Wednesday, December 6, 2017

White Construction Workers Fired/Suspended for Carrying Firearms to Protect Themselves from Black Crime in Milwaukee

Previously on SBPDL: Does Milwaukee Have America's Worst Black Population?

Somehow, white people fearing being the victim of black crime [black gun crime] makes white people the criminal. [Milwaukee alderman will draft a resolution to keep guns out of subcontractors' hands on work sites, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 12-6-17]:

In the aftermath of a controversial photo posted on social media, Milwaukee Ald. Russell Stamper II said Wednesday he will offer a resolution that will ensure that subcontractors will not carry guns on work sites.
Data from the incredible Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission 2016 report... gun crime in Milwaukee has a color and it isn't white
He said the resolution would also make it easier for the city to terminate contracts with companies who violate that policy; ensure that subcontractors wear their own clearly identifiable uniforms; and give aldermen the right to refuse to do business with subcontractors who they have an issue with.
Stamper’s resolution comes after three white, city-hired subcontractors with American Sewer Services out of Hartford were shown in a photo brandishing guns while on a work site near N. 19th St. and W. Meinecke Ave. The photo was shared on Facebook over the weekend.
The incident occurred within a block of Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School, Stamper said.
White construction workers legally exercising their right to carry and embrace the 2nd Amendment, which is a criminal act when done to protect themselves from black crime
The photo, which went viral, showed two of the workers had holstered weapons on their belts, while a third had a gun in his hand. The worker in the photo who had the gun out was fired. The other two workers seen in the photo were suspended. No discipline was issued against the employee who took the photo, said Ghassan Korban, the city commissioner of public works.
Korban said the photo was taken Nov, 30. The workers did not have any confrontations with residents in the neighborhood and he believes that the photo was placed on social media to be fun.
When Ald. Milele Coggs saw the photo on Facebook Sunday, she was outraged.
“I had to see if it was real first,” she said.
The comments under the photo were divided among three different groups: Those who feel that the city is not safe; those who say workers have the right to carry guns under the Second Amendment; and those citing racial tensions, saying white workers are afraid when working in predominantly African-American neighborhoods.
Assistant City Attorney Kathryn Block said while Milwaukee has a “zero tolerance policy” for firearms and dangerous weapons in the workplace, it may not have been made totally clear when it comes to subcontractors.
“The policy is there, but it’s not easy to find,” she said.
The meeting got heated when Ald. Bob Donovan said officials were ignoring the issue of violence in the city.
Donovan said the area where the subcontractors were doing work has reported eight homicides and 37 non-fatal shootings this year.
“People are afraid …Things are worse than they were 20 years ago,” he said. “I know that there are some city employees who carry guns, as well.”
When Ald. Nik Kovac asked Donovan how he knew there were some city workers had carried guns, Donovan said: “Because they told me.”
Kovac disputed Donovan's characterization of the city, noting homicides and other violent crimes were down.
He also said that perpetuating false stereotypes was dangerous and leads to the fear.
Coggs agreed, saying that the area where the subcontractors were working is on the rebound. She said the area is near the “Juice Kitchen,” a black-owned business that is booming in the area.
The Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission tells us for 2016, 88 percent of non-fatal shooting suspects were black, while 79 percent of homicide suspects were black. The report also makes it quite clear violent crime is reaching record levels in Milwaukee.

Which is why white construction workers are wearing firearms to work: to protect themselves from being the victim of black crime (pattern recognition keeps you alive).

In 2017 America, this makes the white construction worker the criminal.


D-FENS said...

For negroes on Faceberg who need “white” backup to address on-line racism there is now:

White Nonsense Roundup (WNR) was created by white people to address our inherently racist society and stand up against racism in our own families, work spaces, and communities. We believe it is our responsibility to call out white friends, relatives, contacts, speakers, and authors who are contributing to structural racism and harming our friends of color. We are a resource for anti-racist images, links, videos, artwork, essays, and voices. These can be used by anyone for a DIY white nonsense roundup, or by the WNR team to support people of color upon their request.
If you are a Person of Color (POC), you have enough on your plate! It’s not your job to educate white people about privilege, racism, and what’s really going on in the world. If a white person is filling your social media with white nonsense – anything from overt racism to well-intentioned problematic statements – tag us and a white person will come roundup our own. We welcome your involvement, resource suggestions, and will take your feedback seriously. We are also happy to boost the signal of voices of color.”

