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Black Councilwoman in Philadelphia pushes to ban bulletproof glass (Protecting Store Employees) because it represents an "Indignity" to Black People

Previously on SBPDL: The Most Enduring Symbol of the Civil Rights Movement -- bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass is the greatest indicator the civil rights movement ushered in a great lie, replacing common sense measures to protect both private business and those employed by the business (cough... cough... Jim Crow). 

In Philadelphia, where the new District Attorney is openly anti-police and pro-Black Lives Matter, a grotesque wave of egalitarianism threatens to overwhelm the city in an anti-civilization deluge. 
At the end of the day, elected black officials exist to protect black criminals from the consequences of the their actions

Case in point: a black city council member believes bulletproof glass in restaurants/convenience stores represents an "indignity" to black people. [Barrier windows in Philly beer delis: Symbols of safety or distrust?, Philadelphia Inquirer, 11-30-17]:

For Jeff Liu, the thick plexiglass window that separates him from patrons at his Germantown beer deli, Kenny’s Seafood & Steak, is a matter of safety. For City Councilwoman Cindy Bass, the barrier window is an insult.
The plexiglass partition serves to protect workers from crime, but it also cuts them off from customers — a literal and metaphorical divider between their worlds.
Several years ago, after Liu argued with a man selling drugs in the Wayne Avenue deli’s lobby, the man returned with a rifle and shot Liu’s car, shattering its windows, Liu said.
Bass says the windows only foster a sense that the establishment – more specifically, its clientele – is dangerous. And that too many of those stores masquerade as eateries when their biggest sales draw is alcohol, feeding vices in the city’s struggling neighborhoods.
“It’s an indignity” to buy a meal through such a window, she said.
The debate is likely to gain steam Monday, when hundreds of merchants and advocates are expected to protest before a Council committee hearing on the matter. Bubbling beneath are undercurrents about class, race, and how far the city can go in telling business owners how to operate.
Bass has proposed legislation that would force beer deli owners to remove thick plexiglass counter windows. Her bill has five co-sponsors.
It needs a majority, or four, votes in the seven-member public-health committee to head to a full Council vote Dec. 14. Mayor Kenney, through his spokeswoman, said Thursday that he doesn’t yet have a position on the bill.
Yale sociology professor Elijah Anderson, who has written extensively on Philadelphia’s urban environment said the plexiglass window sets up “a symbol of distrust” in neighborhoods where many African Americans live.
“Of course some people are bad, but most people who come to that window are good, and they’re not trusted either. That angers, alienates them,” said Anderson, who previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania. “They know they’re civil, honest people. They’re hit with this symbol of distrust and it works on your psyche in subtle ways. You know that you’re devalued as a customer.”
Bulletproof glass is a representation of racism to Councilman Bass, with no defense allowed by those business owners who rely on this defensive mechanism to protect their employees because it would only justify the racial impediment.

But here's the kicker from the Philadelphia Inquirer article:

But Adam Xu, 54, chairman of the Asian American Licensed Beverage Association of Philadelphia, said the protective window should be a business owner’s choice. His association represents 217 beer delis in the city, about 70 percent of which are owned by people who are ethnic Chinese and another 20 percent of Korean descent.
“Most of our businesses,” he said, “are in not-as-safe neighborhoods.”
Sae Kim, who owns Broad Deli on Broad Street near Susquehanna Avenue in North Philadelphia, said his business has been threatened numerous times but never robbed at gunpoint, crediting the plexiglass as a deterrence.
Before his family took over the business 20 years ago, the prior owner’s son was fatally shot when there was no partition, Kim said.
About 15 years ago, Kim said, a man with a knife tried to rape his mother-in-law but she was able to escape to safety behind the partition and lock the door.
“Basically, they’re telling us either to do away with the glass, knowing you could be endangering your life and employees, or shut down the store,” said Kim, 46, who was born in South Korea and came to Philadelphia when he was 10. “Who’s going to be responsible when we see body bags going out of these establishments?”
Bass said she certainly isn’t aiming to put lives at risk.
“I would never want to be part of a bill that would put somebody in jeopardy,” said Bass, whose district includes Germantown, Nicetown, Tioga, Logan, and parts of North Philly. She said the proprietors could hire security guards and install surveillance cameras.
“These businesses in particular have skirted and flouted the law for years,” said Bass.
She said the bill stemmed from constituents’ complaints about stop-and-go stores being nuisances that sell alcohol nearly round the clock.
“My interest is to see restaurants where a family can go down and have a meal,” she said, adding that she has been “flabbergasted” by the image of workers serving food through a window as if customers were “in prison.”
The cost of doing business in an overwhelming black area is represented entirely by the requirement to enclose employees behind bulletproof glass, granting them some semblance of safety. 

The customers, Councilwoman Bass, aren't "in prison." 

It's those trying to do business in an entirely black-area of Philadelphia who must protect themselves by such desperate measures as placing the entire contents of their store behind bulletproof glass who are truly imprisoned. 

Again, the most enduring symbol of the civil rights movement is obviously bulletproof glass. 

In Black-Run America (BRA), anything designed to protect non-blacks from the consequences of black people is automatically racist, which is why bulletproof glass must come down. Lives hardly matter when the dignity of black criminals is in question.

Bulletproof glass is, of course, the ultimate reminder pattern recognition save lives. 


Anonymous said...

Act like idiots, get treated like idiots. Years of black criminality have led to black neighborhoods being treated like crime scenes. Guess what...they usually are crime scenes. When you get tired of being treated like inferiors maybe you’ll stop acting like inferiors. Personally you would all starve to death before I would serve you food anywhere but a jail or prison. Open your own stores!

Anonymous said...

What the heck? The plexiglass protects people from the indignity that IS BLACK PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Convenience stores sell alcohol “round the clock” because apparently you folks drink around the clock.

Anonymous said...

The customers, Councilwoman Bass, aren't "in prison." It's those trying to do business in an entirely black-area... who are truly imprisoned.
Anywhere we go - even into prison - they try to follow us. Maybe we should move to Africa, then double back, and burn the bridge behind us.

Ohio Machinist said...

This is standard in Detroit , Cleveland & Baltimore . I guess Bass supports all the neighborhood Dindu Nuffins ? No surprise there .

Deplorable J said...


Raccoon said...

And, you can fully expect CouncilCritter Bass to be ooking and eeking about "food deserts" when this goes through, and the businesses shut their doors.

