Thursday, December 28, 2017

"The Last Jedi": Has the Star Wars Franchise Become Explicitly Anti-White? Yes.

The newest Paul Kersey piece at is a must read. THE LAST JEDI: Are Whites Getting The Message–That Disney Doesn’t Want Them?
Disney makes it explicit... 

Read it there, talk about it here!


Brian in Ohio said...

(((Disney))) paid 4 BILLION dollars for Lucasfilm, so they could turn one of the greatest film franchises in history into SJW propaganda trash.

And they are willing to lose money on ESPN, losing 13 million subscribers and laying off hundreds of workers, rather than disavow the anthem protests.

So they basically have an unlimited budget for this sort of thing.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I have two quick takeaways:

1.) This phasing out of white men carries an implied expectation that the same standard will be maintained by their non-white and non-penis having replacements.

You can already see with something as basic and inconsequential as a movie, that this effort has failed. The "Meet the multicultural woman who run Star Wars" article that is linked in the article is especially illuminating. They were tasked with creating a suspenseful plot line and compelling characters. The reviews are terrible, the toy sales are not particularly good. By any objective measure, they failed on the creative side because the priority was not character development, shoehorning women and people of color into the scenes was. The promise that group x, can do task y, "just as good as any white man" fails to deliver again.

And this is just film scripting. The same desire to find non-white, non-male leadership is a thrust of literally every industry from every field of science, to technology, to medicine, to engineering, to the military and police forces, basically every field that advanced society depends upon - has this as its mission statement. What happens as this becomes a reality? ... and the standards of things that count and matter experience a similar downgrade without white men tasked with these things?

I suspect it will be like the African nations that chased out the white man who farmed the land and fed them. They will be pining for the return of those days.

2.) The irony is that some of the most popular characters in the originals were "the bad guys." Most kids like Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader. The empire had cooler vehicles (AT-AT, imperial star destroyers, etc...) Even the dark, brooding music for the bad guys was better.

If you give white boys the only option of who they identify with, or the characters that look like them, as the opponents of the multicultural cat lady group - they will embrace the role.

White boys are not going to see themselves as Rey, or Finn. Those are not the toys they are going to want to pick up and imagine playing out adventures with. They don't like to play video games where they are forced into being a female or non-white.

They are effectively destroying their own franchise, which is overall a good thing.

D is for depressing said...

"The Women Who Run the ‘Star Wars’ Universe"

Kathleen Kennedy founded the group in 2012 when she succeeded George Lucas as president of Lucasfilm, putting Kiri Hart, a former film and TV writer, in charge of the unit. Ms. Hart’s first move was to make the story group entirely female, starting with Rayne Roberts and Carrie Beck.

Guess what race Kiri Hart is? It really is amazing how they can F___ everything up.

Rotten Tomatoes Comments - Greatest Hits

I was also annoyed with being beat over the head with an over the top feminist agenda. EVERY leader in the resistance is a woman... even the squad leader! Every male character is a testosterone filled idiot, a coward, or a leader in the First Order. I love strong capable female characters... but this film does not portray equality.

A pure propaganda film for social justice. Very disappointing.

Huge disappointment. I'm politically progressive and understand the need for some strong, wise women characters, but these characters need well written story arcs, as well as some strong, wise male characters to interact with. That's good storytelling that reflects real life and real equality.

This movie throws away the sum total of the seven movies that came before it. If Lucas had made this in 1977, there'd never be an empire strikes back. It really is terrible, for a variety of reasons - not the least of which is the cringy levels of social commentary.

The movie was quite disappointing. My rating is based upon the following points: (1) the uncomfortable anti-white narrative being central to the movie as exhibited by the harsh treatment of Poe by his female superiors as well as the focus on diversity characters when in fact, having the minority characters perform outside of the circle of command just marginalizes them even more (decisions were not being made by them, they were essentially support personnel)


Anonymous said...

I watched the Phantom Menace on VHS and was so disappointed that I didn't even bother watching the next two. It was obvious Lucas was all about the money, toys, fast food promotions and it showed.

Fast forward to The Force Awakens. I was a solid realist by this point so I have yet to see the movie, and I don't plan to. They have taken a cash cow created by and for white males that inspired a generation and basically nosedived it. They are so dead set on pushing their anti-white male "diversity" agenda that they said screw the formula and the target audience. BRA is alive and dying.

Star Wars had its day and needs to move aside- the barriers to entry for creating sci-fi movies are now much much lower than they used to be. They have lost their understanding of their key and original audience and people don't need to settle for it.

Anonymous said...

