Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Myrtle Beach Newspaper Celebrates "No Shootings Linked to [Black] bikefest on Memorial Day Weekend" (After NAACP Warned Businesses Not to Close)

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True story: back in 2011, I made the mistake of attending a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach during Black Bike Week. When we booked the weekend, we had no idea what we were about to be exposed to (the incredibly cheap rental for an amazing beach-front property should have been the first warning sign), but quickly learned the uncomfortable nature of thousand of black bikers bringing their culture to a beautiful city. 
The 2017 version of Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina went off with no violence or shootings, meaning the local paper had something to brag about!

And for the 2017 version of the event, the Myrtle Beach Online actually published a story bragging about how no one was shot during Black Bike Week.
But not before private businesses in Myrtle Beach were warned by the NAACP they better stay open to serve black bikers (who import otherwise rare violence to the city every Black Bike Week). 
[NAACP warns businesses not to close or refuse service during black bike week, Myrtle Beach Online, May 25, 2017]:
NAACP officials are in town this weekend to monitor the treatment of black tourists by businesses and police during the Atlantic Beach bikefest — a task they’ve undertaken for a decade since a discrimination lawsuit against Myrtle Beach was settled.
Instead of moving forward, local and national chapter officials say the Grand Strand is still unwelcoming of the bike rally and motorcycle enthusiasts who stream into the area every Memorial Day weekend, bringing with them an economic boost for local businesses. 
At a news conference Thursday in front of the Sandy Grove Baptist Church, NAACP officials said discrimination is still evident in the enormous police presence they say doesn’t exist during the bike rally for Harley riders that precedes black bike week, or any other holiday weekend. 
“We know about how during Harley week, they would have signs up saying ‘welcome bikers,’ and then the following week during black bike week, they would take down those signs,” said Anson Asaka, associate general counsel for the NAACP. 
“The goal is to ensure that all tourists in Myrtle Beach are treated fairly and equally by the businesses and the police and the city,” Asaka said. 
Mickey James, president of the Myrtle Beach Branch NAACP, said there is no need for the enormous police presence that will top 500 officers, and urged local officials to dramatically reduce that number and eliminate the traffic loop. 
James and Asaka said some businesses close their doors during the weekend event, and that one restaurant last year would not let bikers inside, restricting them to outside service. 
“We’ve seen this with our own eyes,” Asaka said. “We’ve seen businesses close their doors and refuse to serve African Americans, we’ve seen African Americans treated like second-class citizens here in Myrtle Beach.” 
The civil rights organization criticized the 23-mile traffic loop as a tool to frustrate bike week participants. 
The loop was put in place following a 2014 shooting incident when an impromptu street party erupted during a traffic jam, killing three people and wounding five others. 
The intention of the loop was to keep traffic moving to prevent those traffic jams and street parties. 
Asaka described it as “23 miles of shame, humiliation and discrimination.” 
Asaka and James said the loop is instead the source of major traffic jams that frustrates residents, business owners and tourists, while doing nothing to curtail crime. 
“Instead of preventing crime, what this traffic plan does is it collectively punishes thousands of innocent people because of the actions of a few,” Asaka said. 
Citing a rash of violence during the Easter week, when eight shootings were reported within a week in Horry County, James said the county has a year-round crime problem. 
“We feel like they can’t point fingers now when there’s been shootings going on year-round,” James said. “We have some serious issues, not with black bike week, but with Myrtle Beach as a whole.” 
The NAACP urged participants this weekend to call their hotline at 888-362-8683 to report incidents of discrimination. 
The NAACP has before sued and settled with the City of Myrtle Beach a discrimination lawsuit.

Freedom of Association is the right to discriminate.

Freedom is the ability to discriminate.

When the NAACP is allowed to dictate terms of surrender to white-owned businesses in Myrtle Beach, we have tyranny and a totalitarian mindset in control of privately-owned businesses.

The Visible Black Hand of Economics is in control of Myrtle Beach, where once the free market was allowed to actually practice freedom and privately-owned businesses were allowed to discriminate.

A veritable police state is needed to keep the peace during Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, which the NAACP bitterly complains about. Hilariously, the local newspaper brags about the lack of violence or shootings as if this some great achievement.

