Friday, May 25, 2018

Nine Years of SBPDL

On May 22, 2018, a most interesting anniversary happened: the ninth anniversary of the start of SBPDL.

Thank you everyone for helping make this irreverent site - which started as a joke - an important part of the many people's day.
Thank you so much!

Let's make the 10th year of SBPDL our best one yet.

First, to honor the late Tom Wolfe, let's bring back the SBPDL Book Club, but also introduce the SBPDL Movie Fan Fest as well.

On June 5th, let's have discussion about Wolfe's The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Then, on June 8th, we can discuss the movie version of the novel (starring Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis).

So, let's kick it off with a survey:
1. What attracted you to SBPDL?
2. What do you want to see more of at the site? 
3. What should we do better? 
4. What are your favorite topics? 
You can either supply the answers in the comments below, or email them to

Also, the comments aren't showing up as new for moderation, so if they are slow to post, there's a problem on the backend. I'm working to getting this fixed.

And, if interested, considering taking the SBPDL Pledge and sending $9 dollars to celebrate NINE YEARS OF SBPDL. Contact me if interested in making the donation via online methods, or send the donation to:
Paul Kersey
P.O. Box 527
Oakton, VA 22124
As stated above, thank you so much for enjoying SBPDL and let's make the 10th year of SBPDL our best one yet.


Unknown said...

Best website on the net!

AJAX said...

damn right john lennon --SBPDL-- is the creme-de-la-creme

Awakened white said...

1. What attracted you to SBPDL? No idea! Maybe typical dindu news headline and people IRL stories
2. What do you want to see more of at the site? More commenters
3. What should we do better? Can't think of any at the moment man. Some suggested adding Disqus. This is fine here though.
4. What are your favorite topics. White victories, prepping. Etc

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


There have been some problems with the comment system (I'm not being notified via email anymore when they occur) and I'm working with a developer to remedy the situation. Thanks!

Paintjob Theory said...

Followed a link from the old Chimpout forum here, stayed for the comments. I miss Chimpout terribly, I was pretty active there and even was a guest on the "radio" show once which was a lot of fun. After the first shutdown they tried to reopen and re-brand it a few times but it was never the same.
2. What do you want to see more of at the site?
IMO the best material here is in the comments section (no offense, PK). Not every single day or every single story, but the real gold to be found here comes from comments. The best stories for farming good comments are the ones with plenty of double speak and passive voice and BRA insanity on display. Of course I feel as though nearly every topic that has been posted is vital to distribute, discuss, understand, and record for posterity.
3. What should we do better?
People talk about a podcast. It never seems to be linked when you do it though I've enjoyed the few early ones when you were plugging them, please put them in the day's entry where and when there are new ones.

As far as your material through AMREN while JT is a fantastic speaker and a solid spokesman for white nationalism he conspicuously avoids the man behind the curtain and I've been banned from AMREN, CCC, Conservative Treehouse, and half a dozen similar for mentioning certain "fraternal" secret societies. Not sure if that's within the scope of your fight here but it's certainly not censored (when topically appropriate) which is rather unique. If you're doing a "radio" type show I'd really love to see some of the regulars here as guests. Centurion, Ex New Yorker, Gwoobus, FMG, Annie Oakley, Standup Broad, Pat Boyle, whoever does the Lovecraft writing and the Dindu Nuffin serials (I wish Bogo would come back) apologies to any of the regulars I forgot.

That said, as others have mentioned a better commenting system would be nice. Often I'd like to reply to others but refrain because I feel like I'm putting PK out giving him more workload in reading/publishing for the sake of discussions that may stray off topic.
4. What are your favorite topics?
See #2. Though keep on with what you're doing. This site is a real treasure.

And yes, I'll get 9$ out to you next week. Congratulations and thanks for your hard work.

Ricky Tucker said...

I don't remember how I found this site, but I've been reading for quite a while. Thank you Paul for all you do!

D-FENS said...

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?

I think it was the link from

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?

Since our first task is to merely survive, more discussion on survival. More emphasis on the dysfunction of the “talented tenth”. More discussion of “product placement” of negroes and other “underrepresented” in film, advertisements and culture. There used to be a blog devoted to this but it has been inactive for years.

3. What should we do better?

Other than the occasional lost comment, things are fine. The lost comment is the price we pay to prevent spam and provocateurs. It would be nice if every poster had a handle instead of anonymous so that replies would be easier to direct. I would suggest that you expand your links to other blogs that address the JQ.

4. What are your favorite topics?

I like those stories that give the background of critical events in unleashing the negroes on us and the resulting consequences. The Shelley house in St. Louis, particularly the before and after pictures was in my mind, the most powerful story on SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

I wish Bogo would come back


That's the thing about this website, it brings out many good commentators, people who would otherwise not be heard in the media.

Let's just hope that Bogolyubski reemerges to expose once again the Man Behind the Curtain!

Californian said...

Short answers:

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?

SBPDL takes some BRA atrocity and then shows the wider political implications.

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?

Practical information on legal and personal defense tactics against the minions of BRA.

3. What should we do better?

Post links to podcasts in which PK speaks, then open a discussion forum for those podcasts.

