Friday, May 19, 2017

L.A. Riots Turn 25: Remembering Blacks Lining Up For Welfare Checks During Riots on May 1, 1992

Confession. During the L.A. Riots, I was very, very young. 

It's why watching LA 92 on Hulu was so interesting, to see blacks loot, riot, and burn in the name of a black criminal, as well as attack white citizens. The documentary shows numerous white people come under assault, as well as Koreans defend their property and businesses from black rioters. 
No, we can't all get along... 

The best part of the whole documentary was a Chinese woman defend her already looted store, as she tried to keep out non-white (primarily black) hordes from burning down her business as she shouted, "This is America. This is America. This is America."

Over, and over again. 

She's right. 

What happened in 1992 Los Angeles is exactly what America has become. 

Few are willing to accept this fact, but it's the truth. 

Just a nationwide powder keg, giving off sparks...

But an interesting portion of the documentary was May 1, 1992, when thousands of blacks lined up at a Post Office. Surrounding this government building were burned out stores looted only a day before, but the Post Office remained miraculously untouched. 

There's a reason why. Congressman Maxine Waters is seen trying to calm the black crowd, rallying the troops via talking to them on a bullhorn about the need to be orderly and polite so everyone could receive their welfare check. 

The city of Los Angeles was a war zone, but blacks still were under the impression the white man would provide a welfare check... [L.A. riot claims 38 lives, surpassing 1965 Watts riots,, May 1, 1992]:

Rev. Jesse Jackson walked the ravaged Crenshaw District Friday, meeting with distraught residents. 
Some law-abiding residents bemoaned the negative image they suffered at the hands of the rioters in addition to the physical destruction. 
''I'm tired of us being portrayed as animals,'' one woman said, crying in Jackson's arms as they watched a medical clinic burn to the ground. 
Jackson also visited a post office where hundreds of people were lined up waiting for their monthly Social Security or welfare checks. Many had no idea where they would cash the checks or spend the money on necessities because of the destruction of so many neighborhood shops and businesses.
It's a much watch documentary, because it powerful demonstrates there is no hope of black people ever assimilating to our civilization.

There can be no peace.

Friction will always exist, until a spark is created producing a Watts riot of 1965 or a Los Angeles riot of 1992.

Through it all, blacks will still demand their welfare checks come in the mail on time or arrive via direct deposit without the inconvenience of having to stand in line while blacks riot/loot/burn all around them.


Anonymous said...

it won't mean s-- when the time comes.
When the system collapses, when the EBT runs out, and they have ranged far enough away from their urban environments in search of food, because the Govt will be busy protecting the wealthy areas,/

surely you jest.

Uh, in East Germany, as soon as the checks stopped, the government enforcers quit.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly powerful stuff PK. This is the future of America if we don't put these apes on their place. Violent, thoughtless, aggressive, entitled and indolent beasts destroying and demanding gibs. Disgusting. On a more positive note...I was perusing the CNN website and couldn't help nut notice they had a CNN VR app. Hehehe...VR will fail. It's the last hope of (((the enemy))). Even the (((porn industry))) is getting a temporary false hope believing VR porn will save this dying and degenerate industry. Said it before under a different username, but it's an amazing time to be alive. We will get to to see the pillars of (((power))) undermined and toppled. Epic.


Anonymous said...

I remember the LA riots very well, but I've never seen the lines of vibrants so orderly waiting to receive their welfare checks.

I'm just imagining the indignity of having to wait in line. You burn down the neighborhood and then you must suffer inconvenience? What a raycist country we are.

Good thing it's all EBT cards now, the savages can sleep in after the riots.

Remember, demographics is destiny, we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

I'm pessimistic, in her place, I would have been shouting, "This was America! This was America" Feeling like that human who found the remains of the Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of the Apes.

Except for me, it is, "This was Canada! This was Canada!".

I think I'm going to go with John Derbyshire's analysis that we are all DOOMED, and I don't just mean western countries, I include China, Japan, and South Korea as well (maybe North Korea will actually survive?). You see, there are blacks in all three of the countries above, even exclusive Japan. For when a black have a child with an Eurasian, that child is black, and now have citizenship. All you need is one black in a country, and there will be more and more and more. We can and should prepare to protect ourselves, but I can't see us surviving outside of a siege ever again.