The moral of the story? Without freedom of association, you surrender to state-mandated tyranny (which assumes all white people are guilty of being associated with the bigotry of their ancestors).


AnalogMan said...

(which assumes all white people are guilty of being associated with the bigotry of their ancestors).

Do NOT concede their premises. Sensible attitudes based on experience are not bigotry. A refusal to believe the evidence of your own eyes - that's bigotry.

Bird of Paradise said...

Is the NAACP going to become another NBPP or BLM will they resort to blackmail/extortion with the buisnesses in the Myrtle Beach area and foce buinsses to close on Ta Trayvon Martin or Micheal Brown Day? perhaps its time for the NAACP,NBPP and BLM to lose their tax exempt charity status no charity blackmails anyone and their no longer or ever were charities

PB said...

The complete absence of insight demonstrated by those NAACP Blackies is beyond even the usual layers of stupid.

Anonymous said...

So the negro "big men" have demanded (1) businesses keep open whether they want to or not and (2) 500 cops is too much. (3) if you don't operate your business like the negroes say, you'll be sued. AND THEY GET THEIR WAY? Man, if I operated a business in Myrtle Beach, I would sell and be out of there so fast their nappy peabrained heads would spin. As another poster often states, "starve the beast."

Anonymous said...

That's like giving a retarded kid a trophy for not shitting his pants.

Anonymous said...

What fool introduced blacks to motorbikes?

Whether Harleys or trials bikes, it just gives them the ability to turn up, cause trouble and then run away while creating enormous amounts of noise, which is basically exactly what their DNA is set up for.

Paintjob Theory said...

“We know about how during Harley week, they would have signs up saying ‘welcome bikers,’ and then the following week during black bike week, they would take down those signs,”

Surely this has nothing to do with the differences in the behavior between the two groups.

This glimpse into what passes for thought processes in black Africans is precisely why they will never assimilate into our civilization. These types of comments pop out constantly in the tales we cover here; jungle savagery is the norm for them, so much so that they cannot even consider the idea that the more evolved species of man do not behave this way.

Proudyt said...

Why don't these black bikers go to Detroit if they want to feel more welcome ? I'm so fuckin sick of this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Blacks certainly aren't shy about expecting others to tolerate their crap.

Sick n' Tired said...

Myrtle Beach got off lucky this year, can't say the same about "Urban Weekend" down here in South Beach Miami. We had a dindu run up and shoot someone who was getting out of a taxi, and then an argument over a parking spot lead to a group of dindus shooting another dindu, fleeing the scene, crashing into 2 cop cars, and the police opened fire killing one, injuring 2. Of course the news website disabled their comments section about a month ago, because 90% of their stories are about teens, youths, and asking for help solving cases but no description of the perp.


Sick n' Tired said...

The simplest solution for next year is to have no police present at all since this year was such a crime free success.

Wide Awake said...

Maybe because the extra $1 million in additional security that made MB look like the German occupation of France had something to do with it. It's getting more expensive by the day to counter the genetic black violence and dysfunction.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

“The goal is to ensure that all tourists in Myrtle Beach are treated fairly and equally by the businesses and the police and the city,” Asaka said.

Well, well Sambo. You want to be treated "equally" (I assume equal to WHITE MEN), yet you don't want to act "equal"...to WHITE MEN. Dumb ape.

You are treated different, since you are different. They would not need to close, bolt their business doors, put up Hurricane shutters and have hundreds of police if you did act equal to White Men. But you don't. Because you can't.

So, you use violence to force White businesses to stay open and you think that that equals equality. You dumb fucks. You should ask why the negro is avoided by the White Race. Why we want nothing to do with you.

We are not to blame. You are.

Freedom is the right to Discriminate.

Anonymous said...


“We know about how during Harley week, they would have signs up saying ‘welcome bikers,’ and then the following week during black bike week, they would take down those signs,” said Anson Asaka, associate general counsel for the NAACP.

I wonder why. Has anyone on this site ever heard their neighbor say, "Oh good, there's a black family moving in next door." I wonder why? It's like the old joke that says- what starts with N and ends in G that you never want to call a black person? The answer: Neighbor!