I've been a lurker on SBPDL since 2012 and a regular contributor since 2014. In the early days I couldn't fathom PK's unrelenting attacks on negro dominated sports.

Now I see. PK is probably the most far sighted, underrated and fastidious thinker on the right. Thank God for him.

Anonymous said...

White liberals are an absolute menace!

Anonymous said...

The Kennedy's all have white guilt embedded in them by their black nannies and household staff. They still think it's 1962, Aunt Jeremiah and Sammy Davis Jr are their best friends and that the Civil Rights Movement will save the country. The Kennedy's were all very safe, protected by those with guns or out of the country during the '60's & 70's black riots.

Kathleen Kennedy does not live in the same world as the majority of Irish Americans, does not use public transportation, does not use a public laundromat and sends the help out to grocery shop. Her interaction with blacks is extremely limited, controlled and safe. If only my world were like that.

You can't fault her for making a bad decision. God forbid she should give the job to some one just like herself, an Irish American woman.

Now for those of you who didn't get what they wanted for Christmas....
Sad to say -I am glad to read about Erica's Garner's medical condition.
there should be an investigation into her initial attack as she got that large amount of money from her father's death. Did a family member give her drugs to induce the heart attack?

I am still flummoxed at how a petty criminal-Garner - who terrorized a neighborhood selling drugs and disguising it as loose cigarette sales could have that amount of money judgement awarded to his family. This guy did not file taxes. Had no one noticed that selling loose cigarettes is against the law? Had no one noticed that menacing store owners and passers by is a crime? Why was Garner allowed to hang out on that corner all the time?

Here is the article. Note- Rev. Al capitalizes on this to get his name in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this whole Star Wars thing has really really upset me... I remember seeing the original one on my 16th birthday my dad took me to go see it and we had a really good time...

I like the concept of the Jedi Knights like modern-day Samurai...

But now with this last red eye or whatever it's called I believe the franchise is totally done in fact I never thought I would say this the pre quills in light of this movie look like Mona Lisa masterpieces and I'm sorry for disrespecting Jar Jar Binks so bad...

What I can't believe we're all the shrills saying how great this movie is when if you go on YouTube all the negative reviews this is getting and all the negative comments and then people rec those...

A lot of things were destroyed in this movie when it came to the magic of Star Wars... and the storyline don't even get me started on that

Anonymous said...


Story out of the Onyx neighborhood in Toledo about a dog found frozen solid on a porch.

A wiki description of the neighborhood.

"ONYX: (Central) is a neighborhood that includes Lenk's Hill, a former German enclave, to the east and part of Kushwantz, a former Polish enclave, to the west".

In a city 30% black.

Just map the 1000 block of King St. in Toledo. Look at the "churches", 3 of them within 2 blocks. And look up "social services", the nearest one to the address is, "Glass City Black Bros United". It does not have a website or a Screwgle review.

A grown man who owns a home where there are no utilities living with someone else, while claiming to have been looking in on his animal.

Luke killed his tauntaun and slept inside of it to keep himself from freezing to death.

D'Lukesatmuh left his dog there to die without a thought, and slept nice and warm.

They are not like us!

Anonymous said...

I have never had any interest in Star Wars. That being said, the peddling of strong women nauseates me. A woman will be overpowered by a man 99% of the time. Look at all those gorillas that are playing college football. If women are so strong, why are they being raped at alarming rates?
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

This movie had a whole sidequest (which ultimately had absolutely no bearing on the outcome of the movie!) which was just a reason to give the black guy/asian woman something to do and simply served as a ham-handed SJW tirade against "1-percenters" and "capitalism". Funny that they made the slave/servant children whites on the casino planet.

The typical star wars fan isn't looking for hour long tangents focused on "hurting rich people" and "saving abused animals".

Casting choices aside, this ridiculous set of scenes should be getting lambasted in the same vein Jar Jar Binks is. Of course, the Gatekeepers of Culture will not say anything, as they love the SJW message, not Star Wars.

The only consolation I take is that the Grrl Power! writers of this crap were sort of put into a corner with the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher. Since they killed off Dern's character, there won't be an established character to serve as the "wise female" rebel leader in the next movie. Any attempt to throw a new character into the mix for the third movie in a trilogy will come off as even more forced that the stunts they have already pulled.

Inquisitor said...

It might not be blackwashing and star wars bit the same crap is going on with Doctor who. This just killed that franchise make the doctor a skirt. White males need not apply anymore.

Anonymous said...

White boys are not going to see themselves as Rey, or Finn. Those are not the toys they are going to want to pick up and imagine playing out adventures with. They don't like to play video games where they are forced into being a female or non-white.

