's Jersey he Wore to Spit in Face of the National Anthem to be Honored at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

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Remember Colin Kaepernick? ESPN and the corporate media's favorite mulatto quarterback is currently unemployed, many believing he's been blackballed for his decision to protest the National Anthem of a nation scarcely even existing anymore. 
Kaepernick's jersey will be featured in the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Only a few weeks after Travyon Martin received a posthumous degree in aeronautical science from Florida Memorial University, the true "F-U" to white America happened. [Colin Kaepernick's Protest Jersey Donated to Smithsonian: Outspoken quarterback is compared to Muhammad Ali, Rolling Stone, May 19, 2017]:
Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick's jersey he wore while protesting the National Anthem in 2016 were donated to the Smithsonian. 
Harry Edwards, a sociologist and a long-time San Francisco 49ers advisor, reached out to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. 
"I said, 'Don't wait 50 years to try to get some memorabilia and so forth on Kaepernick,'" Edwards told USA TODAY Sports. "'Let me give you a game jersey, some shoes, a picture … And it should be put right there alongside Muhammad Ali. He's this generation's Ali.'" 
After ending his protest, Kaepernick has found other ways to get his message across.  
Earlier this month, the free agent quarterback brought his Know Your Rights Camp to Chicago, in which over 200 campers attended workshop on topics such as financial literacy, nutrition and how to deal with law enforcement among others. A few months earlier, in January, Kaepernick donated $25,000 to a Chicago non-profit organization that shares his vision for helping communities help themselves. 
At the end of the camp, the participants were given a backpack that consisted of ancestry kits and a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
How to deal with law enforcement? Don't break the law and always cooperate with police. 

Trayvon Martin (whose famed hoodie might appear in the same museum). Michael Brown. Colin Kaepernick.

Back in 2008, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were rated as America's greatest heroes.

For the decade we are currently enduring, Martin, Brown, and Kaepernick are names we are force-fed on a daily basis until we become gluttons, advocating exclusively for black rights and for black advancements with every fiber of our bodies.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a museum dedicated to and for black people. Is this museum opened? If so, does anyone go in? I've lived around blacks in metro Detroit for 65 years. The only, and I mean only, thing I can think of that would deserve a place in a black museum is Motown records. Now, if it's black memorabilia, and it doesn't have to be a positive force, well that will be easy. It would take the Empire State Building to house their dis function.

Anonymous said...

As I said it before, I'll say it again. Mr.Kaepernick, I'll surely support your plight the moment you decide to live amongst these animals you so proudly support. What's that? You like nice things? Yeah, that's what I thought. Nice try though.

Great White North

Bird of Paradise said...

here is one museum to stay totaly away from its far worst then one displaying the idiols or statues of the worlds worst mass killers and always leave it to a liberal leftists rag like TIME to feature this lowlife on their front cover after all TIME has shocked and dusgusted its readers and subcribers for quite some time

Wild Bill in Detroit said...

I literally "lol"-ed when I read that the deceased Mr. Martin was posthumously given an aeronautical science degree from Florida Memorial University. One wonders if Mr. Martin could correctly define "posthumous" and "aeronautical" without Google searching those terms. Odds are he couldn't even come close to spelling them. "Arrownotickle."

White, middle America is rapidly becoming exasperated with this forced integration and acceptance of brown skinned people. Brown peoples' "woe is me" attitude of soliciting unwarranted pity, and the subsequent government handouts that follow, is getting old very, very fast. Many white people might not speak their minds publically, and I don't blame them. A father of 2 kids with a wife cannot risk losing his job for being un-PC. But the discussions are happening behind closed doors with like-minded individuals.

For me personally, even some of my left-of-center friends steadily roll their eyes and come up with clever, yet "racist," jokes whenever the latest BLM rally pops up, or a known black criminal actively committing criminal acts, or threatening the public or police gets justifiably killed. Even basically educated individuals see past the MSM's trickery these days because it is so blatant.

So, BLM, the AA Museum, Mr. Kaepernick, MSM etc., thank you for helping to open the eyes of so many white people; thank you for showing average white people that it is an "us against them" situation when they previously wouldn't have cared; thank you for turning even more people against you, and proving how inane your philosophies and actions are.