Another thing, the article in the paper didn't mention: how many sexual assaults and rapes were reported, how many fights took place, how much loud screaming and music blaring, how much theft from retailers and how many residents were hold up in their houses waiting out the bizzare antics of the American Africans. If they are not happy that Whites don't want to be subjected to their monkey shines maybe they should hold their next Black Bike Fest in that black Eden called Haiti. Except for the motorcycle noise they would fit right in and hardly be noticed.

Anonymous said...

I think Harley and black bikers week s should be the same week next year. And scale the police back to usual levels. It would probably make a great piece on the evening news.

Anonymous said...

Businesses can stay open, but have fun getting even. Treat the negro like they treat the White Race:

Seething Hatred
No service
No help
No attention
Game playing

Be intentionally understaffed

Remove many of your tables so as to keep the # down

Don't expect to make any money

Use cheaper plates, "silver ware", glasses so as to cut the costs of theft

Use cheaper printed menus

Play Country Music (too obvious) or Classical Music. Even then, play "White" style music like Dylan, early Beatles, Neil Young, Peter Paul & Mary, etc. if you have to.

Make a point for all service to be slow, but not so obvious. Don't go back to the table to ask how things are since they get a kick out of making the White servers run back and forth for one thing at a time.

Never expect nor work for a Tip. Never. They are playing the staff, running them around, will complain about the food, and then demand it for free and not tip.

TRY to have "gratuity" included. In fact, All "HOLIDAY" menus (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Weekend) should be a standard thing for every restaurant, bar, etc there, so when Simian Bike Puke Week shows up, you can show the NAPCA and City Council that you have ALWAYS charged gratuity on all Holiday Weeks and you don't want to insult the ground monkeys with a "separate" menu.

If you don't charge gratuity, they will not tip.

Another "Seasonal" thing is to get a credit card UP FRONT. Do this on every Holiday Week, with all customers, and claim that since you are a tourist destination, you are having too many tourist skip out, or have fake credit cards.

In a way, I would love to have a restaurant there and try all this and act so SJW and polite while my ENTIRE intent is to play with the monkeys.

Aren't there towns along the Atlantic that are already negro? I read somewhere where there are negro (destroyed) dumps with beach access. Why don't the apes go there? Why? Because only the WHITE RACE can create a nice city, etc.

These creatures have to go.

Anonymous said...

Aw hell no! Ya'll ain't shuttin' down yo businesses when black folks comes to town! You gonna put up with all our loud mouthed foul language and our obnoxious, rude and disruptive behaviors or else! So what if we steal from yo stores, dine and dash at yo restaurants, get into fights and make life miserable for you? So what if we cost your city tons of money for extra police to contain our nigrocity? It's our culture and you's gonna respects us!

The above is the real message from the NAACP. Anyone who attempts to avoid being "blessed" by negroes in this way by shutting down their businesses to protect themselves are obviously thwarting the negroes in their attempts to "have fun." They want to invade civilized human areas to wreak havoc and show their asses because in their own areas there's nothing of note to raid and plunder and nothing worth seeing. Staying in their own third world areas would be like having a party in the town garbage dump as their areas have no hotels worthy of the name, no quality restaurants or stores and no attractions. Might as well go on a tour of a sewer in a glass bottom boat!

No one wants negroes invading their areas and no one wants to go into their areas either for obvious reasons but negroes will never accept that they're the problem. How many public holiday events have been shut down or cancelled altogether because of rampaging, misbehaving negroes? How many state fairs have been ruined and how many other events destroyed? It's a long list all thanks to negroes.

It offends the negro NAACP that the "Welcome Bikers!" signs come down because they can't comprehend that the loud, rude, obnoxious, foul behavior of negroes is not accepted by others because to negroes such behavior is normal. I'm sure the signs that used to exist in restaurants saying that loud, noisy, garrulous people would be removed/ejected from the premises is offensive to them too. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

No shootings LINKED to bike week? Good grief, their standards are low. There was a shooting, just "far away" from the traffic loop, so not bike week. There was also a stabbing (presumably linked to bike week), a couple of vehicular homicides and then some hit-and-runs, and over 100 people arrested for drugs, DUI, assault, and domestic disturbances. Plus serious traffic accidents.

But, you know, probably no crimes were committed with that one type of weapon. Hats off.

Anonymous said...

