Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wait a second... isn't the Gunslinger in Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" a White Man?

It all goes back a few years. 

Rumors were Thomas Jane, the white male actor deemed "too white" by producer Joel Silver to co-star with Sylvester Stallone in Headshot (it became Bullet to the Head), was in discussion to play the gunslinger in the highly popular The Dark Tower movie adaptation. [Thomas Jane Confirms He Was Fired From ‘Headshot’ For Being Too White, 6-28-2011]

In the 2007 horror film The Mist, Thomas Jane's character is seen painting a movie poster for... The Dark Tower. It's an incredibly famous easter egg, because the character of Roland (the gunslinger) is a beloved by legions of fans. Described by Stephen King as having "blue bombardier eyes" and being repeatedly called a "honky mahfahs" Detta Walker, a hilariously anti-white black female character integral to the plot of the book, Roland is a white male in Jane's painting

King has repeatedly stated Roland was inspired by Clint Eastwood's "Man with No Name" character, as it's a not to carefully guarded secret the gunslinger is a white male. 

So what does Hollywood do for the film adaptation coming out in July of 2017? 

Cast a black guy as the gunslinger, even though every book cover for The Dark Tower has always shown Roland as a white male and his race is described numerous times throughout the series, even to the point of being called a "honky mahfahs" by an anti-white black character. [The Dark Tower: Idris Elba on Stephen King's Gunslinger, Entertainment Weekly, 7-14-2016]:

One obvious change from the novels is the fact that Roland has always been depicted as a white man with blue eyes, although to Elba that change is no deeper than a layer of skin. 

As we sit outside his trailer, watching as the shape of Table Mountain vanishes and reappears in the mist overhead, we talk of Stephen King’s reaction to his casting, which was: “I love it. I think he’s a terrific actor, one of the best working in the business now.” 
Elba smiles. Roland doesn’t smile much, but King’s words seem to nudge him.“I was thrilled. I was thrilled to get this job,” Elba says. “I was thrilled because, you know, it’s an alternative to what you could say, what Roland is described as.” 
I ask him if he means a white guy, and Elba shrugs. It’s more than that. “A white guy in a sense, but, also just that you could make a version of this film that appealed to a slightly more action-hero type character and I don’t do those films. I haven’t done many actions films,” he says. “I like to bring a little depth and bring a real character. And what’s been fun is, Nik’s really up for that. So we do takes that are a little bit more commercial, if you like, and we do takes that are f—ing deep, like we’re making an independent film. It’s an iconic character. I want to get it right.” 
With Hollywood still struggling with diversity and inclusion, exemplified by the #OscarsSoWhite controversy this year, his casting in the role does seem to be freighted with extra significance. I asked Elba if he considers the race-swapping of the character to be a big deal. 
“It’s better just to treat it like no big deal,” Elba answers. “There should be no difference. The character that was written in Stephen’s imagination, it could be any color. It just happens to be me and, you know? In the artwork, it just so happens to be a white guy, but I don’t think that makes any difference. … I think what’s great about it, if I want to say anything about it, is that it is a sign of the times in terms of a colorless society. People go, ‘A good actor is a good actor,’ you know?”
But Elba isn't a good actor. He's just a black actor with a British accent forced down consumers throats until they've been conditioned his not just a good actor, but a Nordic deity. 

Of course, the writer and producer of The Dark Tower movie had an entirely different take on the racial recasting. [THE DARK TOWER: AKIVA GOLDSMAN CALLS IDRIS ELBA 'THE GREATEST POSSIBLE IDEA FOR CASTING',, 1-8-2016]:
News broke in December that Idris Elba seemed to be the frontrunner for the role of Roland Deschain in the long-anticipated adaptation of Steven King's The Dark Tower. The potential casting would change the race of the gunslinger, a realization that received mixed reactions around the Internet. 
Akiva Goldsman, who is writing and producing the project, spoke to IGN at the 2016 winter Television Critics Association press tour while promoting his new WGN America series Underground, which is an escape thriller centered around the Underground Railroad. Talk shifted to the reaction to Elba's potential casting, and Goldsman shared his thoughts on the situation. 
"I think Idris Elba is the greatest possible idea for casting for Roland, and I'm unbelievably proud of it as a collaborator on this enterprise and because I think that he's a great actor and I couldn't be more thrilled that he is likely to play a part," Goldsman said. "I understand that people who are thoughtful about the storytelling and the racial politics of the storytelling might want to understand how that informs that storytelling, and I respect that and I hear that, and those things are not things we didn't think about or don't think about. The racist a--holes should go f--k themselves." 
We live in a world where race drives every decision in Hollywood casting, with Thomas Jane's character sabotaged by being told he was "too white" to star in a film with Sylvester Stallone by Joel Silver. We know are told, "The racist a--holes should go f--k themselves," if they find the casting of a black actor in an obviously white role.

The moral of the story: the gunslinger is white and The Dark Tower film with a black gunslinger is going to be a huge box office disappointment.


Truth Corps said...

Another movie I won't see. Too bad, since I grew up reading Stephen King and loved his work. Only after finding out what a cucked liberal he is did I turn off the spigot to his bank account in the early 90s.

Keep an eye on New Orleans tomorrow. Antifa in town to attack Confederate monument supporters.

Anonymous said...

I liked it when Stringer Bell was gunned down by homicidal psychopath Omar in 'The Wire'. The dialog was unrealistic though, and there was too much of it. In real life, maniacal Negroes just open fire, flee, grab a sammich, and screech 'Ah ain deeeid nuh-in' when they're caught.

Ex New Yorker said...

Right now Hollywood is doing a remake of the Frank Capra movie "It's a wonderful life" which starred Jimmy Stewart. The movie will have an entire black cast and will be starring Will Smith. They have even changed the original title. The new title will be "Yo, this be some good shit".

Anonymous said...

