Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Toppled Confederate Statues in 60 percent Black New Orleans Found Among Trash and Abandoned Cars

What a strange trip it's been. 

Almost eight years ago, SBPDL was born. 
The past is never truly dead if the descendants of those ancestors whose memories are toppled survive. They will be emboldened to craft a future far different than the one ending with monuments to their venerated dead dismantled and left in the trash. 

A joke between friends, created during an evening of fellowship, drinks, and an air of melancholy for the world we found ourselves living in, SBPDL was created. 

Over the years, it has morphed into something entirely different than a joke site originally envisioned back in 2009, as the world descended into madness with increasing speed. 

But SBPDL has endured, documenting a society on the brink of collapse, simultaneously flirting with embracing the next era of western civilization.

Though our ancestors sacrifices may be erased, monuments torn down and their memories denounced, if endure through the madness we win. 

We survive. 

We win. 

Brick by brick and stone by stone you can destroy every last vestige and memory a people once existed, but if you fail to kill the descendants of those whose ancestors you tried to remove from history then you'll soon find a "rebel yell" is the least of your worries. 

We survive. 

We win. 

It's that simple.

Cities fall. 

Monuments venerating a defeated civilization are toppled. 

But as our monuments are ripped down and cities collapse, if those usurping our control fail to include us in the carnage of victory, we win. [Removed Davis, Beauregard monuments found in maintenance yard next to trash,, 5-17-19]:
NEW ORLEANS - Parts of the monuments to Jefferson Davis and P.G.T. Beauregard, which have been removed over the past week are currently sitting in a city maintenance yard next to piles of trash in the Desire neighborhood​. 
An Eyewitness News crew saw the base of the Jefferson Davis Memorial and the statue of P.G.T. Beauregard in the yard. The gates to the yard were wide open and some people were observed taking photos. ​ 
The parts of the statues are amid some scrapped vehicles and trash. 
Cities fall.

Monuments are toppled.

But if we survive, we win.

Brick by brick and stone by stone, we will not just rebuild, but usher in the next era of western civilization.


Ex New Yorker said...

The next statues and monuments to go will be Thomas Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Paine and all those other people who were rich white racist. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were homophobic bigots because they were not turned on by a guys hairy asshole.

Betsy Ross was not a feminist so down the memory hole she will go. Any statues of General Patton will be torn down because he was an anti-communist white guy bigot war monger. Any memory of the great people that at one time were part of the life blood of this nation will be erased from the history books.

I remember my first day in the sixth grade. Our teacher placed a textbook on all our desk saying this is what we were going to study this year. What was the book. It was a book about South America. I remember letting out a loud moan. I didn't give two shits about South America. I wanted to learn about the pony express, the Oregon Trail, the Alamo and other bits of American history. I hated school because they taught me nothing I wanted to learn about.

The removing of these statues is the destruction of our nations history.

Anonymous said...

We need a white civil rights organization!

Bird of Paradise said...

Just wait after they have gotten trough with the confederate war hero's then they'll go for our founding fathers dont put it past them their onlt out to destroy america just like Malcome X and his fellow militants and the Black Panthers want bring down a nation by removing all signs and symbols of that nation

Anonymous said...

But are whites DOING anything?

Hell no. As usual.

Anonymous said...

I haven't posted here in a long time, and this is a little OT, but I just came across an interesting article that will no doubt be explained away by the DWLs. To me though, it seems to provide more evidence that many if not most Africans are a more primitive branch of the hominid line, if not an entirely different species:

Lucius Vorenus

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Planet of The Apes

Bill in St Louis said...

"currently sitting in a city maintenance yard next to piles of trash in the Desire neighborhood​. "
Says it all about 60%black NO, doesn't it? Maintenance yard, full of trash, but let's hurry up and destroy more things whites made, and just leave a mess. Fortunately, all the sculptors I have ever heard of were white, so all we need to do is survive.
Stay alert, stay armed.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it."

Sporting times ahead. Prepare accordingly.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that they didn't put the statues in the gulf river

Anonymous said...

The urban areas want the statues down like the Berlin wall

Guest said...

Kind of like ISIS destroying the monuments as they march along.

Paintjob Theory said...

I'm rather torn on the matter of the former confederacy. First of all, I abhor the federal government and nearly all of their works, and a "union" which is not voluntary and formed by consent is no more than conquest and tyranny. That said, would we be as powerful and rich were we dozens of separate and potentially hostile mini-nations with border states switching alliances and intrigue (if not open skirmishes) constantly as competing unions and confederations vie for control over territory?

