Thursday, May 11, 2017

College Professors Advocating "Killing White People" is One of the Fastest Growth Industries in America (Job Security Nearly 100 %)

Hating white people is the best way to gain tenure in academia. [Drexel University Professor’s Christmas Wish: ‘All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide’, Breitbart, 12-25-16]

It's a course of action guaranteeing the hater of whites a long career where they'll earn awards, accolades, six-figure advances for books, and an opportunity to speak at banquets across the nation (compensated generously with taxpayer money) advocating hatred of white people.

And, when it comes out they once advocated killing white people (at the right time, of course), they'll have white authority figures laugh it off as only their exercising of the 1st Amendment. [President Young responds to controversial comments made by A&M professor Tommy Curry,, 5-10-17]:
In a podcast from 2012 that has resurfaced, Texas A&M philosophy professor Tommy Curry made comments referencing the killing of white people in context to defending the black community and as a response to racism. He references the movie “Django Unchained,” as point of reference to his talking points.  
The clip of Redding News Review podcast was included in an article published Tuesday by The American Conservative, which criticized Curry’s comments. The article includes several other links to examples of Curry’s rhetoric, which contain similar themes.
In the podcast, which is posted on the host Rob Redding's YouTube channel, Curry began by saying, “today I want to talk about killing white people in context.” 

The context Curry went on to explain was the historical past of slave rebellions and the current protection of black communities. Curry further said that the 2nd Amendment has a historical role, which was to arm white people to put down such revolts. 
"When we have this conversation about violence or killing white people it has to be looked at in the kind of this historical turn,” Curry said. “And the fact that we've had no one address, like how relevant and how solidified this kind of tradition is for black people — saying look, in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.” 
Following the article, A&M president Michael Young emailed the student body responding to Curry’s comments. 
“The interview features disturbing comments about race and violence that stand in stark contrast to Aggie core values – most notably those of respect, excellence, leadership and integrity – values that we hold true toward all of humanity,” Young said in his response. 
Young went on to cite the First Amendment, saying that all views and talking points are protected under it. 
“The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of others to offer their personal views, no matter how reprehensible those views may be,” Young said. “It also protects our right to freedom of speech which I am exercising now.” 
Despite this, Young said he does not condone what Curry said. 
“We wish no violence or harm even to those who espouse hateful views under the First Amendment,” Young said. “Our core values are very much intact, including those for which we stand, and in contrast to that for which we most assuredly do not. This is something that needs to be said here and now and lived in all of our days.”
Hating white people is an incredibly lucrative career path in America in the 21st century. One wonders how many high school guidance counselors are advising young high school students to pursing a career in this burgeoning field.

After all, it's obviously a growth industry with room for not only growth, but advancement to leadership roles. You could even argue hating white people as a career is one of the more lucrative pyramid schemes going, because it's a vocation (and avocation) with endless potential for promotion.

As long as you promote hatred of whites with ruthless aggression...


Anonymous said...

"As long as you promote hatred of whites with ruthless aggression..."

Non-whites' hatred of whites is understandable in Darwinian terms. What needs to be explained is whites' acquiescence to it, encouragement of it, and even admiration for it.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed this...I used to be a, I'm ANGRY.... I'm pretty much an NRx-er now.....I've woken up. It's people like me that were almost into Communist-style "Red" b/c we swallowed the social justice pill at one time but now have swallowed the other "Red Pill" who these "professors" will wish hadn't woken up. I want the entire "Cathedral" wiped out and "professors" like this to just go away. Once people like me finally get control of this system, people like this professor will wish they had kept their mouths shut...b/c people like me are coming to cut their tongues out. The incitement to near genocidal hatred against white people has definitely NOT gone unnoticed by people like me.

Anonymous said...

Amerikwanstain is already done.
Trump will do what his (((son-in-law))) demands.
The (((son-in-law))) with financial ties to Soros is from a liberal commiecrat family.
Too late for making great again with a population of third world turds growing by the day.
When the Kwan decided to go all cucksucker all the time it was over right then and there.
The precious equalocracy über alles is why the Kwan has no future.
This page might be the last cucksucker free zone but what can a tiny minority do?

Creepy Ass Cracka

Bird of Paradise said...

These collage professor eggheads need to be held totaly liable and responsible for any black on white murders commited lets also hold their Collage?University liable as well its these radical extremists that need to be held accountible for making such radical statments

Anonymous said...