Nothing matters about the story anymore. Stephen King has been quite vocal about his SJW leanings the past few years, and he has made enough money that he doesn't care what his fans think. I'm sure there will be some people who go to the movie, based on their love of the book series, but I can't imagine this will be a smash hit. Elba has been forwarded as James Bond as well, another part that has been a white man for what, 60 years now? And Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher? A shrimpy pretty boy in a part written as a 6'3" burly man's man? Almost all movies are crap these days and we need to giving our hard earned money to people who are laughing as they spit in our faces.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

(((Hollywood))) continues to double down on the stupid. I read one of the gunslinger novels on recommendation from a friend about 20 years ago. I enjoyed it, but science fiction has never been my thing. I will say that I enjoyed the white male protagonist, who was very well thought out, well written, and captured my imagination greatly. Good luck to the negro who has been chosen to carry this mantle.

The spectacular failure of last year's "Ghostbusters" was written off as "rayciss", by Leslie Jones, a main feature player, being one of the most painful actors to look at, male or female, since Bela Lugosi. She complained that people didn't like her. Her strident, in-yo-fay, mudduh fukkuh, attitude never was mentioned. I cannot see anyone wanting to see that sort of display for more than a minute and a half, let alone two hours.

But hey, who am I to get in the way of watching our (((Hollywood Friends))) set fire to millions upon millions of invested dollars in their vested negro worship, kill duh white man, project. Have at it, you bitchez! In a very delightful way, it is edifying to see them commit full scale suicide right in front of our eyes. The out-of-work, living in their parents' basement SJWs will not be enough to pull this turd out of the toilet.

The war on the white man continues. One of our contributors, a fellow NC writer, signed off for good recently on this thread. He will be missed. But in closing, he mentioned, "What can we do here other than complain?"

A good question. But I think we do offer some solutions that are available to us. One is turning off and unplugging the t.v. Refuse to give your dollars to the adverstisers who promote our genocide. Another is sharing your observations and links with other realists on this and other threads. Still another is refusing to do business with negroes and their cuck coddlers. Personally, I have given up trying to persuade others about race realism. Their disconnect is just too far gone. Save yourselves and your close family members. They will be the ones you will depend on in the coming crisis. And yes, stay locked and loaded, by all means. We will come out of this stronger and better for it, so keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

"Yeppie" ki-ay, mother fu@#er.....I read those books but due to this crap will NEVER watch this movie. What's next, a remake of Saving Private Ryan with Denzel playing Tom Hanks' part? I mean, they re-write history all the time so what's stopping that one? PK, I'm hoping, like you, that this film pays the price for this BS and bombs.

AR in Illinois

AnalogMan said...

Well, that's another movie I won't bother to steal, let alone pay for. I wonder why they bother to make these abominations? It's certainly not to appeal to a paying audience.

I've said it before: modern movies, even when they aren't littered with black faces, are just ugly. Your kids are being conditioned to accept that as normal, even cool. Stop exposing them to the brainwashing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hollywood is no loner what it once was now controled and run by the left the same ones Senator McCarthy warned us all about and i mean look at all the leftists themed movies THE BUTLER,REDS,anything by Oliver Stone,Micheal Moore,Quentin Tarintino,Speildberg,Spike Lee, and their ilk

Hobgoblin238 said...

Stephen King is a libtard cuck that probably loves this choice. Kingpin, Electro, Alicia Masters, Nick Fury and others have all gone groid.

I hate libs and hollywood.

Dakota Dave said...

Well I will not be spending any money to watch a film that is not true to the original source. And I am simply not interested in supporting any films that racially appropriate white roles. It has been called out for years about whites doing it so it's our job to point out that the same thing is happening with our people.

Anonymous said...

That shitty little cabin in Maine was a precursor to Kings mental illness. What should have been the best days of his life has now turned to the beginning of the end. How much money is NOT enough King ?

Ironsides said...

They certainly don't hide the fact that "racism" is their code-word for "Kill Whitey," do they?

Of course, Stephen King is a scumbag for greenlighting the project, too. He already has an estimated net worth of $400 million, so his allowing them to film his book with a massive "f you" to his readership and race like this is nothing but whoring and greed. A putrid specimen.

Anonymous said...

Casting a black guy means... I won't bother to go see this film.


I didn't see the latest Star Wars films either, for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

As long as Stephen King is fine with it then I think it's ok. He is the creator after all. And this is not a straight up adaption of the books anyway. Its a kind of sequel or continuation. Did you read the books? In short the end of book 7 leads right back to the beginning of book 1. It's a cyclical narrative and to have Roland going through the quest this time as a black man does not necessarily take away from the book.

The worst thing about the Dark Tower isn't having a black man playing Roland. The worst thing is when Stephen King wrote himself into the story!

Anonymous said...

(((Goldsman))) says.

No reason to keep looking for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second... isn't the Gunslinger in Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" a White Man? nope not anymore.

Brian in Ohio said...

Good. Nothing does more for the cause of race realism than having black shoved in peoples faces while telling them "This is good", when the reality of their daily lives assures them that it is not.

Films where the traditionally white lead is replaced by a black face have done poorly at the box office. They know it, and we know it.

But you never stop your enemy from doing something stupid.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

Loved the books, (until the finish). Not going to see, purchase or think about the movie. This is a prime example of (((Hollywood) )) stuffing diversity down our throats no matter the cost. In the books, a central part of the plot is Odetta Walkers (schizophrenic black character) hatred for whites, which drives some of the action. Now? I guess the dark man/walking dude who has always been described as, if not black, dark, (duh) can become a typical white nazi cuck. King has been following the SJW route for quite a while, so I guess it is fitting that the final nail in his coffin is his hearty endorsement of this abortion.

PB said...

Akiva Goldsman.

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I few years ago, i went to the A-con Science Fiction event in Dallas. I had a great time There were almost no black fans. Most of the black people that were there worked there in some capacity or were the police to keep order.
As to what we can do. Simple. Vote with our money. Do not support their works. Do not buy their product. I love my Sci-fi but almost no blacks like it. When I worked at one place the students asked about on line gaming. I said you start with some clothes and a weapon and it was up to you to progress. They all wanted cheat codes. LOSERS.

Proudyt said...

We can't blame blacks anymore for a lot of the crap we are forced to eat now. White liberals are far more dangerous to us. Traitors all. Only until we grow a pair will ridiculous shit like this stop.