Anonymous said...

of a controversial photo posted on social media,

You guys you guys you guys, in the time of witch burning you have GOT TO learn to hide your power levels!

Anonymous said...

This country is insane. The delicate sensibilities (Is there ANYTHING that doesn't offend them?) of blacks are more important than the safety of workers doing a job in a high crime area. The coddling, appeasing, excusing, and favoring of self-important blacks, who are ironically the least productive and most problematic people in society, is enraging. Nothing is done in this country without first considering how blacks will perceive it. It's full metal clown world.

Anonymous said...

Once was in Milwaukee and after dinner headed back to the hotel, got lost and wound up in a place where I was the only white person for miles. The car got hit with coffee and that was when was trying to get out of their 'space.' Managed to get back on the freeway and made it back to the hotel. Needless to say, I stayed away from predominantly black areas in Milwaukee after that. No burning desire to meet, associate, or otherwise have any contact whatsoever with them.

Black fatigue has set in. Am tired of them.

Paintjob Theory said...

"no political subdivision may enact an ordinance or adopt a resolution that regulates the sale, purchase, purchase delay, transfer, ownership, use, keeping, possession, bearing, transportation, licensing, permitting, registration or taxation of any firearm..."

WIS. STAT. § 66.0409

While this bullshit makes good click bait and is helpful propaganda for (((those who own the media))) no such ordinance would be legal in Wisconsin. Furthermore, the state constitution is pretty plain on the right to bear arms and it is a traditional open carry state so it's likely the fired employee has grounds to sue for having his rights violated. More blackamoors flapping their purple lips for a few minutes of attention whoring and nothing more.

"White Nonsense Roundup (WNR)"

J-Julie? Is that your Faceberg group?

You can't even tell what is satire anymore.

(PK, if this is a double post please discard one, I had an error submitting my first attempt).

Detroit Refugee said...

I don't know about other cities, but in Detroit DTE guys have been robbed/assaulted, even been the target of that random shot ringing out.

Mr. Rational said...

Milwaukee Ald. Russell Stamper II said Wednesday he will offer a resolution that will ensure that subcontractors will not carry guns on work sites.

He should be immediately removed from the city council (and eligibility for any public office) for his intent to violate the 2AM and his intent to create Freedom For Aggression (against wipeepo).

No discipline was issued against the employee who took the photo

I hope those employees tell who that was.  If it was an anti-White person, we should know and be able to make reprisals.

Lesson for the future:  make certain ALL such pictures are faceless and otherwise anonymized.

Unknown said...

Lots of parallels here to the idiot Cindy Bass, that SBPDL covered last week. Cindy attacked businesses for defending themselves, introducing a bill to outlaw such defense. Russell Stamper II (!!) is doing the same thing here.

Taken separately, these incidents are just two more examples low-wattage blacks worrying about the island of Guam tipping over. Collectively, they may represent an escalation in the war by BRA against law and order. They're trying to use the legislature to make crime a lower-risk, higher-paying profession.

Bix Nood said...

Speaking of crime and cities, can you spot the difference between the top 10 and bottom 10 cities on the Safest and Least Safest list?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, gun out of holster in a public place when NOT in a "stand-your-ground" defensive posture, is inexcusable. It is the equivalent of negro "looks-at-me" show-offism for Faceborg, Twatter, or other social media consumption. This is not the action of a responsible White person, and their firing is justified.

Want to act like a negro showing off your guns, drugs, money, ho's, or bling?....then you are not a White ally of mine as your actions tend to bring down my race to the level of the 3rd worlders.

Act White, Be White

Anonymous said...


Here’s a look at WalletHub’s LEAST safest cities for 2017:

173. Jackson, MS
174. Baton Rouge, LA
175. Chattanooga, TN
176. Orlando, FL
177. Little Rock, AR
178. Detroit MI
179. Oklahoma City, OK
180. San Bernardino, CA
181. St. Louis, MO
182. Fort Lauderdale, FL

/ No Detroit? No East SL? wtf--k?

