Thursday, December 14, 2017

ACLU mad about New Orleans $40 million crime camera initiative because it will show black people committing all the violent crime in the city

Previously on SBPDL: Pattern Recognition a Greater Sin than Black Criminality: BART Officials Protecting Black Criminals from "racially insensitive commentary"

The most important function of the state - and their hired enforcers of the executive branch, the police - must perform is to protect black people from being judged correctly for the disproportionate criminality and dysfunction they create. 

In our multiracial society, where the law has been supplanted with the iron law of minority rule, white people have sacrificed the civilization their ancestors passed on to them in the vain hope of the pursuit of equality as our greatest societal good. 

Thus, we have the state and the media working in tandem to actively censor and coverup the shocking criminality the black community is uniquely responsible for, even if this act puts law abiding citizens and their private property at risk. 
Keep New Orleans citizens and white tourists safe or expose that blacks commit all the crime? Only a dilemmas for our rulers when you consider how they've dismantled our civilization to protect black people from the consequences of their actions and dysfunction they alone create

Enter New Orleans, a roughly 60 percent black city overwhelmed by black violent crime. Indeed almost all the violent crime (homicides and nonfatal shootings) are committed by black males

The city relies upon tourism as the lifeblood fueling economic development, so white people fearing a trip to the Crescent City is a problem the chamber of commerce cannot tolerate. 

In an effort to cut down on crime, particularly white tourists/white convention goers being attacked in the French Quarter, a $40 million public safety initiative to utilize an intricate web of surveillance cameras to solve crimes just went live. Private business can upload their security feeds for the monitoring system, enabling heightened surveillance to keep people and property safe. 

Enter the ACLU, complaining about the "disparate racial impact" the camera system will have "with black people more likely to be misidentified as suspects and disproportionality placed under surveillance." [Government surveillance 'on steroids': ACLU rips N.O.'s crime camera plan,, 12-14-17]:

The City of New Orleans' plan to use surveillance cameras to deter and solve crimes has come under fire from a civil liberties group claiming in a statement that part of the plan "raises serious constitutional concerns for privacy." 
The plan, proposed in January as part of Mayor Mitch Landrieu's $40 million public safety initiative, includes the adoption of a city ordinance that would require bars and restaurants across the city to install cameras on the outside of their buildings pointing into public areas. The ordinance, if approved by the New Orleans City Council, would also require those establishments to store the surveillance footage on a cloud-based government server to which law enforcement would have access.  
"This ordinance would put the city's surveillance apparatus on steroids, subjecting New Orleanians to near-constant monitoring of their daily lives and stifling our vibrant public space - without meaningfully reducing crime," ACLU Louisiana interim executive director Jane Johnson said.  
The ordinance mandating bars and restaurants install cameras and make the footage accessible to the city is one part of the city's crime camera plan. Separate from that plan, which requires the ordinance, the city has already installed about 80 of its own surveillance cameras at unnamed "hot spots" around New Orleans. 
Landrieu's office has said another 250 cameras should be installed by the spring. 
Additionally, city officials last month announced plans to expand the Real Time Crime Monitoring Center capabilities by incorporating private cameras. Residents with their own surveillance systems are invited register their cameras with the city, via, so police can view the footage. 
The ACLU statement also warned, as Price did, that the crime camera program was susceptible to abuse. The statement states surveillance methods of policing can "have a disparate racial impact, with black people more likely to be misidentified as suspects and disproportionality placed under surveillance. 
Tidwell, though, maintained that the NOPD's commitment to constitutional policing, which includes bias prevention, "remains unwavering." 
"We have policies in place to safeguard citizens' rights, and we anticipate continued success as the (crime camera) program expands," Tidwell said.
In a country where protecting civil liberties of criminals is a far more lofty notion than protecting the lives and property of  law abiding citizens, the ACLU upset about cameras confirming black people committing all the violent crime in New Orleans makes sense. 

Reality, after all, has a well known racial bias. 


Anonymous said...

Liberals are sick people.

Ohio Machinist said...