For example, suppose that you start with 6 breeding pairs...I've read story after story of black 'mother of sixteen', 'mother of ten' in stories with shootings and beatings...but suppose it evens out down to 6 since some blacks like the Obamas only have two, or three...or none (black females like Oprah).

1920: pop 12 of 20yr
* assuming: generation span of 20 years, lifespan of 60 years, and 6 per family unit.
1940: pop 48 = 12 + (6 x 6) details: 6 of 16yr + 6 of 17 yr + 6 of 18 yr + 6 of 19 yr + 6 of 20yr + 12 of 40yr
1960: pop 156 = 12 + 36 + (18 x 6 = 108)
1980: pop 468 = 36 + 108 (54 x 6 = 324)

Simply because SO MANY children were produced under the R reproductive strategy in a Mouse Utopia environment, within the span of 40 years you can go from 12 to 156, taking out the original breeding pairs of 6, that still leaves you a herd of 144 capable of overrunning a mall. Heck, a neighbourhood can fall within ten years to a herd of 12 + their giant kids.

With Mouse Utopia, even with plenty of food, the mice started attacking each other. Many males will not live to die of bad health habits at 60, but females are the population chokepoints, and as the situation worsen, not only will the R people started to have children younger (I recall reading of a 14 year old who was already a parent of two children), gibsmedat would be granted to allow a woman to have 16 children on welfare. The killings won't make a dent in their population as they already have reproduce and mature at a faster rate, with a short generation span.

Keep in mind that non-blacks live under the rule of blacks, we supply them with welfare, robbery and rape victims, and live under constant threat. It won't end. South Africa said they will take farms from whites (are they doing it officially yet, other than the farm murders). but South Africa isn't arranging for the whites to leave right? Won't let whites escape.

On a lighter note, because I'm super depressed now, guess what kind of people just stole 175 watermelons? What magic is this, that The Onion is reality now?

- AChineseInCanada

Ex New Yorker said...

I mentioned a couple years ago that I thought Rodney King was stoned on BARBITURATES (aka...goof balls. downers. reds. goofers.). A goofer head will feel no pain while in a fight. I know from first hand experience. You can beat on a goof ball head all night long and they well still get back up and want to keep fighting. All you can do is walk away before your hand gets sore. I went through it twice.

When stoned they can get really nasty. The cops thought he may have been "dusted". But someone on "angel dust" will stay down when they hit the ground. Goofers are feeling no pain and do not know they are hurt.

Another drug that makes you painless is Romilar (spelling?). It is a cough medicine.

King had two tasers in him and was getting shit kicked with billy clubs and still kept trying to get back up. The other jig that was with him just stayed in the car like a good boy. Did he get hit. No.

Rush had his TV show at the time and showed the whole video clip. The first thing King did was throw a cop about eight feet through the air. I think it was a lady cop. Of course the news stations NEVER SHOWED THAT PART OF THE FILM CLIP. I wonder why.

Some of the looters died inside the burning buildings. Other looters were looting the looters.

I had never seen the shots of the oppressed citizens standing in line for their checks. I know the Post Office refused to deliver the checks to their home addresses. I wonder why.

Riots are a way that blacks strike back at the evil white man by burning down THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS. Then they complain dat dey gots no place to go shopping and sheeet. It looks like a good time was had by all except they be upset about standing in line for their welfare checks. The poor souls. They are made to suffer so much.

Detroit Refugee said...

What an interesting look at a piece of our nations history. Tell me America is it all worth it?
All those criminals & parasites just waiting for the gibs. And you just know that population has mushroomed since the riots.
Reminds me of the bumper sticker I'd see around S.E. Mi. back in the 90's.
"Get your ass to work. Millions on welfare are counting on you".

Saw a fat ugly (female?) wearing a ball cap with the D on it. Wonder if some poor tourist was mugged for that?

Anonymous said...

thank you liberal white man for making all this possible

Anonymous said...

What dedication by those fine citizens. Standing in line peaceably for hours so they can mail their bills; car payments, full coverage auto, mortgage, license plate renewal, the list goes on.

Unknown said...

The real lesson of El Ape is that feeding the animals is bad for you and yours. People claim that America is about immigration and opportunity. But the cost of giving opportunities to inferior races is that they hate you and want you dead. They don't know history. They don't know anything. The concept of YT makes the food is lost on a simian full of hate with the IQ of an anthropoid and unable to even peacefully co-exist with each other. Some people used to say that blacks were monsters full of hate for Whites and detrimental to all life. These people were wise.

