Thursday, May 25, 2017

In Span of Five Days, Two Vigils for Slain Blacks Shot Up by Other Blacks in Nearly 70% Black Memphis

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If you are interested, SBPDL has a full archive of stories documenting life in post-white Memphis, a nearly 70 percent black city on the verge of stamping out whatever vestiges remain of western civilization. 
Nearly 70 percent black Memphis is entering a post-white civilization phase

But what just occurred in Memphis, in a five day span of black dysfunction only conceivably possible in the imagination of Thomas Dixon, proves we are nearing the extinguishing of all hope for the city. 

Not one, but two vigils for black people were the scene of drive-by shootings. [Shots fired during candleight vigil, Fox 13 Memphis, May 17, 2017]:

A Memphis teen was set to graduate in July, but this week  he became one of the city’s latest victims of homicide.  Friends and family of the teenager came together for a candlelight vigil Tuesday night.  However, gunfire erupted yet again when several shooters opened fire.  His family is calling what happened an act of revenge, but are also praying the violence will stop. 
Dozens came out to remember Eric Niles, 19, when the unimaginable happened."A few cars just rode past shooting," the victim’s older brother Eddie Niles recalled. 
Eddie said he is still struggling to make sense of why his baby brother, out of seven siblings--was shot to death.  Eddie also wants to know who would bring even more violence to his mother's home. 
"Over 100-something shots," Eddie Niles said. 
Eric was one of two gunned down at the Sycamore Lake Apartments Monday night.  Police said what happened at the apartment complex was a botched robbery that took a deadly turn. 
“He made a bad decision," Eddie said. 
Just 24 hours after the fatal shooting, friends and family came together to remember the teen--who two weeks before celebrated his birthday. 
"There's enough violence going on in Memphis,” Eddie said.  “We should try to find some peace on both sides." 
Eddie said what happened during the vigil, was anything but peaceful. 
"Ducking, running, screaming,” Eddie recalled.  “Kids were out here falling and crying. It was scary."
Making matters worse, Eddie Niles said the shooters came to the candlelight vigil, before eventually getting into their cars and firing off dozens of rounds.  Eddie believes what happened was a case of retaliation. 
"Both sides are hurting, I can't understand why it's an ongoing thing,” Eddie said.  “We didn't have anything to do with it."
No, it's not exactly unimaginable, when vigils held by blacks in Memphis before have been targeted by other blacks, or because another vigil was targeted a mere five days later. [3 people shot at vigil for Memphis teen who was killed by stray bullet last year,, May 22, 2017]
Shots rang out while people were gathered at a vigil to remember a victim of gunfire. 
The shooting happened around 8:15 p.m. at Mississippi Boulevard and St. Paul Avenue, where a vigil was being held for Myneisha Johnson, an 18-year-old who was killed by a stray bullet downtown. Friends were marking the one-year anniversary of her death. 
Witnesses say as soon as they started lighting candles, two cars pulled up and started shooting. Witnesses told WREG they heard more than 100 gunshots. 
Police said one of the victims is in critical condition and two others are noncritical. 
Police originally said there was a fourth victim but later said they could only confirm three who were shot; they are checking local hospitals for any other victims. 
A preliminary investigation shows two parties got into a confrontation, and the vigil was a separate group that got caught in the crossfire. 
Police think the shots were fired from vehicles but have not confirmed that yet.
If you are interested, SBPDL has a full archive of stories documenting life in post-white Memphis, a nearly 70 percent black city on the verge of stamping out whatever vestiges remain of western civilization. 

But few cut to the heart of the dysfunction black people cause (which convinces white people to abandon the civilization their ancestors built so they momentarily protect descendants from the same black misery Jim Crow once shielded whites from) as two vigils for slain blacks in Memphis being targeted for drive-by - mass - shootings a mere five days apart. 

This is the world, in the absence of white people, blacks create in America. 


Anonymous said...

Quiz Time:

Eddie said he is still struggling to make sense of why his baby brother, out of seven siblings--was shot to death. Eddie also wants to know who would bring even more violence to his mother's home.

Pick one of the following answers about "who" would bring this violence:

1) Blacks
2) Africans in America
3) Teens
4) Aspiring rappers
5) All of the above

You will be graded.

Californian said...

Eric was one of two gunned down at the Sycamore Lake Apartments Monday night. Police said what happened at the apartment complex was a botched robbery that took a deadly turn.

“He made a bad decision," Eddie said.