4. What are your favorite topics?

The absurdities of BRA as opposed to the atrocities. Given the continuing chaos, these absurdities are good for a laugh and build morale.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the trailer for the movie Fahrenheit 451..
Yet another magic negro in a starring role..WTF

Ex New Yorker said...

I left my first comments on this site nearly six and a half years ago. I heard about the site from a racist friend of mine who also survived New York. Most of my post were about my personal adventures living with blacks. I had nightmares for years.

I also enjoy the comments of others and I do have my favorites. What I like best are the personal accounts that people have experienced living with these savages. It always helps with my sense of gratitude that I no longer live in that jungle surrounded with the local natives and primates.

This site had become therapy for me because at the time my wife was in a nursing home dying of cancer. I first started leaving comments on the web for a cartoonist friend of mine who drank himself to death at the early age of 44. Another friend had written an article about him and wanted to hear from people who knew him. From there I started leaving comments on SBPDL.

At the early age of eighteen when I first went to New York I was "color blind". After about three years my eyes became open and I was no longer blind to the reality that surrounded me. I was living in a war zone. The problem with living in New York is nobody gets any medals or purple hearts. You just learn to lick your wounds and get through the day. Many never lived long enough to make it home alive.

I do enjoy reading "household hints" about surviving the coming chaos. The number one important thing about surviving is TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CITIES.

Anonymous said...

Seven years ago I was violently attacked by a black male. Though I was never a DWL or SJW I bought into the lie that they could become civilized with enough education and opportunity. After the violent attack I started reading online and researching about such things. First I found chimp out and chimp mania, then it was amren and somehow I found my way here. Through reading and research on all the various sites I quickly came to believe there are different sub species (or possibly even separate species) of humans. They aren't "like us" at all and the only possible solution is to remove them from our society.
The reason I keep coming back is this comment section. I've learned so much from the people who comment here.
I also miss Bogo and wish he'd return. Lately it seems Formerly Mrs. has disappeared as well and I miss her comments too. There are others who seem to come and go, like Gwoobus, who I enjoy. I hope they keep commenting because they've all helped enlighten me.
Keep up the good work PK. Hopefully someday we'll have our own society free of them, free of the rampant crime, disease and filth they bring.

Tinker3 said...

I like your take on current events, and when you cover otherwise buried stories of BRA and crime. One good example is your bringing to light the “biological warfare” that is the Fair Housing Act.

I will say that I usually skip your posts that refer to movie lines or characters as something profound or relevant.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL is a lighthouse of truth in this multicult uber allles world.

Black guy here... said...

Trayvon Martin is what led me here. Mike Brown, BLM and others keep me here.

Jon said...

I love sharing my views with like-minded people. This is easily my favorite site on the internet. It's refreshing to see that so many share the same views I do about a topic that is not supposed to be discussed.

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus left since he was tired about the person attacks.

We all have different perspectives concerning the same topic, RACE, etc., yet when one is made fun of their personal style, why stick around.

There are times I have wanted to stop posting here, since my honest opinions upset some, but then I realized, since I AM speaking/writing the truth, the problem is not with me.

It is with you.

Bill in St Louis said...

Exactly. It feels good to be able to speak truth without some SJW iimmediately screaming the "R" word, especially when discussing a topic (((they))) are whitewashing.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus left since he was tired about the person attacks.

Oh no, I am still here. I just don't comment as frequently as I used to. I still visit daily. I was unaware of any personal attacks though. I see them from time to time about other posters (which is annoying and I wish others wouldn't do it) but don't recall experiencing any myself. I actually like the sense of "community" that we have here --- a little oasis of sanity in an absolute Clownworld.

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?

I initially landed here during the Trayvon Martin affair. I was a pretty standard libertarian and thought things didn't add up with the way mass media was falsely representing what occurred. Doing research I stumbled upon an article on the site. At first I was mortified at the tone of the article and even more aghast at the comments! I had never seen such naked racism in my life! IT was so shocking that I did not realize it was possible for such a thing to exist, for I was raised to be a "good white." And no one that I had ever met spoke or acted this way.

I began to monitor it for months before ever commenting. The horror began to wear off and it became my own twisted, secret pleasure to see people speaking so frankly. It was the comment section that really opened my eyes and made me comfortable first recognizing and then speaking the same truths that we are conditioned to not speak of. It was basically a validation of how much reverberated with my own experiences in life that I had culturally learned to suppress.

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?

I really like the location focused reporting and deep dives into specific cities. PK has a gift when it comes to locating the exact fracture points that doomed various cities. St Louis was the Kraemer decision invalidating restrictive covenants, Baltimore was the striking down of local racially defined housing ordinances in the early 1900's, Detroit was the reaction to the 1968 riots, etc...

He also has his finger on the pulse of cities losing white populations and transitioning into black rule (Indianapolis, Milwaukee, etc...) and each is a case study in BRA.

3. What should we do better?

The site runs well in my opinion. I've never experienced the lost comment phenomenon. If there were a more user friendly way to "upboat" comments would be a nice touch, but usually means registering as a user or something. I understand why people post as anonymous though.