Anonymous said...

Major fails on their saving throws against idiocy.

P S Bindy said...

I am a Viet Nam vet. Former Military Police and former sheriff's deputy. I believe the second amendment is out concealed carry permit.

Having said that, these bozos lack basic good sense. I fully support the firing of the worker brandishing a pistol without reason. Idiocy.

The other two aren't much better. If a criminal needs a gun, he can see where to get one when people open carry. Do they think they are immune to a baseball bat upside their head?

All three of these (expletive deleted) people have set back our right to carry cause.

Anonymous said...

D-FENS said ”For negroes on Faceberg who need “white” backup to address on-line racism there is now: . . . “

So when I ask a racist nonsensical question such as “Can you name some black run cities, states or countries anywhere on earth at any time during the existence of the planet that have been successful when measured by the standards associated with white society” are they going to tell me about the Kangz and flying pyramids? Is there some combination of videos, pictures and essays that will make it clear to me that the question is nonsensical? Because everyone realizes, although few will say it out loud, that blacks as a group will never achieve what whites achieve daily we can probably safely conclude that the actual purpose of this group is to dox rather than educate wrongthinkers. I have read that doxxing is an Antifa specialty.

LadyStoneheart said...

They can't all be as lucky as THESE guys in Charlotte. (Contains cursing)

Construction Workers Catch Thief & Make Him Stick Around..


Monty James said...

Good judgement arming themselves in a high crime area, lousy judgement getting them out and playing around with pictures on social media. They're not toys, and juvenile stuff like that makes it harder for other firearms owners that resist the impulse to play around like that. Going armed requires that one act like a grown-up.

Californian said...

Memo from the OPSEC Desk:

Do not allow yourself to be photographed holding a firearm. This can be used against you. This article shows one such example. You could also attract the attention of law enforcement. Or get a court order dropped on you.

Stop thinking you are living in a Constitutional Republic with due process and 2nd Amendment protections. Stay armed, but part of being alert is not tipping your hand to potential predators, whether criminal or within the system. It's Africa in America. Act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like those workers just need concealed carry and problem solved.

There’s good reason I only go into Milwaukee every few months and stay in the suburbs of Lake Country. Life is good as long as you stay at least 20 miles outside of the big city. Milwaukee sucks.

Anonymous said...

You guys you guys you guys, in the time of witch burning you have GOT TO learn to hide your power levels!


Anonymous said...

First I read that people and organizations are heavily offended by the statement that "It's okay to be white."

What gets them even more worked up is the idea of whites protecting themselves against predatory blacks, ignoring the fact that, if the neighborhoods in which these contractors work were safe, they wouldn't bother with arming themselves for protection. (How's a homie going to make a living from robbing whitie if he risks getting shot for his efforts?)

Next you'll think that it's effectively legal to murder whites. Oh, wait a minute, we have an example of that with Kate Steinle in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Best photo I have seen all year.

But gotta keep it low profile guys.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that man with a gun out shot nobody, nor hurt anyone with his gun. The stupid negroes in Milwaukee have to understand that white people must now protect themselves from feral blacks who roam the street. There is an easy fix to this: segregation of negroes in their own areas. Do not sell guns to negroes for another! Since about 90% of the problem is with negroes, then that is where to start to fix the problem.

Non PC Infidel said...

If a company wants to send their employees into high crime areas knowing the risk factor and refuses to allow the employees any means to protect themselves, then I think it would be their responsibility to provide armed guards as protection. Of course, they wouldn't want to do that because of the added expense and since the ones in charge are taking no risks themselves (safe and comfy back in their offices), they don't really care if something happens. Workers are expendable and there's always more people waiting in line to be hired. They're gambling with worker's lives and they know that many of the workers can't afford to quit or refuse to go and thus be fired and that they have them over a barrel so to speak. And, of course, the city officials wouldn't provide police protection either (lack of manpower)and would simply babble that if anything was to happen, the police (who are minutes way and couldn't prevent a damn thing) could be called.

