Sunday, May 14, 2017

In 42% Black/37% White Philadelphia, 'American Journal of Public Health' Notes Firearm Violence Almost Entirely Because of Blacks

The Philadelphia Police Department puts out the Murder/Shooting Analysis each year, and for 2014/2013, we learn this pertinent fact about suspects in nonfatal shootings: in a city that is 37 percent white and 42 percent black, almost all nonfatal shootings have a black or brown suspect. 

In 2013, 84.3 percent of suspects were black. 

In 2014, 82.4 percent of suspects were black

In 2013, 1.6 percent of suspects were white.

In 2014, 4.8 percent of suspects were white.

Strangely, this absolute vital information to understanding the gun crime situation in Philadelphia was left out of the scholarly article found in the American Journal of Public Health by a number of medical doctors. 

What we do learn from their data is this: the poorest white people in Philadelphia are victims of gun violence at the same rate as the highest income black earners in Philadelphia. [“Quantifying Disparities in Urban Firearm Violence by Race and Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A Cartographic Study”, American Journal of Public Health 107, no. 3 (March 1, 2017): pp. 371-373]:

Objectives. To describe variability in the burden of firearm violence by race, income, and place in an urban context. 
Methods. We used Philadelphia Police Department data from 2013 to 2014 to calculate firearm assault rates within census block groups for both victim residence and event locations, stratifying by race and block group income. We used cartographic modeling to determine variations in incidence of firearm assault by race, neighborhood income, and place. 

Results. The overall rate of firearm assault was 5.0 times higher (95% confidence interval [CI] = 4.5, 5.6) for Black people compared with White people. 
Firearm assault rates were higher among Black people across all victim residence incomes. Relative risk of firearm assault reached 15.8 times higher (95% CI = 10.7, 23.2) for Black residents in the highest-income block groups when compared with high-income White individuals. Firearm assault events tended to occur in low-income areas and were concentrated in several “hot spot” locations with high proportions of Black residents. 
Conclusions. Profound disparity in exposure to firearm violence by race and place exists in Philadelphia. Black people were substantially more likely than White people to sustain firearm assault, regardless of neighborhood income.Firearm violence is endemic in the United States.1 On a national level, disparities exist in firearm victimization; young adults, males, and non-Hispanic Black persons are at highest risk for violent firearm injury.2 There has been increasing interest in describing factors associated with firearm injury in urban environments. In one of the few published analyses of city-level firearm violence, Walker et al.3 found that Hispanic and non-Hispanic Black people were significantly more likely than White people to be victims of firearm homicide in Chicago, Illinois. These authors suggested that because race may be a surrogate for income, public health interventions should be aimed at alleviating poverty to reduce firearm violence in the city.3 
The relations between race, socioeconomic status, and place, as they determine firearm injury risk, are complex. To guide local public health interventions, a greater understanding of how these factors potentiate violent firearm injury in the cities where firearm violence is most prevalent is needed. In particular, delineating the unique contributions of race, income, and place as correlates of violent firearm injury risk is an important first step in developing targets for prevention. In this descriptive epidemiological analysis, we used police data to map the burden of firearm violence and quantify its variability by race and neighborhood income in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a city with a historically high rate of firearm violence. 


Victims were mostly young (mean age = 28 years; SD = 10 years), Black (82.0%), and male (92.0%). Most injuries resulted from interpersonal violence (92.0%), and 18.8% of firearm assaults were fatal. Firearm assaults were most likely to occur in lower-income block groups (event location median income = $25 125; interquartile range = $18 074–$433 500). 
The rate of violent firearm injury was 5.0 times higher (95% confidence interval [CI] = 4.5, 5.6) for Philadelphia’s Black population compared with its White population (Table 1). The rate of firearm assaults decreased as residence block group income increased for all victims. Absolute rates for firearm violence decreased to near zero for White populations residing in the highest-income areas. Across all income levels, however, firearm assault rates remained higher in Blacks. In the highest-income block groups, relative risk of firearm assaults reached 15.8 times higher (95% CI = 10.7, 23.2) for Black residents compared with White residents. Black residents of block groups with incomes greater than $60 000 per year had firearm assault rates similar to those of White residents of areas with incomes between $20 001 and $30 000. 

Our findings indicate substantial racial, economic, and geographic disparities in rates of firearm violence in Philadelphia. Firearm assaults were concentrated in low-income areas with predominantly Black residents. Although living in a higher-income area was protective for the population overall, it did not protect Black residents from firearm violence to the same degree as White residents. In fact, Black residents of the city’s wealthiest block groups had the highest relative risk of firearm injury when compared with White residents. Therefore, unlike previous research in Chicago, race does not appear to be a surrogate for economic status in determining violent firearm injury risk in Philadelphia.3 
Rather, our findings echo those of Kalesan et al.,5 who found that nationally, Black children were more likely than White children to be hospitalized with firearm injury regardless of neighborhood income level. 
The literature supports the idea that living in a higher-income block group in a neighborhood with higher collective efficacy (e.g., social cohesion) mitigates individual firearm assault risk, even for those at high risk for victimization.6,7 However, Black residents of higher-income areas experienced firearm injury at rates similar to low-income White residents. Thus, something distinct links racial status and firearm assault risk in our study. Structural factors such as segregation of Black communities likely contributed to the increased risk of firearm violence we observed.
Remember though, virtually every nonfatal shooting suspect in Philadelphia is nonwhite.