“We wish no violence or harm even to those who espouse hateful views under the First Amendment,” Young said. “Our core values are very much intact, including those for which we stand, and in contrast to that for which we most assuredly do not. This is something that needs to be said here and now and lived in all of our days.” Spoken like a true thoroughbred white cucksucking liberal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Black People:

Anytime you want to start your little revolution thingie, that's fine. We're ready. We'll meet you on the edge of the ghetto and, well, we'll take it from there.

Sincerely, Whitey The Oppressor


Anonymous said...

//He references the movie “Django Unchained,” as point of reference to his talking points. //

Wasn't Django Unchained made by and funded by white people? That and pretty much every sympathetic and/or heroic portrayal of blacks I knew were made by white people, or banana asians who have never had to live around blacks yet... When blacks represent themselves, you get this, and worldstarhiphop.

- A Chinese In Canada

Anonymous said...

Things seem rather tranquil at the moment, but don't let that lull you into a false sense of ease. Case in Point: check out what's currently happening in the small town of Coligny, South Africa. This is coming here - soon. It will happen faster than you can imagine.

Be ready. The ignition point can come at any time.

Californian said...

You know, I would like to get outraged over this, I really would. But what the professor said is hardly different from anything which else which blacks have been banging the drum about since forever. It all comes down to one thing: Attack YT!

Blacks have in fact been assaulting and killing White people for decades: look at the endless parade of home invasions, flashmobs, torture-murders, Long Hot Summer riots, Zebra assassinations, BLM havoc and etcetera and ad nauseam. And this is not counting all the black-on-White killings in Haiti, Congo, South Africa and now in Europe as the floodgates open to African immigration. Add in blacks killing White civilization by trashing schools, neighborhoods, monuments, cities and even the space program.

So the professor is actually a little late. Attacking YT is a train which has long since left the station and has been gathering momentum for some six decades. Perhaps he is hoping for a free ride in the caboose, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Wake up, YT, wake up.

And for those who have woken up: stay armed, stay alert.

Mr. Clean said...

One wonders how "academia" still exists as it does in 2017. With the rise of the internet, the model of post-secondary education that has been in practice should have started going obsolete 10-15 years ago.

Close the federal educational funding spigot. Many of these clowns would simply be over-educated (and overpaid) Starbucks employees.

It will come to an end. Something that can't go on, won't.

Anonymous said...

To all these professors, their students, and the enablers behind the scenes making this happen, good luck. I'm so well armed and prepped I'm getting tired of waiting. Bring it

Anonymous said...

The breaking point has to be nearing.

Anonymous said...

Drums in the deep where dark things sleep, how soon to wake and the lives of whites to take..

Every day it comes closer to south Africa, every day tens of thousands of them roll off the assembly line to be trained to eradicate all other lives.

Proudyt said...

The target is on our backs. What are we going to do about it ?

Anonymous said...

Most of the world isn't White. We are the minority.

Fight like hell to protect your future; otherwise your kids will suffer greatly.

ot: I guess it wasn't hard to come up with a name for a TV series without a single Negro in it... "Happy Days"


Paintjob Theory said...

Along with traditional media, the institutions of (((academia))) are becoming less relevant and less credible with every passing day.

What does a degree represent anymore? 100,000$ in debt exchanged for 4 years of remedial high school mixed with anti-white Communist brainwashing?

A thing given has no value. Keep lowering the bar so that anybody can get those diplomas, keep it up with the blatant agitprop and this may well actually become educational. Worse is better.

I'm glad I spent 17-22 years old partying and chasing skirts. I do regret getting a degree after that. If I were to do it all over I'd have done a trade school, or simply invested all that money into starting a business.

Anonymous said...

No matter what record they put on to play, whether it starts with Kill All da YTs or Systemic Oppression, da Biolence or da Evil History of da Slabbery, the needle always, always gets stuck on Gibsmedat, gibsmedat, gibsmedat, gibsmedat.

Isn't it time we pick up the needle and break that sad-sack album into smithereens? I interrupt those songs at the start and ask where are the wealthy blacks helping their bruthas they've left behind in the ghetto. Blacks know best what blacks need - I as a YT have no business interfering in their culture so I leave it in their capable hands to solve. After all, they're a proud race who survived slavery so they're obviously strong and smart (I don't believe that last part but it never fails to puff them up and get them thinking about Oprah and Kanye's money).

As for the YT bashing in college, I've sent two kids and I refuse to let them enroll in a course taught by those idiots. Of course, that wasn't hard because I wouldn't let them go to college for a stupid degree. So far there hasn't been a Calculus III professor who shared his opinions about race relations. And I made them take all the Gen. Eds. in high school through community college or as online, AP or CLEP. Kill YT professors don't exist (so far) in higher math and science. If your kid doesn't have the aptitude for that stuff, get them a trade certification - electricians, welders, machine operators, etc. live very well if they're good.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t be surprised if those black movies, mandatory for the “youth” are subliminal in nature, to further the cause of the pet negro handlers.