D-FENS said...

From the previous post: "I browsed the titles at a movie theater near my home and noticed "Baywatch" is at the top of the list so looked it up on IMDb."

A negro lifeguard. Pretty funny given their reputation for aquatics!

Anonymous said...

"If so, does anyone go in?"

I would imagine it is only visited by bussed-in kids from majority-black schools and a smattering of white liberals. The museum obviously operates at a huge loss and is only kept open due to white taxpayer money.

I remember going to the natural history museum as a kid and seeing the crudely painted and carved african tribal masks. I recall musing that I would be embarrassed to produce those "works of art" for a school project. Indeed, most works of "African art" would be mocked into irrelevance if produced by non-blacks. The art critics only give Africans and stone-age cave painters a pass.

Bill in St Louis said...

In other news, used toilet paper is flushed.
I understand the anger behind the idea that this asshat, St Skittles, etc are being glorified as heros, however..... it is the National Museum of African American History and Culture . It may as well be the Sesame Street Hall of Higher Mathmatics. Only those (whites) predisposed to PJT and social justice will see it and have any idea what it means, the NAPAs that go there will attatch just as much importance to a bedraggled teddy bear and collection of candle stubs from the vigil where (insert number of teens here) were shot while holding a vigil for (insert aspiring rapper name here) on (insert day here). For that matter, one could display a pile of dogshit, claim it was the fuel source for a flying pyramid, and both the traitors and subhumans would worship it. No biggie.
As to Kapernack and his donations to various causes, Just give it time. He will end up arrested for TNB soon enough, then the lawyers will take the rest of his SPORTSBALL!!!money.

Paintjob Theory said...

When I was a boy, I went to the Smithsonian museums, I saw great works of art, the Hope Diamond, and even the third atomic bomb along with many other wonders of achievement of our modern world created by white Europeans. Look around your house today, think of all the miraculous life saving medicines, diagnostic equipment, and medical procedures which have saved the lives of you and loved ones. Again, all thanks to the white man.

Now the best thing the negro museum has to showcase by way of achievement is a few half-breed mongrels who's claim to fame is not getting along with the white man who has given them absolutely everything and attempting to undermine his civilization which has created every wonder of the modern world. If this in itself isn't enough testament to their negative worth, the fact that they're too stupid and shameless to be embarrassed by this should seal the deal in explaining the eternally hopeless state of their sub-human species.

Once these troglodytes are removed from our lands this museum will be very instructional. "See this? All the opportunity in the world plus special preference and this is what they accomplished. A handful of mediocre minstrels and gladiators, the best of whom couldn't fit in with our civilization."

Proudyt said...

The Big Mac,skittles,grape cool-aid and hot cheetos are also being considered for entry.

cloudofhaze said...

I've visited this museum. I don't think blacks have done enough to warrant a museum. Or even statues to themselves.

Interestingly, the most popular parts of the museum are not what blacks have done, but what was done to them.

Anonymous said...

Notice how it is always the mixed ones, born and raised by white women and their families who become the biggest problems and agitators. After all that is given to them by their white side (everything, remember black men have more important priorities than their own children) upon reaching adulthood they identify with their "black side", even though that is the side that abandoned them and left them to rot. What a slap in the face to everyone who raised or helped raise you. As far as I'm concerned, you're not black unless you have (and were raised by) a black woman.

These mutant whites make me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

"Don't wait fifty years...."

Like anyone will remember his name in fifty years.

Not being one who follows any of these 'sports' I only know the name due to the controversy. I bet he thought this would make his career. He's be the 'go-to' black guy in the NFL.

I guess that didn't work out as planned.

As for this 'museum'? Really? A black museum? How entertaining. Although, if you put sports memorabilia behind glass the black will climb over each other to get a look. More like a 'white-guilt' museum.

If we removed the legal shackling of the 60's 'equal rights' debacle, blacks would still be where they were when we found them. Instead, we've lowered our own standards, dumbed down our own children, in order to level the playing field.

If I have a clean glass of fresh, cool water and you have a glass of mud...and those two glasses are have two glasses of mud.