Unknown said...

I remember well. I was living in Columbus,Ga. at the time. I could be wrong but it seems I remember they also set up folding tables to distribute thier checks. I was in total awe at this, REALLY, they just destroyed a city and they get paid. Good job mr. Nog here's your blood money have a nice day. I remember I saw on one station the whole rotny king takedown, he got up 3 times before they beat the shit out of him. This was very early in the a.m., I've always gotten up early for work. I made a call to one of the local networks asking why they didn't show this during the day, of course all I got was the standard babble. I thought, well now they know that along with breeding like rats total destruction is also part of thier gubment job. This will never end as long as they get paid to do what comes natural to them.

Anonymous said...

I was about 18 when I watched the LA Riots on live TV. I had always had a bad feeling about blacks, with a tinge of guilt associated with that feeling that I must be the problem as a "racist". But when I saw those animals smash Reginald Denny's head in with a block for no reason whatsoever, except that he was white, everything changed. I then realized I was not the problem. The violent negro was the problem. We need more riots like this to wake up today's dozing 18 year olds.

Great White North

Anonymous said...

Fake news and marxist just reported even more white people are on ebt cards more than black people now and ever.

Anonymous said...

We need more riots like this to wake up today's dozing 18 year olds. Yes that would put the icing on the cake.

Proudyt said...

Blacks love free. At our company parties the swamp mamas stand in line at the dessert tables and load up filling their $300 purses up with cookies and cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

P.K. said: “What happened in 1992 Los Angeles is exactly what America has become.”

That’s because hardwiring YT’s children with white guilt and force feeding them self hate propaganda is the “soup of the day” The line around the block is proof of the specials popularity. They literally travel for miles and pay out of the nose, to gobble it up.

While negro worship and imagined unity, via diversity, is strengthened through the removal of white objects perceived as hate, riots are being documented, glorified, and held up as visual proof of a races “ positive” struggle for peace. It’s being portrayed as “this is good” or “this is the way” and “this is how it’s done” How can so many be taken in by this?

I’ve said before, it’s a one way door, there is no coming back from this…..(END THE WORSHIP)

GG said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fake news and marxist just reported even more white people are on ebt cards more than black people now and ever.

May 20, 2017 at 5:39 AM

NO SHIT!!! Maybe because there a hell of lot more white people in the country!!
A higher % of blacks on EBT would be a better statement, Like 18% of the population doing 90% of the crime.

Anonymous said...

I watched this last night/early this morning. That was absolutely disgusting. I am black.
I can't deny what I see. EVERYDAY! What an embarrassing race of people. Burn their community down. Then, stand in line for food stamps with no place to spend them.

Corp said...

The moment of the Asian lady shouting "this is America" was interesting to me also, almost out of place......unless the edited part was the blacks telling her she does not belong there... In their black neighborhood. I think that part was cut out.

Mr. Rational said...

NO SHIT!!! Maybe because there a hell of lot more white people in the country!!

If you do a little digging back in the statistics, you'll find at least one year where there were more Blacks on assistance IN ABSOLUTE NUMBERS than Whites... despite Whites being 6x as much of the population.

It is time to recolonize them.  We can start by outsourcing some of our prisons to Liberia; just give them 3 meals and a bed in a cargo-container village someplace, and let them do what they want the rest of their time.  No walls, no guards, they only get credit for time served if they show up and they have to pay their own ticket back at the end.

Then we can start sending dey famblies so deyz woan be so lonely and a dollar goes so much farther in Liberia.  Once da chilluns are born Liberian citizens and not US, we're rid of them.

Anonymous said...

The Rodney King/LAPD incident happened in early March, 1991.

Not quite 3 months later (May 28, 1991 to be exact):

...."King was arrested on suspicion of trying to run over (with his car)a vice squad officer who allegedly found him with (having sex) a transvestite prostitute in Hollywood, but no charges were filed."

Sick n' Tired said...

That poses an interesting question, when the economy is on the verge of economic collapse, will the govt put a freeze on the military's pay or the welfare/ebt system first? Stop paying the military and the govt has nobody to fight for them, stop paying EBT and the govt will need soldiers to protect them.

Anonymous said...