There is another thing that comes to mind, whenever the subject comes up about blacks and a race war. “The numbers” remember the number of whites and foreigners who will fight and die for them. They will turn out in record numbers. Be advised, don’t forget about the thirty thousand “drones” the government has flying around as we type, not to mention man made plaques.

It’s all by design, all through history it’s been recorded that “war” is a great tool for population control. All we have to do is survive.

chattanooga gal said...

I love the way they scream " freedom of speech" while blatantly calling for the murder of white people, but, on the other hand, want people to go to jail for exercising THEIR freedom of speech even for just disagreeing with them on some more minor issue.

Pat Boyle said...

The history of genocide isn't quite what most people believe.

The NAZIs killed a lot of Jews of course but the circumstances were nothing like the situation today in America. First of all the Jews in Germany were a tiny minority. Blacks in America are around 13%. The Jews in Germany in 1933 were only around 0.75% (three quarters of one percent). Berlin had the most Jews but still only 4.0% of the population were Jewish.

This obviously is exactly the opposite of the situation in modern America where there are many cities where blacks predominate. Germany killed most of the Jews it killed in nations that it had invaded. America is not an expansionist power. That means we are not likely to invade Haiti and then have to kill its population so as to gain its resources.

If black people want to speculate about white mass killings they are making a mistake because planting the idea of a race based genocide in the public mind is more likely to normalize the idea of a genocide of blacks.

As we discussed last week, blacks are preternaturally dependent on governmental largess. But blacks pay almost no taxes because of various 'tax reforms'. This means that blacks require approximately five white taxpayers to support one black person (tax consumer). So cities that get much above 20% black are inherently unsustainable.

This economic situation is exactly the opposite of that in Weimar Germany. Ashkenazi Jews in Germany were fully employed. In America today these European Jews have an employment rate and a wage rate higher than that of the majority whites. People in the West organized against the Chinese because they were too industrious. But no one worries about negroes working too hard and being too productive.

Long term and wide spread demographic and economic factors make the elimination of the whole black race likely, but it won't be similar to the holocaust against the Jews.


Anonymous said...

I always got a kick from the professors at the local U. Once their neighborhoods had one black, their for sale signs went up! Lib quote: "We say it. We don't really mean it!"

A former friend of mine, on his FB page, has something about ML King, all the LIB causes, etc. yet he lives as far away from the groids as possible.

Now, the local bus route has been extended with a stop right on his front lawn, bringing the boys from 'da hood to his neighborhood! (The know.) For sale signs going up all over.

His best quote: "You're just a stupid bus driver and you make more than me!"
My retort "well, then I can't be that stupid!" (He certainly wasn't an economics professor!)

Looked up online how much, er little he makes. (I easily, with overtime, made double. Multiply that times years, decades!)

I'm retired, and he's still, at 56, paying college debt! I sure was stupid! Dumb ass lib!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I have come to realize that a lot of the stress I have suffered from my entire life is of my own doing. Expecting the world to act rationally, sanely, judiciously, and with forethought is unrealistic. We have always had these half-wit, (((white))) miscreants among us, as well as their cuck brethren. The negro will do what he has always done, which is take the direction from his (((handlers))), whether that be from the rap "music" he listens to, or the white robed preacher or cawlidge professor. They use the negro to unleash its violence, not unlike a foot soldier in the theatre of war.

It is up to us to direct our energies toward what we can do, not lament the world for what it has become. Quite simply, that means getting healthy, ridding yourself of bad habits, divorcing yourself from the system as much as possible, and raising your white children YOURSELF - not in the hands of some daycare.

We have now experienced sixty plus years of this nonsense, and each year it simply gets worse. What we are seeing now is our enemies working non-stop to destroy themselves. Never interrupt your enemy when he is in the process of doing this!

Case in point: Commencement for negroes "graduating" from Harvard featured segregation from yt ceremonies. The negroes are axing for segregation. They are normalizing the idea of exterminating one's racial enemies. The cucks are purposefully blurring the lines of the sexes (you can be a girl or a boy - it's all about choice). A "boy" with a crew cut, tattoos, and a vagina can be a mighty warrior, no?

