Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Michael Brown has a permanent memorial in Ferguson... Identity Europa "United We Stand" Memorial to White Woman Gunned Down by Somali Police Officer Denounced, Removed

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Call this a double shot.   [Permanent Michael Brown memorial to be built in Ferguson, Fox2Now.com, 5-20-15]:
On what would’ve been Michael Brown Jr.’s 19th birthday, his memorial on Canfield Drive was removed. Michael Brown’s family and the city of Ferguson have come to an agreement about a permanent marker.  The makeshift shrine to Brown in the middle of Canfield Drive cropped up shortly after Michael Brown was killed last August and has remained. 
"United We Stand" -- a fitting memorial to a Australian woman murdered by a black Somali police officer in Minneapolis. Immediately, this memorial was denounced by elected officials in the city because they exist to protect Somali refugees and black criminals in the city
Officials say that there needs to be a more permanent memorial to the teen and objects in the street are a safety hazard.   The items placed in the middle of the street were removed on Wednesday by Michael Brown Sr. and volunteers.  They will be placed in storage by the Urban League. A paving project to improve Canfield Drive is slated to start soon.    
Michael Brown’s father says a plaque will be placed in the sidewalk on Canfield Drive near where Michael Brown was shot and killed. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III says a permanent place to remember Michael Brown may be set up near the Canfield Green Apartment complex.
And now for the chaser. ['We cannot allow it': US police remove memorial created by white nationalists in honour of Australian woman shot dead in her pyjamas by a Somali-American cop, Daily Mail, 12-26-17]

Police have removed a candle-lit memorial that a white nationalist group created to honor an Australian woman killed in Minneapolis by a Somali-American officer in July. 
Minneapolis Police spokesman John Elder told local radio that an officer cleared the memorial when the department learned it was displayed outside a precinct headquarters. 
Michael Brown tried to kill Officer Darren Wilson in August of 2014. He now has a plaque in his honor dedicated by the city of Ferguson... 
'We cannot allow any memorial and anything like that to be put up at that location,' Mr Elder told Minneapolis Public Radio News. 
The northern California hate group called Identity Evropa said on its Twitter account it put up the memorial on Friday. 
The group helped organise participants in the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August. 
The memorial to Justine Ruszczyk Damond consisted of a framed portrait, candles, roses and signs reading 'United We Stand.'  
The Minneapolis mayor-elect added to the condemnation on Saturday, calling the shrine 'disgusting'. 
'I condemn the perpetrators and their tactics in the strongest possible terms,' Frey said in a statement. 
'Identity Evropa and those who share their values have no place in our city. Hate has no place in Minneapolis. Period.' 
The Star Tribune newspaper reported that only the extinguished candles remained Saturday night. 
Officer Mohamed Noor shot Damond after she called to report a possible sexual assault in July. No charges have been filed.
The city of government in Ferguson actually dedicated a plaque commemorating Michael Brown, a black man who tried to kill a white police officer, as a means for people to celebrate his life. 

The city government of Minneapolis, as reinforced by the mayor-elect comments (coming only a few years after Governor Dayton blasted anti-immigrant Minnesotans as unfit to live in the state and white people as "B+" citizens), are clearly away no more dangerous idea exists in the world than that of white identity. 

The earth will literally shake the moment white people explicitly state what they implicitly know to be true.... as of right now, every act by the state in the United States and Western Europe is designed to stop this from happening. 

A simple memorial reading "United We Stand" is cause for an international incident, when a black thug who tried to kill a white cop on the streets of Ferguson is cause for both international acclaim on his behalf and a plaque to remember his life. 

Black-Run America (BRA) indeed. 

A true case of police brutality and a police officer executing a law abiding citizen actually happened in Minneapolis, when a white Australian woman was gunned down by a Somalian police officer. 

And yet, Michael Brown - a black guy who tried to kill a white police officer - is the one who received endless praise and sympathetic coverage from the world media. 


Axis Sally said...

The cap-and-gown is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Gee, strong arm a grocer, then try to kill a police officer by attacking him in his squad car and you get a monument. I’m not sure where the officer fled, but defending himself cost him his job.

Anonymous said...

I get mixed up with all these Martyrs for the Black Race or is it the Black Jesus's, as in they died for your sins so you can eat at McDonald's and continue to collect your civil service paycheck by doing as little as humanly possible.