The burden of firearm violence in Philadelphia is squarely the consequence of allowing black people the right to have access to have firearms.


Anonymous said...

Blacks need to be sent back to Africa. There is simply no other way to fix the crime problem in the Unites States.

First separation, then repatriation

Ex New Yorker said...

It has been 32 years since I've lived in one of these Jigaboo Jungles. Looking back it seems like New York was a walk in the park compared to the horror stories that are taking place in these heavy black populated cities. Things have gotten ten times worst than any of the shit I went through in the "old days". There really is a war going on in America. The only good thing is that the savages are using their ammo on each other. I just wish their aim was better.

These boring studies keep coming up with all this blah blah blah about what is causing this insane massacre taking place in black populated cities. This time it is poverty. These gang banger little fucks are roaming around with wads of cash in their pockets big enough to choke a horse. Dope dealers are making tons of money. So they are driving around in fancy cars shooting each other because they are poor.

Half of these losers cannot even read or write their own name. But the reason they are dumber than a sack of shit is because they are poor.

My only regret is that Uncle Nanny and his government "Free Shit Agency" isn't handing out monthly allotments of free ammo. Why should these "poor and oppressed" people have to spend their hard earned cash on ammo when the government could buy it for them.

With the right kind of "dollars for ammo" economic funding things could really improve. A monthly ration of 300 to 500 rounds per month per person should do the trick. Soon the national "urban problem" would be solved.

Bird of Paradise said...

Will liberals and liberal law makers use this asa excuse for gun control civilian disarnimant and repealing the 2nd AMNEMENT? dont put in past these liberals to use any excuse for gun confiscation

Anonymous said...

Just last night on the local news they were breathlessly reporting a shooting into a house. Of choose there were keeds were inside. Then the said they handn't found the shooters but they were shooting up the house because somebody there had stole their cellphone. Nobody hurt, nobody in custody, just blah, blah about not expecting violence in that area. Which a stupid comment because that formerly white area is nothing but shooting, drugs and dindu nuffins. Tell me when they go a day without shooting- now that would be news.

Anonymous said...

Hey PK. Idea for you:

How about each year you do an official SBPDL open letter to the President? Make it a tradition.

What would you say directly to President Trump about our chief topic here - savage Negroid dysfunction in America, and how to completely cure it?

Imagine him sitting at the desk in the Oval Office first thing on a Monday morning and holding a letter from you...what would it say?

Can you share with us?


Paintjob Theory said...

"allowing black people the right to have access to have firearms."

In fact I'd wager virtually all of the blacks doing the shooting have already lost this right via due process. If you could manage to make all guns magically disappear today, the nogs tonight would be using hammers, knives, spears, bricks, or whatever else they can put their hands on to kill and maim. I'll go as far as to say it's merciful that they have such ready access to guns since their proverbial terrible marksmanship and poor choice of ammunition overall probably would make them more dangerous with knives, clubs, and spears.

My little all white town has no post office, no police department, one general store, and a gun store, anyone care to guess how much violence our guns cause?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to interrupt. We will have a special treat today in North Carolina. The revrun Wideload Barber and leader of the Negros Are Always Causing Problems or NAACP is announcing his retirement and moving on to better things such as fleecing the white taxpayer for the "poor peoples campaign". This campaign will cover 25 different states and Wash DC. You can read about it here and post comments.

Anonymous said...

Even with the gun violence in Philadelphia the city still get the tourists from all over the world

Proudyt said...

Let's send all the bleeding heart's along with them.

no water melon for you said...

I strongly advise everyone to listen to Richard Pryor's comedy bit re prisons. It's the one containing his immortal line "Thank God we got penitentiaries!"
Pryor advises caution in dealing with newly released hardcore black criminals:"Shoot those mutha fukkazz on sight!"
Pryor was no "conservative",he was jet black.He was sort of in between:raised before cibble rites,but saw the children of the movement begin to flex their muscles. Nowadays a Negro comic wouldn't dare express such sentiments.Criminality is so enmeshed in cibble rites,its a movement its own self! Long live Trayvon!
To the poster who said prescribe death for any tree swinger caught with a gun,I say right on my brotha!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Recent gathering Virginia was awesome! Group of strong White men with torches protesting the removal of the Civil War monuments. Great visuals. Was scaring the spooks big time!!

Let's make this an ongoing thing- nighttime torch gatherings in Negroid nesting areas. Be peaceful. Just the sight of that many White men with torches will scare the dickens out of the superstitious spots.