That's their idea of 'equality'.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

The Negro Museum in D.C. is part of the Smithsonian and is in a separate, brand-new building, as the other Smithsonian museums ran out of room to pander to the Negroes.

Apparently, the only mention of Justice Thomas is that Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment. Apparently, the story of a black man who grew up under Jim Crow, raised by his grandfather but who decided to take responsibility for his life and not blame others is not important.

As an aside, during a recent trip to D.C., my daughter (an educator planning a trip to DC for a minority elementary school group) walked over to the Negro Museum on a Sunday at 11 am. She was turned away, as on the weekends it is FILLED with student tour groups from around the country. If you are not part of a group, on weekends, you have to line up at 6 am in the hope of getting a ticket, and the tix were all gone.

Tarczan said...

The NFL has decided to relax the celebration rules to make the game more natural. It will be wonderful to see the blacks go totally wild and drive away even more fans.

Anonymous said...

It's called Florida Memorial University because all of their pilot trainees die on take off.

Anonymous at 5:20, I couldn't agree more. Everywhere you look the biracial Negroes that have a White mother usually grow up without any presence of their black father, yet the hatred they have for their White side is matched inversely by the love they have for their black side. I have seen this in every mulatto I've met who has a White mother.

Anonymous said...

"Interestingly, the most popular parts of the museum are not what blacks have done, but what was done to them."

I always figured a black museum would be nothing but one giant pity party. Tell me, does it also include a section where blacks "who inbented ever'thang in da world but it wuz all stolen by da white man" are featured along with their alleged "inbentions?"

Anonymous said...

310--What a slap in the face to everyone who raised you.

everyone who raised that mulatto is White. self hatred. the half breeds are envious and identify w their dominate genes. the lower, primitive, dominates.

Anonymous said...

I live in Cincinnati...we have a black museum here on the riverfront. If it weren't for schools taking forced field trips i don't think anyone would go in. The museum's parking garage is rented out for downtown workers and used by our local sports arenas. If it weren't for government cash, i doubt they could afford to keep the lights on.

The Jersey...the hoodie. Imagine if these items were some of your races' most prized and lauded trophies. PATHETIC.

Anonymous said...

How to deal with law enforcement? Don't break the law and always cooperate with police.

PK, why are you trying to impose YT's standards onto the bruthas and sistuhs?

Californian said...

There is some kind of ironic justice in this: effectively, the Museum of African American History becomes a memorial to those like Kaepernick who show contempt for the country. The lesson might percolate down to anyone who visits its halls.

And it should be put right there alongside Muhammad Ali. He's this generation's Ali.

Regardless of what one thinks of Muhammed Ali [the pugilist], he made what was a considerable stand at the time by declaring himself a conscientious objector. And there were legal implications which could have placed him in jail. Kaepernick was just grandstanding. Which makes him a fitting symbol for BRA.

Anonymous said...

Lol, was anything in this "museum " even made by blacks? It looks like a bunch of YT inventions that have been culturally appropriated by negroes. The lulz's never end with these creatures. Kapernicks jersey was probably made by some child slave in Indonesia . Anyhow, dey gots ol emmet tills coffin in dere, das wat mattuhs. You know, the one they found in an old outbuilding at duh fooneral home. That's a funny story in itself, PK did a little diddy on it once. Anyway, fuck koonpernick, just another festering boil on the dying ass of 'Murca. And fuck his white "parents " too. No matter what you do for these creatures, it always ends the same way.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

I was in DC gor work a few summers ago and went to the Smithsonian early in the morning when they opened. It was nice and peaceful until about 10:30 when the first Summer Program bus pulled up and unloaded a horde of screaming niglets and teens. The next bus did the same, and the one after that. The kids couldn't give 2 shits about anything you mentioned, except maybe the Hope Diamond because it was a big shiny rock. Aside from that it was nothing but running, screaming, chasing each other around, and general looks at muh behavior, along with the 3-5 weary teachers/counselors trying to keep some kind of order.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed watching the negroe kneeling before the White fans.

They should all have to do it.