Selma, Alabama would be a good destination as well.

Anonymous said...

Sick n Tired:

concerning your post:


It appears commenting is open.....and you are correct. They don't allow any pictures nor descriptions of the "tourists" who were just having a nice time till South Beach Went Wrong....happens all the time down here.......hot summer asphalt makes a mean street....

Bill in St Louis said...

Figures. The Naapa can't see the correlation between 500 cops and no shootings.

Anonymous said...

"......then the following week during black bike week, they would take down those signs,” said Anson Asaka, associate general counsel for the NAACP."

Hey, it's because YOU AREN'T WELCOME. Just how dumb are you? Can't take a hint?

Brian in Ohio said...

Good. More of it and faster.

We need a black bike week in every major city in America. And let them parade through every small town along the way.

Then let the race realism flow.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I think the days of running away from the problem has to stop. I applaud the business people of Myrtle Beach having the sense to understand the black undertow. If you get large numbers of blacks, malt liquor, and barbecue ribs there is going to be trouble. Some might say I'm being funny...I am serious! These apes don't know how to behave in a civilized country. If the NAACP wants whites to treat blacks like people, they have to start acting like people. So far, I have not seen evidence of that in years. They are falling backwards into their abyss. If not for whites, this nation would be Haiti. IQ counts for something!

Good article PK!

Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with a people that when they get together, happiness is expressed because there were no shootings.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I cannot imagine anyplace I'd less rather be than Myrtle Beach during Negro Biker Week. If I were a negro, I would be filled with shame that businesses did not want my money. Why, would be my first question. After all, isn't the whole point in having a business to make money? But the thought never seems to occur to the negro that it probably is the way they act that makes businesses want to close when they are in town.

Most negroes with some cognitive ability do understand. A negress I work with who is also a single mother (I know, surprise!) was recently apartment shopping. I asked her how it was going, if she had found something she liked. She told me that the apartment was not bad, but she did not like the neighborhood at all. I had no problem saying, "What, too many blacks?"

The negroes know they can act off the leash as much as they want, because all they have to do is scream, "Rayciss!" and magically their behavior is no longer on display but it's now all about evil, oppressive YT.

And I am tired of keeping my mouth shut. If what I said to my negress colleague got me fired, so be it. I've given up talking to whites about black misbehavior. They simply will not give up the paint job theory. I am officially out of f*cks to give.

Anonymous said...

"Sensible attitudes based on experience are not bigotry"

Whether the attitudes are sensible or not is precisely what is at issue. Some premises are regarded as settled questions it isn't sensible to contradict or even examine further. Those who believe that racial differences are insignificant consider that to be one such settled question.

This attitude, that some things are sacrosanct and off limits to inquiry, is the true essence of bigotry. It's what separates religious thinking from scientific thinking; faith from reason. Blind faith = bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Once again the noble negro, who is equal to YT in every way, celebrates the absence of failure. How many shootings were there outside the city limits? Stabbings? Everyone knows large groups of these primitive savages always have bilence issues. Always. It's their only method of conflict resolution; Whoever shoots first wins the argument. Consequences aren't even close to being on the Stone Age, mud hutter's radar. Methinks someone is lying.

Anonymous said...

@analogman quote all white people are guilty of bigotry of thier ancestors. That's what Marxist wants everyone to know

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nobody shot during Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach? I want to take this time to submit to you all the grand importance of this happening and the great promise it portends for the African-American community.

If you can keep it this way for the next nine years I will willingly go full-blown SJW and will preach the serving of the multi-culti kool aid to all... With one catch! Yes, for me to buy into this insanity, blacks only have to keep Black Bike Week shot free for just nine more consecutive years. Is that too difficult for these people? White privilege somehow rules the roost at Black Bike Week? Streets somehow only "go wrong" in a mysterious 1/52 ratio? Microagressions somehow gotcha down when surrounded by your own peace-loving kind that you must "macro-agress" your ostensible brethren?