C'mon there's no Black Violent Crime in The Big Easy...they Dindu Nuffin . lol .

Ex New Yorker said...

I cannot relate any more to anything going on in this country. Everything is down side up and bass ackwards. I only go to a small handful of web sites and when I read about what is happening it is just nothing but insanity. What I'm noticing is white people are becoming more demented and stupid than black people. Mobs of morons carrying signs about their rights and other stupid shit like "hands off my pussy". Twenty years ago if women went around dressed in vagina costumes and signs about their pussy they would have been considered nuts. Now they are "justice warriors". Don't these people have jobs to go to. The great American asylum gets better by the day.

It seems that everybody is being deprived of their "safe space". Their claims of abuse and oppression now become the nightly news stories, following of course the lead story about who got shot that night robbing the local 7-11 store.

Over at Breitbart there is a story about how the Christmas song JINGLE BELLS is now racist. After one hundred years the ugly truth has been revealed. These stupid fucks are now passing themselves off as normal. Who are these people and what loony bin did they escape from.

I'm waiting for the first "transgender Barbie doll" for all the little boys who want to be girls when they grow up. They can choose between the pre-op or after-op Barbie. These sick fuckers are now giving female hormone shots to 8 year old boys. The worst part is the parents are supporting this kind of crap.

Insanity has reached a new level of madness in America. I am in a constant state of shock when I read about the crazy shit going on in this country. The geek show a la mode is now the new normal. Every day there is a new story with pictures of people protesting about stupid crap like when and where it's okay to "pick your nose". I'm almost sure that somewhere some big fat white woman with a shaved head will get triggered if someone "picks their nose" in the wrong place. Maybe that will also be the next new "racist issue". Pickin' yo nose dun be racist and sheeet.

In the university "safe space " rooms they now issue coloring books for the students that can't relate to reality. Next year they can have "potty training" classes which will help them get jobs once they go out into the real world. No one wants to hire someone who POOPS IN THEIR PANTS.

Paul.....Thank you for letting me rant. At my age it's the only "cheap thrill" I can get.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good idea, I wish they would do this everywhere.

The ACLU should not be so upset - In the French Quarter it would catch intoxicated white people, possibly littering or doing minor vandalism or even pissing or puking on the sidewalk. Lots of ticket revenue with little prosecution cost. Blacks like to be on camera (looks at muh). Some even film their own crimes and post them on social media. So it probably won't reduce crime, but the violent perpetrators can be identified and dealt with. But I guess the ACLU has a problem with that part.

Anonymous said...

Place is a dump. Was there 15 years ago, took turn onto side street...voila! Mogadishu. Terrifying.

Nuke it from orbit.

PsychoNaut621 said...

Last week it was plexiglass! Now surveillance cameras are racist too?!?

Oi vey!!

Paintjob Theory said...

Pick anything that attempts to prevent crime or hold criminals accountable and guaranteed it "disproportionately effects" black Africans.

"Now how does the Under-Man look at civilization? This civilization offers him few benefits and fewer hopes. It usually affords him little beyond a meagre subsistence. And, sooner or later, he instinctively senses that he is a failure; that civilization's prizes are not for him. But this civilization, which withholds benefits, does not hesitate to impose burdens. We have previously stated that civilization's heaviest burdens are borne by the superior. Absolutely, this is true; relatively, the Under-Man's intrinsically lighter burdens feel heavier because of his innate incapacity. The very discipline of the social order oppresses the Under-Man; it thwarts and chastises him at every turn. To wild natures society is a torment, while the congenital caveman, placed in civilization, is always in trouble and usually in jail." ----The Revolt Against Civilization

Bobby PGH said...


Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but a Dr in Indianapolis murdered by "youths":

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An 18-year-old man and a juvenile male have been arrested in the shooting of Dr. Kevin Rodgers on Nov. 20.

Ka’ron Bickham-Hurst and an unnamed juvenile were preliminarily charged with murder and burglary, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said in a Thursday tweet. Bickham-Hurst was listed as an inmate at the Marion County Jail.

