Saturday, May 6, 2017

Indianapolis, 28% Black but where Blacks are Suspects in More than 80% of Homicides, NO BOBS (No Black on Black Slayings) Organization Started to Stop the Murder

Where blacks are concentrated in the United States, homicides and nonfatal shootings will be recorded at rates mysteriously not found in counties where blacks are not found. This the TL;DR breakdown of the Crime Prevention Research Center's newest conservative catnip study on gun crime/murder in America

In 54 percent of U.S. counties in 2014, there were no murders. This represents 11 percent of the U.S. population. Five percent of U.S. counties, representing 47 percent of the population of the country, accounted for nearly 70 percent of the homicides. 

Where you have blacks in America, you have crime, homicide, general misery, a food desert, decaying infrastructure, and title pawn/cash checking stores as the primary businesses. 

Indianapolis is about 58 percent white and 28 percent black. More than 75 percent of homicides have a black suspect in the city, with police in Indianapolis failing to keep accurate data on the race of suspects in nonfatal shootings. 

But know this: 95 percent (or more) of nonfatal shootings in Indianapolis have a black suspect.

Which is why the following picture of Derek Morris, an Indianapolis 'artists', is so funny.

A reminder of the community black people create: in 28 percent black Indianapolis, an organization called NO BOBS ("No Black on Black Slaying") is necessary...

He's the founder of a called NO BOBS, an acronym for "No Black on Black Slaying."

No word if he is okay with black on white slayings (of which there are more black on white murders in Indianapolis every year than there are white on white murders). 

So what is B.O.B.S
No Black On Black Slaying (No BOBS)

No BOBS’ mission is to reduce violence. They aim to prevent violence, to save lives, to reduce prison populations & recidivism, to offer alternatives to violence, & to work with other like-minded organizations. To make neighborhoods safer, No BOBS has a crime fighting program that presents innovative ways to change minds through the community’s assistance & No BOBS’ presence, education, & more.

Within the boundaries of Riverside Park to Boulevard Place & Watkins Park to Golden Hill Park, No BOBS created the “Feed A Family for A Month Program,” where they supply weeks’ worth of food for families whose breadwinner has been slain, as well as the “Food for Funerals Program,” to help families bury a loved one.
A thought experiment: if Indianapolis had no black population, the only murders would be the extremely rare crime of passion, or a mentally-disturbed individual committing a homicide no member of the community would dare defend or shield from justice.

With a black population, homicides in Indianapolis invariably have a black suspect (and the black community tends to protect their criminals with the 'no snitch' pledge), which is why police have such a low clearance rate on murder investigations.

Black groups like the pathetic Ten Point Coalition, led by black clergy who walk dangerous black neighborhoods trying to deescalate situations involving blacks before they degenerate into violence, try in vain to convince blacks who might know information about a homicide to come forward.

But few do.

So now you have NO BOBS... "No Black on Black Slaying."

There is no equivalent of this only-necessary-because-of-blacks organization in a white community, because:

  • homicides are extremely rare because whites possess higher intelligence, impulse control and better future-time orientation. 

We used to have nice things in America, like a nation.

Now we must search for the few cities/communities left in the nation still with a demographic representing the founding stock of the nation, where the misery befalling the rest of the nation is but a nightmarish reminder of why the American Colonization Society members were painfully correct in their analysis of the primary question determining whether the U.S. would have a future or not.


Anonymous said...

Is No BOBS looking for funding???

I'm sure that's what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

Did they steal that from a Taco Bueno menu? BOB is a Big ol Burrito.

Mr. Rational said...

No BOBS’ mission is to reduce violence.

It's the same old "Stop da bilence!" that will never work because the violent Blacks (but I repeat myself) are their own family, friends and neighbors who they will not even so much as reprimand for causing trouble... for other people.  But if anyone so much as "disrespects" them, it's time for a brawl at the very least.

They are savages.  They must be removed, one way or another.

Ex New Yorker said...

The most important thing I learned on the streets of New York was about the criminal mind. There are many different types. The most dangerous are the ones that work in teams. When in groups of two or more they kind of feed off of each other. By planning and plotting together gives each one a type of strength that they would not have if working alone. There is also the "safety in numbers" factor. The team up and wolf pack types are somewhat weak when stalking their prey by themselves. The larger the group the more excitement there is in "sharing the kill". What most people don't understand is that the "thrill of the kill" gives them a kind of perverted high. A type of self importance that they happily share among themselves. They find great pleasure in causing others to suffer.