Ah, I see. It was a bad decision. In a robbery gone wrong. Where shots rang out. And people are struggling to make sense. But they will hold a candlelight vigil. Which also goes wrong. Then more shots ring out. And people are struggling to make even more sense out of that. And...

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Billy said...

What about the 6 year old mississippi boy killed by 3 black teens? HuffPo had that story up about 3 hours.

Bird of Paradise said...

And as usial liberals will BLAME GUNS,BLAME THE GUN LOBBY(NRA,2nd AMENDMENT FOUNDATION Etc)THE 2nd AMENDMENT,THE U. CONSTITUTION,AMERICANS,GUN OWNERS,THE FOUNDING FATHERS Etc becuase like most all liberals their always looking for scapegoats and or course they will blame TRUMP for standing up for our god given Constitutiontinal rights which they want replaced with various Useless Nations Decreees and Treaties

Mr. Rational said...

Eddie said he is still struggling to make sense of why his baby brother, out of seven siblings--was shot to death.

Seven siblings?  And precisely how many fathers of them present?  And what fraction of support was provided by work, versus welfare of one sort or another?

Really, Eddie, neither your baby brother nor you should have been born.  Your ghetto should have been a baby-free zone, because it was occupied by violent unemployable apes.  Only those with the intelligence and drive to do better and get out and get legitimately married should have been allowed to have children... and your mama was not one of them.

THAT is why you live among violent NAPAs who kill each other over nothing.  Because it is what you are.

Ex New Yorker said...

What I like about these vigil shoot outs is when they talk about how "something should be done". Since these "vigils" seem to be a magnet for neighborhood target practice maybe they should stop having vigils. Just bury their dead, shut up and go home.

The truth of the matter is that nobody really gives a shit. Whitey is to busy putting food on the table and blackie could care less about another dead nigga. If these fuckers cared in any way for each other they would not be blowing the shit out of their neighbor who lives down the street. These are the soulless breathing dead who find pleasure only in killing each other.

So every now and then some innocent bastard takes a stray round while picking his nose. So fucking what. To the black way of thinking it is just another dead nigga and maybe they might have another vigil. If so they can get in some extra kills. Shooting into a crowd is a real bonus. Much better than firing a whole clip on a guy and the only one getting killed is a ten year old kid who was sitting on a bus bench a block away.

A hundred shots fired and only three got hit. That makes 97 slugs flying through the hood on a fun and sunny day. I will repeat what was said before. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. A dead black person lying on the sidewalk is good for five minutes on the evening news with Mama Latrina crying about her daughter Urinal who be daid and how something "should be done" and we gonna be having a candle light vigil to stop the violence. Of course they will always pick a street corner with a good "field of fire".

I am so grateful for towns like Selma. Better there than here.

rexfreeway said...

Build a wall around them. Throw in some rifles pistols and ammo. Come back in a year and bulldoze the remains and never again let them in. Utopia.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are natural bullet magnets.

Anonymous said...

As usual, actions are much louder than words when it comes to determining what lives matter.

Anonymous said...

They are the "overhead" in America. If you listen near the end of the report, the "reporter" says "visual" instead of "vigil".

All that way up on the ladder of success and she can't even get the right word??? Was it an all black college where she received her degree in ebonics?

Anonymous said...

A tragedy indeed. It took 19 years for him to graduate because of the crippling arthritis that he was afflicted with.

So the fambly only had pictures of him throwing gang signs???? Nice.

Proudyt said...

Happy anniversary sbpdl! You are a bright light in an otherwise bleak time. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO! Is every friggin headline now "SHOTS RANG OUT".This should be the next working title of your newest literary masterpiece. "SHOTS RANG OUT"by Paul Kersey.Or a new website along the lines of "heyjackass"dot com.

Anonymous said...

"Shots rang out" ...????

Media, please, replace this line with the more accurate...

"Savage Negroes opened fire"....


Anonymous said...

The teenaper was 19 and going to graduate in July?
They can kill each other 24/7 and I don't need an answer, just keep it up.
Female in FL

Paintjob Theory said...

"A few cars just rode past shooting,"

It's a good thing they don't sell the cars that shoot people up here n Maine.

"out of seven siblings"

Wow, I wonder what his dad does for work to support a family that large?

“We should try to find some peace on both sides."

Care to specify what these sides are? Zulu and Bantu? These creatures do not belong in the norther hemisphere.

Hundreds of shots "ringing out" and only a few nogs hospitalized to show for it. These animals are even a failure at killing each other.

Anonymous said...

True "racial justice" is to give the negroes their own homeland. One that is their Motherland. The lovely continent of Africa. There, it's yours. Go...