Steve Smith said...

From the article:

"...stifling our vibrant public space..."

By vibrant public space, they mean killing ground.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, do security cameras actually deter black crime? From all the examples of blacks mugging for the security camera while committing crimes (and leading to their arrests), the answer is probably no. Removing the cameras would result in an uptick in crimes, but ones committed by poor whites who would have been otherwise been afraid of getting identified and caught.


I have a book idea for PK, from reading the previous post about Yoga and the Negro:

Numerous "social" programs have been tried concerning the Negro. All have failed. All will fail.

The issue is "Nature", not "Nurture".

The various charities and government agencies have spent over 50 years, and a few TRILLION Dollars, trying just about EVERY "nurture" program they can think of. Would not this make a great book PROVING that it is genetic/nature and not man-made social program can change it? The proof is now right there. The examples are over-whelming and the reason given, for every program is the same and they all fail. All. Not a single exception.

They have tried:

Sitting on Bill-Board
Field trips to the "country"
Big Brother - Big Sister
Mentor programs
Black Ministers
Dedicated White Teachers
Dedicated Black ONLY Teachers
Billion Dollar Schools with Olympic Pools (for a race that can't swim)
Forced Busing
Voluntary Busing
Guilt-Trip Busing
Charter School
Public-Private Charter Schools
Private School Vouchers
White Booster Associations
White Booster Association offering White girls
Race-Norming (you younger folk will have to look that one up)
Pass-Fail grading
Pass grading. No failing
Open Book Tests
Open Book/Open Answer sheet Tests
No Books
No Tests
Money Not to Kill
Promise not to kill for 36 hours, please?
3 year ban on Facebook if you don't torture again, please?


Detroit Refugee said...

A woman I've known since we were in 5th grade, used to attend Mardi Gras with her mom and aunt just about every year. They no longer go. The reason isn't whites that toss beads, drink, and blow cash.

Great podcast from JT and PK over at AMREN. Run it through your speakers while enjoying the weekend YT!!!!

Detroit Refugee said...

They couldn't give me a free trip w/ all the perks. Rising levels of Dindu crime are scratching all kinds of items from my must do list.

Mr. Rational said...

What I'm noticing is white people are becoming more demented and stupid than black people.

The DWLs are definitely doubling down on stupid.  They are in a purity spiral to avoid being out-grouped by their own "progressive" extremists.  You can see this in the comments at Field Negro.  Cite them a fact with a source they'd normally consider trustworthy, and if it contradicts their narrative they just deny it.

If I ever get out in your area of the country I would be honored to have a beer with you.

Anonymous said...

Liberals think they have all the answers and the best they can come up with for NO is a government mandated surveillance system. Good lord and then rural voters are bashed in the media as "ignorant" for not supporting them. Do tell us how stupid we are for not supporting your Big Brother controlled Mogadishu reservation.

This is really just another admittance of failure of their (fiction based) social policies. Now they are trying to preserve their remaining YT tourism dollars so the whole place doesn't go under.

We have always known that liberals will choose a 1984 style government over facing the reality of race and the monstrous welfare system they created. And here it is.

At the most this system will push Black crime to another street. Then what? More cameras? Liberals are leading us to a third world dystopia where their Big Brother district is safe while average Whites are preyed upon in the shadows outside the city gates.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in New Orleans. The negro population of New Orleans is a unique breed of obnoxious. So if bulletproof plexi-glass is racist, and the solution is cameras, but now the cameras are racist ... ... ?

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

What I'm noticing is white people are becoming more demented and stupid than black people. Mobs of morons carrying signs about their rights and other stupid shit like "hands off my pussy".

That's just the far left lashing out and not mainstream Whites.

The far left is losing it. The current reality was not supposed to exist. They were supposed to disprove the notion of race and usher in a new era. They were supposed to win.