Paul Rain said...

Fucking subhumans.

I'm going to bet that most of these places already have security cameras, although they might've given up on maintaining them given the cops won't investigate black crime.

And what is a security guard going to do? Catch thieves and get railroaded by the police if they're lightly harmed? Get shot while the owner runs out the back? Nah, noone doing that for $11 an hour.

Anonymous said...

They say that protecting your property is racist now? Will they ban security systems, bars on windows or alarms for the homes of whites?

Mind you, black people can take all the precautions they want, because the KKK has lynched several million black bodies a week ever since they kicked the black kings out of Egypt.

D-FENS said...

“The customers, Councilwoman Bass, aren't "in prison."

They are “between prison terms”.

Brian in Ohio said...

Seeing Plexiglas barriers in a gas station is unmistakable sign that you have entered a black area.

I`ll never forget the first time I went into a Speedway in Dayton and the employees and cash registers were behind bulletproof glass. I thought "what the fuck is....Oh, right."

Even the banks in my small town don't have barriers. Don't need them. We also have almost no blacks. Go figure.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Monty James said...

“It’s an indignity” to buy a meal through such a window, she said.

It's also an "indignity" to be robbed, assaulted, crippled, or murdered by one of the violent morons who voted for you. What about the dignity of the owners or employees? Who would fortify their business unless it was absolutely necessary?

The store owners aren't the ones who made the Eighth District into a hell-hole combat zone, Madam Councilwoman. Your constituents make the Eighth District into a hell-hole combat zone, where it can be worth your life to show up to work on any given day of the week. Praise the God who made you that anyone is willing to risk life and hard-won capital to trade with you. Certainly there's an easier dollar to be made elsewhere.

Negro Antidote said...

Delusional Negro Politicians strike yet again... Business Deserts, Food Deserts,Public School Deserts are all these Misfits deserve. Let the Kangz And Queenz of History finally be left to fend for themselves! The inflationary costs on all aspects of life that Whites have to pay due to these assholes must end. Set The Negro Free from our wallets.

Anonymous said...

I nominate this for the year's most quintessential SBPDL post. PK, spot on as usual but something about your commentary at the end made me realize how truly powerful, how representative this article is of BRA- the only twist being that this is the black on Asian version.

Since P.K. has already done all the heavy lifting I'll sum up what I got from the article

First off: Black feelings are more important than Asian (or White) safety.

Next I made a complete list of all the black victimhood terminology that was used, this piece was loaded with it:

assumptions of violence
feeding black addicts
struggling neighborhoods
throwing out the black babies with the bongwater
"civil" black people
"honest" black people
psychic attacks on black bodies

The Asian viewpoint wasn't discussed much, but as P.K. pointed out, they are the real victims- they are the true prisoners in this situation.

Here is what I gathered:

A man tried to RAPE his mother-in-law and she escaped with the help of a partition

The answer? The business owners can hire security guards and install super helpful cameras at their own expense. It's the cost of BRA, haven't Asian Americans heard of the "shake-down" yet?

Forget it Jake, it isn't Chinatown.

Anonymous said...

I'd tell this dummy to YouTube angry McDonald's "customers". Those videos show why the plexiglass is up in the first place.

If low IQ blacks didn't have impulse control issues​ there'd be no need for it.


Yo baby mama said...

In Harlem , black Dominican and Puerto Rican bodega owners will NOT come out from behind that plexiglass after sunset ! But muh feelings doe? Muh cibil whites means I beez equal 2 white mofos - why dey don’t be doin dat 2 whitey ?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the gov't does or should have the power to ban plexiglass.

That said, after reading the backstory of these stores and their ownership herein, shutting them down is probably a good idea. Especially since if they're operating in "the hood", as plexiglass indicates, then they're profiting off of welfare money, drug money, and other money stolen from productive members of society.

...Marion "Mayor for Life" Barry wanted to shut down stores like this one. While that nutjob was so often spectacularly wrong, is it possible that the proverbial blind squirrel found a nut?

PB said...

Of course the families of the shopkeepers would have to be banned from suing the Council when their breadwinner is gunned down because of this. You wouldn't even need a Hymie lawyer to win that one otherwise.

"Struggling neighbourhoods". Love that one. Put that with the Mean Streets, Shots ringing out, bad zip codes etc etc.

Ex New Yorker said...

The first places I saw plexiglas shields was in New York. They started showing up in taxi cabs during the late 1960's. It was a barrier between the passenger and driver with a little drawer to put the money though. Prior to that they had a metal mesh barrier but you could still stick a gun barrel though the mesh. The plexiglas had about a dozen small holes so the driver could hear you when you talked. The cab drivers drove around encased inside a cage. As I recall about 40 drivers a year were being shot and killed.

Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's I did a lot of road time. I traveled all over the country. That was when I started seeing all these plexiglas cages. California and South Florida is covered in them. They are now in banks where the cashier can hit a switch and a bullet proof shield drops down from the ceiling protecting the cashiers from the robbers.

After moving out of NY in 1985 I was kind of naive. I thought that the crime problem was only in New York and other large cities like Los Angles and Chicago. Wow. Little did I know that the whole damn country had become a battlefield. For the last 30 years I have been watching the slow death of America.

Non PC Infidel said...

This black racist councilwoman is simply trying to throw the Asian store owners under the bus and put them at the mercy of black criminals. She knows the safety barriers were justified and went up in the first place due to black criminality but that doesn't matter to her. What matters to her is that blacks are being made to look bad and "feel bad." She also knows that if the barriers come down that shoplifting will skyrocket as well as strong arm robberies and killings of the store owners and clerks. Additionally, she knows that security camera's don't stop these black behaviors and that hiring security guards to be on duty every day during business hours is unaffordable and would put the stores out of business since they couldn't make a profit.

So, what would happen if this racist fool got her way and all the very predictable results occurred? Would she blame herself or blame the black community? Of course not! Blacks already resent Asian stores in black areas and accuse the owners of just "feeding off the black community" and being racists to boot. She'd blame the store owners and accuse them of not knowing how to deal with black customers, of being insensitive and racist and mistreating the black community and claim that what was happening was just a "backlash" against them by the black community. She'd then howl for gibsmedats from the city and government for outreach programs for black people so they could open their own stores etc. That, of course, wouldn't happen- the money would just be siphoned off and only token efforts would be made to open black stores. What few black stores did open would quickly fail and disappear. In other words, everything this black councilwoman is trying to do is simply part of the typical black hustle and she's trying to lay the groundwork for it. There'd also be howls for gibsmedats for community centers for black youth.