The one negro standing in line to get his welfare check who says that "this isn't for us. This is for the kids" highlights the problem. The Government "Feed & Breed" programs need to be shut down so that these fools stop having children that other people have to support. Then, of course, those "kids" reach sexual maturity and start having kids of their own while screaming for gibsmedats to support them just as their parents did. Like the old saying goes, whatever you subsidize you'll get more of. Who needs more negroes on welfare, EBT etc and all the attendant problems they cause? It's pure insanity.

Another negro pointed out how after all their stores have been burnt down by negroes, they have to travel to distant locations to get what they need but "they don't want to let us in!" Damn right! No one white (or of any other race)wants you coming into their areas to spread your crime and dysfunction to their neighborhoods as you most certainly will. You're getting exactly the reaction, treatment and response to your presence that you've earned and deserve but (being a low IQ negro) that is all beyond your comprehension. That's what I would tell the dumb sow but all she'd do is screech racism and "discriminashun" as if rejecting her and her parasitical and destructive kind was some kind of injustice.

Sorry for the rant but reading stories and seeing videos like this really piss me off. I'd like to round up all these negroes, load them onto ships and then (once arriving off the coast of Africa)summarily kick their asses off the ship and onto the beaches of Liberia and just sail away.

Anonymous said...

Anon said: ”I can't deny what I see. EVERYDAY! What an embarrassing race of people.”

I can’t deny the way things “WERE” but I will deny perceptions on how things “ARE” If we could get too and stay at a starting level of “judged by content of character” then work from there, treating the rest for what it actually is on both sides. This disastrous and expensive course the U.S. is headed in could be changed. In this case “IF” is a tall order.

As long as everything one race does will simply be explained away with three words ( It’s their culture ) all the while arguing and claiming another race has “no culture” or “no place” in the future. Nothing’s going to change.

IMO, black people are fully aware they have nothing to fear from YT. This “acting a fool” is only for the way things “WERE” not “ARE” It will continue, and I believe not end well.

“WAS” isn’t “IS” and “WAS” doesn't pertain to “ME”

Sick n' Tired said...

I think King was on PCP if I remember correctly. As a teenager a friend and I watched a guy on PCP outside of a Pizzahut fighting 2 cops. Nothing the 2 cops did fazed the guy at all (this was pre-tasers). A few minutes later 4 more cops arrived and all 6 piled on once he was on the ground. We figured it was over until we heard this animal/gutteral roar and the guy stood up like the Hulk throwing the cops off of him, he then straight jumped from the ground onto the roof of the cop car, where he began kicking at the cops. They finally pulled him off the roof, piled on again and managed to cuff his hands and legs. One of the craziest things I've ever witnessed.

Anonymous said...

Three meals a day? The locals are lucky to get three a week.

Brian in Ohio said...

I was 12 in 1992. I don't remember seeing them peacefully standing in line for their checks, the image we saw over and over was Reginald Denny getting his head smashed open with a brick, and the jigs dancing around him in celebration.

My dad was driving a truck at the time and began carrying a large pipe wrench under his seat. I clearly remember him saying, "They`re not going to Reginald Denny me."

I hope I live to see the day that those checks stop coming... Permanently.

Stay alert, stay alive.

countenance said...

On the Fergaza Strip, the McDonalds and the Taco Bell barely suffered any damage.

Anonymous said...

"When the economy is on the verge of economic collapse, will the govt put a freeze on the military's pay or the welfare/ebt system first?"

No. What the government will do is start cutting the social security payments to retiree's by 30 to 50 percent and throw that money at the blacks. Another step that will probably be taken is to place a high "tax" on the money that whites have in their bank accounts and on their stock earnings and other sources of income. The standard excuse of "It's for the kids!" will be used but it won't be for your kids- it'll be for the multitudes of fatherless negro brats in da hood and the idiots that spawned them. Think "social justice" on steroids. They'll even cut funding for critical infrastructure to throw the money at blacks too. They'll continue the negro coddling until they cause everything to collapse and total failure is the result.

Anonymous said...

To a previous topi. Mitch Landrieu, mayor of New Orleans, said that " the confederate statues caused a migration out of New Orleans. Mr. Mayor, with no due respect, did it ever occur to you that the migration might be due to murder, rape, robbery, and streets that smell like urine? How bout that?

Anonymous said...