I honestly wish we had old school Marxists to deal with. The current Western left has gone insane. They don't even seem to remember that they are supposed to be putting labor first. They spend far more time on transgendered bathrooms and elevating Black thugs to Saint status. I doubt the typical University leftist can even explain how a union raises wages or how immigration can depress wages. They don't even argue anymore. It's all emotional group think glop.

Gwoobus_Harmon said...

It has been discussed ad nauseum, but protecting the civil rights narrative is of utmost importance. To preserve the narrative there is an absolute war being waged to control the imagery of blacks and how they are perceived by the broader public. Were the truth and reality depicted, Jim Crow and segregation would seem like reasonable measures in the preservation of civilization and public spaces. Instead of those reasonable measures, we have social rot and decay in formerly great urban centers that are no longer livable.

The primary reason that news reports use code words like "teens," "youths," "males," etc... is to maintain a level of ambiguity when it comes to crime. This is one of the reasons that many police departments do not gather racial crime statistics. Recall the BART incident where the city refused to release the tapes of blacks attacking passengers. Recall how there is pressure to end the TV series "The First 48," because blacks are the only ones who can be relied upon to generate content, i.e. a steady stream of murders requiring investigation.

When the TV series COPS first aired, it would be filmed in America's largest cities. This of course resulted in lots of footage of criminal blacks with few White criminals. If you will notice now COPS is always filmed with rural Sheriff's departments so there can be limited footage of black law breakers. Prison TV shows will be in States like Utah and Montana so they can show facilities with limited black inmate populations.

There is an all out effort to conceal just how rampant black crime is, but this is only one part of the equation. On the other side is the scripted, fictional blacks. These are the ones from commercials, sitcoms, and films. The phenomenon of every casting of blacks as high income, polite, white presenting, family oriented, high IQ professionals, is also to skew the public's pattern recognition as well.

... And all of it is done to keep the average American from realizing that Jim Crow was reasonable and how much social capital has been squandered since integration.

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus, same thing happened to Live PD. They were thrown out of Tulsa, now they are in Spokane and a redneck county in FL.
Female in FL

Negro Antidote said...

To Ex New Yorker.....Isaiah Chapter 5 Verse 20 "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,who put darkness for light and light for darkness,who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." The cosmic invisible war between Christ and Satan wages on, we are pawns who eventually will choose a side. Many just like you and I do not recognize America,that is a good thing,to be comfortable and familiar with current America surely means you are on the wrong side. Jesus said long ago...."Mine are a strange people" I pray everyday that i am blessed to become stranger and stranger.

D is for depressing said...

"Enter the ACLU, complaining about the "disparate racial impact" the camera system will have "with black people more likely to be misidentified as suspects and disproportionality placed under surveillance."

This is good. There are actually a lot of whites that have a suspicion that blacks are criminal. Anything that will push them towards race realism--such as watching the subhumans commit crime--is a good thing.

Only the loony left will continue to make excuses as Whites that are on the fence will awaken and see blacks for what they really are.

While we are at the subject of cameras, I also favor body cameras for cops.


".....without meaningfully reducing crime," ACLU Louisiana interim executive director Jane Johnson said."

Absolutely correct, even for a womyn to say. NOTHING will reduce negro crime, except death.

"......the city has already installed about 80 of its own surveillance cameras at unnamed "hot spots" around New Orleans."

DUH, they mean any spot where you will spot a negro !!

" people more likely to be misidentified as suspects..."

Uh, excuse me...a "SUSPECT" is only that. A suspect can not be misidentified unless the suspect has a fake ID. The person is only a suspect and what is so racial about that? (but, we all know...this is getting so tiresome....)


Since the negro LIKE to be on YouTube, Cops, 48 Hours, or whatever is the latest crap on TV, these cameras will only INCREASE negro crime.

Smart move there, PC Chief (racist term) of New Orleans PoPo

Blue Eyes Matter said...