Is this the one who was a pedophile?

Anonymous said...

That plaque is ALL lies. Love the middle initials, O. D. as in overdose.

It's All So Tiresome said...

WTF? It was sortable excusable back when they thought Michael Brown had died in mid-surrender due to lying black witnesses, but now that the truth is out, that he started off that evening punching a store clerk in the face, then he attacked Wilson, tried to grab his gun, AND was charging at the car like a chimp on steroids when he was brought down - STILL they chose to memorialize this gun.

We need cams on cops indeed. Enterprising private citizens should also consider setting up hidden cameras in fuxated cities, help the next Darren Wilson! In the meantime, there's probably someone on the Chinese internet who is willing to shell out some sherkels to see some ghetto safari action.

My negro fatigue is such that I could no longer tolerate the articulate token blacks on youtube, but now and then I can still laugh when I watch Darkest Africa unveiled.

The only thing missing is a narration by David Attenborough:

Girls fighting at a Cleveland gas station 1:04
Spotted: At least two fat sows as round as Humpty Dumpty, one in a white dress with more chins on her exposed back than a Chinese phonebook. One buck with sagging pants.

Miami chicks from down south fight at gas station 5:57
- surprisingly at least one buck was trying to break up the sheboon fight

Girls fight at gas station after lil boosie concert in stockton 3:47
- Spotted, arm tattooo on a fat sow with weave. Spraying of hairspray or pepper spray (sheboons love to carry pepper sprays and use it NOT for self-defense)
- Some bystander black girls are trying to break up the fight, with no avail - this needs The HOSE, or the whip, or the electric cattlepod. You can't break up fighting blacks with words. BLOOD on the white hood of the car at 1:29! Usually when human friends fight, they stop as soon as there is blood, everybody is horrified and stunned.

Ghetto Girls Brawling and Twerking at The Gas Station 5:35
- Someone seriously need to collect these, and do a series with a Britishy documentary style voice-over - will probably get banhammered by SJWtube though.

Fight at Natchitoches, Louisiana Gas Station, man pulls out a gun. 2:53
- there are more in the sidebar but OMG, I could be here all day, I don't need to click on them all to see that it's BLACKS at the gas station brawls.

...and I found the above clips when I was trying to find ANOTHER clip I viewed months ago, a fight by multiple blacks at a gas station during the day time with sirens in the background, and the negrowranglers showing up towards the end (or that might be yet another clip). But apparently, gathering at the gas station at night to fight is a new black thing - I guess it has to be the gas station now that the malls are all closed! We need Robocop.

I read a sci-fic comics collection by Alan Moore a while ago call Future Shocks, in which Time Travel is a frequent theme, in one, a woman in a car drives through the ages, in another, a British family armed with nothing more than a phrasebook gets into trouble on an alien planet. Now imagine this: A newly engaged white couple in the 1920s goes for a drive in the young man's new automobile through a thunderstorm and emerged in a strange city where churches have boarded up windows and the stores have steel bars, the dumpsters are blackened by fire. Pulling up to gas station, they were trying to figure out how to top up when a crowd of negroes spill out of neighbouring cars and begins to brawl. Terrified, they drove back into the thunderstorm and crashes offroad back into the 1920s. They'll write off their nightmare as but a dream till years later, reading the newspaper on the hometown they have long fled from, they recognize the strange city with the steel shuttered storefronts and the garbage cluttered streets.

Anonymous said...

"He left an afterglow of smiles when life was done".

While whoever wrote the inscription is definitely a moron, at least they got one thing right.

I still smile when I think about how BRA continues to parade a thug caught on camera as their posterboy for injustice in the criminal justice system. Taking these people seriously has been the joke all along.

Anonymous said...

He wears a cap and gown because Trayvon inspired him by receiving a degree in aeronautics.

White and proud said...

Socialism is only works in homogeneous nations aka white nations or eastern Asian nations . And White liberals in USA are responsible for the death of western civilization, especially white Women! Feminism is cancer and that’s why I only date Asian women bc white Women are toxic and wish to destroy white men ! When white women are psychologically healed , maybe then we can unite as a race ! White women are our downfall ! Sorry if the truth hurts but deep down , you know it’s true !

Anonymous said...

They want white people dead or enslaved. It is just that simple. And they've been at it for more than 800 years.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new America YT, are you angry yet?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I’m sure he was well on his way to becoming a Nobel Prize winning scientist.