The "lone wolf" stalker is usually big, bad and tough and does not need any help in performing his deadly tasks. The weaker predator is just the opposite. They become big and bad by being in a group. Your typical two bit punks (purse snatcher types) become stronger and more brutal when attacking in a group because each one is trying to prove to the others how tough he can be. By seeking the admiration and approval of other group members the punk feeds his own weak ego and self esteem. Imagine if you can the competition taking place in a gang of these heathen little fuckers as they beat the holy shit out of some poor bastard or stalk and kill members of another gang. Each one in a feeding frenzy of violence and ego gratification.

There is a good side to this gang violence. The best being that after each deadly gang encounter the next shoot out will be based on revenge. Each act of revenge means more police sirens, yellow tape and body bags. These blood crazed freaks butcher each other on a daily bases and there ain't nothing out there that will convince them from changing their ways. That is not how the criminal mind works. These clowns and community leaders are day dreamers and wishful thinkers if they think this will some day come to an end. It is what it is. Yo...dat shit be real.

Anonymous said...

Black on black stupidity

Anonymous said...

Only the degenerate white liberal could expect anything positive to come of this tried and tried again failure of a race. As stated so many times before your number one enemy is not the weak inferior negro. Your biggest enemy is the dwl media who keeps propping them up.

Anonymous said...

My brilliant physics prof warned me ages ago: There are two kinds of people, those who stare at the data and let this truth reward them, and then there are those who, once they recoil in horror - toss this data and charge forward, blinded by some idiotic notion.

AA. EEOC. EBT. Welfare. Section 8. School lunch programs. And what is the best all of these have generated?

"He was an aspiring rapper."


Anonymous said...

I bet they have symbols on the back of the hoodies, with the thumbs up, saying BOWS Okay, or black on white slayings tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Within the boundaries of Riverside Park to Boulevard Place & Watkins Park to Golden Hill Park, No BOBS created the “Feed A Family for A Month Program,” where they supply weeks’ worth of food for families whose breadwinner has been slain, as well as the “Food for Funerals Program,” to help families bury a loved one.

Here is a problem in itself, how many Toby's think to themselves......."Shhhhiiiitttt, ifs I gets kilted, days bees gonna heps pays for my's funeral!"

Paintjob Theory said...

"offer alternatives to violence"

How about literally everything else? Nope, not with black Africans. Violence, vice, and destruction are their default and if history is any indicator, trying to teach them different tricks simply does not work.

“Feed A Family for A Month Program,” ..... the “Food for Funerals Program,”

Just call them the "Gibs Muh Dat" and "Err buh poda hep" programs. Honestly, if your house is infested with ants that are burrowing away at the frame, the answer isn't to throw them sugar cubes.

The other takeaway here is that the majority of this continent's land mass is still mostly to entirely nog free and civilization still exists. Come on out to the free zones and live amongst your own kind.

Anonymous said...