Well, I personally invite the collective community of Black Bike Week to channel the collective peacefulness, wisdom and love of inherent goodness and decency embodied by the underpinnings of the Negroe celebration of Kwanzaa and prove me wrong! Time to put up or shut up! You can bring in the big guns, Jesse "Mush Mouth" Jackson, Da' Rev'run Al Sharpton, Calypso Louie himself! Just collectively act civilized nine more times! That's all I ask of you! Is it really that hard? Perhaps we can have peace marches across the nation (in the "hood"") to channel and focus positivity on one single week. We can have "prayer warriors" signed up and praying around the clock! We can have lock-in and mandatory midnight basketball every weekend up to and including midnight basketball at Bike Week itself! We could have police from around the country in jazzed up cop car "hoopties" to provide police presence for general security AND to put warm, moist, white lips to your asses whenever you encounter a situation which, while not providing an intellectual difficulty for a 15 year old white child, would send you into a full blown Cat. 5 Chimpout!

I'll spot you all that! Now man up and admit that you are not at the same level of development, you are not the dame as others. Obsolete farm equipment, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Well sorry! Y'all came in a little early and we had to tend to you. We thought it would have been rude to make you wait while we put up the, "Welcome, Monkeys!" sign.

“We know about how during Harley week, they would have signs up saying ‘welcome bikers,’ and then the following week during black bike week, they would take down those signs,”

Anonymous said...

Do you really think a Black town could pull off the logistics needed to pull off Black Bike Week? Those Korean shopkeepers and Indian motel owners would not be able to keep up with all the extra customers. ;)

Anonymous said...

My God, the hell that must descend upon poor Myrtle Beach with the invasion blacks every year. I have fond memories of summer weekends spent there as a young enlisted man from Camp Lejeune. I knew by then that they were different and hated white people and authority. Then came Desert Storm and, years later, the Iraq invasion of 2003. Strangely, blacks were under- represented for both, in the combat arms, at least. One very senior black MasterGunnerySgt in my command unit was mysteriously shipped back home a week before the war started in '03. During the build up he lorded over junior enlisted men as though he were combat hardened but I knew he was full of shit. Then he got real sick and hurt his back just as we broke camp to stage in the assault position... coward. Sorry, anyway thought I'd share that memory. Stay Frosty, fellow readers.

Anonymous said...

I went down to Myrtle Beach with friends a couple weeks before graduating college. This week-long trip coincided with regular Biker Week. There were tons of college kids from up and down the East coast in addition to the bikers. I saw no real trouble, and there certainly wasn't an increased police presence.

Yes, there were "bikers welcome" signs, but it seemed to me that this was all done to segregate the bikers from the college kids, both groups of which didn't want to associate with each other. College kids stayed out of the "bikers welcome" bars and bikers only went to them.

By the time Black Biker Week rolls around, college kids aren't down there since graduations are over, so the "bikers welcome" signs aren't needed. Sure, the NAACP can whine about bars shutting down that week, but the lack of "bikers welcome" signs I believe is as much about the lack of college kids to segregate from the bikers.

Sick n' Tired said...

Maybe to you, I and many others are blocked from that website due to asking questions like "Any other description of the robber(s) besides a man/teen in a white tshirt" or "Obama's sons at it again".
I can imagine all the current comments are heavily moderated on most of those stories, but they do highlight the dysfunction of the groids, whether we can comment on them or not.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

To expand on what PB said earlier: Negroes are clearly the most destructive organism out there, bar none. The flea, the termite, the mosquito don't hold a candle to the african. Can you imagine what their destructive capabilities would be if they had the power of insight? Of introspection? Of thoughts more profound than eat, shit, screw?

Lewis33 said...

The IMPD is at it again with the "wrong place at the wrong time" when a white pregnant girl in Indy is shot by black thug. http://fox59.com/2017/05/31/man-arrested-in-connection-with-murder-of-18-year-old-pregnant-woman/

Anonymous said...

Here is where the college money is going, to a pathetic useless college:


You can tell that these "students" are going to need a serious beat-down, when everything explodes, that might, just might, open their eyes...

Nah, it will never happen. These "students" are too far gone. Do any of them think anybody gives a flying F what they have to say? Even the idiot "professor" is a loser and is speaking WAY OVER THE HEAD's of these children.....then, you always got the uppity negress who wants to only talk about race, race, race (the ones who believe in equality).