Anonymous said...

I know recently sci-fi Genre have been reaching out to a diversity crowd

Anonymous said...

To be fair, shouldn't they have a white Martin Luther King, and a white Rosa Parks, and even a white Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. A documentary could be given showing white actors on the south side of Chicago shooting each other!

This is insane. White characters should be shown as white characters, and blacks as blacks! There is no black "Annie" or black Daddy Warbucks. Jesus was not black and neither were the Egyptians who built the pyramids.

Anonymous said...

At least they are letting us know which movies we can avoid getting excited about or planning on seeing or buying.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are going to have the black gunslinger shoot ghetto style with the gun tilted sideways? If they want a bit of reality, that is the ways blacks shoot a gun.

Anonymous said...

Yep every time I watch 1951 when the worlds collides I could just imagine if they did a remake today of that same way with Fantastic Voyage... although my take on a remake of when the Worlds Collide would be rather interesting oh yeah it still be the Caucasians going on that ship but all the multitudes social justice Warriors snowflakes and black lives matter people trying to overrun the base and get on board maybe they can have Chuck Norris's the leader base security and we could have one last epic firefight on Earth as they protect the ark ship As It prepares to leave... maybe even a before battle saying with no regret or remorse that the old world is not going to be repeated in the new world and that's just the way it's going to be they had their time and if it was meant to be they would build their own ship

Anonymous said...

"Refuse to give your dollars to the adverstisers who promote our genocide."

That list should always include Capitol One Bank and it's nasty condescending spokes negro, Samuel L. Jackson. Any white person who had made the racially insensitive remarks he hasaid would have long ago been fired, but C-1 just doubles down.

In addition to being an asshole, his acting range is so broad that it goes from "A" almost to "B".

At his rehearsals, I'm sure his directors say: "Okay Sam, just sbear, make your yellow eyeballs pop out, flare those gorilla nostrils,and your very, very loudest jive-ass nigga voice, bellow until the windows rattle - you, like every other part you've played.

He was in some shark movie years ago, and he had just started bellowing. Before he got to the third word, the shark leapt out the water a la Shamu and bit him in half.

Now That's a truly Great White.

Anonymous said...

Will I go to see this movie? Nope. Do I ever go to the show to see movies? Rarely. Why you ask? Hollywood is forcing the theme of racial diversity down our throats. Years ago if you saw a film and there was a negro in the cast, small part or big part, and it fit into the plot, okay, no problem. Now negroes must be the star, the hero, the only savior, the smartest, the bravest, the baddest, and usually the most appealing to any white women in the film. No money for Hollywood, no support for their ridiculous adaptations of characters,James Bond as a negro? WTF! Read a book, watch reruns of Leave it to Beaver.

Anonymous said...

You're not too far with my having white actors portraying gangbangers. The show "Cops" was,criticized recently for showing too many negroes being arrested.

The producer apologized and said that they try to show as few as possible, but negroes are the ones doing all the stupid shit, so what can he do?

Shark said...

C'mon, you're looking at this all wrong! The black community needs a strong male authority figure who relies on his wits and personal charisma to solve problems rather than using violence and firearms...oh, wait...

Bud said...

I always thought that if or when we become a white nation the horror movies we would be watching would be all black. So this is a step in the right direction since Steven King wrote it.

Good thing to know that a movie is about blackness and I can avoid it. Better than going to a space movie such as "The Martian" and having an unrealistic intelligent magic negro pop in and spoil the show.

This movie is definitely a FU YT. I cannot understand the motivation of any business that would like to lose money. They must have deep pockets and some other motivation which I cannot currently understand.

I love and have collected all of the James Bond movies. Daniel Craig is good but he he is not British. If they come up with a black James Bond I may have to push the ejector seat button.

Anonymous said...

One more thing.....maybe I've missed it but have ANY movies been made the other way around??? Just axin...

AR in Illinois

Paintjob Theory said...


Tells us 'racists' to go fuck ourselves. These folks are all class, as is the "art" they vomit forth.

This is another who cares moment for me. King wrote some decent fiction back in the 80's but IIRC The Stand was about the last of his books that was worth reading. I really enjoy reading fiction, and my favorite books I can re-read every year or two and always enjoy them. I have never had any desire to re-read any King book, I doubt they would hold up, and even most of the movie adaptations have been a disappointment with the possible exception of Maximum Overdrive (mainly for the sound-track) and It which was carried by Tim Curry.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the mudslinging is never about selling the movie/product or making money but only about selling negroes and the religion of PJT and IKAGO. Our enemies own the printing presses and will never be short of fiat money to fund their propaganda. If nobody pays to watch this trash in a theater they still see the magic negro hero image on billboards, merchandise, and trailers, and likely in the awards ceremonies.

Anonymous said...

To the guy that continuously attacks PJT and Christianity:

I think it is fair to say that we love him because he is witty, well read and funny. For me you just don't seem to have anything to contribute that is positive. I may end up becoming a Christian because of you. In any case I love Christians.

Hope that Paul is recovered from the flu.

Hope that PJT can again carry his rifle.

Hope that the retired NC guy is able to continue on for a few more years (and thanks).

I don't come here to bitch. We have few places to know what is going on in these United Sates and throughout the world. This is one of those places.

Because of the great and various commenters, I have learned many things that will help me live my life beyond the black undertow.

Anonymous said...

The character that was written in Stephen’s imagination, it could be any color.

This is not true and IGN did not call him out on it.

The negro female character in the wheelchair hates Whites and this causes problems for Roland. She even calls him a honkey when they first meet.

She is a key character so they will have to rewrite that part or stick to the first book.

Anonymous said...

We can't blame blacks anymore for a lot of the crap we are forced to eat now. White liberals are far more dangerous to us. Traitors all.

I have felt this way for a long time.

Black people are what they are and they are aware of it. Only very rarely will you see a Black person claim that racial differences are only superficial. It is White liberals that constantly try to spin a fantasy egalitarian view of the world while at the same time claiming to be on the side of science.