I get a kick out seeing in the morning paper pictures of the negroes (there are apparently no white students graduating from the five colleges in the immediate area) smirking their way through commencement, taking selfies, carrying with them degrees worth less than a sheet of toilet paper. Their stupid, self-impressed expressions are hilarious, knowing that the majority of them are graduating with about 40 large in debt. Good luck with that, a@@holes. It's non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Make no mistake. This is all going to come down in an absolutely spectacular fashion. The fallout will be immense. Each day I actively consider getting out of the city for good and setting up housekeeping in the country. When this sh*t goes down, it will be colossal, not to mention bloody and violent. Not all of us will survive. Those who do must take up the mantle of rebuilding our (all, and exclusively) white country.

Anonymous said...

Inciting violence is NOT protected by the 1st Amendment and is a crime.

Try posting some article or giving a public lecture named "Why It's Ok To Kill Black People" and watch how fast you wind up in handcuffs.

Justifying murder specifically by using the race of the victim is absolutely illegal in the United States, but since the criminal is Inciting violence and murder of White people he will not only get away with it he'll likely be given an award.

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to me at least to see a few commenters here recognizing that the real true enemy here is the diseased white liberal and not their pets on a leash.


Analog Man:

(I am posting this here in response to a nice comment you left on a previous post, earlier)

Analog Man:

Thank you for the concern AND the link to Patricia Janeckova.

Here is a link to her rendition of "O Mio Babbino Caro", but she is 18. Jackie was half that.

I feel Jackie, even at age 9 was better (comparing Talent to Talent is not possible)

Then, from Holland we have Amira Willighagen, 9 years old, and here is her rendition of "O Mio Babbino Caro" which to me is almost as perfect as Jackie.

(Analog Man, I too am fascinated by the singing of these girls......I'm staying away from the Vienna Boys Choir.....if you know what I mean...HA)

And, no. You are not being a "downer". When I listen to songs, sung like these, it makes me cry. I'm talking a on-the -floor-cry....and it feels so wonderful to listen, with headphones on, thinking of the beauty of such songs...and cry. I never watch the video itself, after the first viewing, but crank up the headphones and drift into an existence nice and far from my present.....It is cathartic and I feel so much better. Music like this lifts my spirits and makes me feel in awe of the beauty that is out there....and the mind of the White Race which is the only race that can create every aspect of the episode, the instruments, the music, Air-conditioned buildings, and the singer(s), the stage lighting, the recording devices...........I'm crying right now.

Anonymous said...

The advantages of “diversity” work primarily for the minority.

The fascinating results of YT’s “tolerance” Worst case scenario: Fatally shot or stabbed. If you’re lucky: Punched in the face, kicked in the head and beat while down, with no permanent injury.

That’s what YT has to tolerate for the sake of upholding “diversity” No pain, no gain!

Anonymous said...

We told you what would happen if you unleashed the black savage and allowed him to roam free in civilized society but no, you "knew" better. Dumbasses!- says every segregationist who ever lived.

Brian in Ohio said...

I for one am glad the good professor chose to record his feelings for posterity. Because there`s certainly NO way something like this would ever come back to bite him in the ass....


Never stop your enemy from doing something stupid- Sun Tzu

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

I always liked "The Jetsons".... future looks bright, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

@bill in St Louis that because your mind is space out 😂 lol

Californian said...

We told you what would happen if you unleashed the black savage and allowed him to roam free in civilized society but no, you "knew" better.

White people have spent over six decades giving Africans-in-America everything they have demanded: integration, voting rights, affirmative action, black "studies" programs, the dissolution of the manned space program, entire cities from Selma to Detroit, their Big Man in the Oval Office teleprompter reader chair 2009-2017, space to destroy. And what is the response? The professor calls for the murder of Whites.

Any sort of concession to Africans-in-America will be seen as White weakness. And quite rightly. Every time White people have conceded anything to Africans, Whites end by losing everything. This is why the Alabama cops made their stand on the Edmund Pettus Bridge many years ago. Well, Africans got across that bridge and now Selma is destroyed. As have been many other American cities.

The history of the last half century demonstrates that no liberal policy has ever changed African behavior for the better: de-segregation, one-man-one-vote, anti-apartheid. Remove the civilized controls from the African, and Africans reverts to Africa, dragging down the environment around them.

Wake up, YT, wake up.

Anonymous said...

I always liked "The Jetsons".... future looks bright, doesn't it?

And it was a whites only future. Come to think of it, The Flintstones were a whites only Stone Age, but the white people in it could still build an advanced civilization.

Anonymous said...

How come the media isn't shouting from the rooftops about Negroid DNA differences and how it explains EVERYTHING about what they are, how they behave, and why non-blacks react the way they do to their unique set of characteristics!? It explains the whole shebang. Yet nobody is allowed to discuss it openly.

