Thursday, May 17, 2018

Black Charlotte Councilwoman Compares Police to "Homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms" in Extremely anti-white Tweet

All you get tonight is a shot. 

Just a harsh, chaser-less shot. 

It might not make much sense, but it's a sobering shot. [Councilwoman's 'homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms' tweet angers officers,, 5-17-18]:

A Charlotte City Councilwoman, who faced criticism after making a Facebook post questioning the authenticity of the 9-11 attacks in New York City, is facing controversy again for a social media post.
Oh, they hate you white people. They truly see police as implementing your anti-black agenda.
LaWana Mayfield is facing backlash for a comment she tweeted in late March in connection with the deadly shooting of Stephon Clark by two police officers in Sacramento Police Department in California. Mayfield, a Democrat who represents west Charlotte, posted on Twitter saying: "Being Black in America under #45 has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms." 
Clark was shot and killed in the backyard of his grandmother’s Sacramento home after officers reportedly thought he was pointing a gun at them. It turns out Clark only had a cellphone. 
While the tweet was posted in late March, it started gaining traction this week. 
On Thursday, Mark Michalec, the president of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), wrote a letter to Mayfield regarding the post. In the letter, Michalec said that Mayfield needs to be held to a higher standard since she is a leader in the community.  
"Being the President of Charlotte Mecklenburg FOP Lodge #9 and a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer for almost twenty-four years I understand that I am held to a higher standard than other citizens," Michalec wrote in the letter. "My actions AND words are critically analyzed every single minute of my day.  You need to be held to just as high of a standard as I am.  You were elected as a City of Charlotte leader." 
Matt Blaich, who is a CMPD officer, said Mayfield's post "painted a target on every police officer’s back; troopers and sheriffs alike."  He added that he hopes the councilwoman will "do what she was elected to do which was to help people, represent the city as a respectable leader, and create a safe, enjoyable and affordable city to live in."  
"I hope the rest of City Council, the Mayor, the state representatives, the Police Chief, Sheriff, and the Fraternal Order of Police, make it publicly known that they don't support her statements, and she should immediately step down," Blaich said. 
Peace? No peace.

If you don't understand we are in the early stages of the breakup of the United States of America, you aren't paying attention.

But this breakup won't be state by state. It will be city by city, community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and block by block.


Anonymous said...

You can’t start this “breakup” soon enough for me. I’ve watched the violence and mayhem my whole life. Feels like a bad marriage times a million. Someone start the divorce ASAP.

Detroit Refugee said...

Peace? No peace.
Then the two following paragraphs.
That is it. All we really need to concentrate on.

OT, but Fox2 Detroit website ran a story yesterday about 2 white girls from Troy,Mi. looking for dope in the D. Wound up on the NW side, a young man on a bicycle led them to a "home". Inside they were forced to smoke crack while 6 men aged 24-65 gang raped them. One girl , naked, wrapped in only a blanket (filthy I'm sure), got away. Made it to her car & called police. They arrived, took all 6 into custody & the girls to the hospital. Not sure if PK would run this one due to the drug angle, but keep in mind they didn't deserve this slice of hell, could've been trying to score only weed or pills.
Remember Paige Stalker? Brittany? Also, they are very very lucky. This most likely would've ended up as 2 unidentifiable bodies in a burned out car or house.

Anonymous said...

Here is her response:

"I have and continue to be one of the strongest supporters of law enforcement but I will NOT turn a blind eye to corruption, assaults and the killings of unarmed black & brown people. If you are offended by my comments and not the situation YOU need to re-evaluate,"

Incredible projection there, councilor sowpottomus. I'm going to borrow the last line and start using it on black people- only in well populated and monitored areas though, obviously.

Cops follow crime, it is what they are paid to do. And guess what blacky, much more often than not this inevitably leads them to black bodies. No other race seems to have even sliver of the problems that you guys have when dealing with cops. One of these things is not like the other. Either admit your glaring differences or at least grow some sense of shame and keep your constant failure out of sight, out of mind.