I grew up with liberals and egalitarians lying to my face and taking advantage of youthful naivety. I don't want to live near Blacks but they at least never tried to indoctrinate me.

Brian in Ohio said...

Proudyt said...
We can't blame blacks anymore for a lot of the crap we are forced to eat now. White liberals are far more dangerous to us. Traitors all. Only until we grow a pair will ridiculous shit like this stop.
May 5, 2017 at 5:36 AM

"If you are facing an enemy and a traitor, and have only one bullet, shoot the traitor."

Stay alert, stay alive.

Californian said...

One word:


LA "Lower Alabama" said...

Dear Formerly Miss Greenbaum,

I understand where your NC friend signing off is coming from. Now is a time not for words but for action and knowledge. I come on here because of the VAST amount of info that isn't spread by the national media. I grew up seeing both sides of the story and even had criminal justice classes that overlooked where Wallace held his ground at Alabama. Actions that are over the top like that tend to backfire, case in point Hitler. Never was a fan of the guy but each day his argument looks more and more sound to anyone with a rational mind that doesn't want to see Europe become a 3rd world country in a couple of years. If we don't want to see America become that we need to press anybody different coming over and make it appear its backwards. It is currently working for Alabama, "though Yankees that were historically wrong racially are moving down here in droves to the white areas".

I wish we could set up ideas of safe zones for white people in certain areas as the no go zones are pretty well laid out. I also wish people would talk more about their areas so we could get an idea of areas that used to be safe that are going down. PK mentioned ATL last week and how much has gone down, I appreciate the heads up on Northern cities like Indy and new St Louis sucked. No go cities in the south would include New Orleans, ATL, Austin, Miami, Jackson MS, Montgomery Al, Tampa, etc... granted you can find decent areas near most of these cities like just outside Tampa St Petersburg is still pretty nice.

I implore each of you to have multiple kids and homeschool if you can or urge your children to. We are being out bred and its not even close, couple that with immigration. Ask yourself what would Jefferson and Washington do?

Anonymous said...

Delaware Dude here. been quite awhile. O T sitting here listening to rain and seeing the news reports of the funeral for a black state trooper killed by a dindu in cold blood outside a wawa gas station. Cops literally destroyed his house trying to get him to surrender. then it was suicide by police. back to the topic. haven't seen a movie in years. cant stand the countless sail foams texting and calling thoughout the movie. GF watches the tube. what do I notice? greater percentage of groids than in reality and even more unbelievable number as supreme beings and supervisors over the whites. have switched to old laugh-in reruns from the 60's and then time to read a novel or take the dogs out for a walk. Be safe and keep the 40 foot perimeter and carry a spare magazine or two.

Pat Boyle said...

I read a Steven King novel once. It was "The Stand". I thought it was perfectly dreadful. I told this story to a friend of mine who was a Steven King fan and he told me that everything King ever wrote was great except "The Stand". He told me my perceptions were off because I had - by bad luck - read the only bad book ever written by King.

Maybe so but I wasn't interested enough to try to read another.

I also read the first big Robert Ludlum book - "The Bourne Identity". It was impossible dreck - just about the worst written book I had ever read. But oddly enough I liked the movies quite a bit. So it must have been the simple prose style or lack thereof.

I read a lot. I have been reading mostly non-fiction lately so I've ordered some escapist novels from Amazon and am happily plowing my way through them.

This brings us to today's blog topic. Hollywood casting blacks in formerly white roles.

A year or so ago they remade the TV series "The Equalizer". The plot premise for the series was an older semi retired white former government agent who rights wrongs for people in need. But they chose Denzel Washington as the star of the Hollywood feature film. McColl was conceived as a white character and really only made sense as a white character.

Washington is old enough for the part but they rewrote the part to also be an impossibly deadly kung fu practitioner. He easily disposes of gangs of armed men barehanded. When he was a middle aged white guy he defeated the bad guys through tricks and stratagems. When he became a black guy he became an super competent athletic action star.

But the worst part was the 'back story' they tacked on. Washington (as McColl) mentors youth. He encourages street urchins to read. He himself is shown reading a book at a local restaurant. He tells the young people that they should try to read so much that someday they will have read one hundred books. Big whoopee!

I suppose a hundred books sounds like a lot to black people. But for most of my life I have read two books a week continually. That's a hundred book a year - year in and year out. I read relatively slowly. Real fast readers read more. Only someone who is functionally illiterate would think that reading a hundred books in a lifetime is remarkable.

Te problem is that too many movie makers think they have a moral imperative to be Contra-Factual. They think they have a duty not to portray the world as it is but rather as the way it should be. So we get all the blacks cast as computer programmers and scientists.


Anonymous said...


The tale of The Dark Tower is King's life's work. There is a Dark Tower Concordance which maps out all of the connections and references throughout almost every other story King has put out there.

Volume 1, The Gunslinger, was published in 1982, after appearing in serialized form in the
Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction over the course of 3 years in the late '70's / early '80's. The story was first put to paper in 1970, right around the time King graduated from the Univwesity of Maine.

My introduction to Roland happened almost exactly 35 years ago, when I was out of school for most of the last three weeks of the year due to a case of mono. I was sleeping 17 hours a day and was STILL dog-ass tired all the time, and was pretty much told to just stay in bed. One afternoon, my mom brought me some things to read to keep me from getting too stir crazy, and The Gunslinger was eagerly devoured in the course of one afternoon. I was hooked from that point on, and I waited with varying degrees of impatience for the other volumes over the years.

10 years ago there were whispers and rumors of this being made into a movie trilogy, along with a TV series to fill the gaps between the movies.
Some big names were mentioned, such as Ron Howard and J.J. Abrams - but it fell through.

This movie looks to be disappointing in the extreme, and the trailer looks to be a generic action CGI-fest. At least I still have the books.

Mr. King:
You should be sent West. You have forgotten the face of your father.

Anonymous said...

Right now Hollywood is doing a remake of the Frank Capra movie "It's a wonderful life" which starred Jimmy Stewart. The movie will have an entire black cast and will be starring Will Smith.


