Monday, May 28, 2018

His Name is Brian Eure: A White Male Dollar General Employee in Indianapolis Murdered by Black Career Criminal

There is no name for the war being silently waged across the United States. 

No day of memory exists to commemorate the lives lost in this increasingly terrifying battle. 

But it is real and know this: you have no advocacy group fighting for your rights. 

Quite the contrary, every sector of American sector - both private and public - is aligned against you if you are a white person (regardless of sex, class, or state where you reside). [Dollar General clerk slain at northeast side store; surveillance images released,, May 28, 2018]:
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday, IMPD officers discovered the body of a clerk inside a Dollar General located in the 5000 block of Emerson Way.
Rest in peace, Brian
A family member told FOX59 News that Brian Eure, the victim, had worked at the store for three years and was dedicated to serving customers who considered him family. 
His son, Chris Eure, said his dad had complained to his bosses about store security. 
“We come in every morning around 10:00, and we have bonded with these kids. 
They’re good kids,” said Judy Hanna, who hugged Chris Eure after confirming his father’s identity. “I know they’ve been robbed a couple times before. They’ve been robbed, but no one killed.” 
One woman told us that she had spotted a suspicious person in the store minutes before the killing, and detectives said they have seen images of the killer on the store’s video surveillance system. On Monday, police released more than two dozen images of the man.
How long will his rap sheet be once police arrest the alleged black murderer of Brian Eure?

“There have been a few times where people have been agitated, so you just want to get in and get out,” said Chris Gore, who visits the strip mall where the Dollar General is located at least three times a week. “You always have the occasional person who looks a little shady, but other than that I haven’t had any problems myself."
“I’m still gonna come back and shop,” he said. 
Judy Hanna wasn’t so sure. 
“I hate to say I may not come back,” she said. “They did their jobs excellently. To lose their life over, what, ten dollars an hour? Nah? They need better security of some kind.” 
While dollar discount stores have been increasingly targeted by burglars and robbers in Indianapolis over the past year, detectives have not yet drawn any link to Sunday’s killing. 
Anyone with information should call the IMPD Homicide Office at 317-327-3475 or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477. To donate to a GoFundMe set up by family, click here.
Brian Eure was a member of the white working-class our managerial-elite are dedicated to replacing via mass immigration, illegal immigration, opioid addiction, or by being the victims of black crime.


Justin Igger said...

They dont need "better security" they need a WHITES ONLY sign.

Bill in St Louis said...

And the sad part is, in most urban/suburban parts of the country, the jobs that exist are either required to hire "diversity" or are smack in the middle of it. TWMNBN have done their best to insure that, without the proper bloodlines, whites must contend with the black tide in order to have employment. Had Brian shot and killed his murderer, this would be 24/7 news as Trayvon II was cannonized for (insert template here). Time to move away from the cities, if you can, period. Leave them to the ferals, their enablers and their masters.

D-FENS said...

What also sucks is that his son will stand a good chance of either dying or getting mentally or physically fucked up protecting the biblical theme park in the middle east. Or trying to teach a lesson to the Chinese that have been economically built up by the same pricks that have left only jobs at a piece of shit Dollar General. At least he won’t be alive to see that.

Ex New Yorker said...

I still have dizzy spells from the concussion when I slipped on the ice in early February. I pay a friend to drive me into town for supplies. She drove me in Saturday. We spent about three hours shopping, eating breakfast, getting gas, etc. This trip I did see ONE BLACK PERSON. He was working in Walmart. The week before I didn't see any.

The closest blacks are in Denver, Lincoln and Omaha. Sometimes in the Summer you might see one or two driving through the area. You can drive for miles and not even see white people.

This sparse wide open country does not have anything to draw blacks. They like crowded cities because there is a wide variety (aka....diversity) of prey. Also it is easy to get "lost" in the crowd or the hood after committing a robbery. Out here in the FREE ZONES there are no hoods. A black person stands out like a sore thumb. There are also no "brothers" to get "down with". These redneck honky Nazi blue eyed devils are not much into "shucking and jiving". They all have jobs to go to.