Keep it up men!!

You're winning!!

Bill in St Louis said...

"Firearm violence is endemic in the United States"
No. There is no such thing. Firearms do not cause violence. No inanimate object causes violence. Streets don't" go wrong", shots don't" ring out". Until the liberal crowd admits this, out loud, there is no solution. By all the data, BLACKS cause most og the violent crime. Giving them money, (programs, paid for by YT) won't help. Deportation will help our crime rates immensely.

Anonymous said...


The mayor of Charlottesville, Va., condemned Saturday night’s demonstration by a large group of torch-bearing white nationalists who were protesting the removal of statues honoring Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

“I think it’s horrific,” Signer told ABC News. “We’re a city that proudly values our diversity.”

According to the Daily Progress, a local newspaper, several dozen protesters gathered in the park around 9 p.m. carrying torches and chanting, “You will not replace us,” “Blood and soil” and “Russia is our friend.”

A spokesman for the Charlottesville Police Department told Yahoo News that the first responding officer on the scene “observed 100 to 150 people in the park, many of whom were carrying tiki-style torches.” The officer said that several members of the large group were arguing with single male who was yelling at them “to leave my town.” The officer began telling the group to leave the park, and “as additional units arrived, all parties involved began to leave the park without incident.”

No assaults, injuries or damage to the park were reported, and no arrests were made--


Anonymous said...

We haven't seemed to learn that the truth is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hispanics were counted as Whites on those graphs, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Wow !
The confederate statues are even creeping up north and oppressing the demons!😂

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Trump gives a crap? HELLO! His daughter married into the tribe, likely to get his ass in a place to help them out, whether it be his real estate deals or simply for the tribe controlled finance racket.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Philly, like most tourist cities, has a clean and well patrolled section(s) where it is relatively safe to walk around, provided it is broad daylight. The scene completely changes after dark. Three guesses as to why.

Regarding Charlottesville, it is heartening to see many white men come together to support our history and heritage. This gave me an idea. What if word spread among us realists that a chosen city, which doesn't have to be Charlottesville, is a "safe space" for those honoring white, Anglo Saxon heritage. What if we commenced with a campaign to buy up property there, open businesses, and roll out the welcome mat for other realists fleeing the black plague of other cities - a "sanctuary city" if you will.

What's that? It be "rayciss"? What about other sanctuary cities all over this country, set up for immigrants who aren't even CITIZENS??? What say you, Mr. Trump? The white "deplorables" who elected your are waiting for your answer. Any ideas out there? I think I might be onto something!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

We haven't seemed to learn that the truth is irrelevant.

Up is down, down is up, boys are girls, girls are boys, diversity is our greatest strength, etc. We have always been at war with East Asia.

OT Coming to a city near you:

Repeat after me, "White Sanctuary Cities". Guarantee, if we chose a city, let's just say Charlottesville for now, it will be boom town in less than a year.

chattanooga gal said...

they kill me with their " it's poverty" excuses. they act like there are no poor people anywhere in the world, except blacks. I grew up in a VERY poor neighborhood- all white- and I never even once HEARD a gunshot until the blacks started moving in. Also, I would question just how " poor" blacks are, when they get practically all the government jobs, job quotas in the private section, and gibsmedats out the wazoo.

Anonymous said...

I've thought the same thing.
You know as soon as we got stable and productive.
The monsters would try and take it.
It's what they do.

Mr. Rational said...

These authors suggested that because race may be a surrogate for income, public health interventions should be aimed at alleviating poverty to reduce firearm violence in the city.

"You gotta hep us!  Sum boddy godda pay!"

Meanwhile, the richest Black city in the USA has higher crime than the poorest White one.  DWLs never learn.

If we wanted to cut Black crime, we'd cut off the assistance and make the hood rats grow their own food, sweep their own streets, cut their own grass and repair their own houses.  There would be no more sail foams; there is no point in providing unemployables with "job search" tools they will only use to waste time, at best.  Without Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, they could not get involved in monkey-screech disputes with others they cannot see.  With their days consumed by farming, cleaning and repairing, they would have far less time to make trouble.

Imagine Angel Adams out in a field with a baby tied to her back, hoeing the weeds in long rows of corn and beans and cotton.  If that was her penalty for having the first one, would she have had even one other?

In leiu of EBT, we can feed them directly.  What they get can be tailored to how they behave, or misbehave.  There are many prisons which use "penalty loaf" as a punishment.  Those who will not work, who fight the supervisors, or start fights with each other can be given penalty loaf as their only food.  Given how grossly fat so many hood rats are, this would likely improve their health.

Those who don't like it can be given renunciation of citizenship papers to sign and one-way tickets to Monrovia.  They'd get a fat envelope full of cash... once they were aboard the plane.

I never even once HEARD a gunshot until the blacks started moving in.