-Rex Hymens

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
I live in Cincinnati...we have a black museum here on the riverfront. If it weren't for schools taking forced field trips i don't think anyone would go in. The museum's parking garage is rented out for downtown workers and used by our local sports arenas. If it weren't for government cash, i doubt they could afford to keep the lights on.

They couldn't.

From Citybeat:

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center has seen its ups and downs during its now decade-long existence on Cincinnati’s riverfront. Although the project originally promised to break the city’s conservative reputation, it quickly faced problems with disappointing attendance and financing.

Within the past two years the Freedom Center even came close to closing its doors after seeing attendance and financial struggles while a growing number of locals aired frustrations over tens of millions of local, state and federal taxpayer dollars deployed first to support the project then keep the museum open.

Despite its best efforts to cut its budget from $12.5 million in 2004 to $4.6 million in 2011 and reduce the full-time workforce from 120 to 34, the Center was on the cusp of falling off the financial deep end. But thanks to donor bailouts and a merger with the Cincinnati Museum Center, it has revived itself and is making headway for the future.

So basically it was hemoraging cash, so they merged it with the Cincinnati Museum Center, which IS successful, to keep it from going under.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"Don't break the law and always cooperate with police. "

Probably impossible even to know what the law is, let alone avoid breaking it. Historian David Barton says that reading 700 pages of federal law per day, it would take 25,000 years to finish it all. And of course, by the time you got done, it would all have been revised, so you'd have to start over. Laws have multiplied to the point estimates are the average American commits three felonies a day without even knowing it.

Proudyt said...

Exactly,and let's not forget about the most famous example of these ungrateful pos. Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

"Probably impossible even to know what the law is, let alone avoiding breaking it."
You see it's not the dindus fault. They just don't know that robbing, raping, and murdering is against the law, not to mention the precepts of civilization.

Pat Boyle said...

The story about black museums by Brian in Ohio reminds of a story of my own.

I competed in grad school for a Mellon Fellowship - and won. There were four of us as I remember. I was already on a full academic scholarship, so it was pure profit for me. Each of the four winners met once a week and told each other our problems and progress. My project was to do a multiple regression model of census housing data. I got the position because I told them I knew how to do regression - I didn't but I figured I could teach myself.

So each week I reported to the group of Mellon Fellows on what I was doing. Fortunately none of them were any good at math, so their eyes just glazed over when I spoke.

There was another Fellow whose task was to figure out how to get the local blacks to use the library. Washington DC had long had a Carnegie library. I had used it for years but it was abandoned and a new much larger library was built with a design by Mies Van Der Rohe. It was at the time the most expensive public building the government had ever built on a square footage basis.

I used it myself. I thought of it as my personal library. It was huge and sparkling new. They spent all the federal money on architecture but none on books. It used the same collection that had been in the old Carnegie library. It was very, very quiet - no people.

The suburban libraries in the white areas were doing a boom town business. But the brand new super expensive downtown library was in what had become a black ghetto.

Blacks don't read.

The Fellow recommended finally that they show movies in the basement. Even he , good liberal that he was, didn't imagine that anyone could make DC blacks into readers. I pointed out that the Mies Library was near 'F' street which had been the movie palace district. When I grew up in Arlington it was still common for people to come into the city and catch a movie on F street. Jack Kennedy sneaked out of the White House to see 'Dr. No'.

But the movie district was ruined by the MLK riots. After that no one dared to come into the city at night anymore.

There are no solutions to most black problems.


Anonymous said...

Months ago, I read that Kaepernick was so desperate for a team to sign him that he said he would stand for the Anthem next year.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me, that's all Africans have done for the last 75 years is spit in our faces.

I thought Trayvon's degree was in Afronautics.

cloudofhaze said...

My dad was in town. He wanted to visit. For some strange reason, you need a ticket. I bribed the guards at the gate. My dad really wanted to visit.

Blacks are ok standing in long lines for clubs. This is no different.

Anonymous said...

"Laws have multiplied to the point estimates are the average American commits three felonies a day without even knowing it."

Yet somehow White people manage to get pulled over by the cops without getting shot.