New Orleans is a disgustingly dirty, criminal infested place. They're at the end of the most polluted water supply in America, the Mississippi River. The food's extremely overrated, and overpriced. Mardi Gras is an archaic relic of the Catholic church.We all celebrate the Lenten season, right? That's when restaurants feature overpriced, hyped up seafood platters on Friday, and the priests try not to have sex with too many boys. Stay the hell away from this shithole. Literally, it's a shithole. Every city on the Mississippi flushes it's toilets into the New Orleans water supply.Oh, yeah, it's infested with black criminals too, the most important reason to avoid it.


If tourism and the French (White) Quarter is so important to the economy of New Orleans, then why doesn't the city just buy up much of the land around it? Lets say, 1/2 mile in ALL directions, make it CITY LAND (this will give them "communist" rights to do the following) and develop it, with the assistance of Lego-Land, Disney, Universal or whomever.

Right after Katrina, I imagine this slum land would have been cheap to buy or take through eminent domain.

Make it either part of the French Quarter Theme, or an open and vacant area where the negro would have to walk and be seen coming. They don't like that.

Clear the land and you clear out the negro. A few hundred feet of clear grass lands, low or NO bushes or trees to prevent a natural habitat for the negro, and then they police can better defend the new Larger French Quarter.

If, as some say above, you take one wrong turn, walk a few feet and are in negro Hell, then this area is dead already. EVERYBODY has told me NEVER to go to Mardi Gras or to New Orleand, whenever the topic has come up. Thus, I have never been and have no idea to see the New Orleans negro the new negro, same as the old negro.....

Anonymous said...

NPR did some investigative reporting, for once, and found that all-black schools are a cesspool of truancy, laziness, and illiteracy. Note well that all three of the teachers who are pictured are black, and even they're appalled by the complete lack of standards. (Music and PE are easy A's, you just show up and make a minimum effort. Apparently the "students" couldn't even do that.)

"What Really Happened At The School Where Every Graduate Got Into College"

We interviewed four recent Ballou graduates. We aren't using their names to protect their privacy. Three are in college now, including one student who was absent about half the school year.

Senior year wasn't easy for her. She says she wasn't living at home anymore and was working at a fast-food restaurant to pay rent. That need for an income made school even less appealing, "I felt at a point around getting toward winter, I ain't have to be there no more," she remembers. "I felt like I graduated at that point."

When the school would threaten truancy court, she says, she would show up for a few hours, do her classwork and leave early. She believes it shouldn't matter if she showed up to class as long as she completed her work. Plus, she says, she knew no matter how much school she missed, she wouldn't fail.

"The thing was, they couldn't do that to me and they knew that I knew that."

The monkeys are running the cabana.

Note what passes for "logic" in this one's brain. After a couple months of senior year, she felt like she had graduated, so she just stopped going.

They do not respect what school is "for." They do not understand what school is "for."

A high school diploma isn't even a certificate for showing up and making a minimum effort, it's danegeld to keep the diversity appeased.

And now she's in college, degrading the value of a college education. Or, since the story was published in late November, she probably feels like she has graduated already, so she's no longer going.

Anonymous said...

Welp, we need to monitor inner cities with cameras because the police are too tied up w/ drug busts, overdoses, domestic violence calls, gunshot wounds, and prostitution cases to maintain visibility in public. And the one common denominator is...

Anonymous said...

A.C.L.U. All Criminals Like Us

Anonymous said...

Detroit has a program similar to the New Orleans project. Project Green Light, consists of cameras placed on businesses such as party stores and gas stations. High definition cameras that capture distinct features of criminals. So far no objection from the ACLU. I can’t imagine that there are many white faces on these crime cams. I’m going to take a giant leap and say that 99% of the crime in Detroit is black crime. As the worn out cliche goes, it is what it is.


There might be hope:

Her in America, we need an "IN YOUR FACE" completely PRO-WHITE party. No apology, No excuses, but a real WHITE POLITICAL PARTY.

It will come, but how much BS, beatings, rapes, murder and insults must we endure?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cameras, try Googling an update on the noose "hate crimes at the negro museum in DC. The place is ass-deep in surveillance, inside and out, yet 6-months later no information is available. Probably because the pictures from that public space would "disproportionately affect" black suspects.