Seriously folks, we are to believe science when discussing climate change, but ignore it when it comes to racial relations. Crazy!

Just nuts.

Learn about allele frequency differences in the genome. Learn about IQ proportions within races. Learn about the MAOMA gene and violence. There is tons of science out there that shows why orcs are the way they are. Impulse control; future time orientation, etc. Wanting to be nowhere near them is completely NATURAL!!

Do NOT be beaten into submission. Follow the Truth no matter where it leads.

Anonymous said...

Last month the National Geographic put forth the rationale for killing white children in an article about Nat Turner.

Anonymous said...

If whites disappeared tonight, blacks would be dead within five years, and that's being generous. Without whites there are no blacks. Crazy bunch of wild idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @6:11 am. Hilarious post. I too, have friends and relatives who love black causes. They have, of course, never lived near any blacks. I can tell that most, if not all, posters on this blog have had numerous interactions with diversity. Guess you gotta live it to know it.

Anonymous said...

A few brave professors are fighting back in the heart of the beast.

That college has outsourced to a Florida firm the hiring of a Diversity Vice President who will make six figures plus fat perks and extras/benefits. Finalists are a beaner, a featherhead, and a groid.

Or so I heard--I have nothing to do with the place, but some ladies who drink at my favorite pub work there and are sick of the DiversiReligion. They are, by the way, black, and hate this whole equity thing with a passion.

Anonymous said...

And the negro wonders why the White Folk want nothing to do with them? This is Negro America. This is out future. There is only one solution.

Proudyt said...

Yes,it was made by Quentin Tarantino. The cop hating liberal fuck that sucks the dick of the most racist person in Hollywood,Samuel Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Of course he's an ignorant token given a fake university chair because they can't find enough blacks to teach chemistry or mathematics. What's important here is how this story illustrates how deep the institution of white-hating racism is in this country. For at least 50 years both the culture and the government of the U.S. has been based on white-hating racism and the ruthless exploitation of whites. BRA is just another name for this anti-whitism. Not only the fact that he is a professional white-hating racist earning a good living on tax payer dollars but also the reality that the university - Texas A.& M., no less - doesn't dare fire this imbecile shows just how deep this anti-whitism goes. These same universities would fire a white professor for any remark, no matter how reasonable, that is deemed politically incorrect. All brought to you by the media and the U.S. government.

Anonymous said...

Hating whites (males) is nearly all that unites those on the left. Gays think that if they embrace diversity in their fight against white males that somehow blacks, browns, and Muslims will somehow all of the sudden find them less disgusting and repulsive. Just because white women bash white men doesn't mean that the above list won't see them as weak, whores, and as easy targets.

Eventually some of these SJWs do get at taste of their own medicine (being passed over for promotions so "diversity" can be better represented among the tenured and senior staff. Watching a SJW kiss black @ss repulses me to no end because I used to actually think and act that way. Eventually you get burned and realize that it was never a one way street and that you were gladly participating in your own demise.

Anonymous said...

Last month the National Geographic put forth the rationale for killing white children in an article about Nat Turner.

Link, please.
thats the same mag that put Trannie kid on cover.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous don't worry blacks hate racist whites even more

Anonymous said...

Read the comments following this article about ugly muslim "girls" who want a segregated, No Jews Allowed (I like that part) Prom.

A prom for hags? For fat ugly girls dressed in body bags? Really? What the F are these people doing here? GO back to the feces land of Syria, Saudi Arabia. F off, SchwineHunden.

Anonymous said...

A @ 3:02, above:

In all my years of college, I never saw a negro Chemistry professor or Mathematician.

AnalogMan said...

So... is he for it, or agin it?

What a pompous ass.

Mr. Rational said...

Their stupid, self-impressed expressions are hilarious, knowing that the majority of them are graduating with about 40 large in debt. Good luck with that, a@@holes. It's non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

They'll get affirmative-actioned into a job in government or some (((foundation))) financed non-profit.  It's YT who has to worry about getting a real job somewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's YT who pays for their cushy positions, directly or indirectly. When the Chinese take over, blacks and Latinos will be sent back out into the fields, where they'll work or be left to starve.

If they try any of the muckmuck crap they pulled with YT, they'll be sent to the lao-gai . Ring leaders will be publicly shot in the back of the head in arenas filled with cheering spectators, and their organs harvested.

I wonder if any of the smarter blacks have any inkling what they're in for when their new masters don't fall for the crap we now do.