We are in serious trouble, and I can hear the Chinese laughing. If Trump really wants to save America, he needs to SHOCK the kind people you see in this video:

Pull out Immediately on all UN treaties, like the Small Arms Treaty
Pull out of the Paris Climate Accord
Give ALL ILLEGALS 90 days to pack up and leave
Put the Army at the border. A soldier every 10 feet
Pull out of NATO and let the fat stupid White Europeans pay for it.
Pull out of NAFTA

Trump needs to do a series of things like this ALL IN ONE MORNING and shock the world into reality. The stock market will go to 30,000, interest rates will drop and the world will BEG us, BEG us to come back to the table.

We have less than one year.

Detroit Refugee said...

If I or family owned a business here, I'd book a flight & hotel rooms a year in advance. Sorry blackie, we're closed because of an out of town family reunion!!

We can still travel & take the family on vacation right?

PvtCharlieSlate said...

Interesting ...
I was in the Army (1st Cav) in Viet Nam. I was Chemical Corps and operated the surveillance equipment when we flew "sniffer" which required us to fly tree-top contour back and forth from downwind across our assigned search area. Only once did we have a black UH-1 pilot (and I never saw a black UH-1 pilot anywhere else, either). That f*ing coward refused to get down to tree-top and he pushed the airspeed to over 100 knots when normal cruising speed was 80 knots and "sniffer" speed was usually less than that. The black bastard just raced through the whole mission as fast as he could without regard for anything other than getting his sorry ass out of there. He made that flight a total waste. Never saw him again.

Anonymous said...

"No matter what, I am finding him not guilty because I don't want another young black male in jail". UNBELEIVABLE. And you know this is going on across the nation in other trials...."

The jury should not have made a decision and told the judge what was said and just hung the jury so a retrial would be needed. This is exactly why Blacks should not be
allowed to serve on juries where the defendant is Black and the victims are not Black. Blacks should serve on Black on Black crime juries ONLY.

Anonymous said...

If you run a business in an area that has a "black bike week" you are crazy for not immediately moving your business to an area that doesn't have a "black bike week".

Anonymous said...

"you use violence to force White businesses to stay open and you think that that equals equality. You dumb fucks. You should ask why the negro is avoided by the White Race. Why we want nothing to do with you. "

Neither do Asians and Hispanics want anything to do with Blacks. When nobody wants to be around you, perhaps you should be asking yourself why????? Of course Blacks will never do this.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 0837,

The local Pakimart started playing country music on speakers in front of the store and nog business has dropped off.
I have started shopping there more due to the low prices and nog repellent music.

Anonymous said...

Oh no they wuzzunt kangs:
"...Sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt occurred within the last 1,500 years,”


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the difference in the aftermaths between the two bike weeks since the proud black man hasn't a clue as to the function/purpose of a trash can. Oh, and the tumbleweaves blowing gracefully down the skreets must be a sight to behold. How beachy. Hell, negroes think Jimmy Buffet is an all-u-can-eat joint.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Aw hell no! Ya'll ain't shuttin' down yo businesses when black folks comes to town!

Back in South Africa, before the fall of civilization, we used to have policies for avoiding racial friction on the beach. Alas, the country, the civilization and the policies are no more.

I spoke to an old friend in SA yesterday, who told me about the case of Penny Sparrow, who caused outrage by complaining about kaffirs littering the beaches (which was not a problem in the days of those signs). She was fined 150,000 rand, which is about $10,000 at the exchange rate, but doesn't reflect its buying power in SA. It's a crippling amount for most SAfricans.

And, of course, those photos in the Daily Mail don't show the awful reality of Durban beach on New Year's day. This is what it looks like now.

My friend told me how he and his wife took a vacation in Durban, and watched as the Babuntus arrived like a swarm of locusts and turned the sparkling blue water in a swimming pool brown before their eyes.

I miss the old South Africa. Truly, the past is another country.

Anonymous said...

Myrtle beach is actually pretty perfect for a black gathering. South Carolina has a large black population. Keep them there. Quit sending them north. We don't want them up here either. The south brought them here, keep em.

Anonymous said...