I hear them now and then.  I have a neighbor who shoots the odd rabbit in his yard.  I go after rodents with my pellet guns.  Everyone's very cool with it.

This is what a Whitopia is like.

Anonymous said...

Well the sun came up today. I had a cup of coffee. White privilege. Thanks Mr. Trump.

Anonymous said...

If poverty caused all the crime and shootings, then every day when the homeless shelter in my town sends the homeless out on the street, there'd be massive violence as those people have far less than the "poor negroes." Instead, what I mostly see them arrested for is panhandling, trespassing, public drunkenness and sometimes possession of drugs. And yet, negroes who have EBT cards, section 8 homes and other perks and aren't homeless or destitute are committing the vast majority of gun crimes. How can they afford the guns and ammo one might ask and the answer everyone gives is that they break into homes or cars and steal them. If so, why aren't the homeless doing the same and shooting the town up too? At worst, they get arrested for shoplifting.

It would be interesting to see a city by city nationwide study done of the crimes that the homeless commit verses those committed by the "poor negroes." I'm pretty sure that would put an end to the excuse that poverty is causing all the black crime. Of course other excuses would then be vomited up to "explain" it.

Proudyt said...

Where I live they're all driving new cars and the swamp mama's have new weaves. Where's the oppression I keep hearing about ?

Tarczan said...

FMG- A nice idea, but wherever YT goes, the negro follows. I live in a nice white town, but it seems I am seeing more and more negros. When the negros reach critical mass, quality of life goes down dramatically. We're about 7-10% now, another 5% or so and things will really change. What gets me is the way they walk around, like they own the place. They walk up and down all the main streets acting as negro as possible. Throw in our burgeoning Musloid population and we have the makings of a real zoo.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the savages are still at it......and they want to blame Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed White people for hell with them.

I hope this latest Eboli outbreak takes them all out. Clean this world. True ethnic cleansing is needed.

Anonymous said...

Rash of shootings downtown in Indianapolis. Feral ghetto naggers, of course. But tourist "still feel safe."

Californian said...

...public health interventions should be aimed at alleviating poverty to reduce firearm violence in the city.


* More taxpayer dollars for liberal government programs
* More taxpayer dollars for grants to race hustling organizations
* More taxpayer dollars to generate otherwise useless "studies"

The real poverty...which will never be alleviated by a poverty of telling the truth. If America really wanted to deal with violent crime, it would have to admit that blacks are the primary cause. Not poverty. Not the terrible legacy of slavery-segregation. Not under-served areas.

Blacks commit street crime all out of proportion to their numbers. Blacks also generate much of the poverty which the Philadelphia study blames for the mayhem. Note the fate of polities from Haiti to Detroit: black dominated and thus burdened with crime, infrastructure collapse and corrupt rule.

The real "burden" here is not blacks being the victims of "firearms violence." It is, of course, the burden of dealing with a dysfunctional demographic. And that burden includes "studies" which refuse to tell the truth in order to sustain the narrative of BRA.

Anonymous said...

One slight change I'd like to suggest: hand them the cash when they get off the plane in Monrovia.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a local grocery store called PUBLIX, here in the south, and my daughter is busy decorating a cake for Mother's Day. They had a little table set up and you picked out a heart shaped cake and then decorate it.

As she was doing this, I was looking around and saw a CORONA beer display. A bunch of cases set up around a "beach" type scene, with banners running around the display. What do I see? Our typical, intentional ANTI WHITE MALE propaganda.

In the picture, on a beach, running left to right is:

1) White female (of course BLONDE)
2) Negro female..they all look the same. They look like horses.
3) Negro male
4) Latino-Hispanic-Mystery Meat male
5) Latino-Hispanic-Mystery Meat female.

Want to know what is intentionally missing? A White man...except for in the lower bottom of the banner, you see a white hand holding a beer. Only a white hand.....You will miss it unless you have the time as I did to look and look and study the propaganda Anti-White-Male Hate poster.

Those of us in the advertising/promotion business know, for a fact, that EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of a advertising campaign is discussed, analyzed and studies, since the campaign costs Millions of dollars. CORONA-PUBLIX, across their store network, have millions invested in this...Every person was selected, the stance, the lighting, the bathing suits, the amount of clouds in the back ground....the color and placement of beach blankets, the hair styles, the poses....EVERYTHING IS LAID OUT before the photo-shoot.....and they intentionally exterminate the White Male.

Then, even better, to the right of the fake beach set up, is a smaller banner. And what do we have here on this beach scene?:

1) A White female
2) A negro male
3) A Mystery meat Latino/Hispanic female

Now this propaganda message is a lot more simple, direct and to the point. The negro buck is sitting with two women as the sun is going down...romantic.....the evening is just beginning.....time to go back to the hotel rooms....... His girls...... They are all laughing and having a wonderful time....before the negro buck has his way with White Man...not even the mexican man is involved in the psycho-sexual-mating scene.