Maybe a tax on hip-hop music can raise funds for the repatriation? It's mostly White suburban teens paying for this stuff so tax Whitey. Right?

Anonymous said...

"Visual" works! It was a prop for the evening news!
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

OT but has to do with Memphis. A horrible experience at a Memphis Greyhound bus station:

Anonymous said...

"Praying that the violence will stop"

For those who pray, have you ever wondered that your GOD wants what is happening?

Did it do any good for those praying in all past acts of violence? Or wars? Or famine? Or the Bubonic Plague?

These things ALL occur because GOD allows them, which would mean your prayers are meaningless.

Bill in St Louis said...

“He made a bad decision," Eddie said. "
Who made a bad decision? Eddies brother, caught up in a robbery gone wrong? Was he a robbER, (bad decision), a robbEE, (bad decision to show wealth in da hood) an innocent bystander just visiting (bad decision, to be in the area)? Or, was the bad decision his mommas for not swallowing the night of his conception? In all fairness, the bad decision was made when someone thought blacks would make suitable farm equipment and brought them here.
On another topic, maybe Kapernick, with his desire to help his race, can donate some money for marksmanship training..., after all, 100+ shots fired, 3 hit? That sucks.

Anonymous said...

OT: Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Nothing burns me up more than yet another piece of our history being attributed to the lowly negro. People actually believe Memorial Day was begun by former slaves who buried Union soldiers and held a ceremony.

Read about the REAL facts of history:


Anonymous said...

Dem skreets be po-zest by da debbil hizzseff!!

Anonymous said...

As the nignogs are interviewed wallowing in their filth, they always chime up the statement "Someone needs ta do sumptin bout all dis mess" as they wallow in it. It's what their churches teach, no gospel, just black supremacy.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous your street Ebonics are mad crazy yo

countenance said...

It's the Dynamo of Bell Curve City.

What I mean by “dynamo of bell curve city” is the logical biconditional that often presents in the ghetto.

If A causes B and is caused by B at the same time, while B causes A and is caused by A at the same time, if A and B are close to each other, and either one happens, then they’ll both keep happening in perpetuity.

In symbolic form:

A < = > B

A = Black violence

B = Black funerals or memorial services

Anonymous said...

"What I like about these vigil shoot outs is when they talk about how "something should be done"."

If you actually do something effective to stop the gun violence like have aggressive stop and frisk and heavy policing of bad areas, which has worked, they yell and scream racism.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looked like someone whom I would never want to meet. I'm sure the local community will grind to a standstill without his immense contributions. I'm sure he was also very likeable and a class clown.

In other news, we are now witnessing O.J. 2.0, the Bill Cosby rapist edition.

Remember in the 90's how O.J. Simpson was basically the whitest black man alive? All white friends, acquaintances, and lovers- he had basically no black friends. But when it came time to squirm his way out of justice he pulled the race card, and race-obsessed blacks came to his aid after the years he spent shtting on them. Bill Cosby is attempting the same approach as I write this.

Remember when Bill Cosby was the one guy that people could point to when an example of a "good" black person was needed?

I don't call drugging and raping over 50 (mostly young white) women who put their trust in you "good" behavior, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

"Somebody needs to do something about it"... They spout this nonsense, but they wouldn't like the solution: curfews, random stop-and-frisks, checkpoints, etc,etc. They would be the first ones screaming and protesting if YT actually was proactive about stemming the tide of negro violence.

Anonymous said...

Now they have to have a peace march to stop the bilence for the vigil that was shot by all of those cars.

It was the cars that did the shooting, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey, now! It was likely only one of the three that meted out the final blow/shot that killed him. But I am positive that all three took part in the enjoyment of the final times and suffering of that poor kid.

The story went something like, mom leaves 6 year old alone in running car, three teens steal car, car is found with dead 6 year old. I don't know what kind of animals these are. Oh, wait! I do! Low impulse control, inability to delay gratification, poor future time orientation, higher levels of frustration and violence due to their low intellect,etc...

Anonymous said...

Incidents like this are the reasons whitey pounds for sale signs into their front lawn. To the powers that be, in the federal government, go right ahead with your dreams of low income housing along with middle and upper class neighborhoods. That should fix everything that's wrong with black culture. By the way, black culture was always like this.

Anonymous said...

The father might not be in the picture, but reliable Uncle Sam stepped in to provide them with all their food & housing needs.

Unknown said...

Fck them...
I moved to a 96% white town protected by a police force with a reputation
for "Heavy handed policing " dealing with Dindus

Yes its expensive , but its clean , the people are pleasant . totally worth it

highly recommended

Anonymous said...

Who writes these Press Articles?

They ALL read the same. "Shots rang out", "Bullets flew out of a car", "Vigil turned violent".

They are ALL written exactly the same and they NEVER, EVER acknowledge the vigil is nothing more than a group of "Look at me" negroes, ......and that the ending is always the same.

Car drives by (all by itself), shots ring out (all by themselves) and nobody saw anything, except there are bodies (black) on the ground. Plus,we all note the irony of a Vigil for a Vigil for a shooting.

Seems there is something spooky about Vigils. Also, ever notice that Whites don't have Vigils? Perhaps there should be a Supreme Court ordered Equality Vigil Act where Whites MUST have Vigils and cars that shoot must drive by..........disparate impact........ya know....

So, one of the "left of the Bell Curve" attendees knows it was revenge? Well, tell that to the Po Po. If you know it was a revenge payback,then you must know why, and knowing why would tell you WHO, but "yo ain't snitchin'" since the WHO is most likely one of your brothas or uncles or other inbred house member and then YOU will be shot at the next Vigil for the negro killed at the last Vigil in honor of the negro killed in the last Vigil..

The negro version of "Groundhog Day"....but as long as the negro sows can keep squirting out more nigglets every 8 months....this will last to eternity.

Proudyt said...

Not all prayers go unanswered. After praying 55 years for the Cubs to win a world series I was rewarded !

GrouchoMarxist said...

Just a thought: Is there any way to mount sights on the side of a Glock so the sights would be on top when the pistol is aimed "Ghetto Style" sideways.

Marc B said...

It's disheartening to realize that I get most of my local crime news on the Stuff Black People Don't Like web site.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Who writes these Press Articles?

They ALL read the same. "Shots rang out", "Bullets flew out of a car", "Vigil turned violent".

Read SBPDL long enough and you`ll find yourself thinking "I swear PK already did this one."

Just copy and paste, throw in an extra "tavious" and "qua" here and there, and no one will know the difference.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Ask and you shall receive...

Sick n' Tired said...

I've said for a while that all these stories are from a basic template, similar to those old "Mad Libs" books where you would write in nouns, verbs, places, to create a silly story. Between this site, my local news, and the local news in cities I travel to for work across the country, they all have the same terminology for violent crime, robberies, and murders associated with groids.
Conan has done a few of these, long before the "fake news" narrative was mainstream. It's both funny & scary at the same time.

Sick n' Tired said...

Muslim terrorists must have packed potatoes full of bullets and jammed them in the tail pipes of all the 98'-06 Impalas, Malibus, Crown Victorias sitting on 24" rims outside the vigil, knowing that when they went to leave, the backfire would cause shots to ring out, tarnishing the media image of smart, peaceful blacks, that would never resort to violence against each other.

Anonymous said...

GrouchoMarxist, your idea of putting the sights on the SIDE of a Glock is brilliant.

It could even be an accessory with a nice name like:


Sambo Sight System


Side Sights

I also just re-read the Post and noticed the "teen" was killed by a stray bullet....Uh, excuse me, but who is the genius that can tell a bullet is "stray"? Was it intended for someone else? Was it trying to flee the Vigil?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The reporter went to great lengths to gloss-over the fact that the victim was a murderous thug.

"Eric was one of two gunned down at the Sycamore Lake Apartments Monday night. Police said what happened at the apartment complex was a botched robbery that took a deadly turn."

How about this: "Police say Eric and his crew tried to steal drugs and money from rival dealers, he was killed in the ensuing gun battle.

A member of the gang Eric and his boys were robbing, was also killed, prompting surviving gang members to do a drive by shooting at a memorial service being held by Eric's family."

After that, if they want to mention he was about to graduate from high school, fine. However, making this nog out to Wally Cleaver is rediculous.

no watermelon for you said...

The teen was set to graduate in July.(July? Whatever) All that study and learning...wasted.

G. Armstrong said...

I don't really have a problem when these goofy spooks take each other out, they're thinning the herd, but when an innocent gets shot, that's when something should be done, Hell, I'm all for setting up designated areas in each city, like in an industrial area, where they can go and kill each other all they like, just clean up after themselves (LOL).

Anonymous said...

With better aim, they could have really cleaned up that apartment complex. Oh well, maybe next vigil.

Anonymous said...

"Just a thought: Is there any way to mount sights on the side of a Glock so the sights would be on top when the pistol is aimed "Ghetto Style" sideways"

Anonymous said...