By that time, the Asians would have closed their stores and moved out. Cue the howling by blacks about living in food deserts, having nowhere to shop and being underserved and how it's because of "racists."

In any case, even in this story, her "play the victim" mentality shines through blindingly clear- it's not the fault of black people that the stores sell them mostly what they want and demand (alcohol)- it's the fault of the stores for selling it! The poor sweet innocent blacks aren't responsible for their own choices and their own behaviors- it's the fault of Asians! Furthermore, if the Asian stores reacted to that and stopped selling alcohol, I'll guarantee you that blacks would start howling and screeching that the Asians were racists and weren't meeting the needs of the community and that blacks were being disrespected and accused of being nothing but drunks and their civil rights were being violated.

Oh well. Another day, another load of black bulls*t. Can we please have segregation back? Please?

Miss Lee iin Commie California said...

This story would be comical if it weren’t so delusional and sad. It’s 9:30 pm here in my central California town. I just went to the convenience store and back just now. I live in the north part of town where white people have fled to for the past 40 years. The neighborhoods have fallen to diversity like dominoes in that time as you march north. But I digress. There was no plexiglass barrier at the store I just came from. However, if I drove 10 miles to the south there would be plenty because that is where “people of color” live. The only murders we have in this town are blacks and Mexicans shooting or stabbing each other. Can you imagine the free for all that would occur in taking out the plexiglass barriers. Blacks will f***king shoot you in the head for whatever measly amount in that till. Your life is worth $40. There is no honor among thieves. There is no mercy. They enjoy it. “Indignity” indeed. I want her to take the locks off her doors at home and let me know how that goes.

Anonymous said...

The customers, Councilwoman Bass, aren't "in prison."

Nope, it's the people who work in these stores who are imprisoned, under siege if you like, by the undertow.

It's all one more example of how any vestige of civilization must crumble in BRA.

Anti-bullet shields

nobody said...

Most stores run by minorities are rude as hell to their customers anyway. I bet some of their clientele cant wait for the walls to come down. Indignity to things without dignity. So how does that work?

Anonymous said...

Councilwoman Cindy "Black Hair Doesn't Matter" Jackass and "Professor" Elijah Anderson should realise that it doesn't matter how many "good" people frequent your establishment. It only takes one to kill you and security cameras or an overpowered security guard will not prevent that.

Anonymous said...

It would be insane to remove the Plexiglas and would endanger the workers. People who live in black neighborhoods need to understand that most other people don't live like they do. Most other people of the world can live civilly without Plexiglas and bars in the windows.

They are a dangerous people and mustn't be trusted. If I had anything to do with it, I would bring back forced segregation. They don't deserve to live among other humans. Let them kill each other off! Black lives don't matter to me, and they don't seem to matter to blacks as well.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

Hey, Cindy Bass. If blacks didn't act like totally savage animals then plexiglass wouldn't be necessary. Clean up your own back yard, bitch!

Anonymous said...

Oh the horror! Plexiglass used in stores in black neighborhoods. The real horror is why we white people continue to let these morons feed and breed and continue to wreck Civilization.

Anonymous said...

"The business owners can hire security guards and install super helpful cameras at their own expense."

Eventually, they'll demand the removal of these "racist" cameras and guards. I wouldn't put it past them to also demand the removal of the front doors because "a locked door is a symbol of distrust".

Anonymous said...

Cindy Bass has friends you can contact to let them mknow what a race hustling, nagger she is:

Campaign Contacts:

By phone: 267-737-8114

By email:

Send all contributions and correspondence to:

Friends of Cindy Bass
P.O. Box 18906
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Anonymous said...

The negroid politicians should also add a line to the bill making it illegal to have your window up at the drive-through safari park. Same logic. Similar dangerous wild African animals

Anonymous said...

The President did some great trolling of orcs and Libtards when he would mention the murder rates in Chicago. He needs to start the up again. Drives the libs and nigs crazy!

Mr Trump. Please start tweeting about the horrendous situation in Baltimore. Murder rate beat last year's record. Screw with them by mentioning it on your twitter feed.

Ask "What is going on in our historical city of Baltimore! Record murder rate! Who doing the killing? Stop!"

Situation is crying out for attention, and great way to trigger the Left and their pets.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the African is what it is. It's violence, ignorance, low IQ, lack of moral integrity, and tribal violence, ARE GENETIC. The African cannot be fixed because the African is not broken. This IS the African. Anywhere the African reaches large numbers it behaves this way. Be that North America, South America, Small Islands or Africa itself. This is a GENETIC problem, and as long as we keep acting like it can be fixed it will only get worse. Want to know how to "fix" what is wrong? Ship each and every one of the African proto-humans back to Africa and make it a mandatory death penalty to suggest that we ever have contact with it again.--Ray

MrGarabaldi said...

If this passes, I can see an exodus of businesses leaving the area, Asians work there for a living., but they ain't going to stay there if they are in danger. White owned businesses left after Al" Freddie Fashion Mart" Sharpton stirred up trouble in the mid 90's. The Asians will be next. Then the black community can figure what they will do next. Perhaps some followers of islam will open a store, but with no booze...see how long that will last.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when someone is part black they are considered 100% black when if they are part any other non-white race they are considered "mixed"? Maybe I should look at any great black achievers poster and I would find my answer there.

And to my second point:

Any Asians reading this? While the black males are busy committing the lion's share of our country's crimes do you see how the black matriarch has stepped in to go to bat for poor little dindu nuffin? Notice how he isn't part of this conversation- he is just the "victim" who victimizes you at your store any chance he gets. Your non-white privilege washes away completely when you are dealing with a black person.

You majored in STEM fields, you brought home the bucks, your stats in academia and in the actual real world of work are testament to that. Just like whites, you think your actions should speak for themselves. Maybe they do, but they can't compete with black harpies like this one. Blacks bully people and then play the victim. That is their game. When whites aren't around to blame, any Asian person nearby comes in as a close second. I suggest you get at least a few people from your community into the soft sciences so that you can battle some of the crap that is already out there and trying to make you look bad.