Point well made - I once traveled through Gary, Indiana and was beyond incredulous as to the condition of the place - 3rd world devastation is the only way to describe it! Truth is, as PK regularly sans fail points out to us that many of such 3rd world dumps exist in USA and are growing at an alarming rate, due to the utter lack of the success of being able to send the obsolete farm equipment back to where they belong in Africa and to add insult to the founding stock of our nation, the duplicit insanity of the (((tribe)) created immigration legislation Hart-Cellar Act of '65. Its the (((tribe))) members that continue to seek to sellout this country (it was another (((tribe))) member that was very instrumental in getting thousands of the obsolete farm equipment to move up North in what is called the 'great (ha!) migrations', all done at a profit, as is their usual modus operandi) ...(((tribe)) members have no loyalty to anything other than $$$...and having one of them so deeply embedded in WH is major reason why a Trump administration is turning out to be something less than 'patriotic'...selling out USA land / property to foreign conniving muds that this country has NO NEED OF and never did and using the WH connection to do so (we do not need any more Chinese they are like conniving yellow colored rats that colonize any place they take over in no time and its just as off-putting and crime infested as are black ghettos only they are more cunning about it... (((Tribe))) are as deeply sociopathic towards ANYONE outside of their tribe - they objectify everyone else as a tool to be used on one way or another for their benefit - & ANYONE in our culture who has caught their madness such as worshipping at the billionaires' altar and chases after the $$$ as their only means of 'valuing' themselves is complicit in supporting the (((tribe))) infested, toxic fiat system that is destroying our country and much of the 1st world (just look at who's supporting the propped up 'centrist' candidate in France - I do hope the 'polls' are proven all proven wrong over there as they were here and Le Pen gets in) Is it any wonder at all as to why Bannon had a strong distrust & clashed often with the (((son-in--law))? Its about survival and NOT supporting this madness, stop selling, building, teaching, doctoring, and stop breeding with muds - for to continue to do so, when there is now so much evidence of the 'genoicide' underway makes one the worse kind of masochistic 'whore' to be so desperate for $$$ and/or attentions from all parasitic muds folks who seek to only use & destroy us so they can take for themselves the 1st world civilizations that ONLY we blue-eyed peoples have been able to create where ever it is that WE find ourselves...Trumps is showing that he's been bought and sold a long time ago - I feared this would come to the fore and take precedence even though I voted for him...he's showing himself for be more a puppet of the money grabbers than anything else...

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bob a white/honkey/cracker name?

I've been watching these goofy marches since the 60's.

They don't want "snitches," but if one of their own is killed, then here comes the crying and the t-shirts and buttons. "He was a good boy."

They must have a playbook on this somewhere. Don't apply yourself, don't work hard. Just fluff off from the womb to the tomb! This got old decades ago.


Anonymous said...

As anon said above your worst enemy at this point is the white liberals and the media that displays them daily. The needy greedy blacks simply cannot exist w/o them.

Anonymous said...

Is the Mixed Martial Arts company giving Trayvon a posthumous award for his proven interest in bashing people's heads in on the concrete? He actually showed more aptitude for that than flying.

Or an honorary degree from the SPLC for hating White people? That he was good at too.

D-FENS said...

We are a Chuck E. Cheese nation with nukes.

Anonymous said...

One ENORMOUS mistake Whites make when dealing with the Negroid problem is assuming that the orcs think and feel as they do. They don't. They have a different genetic structure that affects their IQ, thoughts and behaviors. Very similar to Humans, but not the same. Think Dog/Wolf.

So, when projecting a behavioral pattern on a negro Whites think they would act as they would. Of course they don't, and the result is chaos and murder.

We need REALISTS in charge. Race, Realists!

Otherwise we are DOOMED!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

AA. EEOC. EBT. Welfare. Section 8. School lunch programs. And what is the best all of these have generated?

"He was an aspiring rapper."


Not true. Trayvon Martin just earned hisself a degree in aero-know-logical engineering, yo. A university awarded it posthumously. They found out "little" Trayvon (gotta love the prepubescent photos they're still using) loved to "fly". What they forgot to mention was that the "flying" occurred after a couple hits off dat crack pipe, chased down with sum purple drank. Yo, it all be good. Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

Duh, we need more BOBS not less. Even blacks know that. A BOBS rate 100x the current BOBS would really help in solving all of our "social" problems

Anonymous said...


How about NO NIGS?

Anonymous said...

I bet like you that purple drank stuff

Anonymous said...

@d fens is Chuck e cheese still around

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

There was yet another incident of "shots ringing out" at the local mall near where I live just the other day. Po po is axing for the coonmunity to come forth with information on the slayng (one nog down, Lajayveeyus and Quantron still at large). There is no fixing any of this. Negroes are on a murderous rampage, killing each other in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon will continue as long as we feed, clothe, and house them and pay them to breed. Meanwhile, the mall is suffering the ubiquitous "white fight". Rinse, lather, repeat......