The only good thing coming from all of this constant whining and accusing is that all non-blacks, whites and non-whites alike are all learning to hate black people and their predictable behaviors equally.

Anonymous said...

I've been searching high and low to see if she is single, it turns out she is most likely a Dyke as well, giving her even more oppression points:

LaWana Mayfield, a Democrat, represents District 3 on Charlotte’s City Council. She was elected in 2011 and is currently serving her third term.

In 2014, Mayfield was awarded the David Bohnett LGBT Leadership Fellowship and completed the Harvard Kennedy School of Government program.

Mayfield serves on the National League of Cities (NLC) REAL Race, Equity and Leadership Committee, as president of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Local Officials (GLBTLO) and as board member of Smart Start of Mecklenburg County. She also serves on the Centralina Economic Development Committee and is secretary of the North Carolina Black Elected Municipal Officials.

Same old shuck and jive. As least she was smart enough to surround herself with white sychovants- it's exactly what I would do if I was black in America. Unfortunately for her though, they can't protect her from her mouth.

Mr. Rational said...

this breakup won't be state by state. It will be city by city, community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and block by block.

Even house by house.  Already, people are Noticing that certain elements destroy property values and social cohesion.  When they figure out how to fumigate to remove the roaches, the roaches will rapidly vanish from our society.

It cannot come too soon.  It should have started 20 years ago.

D-FENS said...

“But this breakup won't be state by state. It will be city by city, community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and block by block.”

Our military is not designed to handle that situation. It’s not even counterinsurgency. States and local law enforcement would be stretched too thin and would have to be worried about they themselves getting paid. Urban areas would be worst.

Great opportunity for the oil and vinegar to separate.

nokangaroos said...

I would like to see questioning the 9-11 narrative as a sign of intelligent life,
but this is just puerile fundamental opposition.
Much the same goes for militarization of police.

However, that "being black" CREATES police overreach is an admission of guilt if I ever saw one ;b

As an aside, they seem to have been centrally TRAINED to point their Obongofoons at the police; or has that, apart from organizing flashmobs, been the original intent from the beginning?
And of course "homegrown terrorist" has been code for "White" from Day One -
I´m just not sure whether to take that as a compliment :D

Anonymous said...

I think negotiations with Minister Farrakhan for separation, and the foundation of a black ethnostate, should begin as soon as possible.

I live in Northern New England, a tristate area that's as white as can be. I like it fine.

All these black complaints about the malignant effects of having YT around are real (to them). Why should WE have to withdraw to mountain redoubts and apple farms? Give them what they say they want.

13% of the land, and a big beautiful wall.

Oh yeah - and no backsies.

Anonymous said...

"I think negotiations with Minister Farrakhan for separation, and the foundation of a black ethnostate, should begin as soon as possible."

New interstates would have to be built to go around the black state. Wakanda is a no-go zone.

If you build walls to keep them in, they want out.
If you build walls to keep them out, they want in.
Negro logic.

Anonymous said...

[D-FENS: "Our military is not designed to handle that situation. It’s not even counterinsurgency."]

It would be a mistake to rely on the military, which has a high proportion of blacks and other minorities who will not be enthralled with the idea of fighting on behalf of YT and holding back their own kind. In the Army, while the Special Forces remains predominately white, the 82d Airborne Division was being called the "All Afro" even 50 years ago, and one of its infantry battalions was so overwhelmingly black that it was derisively referred to as the Nairobi Rifles. Films like The Longest Day and A Bridge Too Far show it as it was in 1944, not 1968 or 2018.

When the break-up comes, we'll only have ourselves and each other. Start getting ready if you haven't already.


Something sad has happened to this blog.

There is a huge drop in comments and participation.

Sad. It is like watching, in real time, the extermination of the White Race............death of the mind.........silence..........."Silent Race"

Paintjob Theory said...

"You were elected as a City of Charlotte leader."