(((They))) are ramping up the Genocide and Extermination of the White Male. They know the internet, the advent of Trump, the popularity of Le Pen and the White backlash from Eastern Europe is growing and they must crash the system as soon as they can.

Expect a ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC market collapse any day.....Have cash saved (banks will "close") Have guns and ammo (Gun stores will be "asked" to close) have any medications you may need and be ready to buckle down for at least 6 months until the urban negroes starve. Have actual coins since change may be unavailable at most, if not all stores, and have things to sell or barter that the people will want:

Hard Liquor
First aid items
9mm and shotgun shells
Tampons and Toilet Paper
Anything to boil water.

BE ready. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

They were given the keys to the richest colony in the Caribbean, Haiti and look what they've done. They were handed the keys to several prosperous countries in Africa ie, Rhodesia and South Africa and look what they've done. They've been handed the keys to several first world American cities, for example Detroit and Baltimore, and look what they've done. All the proof you ever need is right in front of our eyes.

Great White North

Unknown said...

Come to Pittsburgh. We are buying up cheap property and doing an urban homesteading thing. We are in an old, mostly empty, industrial part of the city. It's quite woodsy, also, and has a lot of wildlife- turkeys and deer in our yard- and for some reason, Pittsburgh isn't near as bad as the other cities as far as liberals, crime, etc. It's also very cheap. Google the Cheateau neighbourhood of Pittsburgh. It's quite private and almost no humans live here. We are converting industrial space we got for next to nothing and there's a lot more of these buildings available.

Anonymous said...

This bullshit is a nightly occurrence in Houston. It's usually drug rivalry, but it's reported as:

"A 34-year-old father was shot in his driveway as his children slept peacefully inside the home...."

I can justice picture it: Ward Cleaver is stepping out of the Olds 98 smoking a pipe and with the newspaper under his arm.

Ward is tired after a late meeting at the insurance company, but he looks bandbox fresh, and after a 14-hour day, his tie is still knotted and his color buttened...."

I'm sure the perp was a drunken Lumpy Rutherford, who was still angry with Ward for telling his mom he flunked gym.

Anonymous said...

I don't know any "tribesmen" who worship negroes the way Christian good ol' boys do. They derive sexual pleasure from watching sweaty black athletes and have been known to allow their daughters to "host" visiting sports negroes at their colleges as an inducement to get them to play there.

Some Jews are bleeding heart nog lovers. But some of their biggest supporters are Christians. Remember the Catholic Church? It's saved half the population if Africa. How about the Lutherans who are trying to repopulate North Dakota and Minnesota with Somalis - for a profit, of course! Gee, they must be members of "the tribe" masquerading as White people.

Anonymous said...

The burden of firearm violence in Philadelphia is squarely the consequence of allowing black people the right to have access to have firearms. If we could get them to understand this I feel sure they'll change their ways and become just like us. Nothing compares to cold hard facts presented here daily for them to see but yet they won't comment here. I don't understand this. Surely some of them can understand this. At least have a civil conversation about it don't you think ? Something has to be done. Put down the guns young people and try to love one another.

Anonymous said...

They'd never go for it. Even the stupidest Negro knows he'd be clubbed by the customs agents and cops and relieved of his largesse.

Anonymous said...

There has been a polite, and intelligent debate, here, on this blog about the negro % needed to destroy a city.

First, a single negro begins the destruction. Within it's walking distance, and especially whereever it nests, that immediate area, the room, doors, windows, destroyed.

But, the question is at what % does the "city" proper begin to fail? PK, with all his research would most likely have a very accurate "gut" feeling. There will be that % where the City begins to play games with their accounting, spending, etc. so as to pay for the presence of the negro.

Signs such as:

1) Unfunded Pensions discussions surface.

2) Increase in wait-time for any, or all, city functions

3) Taxes have been raised to the point that even the whoring Politicians don't dare raise them again

4) School classes can NOT get any larger since they are at the point where teachers are quitting faster than they can be replaced (and teachers salaries CAN NOT be increased)

5) The City has at least one negro council member.

6) There is a hiring freeze.

7) The negro "reverends" begin to complain about the "unsolved" murders in "da community"

8) All residential constructions stops in the city limits. Contractors/Developers are tired of their supplies being stolen and un-finished houses vandalized...also a delay in code enforcement/building permit issuance.

9) The Bond Credit ratings of the City has dropped OR the interest rate(s) they must offer have risen even if the Credit Ratings have not dropped, yet.

10) The City population has not risen and/or the population is showing it's first decline.

11) Any one of the City "malls" is in trouble

12) Any "Pay Day Loan" store opens on what used to be the popular main street of that city.

13) No new Chain Restaurant opens. They only open outside the City.

14) Chick-fil-A does not open a branch

15) The local McDonald's is 25+% negro "workers", and McDonald's opens more branches.

16) Any public schools gets a negro Principal

17) There is any form of "Latino Jazz Festival" or "Hispanic Heritage Celebration".