There is nothing that terrifies a negro than a book filled with words more than one syllable long and sentences longer than three or four words. I actually had a dream last night that I was back in the classroom teaching these overgrown retards. In the dream, I approached a nog who was lying down in his desk (yes, it can be done), wearing a baseball cap. I unceremoniously removed the cap, only to find another cap underneath. I then removed the next cap, and the next (think Russian nesting dolls). My patience grew thin, so I motioned some herculean strength, lifted the nog up with one arm, and marched him to another classroom for another teacher to deal with because I could no longer stand the sight of his pathetic, stupid expression. (we actually used to do this for each other.) The other teacher, a black woman, agreed, and I body slammed the negro to the floor. The negro went down like a felled log, hitting his head on the floor. The black teacher went to comfort the negro boy and looked up at me with disdain and anger. I saw the negro smirk at me as he lay on the floor "unconscious". It was then that I knew he had just won the negro lottery and I provided him with the winning ticket. Losing my job was the least of my worries. Then I woke up, relieved that I no longer have to deal with this bullshiite on a daily basis.

They are a genetic dead end. The sooner society realizes this and stops paying them to breed, the better.

Full Metal Realist said...

The U.S. court system will never allow blacks to be repatriated back to africa. The best we could hope for is that the state and federal prison systems make a deal with african prisons to take our prisoners. If the convict actually survives the sentence, once released they would have to fund their return trip back to the United States. I doubt if most of them would have the money to do so, and would remain in africa. Of course we would have to send prisoners of a races to the african prisons, which is o.k. with me because I don't want white thugs here either.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I remember commenting here once about "The Knife Went In" an article written over two decades ago by a mental health physician in England whose job it was to evaluate prisoners.

He noticed that those serving sentences for stabbing people would consistently use the phrase "the knife went in" when describing their own actions. Just playing with the language and rearranging verbs from "the doer of" to "the receiver of" and disconnecting responsible parties -- permits the person to feel like they played no role and are therefore not subject to punishment. You see, the knife "did it."

Blacks and their enablers essentially have the same mindset. Agency must be removed from the guilty. Everything must be treated as a phenomenon and originating from an outside force beyond any individual's own control.

This is how we end up with phrases in mass media such as:

"Shots rang out shortly after the concert" - The shots did this?
"Chicago's violent streets" - The pavement is violent?
"An after school gathering which has left three area Mothers searching for answers..." - The school gathering is responsible?
"A wave of killings gripping the city" - The wave did this?
"A deadly summer" - The summer is responsible?

You could go on and on.

The simple fact is, high strung emotional blacks, when gathered, inevitably have disputes with each other. They do not deescalate, especially if there is an audience egging them on. Once the fight begins, they will then use any tool available to them to achieve victory over their opponent, with no concern what happens afterwards nor any consequences. This often times involves extremely lethal tools, such as guns. This happens many times per day. In fact in every city with a black population exceeding 100k, this will happen several hundred times per year. It is directly scalable to the number of blacks in an area.

It is just what they do.

No march, no t-shirt campaign, no vigil, no cake walk, no police outreach program, nor any "looks-at-meh" rev'run can do anything to address this feature of black impulsivity, which is hard-wired biologically.

The only sensible solution is to place distance between one's self and blacks, and allow them to live as nature intended them to do, as a volatile "r" selected species inhabiting their own territories exclusively.

Anonymous said...

Yea, BOBS on the NOBS

Anonymous said...

The Four Seasons Mall ?

Inquisitor said...

Fo shizzy

Brian in Ohio said...

Full Metal Realist said...
The U.S. court system will never allow blacks to be repatriated back to africa.

Correct. Black natural tendencies toward criminality is a boon for the Prison Industrial Complex. They have 13% of the population that are guaranteed repeat customers.

Repatriating them would put millions of cops, judges, prison guards, parole officers, bail bondsmen, and EMT`s out of work.

Blacks justify billions of dollars worth of State and Federal law enforcement budgets. Scared whitey = $$$$

Money comes first, your safety is a distant second.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Tolerated? They would have to be able to spell it and know what it means first.

"BOWS ain't sheeeeeeeeeeet" is more likely.

Inquisitor said...

I picked up another white guy yesterday to help me load a couch. He lives in the niganati area. Dang right I was packing. I knew where he lives. Crappy thing... he gave me the address across the street instead of his address. A potentially lethal mistake in niganati

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous said...
The Four Seasons Mall ?

May 7, 2017 at 8:02 AM


Yes. Another "no go" area which is getting the attention of more and more whites with whom I converse. Of course the dreaded "N" word is never mentioned. It is simply "gun violence" or "shots ringing out". Malls gone wrong?