Yes well manufacturers have bought into the idea that gender doesn't exist and expect little girls to ask for action figures since everything is environmental and the movie will help re-program them. Modern society is trying to live a liberal fantasy where gender and race don't exist which means all preferences are acquired.

With the last Star Wars movie I remember coming across a clearance section at Wally world that was filled with star wars crap. Just about all of it had Rey or Finn on the cover. Clearly expectations were not met with reality.

The sad truth is that a lot of Fortune 500 companies are ran by mediocre thinkers that are fooled by modernism. I suspect that much of the corporate world has the same problem as the Academic world where if you are smart enough to figure out the lies of modernism you will still feel surrounded by idiots and liars which doesn't make for a satisfying life. The smartest White males stay out of areas that are now dominated with fuzzy thinkers. So the fuzzy thinkers are never challenged on their fantasy-based theories.

Anonymous said...

What I can't believe we're all the shrills saying how great this movie is when if you go on YouTube all the negative reviews this is getting and all the negative comments and then people rec those...

Well why do these Star Wars fans keep paying for full price tickets? Even before Disney there was a cringe worthy diversi-force in one of the sequels. These fans complain and yet keep handing over their money. Are they not capable of waiting for a rental? It's the box office that funds these movies.

A lot of things were destroyed in this movie when it came to the magic of Star Wars... and the storyline don't even get me started on that

I think Star Wars fans look back on the first ones with nostalgia and overlook a lot of lazy writing and bad acting. A second death star with a similar vulnerability? Why was the shield generator so poorly defended? Why couldn't the death star's core generator be used as a backup?

Lucas even said they are basically kid movies. The fans didn't get the memo.

Pat Boyle said...

No one could have been more bowled over by the original Star Wars than I was. That was the first and only movie that I ever saw after standing in line for a whole cycle. They let in a whole theater full of people for the noon show and I was still outside waiting when they were let out again.

But it was a warm day in San Francisco and I had recently gotten out of a bad marriage. My date for that afternoon showing was Shelly who had three things going for her: she was a science fiction show fan, She was beautiful (Miss America contestant), and she was a nymphomaniac. Yes it was a memorable afternoon. A kind of perfect day.

But we should not let the waves of nostalgia obscure the truths - even then - about "Star Wars".

Star Wars made such a big impact for several reasons, now mostly forgotten. In those days I read a lot of Sci-Fi. I read the books but I also read the magazines. In the late seventies a popular topic for articles in the magazines was the death of Science Fiction. It's hard to imagine today when the theaters and TV sets are filled with SF, but in the long run up to the premiere of Star Wars there were all these editorials in the SF press about the death of the whole genre.

It had happened before. In the fifties all television was filled with westerns. An average viewing day had Maverick, Sugarfoot, Cheyenne, Have Gun Will Travel, and Gunsmoke. And then all of a sudden all the westerns disappeared and have mostly stayed disappeared to this day. SF fans feared that the same thing would happen again.

There had been many excellent SF movies in the fifties (Forbidden Planet, This Island Earth, etc.) But the sixties had Star Trek on TV - for a while - but few movies. So when the previews for Star Wars hit the theaters it was like throwing meat to the starving lions. The audience was ready.

Immediately after the release of Star Wars there seemed to be a flood of imitators. The dearth of Science Fiction was over. Now we had a glut and no subsequent such film has ever made quite the same impact again.

But Star Wars was a war movie with ludicrous military ideas and technology, it was a Science Fiction movie that was mainly anti-science, and it was a movie about the future that was mired in the past. It is therefore not so surprising that it is now a franchise that has morphed into yet another anti-white race screed. Star Wars was never about the kind of serious ideas and speculations that dominate serious science fiction novels. Robert Heinlein's books are usually divided into his books about ideas and his so called 'juveniles' - adventure stories written for youngsters.

Star Wars is a juvenile. Its early innocence has been corrupted by those who would pervert its original message for their present day political ends. You could call these later day corruptors as "The Dark Side".


Miss Lee from Commie California said...

I went to see Starwars on Christmas Day at the insistence of my son. I could not wait until the movie was over. I have not been to a movie in two years. Now I remember why. I have to watch an unattractive black guy and an unattractive fat Asian woman as the action heroes. Yet all the bad guys are white people. My two favorite words. Diversity and inclusion. Barf.

On the same subject I was watching a crime show called Bosch. The white detective’s partner is black. The police chief is black. The FBI character is black. The mayor is s Mexican. The detectives’s boss is a lesbian complete with gay love scenes. Double barf.

Jackie Puppet said...

Star Trek had it right decades ago.

Why were there no Puerto Ricans on Star Trek?

They weren't working in the future, either.