Here's how the movie can go: Will Smith wakes up in a world in which there are no White people. Free at last! But wait, the town of Bedford Falls has changed. The streets have suddenly gone wrong. In the distance, shots are ringing out. Going to the bank, he finds it has been burned down in a riot and the money looted. When he takes the family to a baseball game, they have to duck as bullets fly over. Returning to his house, he finds that it has been turned into a crack den. And the water is not running. Sitting down in front of the television with the family and popping open a 6 pack of Colt 45, he tunes in to ESPN's Wild World of Gangbanging and proclaims, "It's a wonderful life!"

Anonymous said...

Let's start a petition that insists Hollywood cast Brad Pitt as Martin Luther King in any upcoming movies targeting the now rapidly diminishing, soon to be non-existent, white guilt.

Anonymous said...

The media has been forcing negroes on the rest of us like a parent would feed their kid vegetables- but it differs in that vegetables are good for you and are a positive thing- the negro not so much.

Forcing people to consume junk that not only isn't good for them but on top of it isn't even enjoyable? Great marketing strategy, I'm sure no competitors will ever take the hint. Non-black women everywhere have gotten a good glimpse of black violence, anti-social behavior and blind racial solidarity. A woman having slept with a black guy is actually a much bigger deal-breaker than it used to be.

Any woman who doesn't see the writing on the wall when Reggie and his friends move in next door will be difficult to feel pity for. Liberal whites protecting diversity so it can swarm other people's backyards has consequences and inevitably even the most walled off liberals won't be safe.

Some options include starting over from scratch, waiting for aliens to arrive and take pity on us, or to hope some realists invent a disease that only affects those with sickle cell.

For now just survive. BRA is slowly beginning to die, there are signs of it everywhere. TNB can no longer be ignored.

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy if it tanks.

Anonymous said...

This movie is going to die on the vine. On a brighter note, I am waiting for Alien Covenant to come out. I am wanting to see the body count of all the SJW's and all by the aliens who do not discriminate. Think of the fun to be had there.

Anonymous said...

"King wrote some decent fiction back in the 80's but IIRC The Stand was about the last of his books that was worth reading."

The central character, "Mother Abagail", was black. I guess you missed that.

Anonymous said...

100 books over a lifetime? LOL! I read more than that when I was in the 9th grade! Every spare moment was spent in the library and I even kept a list of the books I'd read. As is, I doubt most negroes today have even read one book unless it was a comic book or some trashy ghetto ragazine about rap, tennis shoes, hair weaves and bakkaball.

The Hollywood movies that irk me the most are the ones based on historical events that they then warp beyond all recognition and/or place a dumbass negro in a pivotal role. One example is the tv series Spartacus. That was so historically inaccurate that it was painful. Entertainment wise, it was ok. However, they just had to place a negro in it- Oenameus as the doctore who was teaching the gladiators how to fight- who was, in reality, a Gaul- not a sub-Saharan African. That's why I tend to get my history from documentaries. I've often had to correct someone who's watched a Hollywood historical piece and carried on about some series of events in the movie and accepted the warped history as fact. Even the movie "Gladiator" was a load of historical crap. I often find myself telling people, "Damn it, you can't get your history from Hollywood!" and then telling them the actual facts.

Made up stories/movies with giant brained negroes in pivotal roles? Please. I find those so ludicrous I can't even watch them as it insults one's intelligence and strains all credibility beyond the breaking point.

Tarczan said...

Pat -Any books you recommend? I just have a hard time finding books that are interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sure, this casting might hurt the box office numbers here a bit, but think of all the money they'll lose in the now-important Chinese market.

Anonymous said...

"Let's start a petition that insists Hollywood cast Brad Pitt as Martin Luther King..."

We've already seen what will happen in that situation after the Michael Jackson miniseries was banned from airing when it came out that Ralph Fiennes played a middle aged Jackson. When a white man playing a black man who purposely lightened his skin is literally beyond the pale, then no reverse race casting (black-to-white) would ever be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I thought the only way this story would work is if they got some anime outfit to do it as like a 100+ episode serial. It's just too much for movies, to do it right and be reasonably faithful.

I read all of The Dark Tower when fairly new and loved it then, although now I would object to the oil drilling going on. They were the last King books I read and I think I bought them used at the flea market. Since I've learned what a tool he is, it just lost all it's appeal.

well, one more movie I'll skip. TCM runs showings of old movies once a month, this month is Smokey & The Bandit. I'd rather go see those -

Anonymous said...

I think Bert the cop is still white, as is Mr. Gower, the druggist.

In the revised script, George accuses Bert of intentionally throwing him off the bridge, and Bedford Falls settles a civil rights lawsuit for $6.2 million.

A grand jury indicts Bert for aggravated assault, which infuriates the townsfolk, who wanted Bert's piggity ass sent away for life on attempted murder.

During a protest, the CVS where Old Man Gower now works is burned down and looted. Gower shoots a 12-year old niglet who is running from the store carrying 3000 oxycotin tabs, a case of Ripple Watermelon wine and a stack of Juneteenth Greeting cards.

Gower is aquitted, but is retried on Civil Rights charges and gets 20 years.

George leaves Mary, opens up a first-class whorehouse with violet with the settlement money.

The brothel is equipped with a little bell in each room, and each time a customer cashes out, a cashier-register ring-tone is played.

In the final scene, George is sitting at a table piled high with cash and jewelry wearing nothing but a purple-sequined pimp hat and surrounded naked batches n' his.

A cash register chimes, George sighs, and whispers, "Thanks Bert, you white devil po-lice kiss-my-ass mutha-fuggah."

Unknown said...

Box office disappointment or not, it's a huge disappointment to fans of the Steven King series. The Dark Tower series was great literature, and they seem to be ruining it. But remember, the real Reverend Bacon came from Tom Wolfe's novel, Bonfire of the Vanities. The book was published in 1987, as the White American Sun was not yet over the yardarm. The PC movement hadn't really begun. Bonfire was a serious tour-de-force that warned about the perils of political correctness and the logical conclusion of the consequences of a black-run America. Hollywood turned it into a farce, with essentially all of Wolfe's messages stripped out.

