Tuesday, December 12, 2017

His Name is Ricky James McKeithan: White U.S. Navy Veteran Murdered by Black Male who was out on $60,000 bond (Holding Man at Gun Point)

A white U.S. Navy veteran. 

A father. A grandfather. 

Murdered by a young black male who was out on bond for felony charges (he was indicted for) over a robbery and assault after he had held up another individual at gunpoint. 
A murder hardly registered a news story out of Birmingham, Alabama.... 

He was out of jail on a $60,000 bond when he murdered 52-year-old Ricky James McKeithan. [Young Bessemer man charged in deadly shooting of U.S. Navy veteran, Al.com, 11-22-17]:
A young Bessemer man has been charged in the shooting death of a 52-year-old U.S. Navy veteran. 
Bessemer police on Wednesday announced s murder charge against 21-year-old Kyler Deshard Hatter. At the time of Hatter's arrest on Tuesday, he already was awaiting trial on charges of assault, robbery and possession of a forged instrument. 
Hatter is charged in the Monday death of Ricky James McKeithan. The shooting happened about 2:30 p.m. in the 1000 block of 12th Street North. McKeithan was shot multiple times, including twice to the chest. He was taken to UAB Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 
Family members on the scene Monday said McKeithan, a self-employed carpenter, was driving along the street in his pickup truck when he got into an argument with someone in a black Corvette, which sped away from the scene. Bessemer police stopped a black Corvette on nearby Ridge Avenue. 
Officers surrounded a house there, but did not go inside. At least one weapon was recovered from one of the vehicles, but it wasn't clear if it was the gun used in the shooting. 
Authorities have not yet said whether the victim and the suspect knew each other. According to McKeithan's obituary, he was a fiance, father and grandfather. "He was a big Facebook fan with over 3,000 Facebook friends,'' his obituary read. He leaves behind a fiance, a son, two daughters and four grandchildren. 
Court records show Hatter was arrested in March, and indicted in August, on felony charges of robbery and assault after he robbed another man at gunpoint. 
The victim was injured during the holdup, but the records didn't specify how he was injured. Hatter was currently out of jail on $60,000 bond in that case. 
He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail Wednesday just before 12:30 p.m. His bond on the murder charge is set at $150,000.
Ricky James McKeithan was a U.S. Naval veteran, who was shot nine times by an indicted black criminal out on a $60,000 bail (for attempted robbery and assault).

And no one, outside his family and friends on Facebook, cares to remember his name.


Nomad said...

Can anyone be held legally or civilly responsible when one of these known-criminals (pardon the repetition) is released on bond and proceeds to do what comes naturally?

In a sane world (ie, a White world), anybody involved with the release of this degenerate would be charged as accessories to murder. Are participants in the (((criminal justice system))) immune to such charges?

If so, that might be an appropriate front to take our battle.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop said...

Truly a shame. On one side we have a productive white man and on the other hand we have a career black criminal. Are all lives equal? In the back of my mind I feel like I'm just waiting for my random chance at being culturally enriched by these dindus

Paintjob Theory said...

The linked article is difficult to read. I read it here, clicked the link and tried to read it there and I can't really make heads or tails of what is supposed to have happened.

I did click the link to the "reporter"'s name and was redirected to a list of all the crime stories she has reported. 95% of them were the typical jungle savagery we read about daily here perpetrated by the usual suspects. I also noticed that the victim also had a rather lengthy criminal record and was "turning his life around"... the plot thickens.

Not much else to say about this. Another crack in the foundation of western civilization bringing us slightly closer to the day when the surviving white Europeans remember the old methods of keeping these plains apes in check. Take heart, worse is better, and to repeat PK's mantra, we need only survive.

Anonymous said...

Another decent family man is murdered as a result of being in the proximity of a worthless violent black criminal. We mourn these tragedies on an almost daily basis while the rage simmers. No one you know in normieland will have heard about this but when the rare man-bites-dog, white-on-black crime occurs, it's seared into the minds of whites here and even abroad. This blog coined a phrase to describe a phenomenon that I realized for years but couldn't succinctly articulate and that is the concept of "Black Run America." Nothing is done in this rotting country (which I still love) without considering how to appease, excuse, favor, and pander to blacks, who are the worst net negative part of the population. It's infuriating that we've regressed from Norman Rockwell paintings to the current state of affairs in fewer than sixty years.