Case in point:

Google search for "asian store owners in black areas"

Here are the opening paragraphs from the first search result:

Black-Asian animosity is an American tradition, Ann-Derrick Gaillot, writing for the Outline

A disturbing video went viral last month. In it, a man can be seen shoving and kicking a woman, and then wrestling her to the ground in a chokehold that lasts for about 30 seconds. The attack takes place after he accuses her of shoplifting; the woman denies having stolen anything and even suggests he look in her purse. Once he lets her go, the woman, who is black, gets up and leaves. The clip was widely shared on Twitter, Facebook, and televised news.
The perpetrator was not a member of law enforcement, but in a different position of authority: the store manager at Missha Beauty in Charlotte, North Carolina. And he was a fellow racial minority, a person of Asian descent. Soon after the video’s dissemination, he was identified as Sung Ho Lim. Lim later filed a police report for strong armed robbery.
The video was posted on Facebook that same day, March 9, by a Charlotte resident. It inspired a small protest outside Missha Beauty and its sister store in Bronzeville, Chicago. According to The Charlotte Observer, Lim apologized to the protestors and to the woman he assaulted, who still has not been publicly identified. “I was crazy,” he said.

Do you see why I suggest you get some writers of your own to tout your interests? I'm serious, we are talking life and death here.

Paintjob Theory said...

"For City Councilwoman Cindy Bass, the barrier window is an insult."

What's insulting is being told these animals are human and our "equals".

"In this day and age, a lot of stores do that,"

Funny, I guess it must be a different day and age up here in Maine because I've never once seen a store that had to put up bullet proof glass between the tellers and the customers and we have as easy access to guns as you can get in the Union.

"“It’s an indignity” to buy a meal through such a window,"

Because the real victim here isn't the Korean store owner being raped as they drown in their own blood from a gaping chest wound but the poor downtrodden African who is deprived of this opportunity to express their culture when bullet proof cages are installed around the store clerks.

“They know they’re civil, honest people. They’re hit with this symbol of distrust and it works on your psyche in subtle ways. You know that you’re devalued as a customer.”

Imagine spending 80K a year to send your child to Yale for a (((prestigious))) ivy league degree and this is the shit he or she is being taught? I'd challenge this "professor" to work a week's worth of night shifts in a Philly convenience store without monkey proof glass.

"not-as-safe neighborhoods.”

Not as safe as what exactly? I just love newspeak.

"She said the proprietors could hire security guards and install surveillance cameras."

Because any business owner just automatically has a Scrooge McDuck vault full of gold with which to pay a few Blackwater mercenaries 200,000$ a year to protect the employees from the local tribes. And of course we all know how much installing cameras makes blackie think twice about committing crime.

This would be really comical if this were happening halfway around the world in some sub Saharan shithole but it's enough to make you weep to consider how much we have lost and that civilization no longer exists by human standards in much of our great land. Press on, cargo cult. I'm sure these hobgoblins think that if they built a Whole Foods in the ghetto all the local denizens would magically become hipsters too.

Anonymous said...

How come I never see any black owned deli or 24 hour convenience stores? In my neighborhood, all the delis and 24 hour stores are owned by Yemeni's.
Does the DHS know about the Yemeni mafia? No women work in these stores. It's old guys or very young guys who can barely and I mean barely speak English. From what I hear, they go back and forth to Yemen staying there for months at a time.

The nail stores by Koreans. A nail salon opened that seems to be own by black women but looks run down, messy & dirty,with people just hanging out in there. Probably a front for drug dealing.

From time to time news stories pop up about welfare workers stealing food stamps (now called SNAP) and laundering them through fake stores. Must be that old affirmative action.

I do my best to stay out of stores that are encased in plexi glass. My safety is at risk from the other customers.

When I was growing up, a lot of stores didn't even have gates. They were metal accordion style that locked with a padlock. After the riots of '65, '66 store owners installed garage door style metal gates. Seeing those metal gates was pretty creepy. Yes the plexi glass is creepy but if it saves some one's live keep it. I hope the plexi glass lobby gets going on this.

Antidote said...

This Councilcoon is very likely not a complete knucklehead; she really does know the score and that her ideal outcome of 'fambly restaurants with security guards and cameras' is a pipe dream fantasy. She simply sees a lot of $$$ going through the plexiglass from welfare $, crack $, ho $ and she wants a piece of that action. As they say in Brooklyn, she is Leanin' on the Chinese merchants or 'Squeezing' the Koreans. It will come in the form of a huge fee for a variance to erect a barrier. Oh, yeeeeeeah.
The africanoids cannot do anything by themselves, and recent events in Zimbabwe show that the Chinese are often ready and willing to do for the africanoids, what they cannot do for themselves. In Zimbabwe the Chinese live separately and quietly. They have their own malls, shops, parks and medical facilities. But the mining operations and the production of tobacco----and a lot more---is entirely Chinese managed. Even the recent bloodless coup against MugApe and Gucci Grace couldn't have happened without Chinese consent and council.

Anonymous said...

You saw what happens when the Asian store owner steps out into the store. Michael Brown grabbed the store owner. Blacks, making America unsafe from coast to coast.

Anonymous said...


How come I never see any black owned deli or 24 hour convenience stores? In my neighborhood, all the delis and 24 hour stores are owned by Yemeni's.

Is it true the gov has a deal for indians [dot not feather] to get 7-11 S?

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a civil, honest person. So, with every attempt or success in breaking down or eliminating berrires of safety for myself and mine, I'm hit with the hard reality of envy and resentment for my color, hard work and law abbidng ways.

As low character society continues to rule, minimize punishment, and do away with deterants for criminal behavior for their own. I'm hit with symbols, based on bold face lies, used to represent something else and something very far from the truth.

The process is working on my psyche in mind numbing ways. Proving more and more every day, that I'm being devalued as a person, at the same time labled "arbitrary" to the human race.

Non PC Infidel said...

Poor Cindy. I went to her facebook page and she's being hammered over this issue and being called everything from a dim-bulb to a retard. Commenters have demanded she remove all the locks from her doors at home as well as have all the metal detectors removed from the city county building where her offices are located as those have to make her constituents feel disrespected and it's an insult to their dignity. Of course, one person objected to her being called a dim-bulb and said that she wasn't a dim-bulb-that instead, the socket in her lamp was empty. lol. She's also been compared to that giant of negro intellectual thought~ Hank "The Island of Guam Will Tip Over" Johnson. Others are asking how someone as stupid as her could ever have been elected to office. Of course, we all know the answer to that one- the black community elected her as she's a perfect representative of her low IQ race.