In our Republic we do not elect "leaders" we elect "representatives. There is a very very important difference. By my estimation this negress is representing her constituency quite well. Each and every black African (even the """good ones""") sees any bit of law and order oppression, and particularly so if it's being imposed by another tribe. The rules which allow modern civilizations to function are bad enough, but to have them imposed upon you by people who do not look like you, talk like you, smell like you, or share your blood.... being forced to live in the white man's world for them is like how you or I would feel if forced to live in the slums of Haiti, Detroit, or Liberia.

They do not want the white man's civilization really.... sure they like shiny wheels and other trinkets but make no mistake they are simply not evolved enough to function in the modern world and without our interference they would find their own equilibrium with nature and make their own societies to their own ideals, values, and abilities. Just look on the expression on the face of the next one of them you see trying to interact with our civilization, dull eyed confusion, bewilderment punctuated with outbursts of rage at an alien society which offers them little reward (compared to the rewards it gives to those of high ability) and expects the heavy burden of civilized behavior.

These knuckle draggers will not be happy until they are all back in their native habitat living in a state of nature.

To wild natures society is a torment, while the congenital caveman, placed in civilization, is always in trouble and usually in jail. -- The Revolt Against Civilization.

europeasant said...

Same S**T in my town. Local county negress complains about "Rather, it will perpetuate Illinois' longstanding trend of unnecessarily incarcerating young black and brown youth for nonviolent acts". The Police is 'always pikin on me' story "the subject of what to do about a spurt of carjackings, something that is beginning to cause the mayor real problems in his upper-middle-income base, concentrated downtown and on the North Side, but also an offense that all too often tends to involve young men of color who Preckwinkle believes have been singled out for punishment when what they really need is a hand up.

If they kept their crime in their own neighborhoods then not too many people would complain.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Dallas Morning News reporting a story on a groid who is actualy 25, impersonating a 17 yr. old at a Dal High School, that's not the end of it Mr.. Groid is dating a 16 yr old NOTHING BEING SAID ABOUT THAT!!. He gets arrested and released on bond. SEE COMMENTS.

Anonymous said...

Michalec said that Mayfield needs to be held to a higher standard since she is a leader in the community. That statement alone shows how ignorant Michalec is.

D-FENS said...

“As an aside, they seem to have been centrally TRAINED to point their Obongofoons at the police.”

Ironically, the police enforce the laws of the state without which the negroes would have nothing. Other than the occasional Darren Wilson or the cop that offs a negro, they are pretty much useless pension eaters.

Californian said...

Here we go again.

So let's say that the cops pull back in Charlotte. They don't police black areas. Next thing you know, we will hear the complaints about black people not being protected by law enforcement, and more black "bodies" being the victims of gun violence.

The real issue is with the high rates of black perpetrated violent crime, which lead to more encounters with law enforcement, which means more blacks being shot by the cops.

It just may be that the councilwoman knows this is the case. But she wants the police to stand down so even more black mayhem will be unleashed. This has been the strategy in the era of Black Lives Matter, see Baltimore as an example, or note that Michael Brown was a thug who attacked a cop. It gets back to the radical strategy of directing urban criminality as a form of urban insurgency.

All something for YT to think about in the coming chaos...

Anonymous said...

Dear Councilperson LaWana Sharkeisha De'Mandy-Mayfield,

Are the terrorists in blue the Crips and the Bloods the terrorists in red? Those are the people that are "gettin' paid" to provide security in your nigborhoods.


Libby Cannaught-Noatis

wasteland said...

What does one expect when our American cops are being trained by Israeli IDF.

Anonymous said...

She needs one of those neck-stretching coils, if she's gonna wear wind chimes on her ears.

Anonymous said...

alright class, our tough word for the day is;

sycophant (sĭkˈə-fənt, sīˈkə-)►

A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

AR in Illinois said...

THAT loony bitch is as nuts as Maxine Waters in Commiefornia. Elected by her "constituents" just for being black. Illinois is SO screwed. Will probably be running away to Indiana next year like thousands of others are doing.

PB said...

"Something sad has happened to this blog.

There is a huge drop in comments and participation."

So much has been said, and yet nothing changes to pull the world back from the brink. All that's left is to document the collapse.

Anonymous said...

When I see posts like yours, I remember the old song, "Charlie Brown" (He's a clown!).