No mention, either, of how these n*ggers have such ample time to while away the hours during mid-afternoon on a weekday. Hell, even at work they spend more time trying to avoid work than anything for which the company had hired them to do. But hey, why work when you have Uncle Sam providing you with all the necessities of life. Score a bag of weed, sell some crack, loot some quick marts, run some numbers on the side - it's not hard to secure the "extras" you need. The trouble comes when Marquarious feels you done him wrong. That's when you see some Bobs - or boobs, if you will.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be "NON" instead of "BOB"? Ever notice how many "groups" there are that pop up outta nowhere to fight "NON" crime in the "african-American" community? Do Hispanics have that many, or Asians - and we all know of course that Whites have none. How do the rest of us manage our daily lives without being constantly told not to kill each other? I have yet to see any one of them make any meaningful difference, have you? But they've been very successful at making a lot of "community leaders" rich well beyond their mental capacity. What was the lowly black janitor/cook back in the day is now a "reverend" and a "community activist" making six figures from the government, and most of the time doesn't even live in the community - aka the "Reverend" Wright - "the chickens.....have come home to roooossss!"

Anonymous said...

The whole "13%" needs to be examined. It's much lower when you extract the real data. The WHOLE population of orcs in America may be 13%, but the sub-section creating the havoc and mayhem (males primarily, 12 to 35) is probably about 4% or so.

That means a TINY PERCENTAGE of mammalian bipeds amongst us are causing the VAST MAJORITY of violent crime!

That's breathtaking.

Bill in St Louis said...

I wonder, would it be possible to teach this in schools? Get some liberal dumbing down version of : birds fly, fish swim, blacks crime. Seems basic to me. Because until they figure this out, nobobs, and any other bullshit is nothing but looks at muh. Useless. (Sorry about the redundancy).

Brian in Ohio said...

Inquisitor said...
He lives in the niganati area.

Would you be referring to Cincinnati.. or Cincinasty?

And yes, the wrong address there can get you killed. Just ask Jamie Urton....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Mr. Rational said...

Shouldn't it be "NON" instead of "BOB"?

NONSense... oh, the possibilities.

Nog On Nog Shootings Every Night Sound Excellent.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one second that any of these negroes think their "programs" will work. It's all a hustle combined with looksatme and putting up a front where they can pretend to be all relevant and important and sheeit. The main goal is to get negro coddlers to start virtue signaling by throwing money into their outstretched paws. It's a hustle that's worked so many times in the past on feeble minded white liberals and negro coddlers that it has now become standard operating procedure. Decades and decades of the same hustle being played out with the same result- nothing changes, nothing improves.

It's Groundhog Day in da Hood where everything just keeps repeating over and over, again and again. It's so absurd and ridiculous that it's become high comedy. Right now there's a niglet being born who will (in twenty years time) be out on da skreet babbling about da t-shirts he done made and his idea to stop da biolence! And, as he does so, there's another being born who will (in another twenty years) being doing exactly the same thing. Hilarious! Ditto for the doe-eyed brainless libtard who'll be rushing in all concerned and ready to make a difference. His or her dimwitted counterpart is just now being born and will do the same in twenty years as well. If it wasn't all so pathetic, I'd laugh myself into a coma!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! LMAO!

Anonymous said...


Reason #77322 why you don't confront a pack of feral negroids alone, without serious firepower, and especially if you are elderly and the shitskins are young---

Avoid the groid, let the popo handle this kind of problem...

Anonymous said...

Off topic but just now hearing about a double murder of two doctors in Boston. No pics of the killer when I saw the story on Yahoo, but since they did give his name I Googled it and sure enough, it be one of America's Most Precious Resources:

Detroit Refugee said...

Black on black crime (shots rang out), as well as black on human crime forced the closure of the Southgate Chuck E Cheese. Tell me people, who the hell goes to a kiddie b day party packing a handgun or intent on snatching a human females purse?

Anonymous said...

Macron = Frances death. USA fought for France in 2 world wars. Not again. Let it die.

Pat Boyle said...

The reasons why the police clear so few of the Black-on-Black Slayings (BOBS) are not hard to understand.