If an employee was attacked and injured or killed by the diversity, those in charge would simply issue the same old insincere statements about how awful it is, how sorry they are and how shocking it all is. The standard babble about gun violence and "random crime" would be forthcoming and how "something needs to be done." All of it a pile of insincere garbage. Additionally, I don't see how they could claim ignorance as an excuse (We din't know~ which is as bad as "I didn't do nuffin")since everyone in any given town knows exactly where the high crime areas are located.

Thus, I don't see how a company can knowingly and willingly send employees into high crime areas and place them in harm's way without being held legally responsible/accountable for their actions. Perhaps malice and forethought couldn't be proven but I think it would be easy to prove a reckless disregard for the safety of the employees and perhaps even depraved indifference despite all their fake tears after the fact.

All the above being said, I know companies who WON'T send their employees into high crime areas and who don't give a damn when negroes scream, "Dat be rayciss!"

europeasant said...

Showing people that you have a gun in African infested areas is a bad idea. Concealed is the way to go. These guys maybe were just joking around but letting that out into social media these days show bad judgement.
Even our state rifle association warns against concealed carry when attending their yearly open house. They will not search you but warn against exposing the firearm.
Heck even the rifle club that I belong to does not allow concealed carry.
Open carry is just fine when you have a district of like minded people. Once you introduce feral Africans into that area then firearms must be concealed.
Maybe the answer would be to notify the police so that they would make frequent visits to a dangerous job site.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they have been retired from the list, having historically achieved so many accolades.

Anonymous said...

i found this

Of the 58 reps who voted to impeach Trump, 65% were Non-White.

It’s inevitable Dog. The real question is where Liberal Whites will go. We don’t want you. And the “minority majorities” in your cities won’t let you live in peace either. Hilariously enough, you trained them assiduously to hate you!

How does the old saying go? A Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged. Experience is a dear school, but a fool will have no other. Watch the old movie “The Village” about Liberals who learned from dear experience.

D is for depressing said...

Look up Russell Stampers profile an you'll see a typical dindu writing shit laws that will negatively impact people. Never for once stopping to think that there is not a connection between the black demography of the city and the crime rate.

The construction workers/companies are in an immense position of power. That is, if they would band together and protest the law for safety reasons. Let construction slow to a halt.

10mm AUTO said...

Negros are beginning to get the idea that Whitey is going to fight back. More importantly, he is a far better warrior than the negro is, more clever, more adaptable and willing to shed blood.

The Travon and Brown shootings were a failure as far as negros were concerned, BLM has sucked up Soros money but hasn't made any headway in changing the society (i.e. Disarming Whites).

Now they face an increasingly armed populace that negros have traditionally regarded as soft and weak and uptight. that population is becoming fearless, strong and lethal.

Whites invented firearms. We are good at using them. Whites get training, go to the range and know one end from the other. As far as negros are concerned, this is all bad.

They prefer their meals weak.

Anonymous said...

"Never let them know what kind of heat you hold"

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Blacks pose on social media with guns regularly, with the implied threat against honest, non criminal citizens, and that's ok? Yet defending onself against these baboons with dreadlocks is wrong? Obama's legacy once again.

Anonymous said...

PK, I'd like to send a money order to you.

1: What is the address?

2: To whom do I fill it out?

3: Can I leave the "From" line blank and you fill it in?


Blue Eyes Matter said...

Why is it always the white man who has to fix the problems caused by the negros? No other races on the planet need this help to attain civilised behavior. You can't fix something that's not broken. The problem with negros is they are negros. That's who they are, that's what they do.Might as well try to fix a fish because it can't fly up into a tree and sing like a bird.

Anonymous said...

So, let your take-away from this be:
Be prepared to defend yourself in high crime black areas.
Never allow yourself to be caught defending yourself in high crime black areas.
Remember, Bernie Getz had to turn himself in before 'justice' took hold of him.

Jim in Jersey

Pat Boyle said...

Maybe I'm just being a Pollyanna, but this story gives me hope. Hope that a turn around is coming.

Gun control and Concealed Carry are race issues because the black races are the criminal races. It has become clear that criminality is genetic. We can't say just how that works because no one dares to study it. But the research and statistical techniques are all available and well understood. We could do twins study but we don't want to know.