So, we're used to stupid stuff like this.

Sick n' Tired said...

"Her strident, in-yo-fay, mudduh fukkuh, attitude never was mentioned. I cannot see anyone wanting to see that sort of display for more than a minute and a half, let alone two hours."

Why would I pay to see that when I can experience it first hand at the DMV, any given fast food chain, my local building department/courthouse/county clerks office?

Anonymous said...

I think Gilbert Gottfried in blackface would be great as MLK.

Anonymous said...


Another attempt at a black actor playing a white role in a movie that will not interest black audience members to even show up!

Western/scifi being a bit of a stretch anyway, the direct pandering to a potential black audience is preposterous and doomed to failure.

I see no salvation for Hollywood. The increase of images in commercials portraying mixed race couples has reached a crescendo. The false propping up of the black man at the white man's expense has just about run its course.

Sadly, those who have promoted this over the past forty years won't be the ones who suffer when it reached critical mass.

Unless we deliberately remember...

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Well I hope corporate America wakes up to the fact that you can't just replace Whites and get the same results. From St. Louis:

110.5 million and no evidence that baby powder causes cancer.

We will see more cases like this as the country becomes less White. Lawyers will go negro jury shopping and sell them on sticking it to "the man" even if the evidence is flimsy.

Anonymous said...

This is another who cares moment for me. King wrote some decent fiction back in the 80's but IIRC The Stand was about the last of his books that was worth reading.

I enjoyed the Dark Tower series but never got into the horror.

In fact I don't get the horror genre. We already have plenty of horror in the US. First 48 is the best horror show on television. It shows the true horror of Black areas and makes a mockery of egalitarian fantasy.

David In TN said...

A decade ago, there was talk of a movie on the Zebra killings that would have black detectives (Jamie Foxx starring) solve the case. Foxx would supposedly fight "racism" in the police department, which also drove the killers to perpetrate the crimes.

There were numerous attacks by people who knew the real story against the book by a Hollywood screenwriter this scenario was based on. The movie hasn't been made, so far anyway.

Anonymous said...

If you think they do this to benefit blacks, you are mistaken. This is done as a part of a psychological war on Whites. This is done to diminish whites. This has little to do with blacks, as blacks have nothing to do with the casting of a black. This is a war on YOU.

Great White North

Anonymous said...


YShell12 said...

When all of you make it to Judgement Day, do you think Heaven will have separate sections for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc? Just wondering what you'd say to your Creator? How would you explain your hate and less than Christian attitude/belief? Do you Jesus or the Father would give you a pass? I'm just wondering...

Anonymous said...

It's possible the disappearance of the compassionate oregonian has been solved. This would be a good story pk. This story is worth the read people.

Anonymous said...

Great White North said: This has little to do with blacks, as blacks have nothing to do with the casting of a black. This is a war on YOU. Finally !!!! Someone gets it right in two sentences. Thank you GWN. Blacks have no power. The liberal gives it to them.

Pat Boyle said...

Tarczan asked me for a book recommendation. I'm flattered. I'm just a reader not a professional book reviewer.

I've been reading a book by Lisa Randall. She is arguably the smartest woman alive. She is a theoretical physicist at Harvard. I'm going through it again because I didn't understand that much the first time through.

I'm not quite smart enough to just breeze through Luigi Cavalli-Sforza's big serious book on genetics. I been trudging through it as best I can. You should always have a few books on your shelf that are a little too tough for you. By my figuring you should set out all the books you want to read and all the music you want to hear at some point early in your life. This should be a formal chaoic which you commit to paper rather than just allow yourself to drift into whatever's popular. I kept attending Die Frau Ohne Shatten until I understood it.

You could always read the book 'Race' by Rushton. It is remarkably deep. Rushton was a real smart guy. Real smart. I read Carlton Coon when I was in school and then everything by Jensen but today there is no one better and more reliable than Rushton.


Anonymous said...

Yes I think there will be separate sections YShell12. There's two elevators at the Pearly Gates. One goes up.

Anonymous said...

Dakota Dave said ”Well I will not be spending any money to watch a film that is not true to the original source. And I am simply not interested in supporting any films that racially appropriate white roles.

We could do the same to them by racially appropriating roles of all those black heroes in all of those popular action novels written by all of those famous black authors over the years. We could start with . . . um , never mind.

AnalogMan said...

YShell12 said...

When all of you make it to Judgement Day, do you think Heaven will have separate sections for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc?

Don't be silly. Heaven has no blacks; that's what makes it heaven.

Proudyt said...

Do you think he will give the black racist a pass ? Or Allah give a pass to the Muslims that stone to death a woman unfaithful to her husband ? Don't come to this site and preach more white guilt babble. Everyone here has had it up to our eyeballs with it.

Anonymous said...

Stop wondering.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

seriously Paul do the story on the illgegal alien in Oregon. if that is not one of the most classic cases of liberalism I don't know what is all the way to the end with the classic davy Blackburn forgiveness.

Lulu said...

YShell said" Do you think heaven will have separate sections for Blacks, White's,Hispanics?". ..No WE don't. Do YOU know why? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I almost peeed in my pants laughing so hard at the visual of a muslim repenting for his sins, thanks YSHELL12.

PB said...

Anonymous YShell12 said...

When all of you make it to Judgement Day, do you think Heaven will have separate sections for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc? Just wondering what you'd say to your Creator? How would you explain your hate and less than Christian attitude/belief? Do you Jesus or the Father would give you a pass? I'm just wondering...

Oh for Heaven's sake......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:54 PM. I'm not the one robbing, raping, shooting, murdering, neglecting children, stealing from taxpayers, cheating the system. So no, I have nothing to explain to my Creator. I'm not supposed to condone bad behavior. I don't think that there are separate areas for good people. I think there are probably no areas for people who behave badly and cause the ruination of others. That includes the destruction of what little we are given to take care of. Get it?

Anonymous said...

So will any liberals have a problem with Nicole Kidman playing Rosa Parks and Jason Alexander playing Martin Luther King?

Anonymous said...

When all of you make it to Judgement Day, do you think Heaven will have separate sections for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc?