First of all there is the shear number of incidents. Wyatt Earp and his friends and brothers in the most famous gun fight of all time only killed three people. Jack The Ripper only killed about four or five prostitutes. But in Chicago or any other big city ghetto today, there are many black teenagers who have probably killed a half dozen or more people personally. The criminal justice system cannot deal with so many so fast. That's why on D-Day at Normandy we didn't send over one lawyer for each soldier to read some German his rights.

Secondly if you read Sherlock Holmes you expect the detective to slowly uncover secret plots and lay bare the trail of false clues. The detective is trained to uncover motives. But so many of these black-on-black crimes seem to be virtually unmotivated. No one ever seems to have 'decided' to kill someone - it just happens, and the black culprit is surprised along with his family and friends.

Young ghetto blacks are like 'thermal neutrons' just waiting to explode in a chain reaction when nudged by another neutron. In the right circumstances they kill, and everyone is taken by surprise. The pattern of urban black violence seems to be that the nominal actors in the drama don't initiate action so much as it just happens to them. Maybe this is why all the wailing mothers are so often confused.

That's also why it is cruel to punish blacks.

I just got a puppy. He has eaten two of my slippers and two plastic bottle as well as shedding all the paper he can pull out of the trash can. But I don't punish him. He acts without reason. Similarly we should never punish black teens for murder.

But we should 'put them to sleep'.

We no longer punish the mentally ill or the mentally defective any more than we would whip a horse. Similarly we should just dispose of black murder suspects as humanely as possible and at the least expense.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if we keep reminding blacks that murder is wrong they will stop murdering. Especially if it's written on a t shirt. Wish someone would have thought of this sooner. Gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

The part of the story that shocked me wasn't that the groid killed 2 people, but that he had just served a 9 MONTH(!) sentence for robbing 2 banks. I always thought bank robbery was considered a federal crime due to them being federally regulated.

Sick n' Tired said...

It only took 19 hijackers on 9/11 to completely fuck up air travel for the rest of the world. So 4% of 40+million (roughly 1.6 million) commiting crime and causing the rest of society to suffer isn't that implausible. If you evenly distributed that number across all 50 states each one would have 32,000 havoc causers. Since the distribution isn't even, places like Cheyenne, WY might have one or two, while Chicago has over 100k+, which is why it has a murder rate comparable to an African conflict zone.
In my personal opinion, I think the 13% of the population number has to be much higher, because that's the same number they've been claiming since the 90's. Given the way groids breed like rats, I wouldn't be surprised to find out it is more like 20-25%. Does anyone on here honestly think groids are filling out the census forms properly and sending them in, or telling the census takers that their convict cousin, his sister's kids, Lateesha & her baby daddy, are all living together in granmammy's 2 bedroom section 8 apartment?

D-FENS said...

The wife and I visited a friend in Huntsville AL after attending my son's graduation. It looked like a prosperous area as several technology oriented government and industrial concerns are located there.

Huntsville has about a 30% negro population, similar to Indianapolis. I was puzzled by the paradox of a seemingly well ordered town with a significant negro population.

I looked at the crime statistics. Huntsville has a crime rate twice the national average. Cohencidentally, it has about twice the negro percentage as the nation. Paradox resolved.

Even the presence of large numbers of technology businesses and government military research facilities cannot overcome negro dysfunction.

We looked at a nice housing development on a whim. The thought going through my mind was the realization of the extensive governmental presence and large AA-compliant corporations guarantees a large negro "middle class" that could probably afford to buy into nice developments.

Sick n' Tired said...

@ Anonymous, yes Chuck E Cheese is still around. At one by me in S. FL an employee found a 3 year old niglet wandering around, the family was there earlier and forgot him when they left. Also this:

Anonymous said...

Nicely summed up:

I don't believe for one second that any of these negroes think their "programs" will work. It's all a hustle combined with looksatme and putting up a front where they can pretend to be all relevant and important and sheeit. The main goal is to get negro coddlers to start virtue signaling by throwing money into their outstretched paws. It's a hustle that's worked so many times in the past on feeble minded white liberals and negro coddlers that it has now become standard operating procedure. Decades and decades of the same hustle being played out with the same result- nothing changes, nothing improves.

It really is a Groundhog Day style time loop. A strange new dimension where where all the streets go wrong, all the shots ring out, and all the rappers are aspiring.

Californian said...