The press is alive lately with stories about 'concealed carry reciprocity' Pretty soon if you have a concealed carry permit in one state you will have it in all states - just like driver's licenses. I doubt if I will ever get a concealed carry permit from California but maybe I will just drive to Nevada and get a permit there.

I don't think we will slowly inch towards gun rights. I imagine it will just suddenly reverse. If Trump wins a second term. He could get two or three more Justices on the Supreme Court. They might decide that the Constitution actually means what it says and gun control is thrown out. White people would have the right to defend themselves. In a few years companies could require their workers on construction sites always pack heat. All of us would then be safer.


Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

She said the area is near the “Juice Kitchen,” a black-owned business that is booming in the area.

They wouldn't be cooking up batches of crack there, would they?

Anonymous said...

I know some people who work for the electric utility in Cleveland. When working in these vibrant areas, they ALWAYS have an off duty Cleveland policeman guarding them. Sending these guys unprotected into these areas is foolish.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the neighborhoods would be safer if the kids were halfway intelligent. Ballou High School in the nation's capital is doing outstanding work to make sure their keeids graduate.

NPR has it all wrong, it's not that the kids won't show up, or participate, or don't actually do anything. It's that they're black, that's why all their graduates were accepted into higher learning! Check it out!

Detroit Refugee said...

Several people have made the point already, but it bears repeating. Don't Ever Pose With Firearms On Social Media !!!!

My buddy since high school (Wayne County Sheriff), and I were investigated for Pro American / anti Moslem posts on FB. So glad they saw nothing 2nd related. I had a detective call me while @ work, he didn't have much to go on, and I gave him nowhere to go. My man still has his carreer as do I.

Pat Boyle said...

The near future looks bad for black people.

It looks like automation is about to decimate the job market for low skill workers. Everyone seems to be eager to create a self driving automobile. This is surprising because so many people enjoy driving and so many jobs are driving jobs. In the next few years the delivery truck that brings to me the Amazon products I bought on line and groceries that I ordered from Safeway Web Site will come to my door in a robot truck. A large proportion of the Fed Ex trucks now are driven by blacks. What will they do?

In the movies or TV commercials blacks are always seen as managers or technical workers (e.g. "Hidden Figures") but the economic reality is much different. When the movement to raise the Minimum Wage demanded $15/hour for Fast Food workers - a lot a jobs were created. But these jobs were in robotics. If you were white or Japanese with some STEM abilities you had lots of new opportunities. But the jobs actually working in the restaurants have begun to crash.

In the short run this will just mean more blacks on welfare, but America now is filled with Mexicans and other Hispanics. The Hispanics work harder, are more honest and less stupid. They compete against the blacks for the lower class jobs. There are almost no jobs outside of sports and entertainment where a black is competitive with a Hispanic.

Black mythology will likely become even more fanciful. Blacks never have been willing to see themselves as others see them. As they slip ever lower in the hierarchy of society, as they become ever more parasitic, and of less value to anyone else, we can expect more absurdities like the black millionaire football player protesting their oppression.

Things are going to get a lot worse for black people.


Nomad said...

Whatever they are doing, Coggs' peanut brain finds it sufficient to counteract the negative stereotypes brought on by 45 nearby shootings. Why feat that you might be #46 when there is a "Juice Kitchen nearby?

The ways in which they are unlike us are innumerable.

Negro Antidote said...

If the astute Mr. Boyle is correct, and i believe he is, when he states "Things are going to get a lot worse for black people" Then let's help this snowball become an avalanche as effectively and quickly as we can. Cutoff all funding sources within your control that benefit them. Donate all charitable gifts directly to needy deserving whites. Vote against any local referendums and/or politicians pushing masked schemes and programs that are solely designed to feed parasites. Give generously to PK and others whose sites are the lifeblood of our push back against the MSM. Clear your throat and speak the truth at all times concerning the desire to wipe out the white race by Governments and media world wide. And most importantly....Pray for strength and courage for all who will help achieve our ends.

Sick n' Tired said...