18) The Local NAACP begins to attack any Confederate symbol, sign, statue, etc while they have NEVER said a word before, even though it is only words, etc.. They are getting uppity, getting confidence, they see the White man getting weak and know it's instinctively time to attack the Whites.......

ANY one of these signs means to SELL and get out.

rent slave said...

A little OT:One of my pet peeves is the black news readers who are always complaining about cold weather to the weatherperson on the telecast.Well there's a continent across the Atlantic that should satisfy that desire if they hate it so much here.

Anonymous said...

I go "Anonymous" when I wish to speak about the state of the "Sickness" Business (known by fools as "health care").

I just had a patient. Age 8. I do "eye" work and this was the poor little kids first eye exam since his mother was/is a brain dead vain stupid fuck who would rather spend $150 a month on her iPhone than take care of her little boy.

The kid was a great kid.

BUT, it takes a great deal of time to do a proper and real and honorable eye exam, especially the first one, on a normal 8 year old boy who would rather look around the room, kick his feat about, and go home.

The Stupid as Fuck mom had one of the worst "Vision Plans" one can get. There are 2 companies, which I will not name since I don't want PK and I to get sued and I wish for this comment to be published. Anyway, the worthless BS plan they had only pays me $35 for the eye exam ( I charged $35 back in 1983 when I graduated from "eye" school....34 years ago).

The boy needed a really good exam since he was Amblyopic (one eye way off) and needed follow up over time. He should have had an eye exam when he was 5 but the Stupid Vain Pathetic Bitch Mom would rather buy make-up and thong underwear than take care of the child.

So, I did nothing. I "faked" my way, intentionally, through a BS eye exam and then sent them back to the waiting room for the staff to explain that the boy needs to go to a Pediatric Eye Doctor. You should have heard the idiotic hysterical female bitch about that. Now, none of the real good Pediatric Eye Docs take her BS Vision Plan...and I smiled when I realized the shit-fit she will have when she finds that out...HA..(who says being a doc can't be fun as hell...)

We reinstated he worthless plan, CHARGED HER NOTHING, and got her out of our place as fast as possible. Now the moral of the story and purpose of this comment?

THAT IS THE FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE. As we docs get paid nothing, we are going to do nothing. You, yes YOU, will get nothing and we will be out of business and no sane person will go into any of these Bull Sh*t Health care fields. The government is regulating us out of business and the Insurance companies are driving us bancrupt.

Now the smart ones of you will wonder why in the world would I sign up for a plan that only pays me $35? Well, they have different plans. Some pay more (up to $55 for the exam), or they may pay a lot for contacts, one never knows. Plus, you have to! 80% of my business is from these rip-off Vision Plans. But,since I can not charge the "patient" more, I am stuck in getting rid of those that take up too much time. Do you take up too much time? This is NOT about "health" it is about money. Those days are gone and they died about 40 years ago.

My advice to all of you: NEVER GET SICK.

Anonymous said...

Our wonderful Natural Conservative Family Values Mexican Immigrants are once again do the jobs White people won't do: Homicides. Of the 105 shootings committed by """Whites""" in 2013-14, 82 were actually done by White-Hispanics. The real totals for those two years are:
White: 23 (3%)
Hispanic: 82 (11%)
Black: 612 (83%)
That 3% figure may look familiar, as it is almost universally constant across White populations, wherever they still exist.

Anonymous said...

What this journal was trying (and failing) to do reminds me of a telling statistic I saw recently: The wealthiest majority-black county in America has more violent crime than the poorest majority-white county in America. I can't remember the counties, but I believe the black one was Prince George's County, MD, and the white one was possibly in KY. #BlacksGonnaBlack

Race said...

"I hear them now and then. I have a neighbor who shoots the odd rabbit in his yard. I go after rodents with my pellet guns. Everyone's very cool with it."

Where I grew up, I would hear my neighbor's .357 on the occasional Sunday morning and he chose his day off to rid his back yard of prairie dogs. You may occasionally hear a shotgun blast in the distance or a.22 rifle shot from some boy who would be pheasant/quail hunting or rabbit hunting. I never knew anyone to be disturbed by any of this. Polite respectful neighbors

Anonymous said...

I saw the shooting/cell phone theft story and a couple more just like it in the same general area. My grandpa was burned out of a house he owned in that area in the late 1950s. I'm sure the b*itch on TV stole the phone and since my grandpa had his property stolen from him by these peoples' grandparents I wish they'd all shoot each other until silence fell. My grandpa's gone but I'd reclaim his rightful property once the invaders were neutralized.

Anonymous said...