4. What are your favorite topics?

Let's be honest, most of the stories related to these blacks can be depressing as hell (sadistic cruelties to the elderly, general pessimism about the current status of so many cities, etc...) the ones that lighten the mood are great. I like the silly monkeyshine antics stories, the stories about pop culture and entertainment such as Wakanda and the like. There has to be some comic relief every once in a while. The one about the Doctor doing raps and dances in the operating room, with twerking nurses behind her, and a patient on the table was too much to be believed!

Brian in Ohio said...

Trayvon sent me.

SBPDL is the first place I`ve found that tells the truth about blacks, and I`m free to speak it as well.

The truth... "No legacy is so rich as honesty." -Shakespeare

Anything showing they have been a net positive to the world is a fabrication. The greatest propaganda campaign the world has ever seen. On every television, in every magazine and newspaper. Lies. All of it.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -Orwell

The truth is why I come to SBPDL.

I`d like to see a feel good story every once in a while. Maybe a story about justice served. Negro fatigue is real.

The comments here are pure gold. Truly a wealth of knowledge and experience here.

Here`s to another 9, PK. You will not lack for material, that much is certain.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D is for depressing said...

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?

I was attracted to SBPDL when I was referred to it from a poster over at AmRen. I stayed because there is a lot of SE MI presence here. SE Michiganders are so tired of the endless TNB and pretending that the corpse south of 8 Mile does not exist. I guess when the nation was at the peak of the civil rights movement, SE Michiganders like myself, were not fooled.

We saw the crumbling neighborhoods and the declining school quality and refused to swallow whole-hog the propaganda, so we left Detroit.

The comment section is also one of the best I've ever seen.

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?

Instead of just crime/city articles, I would like to see more scientific proof that race exists. I would also like more coverage from around the world.

3. What should we do better?

A greater diversity of topics. I'm not saying that the city/crime topics should be completely thrown out the window, just that I've recently dialed back on commenting because, honestly, it's starting--for me--to become repetitive.

I can only say things like: "It's the Oompa Loompas committing crime again" so many times...

4. What are your favorite topics?

Genetic proof that race exists.

Anonymous said...

I found sbpdl by entering a search question about welfare in America. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Hooked from the very first time. Always excellent articles and comments. Congratulations on nine years. Well done, Mr. Kersey.

Anonymous said...

This website is a candle flickering in the gathering darkness....

Anonymous said...

I also miss formerly Mrs. Greenbaum. If you’re out there let us know that you still read our conversations.

Sick n Tired said...

1. What attracted you to SBPDL: There were links to this site on Reddit/Coontown, and while most of the other links on that subreddit were to white nationalist websites, this one was just the most real, as in here's a heinous crime that the media swept under the rug, and the following comments discussing it. I find the comment section on this site to be one of the best written by all the commenters, and the most polite. Go to pretty much any other site with comments and it's nothing more than 2 sides of the same coin insulting each other about how/why they are wrong. Also the commenters on this site use good grammer, spelling, and punctuation, which shows intelligence, and that they took the time to thoughtfully write out what they wanted to say, which is very hard to find these days. I don't remember how long I've been coming here, probably 4-5 years. There was an older link in one of your posts the other day that I clicked on, and while I didn't remember the story, when I scrolled down to the comment section, there was one of my comments. Time flies.

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?
I'd say you're doing an amazing job turning out content every day, and updating the comments from time to time. Just keep on keeping on.

3. What should we do better?
You're already doing it, putting out stories that should be on major websites letting people know what's going on, instead we get which Kardashian is having another groid baby, coonery at the royal wedding, hate PRESIDENT TRUMP (thanks Centurion) hit pieces, and other meaningless bullshit. I know all about the TNB where I live in S. FL, I enjoy (not really) hearing about the same TNB going on in cities across the country, it establishes an undeniable pattern that has to be genetic. As another poster pointed out, maybe some stories from around the globe showing the same type of behavior, but from people who don't have the excuse of slavery.

4. What are your favorite topics?
Fishing, guns, outdoors, biographies of human survival & triumph (Endurance about the Shackleton expedition is my favorite), bourbon, and all forms of human stupidity/TNB. I loved the post about "Paintballs up, guns down" in Detroit the other day, just like when they come down to S. FL on MLK weekend and ride dirtbikes & 4 wheelers recklessly on the highways, running stop signs, thinking they are doing something positive. Case in point:

Other than that please continue to keep up the good work, and I to have my favorite commenters, but I love reading all the comments. Best!

Non PC Infidel said...

I found SBPDL by entering a question about black behavior in a search engine several years ago.

What would I like to see more of? Inspirational stories of people fighting back against blacks, standing up to them and slapping them down hard for their BS. That could be stories of people doing so individually or entire communities refusing to give into them when they start their screeching, demanding and screaming racism in order to get their way. That would be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?
My first visit to SBPDL came after a mention on the Auster blog.

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?
Keep on doing what you're doing, brother! The quality of writing is excellent, both in style and knowledge of content.

3. What should we do better?
See #2. More of the same. Make the case and build upon it.
Your direct, fact-based approach is perfect. I can share SBPDL article with well-educated, aware friends as well as working class nonpolitical friends.

4. What are your favorite topics?
History, anthropology, behavioral sciences, natural sciences, consequences of demographic change.