As a CCW permit holder & gun owner I completely agree with your statement. I hate seeing people act like dumbasses with guns, because they are the ones gun grabbers point to when trying to advance their cause. I'm not a fan of open carry as it takes away the element of surprise for the criminal trying to rob you, and allows them to get the drop on the open carrier. I alternate carrying a 2 shot .22 mag derringer in a wallet holster with a hole cut out for the trigger, and a .25 in a wallet holster with the same set up, but with 6 rounds. They aren't the most powerful guns, but in your typical robbery situation they work on the element of surprise, and the draw motion looks natural, like a scared person reaching for their wallet to give to a mugger, as opposed to reaching to your waist or side like you're trying to draw a gun.

As far as idiots posing with guns on social media that also doesn't help the cause of responsible gun owners who take owning a tool meant to kill seriously. Showing off your arsenal is a great way to set yourself up for robbery or worse, if they do come to rob your house and know you have guns they'll be quicker to shoot you.

Stay Alert

Stay Armed

Stay Alive

Don't let people know you own or carry a gun

And most importantly:

Avoid the Groid

D is for depressing said...


"Things are going to get a lot worse for black people."

And I'm ok with that. This is karma for all the murders. This is karma for destroying once first class cities. This is karma for dumbing down educational institutions.

Perhaps, wouldn't you rather interact with a machine than a black?

@Non PC Infidel

"All the above being said, I know companies who WON'T send their employees into high crime areas and who don't give a damn when negroes scream, "Dat be rayciss!"

This is the right attitude Whites need to have when it comes to black disfunction that doesn't affect them. If they're not happy with how Whites are running a business, they should start their own. Or maybe they shouldn't rob and murder Whites who do go into these areas in the first place.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Rational said...

A large proportion of the Fed Ex trucks now are driven by blacks. What will they do?

Have to make up better excuses for stealing the stuff delivered by UPS off people's porches.

When the movement to raise the Minimum Wage demanded $15/hour for Fast Food workers - a lot a jobs were created. But these jobs were in robotics.

One of the biggest sources of food-borne diseases is minority/foreign ag workers who don't wash their hands after taking a dump.  Soon you may be able to get a salad that has gone from field to your table untouched by humans.  Wouldn't you be willing to pay MORE for this salad, for your own safety?  I would.

Low-skilled workers are going to be out all over the place very soon.  Even if they were trainable to do robot mfgr/maintenance, there won't be enough jobs in those fields for all of them.  Not a stable situation.

Among other things, we need a 100% immigration cutoff YESTERDAY.

As for things getting tough for Black people... they gave us 70 years of shit starting with Shelley vs. Kraemer instead of getting their act together.  It's payback time.

Brian in Ohio said...

Carrying a firearm into a high crime(black) neighborhood... smart.

Taking it out and posing for pictures with it while on company time... dumb.

Keep it concealed and keep your head on a swivel. Your not wearing a gunfighters rig, so situational awareness will have to take the place of a quick draw.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Carry a hand gun? Always,or at least as often as possible. Act like an idiot? Don't do it. You can lose your concealed carry permit for doing things like that. Do you want to pay a lawyer to have it restored?

As other folks have said, there is no reason, no advantage to letting the negro know what you have in store for him when he makes his impulsive charge.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"One of the biggest sources of food-borne diseases is minority/foreign ag workers who don't wash their hands after taking a dump."

If only that was the sole problem. Have you ever seen the size of the farms in the Central Valley of CA? What really happens is that instead of walking to a toilet, the third worlders do what comes naturally out in the middle of the closely rowed field, then wipe their backside with the nearest bunch of cilantro.

Tarczan said...

Stupid, but no one was shot.

OT- Pat, how are you making out with the wildfires?

Unknown said...

great opportunity for a law suit against a cuck employer.

Anonymous said...

1941; Japanese attack Pearl Harbour,
2500 killed, US fights Japan & drops 2 atomic bombs, utterly defeating Japan.

Fast forward 6 decades, 2001;
Middle East s.n.'s attack US on US soil,
3000 killed. US invites Middle East to move to US & provides them more
benefits & privileges than US citizens.

US now fuk-wad city. WTF

Paradise Lost said...

Lavoris....named after a mouth wash...

Mr. Rational said...

Lavoris....named after a mouth wash...