There's the penultimate line which is done in a lazy, singsong voice by a black man who sang, "Why is everybody always pickin' on me"?

I'll bet that guy faced more real, bad, "actual racist oppression" than any of these Microagression-PTSD modern blacks.

Anonymous said...

My nephew, cute little tyke, was watching a movie my sister bought for him while she was vacationing with her husband. He asked me, "Uncle, do all dogs really go to Heaven" to which I replied, "Yeah, little man. They really do".

The little guy then asked, "Are all dogs created equal"?

I looked him in the eye and told him gramatically it is, "equally" told him he was an idiot for asking that. Then I turned the movie off and made him go to bed without supper.

Okay, that didn't happen.

Bill in St Louis said...

As far as depending on the Military for anything, (come SHTF), the main portion of them will be stationed either IN the cities, or right outside them, to keep the cucks and diversity from leaving, in the name of "order". Food/goods trucks will have to be escorted once they near any major population center, and while YT and the Asians are quite capable of standing in line for their dole, Councilwoman Juawanna Mann, and her band of GLBTNW WL will be rioting and thereby getting culled from civilization. I'm pretty sure PFC Da'montel will be more than happy to gun down city YT and his fellow Africans-in-America as long as they are from another 'hood.
In the meantime, those of us on the outskirts can hunt, gather farm and barter. All without paying taxes to a government to busy denying the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to pick or be nasty to folks, but I believe we are doing pretty well re: comments and such.

Looking back, PK seems to have taken off December 31st and January 1st, but has only "taken off" (i.e. not posted) a grand total of 19 days counting today.

Looking at the Julian calendar, I see we are on the 138th day of the year meaning PK has put up 119 articles for us. 119 posts in 138 days equals him posting 86% of the time. There's only been 20 weekends in that time, and PK has his lady and his Mini-PK to take care of.

If anything, the posts are coming so fast that the conversation gets "slowed down" by PK's Herculean workload. Hell, I'd say he'd give old John Henry a run for his money! ;)

Let's try to get a few more dollars in to PK by varied means and perhaps we can have a site which allows for greater interactivity over time. This would likely keep us happier, and I'm guessing what is in store for the off-Screwgle site is that it will be a bit more than any of us imagined.

Blessings to all of us, with PK and family not the least blessed!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Anonymous said...

OT:Another year, another ebola outbreak. Now Senator Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren is griping about the USA not doing its part re: leadership in place for emerging health crises such as these.

What Senator "Crab and Mayonnaise Powwow Chow" doesn't seem to understand is that if we didn't have to worry about such odd cuts of mystery meat coming here from places that can't even treat the broken arms of its citizens, than perhaps we wouldn't need to worry so much about it.

There are worthy and unworthy people's who feel the same about us. If we understand that and work on what mace us great perhaps we will not have the worries of society devolving to the African mean.

Brian in Ohio said...

Bill in St Louis said...
As far as depending on the Military for anything, (come SHTF), the main portion of them will be stationed either IN the cities, or right outside them, to keep the cucks and diversity from leaving, in the name of "order"

There just aren't enough of them. Actual grunts anyway.

It took 4000 soldiers and 1500 Marines to finally get LA under control in `92, and that took 4 days. By then every thing of value was already looted or burned.

And that was when the electricity was on, there was air conditioning, hot and cold running water, and food in the fridge. They weren't even hungry yet.

So unless your near a key piece of infrastructure like a power plant, airport, or bridge, you might not see the military for a while. Like they did in Baghdad in 03, heavily defended "green zone" around the airport, and everything else was Indian country.

You may be on your own for quite a while should the SHTF. Prepare accordingly. Think about what you would do if 911 stopped working.

You will be your own first responder.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Good advice:

You will be your own first responder.

Stay alert, stay prepped.

Trapped in Chicongo said...

To this I must add, learn some basic medical skills beyond first aid. Understand and prepare for clean room capabilities to the best of your abilities. We will likely have to perform minor surgeries and dental procedures ourselves, the professionals are cucked or will be quickly targeted for elimination. Think beyond the first stages of fending off DinduNuffin with your AR15, life lasts longer (god willong) than we expect. There will be no calvary coming to our rescue, knowledge is power. God Bless you all...