The difference between "rebels" and "freedom fighters/patriots" is no more than who wins and who is telling the tale, while I approve of the idea of secession, the confederacy did lose and that it's conquerors allowed any monument to their insurrection is rather unprecedented.

That all said, this is another in a long line of stories that parallel Planet of the Apes with Dr. Zias and the ape council frantically trying to suppress any evidence of a former technological high civilization the likes of which they can't even dimly conceive much less create or maintain.

We have lost so much.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what YT will do when they start in on the U.S. flag? You know it’s coming. If anyone believes giving in to the minority demands will ease tensions and help the “evil legacy of segregation and slavery” fade away, they have another thing coming.

This will not stop until YT’s in the junk heap as well. Then, like S Africa, They’ll need YT to come back so they won’t starve!

Anonymous said...

It’s going to be very interesting to witness what they replace them with and the renaming of the parks as well. I bet the I-85 saboteur gets a park in his honor, maybe a statue.

What we allow, will continue! What we allow, we promote!

kikz said...

this shot shows the trash heap...

Anonymous said...

@guest be careful that Isis might destroy your hometown

Anonymous said...

@anonymous the Marxist might says your white organization is call the ku klux klan or the ayran nation

Anonymous said...

@ex New Yorker instead of Adams you have mention Andrew Jackson

Anonymous said...

And so instead of preserving their heritage, this is what the Zionist Conservative TreeCucks are reporting on instead:

Anonymous said...

There's even talk about destroying anything with Trump name on

Anonymous said...

Send them all to Savannah, TN. They will gladly take them.

Anonymous said...

That said, would we be as powerful and rich were we dozens of separate and potentially hostile mini-nations with border states switching alliances and intrigue (if not open skirmishes) constantly as competing unions and confederations vie for control over territory?

I think if the civil war didn't happen there would be two similar countries like the US and Canada. We would probably be wealthier since the South would have sent a lot of the slaves to Liberia instead of putting them on welfare.

The system was working fine up until Lincoln. The South made a major mistake by importing slaves and the North made an equally disastrous mistake by supporting Lincoln's war. Sure the North won but have a look at Detroit or Baltimore. Some of the formerly great Northern cities are now in a state of permanent destruction. Dresden was reduced to rubble in WWII and you wouldn't notice if you visited today. I drove by a Black part of Chicago as a kid and I remember thinking it looked like the gates of hell. The scope of destruction in Black areas cannot be captured in video or film. There is a visceral feeling that has to be experienced in person.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like ISIS destroying the monuments as they march along.

Liberals only pretend to value history just as they only pretend to value education. What they want is control and that is more important to them than anything else.

They want control over the past, present and future. In their minds there are too many White males in history and that affects the present. They believe this holds back Blacks even though it hasn't slowed the Asians.

Fahrenheit 451 isn't far off from what they want. Liberals love one-way media that they control which then lets them direct the culture. They want to make movies like hidden figures and avoid simple discussions where all facts are present.

Anonymous said...

The next statues and monuments to go will be Thomas Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Paine and all those other people who were rich white racist. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were homophobic bigots because they were not turned on by a guys hairy asshole.

Street names will be next. There is a Jefferson and Washington avenue in every city. Clearly too White and wayciss.

The liberals of Seattle actually changed the history of their county. King County was named after William R. King, the 13th vice President. But the liberals switched the logo to MLK and voted to change the "historical basis" as in erase the actual history of the name.

Anonymous said...

They can tear down every statue. It won't change what is coming.

History will show that Jefferson Davis was correct about natural differences between Africans and Europeans that prevent assimilation and progress. The release of indisputable DNA evidence is inevitable and Davis will be viewed as in touch with reality while millions of liberals both past and present will be correctly viewed as childish and fantasy based. Historians will look back and wonder how millions of supposedly educated people could refuse to face basic facts.

Lincoln will be viewed as an arrogant fool that suspended the constitution and refused to allow peaceful succession.

This is inevitable and hopefully the republic will survive until that evidence is released.

Californian said...

Once again I would like to get really outraged, and once again can only reflect that the removal of the CSA monuments is hardly any different that the bigger picture of Black Run America. Consider how Africans-in-America have torn down not just statues but just about every city they have taken over from White people. Really, New Orleans was already wrecked by black rule long before the battle for the statues ever occurred.

There are a couple positive things at work here. The battle for the statues has energized the Alternative Right to take it to the streets. Look at Richard Spencer's recent march on Charlottesville. And a lot of White people are seeing the hostility of BRA to their civilization.

The funny thing is, had Africans-in-America just adopted a policy of live and let live, this never would have become an issue. Then again, we might note that ultimately the real foe here is in the White renegades who support and incite Africans-in-America.