Her effort to have plexiglass safety barriers removed will fail and that will cause her and her constituents to become highly agitated and start protesting. We might even see a mini-riot or two with a few stores getting burned.

Watch out, Asians! Attacks are going to increase on your stores and upon yourselves as you try to leave work. Da community gonna be outraged! Of course, you will be blamed for it- not the black people attacking.

Anonymous said...

Just asking, here in Canada we have the workplace health an safety act that would support the barriers. Now is it so bad in the states that black feelings could overide workers safety?

dirtydog1776 said...

Cindy Bass should work in an unsafe neighborhood with no plexiglass shield for two weeks.....I bet she would change her mind very bodyguards either.

Anonymous said...

[Bass] said the proprietors could hire security guards and install surveillance cameras.

I've yet to see a camera that would stop a fist, club, knife or bullet.

As for security guards, they would increase the cost of doing business (and would mean raising prices on those poor, unfortunate people in duh hood), and wouldn't their presence been seen in the same light as plexiglass? Wouldn't those security guards offend the dignity of the homies? (That's assuming they have any, which is assuming a lot.)

And who would you rely upon as security guards? Homies from the same hood?

I have a better idea. Put Councilwoman Bass to work in a plexiglass-free store for six months and, if she survives, then the issue can be reconsidered.

Of course, she has no intention of putting herself at risk, the same level of risk she demands that Asian store owners must endure.

Anonymous said...

Instead of forcing Oriental shop-owners with compulsive mandates, the Right Honorable Councilwoman Bass should enlist the aid of "The Okra" Oprah Winfrey to open a chain of non-racist, non-plexiglas stores to serve da black coonmunity. This would put the Orientals out of business in no time as blacks would flock to The Okra stores and keep all the money in da hood; and I am absolutely certain Ms. Winfrey would no doubt re-invest all those profits into coonmunity centers and midnight bakkaball. It's a win-win for africans-in-America!!

Anonymous said...

That council "woman" should be examined. She is definitely an ape. Look at that snout!!

I mean come on!! Genetics will show you they are actually a different species if you apply general taxonomic standards. Insane to think we are the same species.

Anonymous said...

There is a point here:

That said, after reading the backstory of these stores and their ownership herein, shutting them down is probably a good idea. Especially since if they're operating in "the hood", as plexiglass indicates, then they're profiting off of welfare money, drug money, and other money stolen from productive members of society.

Store owners in the 'hood often like drug dealing gangbangers because they pay in cash. This means no hassles with credit cards and not being hustled for credit. As long as the plexiglass shield is in place (and a few other measures), there is a reasonable amount of security on a day to day basis. The welfare money might also include EBT and similar food stamp type programs. You see more stores with signs saying "We Take EBT."

All this money blacks spend in these stores as well as fast food places moves to banks outside the 'hood, so eventually YT might see some of it back. Of course, the real question is why do blacks need all these "programs" in the first place after a half century of war on poverty? Well, no matter, the NFL has handed over $89 million for black uplift. I am sure they will be investing that money wisely in their own 'hood stores.

Pat Boyle said...

There's some history here.

When I was a kid in Arlington Virginia we had supermarkets of course but we also had Jewish Delicatessens. This was the fifties before convenience stores like 7-11 came to the East Coast. So if people wanted just a few items they often would go the a delicatessen and all the delicatessens were run by Jews.

But in the seventies and eighties the Jews got out of the delicatessen business. They had decided that it was just too dangerous. They sold out mostly to Koreans. There were articles in the press about this social transition at the time. This was the reason why when we had the Rodney King riots there were Koreans lying on the roofs of their stores not Jews. They got out just in time.

Koreans are in some ways like Jews. The Ashkenazi Jews are the smartest sub group on earth and the Koreans are the smartest full size nation. Apparently it takes some brains to run a small convenience store. It also takes honesty, good work habits and a strong family structure. The blacks have long complained that small shop keepers won't hire their kids. The Jews, Koreans and Chinese hire their own kids. Those kids don't steal from their families. Black kids are less bright and much less honest.

We nowadays can only get Asians to continue to run these small stores from behind Plexiglas. If we lose the Asians I won't personally care - I have my groceries delivered by Safeway or Amazon. But blacks especially those who live in the inner city, can't get deliveries to their neighborhoods. Who wants to be a ghetto pizza delivery driver? Even with a Kevlar overcoat?

The obvious next step is for convenience stores to be run by robots. Robotics is the coming industry. In "The Graduate" Dustin Hoffman was given the advice - "Plastics". And Plexiglas - a plastic - was at the time good advice and has been a godsend for all sorts of stores in black areas. But today with the demands for no Plexiglas and a $15 an hour minimum wage, the industry to enter now for the bright young man is robotics.

So Cindy Bass who finds a transparent barrier an insult will have to try to adapt to a world in which her negro constituents will see no humans at all, or only on a TV monitor. We have the technical means to avoid most black people now - soon it will be in all places and at all times.


Unknown said...

Well, this is a new one for me. Literally and metaphorically, we've all heard of blaming the rape victim for dressing too provocatively. This turns that on its head: they're blaming the rape victim for wearing a chastity belt, saying that it's an insult to the (disproportionately black) rapists. In fact, this is essentially a bill to mandate that attractive girls wear bikinis and short shorts. Metaphorically, that is-- at least for now.

It's All So Tiresome said...

I used to go to downtown libraries a lot more in the Y2K, before it got fuxated. The upper floors of Lilian H. Smith Library has science fiction and comic books that are no longer published, just to be on that floor I needed to leave my backpack in a locker. I did not feel like a criminal because I was not a criminal - I understood that security measures had to taken to protect the one copy of book that the library has, everyone obeying the instructions ensure that we could all have access to that book, the way we wouldn't if it gets stolen, all it takes is one thief.