Instead of cops pulling back like in LA, they stay around to keep property owners from fighting back. At least that's what I heard happened in the Ferguson riot.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 9:47 am. This actually already happens. A two third cut of police, fire and teachers social security. If you're entitled to $1,000 a month, you will get $300. One of the country's dirty little secrets. Watching all these welfare payments, immigrants old age insurance, and refugee welfare is infuriating and frustrating. A lot of the police and fire are veterans and still can't get what they earned. Giving it to those that never paid a dime. Redistribution of wealth, alive in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I remember the overhead shots and the newscasters saying the line looks miles long.
Some say Welfare day and the lines caused a pause in the riots enough for authorities to eventually get control.

Anonymous said...

After the Ferguson Riots a reporter talked to 3 men in their late 20's/early 30's, 1 told the reporter people are mad the stores are burned down and a lot of people don't have cars and have to walk 3-4 miles to get what they need, THEN he said if THEY don't hurry up and rebuild the stores, people will burn down the stores that have not been burned down.

This interview showed the GENIUSES the police have to regularly deal with.

Next time one of my TV's breaks down I am going to call the TV repairman and tell them 1 of my 2 TV's is broke and if you don't hurry up and fix it, I am going to get mad and break my other one.


Anonymous said...

The negro keeps complaining about Racist White Men like me.

I am a Racist.

I am also a Doctor. I laugh inside when I get a negro patient and they have no idea I can't stand them.

Sad. Too bad I can't put up a polite, honest sign, (to warn the negro that their Doctor is a White Racists Pig) actually makes me laugh inside.

If the "average"negro had ANY IDEA how much the majority of Whites can't stand them, they MIGHT have a clue. But, they want the stolen goods from the White Race so bad that they WILL put up with "racism". Actually, it isn't that they want the goods from us, but in reality, they have no choice since they can not feed, house, clothe nor heal themselves. THEY HAVE TO NEED US !!!

The negro needs the White Man.
The White man does not need the negro (except to clean toilets and suck out septic tanks)

Mr. Rational said...

Three meals a day? The locals are lucky to get three a week.

Maybe Quantavious can share some food and get him some authentic action with it.

Or maybe the locals will kill him for it, and Quantavious stops being anyone's problem.

What the government will do is start cutting the social security payments to retiree's by 30 to 50 percent and throw that money at the blacks.

Obamacare already did that to Medicare.

They'll even cut funding for critical infrastructure to throw the money at blacks too.

You're way behind the times; look at Commiefornia.  Remember the dam spillway just a couple months ago?

Anonymous said...

During the Simian (Sambo) uprising in Ferguson, I remember seeing a photo of REAL white men standing in front of a store. They were the owner and his friends, and even a woman or two.

All, White, naturally.

They were there to keep the uppity nigers from doing what comes natural to da niggerians.

I think the cops left them alone since what they were doing was legal, but I am sure that totally pissed off the Police Chief and (((those))) paying for the rioters they sent in to the city.

This summer it happens.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, these useless fucking naggers all around the country are STILL not able to feed their own fucking kids lunch during the summer months because they are too "stressed out" to provide the basics.

Thanks to traitorous white women keeping them as pets, the blacks will never go hungry or even have to lift a finger. And white men are being force-cocked to feed other men's bastard offspring. How do you like that, whitey??

“It’s life changing for these children," Straus said. "A lot of them have parents that are just stressed out about providing the basic means."

Anonymous said...

They would blend right in to the beaches when they washed ashore. There are only around 20k working toilets in Liberia, with a population of 3.5 million (175 people per toilet), so many people use the beach as their toilet.

Anonymous said...

The confederates statues in New Orleans came down like the Berlin wall. The Marxist are going to replaced them with the Clinton's, Obama, George soros, bernie Sanders

PB said...

"The Government "Feed & Breed" programs need to be shut down so that these fools stop having children that other people have to support."

Those of you so opposed to abortion need to think about adding an exception clause to your principles (which shouldn't be much of a challenge here), were feed and breed to actually stop. EBT is basically a ransom you pay to minimize their thieving (which even then doesn't work, as indeed they never will). A gorilla doesn't change just because the money spigot may be shut off.

PB said...

"If you do a little digging back in the statistics, you'll find at least one year where there were more Blacks on assistance IN ABSOLUTE NUMBERS than Whites..."