Anonymous said...

86.9% now that he has done our people another good turn with another post coming in before today ended!

God bless to PK and all the folks who post and read here.

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Cauchemar du Singe said...

Balkanization and Civil War will be in slow motion and concurrent; localized at first in predictable areas now on The Brink. It'll be messy and violent. Rule of Law will be secondary at best; as is usual in fights for survival...or revenge.
Blacks don't collectively know that the only things preventing their removal and/or destruction are Federal protections and the police that they stupidly hate.
The lost-to-mudslide cities will be excised off of States like the cancerous tumors that they are.
Predator lesser hominids that have been newly, artificially placed in Human Territory, like The Poconos in Pennsylvania and country villages in New England will become quickly disappeared. The maxim "All Politics Is Local" will take on new significance. Local "problems" will be solved locally, without Federal or State interference.
Cultural affinity will eventually result in Affinity States and Confederations; largely self sufficient, selectively co-operative and if brilliantly organized, blessed with debt free currency...much to the dismay of the vampire pirate class.
This failed republic will be clearly seen as the emperor without clothes, derided then disregarded and dismissed. Military and police resources will also fragment and affiliate as they may. This and a thoroughly armed citizenry will create disincentive for China and Russia to pursue anything beyond easy low hanging fruit, like Hawaii and other Pacific plums. Alaska ? With their aggressive cops, National Guard, well armed and borderline psycho populace, and resources sufficient to hire mercenaries; who knows ?
I likely won't live to see all this happen, on a, mid-continental level; but I believe it's inevitable.
The current combination Shell Game/Ponzi Scheme/Dog & Pony Show/Circle Jerk can't go on for too much longer.
A Storm Is Coming.

Anonymous said...

Negotiate with Farrakhan? I'd rather negotiate with a rattlesnake.

Anonymous said...

Remember, diversity is our strength

Anonymous said...

The single best investment in your future that you can make today as a White is buying copious amounts of ammunition for the arsenal you had better already own by now. You're going to need it.

Brian in Ohio said...

Ahr Cee said...
Balkanization and Civil War will be in slow motion and concurrent; localized at first in predictable areas now on The Brink. It'll be messy and violent. Rule of Law will be secondary at best; as is usual in fights for survival...or revenge.

Or, Bosnia x Rwanda, as Matt Bracken is fond of saying.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Inquisitor said...

Glad I'm in small Indiana town with few negros.

Anonymous said...

86 comments down, posted as Anon, will this be read? Whatever, maybe...

My wife grew up in the South (east) and she is a loving, kind, really good person. I think she married me because I am the guy who doesn’t care if her friends like me, but ALSO the guy who doesn’t cheat, doesn’t spend my family into the poor house, or spank it to kiddie porn. I work hard, support my family, and unapologetically keep the wolves at bay.
One day she gets an unbelievable promotion and a chance to move “home”. I too grew up in the south, but evidently west of Texas isn’t the “south” and my brand of Conservatism is different. Enter a guy from the Southwest living in the SouthEAST.
I never in my life experienced such extreme racism, violence, or intollerance. ALL towards whites. We lived in the Atlanta area for 27 months and at month 23 I dropped the ultimatum-we move west of the Mississippi or we divorce.
The take away?
1) blacks don’t care. Crime, violence, blight? They don’t give a crap. If you care, your issue. Good luck getting them to change.
2) whites don’t care. Anytime someone tries to make any impact, they are widely panned as racist, from a different time, or worse isolated and ignored.
3) whites are targets. I carried 24/7. Unless it was a felony, I had a pistol on me and 2 spare mags. I was assaulted more than a dozen times, all physically, and more than half guns were displayed. Am I some psycho looking for a fight? Not at all. I grew up where open carry was legal and 10-25% had a CCP. No, see it is an ego thing. Backing down to someone fluffs the Black ego, so they look to bully others.
I generally didn’t tell people where I was from or what I was used to, instead I tried to blend. Until one day I’m leaving the Bone Fish Grille in Lawrenceville, GA with my wife, my children, and my In-Laws. We are walking across the parking lot in an actual cross walk, my 18 month old daughter decides she doesn’t want to walk and sits. As my wife is picking her up, and my mother in law is picking up my son (almost 3), a Black woman in a Cadillac stops, throws up her hands, honks, then starts to move forward. She actually bumps my wife as she is picking up my daughter and says “move Ho.” I pull my Glock 45, remember where I’m from, and point it at her head. With 13+1, I win. I have this shitskin on the dots, trigicon you know, and more than enough to make her slump over LONG before the mag is empty.
Of course nigress calls the cops. A couple bucks show up and as you’d expect, I’m the racist psycho. If it weren’t for my war hero father in law, and my family attorney (the AG of my home state), I’d be in prison for a hate crime.
You guys (and gals) do what you want. My family is far more important. Blacks don’t care, they want what you have, and will kill your loved ones to get it.
This isn’t a racist thing, it is about survival. I used to sympathize, thinking they were unjustly discriminated against. I was wrong. They are evil, will kill you, take your possessions, and rape your females.