[remember NG just had a trannie on the cover]

he Civil War may have freed an estimated 4 million slaves, but that wasn’t nearly the end of acts of racial violence committed against African Americans. Acts of domestic terrorism against black people include the thousands murdered in public lynchings. Now, an interactive map provides a detailed look at almost every documented lynching between the 1830s and 1960s.
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Inside the Upcoming Memorial and Museum Dedicated to Lynching Victims

The map is part of a website created by a group called Monroe Work Today, which takes its name from an early 20th century sociologist named Monroe Nathan Work, who spent decades compiling data and statistics on lynchings. While working at Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute, Work founded the school’s Department of Records and Research—the archives of which form the bones of the map’s information, Laura Bliss reports for CityLab.

By scrolling around a slider included on the map, users can see the earliest-known lynchings in the U.S. across the country. The data points can be viewed by year as well as by the victim’s ethnicity, allowing users to approach the sobering subject from a variety of perspectives.

The website also explains how lynching as term evolved in meaning throughout different regions and time periods. As the creators write on the website:

Read more:
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Truth-hammer said...

So what you are saying is that us evil YT's are not shooting and killing people.

Truth-hammer said...

So what you are saying is that negroes and other non-Caucasians are responsible for shooting and killing people.

Anonymous said...

Does he interactive lynching map also tell or show us what the lynched person did to GET lynched? I thought not. Hardly seems fair to tell half the story. Just looking at the actions of today would lead me to believe that there must have been some very gruesome crime committed that led to the lynching. Shame to leave that part out.

Anonymous said...

Forget about soft drinks and potato chips - a "vending machine" in Singapore is offering up luxury vehicles, including Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Used car seller Autobahn Motors opened a futuristic 15-story showroom in December, with vehicles on display in 60 slots, billing it as the "world's largest luxury car vending machine".

Customers on the ground floor choose from a touchscreen display which car they wish to see. The car arrives within one to two minutes thanks to an advanced system that manages vehicle retrieval, the company says.

Gary Hong, general manager at Autobahn Motors, said the vending machine format was aimed at making efficient use of space in land-scarce Singapore as well as standing out from the competition.

"We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars. At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative," he told Reuters.


Anonymous said...

With their father’s sexual-assault trial looming, Bill Cosby’s daughters Ensa and Erinn released statements of support for their dad via NYC radio talk show “The Breakfast Club” Monday morning. Host Charlamagne Tha God said that he’d been approached by Cosby’s publicist because the comedian’s daughters listen “faithfully” to the show and wanted to speak out in advance of his June trial, in which he is facing three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault from an alleged encounter with accuser Andrea Constand in 2004.

“I am a very private person and have chosen to live my life quietly with my family. But for my child, my niece, my nephew, and my father, I cannot sit quietly anymore,” said Ensa, before going on to list her father’s many accomplishments in civil rights activism, parenting, entertainment, and philanthropy.

“The accusations against my father have been one-sided from the beginning. When he tried to defend himself, he was sued in civil court. I’ve seen the accusations become more horrific and extreme with time, and I’ve witnessed my father’s reputation and legendary works be dismissed without any proof,” Ensa said, referencing the 50 or so women who have accused Cosby, 79, of sexual assault. “I strongly believe my father is innocent of the crimes alleged against him, and I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal. How the charges came about being made against him, how people believed them before they were ever scrutinized or tested, how people who questioned the claims were shut down and ignored.”

She continued, “The media created the story and the outcome before any court will ever test the claims. How my father is being punished by a society that still believes black men rape white women but passes off as ‘boys will be boys’ when white men are accused. How the politics of our country prove my disgust. My father has been publicly lynched in the media. My family, my young daughter, my young niece and nephew have had to stand helplessly by and watch the double standards of pretending to protect the rights of some, but ignoring the rights of others and exposing innocent children to such appalling accusations about someone they love dearly and who has been so loving and kind to them is beyond cruel.”

Anonymous said...

Well come up with the money for their own grocery stores, gas stations, banks,coffee shops and let them pick up their own neighborhoods full of crack pipes. That's not a joke go drive through these communities and it is exactly as I'm saying and it's sad. There are so many good kids that may be in that Community but they'll never turn into good kids because they are taught from the time they are two yt give us everything! Yt is responsible white yt is holding us down!! Oppression! no b**** you're holding yourself down we are sick of paying for your free sh&t that's why Trump won. Whitey does not have to pay for the world we can stop it. Just stop funding it. These cities want to be gun free and gun free zones wanted to be all minorities. We can take the old Town's back and you have no place in it. That's it they want to segregate again. Do it. End of story.

Californian said...

The Civil War may have freed an estimated 4 million slaves, but that wasn’t nearly the end of acts of racial violence committed against African Americans.

Perhaps the National Geographic could further enlighten us about the terrible, terrible era of lynchings:
* How many black-on-white flashmob attacks were there?
* How many black perpetrated home invasions were there?
* How many White women were sexually assaulted by blacks?
* How many White people were victims of black driveby shooting?
* How many White cities got torched by blacks while city governments gave rioters space to destroy?

Yeah, blacks may have been "terrorized" in those "dark" days, but White people still had a country to call their own. Today?