The first Black (heh heh) Swan comes when the number of recipients of Government money exceeds the number of net taxpayers. At that point the financial system is overstressed and begins to sink. I think the US is well past that point. (((Those))) who continue holding things up (the Fed) are simply ensuring the collapse when it comes will render the system unrecoverable in its existing form. This is what you do when you want to restructure everything in the manner that (((you))) want.

PB said...

"You see, there are blacks in all three of the countries above, even exclusive Japan. For when a black have a child with an Eurasian, that child is black,"

Reminds me of the analogy of the gallon of ice cream ruined by one speck of dog faeces.

Brian in Ohio said...

"When the economy is on the verge of economic collapse, will the govt put a freeze on the military's pay or the welfare/ebt system first?"

The bribe money paid out to blacks will be the absolute LAST thing they would touch.

There would be nothing left to buy before there stopped being money on those EBT cards. Bet on it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...


" What the Founders Really Thought About Race "
by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance

chattanooga gal said...

"said that " the confederate statues caused a migration out of New Orleans."
Ha, ha, ha, ha.....sorry to disillusion you mayor, but I know of A LOT of neighborhoods with no confederate statues whatsoever in which there has been mass migrations after the number of black criminals grew too large.

Left Coast White Guy said...

I remember it well. I lived in So Cal then just like now...about 35 miles from ground zero infestation. It was very surreal as the whole horizon turned dark due to the smoke from the arson. I loaded up on hollow points and started keeping a hand gun in my truck. I remember wanting them to bring their BS out of their neighbourhood to kick off the big show and finish their nonsense for good. Strangely though,they only behaved like this in their own area. I remember feeling such injustice over Rodney King being treated line some martyr rather than a raging ape speeding over 100 miles an hour through residential areas with the police in pursuit. I remember Reginald Denny getting pulled out of his truck and screaming inside my head, "No, don't stop for them...keep driving!", I remember thinking that we are all going to pay to rebuild their ghettos with pour taxes. It was surreal.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. A bit of math here. Since that event negroe destruction is proportional to the criminal dealt with police, so the longer the perp record is the more they protest and destroy, thus proving they worship crime. Just facts.

Anonymous said...

//PB said...
"You see, there are blacks in all three of the countries above, even exclusive Japan. For when a black have a child with an Eurasian, that child is black,"

Reminds me of the analogy of the gallon of ice cream ruined by one speck of dog faeces.

May 20, 2017 at 2:22 PM//

Yeah, Africans are a different species than Eurasians. Eurasians, 'modern humans' are descendants from a mix of Neanderthals and non-bantus Africans who left eons ago before the bantus killed and replaced most of the other tribes in Africa.

With a black parent, you get a black child, with black hair and temperment, and worse, you get a light skinned black that's a little smarter, but still aggressive and super resentful, the causasian or asian contribution just makes them more insidious because they can blend in like Tiger Woods (asian mother), or plan their crime more, like Philip Chism (white mother).

Chism was only 14 years old when he wore gloves and pulled his hoody up before following his white teacher 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer into the bathroom, he choked and raped her, he slashed her throat, he wheeled her body into the woods inside a recycling bin, where he left her in a sexually posed position with a tree branch inside her. After THAT, he went to the movies with her credit card, what he did doesn't bother him at all.

Today on the subway I saw to my silent disgust, an east asian woman with a black buck and their black child! I'm hoping she's Cambodian (a jungle asian) instead of a Southern Chinese, but with all the brain washing going on in school, the AGGRESSIVE race-mixing in the media, and young people's tendency to not think, it wouldn't surprise me to see more east asians throwing their lineage away as the whites have done before them to the black horde. The child might have light skin but you cannot tell what the other parent is. It's like viruses - they might use the biological material in your body to make new viruses, but those new viruses are not you or yours.

Obama's black father did a runner on him when he was 2 years old, he was raised by his white grandparents before his white mother married his Indonesian father - who did all of the fathering - and yet, Obama dishonour his adoptive father and recognize as his father the buck who did a runner, and he did this with the encouragement of his mudshark mother, a wicked treacherous woman completely ungrateful to the asian cuck who married her when she was a single mother with a black baby.