Mr. Rational said...

Were the truth and reality depicted, Jim Crow and segregation would seem like reasonable measures in the preservation of civilization and public spaces. Instead of those reasonable measures, we have social rot and decay in formerly great urban centers that are no longer livable.

Yes, of course they were.  They came well after the end of slavery, when the dangers posed by the "freedmen" were becoming obvious.  It took decades of careful propaganda from academia and the new mass media to bury them.

Now that the (((lying Marxist media))) is losing its grip, they're becoming obvious again.  Our job is to tip over the applecart and swing the pendulum back.

Anonymous said...

Will the CCTV footage even make it onto the news?

PB said...

Centurion, you missed two very important activities on your list: Bake sales, and cops giving out ice-cream. Without these vital services where would you be?

PB said...

"I ain't have to be there no more," she remembers. "I felt like I graduated at that point."

Yes, you graduated. English Major obviously.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anything that is held to any sort of standard will disproportionately affect blacks.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

This nonsense is getting ridiculous. Watching ABC Nightly news and there is a report on "porch pirates." All the perps are white just like the ADT ads.
They STILL have to protect their pets.
BTW, ABC Chicago has removed their comment section. It was among the best in the nation.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker, you and me both.
Female in FL

Unknown said...

Methinks the liberal organization doth protest too much.

Honest men should love video cameras. As the above story confirms, video cameras exonerate innocent people, not wrongfully convict them. The ACLU clearly fears the truth. Why? Well, as you point out, PK, the truth has a racial bias.

Anonymous said...



D is for depressing said...

Paging Prof. I.M. Klewless, Paging Prof. I.M. Klewless

Boston Professor: ‘Jingle Bells’ Is Racist | Daily Wire

The Umpire said...

Female in FL: "BTW, ABC Chicago has removed their comment section. It was among the best in the nation."

HUH?!! HMMMMMM, let's see....Chicago to Jacksonville: 1,055 miles. Chicago to Orlando: 1,148 miles. Chicago to Miami: 1,372 miles. Chicago to Key West: 1,529 miles.

HMMMMMM, let's's 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. (2017): (20)Daytona Beach, FL; (30)Riviera Beach, FL; (33)Homestead, FL; (34)Lake Worth, FL; (60)Tallahassee, FL; (61)Miami Beach, FL; (68)Fort Meyers, FL; (69)Miami, FL; (89)Orlando, FL; (98)Fort Pierce, FL.

Uh, Female in FL, since you're so interested in Chicago (despite living so very, very far away), tell us where Chicago finished. 108th? 127th? 185th? How many other places in Florida finished worse than Chicago?

Uh, Female in FL, does crime in Chicago interest you more than crime in Florida? Hmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

If we lived in a sane world blacks would be embarrassed and apologizing for creating an environment in which voluntarily installing Big Brother is a necessity.

Anonymous said...

Brian in Ohio said... Non PC Infidel said...
The only thing that surprises me is that we haven't yet had a Hutu/Tutsi style massacre aimed at whites or a sustained South African version of farm murders in areas that are predominantly black but directed at the remaining white urban inhabitants.

--death by a 100 cuts + 'race' [black] riots. and taxes. worked to death.

Non PC Infidel said...

I can't imagine living in a city where the crime and dysfunction is so great that security camera's are required on every street corner and outside every business. It's absolutely disgusting that an American city has been allowed to descend to such depths thanks to negroes and their coddlers. Still, is New Orleans really any different than Baltimore, Memphis, Detroit or other similar "chocolate" cities? Not really.

It makes me wonder if the permanent (non black) residents of New Orleans are really that oblivious to the utterly obscene environment in which they live and merely accept it as normal and just the way things are. I mean, if they've never experienced anything else, it would seem ordinary to them and they wouldn't understand why outsiders are so horrified by the conditions. Even now it seems to me that the crime and dysfunction is only an issue because of the French Quarter and tourism dollars.