AnalogMan said...

I don't remember how I fetched up at SBPDL, but I never left. I loved it from the start. And yes, a stable of interesting and knowledgeable commenters is a huge asset for any site. It's interesting to see how many here miss Bogolyubski, considering that he left after getting so much flak. I saw him commenting on another site and told him "Come back Bogo, all is forgiven. We miss you"; and he did, for a while, but people kept sniping at him and he left for good. As the man said, you can't please everybody all the time. Or as Murphy said, if you try to please everybody, somebody's not going to like it.

I remember some of the regulars who dropped out, never to be heard from again. Some I miss, others not. Remember Zenster? He was some kind of rock star in the comments, treated the blog as his own, lots of white space around his comments. He would invite people to submit articles for publication ("I'm sure Paul wouldn't mind"). Whatever happened to SoCal Snowman?

We're lucky to have a lot of talent here. I like the fact that every thread is more or less an open thread. I learn a lot from off-topic comments. I like that discussion of causes is now more open than in the past, when we had to resort to acronyms like TWMNBN (Those Who Must Not Be Named). I understand Paul's initial reluctance to name them. Many sites refuse to touch the third rail. Having said which, I appreciate the moderation that filters out the unpleasant trolls. I'm sure there must be a lot of them; there's no way this site would not attract hostiles.

The crime statistics do get a bit repetitive; they're the same everywhere and always. But what can you do? You have to assume that every day there will be some reader who hasn't read them before. The crime reports can be depressing, too, but the same applies. The occasional feel-good story is always welcome, but they are few, and far between.

Happy birthday, SBPDL, and many more. You're doing the Lord's work.

Mr. Rational said...

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?

Not sure.  It started up when OneSTDV and MindweaponsInRagnarok were going.  They're gone, SBPDL is still here.  Not sure if Unamusement Park pre-dated SBPDL but it's gone silent again anyway.

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?

It is what it is.  I would not ask you to change.  Other sites like NewNationNews do what they do, you do less breadth, more depth.

3. What should we do better?

See 2. above.

4. What are your favorite topics?

Keeping the heat on the apologists for Black dysfunction and criminality.

Some suggested adding Disqus.

No.  Absolutely not.  Disqus is fully converged and would deep-six the comment archive, then doxx every last poster they could track down.  At least we're still under Google's radar so far.

the real gold to be found here comes from comments.

I second that emotion.  Our commenters like Pat Boyle, Gwoobus Harmon and Ex-New Yorker, and satirists like Ivry Tower, Gene D. Terminiszt and even Julie, are the creme de la creme of this site.  I should have been archiving every post for years just to have this stuff saved.  I have been bookmarking things but that could disappear with one keystroke from a Google SJW.  I apologize for being remiss.

Through reading and research on all the various sites I quickly came to believe there are different sub species (or possibly even separate species) of humans.

The bonobos are deemed a distinct species from Pan troglodytes because of behavioral differences.  The massive known and emerging genetic differences between the various strains of Africans and the rest of genus Homo should probably divide the genus into at least 6 species:  Bantu, Khoisan and pygmy in Africa, Australian abo and relations in Australasia, the Amerindians and their ancestral populations, and the continuum from Europe to Japan along the belt of civilization.

They aren't "like us" at all and the only possible solution is to remove them from our society.

Preach it, brother.  Remove them across the border, and the nearest one is just 6 feet away.

Oh no, I am still here. I just don't comment as frequently as I used to.

Gwoobus, I can only buy you a virtual beer but I am raising a very real glass to you right now.

The horror began to wear off and it became my own twisted, secret pleasure to see people speaking so frankly. It was the comment section that really opened my eyes and made me comfortable first recognizing and then speaking the same truths that we are conditioned to not speak of.

And thank you so much for swallowing the red pill.

Anonymous said...

I recall, many years ago, finding the Prince Edwards county, death at KFC story.

Anonymous said...

Best site on the web, no question.

Mike Brown brought me here.

Would love to see more articles on Africa, The Carribean and Europe. Heck, Africans pull their monkeyshines in China and Japan too.

Great work, PK. Keep it up.

Off topic: Notice how the (((mainstream))) media is in a panic because Elon Musk proposed to hold them accountable. This is an objectively awesome idea. Why the defensive posture? Why not embrace the idea then work out the kinks later? Or could it be that (((they))) have something to hide...?

Anonymous said...

I came to find your site when "looking for answers" during the whole Trayvon Martin dustup. I couldn't understand the unrelenting black solidarity- no one knew the facts, but the innocent black yout was a victim of stalking and murder in every black person's book. This unnerved me. I had never noticed this before (or ignored it, ala O.J.) and I was really taken aback. After decades upon decades of being told to be colorblind and to even go out of my way to give blacks the benefit of the doubt to blacks I was finally able to see them for what they were (untrustworthy tribalistic sadistic liars) and have not been able to let their monkeyshines go as I always used to.

I did countless searches of strings such as "why are blacks so... rude, untrustworthy, tribalistic, bad tippers, violent, sexual deviants, destructive... etc. etc.