Think about all the white and asian resources Barack Obama consumed growing up. It's like the zombie girl Melanie (Hungries) in The Girl With All the Gifts, the humans are the ones who fed her, cloth her, and raised her, even though her kind eats humans. She uses the knowledge the humans give her to doom all humankind, reasoning that as long as there are humans and hungries there will always be conflict (the humans will HURT the hungries...because the hungries eat the humans), so her solution is to replace the human civilization with the hungries, a predatory species. Most aptly, even though Melanie was explictly a white character in the book, she was played by a light-skinned-black in the movie, take this as a warning. Melaine repays the kindness of the DWL human teacher Ms.Justineau who had cared for her by exterminating her teacher's kind, and charging her teacher with the task of teaching the feral hungries language - something Justineau has to do in an airtight suit, because if the hungries smell her, they will attack and eat her. Since airtight suits eventually breaks down, and there are no more human civilization left to make more...the hungries are going to eat Mrs.Justineau, and Melanie may shred crocodile tears, but she's incapable of feeling responsible for the consequence of her actions or maybe even connect effect to cause.

- AChineseInCanada

Anonymous said...

Do Not Snitch = this kind of person on the street=keep cops busy.

Detroit Refugee said...

When I take the time to reflect on the abuse of our countries EBT program, I am angry beyond words.
So take the above video and multiply it by tens of millions!!

I know of 2 heavy weight she boons at my job that were openly proud of the fact they're getting one over on "the Man". That's us. You/me.
On a bad year these women of color make 40,50,60K. A good year & it's 90K & more. Why would they need food stamps?

Anonymous said...

When all is said and done we will raise a Reginald Denny statue. And any kneegroes left, if any, plus any known SJWs, need to kneel at said statue and be forced to cry and say sorry. Two can play this game you foul marxists.

You get it now? We were willing to play along with promises of equality, but we believed equality meant equality in civil behavior. How we were deceived.

Great White North

PB said...

"The White man does not need the negro (except to clean toilets and suck out septic tanks)"

And even then, it be all hard 'n sheeit.

Anonymous said...

No future tense needed for that. They are doing that already.

Anonymous said...

"" What the Founders Really Thought About Race "
by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance"

Though informative in parts, on the whole I found this video slanted and misleading.

1. If Jefferson was convinced the races were incompatible, as Taylor claims, why did he live with and sire six kids with a quadroon slave named Sally Hemings?

2. Taylor claims Jefferson wanted to deport all blacks. Why then did he free his four slave children by Hemings? Why not deport them himself? He was a rich man and could have set them up well in Liberia or Haiti. For that matter, he could have done the same for Hemings. Evidently there were some strict limits on his enthusiasm for deportation, assuming it really was a sincere belief and not just a political pose.

3. Taylor cites the Naturalization Act of 1790 to "prove" that negroes weren't allowed to become citizens, and yet omits the fact is that negroes were already citizens of some of the states at the time of the Constitution's adoption, and so were able to become US citizens without being naturalized. Further, no law was ever passed revoking or barring such negroes and their descendants from US citizenship.

4. If the American Colonization Society was serious about sending all the negroes in America back to Africa, as Taylor also claims, why then was forcible deportation never advocated? Surely all of those distinguished men who founded and ran it weren't foolish enough to think that ALL the four million negroes then in America were going to go back to Africa of their own accord, were they? The sad fact is that the voluntary negro self-deportation upon which the ACS was premised was a half-baked idea. The organization turned out to be a make-believe solution to a real problem. It's downright embarrassing that any white people back then were stupid enough to think it would work, let alone the famous men mentioned as being intimately involved with this project.

5. If Lincoln wanted to deport all blacks, as Taylor claims, why did he call for making blacks citizens and giving them the vote in his last public address?

It seems clear that the real picture is much more complicated than Taylor would like you to believe. It always can be hard to assess what someone else is thinking. The fact that most of the men mentioned were politicians doesn't make this task any easier. Adding the typical mendacity of the politician to ordinary human hypocrisy makes discerning what the Founders "really" thought about race very hard to do. It seems fair to say that over their lifetimes, most of them had more than one opinion on the subject, sometimes even holding contradictory opinions at once.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are in for a mighty rude awakening when whitey becomes the minority and poor, and welfare checks stop rolling out because the Chinese and Latinos who rule the US at that point don't give a damn about the black victimhood narrative. Also, jews, laugh now as you kick us out of the society our ancestors built, but remember that you'll also be standing there right next to us on the outside because none of these non-whites like you any more than they like us. What then? Israel isn't big enough for all of you.