As long as Judge Moore lost, then that is all the media cares about.

It is only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Whiteness isn't an abomination, it's a miracle. Europeans liberated the American continent from savagery.

If a meteor were to find it's way to our edge of the solar system, America thanks to great minds like the Wright brothers, Goddard, (German-born) Von Braun would be at the forefront of attempting to save "humanity".

What would those from whom we liberated this continent be doing? Probably staring at the sky in wonder, worshipping the object of their annihilation.


Non PC Infidel said...

"the plot thickens." Yes, it does. The victim was previously arrested for domestic assault, DUI, drugs and assaulting a police officer. Links to his arrests are posted in the comments section of the original story. So, let's not play the negro game of "he was a good boy who made some mistakes but was turnin' his life around and everybody that knew him loved him." No memorial t-shirts, please!

Since the story doesn't include any information concerning what preceded the shooting and considering the records of both individuals involved, I suspect this was a case of two idiots with anger control issues who were engaged in a belligerent confrontation with somewhat predictable results.

Anonymous said...

Nomad said...Can anyone be held legally or civilly responsible?

(IMHO): The preferences of the average American have only a minuscule "near zero" impact apon public policy. Statstically, your opinoin "and safety" holds a non-signifigant status when it comes to the power and money of big government lobbying.

For ones cause, you must hold a position where you weigh your cash because there's to much to count. Nothing stands today backing good merit. It's not profitable, there's no "power" in it.

It's no longer beneath the dignity of the United States to brand its own citizens with a mark of derision and shame, a mark that is closing a great many doors and borders to our citizens. Even worse, subjecting us to physical and emotional harm.

All I have to do is survive. Personally, I owe black people nothing.

Californian said...

The preferences of the average American have only a minuscule "near zero" impact apon public policy. Statistically, your opinion "and safety" holds a non-significant status when it comes to the power and money of big government lobbying.

This is regrettably so. Congress and most state governments have routinely ignored the will of the majority of (White) Americans when it comes to things like ending affirmative action or cracking down on illegal immigration. The opposition of both DWLs and (especially) Conservatism Inc., to whatever changes Trump is trying to make is a sign of how the system is rigged. DWLs are motivated by their delusional ideology and need to kowtow before blacks. Cuckservatives have sold out to big business interests which are exporting US industry and importing third worlder cheap labor.

The System does not care about your job, your family or your safety.

White people need to form their own networks and fronts. We see this happening in Europe with the rise of nationalist movements.

Time to get organized.

Anonymous said...

The negro has a twitter account where he is posing with large amounts of cash and citing rap lyrics about being a young niggas wid a gun at his side.

Sounds like two scumbags found each other.

Anonymous said...

Congress and most state governments have routinely ignored the will of the majority of (White) Americans when it comes to things like ending affirmative action or cracking down on illegal immigration. The opposition of both DWLs and (especially) Conservatism Inc., to whatever changes Trump is trying to make is a sign of how the system is rigged.

Conservatism Inc is really just a dark alliance of Christian conservatives and globalists.

The globalists are mostly led by anti-race and anti-state libertarians like Paul Ryan. This group really believes that capitalism and freedom will advance Africa and the world will see how Freedom(TM) is all that was needed. They are just as deluded as any DWL. Then there are the amoral globalists that realize race exists but want to turn the North America into Brazil so they can have lower labor and environmental standards or because they don't like Whites.

The Christian conservatives are aware that they aren't aligning themselves with holy men but they feel this alliance is needed to defeat the darker forces of liberalism. They believe Blacks are held back by immoral forces (liberalism, secularism, abortion, etc) and not genetics. They are still uncomfortable with the evolutionary implications of race even though it doesn't rule out a creator or divine plan.

What it comes down to is that neither group cares about White people. In fact both groups think they can save Black people to prove how right they are. Even worse is that Libertarians want to bring more third worlders while Christian conservatives want to ban abortion. Both groups would bankrupt the government if they were in charge.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Whenever I read the comments here I feel as though Im in the presence of greatness.

All y'all are awesome!