Anonymous said...

Also Freddy Gray a career drug dealer in Baltimore gets a recreation center named after him, and Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry known for getting caught doing Crack with a Prostitute and lots of corruption (He did get Reelected in a landslide AFTER he got out of jail) is supposedly getting a statue, A statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson square is under pressure to be brought down, as are statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (As President Trump predicted)and many other famous historic heroes, once these go down and they almost certainly will look for Mt Rushmore to be targeted, MOST politicians cave in constantly, so Historic Heroes statues go down, while statues of career criminals go up (Man this world is upside down) People got to fight for their History, Present and Future, very few politicians will, they are trying to ruin every good thing about the USA and replace it with negativity, what shocks me most is that almost no one is willing to fight for what is right, but the people hell bent on ruining the USA are constantly on the attack, my guess is these Anti-Americans/supporters of career criminals are cowards who when confronted with a fight will turn tail and hide when confronted head on, but people have to rise up.

North Detroit said...

I love America. Where can I find it?

Anonymous said...

"The items placed in the middle of the street were removed on Wednesday by Michael Brown Sr. and volunteers.  They will be placed in storage by the Urban League. A paving project to improve Canfield Drive is slated to start soon".

Really? A paving project? To fix the road? So what they are saying is that a perfectly good sidewalk was right there, and "Gentle Giant" Michael "Over Dose" O.D. Brown chose to walk on the street. He must have been saving the sidewalk for the immigrants and old people who could more easily perambulate about the area on the sidewalk. Too bad that awful racist cop had to execute the poor, noble, African teen!

"Michael Brown’s father says a plaque will be placed in the sidewalk on Canfield Drive near where Michael Brown was shot and killed. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III says a permanent place to remember Michael Brown may be set up near the Canfield Green Apartment complex".

Nice to know his memorial will have enough sense to stay on the sidewalk and that, like Freddie Grey, he will have his memorial at the apartments where he lived. Maybe we can have a job training center named after him since he was obviously going to grab the world by the horns and make a big difference!

PB said...

"The cap-and-gown is hilarious."
It is. Its a memorial to someone who never existed, from a past that never existed. It sums up the future well.

Anonymous said...

OT: Baltimore is up to 340 murders. I noticed the name of one of the more recent fellows to have given up the ghost. I can't imagine what type of "Villani" he was up to. (I didn't copy all his info, just his name).


Villani Campbell

Found on December 20, 2017 at 8:40 PM

Location:Race:Gender:Age:Cause:Died at:

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

The most plausible explanation that I have heard is that officer noor and his "partner" were enjoying a little homosexuality that evening. The reason noor's handgun was out of it's holster is that the rear of the slide was jabbing his abdomen while noor was bent over with his mouth full.

The Australian lady did indeed surprise and startle noor. As any good somali in possession of a firearm would do, noor immediately began to spray bullets.

MMinWA said...

Ahhh, the Gentle Giant. I'll always have the fondest thoughts of him, remembering how he beat an old man senseless after stealing his back pack. While a few of his bestest homies cackled in the background as the poor man weaved away.

Every day is an empty day without his presence.

Anonymous said...

So not only do white people no longer get justice, we can't even have shrines dedicated to them either? Kate steinle's was also removed! How can so many be blind to this?

Anonymous said...

The HVAC business has suffered tremendously with the demise of St. Michael. He could have invented an ac unit that would run on blunts.
Hopefully the t shirt business is doing well.

Female in FL

Anonymous said...

War Is Peace....

Black Is Innocent Hero.

Brainwashing 101.


Deadeye Dick said...

So, a memorial to honor a white woman, murdered by a Somali 'policeman' is "disgusting" and condemned "in the strongest" possible terms", only because of who put it up. Or is her memorial just disgusting because she was a white woman. When the mask comes off we can really see the dark, slithering bastards underneath. This situation is nothing but adding insult to injury. That dindu piece of dog sh!t had no business carrying a gun and making life or death decisions in a white population. God help us all. That incident should have been the spark to unite white people to finally and crush the evil opposition.

stay alert
stay armed
stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Gotta make any and all welfare programs state funded. Let states decide if they want to promote orc dysgenics. Let the Human states repel the ape invasion via cancelling the gibs programs. Seriously; this is a goal we can easily reach. Start local; sue for banning of federal welfare. Corral orcs into manageable geographic regions; then corral them off. Like Indian reservations. They'll devour themselves.