If God is so supportive of integration then why did he isolate Africans?

Racial differences exist. Why would I be worried about a judgement day situation if God created those differences? Why are you certain that it was not God's will to keep Africans in Africa? They have wide noses for warm air and dark skin to protect from full sun. In Northern climates they have skin problems and lack Vitamin D. Likewise I don't think White people should be spending their summers in Africa or Arizona. Then there are cognitive differences that cause social and cultural divides.

If anyone should be worried about judgment day it should be the egalitarians who have destroyed cities and inflicted endless pain and agony against Whites all for a fantasy belief in equality. If we are to be judged by an ultimate Creator then why would egalitarians not be worried? History has shown that they are DESTROYERS, not creators. Over a trillion has been spent on this fantasy and they still don't have a SINGLE majority Black city that has first world standards.

Anonymous said...

What is it with mainstream white people and their pet blacks?

I thought about watching CBC's Kim Convenience, then I found out they had a black cop, I cannot suspend my disbelief to watch something as unrealistic as a black being inside an asian store to do something other than shoplifting.

I love silverscreen era films, the only new films I watch now are Asian ones.

- A Chinese In Canada

Elizabeth said...

According to Wikipedia, "the man in black" in The Dark Tower will be played by Matthew McConaughey:

I haven't read The Dark Tower, but take it that "the man in black" is the bad guy. As usual, black hero, white villain. (((Hollywood))) particularly likes to demonize white men of British stock.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Most of the time, these kinds of stories gain traction because of the casting of lead characters, but the forced diversity is even more pervasive than that.

The "blackwashing" of popular stories and tales has reached a point of straight up lampoon.

My wife and I watched the movie "Pete's Dragon" with our daughter last night. It is a (((Disney))) re-boot of an old story with a few minor changes. Rather than being set in the Northeast - it is set in the Pacific Northwest this time.

But the funniest thing of all is in the opening sequence the kid (Pete) was given a children's book called ELLIOT GETS LOST. This eventually inspired him to name his dragon Elliot, after he himself is later separated from his family.

In the book, as he flips the pages --- it is a black family! Yes, that's right -- an intact, two parent black household -- with a black child named Elliot -- who all love doing wholesome outdoor camping adventures together.

.... You know, just like real life.

The film is set in a very small town built around the timber industry. This small town has a black sheriff, the hospital is run by a black female doctor, there are black lumberjacks, and in the background shots, black families enjoying meals at the quaint small town diner --- in rural Washington.

... You know, just like real life.

Of course, all of the bad guys are white. Come to think of it, the f'ing dragon required less suspension of belief to accept the existence of than the casting director's imaginative vision of highly functional, high agency blacks all over rural Cascadia.

What a riot!

Anonymous said...

I think there's a TV series that casts a Negro as Sir Lancelot in the stories of King Arthur. Well, why not--he had the longest broadsword in the kingdom and seduced Arthur's wife Guinevere--isn't that typical Negro behavior?

Anonymous said...

As tough as it may be to swallow, if you are seeing things clearly, the conclusion must be reached is that women must have NO say when it comes to laws dealing with the negroes and mud immigration. They are wired differently than men and want to nurture the "poor things". We are aware of the threat; they want to help them.

Feminism has gone WAY too far. Gotta get them out of the business of running a First World Country. They are genetically unsuited.

White Sharia.

Reinstate the Patriarchy, or we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

PK has never done an article based on a suggestion from me. While that is too much to hope for, I ask all of you fine commenters (including the pathetic YShell), to pray for this man so that he has the strength to permanently shun his whore daughter and her half-breed sister for life:

We need every white and East Asian parent to take up this man's mantle. He is a hero and we should erect a monument to him. Somehow, someway, let Arkansas Man know he is not alone, and that you support him.

General Ripper

Anonymous said...

To help with the continuing self-implosion of negroid areas, we need to help the Libs with their 'inclusiveness' campaign by demanding MORE negroid cops - in negro areas. To help with the special needs of the black community, who better to be sensitive to their need then fellow negroids?

So, let's promote programs that put negro applicants on the fast-track to becoming cops who patrol negro hoods.

That includes lowering the standards for police academy. Felonies? ok, low IQ? ok. Cant read? Ok... You're in.

But you can't patrol Human areas, just negrohoods where your special negrosity is in demand for their special negro needs.

Libtards can't argue with that, and imagine the chaos when the hood is flooded with armed, low impulse control, violent negroes in uniforms & a license to kill! They will be blasting their fellow negroes like it's Hutu vs Tutsi!

YES! Make unqualified negroes the cops in negro areas. Watch how fast you get Mogadishu-level cities that can finally expose the lie of egalitarianism once and for all.

How about a catchphrase to get this movement started?

Start with Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Here's another doozy headline for a barrel of laughs. Makes me feel no ones in charge. Things get more and more bizarre.

Travon Martin, who dreampt of being a pilot, to receive honorary aviation degree!

senatortombstone said...

I never see movies. I don't watch sports. I already cancelled NetFlix and am seriously considering canceling cable. There is no form of current entertainment that is not anti-white or degenerate or both. I am just one white man, but I keep my money for myself.

Anonymous said...

This article in National Geographic describes eugenics in a morally neutral way, and it states explicitly that genes determine intelligence. How did it slip by the censors in the Thought Police for promoting such heretical ideas?
How Humans Are Shaping Our Own Evolution

• I subscribed to National Geographic for decades. Cancelled my subscription in 2004 when they promoted John Kerry, and tortured us with global warming stories that had zero scientific evidence. Now pharmaceutical ads for Viagra rule the day instead of the technological milestone of automakers. Weekly World News type ads for weight loss, dentures, and "climate change".
A real kick in the balls for those of us who love geology, national parks, and the great American institution of a Geographic Society.
First publication was in 1888.
Guess we can go back to burning whale blubber, and using corncobs for toilet paper.

Smithsonian went the same direction. Seemed like every story, no matter the topic, had some Global Warming inserted into it. Finally gave up and quit it.

D-FENS said...