When I went to the Royal Ontario Museum not as a part of a tour group around that time, I also had to leave my backpack with my coat check, and I wasn't allow to bring any pens with me while I browse the exhibit. I did not feel like a vandal because these are sensible measures to protect the exhibits so that we could all enjoy them these measures did not target ME because they applied to everyone, I did not feel targeted because I'm not a criminal, AND, if they were targeting me, I would wonder if I had been behaving suspiciously, "don't tied your shoe laces in a melon field", my mother had always advised me. Mother also advised me that 君子不立危墙之下 ( a gentleman does not stand under a shaky wall / a wise man would not put himself in potential danger / a wise man would not put himself in harm's way) when it comes to avoiding dangerous situations especially as a girl (not that she was happy about my brother going to visit his American friends in their CITIES either, according to my parents, the CITIES are the flyover zones. The one time we went to America as a family we went shopping in a white rural town while the Canadian Dollar was high: Rick Mercer: Cross Border Shopping:

Anonymous said...

I keep saying this but nobody's listening but I'll say it again there's an overabundance of attorneys in America... the ones that can't make it on their own go to practice with the government authorities the intelligent ones can open up their own practice... if I was some attorney out of law school I be pretty hungry and I be taking people like this on... it might take almost a decade but a lawsuit would be successful against these black communist traitors... an attorney could use crime statistics police reports and a host of other statistical information to prove without a doubt that the store owners need the plexiglass... also these college graduates that are coming out of the colleges with no jobs per se... if I had a degree in The Sciences I would begin pushing for the eugenics aspects of what needs to be done and back it up with statistical data... worlds are going to collide and the afro will not survive however... the collateral damage they will inflict upon YT will be almost catastrophic but we will survive...

Mr. Rational said...

I bet she would change her mind very quickly

Security-camera video of her being robbed would be very powerful testimony.  It's the kind of thing that could lead to statewide bills mandating barriers where there's a substantial criminal population as a workplace-safety measure.  Then all the Cindy [B]asses would have to suck it.

Anonymous said...

I miss the good ol' days when these people kept their mouths shut and let the white people - who are and always will be superiors - do their jobs.

D-FENS said...

This is all so Bassinine..

Anonymous said...

The Chinese and Koreans that run 90% of these shops would pack up in an instant if they were forced to take the plexiglass down. Imagine that this went through, and councilwoman Bass went around her district trumpeting, "look at me" style, that the plexiglass was coming down thanks to her. It would essentially be an incitement to rob all these stores blind (and murder their owners).

No human would be stupid enough to step in fill the void without protection. As many have said, security cameras have shown to have zero deterrence on black criminals anywhere, while these shop owners could not afford the small security force necessary to deter them.

Blacks obviously wouldn't fill the void because of A) the work, and B) they too know how dangerous it would be without plexiglass installed.

That leaves robots as Pat B mentioned above. If they felt indignant before, wait until they are treated like animals in a research lab getting automated handouts. And what happens after they predictably damage the robots to the point where they can't process their EBT cards (as they did with the "hitchhiking robot" in Philly that was supposed to travel across America a few years ago: The councilwoman should be thankful the Chinese and Koreans are willing to do business in their neighborhoods behind glass.

It's All So Tiresome said...

Re Mr.Rational at December 3, 2017 at 9:55 AM

You sir, are too hopeful. Rose Parks was robbed AND beaten by a black buck who knew she was Rosa Parks whilst in her home, but she didn't recant her support for desegregating the criminal population (now we know why she didn't want to sit at the back), interestingly enough, General Motors put her up in a fancy condo after the robbery, perhaps in acknowledgement to her help in driving white people to buy cars once public transport has become fuxated.

"Then, without any publicity, the car giant stepped in to help."

If I was a dentist donating to programs that feeds schoolkids sweets, I wouldn't want my generosity publicized either.

The elderly widow who lived in the house discovered a drunk who claimed to have chased an intruder away. He demanded a tip. She went upstairs for her pocketbook and gave him three dollars. He followed her, demanding more. When she refused, he hit her. “I tried to defend myself and grabbed his shirt,” she later recalled. “Even at 81 years of age, I felt it was my right to defend myself.” Hitting her again and shaking her violently, he threatened worse. Terrified, she gave him $53.

When I see a negroe holding the door open I turn around and leave, and if the businesses don't learn to chase them away out right (or discourage them with classical or country music), it's their loss, it won't be mine.

R_Moreland said...

Removing the plexiglass has to be viewed in light of the larger picture of de-policing. We've seen numerous examples over the last decade or so: rioters being given "space to destroy," blacks being given a pass to use transit without paying, the disparate impact policies in which arrests must meet racial quotas, and so forth.

This indicates that the "war on crime" is pretty much over, and the criminal underclass has won it. They have won it because they fought on the political front. Black Lives Matter conducted a massive agitprop effort, whether it was in violence in the streets or taking the proverbial knee at pro ball games.

To some degree, the Left sees street criminals as foot soldiers. And by the Left, we must start with the Democrats, who invited BLM reps to speak at their nominating convention last year. Compare this to Conservatives who distance themselves from Right Radicals such as the Unite the Right organizers.

The Left understands itself to be at war and acts accordingly.
Conservatives delude themselves into thinking they can win by some magic trick, like running a "real Republican" for office.

One of the major targets for the Left-BLM alliance is law enforcement. Law enforcement represents, more or less, middle class values and serves as a means to keep the lid on excessive Leftist violence. By demoralizing the cops, the Left gets control of the streets and campuses, with all that entails. The assassination of several police officers in Dallas at a BLM rally needs to be seen in light of the bigger picture. Whether or not the killer was a marching member of BLM is not the issue; it's that police lives no longer matter, or at least not matter as much as that of thugs like Michael Brown.

The cops can not be neutral in this struggle. The Left will not let them be neutral. Doing your 20 and collecting a pension is not be an option in a world where officers like Darren Wilson are thrown to the wolves in futile attempts to appease the Left-criminal alliance. It's time to wake from the ideological delusion that is today's liberal-egalitarian ideology. The war on crime is over. The war on White America, including cops, is in progress.

This is why it is vital for the Alt Right to continue passing out those Red Pills.

Anonymous said...

"The business owners can hire security guards and install super helpful cameras at their own expense."

If a security guard were to shoot an African-in-America who was attempting to jack one of these stores, then the Councilwoman would start screaming "Black Lives Matter!" and the store would be burned downed and the proprietor be hit with some trumped up charge.

The proper thing to say to Africans-in-American on this or any other demand is: "No!"

D is for depressing said...

The Asians should give them what they want and leave. Why would you want to do business with them anyway? Because of the money? Money is more important than your life, or sanity?

It's clear that they don't want you there. Do what is rational and leave.