Death penalty for racists!! Dems will love that, right?!

Crime against someone from another race and you hang. Like dem apples, anti-racists!!?

Anonymous said...

An OT but maybe not.... 9/11 memorials in NYC were all torn down by then Mayor Guiliani. the ones that remain are protected by Transit Cops at 14th Street Union Square and Court Officers near their building. Not sure if that one is still there.

A Public Art project, stickers with the names of the 9/11 deceased on the tile walls of a passageway in Union Square/14th Street, many have been defaced and/or torn off. WTF?

Is there a monument anywhere to the people who died on 9/11? There is one in Rockaway Park, NY. I suppose this is considered insensitive to the terrorists.

Anonymous said...

To "White and Proud":

You're clearly not.

So you date exclusively Asian women? How is that helping us? Are there no ultra-liberal, feminist Asian women? I've come across many. Are the Asian women you date interested in helping the white race? I didn't think so. Are you clueless enough to believe that there are no good white women? Have you never been on youtube? Stop being scared of white women and go find a good one. When you find a worthy one, if you're a man you'll be willing to crash through a wall for her and your white children. I cringe every time I see a white beta-male taking the line that you did. Get off the stupid counter-productive mgtow forums and wake up.

Mr. Rational said...

The nice thing about bronze is that it melts at a much lower temperature than iron, so a bit of thermite on said memorial some night will leave it in exactly the condition it ought to be in.  Repeat as necessary.

Ohio born said...

Liberal white women are openly hostile to all white men. The media has done it's job demonizing normal white guys. There's nothing to be sorry about, white men have no allies.

OverSeer said...

As in lead overdose.

Anonymous said...

It's a meaningless attempt to project a deep meaning from a class of wondering minstrels & village idiots of Yore.

All that BS shrine boils down too is a huge black fist, the middle finger, a long row of pants pulled down below the ass. Nothing more.

It's a childs shrine, made by pathetic children.

Yesterday, I saw a negro crossing the Autozone parking lot, wearing one of those thick furry winter hats with the long flaps that come down to cover your ears and back of the neck, and wearing it backwards!

To take these clowns serious, is to completely lose your mind.

PB said...

"A statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson square is under pressure to be brought down, as are statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (As President Trump predicted)and many other famous historic heroes,"

To control the past is to control the future. Those behind the curtain know this well.

Californian said...

The cap-and-gown is hilarious.

Bear in mind that to BRA, a thug who roughs up a shopkeeper and assaults a cop is an honor student in the insurrection against YT.

One can not view BRA through the same lens as one would a sane society.

Anonymous said...

off topic but it's a must see!!
Our beloved Congress woman(or whatever name you want to use) is at it again, this time she demanded that a woman in 1st class give up her seat. Unfreaking real.


Anonymous said...

They love and honor thugs like Michael Brown but are outraged and despise educated men like Ben Carson.

D is for depressing said...

@ It's All so Tiresome

We need cams on cops indeed

I have been saying this all along. The body cameras will expose little--if any--misconduct on the side of the police. The police will actually be on extra good behavior because they know that they are being watched. It will show cops giving warnings, instead of outright tickets. It will show cops assisting the elderly. It will show cops as the good guys that they are.

The body cams, however, will expose moon crickets for what they really are. Subhuman savages with chips on their shoulders who need to be ruled with an iron fist. The cameras will make it harder for the moon crickets to lie to a judge and jury. It will also result in the awakenings of Whites who have suspected all along that there is something wrong with the moon crickets. It will result in the acquittal of officers.
@White and Proud

Socialism is only works in homogeneous nations aka white nations or eastern Asian nations

Right, you are. There is nothing more infuriating to a group of people than seeing their wealth forcibly extracted, then given to another group of people who are not like them. Also, you forgot to add nations need to have a high enough aggregate IQ so that parasites are kept to a minimum.

One can not view BRA through the same lens as one would a sane society.

Exactly. Sane societies are ruled by humans. Not subhuman savages.

Anonymous said...

The northern California hate group called Identity Evropa said on its Twitter account it put up the memorial on Friday.