Someone should open a restaurant in Myrtle Beach with a monkey theme, and call it something along the line of Gorillaz Burgerz. Have all kinds of comical monkey photos along the walls, with chimps making all kinds of funny faces. The wait staff can wear gorilla costumes and greet customers with guttural grunts and chest thumping. Make sure the restaurant opens well before Black Mayhem Week so that a clientele is established, and that it stays open during their week long reign of terror. Call me cuckoo but I bet not a single black patronizes the place, especially after the restaurant saturates local radio with commercials featuring grunts, clicks, and screeching made famous by that Tarzan chimp, Cheeta.

Anonymous said...

liberalism is a mental disorder.

Lebron has an estate and is whining about da raycists...f----

After his Brentwood estate is vandalized with a slur, LeBron James says racism still ‘part of America’
Joseph Serna and Tania Ganguli

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, would a white bike
Week be considered racist by naacp?

Anonymous said...

"Myrtle beach is actually pretty perfect for a black gathering. South Carolina has a large black population. Keep them there. Quit sending them north. We don't want them up here either. The south brought them here, keep em."

Better read up on history. The Portuguese, British and Dutch started the practice of slavery by sending Blacks from Africa to their American colonies to work. Later, American colonists from Massachuesetts and New York entered the slave trade bringing more Africans here. At one point, NYC had large numbers of slaves and slavery existed in both North and South. However, as time went by, slaves were needed less and less by the North so they got rid of their Blacks, not by freeing them, but by selling them to the South. So no, you can have your Blacks back Northerners.

Jack Hates Hypocrites said...

Lived outside Daytona Beach, Florida for nearly 20 years and can tell you that it is a fact that every business would be open during Bike Week but many would close during events like Black College Reunion.

What is not being mentioned by the N-double ape-CP is WHY. The participants of Bike Week are for the most part polite and hearing of any violence is rare. They spend lots of money and, take it form someone who was a server during a couple Bike Weeks, they are generous tippers. In fact a shop owner I know likes having bikers around because they keep the thieving Dontavious and Taquisha out of his store for a few days.

On the other hand participants of events Like Black College Reunion are rowdy, violent and there doesn't seem to be a single year where there isn't shootings. They come into restaurants in packs and are rude and demanding to the staff, trying to find every excuse in the book to weasel out of their bills and they never tip. Increased shoplifting and assaults on staff are the major reasons shops started closing during these events only to be threatened with expensive lawsuits for doing so.

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It's called Jury Nullification, I believe. hope I spelled it right... I work in the prison system in a large north eastern state. The inmates from Philly are more likely militants and muslim AND HATE US. it seems more common with the more violent felons. They ingest a steady diet of black propaganda and muslim ideology that excuses their crimes and casts them as victims. We are an occupying force at best. It sucks in there

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Echoing what Jack said, above, about Negro College Reunion in Daytona Beach. I recall one year where the same thing happened as in Mrytle Beach...the dindus would cruise around in one big loop, stop and ook and eek at each other. Traffic would back up and cause accidents and fights. The next year, the city was going to implement a plan that would not permit traffic to stop, and the negroes went to court to put an end to it. They also complained about businesses that would close or hotels that required massive security deposits to cover the costs of trashed rooms or public places.

Negro Reunion went elsewhere and brought their violence with them.

Daytona Beach already has enough feral negro criminals; there's no need to invite more.

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//Yes, there were "bikers welcome" signs, but it seemed to me that this was all done to segregate the bikers from the college kids, both groups of which didn't want to associate with each other. College kids stayed out of the "bikers welcome" bars and bikers only went to them.

By the time Black Biker Week rolls around, college kids aren't down there since graduations are over, so the "bikers welcome" signs aren't needed. Sure, the NAACP can whine about bars shutting down that week, but the lack of "bikers welcome" signs I believe is as much about the lack of college kids to segregate from the bikers.
May 31, 2017 at 1:31 PM//

Outside of a zombie apocalypse scenario, Tallahassee and Columbus just aren't the kinda people who would hang out with each other.

But on a serious note, I can't believe they are actually demanding for businesses to stay open, have they no shame?

Mytle Beach is also the location where a white teenage girl, Brittanee Drexel from New York, was kidnapped while visiting, she was sexually assaulted for days before they shot her and fed her to gators.

The smell of africans is revolting to humans. I wish we could figure out what kinda smell or frequency repels africans. More dogs should be allowed inside restaurants as dogs are cleaner than africans and repel africans.