Anonymous said...

You don't get it, do you?

Plexiglass is a symbol of oppression to beautiful black African Americans.

It wasn't always this way. As I am sure you do not know, beautiful black Africans invented plexiglass in Africa as part of their superior African culture using African resins and knowledge passed down from the time of the pharaohs, who were Africans. But when white slave raiders captured beautiful black Africans as slaves, they also appropriated plexiglass. The slave traders then lined the bottom of slave ships with plexiglass, forcing the beautiful black Africans to watch the sharks which swam below the ships. This was a warning to any beautiful black African who might want to escape.

Then when on American plantations, slave owners forced beautiful African American black slaves to produce plexiglass which was used to make partitions during segregation. The famous court case, Brown versus Board of Education, references this, because the Topeka schools used to put up boards made of plexiglass to separate beautiful black African American scholars from white students who got the better classrooms.

So is it any wonder that this beautiful African American black councilperson is calling for an end of plexiglass? Every time a black and beautiful African American person sees a plexiglass barrier, they are reminded of the terrible legacy of slavery and segregation.

I know this is true because I was told so in my university program, "Plexiglass as Micro-Aggression: 400 Years of Transparent Oppression."

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Anonymous said...

If blacks are offended by plexiglass, they should also be offended by police body armor. If Plexiglass is banned, then bullet proof vests for police should also be banned. See how well that goes over.

Detroit Refugee said...

And the whole nation inches closer to "Peak Negroe".

Anonymous said...

"What the heck? The plexiglass protects people from the indignity that IS BLACK PEOPLE!!!"

At this point I hesitate to call them 'people'. Maybe this blog's name should be reconsidered (to remove or change the word "people" from it).

Anonymous said...

We owe a tremendous round of applause to LBJ. F'n liberal white bastard.

Anonymous said...

Surely the plexiglas is protecting not only the proprietor and staff, but his customers also? In such a dangerous neighbourhood, where is the safest place to buy some groceries? The shop that has made armed robbery impossible.
That is the place where armed thugs know they can never get what they want, so their violent misconduct is deflected away.
The mainstream black population, especially women, and the seniors, should be all in favour of that plexiglas. Yet this politician is campaigning for an increase in the risk and harm to all, including the mainstream black population. She clearly knows that black parents and grandparents and school-marms have no more than a casual facade of committment to the rule of law and the safety and security of neighbourhoods. They fail to keep their young lads away from gangs, drugs and crime because they don't try anything that might require them to make sacrifices.

Economists have these definitions of declared preferences versus revealed preferences in a free market. Like the way lots of people sign a petition to support local shops, but then spend all their money at the city mall. When they signed that petition they were all demanding worthy self-restraint from EVERYBODY ELSE, not themselves.

Thus black voters will always cast their ballot in favour of apologists for black crime.


Unknown said...

To Anonymous/I.M. Klewless, MFA who posted at 12/3/17 1:03PM

Most of your post made me smile. But I had to laugh out loud at "400 years of transparent oppression." Despite your handle, you are far from clueless. Thanks for writing.

PB said...

"The Asians should give them what they want and leave. Why would you want to do business with them anyway? Because of the money? Money is more important than your life, or sanity?"

Asians? Yes, it is.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"It’s an indignity to buy a meal through such a window", she said.

I find that relying on cradle to grave, intergenerational welfare to feed yourself is undignified as well. Let's end that at the same time.

Anonymous said...

8:55am- [Bass] said the proprietors could hire security guards and install surveillance cameras.
"And who would you rely upon as security guards? Homies from the same hood?"

That's exactly what she means.
I knew a Korean guy who owned a clothing store that got burned down in the Rodney Riots. It was a total loss, because they couldn't afford insurance on a business that only made 50 cents profit per item.
Their only "insurance" was hiring a security guard -- a groid. That groid would steal from the store all the time, or allow his buddies to steal; but they overlooked it, because he always caught more groids trying to steal everyday, so overall it was "worth it".
So, yeah, that's what this bitch is thinking when she suggests "hiring security" -- that Sum Duck Kim isn't going to bring in Yakuza or Triads or give his 91-pound niece a can of pepper spray. He's going to hire one of her gorilla constituents.

Anonymous said...

I actually think that at one time some Detroit party stores had guys sitting up high with a shotgun aimed at shoppers at the counter. That must have been a no no also.

Anonymous said...

Two big thumbs up to Boy the way Glen Miller played @ 4:40 PM. Welfare beez very undignified!

Blue Eyes Matter said...

What's next, banning surveillance cameras? In a country where position was based on merit, this woman would be delivering packages for Amazon, and pooping on white people's lawns.

Tinker3 said...

If these businesses don’t close up shop voluntarily, their insurance companies will shut them down.

Unintended consequences much?

Anonymous said...

I suggest "Stuff Black Parasite s Don't Like".

Mr. Rational said...

The proper thing to say to Africans-in-American on this or any other demand is: "No!"

The proper thing for this CouncilCoon and everyone for 5 doors on either side is to be pronounced dead of some dread cause.  It should be unthinkable to even be near the uppity.

I am a northerner, but now I understand the Southerner reaction to uppity Blacks.  This Saxon has begun to hate.  We are one with you, you Caviliers.

AnalogMan said...

R_Moreland said...

The cops can not be neutral in this struggle. The Left will not let them be neutral... The war on crime is over. The war on White America, including cops, is in progress.

Perceptive comment. The Left (by which I mean, not the Democrats, but (((another party))), further upstream) pays the cops' salaries, and gives them their orders. Which is why the cops are now waging war on White people, and not just in America. See e.g. Charlottesville.

Which, in turn, is why the cops, who are also feeling the heat of a war on cops, are very soon going to find that they have no allies left.

Did you read that report on Charlottesville? It says that the cops, in their briefing before the protest, were warned that the protesters would "try to ingratiate themselves" with the police. And so it came to pass. The police were cheered by the alt-right. We all saw how much good that did them. I have no doubt they sincerely saw the cops as the good guys, at that point. I also have no doubt that many of them changed their views during the course of the day.

It shouldn't ought to be this way, but it is. We're on our own. We can expect no help from the cops, or our corrupt politicians, or President Trump. The US Cavalry will not rescue us, nor Superman, nor the Angel Gabriel.

As the Afrikaners say, "Vasbyt!" (Bite fast).

Virginia Polar Bear said...