The Other Realist in MA said...

Inquisitor...amen. It was one of my criterion when evaluating where I would live and raise my family. Yeah there's no real industry, no public transportation, the taxes are higher, and I have to drive an hour to get decent work. But all of that is outweighed by the alternative.

Anonymous said...

I read it. Well-said...

Mr. Rational said...

Anon @ 12:41 AM... not only seen and read in full, but bookmarked for later reference.

And welcome.  Pick a handle and use Name/URL next time.

Awakened white said...

Something sad has happened to this blog.

There is a huge drop in comments and participation.

Sad. It is like watching, in real time, the extermination of the White Race............death of the mind.........

-- I know, it must be the trump phenomena. It's like a never ending cycle, Whites think they won (hardly, I know ) then they go back to sleep. Esp. After Cville last August. But Remember that other sites like Twitter faceberg etc. the censorship is awful. I Got shoahed last week myself for pointing out basic truths. And Amen @ 6:52am the ammo stash just got ten feet higher. And what is it with anonymous names? just pick a name people!!! gosh is it that hard? Pepe or something for heathens sakes.

Anonymous said...

Where there are Africans, there is Africa. White policemen should never be put in the position of policing these people. Build a wall around it and let Africa police itself. Also, those who will should be given the option to self-deport.

Anonymous said...

Trumps actions within his first month in office showed that we most definitely didn't win, we were tricked by a glib narcissist saying what we wanted to hear. At that point I gave up. Face it, it's over. All we can do now is prepare ourselves for the coming storm.

Unknown said...

Make sure you get a good therapist to help you recover from that. I get that you're likely a strong man, but with over a dozen attacks on you, and the constant exposure, you may need a bit of psychological healing.

Living in an area controlled by dindus is like being in a war zone. I've done my time in the army, and lived in urban St. Louis. The on-edge feeling is the same.

Ohio born said...

There has been a dramatic reduction in comments. I have my ideas of why. I finally realized the white millennial males have drank the koolaid. Hope for the most part is lost on that bunch of nutted lumps.

Vandal said...

There will have to be severe damage to the federal government’s ability to maintain order before Balkanization can begin. As long as federal troops and LEOs continue to get a paycheck there will be no change to the status quo.

The most significant catalyst that would change the current situation is the loss of the dollar as the world reserve currency. This system, coupled with the petrodollar cycle, allows for the US to print currency with no significant consequence of inflation.

Why I’m I even mentioning this? Because China is in the process of undermining American hegemony as we speak, having just established the Petroyuan just a few months ago.

The canary in the coal mine will be major oil contracts and international banking settlements priced in yuan. That will result in lack of demand for Tbills, which will result in higher interest rates to attract buyers. That will be the first major catalyst that signals the slow beginning of the financial end to the status quo.

Most employees of the federal government are simply collecting their “welfare with dignity”. Their ability to provide order will end if the paycheck stops.