Let's look at the technology of the thing:

A: Black leaders recognize there is a "problem" with an excess of black-on-black killings.
B: Black leaders demand that "something" be done.
C: Usually, that "something" is totally useless, like vigils for peace, putting up lawn signs, or selling T-shirts.
D: Finally, YT steps in with an extra dose of law enforcement, which suppresses some of the crime but leads to...
E: leaders screaming (wait for it!) racism.
F: So law enforcement stands down and the "community" finds itself back at "A." Wash, rinse, repeat.

Really, if the power grid could be hooked up to this process, the USA would have a source of perpetual motion energy. Just fire a few shots into the air every six months and, like the Energizer Bunny(tm), it keeps on going...

Anonymous said...

I don't think shirts will work.

You need a vigil.

And a march.

And a prayer service.

And a....

Oh who am I kidding, this is just more "gibs me dat" and "looks at muh" and will change nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Trayvon received an honorary degree, a dollar short and a dollar short for our future NASA test pilot. BUT, sports fans there is hope here, I heard he was flying Cessnas in HELL.

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic but still news worthy. Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump and apparently assistant president is selling U.S. citizenship to wealthy Chinese for $500K USD each. Jared had a big conference in Peking with of course many Chinese interested. Tell me again, what are the 'conservatives' like Donald Trump and the horrendous Republicans trying to conserve, it certainly isn't the U.S.

These people are traitors to the U.S. but %100 loyal to their own country.

NE Whitopia

Anonymous said...

Another story about "teens" engaging in a mass assault on the campus of Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. only this time it's Hispanic teens. They are at least as bad as the nogs and perhaps worse. Hartford Conn. is a shit hole, full of these Hispanics scumbags.

AnalogMan said...

I beg Paul's indulgence for an off-topic (but relevant) comment.

A couple of threads back, several readers, including Pat Boyle and Tarczan, discussed books. I responded on that thread, but now I want to put in a plug for a book that I have just finished reading, which is without doubt the best book I have ever read. I wish I had known this stuff much earlier in my life.

The irony is that this book was written when I was a small boy, and completed in 1956. For 22 years, the manuscript lay, unpublished, a few hundred miles from where I grew up in South Africa. What we could have done with an Internet!

If you want to know who (specifically) was behind America's involvement in two world wars, the enslavement of half of Europe, America's wars in the Mid-East, names, dates, read this book. It's a long book, with a scope of about 2500 years, well researched and brilliantly presented. It's sixty years old, but it's right up to date in relevance to our time. The names are different now (but not that different), but the faces are familiar.

Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion.

Anonymous said...

You have to follow the money. The more dangerous the mall, the more people shop via the internet. Closed doors,unemployed people, that all equals more revenue to shareholders. Unfortunately, while even the the fresh from prison, or the educated should be able to live a sustainable life working. They're not gonna to get even the leftovers at fifteen an hour. How long do think until the aftermath of all fast-food workers, gas station cashiers, and cashiers at grocery stores go unemployed,for automation.

Anonymous said...

It a sad day for the people of Indiana might lose jobs do to company moving to Mexico for cheap labor.

Mr. Rational said...

f you want to know who (specifically) was behind America's involvement in two world wars, the enslavement of half of Europe, America's wars in the Mid-East, names, dates, read this book. It's a long book, with a scope of about 2500 years, well researched and brilliantly presented. It's sixty years old, but it's right up to date in relevance to our time.

Thank you, AnalogMan.  I have downloaded this (PDF download link, do it NOW while you still can!) and will try to read it.

The more dangerous the mall, the more people shop via the internet. Closed doors,unemployed people, that all equals more revenue to shareholders.

There will always be money in opportunity for community (not coonmunity) and the chance to browse, feel and try merchandise instead of merely viewing images.  At least, there will be for people who "pay the opportunity cost" and don't steal reflexively.

A "Members Only" network of stores and malls which bars muds (including and especially gypsies) by weeding out those with criminal records has great potential in BRA.

Unknown said...

Great book and i agree. It's one for the sbpdl "must read" list for sure. Another in the same category is prof. Kevin macdonalds "culture of critique", Theodore fritsch's "The Riddle of Success" (1927) full pdf at, and Veritas Foundation's "The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences: Socialist Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (1964)" (the paint job theory takeover of social sciences/science).