Friday, December 29, 2017

Philadelphia City Council Passes Bill to Force Businesses to Remove Bulletproof Glass because it represents "Indignity" to Blacks; Meanwhile, Philadelphia Police Unveil 150 New Cars with Bulletproof Glass...

Remember the black city councilwoman in Philadelphia who claimed bulletproof glass in convenience stores was an "indignity" to black people and wanted to ban businesses from putting them up to protect employees

A bill targeting “beer delis” passed City Council this week.
Asian business owners call it a “kill bill,” referring to a provision that could remove plexiglass barriers.
Philadelphia City Council actually passed a bill potentially banning bulletproof glass in stores because the black sponsor rationalized it represented an "indignity" to blacks...
Kenny’s Seafood and Steak on Wayne Avenue in North Philadelphia has tall plexiglass barriers lined on the inside with beer cans and cigarette boxes and with little if any food for sale.
“This does not fit the requirements of being a restaurant,” says Councilwoman Cindy Bass, who sponsored the bill which passed City Council 14 to 3.
It requires beer delis like Kenny’s to put in seating and bathroom or else stop selling alcohol. It also gives L&I the power to create rules for use of plexiglass barriers in such establishments.
“This bill pokes at us…targets us,” says Jeff Liu, who owns Kenny’s which he says earns most of its revenue from beer sales and little if any from food. But he says without plexiglass he’ll shut down to avoid danger to himself and his family.
“I’ll have no choice,” he says, “if I have to shut down, we’ll shut down.”
Kenny’s has some seating, but it’s not easily accessible to customers. Councilwoman Bass says he’d have to reconfigure the establishment to meet state and now, L&I guidelines.
“We want to work with these business owners to find a better option,” says Bass, “because this business model is no longer workable.”
Members of the Asian American Licensed Beverages Association (AALBA) packed into City Hall to oppose the bill. Numerous business owners told stories of robberies, beatings and even deaths caused by having no plexiglass. They also told stories of how plexiglass saved lives. Many members of AALBA called the bill racist and designed to get Asian business owners out of black neighborhoods, a notion which Bass rejects.
“I’m offended at the very accusation,” she says, “I really don’t care what race they are, they could be purple for all I care. What we really care about is taking care of our citizens and taking care of our communities.”
Mayor Kenny is expected to sign the bill which would go into effect in 2018, but give L&I three years to create plexiglass rules.
Chaser. [Philadelphia police unveil cars with bulletproof windows,, 10-23-17]:

Philadelphia police have 150 new patrol cars on the way with a feature that no other major municipality has: bulletproof windows. 
The vehicles have ballistic shields affixed to the front door panels and what is dubbed 'transparent armor' backstops a large portion of the original equipment glass in the front windows. 
It all makes this modified car resistant to pistol and shotgun ammunition. 
"It is cutting edge in the sense that it provides protection for police officers seated in the vehicle from gunfire," said Commissioner Richard Ross. 
The protection does not extend to the windshield but it does cover the front sides of the vehicle . 
Last year two Philadelphia officers, Jesse Hartnett and Sylvia Young, survived being shot while sitting in their patrol cars.  
"We believe ballistic protections like this would have probably protected them from any of those gunshots aimed at them," said Ross. 
The protection packages add about $1,300 dollars to the cost of a car. Ross said the cost is well worth it.
Remember: 96.6 percent of known nonfatal shooting suspects/offenders in 2016 Philadelphia were non-white.

In 2015, 91 percent of known homicide offenders in Philadelphia were nonwhite

What does this mean? Individual black people are collectively responsible for almost all the violent crime in Philadelphia, and black criminals suffer the "indignity" of being forced to interact with police who now have bulletproof glass protecting them... just like the bulletproof glass partitions found at convenience stores in primarily black areas of Philadelphia. 

How long until elected black officials in Philadelphia start complaining about the bulletproof glass on police cruisers representing an "indignity" to blacks?

Not long...


Anonymous said...

Store owners should do what the store owners in Detroit used to do. Have a relative stand at the ready with a shotgun. See how the Philly city council likes that idea. Idiots! No wonder “food deserts “ exist.

Anonymous said...

The biggest indignity to blacks is themselves. Plexiglas isnt an indignity, what goes on in front of it is.

Anonymous said...

If the Asian business owners can hold off the removing of the glass for a year or so (if they can get an injunction) to rack up as many dollars as they can prior to the one coordinated day when they have collectively made their money and with a single voice say, "BU775h1T"!

And simply, one day in all of the nigborhoods across the City of Brothaly Love, no Asian goes to what was once a place of business which likely never will again. Chimping, screeching, non-beer drinking monkeys will screech and curse the sky gods.

And then in a show of black power, all the ghettos blossom and black people magically start their own speakeasies and jenkum parlors! The streets will be alive with the smell of jenkum! Jenkum is the smell of black success, the success that can generally only be had on the streets of a city in the Muddaland! Coming soon to Philadelphia! Will the last white to leave the city please piss on the Liberty Bell?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody see the irony of requiring stores to remove plexiglass shields while equipping cop cars with bulletproof glass? Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?

Ex New Yorker said...

Oh the glorious life of living in these fun filled American cities. Those happy go lucky days with your friends. Everyone having a good time just hanging around on the streets as they beat up and rob people. The exciting city life filled with pimps, whores and drug dealers. Gangs fighting over street corners. Protestors carrying signs. Street corner memorials with candles, teddy bears and beer bottles. Boarded up store fronts. Yellow police tape tied to light poles. Marches to stop the violence. Community "leaders" asking for more money for "job" programs. Shoot outs at birthday parties.

Now it is legal to just take a piss or shit on the sidewalks of a modern metropolis like Denver or New York. The serene and easy life styles in places like Los Angeles where they allow you to pitch a tent on sidewalks and vacant lots. People living under freeway ramps. A guy passed out on the sidewalk lying in a pool of his own piss and vomit are no longer called bums or winos. They are now called "outdoor persons".

Beautiful artwork painted on the side of a building of a giant penis is called "artist expression". The wonderful decor of iron bars on windows like in South Florida and California. The thrill of shopping in a supermarket or large store and not finding anyone who can speak English. Taking your life in your hands whenever you ride on public transportation. Having your car broke into at the mall. Being beaten nearly to death in a movie theater because you were dumb enough to ask two "youths" to stop talking. There is always that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you hear the "purr" of a police helicopter as it chases a couple "older teens" down your back alley.

The security of sleeping safe and sound in bed at night because your house is wired with thousands of dollars worth of burglar alarms and video cameras. Armed cops patrolling the hallways of your children's school. Traffic jams and car jackings. The sound of sirens on cop cars and ambulances cruising through bright lit city streets. Going to the funeral of a friend who was killed at a liquor store robbery. Paying the medical bills for your daughter because she got shit kicked at the mall by some "kids".

Meanwhile out here in the FREE ZONE a possum has moved in with some of my yard cats. Last night I saw him eating out of the cat food dish. Oh well. He seems like a friendly little fellow. And I might ad that after nearly 25 years of living in the "wilderness" no one has yet stolen any hub caps from my car.

Mr. Rational said...

Councilcritter Bass and all the rest who passed and signed this outrage should be held personally liable for every whit of damages (including lost income from closing businesses) suffered by the shop owners, without limit.

And when they relent, they should be forced to re-install said barriers personally, 40 hours a week, for no pay... and their productivity should be measured to guarantee that they are actually working, not loafing.

Ex New Yorker said...

It might have been on this site that I read about the last supermarket to move out of Detroit. This was about five years ago. Albertson was calling it quits. The manager said it was impossible to make a profit because of employee theft and shoplifters. This of course was an act of racism. Also after the Rodney King riots in LA it was Safeway that refused to reopen. The King riots were the second time Safeway was looted and destroyed. The management said never again. Bye bye boogie town.

Some years ago a comment left on this site told about a liquor store in LA where the whole building was encased in iron bars. A small metal trap door was where the booze was passed though to the customer.

Once these Asians pack up and leave for greener pastures the kind and gentle folks of Philadelphia will be crying racism and bitching about no place to shop. The reality of the plexiglass lower class will become the next big thing to bitch and moan about. "I done got no place to buy me a cold beer or chicken samwich. Dat not be right. It be racism an sheet".

Who in their right mind would run a store in the ghetto without being barricaded behind bullet proof plexiglass. The barbarians would eat you alive without that wall of safety.

A lot of "walking targets" got shot this Christmas in Chicago. I bet their looking for some good old "bang bang" fun for new years. Baltimore now has broken a new KIA record. Without support from the taxpayer most of these folks would have died years ago.

Californian said...

What does this mean?

Maybe store owners ought to do deliveries in surplus police cars with bulletproof glass? Mobile beer and chips delivery, courtesy of Black & White Servers.

Seriously, all this adds up to one more chapter in the history of anarcho-tyranny. Productive citizens are prohibited from protecting themselves while the cops armor up. Of course, the reason the cops have to armor up is because a city dominated by Africans-in-America is going to slide into lawlessness.

In the long run, the bulletproof glass ban is going to drive more business out of Philadelphia, and with that, more of the tax base. Then a year from now, Councilwoman Bass will be demanding to know why the inner city lacks basic services while the food desert spreads.

And this in Philadelphia, once a symbol of American liberty. Now another ground zero in BRA.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would want to work in a negro area is beyond me! You take you life in your hands everyday. It isn't worth the trouble. Blacks are not worth the trouble. Blacks need Plexiglas around their neighborhoods.

kerdasi amaq said...

So, the Philadelphia City Council know that selling out business to appease their local village idiot is right course of action for a quiet life in their council chambers.

Anonymous said...

At one point, you're the racist one when you say plexiglass barriers are an insult to black people, as you are saying the only reason the barriers exist is to stop a negatively-stereotyped behavior of a single race, rather than just to act as a general protective measure.

They are essentially saying plexiglass barriers only exist to stop Black People, meaning they are repeating the horrible stereotype that only Black People would commit a crime. It's an absurd reasoning that claims to act in the name of civil rights, but actively works against it while also potentially harming people.

nokangaroos said...

Maybe I´m a little slow ... but should they not be GRATEFUL that someone - anyone! - would endeavour to serve their "food deserts"? If not even a Korean Mom & Pop can survive, nothing can.

(also, the kind of "food" on demand is quite telling. Granted, as a European I find the institution of a liquor store rather sick and hypocritical - and this is obviously what this feint is meant to get around. Ergo: Teh community are no more interested in dignity and improving nutrition than the gun grabbers are in reducing da bilence;
They only want to make bilence SAFE for the angelic little Sons of Obongo.)

White and Proud said...

I’m loving all of this insanity ! The beginning of the end is near! The animals are running the zoo , the criminals are in charge of the prison and once asians are targeted is when we get allies ! We need other groups who are tired of being discriminated and targeted against . Let’s keep hope alive !! Asians gonna start defending themselves against dindus! Can’t wait ! Change is coming!

Anonymous said...

Tell me this a joke. This is so ironic!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe this is real. It is REALLY getting wacky in this country. Feelings are more valued than safety by the majority of this city council.

Anonymous said...

Without websites like this, we would never know about them due to the lack of reporting them in the controlled media.

Anonymous said...

AALBA - Other races are socially allowed to have all kinds of organizations, but not Whites. Im TIRED of it.

rexfreeway said...

First person to die as a result of this insane law hopefully has a family to sue Philly out of existence. Best thing to do is close shop and take what little the ghetto has away from them.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"I’m offended at the very accusation,” she says, “I really don’t care what race they are, they could be purple for all I care."

Blacks. Always offended, never ashamed.

It's All So Tiresome said...

This post isn't complete without a reference to the fact blacks actually wrote a song about robbing Chinese people!

Meet The Flockers (feat. Tee Cee) YG
(available on googleplay - because it's okay to kick videos REPORTING black crime off Youtube- but a blackey blacky black song about robbing Chinese people? Cool!)
First, you find a house and [?] out
Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don't believe in bank accounts
Second, you find a crew and a driver, someone who ring the doorbell
And someone that ain't scared to do what it do
Third, you pull up at the spot
Park, watch, ring the doorbell and knock
Four, make sure nobody is home
They gone, okay it's on
Don't be scared, nigga, you're in now
If the police come you gonna find out who your friends now

It's NOT just a song because they are robbing Chinese people, this is them blacky blacky black bragging about their protected species status where they get away with murder. The Colin Patrick Flaherty playlist on Black on Asian attacks approaches 100 (before Youtube deleted that channel). Blacks brag about their racially targeted attack on non-blacks. Remember Kill the Boers? A song that is deemed publicly acceptable, an anthem for killing white farmers in South Africa, played and sung in SA at the same time the brutal killings were happen. This is insane! Why are they allowed to do this?

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia deserves everything that's coming. Years of political corruption, look at the DA they just elected, have turned this city into a rotting corpse, it literally stinks to high heaven.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

OT: There's a new social program in town! I just caught wind of it. I thought the group should know. I was a little late with it.

The Strong Cities Network (SCN) – which launched September 29th 2015, at the United Nations.

Anonymous said...

The council members don't care about the people who run the businesses in the hood. When they leave, the blacks will howl that they don't have anywhere to shop. Black people prove to me everyday that they are stupid and racist.

Paintjob Theory said...

“This bill pokes at us…targets us,” says Jeff Liu

Well, Mr. Liu. You are fortunate enough to have your own homogeneous ethnic homeland. I don't recall sending you an invitation to dilute our bloodlines here. Feel free to return to whatever bug-hive you came from. I have little enough sympathy for my own people who chose to live around blacks and zero for others, and jealousy towards those who have an ethnostate to which to flee.

“I really don’t care what race they are, they could be purple for all I care."

Translation: If you're not black African you're our natural prey.

Pennsylvania (out west) is a lovely state. Anybody who choses to live and work in the cities deserves everything they get.

Anonymous said...

Why stop there, make EVERYBODY remove the bars from their windows and doors to show their support for this?

Anonymous said...

How long before they complain about Philadelphia being an alcohol and cigarette desert?

Just wonderin'.

GLR Forever said...

Nice podcast. I especially love where Jared refers to the Minneapolis mayor as a White man. You two are a couple of God damned cowards.

countenance said...

The bulletproof glass on businesses ordinance is skid greasing for gentrification. If you ban bulletproof glass on businesses, then the kind of businesses that need it will shut down. In Philadelphia, and many dinduistans, those are the corner quickie marts and liquor stores that Bellcurvians love so much. If you remove something blacks like, blacks will leave.

It's for the same reason why the higher urban minimum wage movement exists, to set the local wage floor above the equilibrium for low-working class blacks, so that they can't find work in the cities, which means they have to leave the cities.

Back when Obama was President, these things accessorized AFFH.

Both things are dressed up in flowery social justice rhetoric, and they often both have ghetto undertow politicians and preachers to front for them, but that's all useful idiocy for the real energy and heat source, the desire to push blacks out to gentrify the cities.

Brian in Ohio said...

Black communities are "food deserts" for a reason.

To attempt to provide them with goods and services is to risk life and limb. Plexiglas provided a margin of safety. Take that away, and it`s simply not worth it.

I cant imagine these stores clear much anyway. Seems like an incredibly high risk, low reward endeavor, which is prob why you only see them operated by immigrants fresh off the boat with not a lot of other options.

We`re starting to see employee`s replaced with touch screen order stations at restaurants because its cheaper. I think we`ll soon see this in black areas because of the safety factor. The Paki or Korean counter person will be replaced by what amounts to a heavily armored vending machine.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

If the Asians have to get rid of the glass, i think a lot of those places are going to close. Or they will buy firearms for their family and have everyone learn to shoot so if so Vibrant Diversity comes in the store, and tries something, they can shoot him or her. I hope this fool that thought of this starts to see her losses start to mount as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the store owners need to take a page from the (illegal) immigrant playbook and have a day (or week) without Korean grocery stores. When will America's Pets stop blaming everyone and everything else and start looking at themseives?

I'd take down the glass but then build turrets in each corner of the store with shiny gun barrels sticking out. Animals. F'n animals.....



Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this will cost the City and State money because of license fee's lost, businesses are not paying sales taxes, and other concerns.

Californian said...

Here's the thing: why should any sane society be discussing bulletproof barriers in convenience stores at all? Why do shopkeepers need to fortify their establishments as if they are in the middle of a terrorist zone?

But of course, we know the answer: it's the presence of large numbers of Africans-in-America who create all sort of crime and mayhem.

The results? Debates about increasingly inane topics. More government intrusions into private property. After all, aren't these barriers disparately impacting blacks? How come you don't see them in White suburbia? Then again, if you can tear down trees in Palm Springs, then why not anti-crime barriers in Philadelphia? Any demand by Africans-in-America, no matter how idiotic or contrary to public safety, must be turned into public policy.

And that's one more thing about BRA: politics increasingly becomes an affair of absurdism, and you can not have a reasonable republic.

Well, if one is a shopkeeper in Philadelphia, here's some advice:

Stay armed
Stay alert

Because the city council sure ain't gonna protect you...

Anonymous said...

When I don't like a place I don't revisit it and I don't need the government to force the establishment to make me happy. Where will this end? Will the patrons demand that the owners change the colors of the walls, maybe get new floors or how about giving credit for purchases on the promise to pay. This is only the beginning of negro brain power at work and those merchants should be looking for a better clientele where bulletproof glass is an unneeded expense and a safer clientele to sell to. The negro is devolving right before our very eyes.

Unknown said...

Watch Asians relocate "just across the City line". Watch the Police Departments in those towns demand more more money and staff to "cope with the sudden upsurge of crime". Watch the groids in Philly complain "dem raycis gooks done took away our stores". Then the powers that be in Philly will need Gubmint money to replace said stores. And who will "man them" without the protection of bulletproof glass? The new employees will steal and be shot in record numbers. The stores will go bust, eventually Philly will rescind the ordinance, the Asians will come back. You can't fix stupid.
A very Happy New Year to all. Start looking for your Shangri-La now. The balloon can go up at any moment.

Pat Boyle said...

I was wrong. A few years ago when I was looking for a way out of our racial problems I wrote a lot of posts here and elsewhere about an idea I had had which I called "America Under Glass".

I had recently been to the city of Calgary in Alberta. I was hunting dinosaurs on vacation. I was there in the summer but I was struck by all the glass and Plexiglas barriers that enclosed the city. To escape the artic blast they had created a whole civilization where people could wander around outside - but in an 'outside' that was heated and protected from the environment. The whole downtown allowed the citizens to live in a protective bubble.

It seemed to me that in America we could do something similar to protect ourselves from our environmental problem - black people. I imagined that it could start with the shopping malls. They could be made into safe zones for whites with just a few minimum wage security guards posted at the entrances. The 'rent-a-cops' would simply turn away the blacks and overnight we would have a solution to the crime and squalor that follow negroes.

I dropped that idea and this article shows why. Blacks don't want to be separated. Indeed they are offended by any talk of separation.

Pity. Some kind of separation is the last chance blacks have to avoid the natural consequents of our current trends. White people are the 'good guys' in this epoch long psychodrama. The Muslims who killed many more blacks have virtually no blacks around anymore. They killed most of the black boys by castrating them. The Brazilians and South American Spanish nations worked their slaves until death. But the black slaves in the American South were treated better than anywhere else in the world. As a result we have an excess parasitic population that constantly causes trouble.

Blacks get all this backwards. They like to march to protest things. Their current actions however are a death march. If they don't like whites, who are they going to turn to? The tender mercies of the Chinese?


Non PC Infidel said...

So now, some of the stores will close down and others will close down after multiple robberies or after an owner/clerk is severely injured or killed. Or because the level of shoplifting goes through the roof and the owners can't make a profit. Then, blacks will start screeching that there are no stores in their areas and they're "under-served." They'll wail about how far they have to go to find a store to buy what they want or need and how much of a burden it is and how "unfair." Cue the videos of bloated negresses wailing about their kids and how they have to go ten miles or more to buy them milk and "community activists" wailing about all the poor negroes that can't afford to travel dat far or don't have any way to "git to da store." It's all very predictable and on repeat mode with blacks due to their low IQ's and colossal stupidity. I suppose the next thing to be declared an indignity to blacks is all the stores in black areas with the metal grillwork over windows and doors that exist to keep them from breaking in when the stores are closed.

Again, this all goes back to what I've said multiple times- for blacks, image is everything, substance is nothing. They don't want to be made to "look bad" even when they are bad. Noticing their criminality is (to them) an offense far greater than the criminality itself and saying anything about it or pointing it out is "racist."

They'll drive out or destroy the very businesses they need to provide them with what they want (and open none themselves) and then bleat about how it's everybody else's fault and play the victim. For many, their stupidity is so great they can't see cause and effect and don't understand or comprehend that it's their own behavior that drove the businesses away. Explain it to them and they'll flip out and start screaming that you're a racist and just trying to make them look bad. Or start ranting about how the Asians are racist against blacks and moved out because of that. This, of course, ignores their constant whine about how Asians are racists who just come into black communities to "feed off da community." Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Blacks are pestilential idiots who need to be segregated from all other races.

Anonymous said...

Setting the "indignity to negroes" argument aside for a moment, why not just shut these businesses down for being out of compliance with Liquor Control Board rules?

No food sales? Gone. No seating? Gone. No bathroom? Gone.

Here's why they won't do that: tax revenue. They won't those businesses right where they are.

This is just an attempt to reinforce the rules of BRA.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but good news erica garner passed away... Should have stayed away from the fried chicken...

Ex New Yorker said...

Brian in Ohio mentioned "heavily armored vending machines". They already have these at the rest stops in Florida. The candy bar and soda pop machines are encased inside a metal mesh cage with only small slots for the coins and candy bars. These metal cages are bolted to the cement floor.

The rest stops in Florida also have guards. I remember the first time I saw the sign reading "Security Personal On Duty". My first thought was "Holy fucking shit...Now they have security guards so that people will feel safe taking a piss". I guess you can call these guys "the potty police".

Left Coast White Guy said...

"to appease their local village idiot"

You presume she is doing this for anyone or anything else than her own personal affront to the fact that her people cause this affect.

Mr. Rational said...

Blacks don't want to be separated. Indeed they are offended by any talk of separation.

Why should we care what they want, or what offends them?  I'd be happy to laugh at them and give them the finger as they're piled into a container ship converted to a prison ship for a one-way cruise to Monrovia.  Start with every Black in custody in the criminal justice system.

I still think the Members Only mall concept might have a chance.  Blacks have high time preference so the idea of paying $100 for a membership with benefits over time is foreign to them.  Limit or revoke the membership for infractions* and you weed out the Blacks who e.g. buy a membership in order to steal.

This could work pretty nicely.  Restaurants and bars would prefer such a mall to a downtown because the troublesome and crime-prone population wouldn't even get to their doors.

* Membership would allow guests, so long as the member had no infractions and their guests had behaved well also.  This is how you get the membership up; people bring their friends to see just how nice and peaceful it all is, and they become members and bring their friends.  Bring a thug, you can't bring any more guests.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Paint job:

Your letter to mister Liu should be out credo here at SBPDL!

Bobby PGH said...

Well put.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes blacks happy. Nothing. Give them something, they want more. In general, they are dumber than a box of rocks. Always offended. Always oppressed. Everything is racist. They are dysfunctional, destructive and dangerous.
Filthydelphia may order the Asians to take down the plexiglass. They'll likely pass other laws to enable black misbehavior.
But so far, there are no laws to force us to associate with blacks. Who knows, that might be coming. So I associate with whom I wish to. And I don't wish to associate with blacks. I avoid them at all costs. I don't go near them, I don't talk to them, I'll do everything possible to not deal with them. When I'm unfortunately in proximity to them, my situational awareness kicks in.
Blacks need whites to survive. We don't need them. Avoidance is a prudent decision. It makes life a lot more pleasant. And if some SJW says "that's racist" tell them, "It's not racist. And if it is, what do you care? It's my preference."
Happy New Year to all the SBPDL readers and posters.

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried, but could not come up with a comment due to the sheer stupidity of these "ppl"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Non american here. This whole thing is black racism. Asian store owners should be allowed to protect themselves against black zombies just like the police can. Disgusting. Michael brown couldn't choke the store owner or try to take the officers gun if these measures where taken in ferguson

Brian in Ohio said...

Off topic, but we just had our first couple of accumulating snowfalls here in the Tri-State.
And damn does that poor future time orientation show when the roads are snow covered!

Speeding, following too close, weaving in and out of traffic... You can spot them a mile away. And not cleaning the windows off is a dead giveaway.

Blacks alone have got to be responsible for the cost of automobile insurance in this country. There`s no other answer.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Unknown said...

Plexiglass prevents shoplifting and protects employees. Yet it would all be unnecessary if we simply got rid of the cause of theft and murder: Negroes. It isn't the glass that needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Village idiot? Sir, please refrain from speaking in the singular. I'm sure there are many village idiots who will vote come "ercection" day, with force! Chimps gonna chimp!

D is for depressing said...

"But he says without plexiglass he’ll shut down to avoid danger to himself and his family.
“I’ll have no choice,” he says, “if I have to shut down, we’ll shut down.”

But Adam Xu, 54, chairman of the Asian American Licensed Beverage Association of Philadelphia...His association represents 217 beer delis in the city, about 70 percent of which are owned by people who are ethnic Chinese and another 20 percent of Korean descent."

Dear Mr Liu.

You are absolutely right in shutting down. Your life and safety are at stake. It is no longer worth it. But shutting down and reopening at another location will probably be your best option.

The suburbs of Philadelphia might be a great option. Imagine working in locations that don't require bullet proof glass. The only catch is to satisfy the customers, you might have to invest more in the business. But the higher investment is offset by the fact that you no longer have to fear for your life and possibly greater revenue due to higher disposable incomes.

If you are truly bitter about what the Philadelphia city council has done to you, what better way to get revenge than to pull your sales revenue, tax assessments and give it to the suburbs. I also suggest that you rally others to leave. Let the city council figure out what to do with 217 vacant stores.

The suburbs will appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit; as well as the tax revenue.

Abandon Philadelphia like we did here in Detroit.

With concern,

-D is for depressing

SKIP said...

" Why do shopkeepers need to fortify their establishments as if they are in the middle of a terrorist zone?"

OOOPS! sorry to contradict but after 11 years in the middle east war zones I can tell you that shop owners there do not have bars nor glass in their shops,,,,reason! NO BLACKS which are worse than terrorists.

Anonymous said...

"The Brazilians and South American Spanish nations worked their slaves until death."

Apparently the Brazilians didn't do enough. I recalled that Brazil has a very large black population and a quick Google search turned up this:

What is the percentage of black in Brazil? The proportion of Brazilians declaring themselves white was down from 53.7% in 2000, when Brazil's last census was held. But the proportion of people declaring themselves black or mixed race has risen from 44.7% to 50.7%, making African-Brazilians the official majority for the first time. Nov 17, 2011

I followed this with a Google search of the most dangerous cities in the world and discovered that Brazil has 21 of the top 50. Just call up The most violent cities in the world: Latin America dominates list with 41 countries in top 50 and you'll see the entire list, courtesy of The Independent (UK).

The moral of the story is that, just like in the USA, majority black locations are invariably dangerous.

Anonymous said...

One usually thinks a city council's purpose is to serve the peaceful and the law-abiding. Unfortunately that is a fantasy preventing most from seeing the truth. In BRA, a city council represents the dindu thugs of duh hood, not those who seek to make an honest living by providing a needed service that whites abandoned long ago. Clearly the city council is looking out for the welfare of the criminal class, making it easier for them to rob, beat, rape and kill "dem damn Asians."

I hope the shopkeepers all pack up and leave overnight and let the predators starve. My long-departed father, who knew dindus all too well in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, once said of Washington DC (after one brutal killing after another), "Put up a fence around the District and let 'em eat each other up!" It applies to every other dindustan as well.

Anonymous said...

"We`re starting to see employee`s replaced with touch screen order stations at restaurants because its cheaper. I think we`ll soon see this in black areas because of the safety factor".

Dear sir!

I do not mean to cause umbrage, but I dare say you're forgetting the poor, disadvantaged Negroes often fall into the category of persons described best as "literacy shy".

Please a just your attitude to the lowest common (African't-American) denominator!


B. Eaton Downe-Liberal

(Masters of Ethnic Integration Studies Student)

Professor Klewless, do I get my extra credit now for telling off these racists?


Anonymous said...

"Here's the thing: why should any sane society be discussing bulletproof barriers in convenience stores at all? Why do shopkeepers need to fortify their establishments as if they are in the middle of a terrorist zone"?


You are racist. Anyone with a non-racist natural love for beautiful black people would know that these are not convenience stores, they are inconvenience stores. They make beautiful black people feel held up by racist oppression!

Happy New Year all!

Unknown said...

Didn't Trump get less that 30% of the Asian vote, well, reap what you sow maybe their not as smart as they think they are...

Mr. Rational said...

I hope the shopkeepers all pack up and leave overnight and let the predators starve.

If they're sharp they'll have "a day without an Asian shop" and see how the locals like it.

Then for the next week, they should only do business with people who'll sign a petition to repeal the anti-plexi law.

Brian in Ohio said...

Dear sir!

I do not mean to cause umbrage, but I dare say you're forgetting the poor, disadvantaged Negroes often fall into the category of persons described best as "literacy shy".

Please a just your attitude to the lowest common (African't-American) denominator!

One step ahead of you.

Spelling has long been known as an indicator of White privilege, so the order kiosks will be in picture format. The "educationally disadvantaged" need merely to select the image of the Skittles, Swishers, menthols or malt liquor they wish to purchase, and it will be dispensed in an armored, fireproof tray.

And taking a cue from rapid transit, the kiosk will come with urine detectors as standard.

It`s about giving them back their dignity.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Detroit Refugee said...

You have my vote were you to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Black people are an indignity to plexiglass!

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Anonymous said...

"But so far, there are no laws to force us to associate with blacks. Who knows, that might be coming."

Oh yes there are. If everyone had to pay their own way, if it weren't for taxation and income redistribution, subsidized housing and transportation, then the only way that most of the readers of this blog and I would ever see a negro would be in a periodical like National Geographic. If the world's negro population was a reflection of what could be sustained naturally, most of our problems would melt away accordingly.

It's All So Tiresome said...

Comment 1/2 - I didn't realise how bad the black problem is in Toronto till I search for one specific incident in or near Eaton Mall in reference and turn up two to three others, there has been at least two separate grown bucks robbing children in Eaton Mall incidents, one in 2012 (I don't think the MAN was ever caught), and one teen in 2015. I searched for a stabbing incident near Eaton Mall and found a machete attack where a blackey blackey black was shouting f*ck white while hacking at a white person in 2015. There has also been way more shootings since Jane Creba and beyond the Summer of the Gun.

re Pat Boyle at December 30, 2017 at 9:27 AM December 30, 2017 at 9:27 AM
I had recently been to the city of Calgary in Alberta. I've never been to Alberta, but I heard that their major cities near the oil fields have a major problem with Somali gangs now! As well as some Muslims of various sort who go to make money in the oil fields to fund their jihad camps... How was The Situation over there? Are you sure the plexiglass wasn't because of the Africans?

Americans coming up here be on alert! Canada is no longer The Great White North! Back in May two Africans in a green-blue SUV tried to kidnap human women on SEVERAL different occasions up in Thunder Bay, Ontario - that's a far north rural community! It is a city, but a small city, way up North, but there are now hundreds of Africans up there, I can't help but worried that here have been successful abductions that have gone under the radar.

Eaton Centre in Toronto haven't been completely fuxated yet, it's still getting money from tourists, its biggest audience, but it is now an African hunting ground - stay alert! The depraved heart murder of 15 year old white teenage girl Jane Creba on Boxing Day of 2005 was a warning bell that was sadly ignored. Since then there has been a shooting in the food court* and knife-point robberies**, that's just INSIDE the mall where there are security guards, it's worse outside*** during the summer. We've panicked over "Summer of the Gun", but looking back, it wasn't guns, it was negroes! It was negroes doing the shootings! Julian Fantino noted the problem then and was shut down****, data on the race of criminals forbidden from being noted!

Eaton Centre is connected to the PATH, a vast underground network of malls, hotels, and tunnels with shops in it that are connected to several subways, it was a wonder to behold back in the 90s, now it can be dangerous. Pretty much the only mall I know that doesn't seem to have a black problem *knock on wood* is the Don Mills Shoppes because they are more like a super large plaza, there is no shared space that is indoor, meaning when it's cold, there is no heated space for someone to loiter!

China doesn't want or need blackey black black for ANYTHING - China has its own low IQ populace to exploit for cheap labour from the interior rural region, and while those country bumpkins sometimes poop in the streets, they are actually trainable and way less psychotic and generally not whiny at all! Chinese people have zero sympathy for whiners.

* Eaton Centre shooting: Christopher Husbands guilty of 2nd-degree murder
Sentencing hearing, victim impact statements set for January
CBC News Posted: Dec 17, 2014 5:32 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 17, 2014 10:50 PM ET
- Note how he's wearing glasses in court - he wasn't wearing them at the time of arrest or the other pictures prior, court sketcher really took a lot of artistic license by giving him a gentler expression than in this photo where he has dreads under his red ball cap and bling:

It's All So Tiresome said...

Comment 2 of 2

** Knife-wielding man at Eaton Centre robs boy by Chris Doucette
- Picture clearly shows a young black male with the big flat african nose and the african hair, he's wearing a brand name sports T-shirt! It must have been a frightful experience for the children targetted but it's still an early low cost lesson for them to Avoid The Groid.
- Excerpt: “An 11-year-old boy, while shopping at the Eaton Centre, was approached by (a man),” police said Thursday. “The (man) indicated that he had a large knife and physically led the boy around the mall.”

The victim ultimately escaped after handing his cash over to the stalker, police said.

The knife-wielding man is described as black, about 19, 5-foot-9 to 6-feet and about 160 pounds with his hair in short twists.

Police said a man matching that description also accosted two 14-year-old boys at knife-point in the Eaton Centre on Nov. 19.

That attack wasn’t initially reported to cops.

However, in that incident a man threatened the boys while once again “physically leading them around the mall.”

*** OUTSIDE Eaton Mall, there are now MACHETE attacks! Oh, would wonders ever cease in our age of vibrant diversity? Man injured by machete attack near Eaton Centre | Toronto Star
A witness, Terence Yip, tweeted that the black suspect was yelling “F--- white people” before allegedly attacking the victim, who is white. Yip, a CBC employee, told the Star he could not comment when reached by phone.

The security footage shows the suspect slashing at the victim four or five times with a foot-long machete.

The victim was able to stand and run away after the initial assault, but the suspect pursued him into the Atrium building. It is not clear if they made contact again.

**** Race based data collection on criminals:
A thorny history of race-based statistics
Keeping track of race when it came to criminal activity has been a hot potato in Toronto for decades, but now the issue has flipped.
- Excerpt: Twenty-six years ago, a staff inspector by the name of Julian Fantino — future Toronto police chief — sat in a small committee room and delivered a slew of explosive race-based crime statistics focused on the Jane-Finch neighbourhood.

Fantino, then head of 31 Division, told North York’s committee on community, race and ethnic relations that, while blacks made up 6 per cent of the Jane-Finch population, they accounted for 82 per cent of robberies and muggings, 55 per cent of purse-snatchings and 51 per cent of drug offences in the previous year.

The Star’s Royson James was apparently the only reporter present. He duly filed a story that appeared on the next day’s front page. All hell broke loose.

Police in Ontario were forbidden to compile race-based crime statistics. Solicitor-General Joan Smith, responsible for law enforcement in the province, castigated Fantino for collecting and releasing data that “accomplishes nothing useful.” Black activist groups and social agencies condemned Fantino for fueling existing prejudices. Police chief Jack Marks insisted the force did not keep race stats.

- "the issue has flipped", yes, BRA has become entrenched enough they are now bold about negrofuxation, they have gone from "we are just like / almost like white people!" to "death to racist white civilization!", the Trojan Horse made by their Talented Tenth has unleashed its deadly cargo and our cities are on fire.

Surgio said...

My only experience with Philly is the airport. There I found a large number of women walking around in garbage bags with eye holes cut in them. I do admit that back in the day I somewhat followed the simi-pro football team named the Philadelphia McNabbs.

Back during the days of the Dixieland Mafia presidency, Bill Clitone's injustice department started the idea of prohibiting banks from red-lining dindu housing areas out of loans. If banks didn't agree to make bad loans to Africans living as Americans in these red lined zones, large banks would find themselves 'standing tall before the man', that is, AG 'shaky' Reno.

Of course the banks complied, under threat of the hammer, and gave risky loans to not only Africans living in America but to illegal Mess-cans as well. Border Patrol agents who worked the San Diego Sector told me that one unwritten prohibition on busting illegals was that if they did so, a lot of foreclosures would ensue and banks would lose tons of money.

Of course during the housing crises cause by Clitone policies, the banks got bailed out by taxpayers anyway due to their being to big to fail and all.

Had Hellery 'won' her AG would do the same to big food chain stores (Safeway, etc) that Bill did to the big banks. That is, the AG would sue the chain for cibal rights violations if they pulled out of major Dindu areas. To keep them located in crime infested places, the taxpayers would insure a nice 'relocation subsidy' to these big food chains.

Well, Hellery didn't win, but in the works are all the goofy white women gearing up to turn the House and Senate in the next election. Now with a fraudulent vote being certified in Alabama Senate election,the sky is the limit. Stupid white women along with fraudulent votes of Africans living in Alabama, swung the election.

The certifying board in Alabama knew there existed massive African fraud in the election but to challenge that vote count would mean that white pussies would have to confront the Dindu nation, and surely riots would break out with no Bull Connor waiting in the wing to restore order.

The best policy to follow in Filthydelphia is for the council to order: 'all chink marketers are henceforth ordered to give products and food free of charge to Africans' when they show up at the shop. This cost will be made up by the few remaining customers. That is, to cover costs, the price of a six-pack to a person of wrong color would be something like a thousand dollars.

Michael Savage coined the phrase, 'liberalism is a mental disorder', actually, 'liberalism is insanity'. For a few laughs you can follow what is going on in the Shitty of See-Addled and King Kong county Washington. It's funny but also frightening what the persons of wrong color are doing to themselves and their kids, if they have any.

Anonymous said...

It's just a cohencidence.

Inquisitor said...

I was visiting a Church and friends in Michigan in 2011. I was in Westland MI area and out there they had plexilass in a gas station across the street. Nowdays Louisville Indianapolis Cincinnati won't be far behind