I like that idea

Anonymous said...

Reverend Bacon said...

To Anonymous/I.M. Klewless, MFA who posted at 12/3/17 1:03PM

Most of your post made me smile. But I had to laugh out loud at "400 years of transparent oppression." Despite your handle, you are far from clueless. Thanks for writing.



I.M.Klewless, Ivry Tower, and the rest of the gang at the university!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese and Koreans that run 90% of these shops would pack up in an instant if they were forced to take the plexiglass down.

Some of them are going to have the green card restriction.

Uncle Sam has invited them in on the condition that they open a business in a Black area.

These stores are NOT high profit, even in White areas. That is why they often have their children working at them.

Anonymous said...

To some degree, the Left sees street criminals as foot soldiers.

They view them as victims turned rebels against an unjust system. They naturally share commonality with them.

The Left understands itself to be at war and acts accordingly. Conservatives delude themselves into thinking they can win by some magic trick, like running a "real Republican" for office.

A lot of the magic trick thinking comes from race denial. The left is actually wrong in believing that most White conservatives are racist. It's actually a common belief among conservatives that cities like Detroit and Baltimore could be restored through minimal government and conservative values. The boomer conservatives especially think they can save Blacks from "big government" Democrats and liberalism.

The cops can not be neutral in this struggle. The Left will not let them be neutral.

This is an excellent point.

The police can't simply do their jobs and ignore the politics. The left views them an enforcers of an unjust system and wants their total submission. Interestingly the old left hated street criminals and viewed them as enemies of the proletariat. The new left views criminals as justified or at least understandable rebels.

Anonymous said...

I use a bank that has branches all over the Detroit metro area. Every one I every went into was just like any other suburban branch bank. Glass doors, some obvious cameras pointing at the transaction desk. Went to a branch of the same bank in a predominantly black area - Southfield - the doors to the branch are a configured as a "bubble", just like those used in prisons. You enter the first door, and the second will not unlock (as indicated by a conspicuous red light) until first door has closed and auto-locked behind you with an ominous "clank". Same thing on the way out. And all the (black) tellers are behind heavy overlapped bullet proof glass. No one doubts from whom the protections are meant to operate. If you took away those precautions the place would be invested like The Alamo and left a burning shell in 24 hours . . . .

Anonymous said...

"I suggest "Stuff Black Parasite s Don't Like"."

Hear hear.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader...first time poster, someone else's reply matched my sentiments exactly.

The indignity here is risking your life for 12 dollars an hour in some dinky corner store because some inept city council cunt wants to stir shit up.

Two options I see here, it's either keep the plexiglass or swap to a 12 gauge under the counter old west saloon style.

I have been living in Memphis for the past 20 years and I've seen my fair share of this ridiculous horse crap but nothing quite drove the point of these plexiglass and partitioned businesses home quite like the time I went through the KFC drive thru on s.third st...I had never seen a drive thru with a revolving plexiglass and steel window, you never have direct contact with the window person, just rotate and there is your bag of hot grease and disappointment.

I thought it was ingenious but at the same time I knew what it meant, why it it was there and why I shouldn't be.

It's All So Tiresome said...

Re PB at December 3, 2017 at 3:55 PM

I went through a banana-asian phase where I rebelled against the perceived materialism of my parents. My mother would tell me: 「錢不是萬能,但沒錢萬萬不能」 (Money can't do everything, but without money you can't do anything). Money allowed my parents to immigrate ahead of the communist takeover of 1997 (people were panicking about it then, because of the June 4th incident that happened less than a decade prior). Money allowed my parents to put a down payment on a house in a nice neighbourhood. Money allows my cousins to go to private school and avoid the public school brainwashing. Money earned and money saved during the 60s allowed my grandfather to both buy extra food for his cousins in mainland during the Artificial Famine caused by Mao, and allowed my grandfather to bribe the corrupted mainland border guards to let my grandfather smuggle in cooking oil and dried sheets of cooked rice. People were so hungry they were cooking grass in pots, then the officials smashed the pots - because There Is No Famine, where you hiding the harvest! (My contempt for cultural marxist has a rather personal root)

When I see the picture of the fat sow holding up the sign "billions for space pennies for the hungry", when I see double-chinned Kozette Green monkeywhining about how her fambily needs food stamps, I keep smiling, but inside, I'm ice cold furious.

Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid

Rollie said...

The City that I live in has been trying to get a grocery store but have been unable to keep it because of the crime. All that are left are these small stores all which have plexiglass, without it they would all be gone. The more they hide the truth the less power the Democrats will have as the tipping point has been reached. This crazy lady actually went to Harvard?

Anonymous said...

"Most stores run by minorities are rude"? Stores are rude? Bozo.

Anonymous said...

How stupid are you Councilman Bass. Employer are trying protect themselves and their employees. The bullet resistant Plexiglass offends black people well you explain to wife or husband mother and father why their love was killed because you pass a law to out people to protect themselves. You might as well start handing out gun to every one. Let me point one thing crime is most likely to commented by black person in Philadephia as per FBI report. I guess councilperson Bass if getting cut of every robbery if they bass this bill.

Smalltown Roger said...

But where are they supposed to get spending money? I mean if they let other folks defend themselves, why, that just wouldn't be fair!

Of course if they do make them do without bulletproof glass...well, Philadelphia will soon become Detroit. That won't hurt my feelings any.

Smalltown Roger said...

Don't worry one day the collapse that has been engineered with all of this deficit debt will occur. When that happens all of a sudden those EBT cards won't work and those people will be rioting. Just make sure you have some means to protect yourself and your family, and some spare food tucked away, and some cash at home (I mean silver money--lots of small denomination coins). Hunker down and watch the fireworks.

OverSeer said...

Better ban plexiglass in banks, pawnshops, credit unions etc or expect a well deserved lawsuit. Wouldn't that be a shame if Councilbitch Basses law bankrupted Kiladelphia from lawsuits!

Anonymous said...

Though the beer store I go to in a bad neighborhood has a Plexiglas barrier, I've never once felt insulted by the barrier. And why should I? As a virtuous man and a paying customer, I know that the barrier is there not to protect the clerk from me but to protect the clerk from people who might hurt her. Indeed, the barrier really has absolutely nothing to do with me. This ban on Plexiglas barriers is mind-mindbogglingly stupid. It is a crystalline example of the wisdom of leftism.