Due to lots of discussion topics from the past (you had been active for years) these searches brought me here over and over again- this site really came up more than any other one throughout my searches. And the search match was right on. P.K. would lay out the groundwork and his loyal readers would fill in the details that couldn't be as easily meshed out above. I learned SOOO much and it really helped me deal with the cognitive dissonance of noticing clear patterns of negro behavior in present day America.

No one was willing to address the truth as to how blacks, when in substantial numbers, basically ruin everything from neighborhoods, to schools, to government offices and even entire cities and countries (Baltimore, Haiti, South Africa). I saw this to be a worldwide phenomenon- blacks falling to the black mean and way of life that they feel most comfortable with (3rd world) in any nation you find them on Earth. I was convinced.

To hear you and your readers discuss these topics with such candor is like a breath of fresh air for individuals like me who have to check every now and again to make sure that I haven't gone crazy. The things that whites have been willing to sacrifice in order to placate blacks (everything) is disgusting as it is dumbfounding. The fact that we have been slowly trained not to notice patterns and to ignore our instincts in order to make blacks feel more comfortable and not "have their feelings hurt" makes my blood boil.

I'm tired of seeing them in every commercial (if you don't watch tv they still get you online) and how they can only be represented positively or sympathetically or we can expect a riot or at least some kind of public shaming and shakedown. Seeing everyone allow blacks to bully them (including corporate America) absolutely disgusts me. I see people encouraging blacks to come back for more, to deliver even more punishment that they delight in dishing out on people.

I have not seen empathy, intellectual curiosity, or any strong moral/civic values in blacks and they have come to represent everything that I have come to hate in society- litter, lateness, unconcern for others, antagonism, manipulation, preying on the weak and vulnerable, theft, sexual violence, violence over words... the list goes on. I hate how they cover for each other and don't snitch, insulting murder victims one last time before they can even be buried. And then after all this they have the gall to blame people who look like me for it all.

I like how your posts are relentless in noticing black phenomena that don't occur regularly (or at all) in non-black areas of the country and world. The black gun and murder stats fall into this category- it gives the rest of us ammo to use when blacks and their enablers start making false and accusatory claims. The more people who find out the statistical facts on blacks the worse it will be for them.

Anonymous said...

I also like how you include some topics (such as the dancing "doctor" and the cops selling ice-cream) to show us just how as a country we have fallen. The humor and the contrasting make this site worthy of regular visits.

I have much more to say but I will add more later, just know that you have been central in my deprogramming and awakening and I cannot thank you enough sir. I finally got around to sending you money and more will be on it's way.

Thank you to the regular commenters here, anonymous and otherwise. I come here daily to see what you guys have to say on all issues BRA.

(only 4000 or so characters are allowed in posts for some reason, that's why I broke this one up)

Anonymous said...

OT: some great analysis of the dusky orcette who has the first mulatto president's ear. Is behind the Trump spy gate scandal. This woman MUST be exposed and put in jail. ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Genetics and behavior...incl IQ. Focus on that relentlessly. Is the scientific proof we need to use when dealing with the negroes amongst us and discussing policies.

FORCE America, and the world, to deal with these facts. Be fearless when discussing them. Like Libs do with climate change discussions. In that case Science is all that matters. Turn it on them and do the same with Race and science.

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't remember what directed me to SBPDL, but what kept me coming back was the well written articles. I was particularly impressed with your coverage of the Shelley House (I think that was the name) where blacks located in white St. Louis. You chronicled the destruction of the neighborhood and showed how this pattern applies to other areas like Ferguson Missouri. I thought the article you wrote about Kennedy trying to get a black man on the moon was interesting.

I was sad when the blog became unreachable there for a season. My impression of that was whoever was in change sought to destroy the message, but I'm glad it is back to read. Some sites were taken down for being too far out there.

True News USA and Ambrose Kane's blogs were taken down. I really don't understand why Mr. Kane's blog was taken down because he was actually well spoken, and what he showed in pictures was not untrue. I think I was banned from Kane's blog because I hurt his feelings with some of the comments I made in jest. There was a picture of a big fat black mama with a butt the size of a pickup truck, and I mentioned that she had a nice ass. Where I went wrong was I said he might secretly think the same thing. He didn't get my humor and I was subsequently banned. One thing I like about this blog, is that people understand sarcasm as humor.

True News USA was the most wild west blog I ever saw! That dude would allow anything said. He always gave a snapshot of the blog's activity worldwide, and a small nation off the coast of West Africa was always listed as active. His blog was based in Chicago, and I take it he was a former cop. Unlike your blog where you analyze the situation, he just put up the picture and let the people comment. I did enjoy the Carpenter's music videos he posted. It was funny because you had all that racial raging, and then in the midst of that a musical break with the Carpenters. With all due respect, True News USA did probably cross the line and made a few negroes unhappy.

kikz said...

cheers PK,

can't remb my journey here.. but thank ye Godz i found ya :) i support your efforts by 'sharing' your articles.. wish i could do more....


chattanooga gal said...

anonymous at 3:54 your post reflects what brought me to this site, in particular, the acceptance of black bullying, and the fact that every one seems to just stick their fingers in their eyes and cover their eyes and pretend to not notice just how predictable black behavior is in ruining neighborhoods, towns, cities, countries. I was tired of hearing the same old excuses for this behavior my whole life, although no one could explain why poor whites don't act like that, or why the Vietnamese could pull themselves up by their bootstraps even though the Vietnam war was not that long ago and blacks are still " suffering the legacy of the slavery".