If you are carrying drugs, smoking drugs, drinking in public, cussing loudly, littering, driving without a license or insurance, carrying an illegal weapon, or beating someone up or shoplifting or selling stolen merchandise and you "dont even know" you are breaking the law you have Downs Syndrome.

Negroes know.

They don't care.

Blaming the fact that we have Laws is a pretty sad at excusing niggotry.

The Laws are not the problem.

Anonymous said...

More "natural". Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. In Detroit we have the Charles H. Wright museum of African American history. 120,000 square feet dedicated to black culture. Mr. Wright got the idea after seeing a danish museum dedicated to World War Two heroes. How he put those two thoughts together is beyond me. Supposedly dedicated to the African American experience. I've experienced that African experience numerous times, when they chased me home from school or threatened to beat me up. Guess if you get lost on your way to the museum you can just follow the empty chip bags and empty Faygo orange cans. Love, from the dirty D.

Anonymous said...

700 x 25000 x 365 = 6 billion plus.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea - why not reconstruct the house from Knoxville, Ky. where Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were tortured, raped and murdered by black thugs - that would be a great addition to the "museum!" Anyone else have any ideas?
Such a shame, it's been over ten yrs. ago that this happened - they would've been in their 30's now and probably had a couple cute White kids. What a fuckin waste!!

As always - There's no such thing as "black power" - just "White cowardice!"

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good to know. I mentally checked out of everything Cincinnati a few years ago (peak NAPA fatigue got the best of me) and moved to KY.
I see their still leeching off the white man, even in museum form. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

A summary of African-American History
2. Gibsmedat
3. We wuz Kings And Queens

I confess to liking the music of Fats Waller and Ella Fitzgerald, being a bit of a Banana SWPL - but there are better music by better groups of people.

//Anonymous Anonymous said...
I live in Cincinnati...we have a black museum here on the riverfront. If it weren't for schools taking forced field trips


May 25, 2017 at 7:56 AM//

More arguments for HOMESCHOOLING!

Anonymous said...

"How to deal with law enforcement? ... always cooperate with police. "

Sorry, but this is very bad advice in almost all circumstances, and ESPECIALLY if you're being investigated and the police think you might be a "racist". If so, then you've just become a high priority target. But even more generally, in any sort of situation with police where you are a suspect, the best possible advice is to remember and repeat the five words: I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. If you are suspected of a crime, it means they are trying to build a case against you! Don't help them! Never, never, never cooperate with police.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, Muhammad Ali was an outspoken critic of interracial breeding. A statue of Kaepernick kneeling on an unconscious, bleeding Reginald Denny should be the state monument of California.

ejit said...

We should visit there, and piss all over it.
Don't worry, it's safe - only guilt-struck white liberals (but no darkies) actually go there.

Anonymous said...

By cooperate, I think he means not being belligerent, confrontational or physical with the police. Otherwise you give good advice.

Anonymous said...

That ot could cut its workforce by 2/3 just shows how its bloated budget was a negro employment boondoggle.

A6NimitzGuy said...

Kaepernick. Because nothing says @blacklivesmatter like a millionaire white-boy QB with an afro. Instead of his politics, he should have been working on his game. But then, "black" QBs have always been lazy, moronic losers. Dough Williams is one exception Along with Warren Moon and Steve McNabb, except Joe Gibbs was the White man coach that could win with ANY QB. No one will hire Kaepernick again, ever, he's all done. Owners and coaches figure it's bad enough in the NFL without THIS idiot in the mix. The NFL can barely handle their Blacks and their antics as it is. Between Black politics and the majority-Black status of the NFL, Whites (you know, the ones with dough for tickets and jerseys) are turning away from the game. Hope Kaepernick enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame. His bullshit stunt cost him his career, his pension and tens of millions of dollars. It also cost the NFL millions of fans and it's costing the networks billions of dollars, too. Whites aren't interested in the Negro Football League any more than they're interested in the Negro Basketball League. And look at them drafting new rules for end zone celebrations to reign in the hot-dog "look at me" Negro athlete that scored because his team allowed him to score. The NFL is being VERY careful, though. Very. Very-very because we all know WHO they're trying to calm down so as not to lose more White viewers and dollars.