Sunday, December 10, 2017

2016 Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission Confirms: In 37% White Milwaukee, People of Color Responsible for 90% of Homicides/93% of Nonfatal Shootings

Milwaukee should be a great city.

It should be a world-class city.

But it's not.

The reasons for this dilemma are quite obvious, though you can't say them publicly in 2017 America if you wish to be able to make public appearances without armed guards.

Milwaukee is 37 percent white and 40 percent black.
Why is Milwaukee not a great city? Consult the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission...

And the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission helps us understand why the city isn't a great city. The authors of the review analyze every shooting and homicide to determine why it happened (completely dispelling the idea "gang violence" is to blame for the bloodshed), and they break each one down by race of victim and race of suspect as well.

It's not even a good city, and here's why:

  • 90 percent of homicide suspects in 2016 were people of color (79 percent being black)
  • 93 percent of nonfatal shooting suspects in 2016 were people of color (88 percent being black)

In 2016 Milwaukee, there were 139 homicides and 555 nonfatal shootings.

The non-white community of Milwaukee was responsible for 90 percent of homicides and 93 percent of nonfatal shootings.

Do you understand why Milwaukee isn't a great city?

Do you understand why Milwaukee isn't a world-class city?


Anonymous said...

Damn guns are at it again

Ex New Yorker said...

Recall in the "old days" blacks were called COLORED PEOPLE. Later that term was considered racist and demeaning. Now they want to be called PEOPLE OF COLOR.

I am so glad to read that it is People of Color who are being shot and not Colored People.

As I've said before.....this country has become a three ring circus.

Polar Bear said...

Having somalian cops with room temperature IQs doesn't help. Mericas diversity agenda is so ass backwards.
Criminality will be very lucrative in 30 years with a 99% diversity police force.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Do they have any of Mohamed Noor's kin in Milwaukee?

Anonymous said...

This is hard to watch

Police are clearly worried about being the next CNN headline.

Family of morons claims the man attacking the police is actually a good guy.


ANON, above, 6:54 AM.

That was not hard to watch. That was FUN. Especially the ending where the negro gets shot.

My only problem is why the first White Cop didn't kill the negro earlier. How much beating does a cop have to take before he kills the fucker? I don't get that.

I thought that if you obviously move TOWARDS a cop, he had the right to kill you. Then, if you actually hit him, does he not have the social obligation to kill you?

I also question why the First cop showed up, to a known niger-nest, alone. Cops know the areas. THEN, why the hell would he go inside the niger-nest rather than have the ape come out of the cage? I know nothing about cop work, but can't help wonder about these types of actions.

Do cops think they have some magic shield? That the negro can be reasoned with? I would think 24 hours on the job is all a new cop needs to realize he is dealing with animals. One doesn't walk INTO a lion/tiger's cage.

Can a cop please explain.

Anonymous said...

"They" never wanted one thing or another. It was (((leftists))) that told everyone else what to think and say.

Non PC Infidel said...

"This is hard to watch."

What was so hard about it? A low IQ Haitian parasite from Haiti belligerently attacks the cops, tasers and batons fail to get the ape under control and it then attacks the second cop and gets deleted. The only way to make this a win/win is to now deport his "fambly" back to Haiti where they belong.

Of course, on other sites, I'm already seeing comments about how they didn't have to kill him and could have just "shot him in da leg."

Wonder how long before the Haitians and their "brutha's" start rioting and stealing TV's for justice?

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt even the 5% for Hispanics. All ethnic groups are consistent for years, and then all of a sudden, Hispanics drop from 9% to 5% and whites rise from 3% to 6%? I have a feeling it went the way that it does here in Texas, where a lot of Hispanics are coded as white. (Looking at the sex offender registry for my neighborhood, I have serious doubts that "Ernest Reyes" is white.)

Anonymous said...

A Haitian ex-politician family man who begins assaulting the cops as option #1, who don't even have the benefit of giving the time or opportunity to let a wiser head get a grip on the situation to bring clarity, order to the scene.

But our ex-Hatian politico cum chimping savage let us know what Haiti must have been like for the French that were attacked and murdered by one of the noble, strong black ancestors of this crazed ape!