I would like to hear more stories about whites fighting back. more victories. because this is all so very depressing at times. I could use a little hope.

FD80215 said...

What attracted you to SBPDL?
Do not remember what brought me here, been here every day since. I do remember the first time I was here I saw the phrases "chimp out" and "sail foam." I didn't get sail foam at first but I said it to myself out loud and can't recall ever laughing that hard. It still cracks me up to this day.

What do you want to see more of at the site?
I enjoy the site as is, however it would not hurt my feelings if it jumped into a more political direction occasionally, in other words- specifically discussing certain politicians etc...The commenters here are the most intelligent writers on the www so I enjoy reading their take on the current political spectrum. I know there are blogs that specialize in this but there's always a lot of cuckery going on.

Do better?
I don't think PK can do anything better. You always provide an excellent summary of the articles you post. You take the double speak and rewrite it as it should have been written in the first place.

Favorite topics?
Flash mobs, Wakanda, gun violence at funerals. Cop cars with 30's, Teddy Bears and bottles of Old English and Colt 45 laying on sidewalks, aka "memorials." Anything that makes normies wake up. Murders in the ghetto don't wake people up. Flash mobs at the mall do wake people up. When the sjw is reading about car jackings, flash mobs, things of this nature in THEIR neighborhood they tend to start thinking, well some of them anyway. Oh yes, NFL must be added. NFL has woke up quite a few people, people I knew who idolized certain players, teams , well now they do not and I have even heard the dreaded n word come from their mouths. The internet is a powerful tool and Pk has added a valuable resource for people to wake up.

Baron Münchhausen said...

It was a Disqus comment in an News Article.

Saying you are not alone.

This was around the time the White Hispanic took put the trash in his neighborhood. I couldn't believe the blatant lies the media told about It Skittles.

I was very vocal here for years and now I just mainly lurk, letting the new blood speak.

If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't know the atrocities committed by BlacKs against Whites in this Country. I would never of heard of Christopher Newsom. Channon Christian. Amanda Blackburn. Kera Teel. And so many other lights extinguished before their time.

This site needs a resource section; books, articles, statistics, pdfs, everything and anything that supports the Truth.

God Speed Paul.

My Prayers are always with you.

The Baron

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that in addition to Paul's great blog, I enjoy reading the comments! There are some really good writers out there. Keep up the great work, Paul!

Non PC Infidel said...

It's black bike week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and the city has put in place an extremely long southbound only traffic loop to control the negroes who want to rampage back and forth on their "bikes." All northbound lanes are closed and restricted to police and emergency vehicles. Predictably, negroes are outraged and claiming that it's to keep negroes out of the city. No doubt many will try to ignore the rules and scream racism when they get ticketed. However, as usual, what upsets negroes the most is not being allowed to run hog wild and do anything they want without any consequences. Preventative measures be oppression!

When I lived in Los Angeles, the police would direct traffic traveling down Hollywood Blvd back onto the highway and drivers would have to make a long loop to get back to their starting point. It was inconvenient only for those who wanted to cruise back and forth endlessly and targeted that specific crowd since they were creating a traffic nightmare. They weren't shopping or visiting any of the businesses or attractions or contributing to the local economy- they were just mindlessly driving back and forth to be seen by others who were doing the same and basically interfering with everyone else who had legitimate reasons for visiting. It upset the "cruisers" when they were prevented from cruising but everyone else understood the very valid reasons for the policy.

Of course, such can't be expected of low IQ negroes in Myrtle Beach- everything has to be about their skin color, racism and oppression and being done wrong- never about their obnoxious and disruptive behavior. Remember when businesses in Myrtle Beach would close during black bike week because negroes were creating havoc? Shoplifting, dining and dashing, fighting and brawling and all the typical behavior wherever negroes gather in large numbers? The NAACP sued the city over it. How dare businesses try to protect themselves from negro depravity! Ya'll jus' racist!

Naturally, negroes are howling that such traffic loops aren't put in place for other events- only theirs- while conveniently ignoring that their behavior is what makes it necessary whereas in other cases, people act civilized and it's not needed.

Kudo's to the city for striking back at black dysfunction and not backing down!

Anonymous said...

I do remember the first time I was here I saw the phrases "chimp out" and "sail foam."

Same here, and "aybah poda hep" too. I never laughed so hard. I remember the older posts when I first came here with erudite posters like Zenster, Ret'd LAPD, Woodsy (he came later but still) and when Pat was Albertosaurus. The only thing I don't like are the stories about blacks and sports, expecially bakkabaw. My comments don't always make it through (maybe 50% do) which is irksome but oh well.

Scot Irish said...

During Ferguson I searched "black dysfunction" and found SBPDL. Great blog! Happy Birthday and God Bless!

D-FENS said...

Off Topic - Interesting assessment of Davey Blackburn. Maybe a future story.

Incidentally, one of Amanda’s murderers copped a plea deal.