"When all of you make it to Judgement Day, do you think Heaven will have separate sections for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc? "

Spare us your biblical nonsense. Negroes are very religious. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

New Orleans have already implemented no standards for police officers.
Female in FL

Joxer said...

To the poster who said that this casting is a deliberate attack on us White people, yes it is, all over the White world in fact, here in Ireland last year, (which has regrettably suffered an influx of Africans, Pakistanis, and every type of third world detritus in the last two decades) we celebrated the centenary of our nationalist uprising against the British Empire which was centered around the General Post Office O Connell Street Dublin. In honor of the sacrifice of the brave men and women who gave their lives and liberty for a Nations rebirth the statue of our ancient hero Cuchulainn stands there representing his defiance in death, defending Ulster from the forces of Queen Mauve of Connaught, a solidary man who surrounded by his enemies who fear him, ties himself to a rock in a standing position so that even in death he deters his foe. In the legend it is only when a raven begins to peck at the dead Cuchulainn do his enemies realize he is dead and a great cheer goes up from the camp of Mauve.
The statue therefore is indeed a noble representation of what happened in the building where it now stands, The original story an Tain (pronounced tarn) was written down by Irish monks possibly in the seventh century, but it is much older coming from bronze age Ireland at least 200 years BC.
On the evening of Easter Sunday 2016 when the great and good of Irish society all hopeless liberals and cucks, had finished watching the fine military parade through Dublin, our national TV station RTE aired a gala performance, part of which included the tale of the gallant Cuchulainn. However the actor playing our hero was in African.
This of course is a Marxist slap in the face, and it is well known that Marxists in the Workers Party who were a revolutionary body in the sixties and seventies had infiltrated it.
So like Lancelot and Heimdall the same people are telling us that what was ours, now belongs to others. On this occasion they could not have been clearer to what their intentions are for us.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that on this site, one of the few written and followed by a few white people, we can't even respond to each others comments.

On all other ANIT WHITE hate sites, and those controlled, one can comment to a comment.

Sad that White men can't figure that out.

Anonymous said...

OT, Familes of Chicongo shooting victims complain the police aren't solving their cases.

The comments on the story are great.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a silver lining to the negro plague?


Anonymous said...

Gwoobus, your posts are always fantastic and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you Joxer. Never thought Ireland of all places would get that bad.

Anonymous said...

If I go to heaven and am surrounded by negroes, I'll know that it's just the devil playing tricks on me, because that is my Hell.

Anonymous said...

The name Elliot is a baby boy name----Greek Meaning:
In Greek the meaning of the name Elliot is: The Greek form of the Hebrew Elijah, meaning Jehovah is God.

Paintjob Theory said...

" do you think Heaven will have separate sections for Blacks"

Does cro-magon man go there too? Homo-erectus? Homo-habilis? You'll be hard pressed convincing me, after what I've observed. that sub-Saharans even have souls.

Race said...

My bible says they won't be there.

Anonymous said...

" In any case I love Christians."

Christians love you too, especially if you're non-white.

The Pope would send his love personally, but he's too busy helping non-whites get into white countries.

Alex Jones would send his love personally, but he's too busy ranting against racists.

Sean Hannity would send his love personally, but he's too busy interviewing some negro. Not sure what he's talking about. Can't understand the niggerbabble.

Davey Blackburn would send his love personally, but he's still too busy forgiving the negroes who raped and murdered his pregnant wife.

Anonymous said...

Excellent new article here...

Look into their eyes. Demons. And the next one is living near you right now...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "diversity bs", watching the Kentucky Derby coverge on NBC. And, of course, one of the 3 main commentators is a black guy. Funny, since every time the show the crowd of THOUSANDS there I see NO blacks. Yeah, like they're interested on a white man's pastime. Ridiculous.

AR in Illinois

PB said...

"Spare us your biblical nonsense. Negroes are very religious. What does that tell you?"

Its like that with Islanders and Aboriginals in my part of Australia. They go on and on about religion, but its really religiosity for its own sake. They have superstitious, superficial minds and that's how they come at their Christianity, through literal interpretation.

AnalogMan said...

General Ripper, that story of the man whose daughter is "dead" to him is tragic. His former wife is shacked up and breeding with a kaffir, and now his daughter, the apple of his eye, is going the same way. But he's the villain for being disappointed.

I'd like to show him some support, but I wouldn't know how. I'm a social media ignoramus.

Race said...

"I wish we could set up ideas of safe zones for white people "
....That used to be the Atlantic to the Pacific. How much more would you give the orc hordes?

Tarczan said...

Pat- My goal for the year is 50 books, and I am well on my way. Some fiction, some non fiction. Yes, Lisa Randall is smart, and interesting. I trudged through one of her books, tough going. Fiction, I like C J Box, about life in Wyoming. Very easy reading, flows well.
Books are a lot like tv shows, many options but few that strike you as good or interesting. There are just so many books that are bad.

I would really like to find a fiction book written in the near future about the demise or survival of white people but I don't think there are any.

ejxinmi said...

I care for Stephen King's writing about as much as I care about Al Sharpton's economic theories.

Anonymous said...

"As tough as it may be to swallow, if you are seeing things clearly, the conclusion must be reached is that women must have NO say when it comes to laws dealing with the negroes and mud immigration. They are wired differently than men and want to nurture the "poor things". We are aware of the threat; they want to help them.

Feminism has gone WAY too far. Gotta get them out of the business of running a First World Country. They are genetically unsuited.

White Sharia.

Reinstate the Patriarchy, or we are doomed."

Utterly false. The vast majority who have allowed all the third world immigration
in are men, not women. White men brought Blacks as slaves, White men created the Hart-Cellar Act allowing 3rd world immigration, White men created Marxism that advocated 3rd world immigration and White men allowed and hired all of these Mexican illegals. In other places such as Canada and Europe, the majority who have caused 3rd world immigration are White men. Men have run the world and it's a mess so men are no more or less genetically suited to run anything than women are. There should be no patriarchy or matriarchy, just a healthy balance as nature decreed and our nations should be equally run by men or women that have common sense and don't support 3rd world immigration.