When the time comes for White people to reclaim their cities, Africans-in-America have set the precedent for tearing down their own monuments to MLK, as well as renaming thoroughfares Bull Connor Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous king county named after vice president William r king, I heard the story to be honest with you do anybody even remember this man from history

Anonymous said...

What do Police Departments know that we don't?

Maybe, if we are lucky, this is the summer America collapses.

Please be ready. Have cash, your necessary Rx's/vitamins, food & water for 1 year, sufficient guns (2 for each family member) and at least 1,000 rounds per weapon....a source of heat (Sterno?) to heat water for drinking.

It is coming. We all know it.,

Brian in Ohio said...

The left is oh so smug. So sure of themselves. They whistle as they stroll past the graveyard.

There could NEVER be another civil war. Not in America. The people are pacified with "benefits" and sportsball.

Bread and circuses... Sound familiar?

Remember how they crowed about how, not if, but when Hillary was president. And then there were all those sad, sad faces on election day.

They just cant imagine the world not fitting neatly into their little design. and when it doesn't? Hysterics. They`ll never learn.

Stay away from crowds.

stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The founding fathers are a natural target for the Memory Hole. It was they who agreed to let slavery stand (for practical reasons) and many were slave holders.

Imagine the day that Washington State changes it's name, or D.C.

Jefferson, Mo will be no more, and Jackson, Mississippi will cease to exist, not that it already hasn't.

I wonder if they will be able to remove the Washington Monument in the middle of the night?

Anonymous said...

You make a good point. Many of the monuments date from the early 20th century. It's hard to deny the real purpose of them, since few cultures or sports fanatics glorify losers.

I think many date from the early 20th-century Klan resurgence.

In any case, the purpose of a monument is to make us remember what was, good or bad, and what could be again if history is not needed.

A giant statue of Saddam in Baghdad is a good thing to preserve if it reminds unhappy Iraqis how bad things once were and can be again.

A spook in Richmond might do well to observe Robert E. Lee astride Traveler, contemplate the past, and reflect on how far he has come, rather than constantly bitch about the present.

Anonymous said...

1st they come for the monuments then they come for the corpses (guess the idea is to incinerate any remains in a grand auto de fe of social fascist paroxysm of political joy & triumph) and then they come for the living. To express their deep solidarity with multi-culturalism they may cut your heart out aztec style when they come for you and come for you they will....

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Jesus, if I were monetarily wealthy I would buy up these statues and ship them off to a place where they would be preserved and have a museum where all could come to celebrate history.

On a different topic, 3 blacks on the jury and looky who went and got found not guilty!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but it would seem that a (((tribal))) member may well become head of the federal anti-racism police.

Anonymous said...

I can actually begin to envision the U.S. government moving refugees, illegal immigrants and blacks into small white town America, just to be rotten. This is nuts. What has been going on is ridiculous and we (me included) just sit back and bitch. Other than voting (does it matter?) I don't know what to do. I almost hope something does boil over. I'm afraid that we will sit back, watch, and bitch. Frustrating for sure.

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan in Death of the West had a Chapter called War on our past, where he predicted, they would try to remove Monuments, Statues, Paintings etc of our heroes, THIS IS HAPPENING NOW, He predicted history classes that are supposed to fill students with pride about our glorious past and inspire students to be Patriotic, will be taught in a way to villainize our heroes and teach our history as it is nothing more than a series of crimes against people of color THIS IS ALSO STARTING TO HAPPEN, he also predicted Cultural Marxist's and those teaching Critical Theory (Critical Race Theory which seems VERY Anti-White is very popular in colleges now), I look at the twitter's of Critical Race Theories and the OVERWHELMING Majority of their tweets seem to be crapping on the USA and Anti-White, Example @KhaledBeydoun he is constantly saying how terrible the USA is, ironically he is against the Muslim Ban in the USA, but if the USA is as bad as he says there would be no reason to have a ban or build a wall as why would they want to come to a country as bad as he says the USA is?, So I say ban anyone who is Anti American from teaching school at any level, Kick out anyone who hates America, burns our Flag, is Anti-White, and certainly don't let in anyone who hates America or is Anti-White, why not let in the White South Africans who are usually skilled, educated, would not keep saying how crappy our country is and will Assimilate easily?

It is suicide to let in uneducated, unskilled, have been shown to greatly increase crime, who Hate us meaning our country and the dominant culture, we are the greatest country in history THEE country even those who hate us, will risk their lives to get to, we should pick the cream of the Worlds crop to be the ones we let in.

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Anonymous said...