Sick n Tired said...

It's Urban Weekend on South Beach in Miami and they have one of those traffic loops as well. There's also only 2 ways in where the cops have set up check points for DUIs and license plate scanners to read for warrants/stolen vehicles. Of course the participants are wailing about the high police presence, not taking into account that every year during urban weekend there is a spike in brawls, shootings, assaults, robberies, dine & dashes, shoplifting, and all the other TNB that tends to occur when there's a bunch of groids gathered in one place. Luckily this year it's supposed to rain all weekend, so that might help keep the crime down, since little J'Vonte doesn't want to get his Jordans wet, and Shenequia won't want the rain to ruin the new weave she stole.

Californian said...

Long answers:

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?

SBPDL has an innate sense of how to conduct information warfare/propaganda: you take one issue (Black Run America – BRA) and hammer home on it. You do not disperse attention by going off about every topic under the sun. Instead, you explore all aspects of BRA. And you get people to see the wider political dimension.

For ex: how black criminality is exploited by politicos to drive White people out of cities their ancestors built and set up African style satrapies in the heart of America.

SBPDL does an excellent job of managing its comments section. Some real personalities come out. I'd contrast SBPDL to other websites where the commentary degenerate into "clever" remarks, childish slurs, and inane conspiracy theories.

SBPDL has developed party lines which are now percolating throughout the web. For ex: the relationship between IQ and future time orientation to a certain demographic's tendency towards criminality.

There's the meme of BRA (Black Run America). Memes are a vital tactic in infowar, much as slogans in advertising. People remember the meme and disseminate it (ex: "Remember the Maine", "Hands Up Don't Shoot", "Make America Great Again").

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?

I'd like to see topic categories which appeal to specific audiences: students, cops, researchers in racial genetics, and so forth. Perhaps do these as sidebars. Draw in more members of these audiences, have them provide their up front reports on the continuing chaos of BRA and also what could be done about it.

For example: many Starbucks(tm) workers are annoyed by management capitulating to the latest NAACP(tm) shakedown. Throw up a sidebar with key words for Starbucks(tm) employees/customers. Get them reading about the history of similar race hustles, and the politics behind them, and solicit ideas about what could be done from inside and outside the system. Perhaps call for a boycott of Starbucks(tm) stores and products. Or organize flashmobs to show up at Starbucks(tm) stores and monopolize the bathroom!

3. What should we do better?

Provide a list of resources for people who want to get involved in issues such as contributing to the legal defense for White activists, or supporting White people in the rainbow nation of South Africa, or boycotting businesses which support BRA.

Add some sort of mythbuster section on topics such as inter-racial crime, lynchings, IQ & education, and so forth. A handy list of questions and answers which can be accessed by readers and open some eyes. Examples: how race is a product of genes (not "color of skin"); why Whites imposed segregation (as a defensive measure to save their cities); where black majority rule leads to fiascos (Haiti to South Africa).

Get newcomers to see how the media, academia, "diversity" indoctrination, and so forth are lying to them about race and reality. Call it the "Red Pill."

4. What are your favorite topics?

As mentioned, I like the absurdities of BRA. Humor and satire are effective weapons against a corrupt and hostile ruling elite.

Mr. Rational said...

Thank goodness for someone mentioning True News USA, I'd been racking my memory for that name so I could see if there were any archives of it or if it was shoah'ed completely off the web.

Turns out the Wayback Machine got a lot of it.  Worth a browse.

Egghead said...

Anybody got $10 for reparations?

Anonymous said...

a few years ago there was a guy who would comment under ‘Royal Oak dude’. Thiink he must have been from Metro Detroit. Love to hear from DFENS, D is for depressing, Detroit refugee, and others with insight into the Detroit region. I feel that the folks from Detroit, were the first in the nation, to experience the totality of black dis function and ruination.

Anonymous said...

Paul, thank you for nine years of getting the “real” news to so many of us. If not for your blog and articles, many of us would never hear half of what’s going on. Thank you also to the many fine commenters on this site. You are in many ways like a family. Only I actually like hearing from you guys. Best to all, for nine years, of something to look forward to reading. S.E. Michigan.

Anonymous said...

As I recall I found the site through Farcebook(which I've since stopped using).I started checking it regularly because of all the articles the local so-called "media" never even report.
Something else I've wondered about:I'm not criticizing this site at all,but I'm curious why there's a link to "Chateau Heartiste".If that's how white men are encouraged to treat all white women(not to mention the site owner,"RooshV" is non-white),it won't help in getting more women on the right side.Quite frankly,the content on that site sounds just like ghetto nog behavior.
Again,no offense to SBPDL intended.This is one of the few places left that tells the truth.

rex freeway said...

I started a thread in the forum of a shock website. It was about violent Negro crime that happened everyday in cities across America. One of the members posted this website in my private messages. And ive read this daily thru the years since then. So many middle class Americans can relate with what's posted here.

I believe the comments are lower because Obama is gone and Trump won. It gave people hope that things will change. And it would by leaps and bounds if people would stop caring about what White Liberals believe in. Vote them out and watch BRA crumble. I have no use for either.