It literally MEANS "mouthwash".  "Lav" (lavatory, washroom) + oris (mouth).

That's almost as eye-rolling as the dead kid named "Sylville" because his mother loved Cadillacs but couldn't spell "Seville".

Anonymous said...

In a few years companies could require their workers on construction sites always pack heat.
Most construction companies and jobsites prohibit weapons (sometimes, even pocket knives). That policy is probably due to (1) insurance/liability, and (2) many of the workers having criminal records (hence, why they're swinging a hammer or shovel for a living). Not being pejorative here, it's just the way it is. Guys usually work together amicably, but once in a rare while some idiot will get belligerent.
The proper solution is for the contractor to hire armed guards, and add the cost to the bid. It 's probably not feasible to CCW while wearing a toolbelt, safety vest, gloves, and other gear like a harness.

Reziac said...

Problems keeping employees safe in black areas?

No worries -- just send in your black employees. Two problems solved!

PB said...

"If only that was the sole problem. Have you ever seen the size of the farms in the Central Valley of CA? What really happens is that instead of walking to a toilet, the third worlders do what comes naturally out in the middle of the closely rowed field, then wipe their backside with the nearest bunch of cilantro."

They wipe?

A6NimitzGuy said...

When DC got belligerent, I bailed. Can't carry concealed like in Virginia, too many customers want night time service on their phones and IT so there are no disruptions day time. That means going downtown. So I quit. Eventually, it becomes too expensive and dangerous to go there. My customers already wanted out back then and all of them are moved these days. Baltimore, cities in Jersey where we had business, we abandoned those customers, DC shortly after 9/11 because it got too difficult to park along with increased diversity-related violence. Who needs it?

Mr. Rational said...

No worries -- just send in your black employees. Two problems solved!

Only if you can let them walk off with the construction materials and still get paid.

Pat Boyle said...

OT- Pat, how are you making out with the wildfires?

Thanks for the concern but California is BIG. The wildfires in the news lately are about four hindered miles south of me. Elon Musk wants to build a vacuum tube train from near where I live to near where the fires are. His proposal is for a five hundred mile long tube. Of course this is all just nonsense - it will never be built - but it gives Easterners some sense of scale.

I was evacuated during the Great Oakland Wildfire. That was the biggest urban fire in US history but this last year the Napa fires were probably bigger and the current LA fires may be bigger yet.

BTW if you saw the Sci-Fi movie "Starship Troopers" you saw a bit of the big fire. They used footage from the Oakland fire to illustrate the catastrophic attack of the space bugs meteors on Earth.

The Oakland Hills burn off approximately every thirty five years. The brush and trees grow up, then there is a big burn off after a few years of drought and we have some katabatic winds - (they call them 'Santana Anna' winds in LA). It's all just a natural cycle.

There are earthquake cycles too. There are two great fault systems in California - The San Andreas and the Hayward. There are of course many minor faults too, but these are the two that created the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1868 and the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. No faults run though San Francisco. The 1868 quake was in Oakland (but all the people were in San Francisco, just cows in Oakland then) and the San Andreas fault runs under the ocean as it passes San Francisco.

The San Andrea is probably relatively stable for another century but the Hayward Fault is overdue right now. For the reasons I have written before this will probably be remembered as the 'Great California Earthquake and Race Riot'.


Anonymous said...

Arm yourself But don't show it...

Anonymous said...

Precisely unless it's a government building polling place or church I don't care what a sign says I have my weapon concealed small Walther PPK nobody knows I have it but it's there

Anonymous said...

You are fighting an unofficial Civil War, the war against Black crime.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

A few things Ive learned over the years...

Never tip your hand. Even though I don't have my CCW yet, I still carry concealed. Id rather take my chances with LE than the nogs.

A LEO once told me..."never draw a gun on someone unless you're ready to shoot them and if you're gonna shoot them you're almost always better off killing them. Dead men tell no tales and wounded men often illicit sympathy from juries.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop said...

I think it's: what's the difference between an anti concealed carry activist and a pro concealed carry activist? One mugging

Mr. Rational said...

I think it's: what's the difference between...

"A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged."

Get with the memes already.