Well, stay armed, stay alert.

Anonymous said...

No surprises for me, or anyone else on this board. PK, something happened in Macon GA on Mothers Day. Now I am not much of a TV or news watcher but I do recall hearing the news running vaguely in the background on Mothers Day 11pm local news. It seemed (if I have it correctly, that Mothers Day morning, there was a family fight and the husband (black, of course) shot his wife and daughter. On Mothers Day. Any way, keep doing what you're doing.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Remember the Catholic Church?"

"I don't know any "tribesmen" who worship negroes the way Christian good ol' boys do."

You should look into a thing called "Hollywood". Of course they don't invite the schvartzas by for shabbat.... good for thee but not for me.

Remember Vatican 2? The pope is a Jesuit.

"How about the Lutherans"

Martin Luther's crest is a rose and cross.

Where you don't find the tribe you'll find these secret societies who also practice the same Babylonian mystery religion, nation wreckers all and inextricably tied. The inner circles of most of the large churches have all long ago been infiltrated and are about as "Christian" as Rachael Denzel(sp?) is black. The rank and file are mostly well meaning useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

You stay classy, black America. I wouldn't care, except so many of these stupid sub-species have fled Chicago for my little town;turning it into a mini ghetto, complete with theft, violence,and drugs. They try to flee their problems, not realising the cause lies within themselves.
It's not going to get better. The areas they are fleeing used to be like the areas they are moving into, before the white population was forced to move to save themselves. It was only the white population that made cities desirable in the first place. Left to themselves, the black population reverted to typical African behavior, eternal warfare with the neighboring villages. Only now the neighboring villages has been replaced with the gangs, (tribes) on the next block. As resources disappear, which is sure to happen under a globalist regime, they will revert to cannibalism, as all of Africa did before contact with the white man.

Johnny See said...

Hey, PJT...
Its Dolezal. You were close, man.
Just want to say Hi. I have been here since the start and I love the commenters here.
You are one of the better ones. Im not singling you out, but you live nearer to where I grew up than I do now.
Hello Naybah...
I come from a very square town in Cumberland county, somewhere between black and white.
I grew up on the shore of a clear little lake. Crystal clear.
If you went to Monsters of Rock the week before the Dead show, you drove past my house if you came up from south of our first capital.
Ha. Ever see the show "so you think you know Maine"? Can you guess where I mean?
Please try to obliquely hint to me where you are.
Games of the mind are certainly stuff white people like.

Johnny See said...

Hey, PJT...
Its Dolezal. You were close, man.
Just want to say Hi. I have been here since the start and I love the commenters here.
You are one of the better ones. Im not singling you out, but you live nearer to where I grew up than I do now.
Hello Naybah...
I come from a very square town in Cumberland county, somewhere between black and white.
I grew up on the shore of a clear little lake. Crystal clear.
If you went to Monsters of Rock the week before the Dead show, you drove past my house if you came up from south of our first capital.
Ha. Ever see the show "so you think you know Maine"? Can you guess where I mean?
Please try to obliquely hint to me where you are.
Games of the mind are certainly stuff white people like.

Unknown said...

In my history of the south volume vii -related but a bit o.t. it says that during reconstruction the kkk in the first year or two was exactly that white men with torches usually on horseback simply circling and scaring supersticious negroes gathered in meetings.meetings where negroes were being inflamed with hatred for southern whites by northern shite (shitty white) carpetbaggers and scalawags who wanted the newly created voting bloc of nigs. The carpetbaggers had the negroes fdorganized in groups called urban leagues which inflamed blacks with false tales the blacks would get whites'land and women. Implying now nigs will be on top if only they vote radical. But white men with torches seemed like ghosts so when they marched around nigs behaved better.It scared the nigs into leaving the meetings. Ghosty supernatural stuff has that effect on nigs and if it worked on dindus we should keep it up.
The kkk did get bad after the first 2 years because white riffraff and yes black riffraff would put on the hoods for cover and disguise.
Outrageous that 100 year old statues are being removed for (((reasons))) that make no sense. Thinking they will rewrite history by destroying the evidence? Those cities are shitholes courtesy of bra so lets take down General Robert E. Lee! Who was against slavery and never owned a slave but who said negroes could not be "considered, at present, equal to the white man"
When they begin to recast history by removing statues and names they remove original source material that future generations could examine to find the truth. That helped the people trying to expose the chosen ones holy milk cow story after wwii and show it was a hoax. But now american history is being recast not only in (((their))) lying textbooks but in the physical evidence realm too. The southern whites went through hell in reconstruction but honoring southern hwroez through naming and monuments was their way of showing they still had pride and honor after they surrendered. They vowed they would not be the contrite kneeling losers because for them it was a fight against radical ideas ever growing central government who was then trying to violate the US Constitution by taking property without just compensation etc.
These are just more examples of the noses brilliant evil plan to destroy whites by using mi norities to get the rule of law destroyed.