Thanks to Paul we have learned were not alone in our thoughts.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous 3:54 said

I'm tired of seeing them in every commercial (if you don't watch tv they still get you online)

Two things:

1. Don't watch TV. Kill it.

2. Use an ad blocker online. Or, better still:

Switch to Brave, the new browser from Brendan Eich. Remember him? Co-founder and CEO of Mozilla, fired for donating to a campaign opposing homosexual "marriage" (Proposition 8).

Stop giving money to your enemies. Stop inviting them into your home to corrupt your children. Brave blocks online ads by default. But wait - there's more!

You can opt to view ads, generally or for specific sites. Suppose you elect to receive ads on SBPDL. The ads you see are not Google ads, they're supplied by Brave. Brave gives a cut of the advertising revenue to Paul, and another cut to you. You can elect to give your cut to Paul. Google can't demonetise the site, so his income is secure. And Google can't embarrass you with pornographic ads.

You think I'm kidding? I was once embarrassed when I posted a link to a funny image in a comment on another blog (The Irish Savant). Since I was using an ad blocker, I wasn't aware that the page included an ad for Viagra, featuring explicit kiddie porn. Only after I got a storm of protest from the blog's readers did I turn off my ad blocker and see what I had linked.

The image I had linked was an un-PC picture of African kids lined up with their begging bowls. I still suspect that Google chose that ad to sabotage the page. While still collecting their advertising fee, naturally.

I like Brave for its performance and features. For example, when you open the browser, it opens with all the tabs that were open when you last closed it. If you see something you want to follow up on later, you don't have to bookmark it. Just leave it open when you log off. You know how irritating it is when you're reading a news feed like Drudge or (((Instapundit))) and the page automatically reloads? Brave positions you back where you were.

Oh, yes, and Brave doesn't track you (for those concerned about anonymity).

It's still in Beta test, so updates come thick and fast, but downloads are quick.

Consider switching. You could help Paul at no cost to yourself, and completely anonymously.

Anonymous said...

My hometown has a significant Kneegrow population. Growing up, I witnessed much TNB and recognized it for what it is. The town has become a dangerous hell-hole. I left there almost 20 years ago for that reason. I live in a rural area in a neighboring county, but must return on a regular basis due to a lack of specialist doctors where I live now. I found this site by "dumb luck", and I'm glad I did. I thoroughly enjoy both the content and the comments. Keep "calling it like you see it". Best wishes to all. Warren V. DeCee

White Trash Hillbilly said...

1. What attracted you to SBPDL?

I was seeking the truth and that led me here. Ive learned so much. Thanks to each and everyone.

2. What do you want to see more of at the site?

I love whats being done. Theres always room for improvement. I think the best thing is just keep hammering home the message and the truth. Keep rubbing the liberals noses in it.

3. What should we do better?

I think theres a consensus about the value of the comments. Much improvement can be done to this.

- Why can't we have a "search" function? A way to search for topics/dates, etc?
- Why can't we have a "list" function with options?
- Why can't we have a "username/password" system to encourage regular contributors...and a way to review the contributions
of individual commenters?
- Why can't we have a "thumbs up/down" on each comment?
- Why can't we have a button to reply directly to a comment.

These comments are gold and deserve to be organized and more readily accessible. Its not rocket science or some secret magic controlled by Disqus. Its pretty basic java so far as I know. Id love to see that happen.

4. What are your favorite topics?

Don't know that I can say Ive got a favorite topic...its all good.

Anonymous said...

BrokenUSA here

1. I don't remember how I stumbled across the website.It may have been through a comment on Angrywhitedude or some other site. I have been reading PK since the beginning and his posts have been worth their weight in gold for me. I've known about TNB since before the Rodney King riots but thankfully have not had to deal with it on a personal level because of where I live. Most of my contact has been with the so called talented tenth. The best eye opener for me and I think for others has been the internet, in particular this website, youtube, worldstar, thugreport and any other site which shows the brainwashed masses what BRA is really like.I have been an almost daily reader but have not commented until now.Growing up, I never imagined living in the America of today. I try to mind my own business and live and let live but it seems that TPTB have it in for those who just want to be left alone. I hope that it will get better, especially with the election of Trump but I have my doubts. I think that the midterm elections will be a barometer of the Trump movement and will gauge how well the "whitelash" will carry on if I can use that word that Van Jones coined after the election.

2.I pretty much enjoy the site as is. It would be nice to see more stories from other places besides the USA to show consistency in their behavior and dispel the argument that it is a result of our history here. Paul has his finger on the pulse of the issues and the commenters on this site are the best on the internet. I wish some of the old names that used to comment would come back, especially Zenster, Bogo, Gwinette Gladiator, Muay Tyson, Swamp Thizzle, Analogman, Whiskey, Jay Santos, NORDIC CAUCASOID, countenance, Mutant Swarm and 10mm Auto.

3.I like what Californian suggested, a list of resources to help people get involved. Maybe some flyers that can be downloaded and printed out to be left in different places around town.

4.My favorite topics are crime, culture and politics. I don't mind a story now and then on sports. I think it was very informative to read about how talented whites are passed up in sports due to stereotyping.

Anonymous said...

9 years and still not using disqus commenting system. whew still a back bencher.