This is why police need special training to deal with "the community"!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what percentage of the forty percent black are exported from Chicago. ? I think blacks from Chicago were encouraged to make the move to Milwaukee because welfare benefits go further in a less expensive city. New Jersey welfare recipients are often encouraged to make the move to Pennsylvania for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

What about "Happy Days" in Milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

Change welfare from federal policy to states. Let states decide which parasites they want amongst their populations. That will gradually segregate the orcs on its own.

All welfare at state level. No compromise. Stealth segregation.

Anonymous said...

I love the part where the cop addressed the Haitian POS as "sir."
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

What was so hard about it?

It's not the shooting. It's the fact that we live in age where a giant negro can grab a cop by the leg and not be immediately shot. The cop on the ground even called him "sir" at one point and asked him what his problem was. WTF does it matter? Shoot him.

The only way to make this a win/win is to now deport his "fambly" back to Haiti where they belong.

They're not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

"They" never wanted one thing or another. It was (((leftists))) that told everyone else what to think and say.

Most of the liberals in Minnesota are Nordic. Franken was more of an exception and he just got booted.

I just read an article not long ago from a Olson/Yordson/Someson in Minnesota who blamed problems with Blacks in schools on "the system" and White people being racist.

The St. Louis mayor just blamed guns for their increase homicides. Not a combination of factors but the guns themselves.

What am I getting at here. Even without the Brooklyn division of left we would have a huge problem with Whites not wanting to face reality. Anyone can Google "racial differences" and read about how liberals at the least are not telling us everything. And yet many of these White liberals are stuck in the 90s with their poor excuses. Remove their books by Gould and Diamond and they would still be idiots or anti-White and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

The television show Happy Days had an episode where the paterfamilias of the (White) Cunningham family introduces a (black) friend. The episode informed audiences, pace the party line, how blacks are just like you and me, except for the color of their skin.

Happy Days was set in Milwaukee back in the 1950s where, I imagine, they still had de facto segregation. And it was broadcast in the 1970s for the enlightenment of a still un-reconstructed America.

Well, Milwaukee has long since been integrated. The results for the 21st century? Massive black perpetrated crime, welfare dependency, rioting.

How's that "integration" thing working for you and you kids, Mr Cunningham?

Baron Münchhausen said...


Did y'all hear about that White Kid being bullied in school,( most likely by Non-Whites) and the support that he has been given by celebrities?

Well, Blacks are saying that the Kid is undeserving because his mother is a Racist.

Just like Ken Bone, it doesn't matter if you walk on water, if you are a racist, you are dog Doo Doo and deserve to die in a cardboard box under a bridge starving.

Anonymous said...

If you come to California for more welfare benefits, you're going to be disappointed. You'll only get the amount you would have received in the state you came from.

Anonymous said...

Damn white people and their "making black people commit crimes" machine!

Negro Antidote said...

We will see as 2018 unfolds if the pronouncements of Leading Trump financial adviser Gary Cohn concerning welfare reform (Trump Style) come to fruition, even as a debate topic in the halls of the Capitol. This is where whites need to exhaust all energies, REAL reform and results that will starve the beast are well past due. The freebies that allow able bodied, all be it feeble minded NAPAs to continue to thrive must be ended. We should go as far as demanding congress include sterilization as part of reform.Let your voices be heard loud and long in all venues that you are tired of supporting the failed black plague.

Anonymous said...

Baron, there was no doubt in my mind that the bullies are negroes.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Even The Root updated the story and said the "Mother is a racist" angle was a hoax.

Anonymous said...

They are on (average) worth $8 apiece. I think that is a misprint. More like -$800,000.00 apiece.

Anonymous said...

The same numbers can be found in analysis of homicide/shooting stats in every major American city. It is always "people of color" who are responsible for 95%+ of homicides and shootings. If negroes and hispanics vanished the violent crime rate would drop to one of the lowest percentages in the world. Know negroes, know violent crime. No negroes, no violent crime.

awakened white said...

I love the part where the cop addressed the Haitian POS as "sir."
Female in FL
or my favorite one. 'gentlemen' yeah right.

Anonymous said...

"Family of morons claims the man attacking the police is actually a good guy."

They probably think attacking the police is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

"What about "Happy Days" in Milwaukee."

That would be when all the negroes are in prison.

Anonymous said...

Female in FL: I love the part where the cop addressed the Haitian POS as "sir."
He was actually calling him "cur", but mispronounced it.

Unknown said...

And Barnum and Bailey are now out a business...are we next...