Off topic, not really:

Baylor Foobaw groids committed organized gang rape and dog fights, as reported by a Dallas white-guilt libtard rag:

New Baylor Lawsuit Alleges Football Players Held Gang-Rape Initiations, Dog Fights
THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017


Also of interest from the same white-guilt libtard rag, from a few weeks ago:

Five Things To Know About Derick Brown, Dallas' Alleged Paramedic Shooter
TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

The suspect in Monday's shooting of a Dallas Fire Department paramedic led a complicated life before police using a robot found his corpse in an Old East Dallas home. Derick Lamont Brown, 36, died an alleged murderer with a lengthy Dallas County criminal file, but he was also a controversial local community activist and patriarch of a large, growing family.

According to Dallas police, Brown shot a paramedic responding to a shooting victim on Reynolds Avenue. A police officer hauled the paramedic away from the scene and drove him to Baylor Hospital, were the injured firefighter remains in critical but stable condition. A manhunt ensued before police found Brown and another person dead inside a house near the scene of the initial shooting.

After looking through court records, social media posts and a conversation with Babu Omowale, a fellow Black Nationalist and friend of Brown's, here's what the Observer learned about Brown.

Brown had more than enough tactical experience to commit an attack like yesterday's. — According to Omowale, the founder of Dallas' Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Brown was the Black Nationalist defense group's gunsmith. "He put some of our weapons together and if we needed extra supplies or if we needed anything added to our weapons, he was the person who made that happen for us," Omowale says.

While Brown was likely intimately familiar with the type of rifle used in Monday's shooting, Omowale says, he didn't need to be. "Most Panthers and most gun club members are experienced, but at that close range that was used yesterday, even a common citizen with not a lot of experience can be accurate."

At this point, the gun club has no more information than's been provided by the city of Dallas, but Omowale says his group will conduct an independent investigation once they are allowed into the house in which Brown apparently committed suicide.

Brown had a lengthy criminal history. — In the years leading up to Monday's shooting, Brown pleaded guilty to gun charges related to carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, resisting arrest, driving with a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance and DWI.

In 2008, Brown ran into a number of parked cars at around 3 a.m. on Wadsworth Drive in South Dallas. When police got to the scene, Brown exclaimed "I'm high and I have a gun" according to a police reporter. Officers searched Brown's car, finding the unlicensed gun and 3.4 grams of PCP. Brown served two years probation for those charges.

Brown had a big family. — Omowale says that Brown had a big family, and WFAA reports that Brown fathered 18 children and had just become a grandfather. Brown struggled to provide for his family financially, Omowale says. "He wasn't in the best economic position that he could have been in, but even though he struggled, he was a provider for his kids," Omowale says.

Brown had a lengthy history of controversial activism. —
Brown was a member of the New Black Panthers, a group he served as chairman of in the early 2000s. In 2004, he popped up on the Anti-Defamation League's radar when he proclaimed that his group was "ready to die in self-defense" during a protest at Dallas Police Department headquarters. The New Black Panthers, according the ADL, are an anti-semitic, racist hate group.

Anonymous said...

PS: Stephen Young, the author of the Dallas Observer articles, is a fat-assed, retarded-looking, bearded hipster beta SJW piece of shit (I have met him in real life), so for him to write these articles is saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is safe from these savages. Laws and rules mean absolutely nothing. We're way past the tipping point.

OT: copied from Facebook: "I am sitting here working on my granddaughter's 6th grade Common Core math, and finding it barely doable, and I have degrees in Public Administration / Finance and Law. I wondered, 'What would compel educators to create such a convoluted method of math that virtually guarantees lower classroom achievement?' I was so curious that I researched the logic rooted in the U.S. Department of Education's committee meeting notes and found this gem of a statement: "By making math problems more difficult at an earlier age, non-inner-city students can share the feelings and frustrations that many minority students feel under the current standards. Plus, it increases the application of logic needed to solve a given problem." So, it's not just about math, is it?"

Anonymous said...


The final scene with the toppled statue. Brilliant observation.

Brian in Ohio said...

Sick n' Tired said... is a great website to buy bulk ammo for every caliber. Their prices are reasonable and even more affordable if you split your orders between 2-3 like minded friends. I don't work for them, just use their services and enjoy their product.
May 18, 2017 at 2:11 PM

Agreed. Bulk purchases keep prices low, but don't forget about your local gun store.

Nothing like a face to face cash transaction to build a little trust, and your local arms dealer might be a handy guy to know.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keep an eye out for what will be happening in Tulsa OK. A jury acquitted the female (WHITE) cop for shooting the groid.Other news comments sections have blacks already wanting to start shit with whites.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Everyone keep an eye out for what will be happening in Tulsa OK. A jury acquitted the female (WHITE) cop for shooting the groid.Other news comments sections have blacks already wanting to start shit with whites.”