My sister recently told me she would be traveling through Tennessee on the way to Colorado to see her daughter. I gave her the low down on Memphis and advised her NOT to stop anywhere near Memphis for gas. Much wiser to get gas in one of the smaller outlying towns. She said she was aware of the problems negroes cause and that's one reason she carries a concealed handgun. Another is because of the importation of third world rapefugees.

As for negroes, they're simply going to have to be contained in the cities they've already ruined and not be allowed to "migrate" to other towns and cities to ruin them as well. We don't need more crime infested negrohoods that are essentially wastelands of negro dysfunction, idiocy, and incompetence that is subsidized by the taxpayer. Time to contain them, cut them off and let them sink or swim based on their own efforts no matter how much they scream and wail about it. If they want to kill each other in their own areas that's fine with me- but if they try to bring it out into civilized communities, they should be put down with extreme prejudice the same as one would put down a rabid animal. To hell with tolerance, understanding and sympathy. I've utterly had it with negroes and couldn't care less about them or what they do to each other and I don't want to hear their incessant pleas for help or gibsmedats. They can all F off and shut the hell up as far as I'm concerned. I don't want to hear it anymore.

So, two negro vigils have been shot up by other negroes in a week. Imagine how little I care and then multiply that by 50 billion and you'll only have scratched the surface of my complete and utter apathy towards the issues in their "communities." Just keep them isolated and far away from me and I'll be content and never think about them again.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's trick was to add "in bed" to the ending of the message in your fortune cookie.

Today's is to add "gone wrong" to the ending of anything that blacks are involved in.

Wrongness just kinda 'happens', and it sure seems to discriminate. Shots ring out and even cars have gotten in on the action, sending even more young untapped potential to the local emergency room. It has to stop, whatever is causing it that is.

I would say hold a march but someone will probably end up getting shot. Same with a vigil- you could hold it in a "safe space" but if it were advertised it might as well me held on the corner between rival gang territories.

There is something about getting together as a group in person to complain and pretending to get things done that they seem to like. They could do all kinds of 'looks at muh' on social media and it would have a much greater impact than standing around with a frown on their faces. They would also be much less likely to be shot.

Let's face it- vigils just aren't safe anymore. Ruined by outbreaks of violence gone wrong. Oh, and no one gives a sht, that's a problem for them as well.

Anonymous said...

Was hoping to see a story here about the aforementioned 6yo black boy shot by 3 teen dindu's in the cesspool that is Jackson, MS.
Reading he story in The Clarion Ledger would have been comical if it weren't so telling and tragic. Black dysfunction on full display. Mom hits Walmart at 1am and leaves 6yo in running car outside! Car jacked by 3 yoots, car found abandoned 15mi north, 6yo dead of multiple gunshot wounds. 3 teens arrested for killing. Black Lives Matter my white fanny. I lived for a time in the town the car was found in. The mayor there had been reflected for about 30years running on the never-verbalized, but all too real platform of keeping the riff raff out of the town. No projects or section 8, rents artificially high, nice town and a white oasis in the unmitigated shithole that is the greater Jackson area. Drive 10mnutes in any direction and you were in Haiti. So glad to be outta there.

Hope we see a story on here soon..but worth a Google search. I'd say truly unbelievable story, but for those on here it's all too believable. The unbelievable thing is they caught the kids. They burned a white girl alive in MS a few years back and to my knowledge the whole county "stopped snitchin" and no he has been brought to justice. Now deceased mayor of Jackson was a hue advocate of breaking off into a independent republic of New Africa or some shit like that. Wish they had...take MS and Louisiana, give it to the turning their life around crowd, put a big wall around it, and cut off all relations and funding with the what would have happened. (Apologies for any fat fingers, autocorrect, and iPad don't mix)

PB said...

"Anonymous said...

They are the "overhead" in America. If you listen near the end of the report, the "reporter" says "visual" instead of "vigil".

All that way up on the ladder of success and she can't even get the right word??? Was it an all black college where she received her degree in ebonics?"

She's right although she wouldn't know it. These vigils are all for show, so in a sense it was a "visual".

Anonymous said...

Like many, I have to laugh at the mainstream whitewash press cleaning up the messy reality of black on black merciless killing by employing the ever - ready passive voice.
What I don't laugh at is dysgenics. It appears we are headed into a dysgenic future. Notice how the press is employing visual reality stories now - as in " Jeff Bezos is going to build cities on the moon!!! "
Right. Will they be segregated? Because if they are going to be segregated he's facing a lawsuit.