Without the French Quarter and Mardi Gras, New Orleans would be just another anonymous decaying and dying town squatting in the backwash of the Mississippi River that no one would even give a second thought to except for it's position as a port city and perhaps a few historical sites. Remove the aforementioned tourist district and the Mardi Gras celebration and what does New Orleans really have to offer anyone that would make it worth anyone's time to visit? On the other hand, remove the negroes and the city could be revitalized and experience a veritable renaissance and become something of worth. However, since that's not going to happen just as it's not going to happen in Baltimore, Detroit or Memphis, New Orleans is doomed to continue its descent into the garbage pail of history thanks to negroes. You'd think that during and after the events of Katrina that the majority would have seen the writing on the wall and bailed out though. Sorry, New Orleans but the city isn't "going to turn its life around." That's impossible to do with an overwhelmingly negro population.

Oh well. If the people in New Orleans are so foolish as to prefer to "go down with the ship" instead of getting into the lifeboats, who am I to say anything except Bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...

"Now surveillance cameras are racist too?!?"

Next week White eyes will be "racist" and all Whites should walk around blindfolded.

NoWatermelonForYou said...

Re "Porch Pirates," I saw that too and had the same reaction,a baleful "whea dem negroes at?"
They did show one white woman who dressed up like a postal worker to come and steal the packages. You gotta give her credit for putting a little thought into the job.

The Umpire said...

CBS: "[Some folks say that cameras are] gonna lead to profiling."

"Last week it was plexiglass. Now surveillance cameras are racist too?!?"

HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! Remember this media quote from December 2? "[Cindy] Bass says that more cameras, a security guard, a security wand may answer some of the security issues."

Okay, so let's get this straight: Surveillance cameras are a racist, profiling poison that unfairly target black people. On the other hand, they're also an ANTIDOTE to another racist, profiling poison that irks black people--plexiglass! Y' know, kind o' like a vaccine, or even homeopathy--like cures like. GOTCHA!

Anonymous said...

Probably not, but some wil post it to

Inquisitor said...

Safe spaces, yeh. Didn't have one in Iraq( now military is a freak show) This country has become a bunch of self entitled narcissistic pussies. If grid fell people would die off at alarming rates.

Anonymous said...

Went to NOLA for a wedding back in July. What a shithole. Crazy negroes were everywhere gittin' dey thang on. The fuckers roam the streets ALL NIGHT, riding shitty bicycles on the busy main streets without lights or reflectors, some shuffling along talking to themselves, etc. We passed some apartment complex nests on the way into town that were literally falling down with many of their balconies barely clinging to the buildings.

What really struck me, though, were the hi-rise buildings downtown that have been empty since Katrina. According to the locals, they were now illegally inhabited by the usual suspects. Most of the taller buildings in downtown you see on TV are (supposed to be) empty shells with many windows broken out. Truly amazing.

My daughter and her husband thought they just had to go to the night...just to see what it was like. I warned them not to go but they went anyway...I was proven right, of course, and they won't be going back.

I'll only go back to NOLA if absolutely necessary. Upon my return home, it took several showers to feel clean again.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Ex NYer

You're so right my right!

I only hope I live long enough to have a hand in the clean up.

I, too, would be honored to share a beer with you, should I ever find myself in your vicinity.

Take care

WynnLloyd said...

Your comment reminds me of the Tommy Sotomayor video discussing the killing of a rapper. The murderers were driving a gold escalade when they shot the guy.

Can you imagine going to kill someone in a vehicle that conspicuous? The dindu need for attention is extreme.

Anonymous said...

Conspicuous vehicle, indeed.

In IA in 2010, some dindus who'd been relocated to Des Moines took a van owned by one of their parents and drove it to Cedar Rapids to do a little "hunting and gathering" of other people's things.  They grabbed a man off the street, took his wallet, phone and shoes, and thankfully let him go without seriously harming him.

The dindus were picked up very quickly because the van was plastered with the name and logos of the parent's business.  Don't ask "what were they thinking, using that van?"  They don't think.

This event has been purged from the results you get through normal search engines.  It's like it never existed.  But I saw it in print.