They probably won't be able to pull off a Ferguson event in Tulsa unless they can keep it confined to ni@@ertown, and no one really cares if that happens. If a ruckus moves into white areas, it will almost certainly be met with fearsome resistance, and it won't be only from the cops. It might actually be a good thing if blacks start something in Tulsa because the white folks in that town and neighboring communities just might set an interesting example. I don't think that the Tulsa PD would be able to protect blacks in the way blacks have become accustomed. The blacks in Tulsa know this so there will probably be peace.

Anonymous said...

When will they chisel off the faces on Mt Rushmore of the White slaveowners?

Anonymous said...

The migrants who stand the greatest chance of being allowed to remain in Germany — Syrians being the biggest-single group — were underrepresented in the crime statistics. Young men from North Africa and some sub-Saharan African countries, who are unlikely to get permission to stay, have among the highest crime rates.

Blacks are the worst race of people on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Same thing is happening in Canada, last year, BLM losers denounce our first Prime Minister John A Macdonald as a racist...someone graffiti his statute. In Singapore, these chimps would be caned, but Toronto Star made excuses for them.

John A is my favourite, it's not just because I think it's hilarious that he was a functional alcoholic full of witty comebacks that made history more colourful, he MADE this country, our government, many institution, the railway. I know well what he thinks of my kind (The Yellow Peril), but without him, there would be no Canada, and without Canada, I wouldn't be having a nice life here. We have to judge people by the standards of their time, and by those standards, John A was a saint.

If blacks have their way, he wouldn't have existed, nevermind the good things he did. There ought to be a horror story where a BLM terrorist manage to find a time machine someone else invented, and the present world starts to collapse as he dindu his way through history. Can't decide if the world should end, or benevolent aliens / time cops comes in and fix the ancient mistake by putting a dome over Africa so they never leave it.

Christine Knowles is on Section 8 funding is being evicted, she's a black woman, she's a fat black woman three or four times my size, she's a single mom, she can't understand why SHE instead of her two neighbours have to move out so that her landlord's granddaughter can move in.

Very interesting, she's crying, or TRYING to cry (take a close look), about how she was RECENTLY HOMELESS - but she's been there for three years.

Also, "My daughter opened it, read it, she started crying" -- other than open emotional manipulation (see that old pic with the fat black hippo holding up the sign about millions of the space program and pennies for the hungry behind her child), why is her daughter opening her mail? Is that woman illiterate? When I was a kid, my Chinese immigrant parents would sometimes ask me to listen to English voicemail and translate, but they read their own mail because THEY could read English.

You can't rent to blacks and you can't hire them, once they latch on you can't get rid of them without them crying raycist or alleging it, nevermind that they were let in in the first place. DWL like this reporter here will aid and albeit their TNB, asking the landlord to 'explain himself', and then reporting that the landlord "/threatened/ to call the police".

Link address says "evicted without proper notice", she was served with a 90s days notice, she was renting from a small-time landlord on the same property as HIS home - completely rules applies than when one is renting from a rental corporation.

Blacks have no future-time-orientation. In her place I wouldn't have caused trouble when the landlord exercised his right to vacate his private dwelling for his own family member - I would have tidied everything up and ask him for a good reference. Same applies to being lain off, you start looking for work right away, and put on your best behaviour if they weren't having you walk off right away so you can get a good reference. Most people HATE firing people and would provide that good reference if you weren't chimping out.

- AChineseInCanada

Unknown said...

Make no mistake, its the official policy of the failed state of Amerikwan Debt Destruction to push failed races like blacks and other "brown" detritus of the Turd World. The Mad Pipe Dreams of Globullists is the destruction of all intellectual resistance to the parasites of the Central Banking Scam. Failed Races like negroids have no brain to think with and are easily led by simplistic scams. For a time. Haiti, Zimbabwe, and the Dark Urban Jungles like Detroilet, Chiraq, and Apelanta are cold testament to the STUPIDITY of the Greedy Misers at the Den of Thieves Monopoly Money Counterfeiting Scam.
Want to know what they'll get from this? Read this:

Anonymous said...

No the native Americans in South Dakota are trying to replace Mount Rushmore with something else

Anonymous said...

I have 5 confederate soldier ancestors and this destruction of monuments has upset me to no end. This was decided by a black majority city council and a white mayor who hates his own race. This is BRA people. Start defending what you love.

Anonymous said...

My dad taught black elementary students for years. He said they never ever read at grade level

Anonymous said...

Fourth Generation New Orlenian says: