Friday, December 22, 2017

Her Name is Mikayla Norris: White Female Murdered by Black Male Who Subsequently Posts on Facebook, “White people been … us up for years so just put it on the tab.”


Black man - who posted incendiary, anti-white comments on Facebooks -  kills 18-year-old white female in "random" murder. [Mystery Unfolds on Facebook: Innocent Teen Murdered in KC Man’s Plot Against His ExKansas City Star, December 20, 2017]:
Missing Overland Park teen Mikayla Norris may have been killed for her car by a man who was enraged over a broken relationship and was determined to kill his ex-girlfriend and her mother.
Bryanna Spencer told The Star Wednesday that her ex-boyfriend, Kareem McCoy-Lee, used Norris’ car the day before to chase Spencer — shooting at her as she was driving to a job interview in Liberty — before apparently taking his own life about a mile away. Not long after, police found Norris’ body at an address that McCoy-Lee, 22, posted on Facebook. 
Spencer escaped with the help of a worker who happened to be nearby...Police think the deaths of Norris and McCoy-Lee were a murder and a suicide. 
Spencer, who said she did not know Norris, had been in a relationship with McCoy-Lee for about six months. The relationship became physically abusive, Spencer said. 
She became alarmed by his anger and violence. 
She said McCoy-Lee’s mother had been killed in a domestic violence incident when he was 5 years old and that his father was in prison. 
Two weeks ago, Spencer broke contact with McCoy-Lee after a violent incident. On Dec. 6 at McCoy-Lee’s home, he threatened her with a gun and a knife before beating her with a dumbbell, Spencer said. The gun turned out to be fake, she said, but the beating left a cut on her forehead that required stitches. She fled his home without her coat and shoes. 
Tuesday, Spencer left home for a job interview in Liberty. McCoy-Lee apparently was parked in the cul-de-sac outside her home, staking out the house. He followed Spencer when she drove off, according to Kirkwood, her mother. 
While Spencer was driving in Liberty, McCoy-Lee pulled up beside her and started shooting. 
“He shot at me, shot right through the window, shot right at my face,” she said. 
“The bullet went straight in front of my face.” 
The car took two bullet holes. 
She tried to speed away, but he gave chase.  
Police came, took their report and had Spencer’s car towed. While at a police station, Spencer and her family were alerted by an out-of-state relative that McCoy-Lee had posted on Facebook about the location of Norris’ body. 
Facebook users following the developing situation Tuesday captured the post by “Kareem Getbig Lee” saying, “Body across from 8503 hillcrest rd, damn gun got jammed.” 
Spencer and her mother alerted police at the station, who said they would make sure some officers went to check the area. That evening, after an extensive search by land and air, police found Norris’ body in a wooded area near the Hillcrest Road address. 
Another McCoy-Lee Facebook post seemed to say he killed Norris only because he needed a car. He didn’t name Norris. 
“White girl was just a pond (sic) for the car,” the post read. 
McCoy-Lee’s apparent Facebook post expressed anger at white people. “White people been … us up for years so just put it on the tab,” he wrote. 
When McCoy-Lee was found dead in Norris’ car about 10 p.m. Tuesday, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, it was behind the Academy Sports near Kansas Street and Interstate 35 in Liberty — about a mile away from the billboard.

Though their friend was murdered by a self-professed black racist and targeted because she was white, her family "prays" for the black murderers family. [Two days before she would have turned 19, family, friends of murdered woman pray for themselves and for suspect’s family,, 12-20-17]:
Friends and loved ones gathered Thursday night in Fort Scott, praying not just for the family of Mikayla Norris, but also for the family of the man who allegedly murdered her. 
Norris, 18, graduated from Fort Scott High this past summer where she was a cheerleader and a top tennis player. Friends said she then moved to Kansas City with her mom where she took a job as a hostess at the Overland Park Jack Stack Barbecue. 
Friends remained close with Norris through Snapchat. They said they almost immediately knew something was wrong when she stopped posting after leaving her job Sunday night. 
A Facebook post by her suspected killer, Kareem McCoy-Lee, led police to her body. He had been spotted earlier in the day filling up her car at a Gladstone QuikTrip. Police said he later killed himself in Norris' car behind the Liberty Academy Sports. 
Mike Norris, Mikayla's father, posted on Facebook Wednesday, urging people to pray for strength for the friends and family of the man he called "her abductor." Kansas City Police said Wednesday they were still investigating but don't believe Norris was abducted. 
“He had troubles, and we have to be able to pray for them as well if we expect them to pray for us and give us strength," Mikayla's friend Darrick Green said.
You could count on your hand the number of people outside of Kansas City who have heard about this story of black racial hate against white people and the murder Mikayla Norris. She was a young white female, on the cusp of 19, targeted by a black male exclusively because she was white.

And it's for this reason only a handful people in the entire nation will ever hear the name Mikayla Norris and how she did, just another white victim of black rage/hate/violence (yes, the black murderer bragged on Facebook about not only killing a white female, but extracting racial revenge in the process and having her death "put it on the tab."


D-FENS said...

When you go to the local media websites you get the usual: Comments have been disabled for this story.

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible about the death of this young woman.

Having said that, here come the cucks, "praying" for everyone. It's obscene. Didn't Peter carry a sword? Sure Christ told him to put it away when he was arrested by the Jews because He knew what had to happen to save people. But Peter's regular practice was to have a sword for self defense against robbers and criminals.

The picture of that worthless stupid waste of oxygen is worth a thousand words.

Raccoon said...

Once the Saxon is sufficiently awoken and enraged, and this is coming, there will be nothing to stop the force.

Total civil chaos in the cities from the impending ECAR RAW.

THIS is the reason the po-po have been militarized. It designed is to stop the white uprising, by force of fear. The BRA shenanigans can continue unmolested as the "price we must pay".

However, the abject stupidity of Mikayla (that's not really a white name, is it?) meeting with her killer via Tinder of all things, I mean, how fucked is that?

What is worse is her parents eliciting prayers for her killer's fucking fambly? I mean, this is beyond parody.

It is happening very rapidly. Get armed, get practiced, and prepare.

Anonymous said...

You can put my prayers and sympathies on my tab. Too tired to care.

Ken said...

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest story for weeks on the planet. Since this is a garden variety negro-on-white murder, it's not newsworthy. I didn't here anything about this on the East Coast. A few months ago, a negress was murdered by a white male in an unfortunate road rage incident. The later was one of the top stories on the CBS Evening News. There is one consolation prize: this pre-historic biped committed harikari and departed to the Great Mud Hut in the sky.

OT - coming back from Manhattan today, I was on so-called public transit. I took the fabled #7 train and then a bus to my final destination in NE Queens. It's rare any "African-Americans" ride the bus route. Tonight, however, an arrogant looking negress yapped as loud as she could on her cell phone for the 25 minutes on was on that bus; the crowded bus was subjected. To hear a black female caterwauling is a unique form of torture. I've worked in a federal office building for over a decade and one of the reasons I gave up a coveted Federal job was because I couldn't stand to hear negro woman chit-chat all day. The next time, I will consider taking the more expensive Long Island RR.

Mr. Rational said...

When Blacks do such things, their entire famblies (baybeez, mamas, sibs, nieces and nephews) should be gassed.  Only then will this shit stop.  They will not understand anything less than communal capital punishment.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see the sissy cowardly negro paid it's own tab in the end.

Anonymous said...

Predatory species can detect weakness and will always attack the most vulnerable.

Why did the sick nog have to kill her if he just wanted the car?

Anonymous said...

The davey blackburn syndrome / disease is obvious in this white girls family. Think about who your # 1 enemy is.

Anonymous said...

He looks retarded. I mean in the medical sense.

Paintjob Theory said...

"just put it on the tab,”

Rest assured, Sambo. We have.

Anyway, another toll paid and another black animal gets its batwings. All in all this could have turned out worse.

Anonymous said...

Yep, who the hell gave birth to that?

Anonymous said...

The most unbelievable part of the entire story was that someone was on their way to a JOB interview. The rest of it, perfectly believable and expected. Disgusting society.

Anonymous said...

OT. Good article on what is happening in South Africa and the future of whites there.
See the comments section after you have read the article.

Anonymous said...

As someone said, if this was a white man who was trying to kill his girlfriend and her mother and killed a black girl while stealing her car and admitted the killing was racially motivated on facebook, this really would be the biggest story on the planet. They'd be blaming the NRA, Trump, global warming, and the tax bill. All of our enemies (Iran, NKorea) would crow on twitter of how racist the US is.

Another note, one of the black person's three innate impulses, "looks at me" (the others being "muh dik" and "gibsmedat"), led to his demise. Couldn't help but post about his "accomplishment" on facebook.

Anonymous said...

"The most unbelievable part of the entire story was that someone was on their way to a JOB interview."

That's just it--it is unbelievable. That's one of the boilerplate lines that the blacks always give to the press or the press makes up--"so-and-so was on his/her way to a job interview". It's along the lines of, "he was a good boy", "he was an aspiring...", "just turning his life around", "wrong place wrong time"... Even black victims, as in this case, have been trained to regurgitate, "I was on my way to a job interview" when interviewed by the police/press, because chances are these victims were probably in the process of or on their way to commit some sort of crime.

The truth was more likely that she had just gotten high and was on her way to meet up with her new boyfriend.

Also, allow me to point out this journalistic gem dropped right at the start of the article: "McCoy-Lee’s mother had been killed in a domestic violence incident when he was 5 years old and his father was in prison."

There you have it! The killer is absolved of all wrongdoing! The NRA is responsible for his mother getting killed, his father is in jail due to the disparate impact of the racist judicial system. The boy had no chance to escape his fate.

Only readers of this site would also pick up on the fact that his father wasn't the one in the "domestic violence incident" that killed his mother since if that were the case, the writer would have simply said "his father is in prison for killing his mother in a domestic violence incident". That would have also been unbelievable--that his father was still involved with his mother 5 years after he was born.

Anonymous said...

And the sad fact of the matter is that you're likely like me, in that I feel if a white person does the same thing than the same punishment should be meted out.

What have people posted here recently? Blacks want outcomes, not justice. They don't pray for God's will be done, but that their craven needs always be sated.

Anonymous said...


Just to make it easy for people here, there is a reason white people had stable communities, lower crime, etc... and now things are changing.

I am convinced that many of the old ways of our varied peoples have been denigrated and forgotten. What person of decency just 50 years ago would have gotten on some special device that let you meet random negroes? And it's a white woman that somehow thought anything good was coming of this? What the hell are parents teaching children?

To all the liberal white dipsnots (and Rebubli-cucks) who think they live far away enough, attend the right church and have some compassion for your favorite invasive species I say this; You do not let rabid animals run wild and you do not encourage your children to interact or play with them. Why do you allow what amounts to a wild animal hurt your community and kill your children? Why do you disagree with having the old rules and ways instituted, is it that you feel that all gods children are somehow always good? Do you think that it would be wise to put a child's crib near a hornet's nest? Would you make your son try to pet a badger? Would you suggest that your child date outside of community customs or are you okay with your little girl growing up to go after people who are proven to be less than all other races?

If you can't meet people through work, school, church and normal friends and family, what could possibly posess anyone to meet up with an African't-American through something only traceable once the cops get involved. This POS is just another Emmett Till, but this young buck done went and goodified himself. Thank God for that!

Sherman and Norris' family believe the teen met McCoy Lee on the dating app Tinder.

"What person up here that's not on Tinder at our age? It's the easiest way to find friends if you're not going to college," Sherman said.

Anonymous said...

In all my years of following these kinds of crimes, I've never heard of a black family forgiving/praying for a White family in the rare case that a White criminal kills a black. In fact, I don't recall the last time the family of a White murder victim has forgiven/prayed for a White murderer or his family. Only blacks and other minorities are forgiven/prayed for by the cucks.

Anonymous said...


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If you qualify, the Buying into Baltimore program offers residents a $5,000 forgivable five-year loan.

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D is for depressing said...

"Bryanna Spencer told The Star Wednesday that her ex-boyfriend, Kareem McCoy-Lee"

Once you go black, we don't want you back.

"Another McCoy-Lee Facebook post seemed to say he killed Norris only because he needed a car. He didn’t name Norris."

Are there any SBPDLers out there that are still in doubt that they're not human?

Anonymous said...

The UN will save Chicago, look how well it quills da bilence in da muddaland.

Dirty South Side said...

Anonymous said...

You can put my prayers and sympathies on my tab. Too tired to care.

Pretty much this. I'm sorry the girl died, but she paid the toll. Around Blacks, Never Relax. Keep your head on a swivel of you don't want your ass to wind up in a box.

Mr. Rational said...

When Blacks do such things, their entire famblies (baybeez, mamas, sibs, nieces and nephews) should be gassed. Only then will this shit stop. They will not understand anything less than communal capital punishment.

I have absolutely no choice, as an honest individual, but to agree with this statement. They must be forced to police themselves, and raw fear is the only thing capable of motivating them to do it.

Anonymous said...

“White girl was just a pond (sic) for the car,” the post read.

Stupid Negro. Hears a phrase somewhere, and has no idea the word is "pawn" NOT "pond", and then uses it completely out of context....smh

Also, make note the "authorities" have said nothing about sexual assault. I can pretty much guarantee that this enraged, testosterone-fueled baboon muh-dikked this White girl. Why else kill her?

But, TPTB need to keep a lid on the black-on-white rape angle. F them and may they burn in hell.

Act White. Be White. And Merry Christmas to my non-cucked Caucasian Brothers & Sisters!

Anonymous said...

My condolences to her family, friends and co workers.
She was such a young girl. Horrible.
I could barely read this article. Wasn't even 19 years old.

The only consolation is that the bastard saved us all a lot of time and money.

Maybe the friends and classmates who say to pray for the murderer really want to say, Good I'm glad he's dead, but they know that it would cause a blacklash. So they come up with something palatable.
The one who most annoys me is the one who says , then we move on. Move on from what? Your beautiful friend was murdered in cold blood. There's no moving on - but they will realize that in 20 or 30 years. Murder changes you. Someone in your family, a friend, a neighbor, a co worker is taken from the earth this way - you enter into another territory that you never ever return from.

It's All So Tiresome said...

Victim was not a coal burner!

The Amren Article has a clearer headline for people who skim:

Mystery Unfolds on Facebook: Innocent Teen Murdered in KC Man’s Plot Against His Ex
Robert Cronkleton et al., Kansas City Star, December 20, 2017

The white girl who was killed by the buck she's now pictured next to does not know him, she was just murdered by him when he carjacked her to go after his ex-girlfriend, who is also black! Down in the comments of Amren, G*** posted this picture:

Mr.Kersey, may I suggest that you edit this post to include the picture of the murderous buck and the black woman who had the bad taste to date him? It's bad enough that a completely innocent white girl had been murdered, but now some people are mistaking her to be a coalburner!

It wasn't her fault, I'm not blaming her because nobody should HAVE to stay alert all the time, it's stressful, but here we are: please remember to always lock your car doors and prepare to pedal to the medal when a spook suddenly appear.

rexfreeway said...

Every time a case like this pops up I have to be the heavy hand and bring this crap up because so many try to avoid it. They would rather not know of these tragedies then face them head on. They let Liberals shame them into contact with Negroes. And it goes wrong over and over. Glad i'm old

Anonymous said...

ken says...

i find its worth it to get off the bus, or out of a subway car and catch the next one. its been made where we cant confront this sub species, as we are not allowed to defend ourselves against their concealed carry allowance.

Julie said...

You got to admit white people have always treated African-americans with great cruelty. African-Americans are a gentle people. They've always wanted nothing more than to help white people build their cities and bring joy to them. We could try to be a little nicer to them.

The next time you see an African-american, say hello to them. Ask the African-american how they are feeling and if there is anything you can do to help them. There are many organizations that will allow you to volunteer to help African-americans. If you are mechanically inclined, offer to fix an African-american's car. If you are a talented cook, make a delicious meal for an African-american family and visit them to serve and clean up afterwards. Almost anyone can go to an African-american neighborhood and help pick up trash or plant flowers.

It doesn't matter so much what you do, just that you do something.

juvenal said...

" God is a man of war". Keep that phrase in mind dipshits, next you feel the need to " pray" for the murderer of a family member.