I'm surprised that Identity Evropa still has a Twitter account. It shouldn't be long before they are purged. Creating a memorial for a white woman murdered by an affirmative action Somali monkey definitely falls within the categories of hateful activity that must be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Talk of White Privilege at College campuses NOW, Talk of Jewish privilege in 1930's Germany which was BY DESIGN to create resentment of Jews, Tearing down statues of Historical figures of what seems like ONLY White historical figures NOW, The Book Burnings in 1933 of books with Jewish authors To erase Jewish history hmmmm

Just a coincidence??????

Anonymous said...

To have a nation, first there must be a people... If the people are not assimilated to the dominant culture it becomes another country.

Antidote said...

A Very Merry Kwanzaa to One and All, but especially to Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman.

The coffin of Emmett Till languished in the back of a rural garage/shed for half a century. When it was finally located by the historical researchers, they were startled to see the open casket had served as a nest for generations of raccoons. It was cleaned and refurbished and now stands in a hallowed place in the National Museum of The American Negro in DC.

The relatives of St. GentleGiant of the swisher sweets and of St.(ash)Trayvon Hoody of the skittles will never cash in the way they want to. They have gotten all the gibs they're ever gonna get.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

It should be obvious by now that a transitional phase is afoot. There is a normalizing/pardoning of violence against whites, particularly in regards to the meting of justice. Just look at the past several months:

- The murdered Australian woman (by an African muslim) mentioned in this article
- The racially motivated, sadistic, toilet abuse, stabbing, and physical torture of the mentally disabled white child (by blacks) in Chicago, streamed on facebook live
- The acquittal of the illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco
- The murder of the extremely compliant, begging, pest control man in Arizona

I am sure there are more that I am forgetting, but those are the ones that jump to immediate, recent memory. The emerging trend is that there is not judicial recourse for white victims. A certain level of social permission has been granted to harm you without consequence. Do you think such things will increase or decrease with the anticipated and rapidly approaching "demographic shifts" forecast by census stats?

People without a State, without advocacy, without self-determination, without allies, etc... are at the whim of those who outnumber them. This is why there is a race to get as many here as possible, to eliminate any political reversal. The removal of a popularly elected, representative, democratic option to stop it is how you know that it is policy. This great erasure is not an unforeseen phenomenon, a policy mistake, or a spontaneous, organic occurrence, if it were, you could democratically change course and adjust policy to correct it. No one at this point can even pretend that the demographic remaking is not a goal. Republicans have no intention of being even a speed bump along the way.

Contrast that with the monuments going up and the monuments going down. The removal and replacement of icons and images of whites in culture. You are quite simply being phased out as a politically relevant entity until your numbers are small enough that you can be physically exterminated.

Empires routinely ethnically cleanse themselves by relocating new populations to displace existing, troublesome, less compliant ones. Your non-white replacements are okay with reduced standards of living, corruption and graft, incompetent governance that answers to no one --- because it is still better than whatever shithole they came from or would ever be capable of creating on their own.

The time frame to reverse this in an orderly, mostly peaceful way is evaporating. Once the State gives the green light to legally and permissably kill a hated population (Whites) you are effectively entering an end phase.

Had enough yet?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post on Sheila Jackson Lee. Always good to know what the hard working members of the Congressional Black Caucus are up to whether it be bullying the regular folk or embezzling funds from youth charities.

It looks like another one of their members has made the news again:


The 71-year-old who served more than two decades in Congress was sentenced Dec. 4 to five years in prison in a federal corruption scandal focused on a bogus charity.

A jury convicted Brown in May of 18 fraud and tax-related charges for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors that was supposed to go to underprivileged children's education needs.

The charity, One Door for Education, raised $833,000 in a four-year span, but gave only $1,200 in scholarships.

The rest of the money went into the pockets of Brown and her co-conspirators: chief of staff Ronnie Simmons and charity founder Carla Wiley.

Oh, and don't forget John Conyers who resigned over his harassment of Deanna Maher, a "white" woman. It's amazing how when black men choose white and white-looking women over their black counterparts that they aren't accused of racism themselves.

For further reading, I found the following, but it only scratches the surface as well.


Paintjob Theory said...

Lets not forget nothing of value was lost here. The Australian killed was a diversity loving libtard who thought that only police should own guns. Good riddance to here and the Gentle Giant (TM).

In other insanity, chalk up another one on the list of oppression: farmers markets be racist.