A year or two ago I did see a black guy in Wyoming. It's been many years since seeing any blacks in South Dakota. It is so nice to go somewhere and not be looking over your shoulder all the time.

Anonymous said...

Normies don't hear about any of these black-on-white MURDERS, but Tuesday's "Whites are Racist" day at Starbucks will be one of the leads on every news site.

Watch Jared Taylor's 2018 Amren address. He correctly argues that we need peaceful separation.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

Another ritual sacrifice at the altar of BRA. Death sucks. But dying at the hands of these evil, impulsive apes takes the cake. We need to ship them all to the Bahamas or Trinidad or Suriname or Brazil or anywhere. I don't really care at this point.

Anonymous said...

Even as a liberal I always found Africans to be loud, annoying and "different". Ofcourse it was "wrongthink" to notice just how different they really were. After all there are plenty of loud and obnoxious whites. The dirty little secret is statistically speaking the number of obnoxious, violent, low IQ blacks outnumber the better behaved ones.

Anonymous said...

My prayers for his family.
Now, let this be a lesson to you all.
Get a good concealed Carry pistol and a holster. Carry inside your waste band or your ankle.
Carry a gun 24/7.
Unless it is a federal law or felony, carry.
If your state won’t allow it, move.
I fled Illinois because of their bullshit gun laws.
I carry Concealed when I’m there, just because now I have enough money to make a SCOTUS case out of it.
The thing is i is better to face a jury of 12 than be carried by 6. Yeah, that’s cliche. But you know what? Your kids can visit you in prison.
This isn’t a black-white issue, it is a common decent society issue. Blacks erode common decent society into a dog eat dog survival of the fittest scenario.
Well, white people didn’t live in nice equatorial areas, so we evolved to have a much higher intellectual capacity for innovation, learning, and combat.
If you’re a white person in a town with more than the average percentage of blacks you need to do the following:
1) get a gun, train, and get a CCW
2) hire a 2nd Amendment and self defense atty.
3) set up a bail fund, keep it and don’t touch it.
It isn’t a question of IF you are forced to shot a negro, but when.

nokangaroos said...

Rest in peace, is all there is left to say ... a few times too often.

- One reason Americans are so bomb-happy abroad is they are afraid of their own females (a.k.a. the "Mom" as national trauma) and "minorities".
(the preference for shooting up weddings is telling)
It might be time to rethink "all enemies foreign and domestic" ever-so-slightly.

... and whom exactly did she mean by "good keedz"? I didn´t get it.

Anonymous said...

I read about this in the local news this weekend, the man was shot on Sunday. The two articles that I read previously were about two other fatal shootings that occurred on Saturday. The two different articles stated "if considered a criminal homicide, it will mark the city's 55th and 56th in 2018" respectively.

Every day there is at least one article in the news about an "overnight shooting" in the city of Indianapolis. Every single day, and that is not an exaggeration. What really got my attention was the line "if considered a criminal homicide". What else would this be considered, a workplace accident? I recall another article about a woman who was recently sentenced for killing a mother and stealing her infant child. The woman was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 30 years. Manslaughter, not murder and kidnapping. I think this is how they are keeping the overall murder rate down, offering manslaughter plea bargains and classifying an actual crime as something else entirely.

The news as of this morning lists 1 man fatally shot at an east side liquor store, 2 injured in east side shooting, and 1 man shot on the northeast side. I know someone that lives on the east side and they said the police no longer respond to reports of gunfire, they will only investigate when there is an actual victim. It's now a war zone, and thankfully the nogs are not smart enough to build IED's...

Anonymous said...

If I may paraphrase...

Out here in the FREE ZONES there are no hoods. Out here we are White Immaculate.

Put that on an shirt and give 10% to Ex New Yorker.

Anonymous said...

A murder conviction is likely harder to get than taking a pleasure for manslaughter, a charge for which there are voluntary and involuntary types for which you can be convicted. It was probably an easier sell than Aggravated Battery w/a Deadly Weapon than a murder charge to a jury and a pleasure the judge can yea or nay, not chance a jury to decide.

One man's opinion.

D-FENS said...

“Out here in the FREE ZONES there are no hoods. Out here we are White Immaculate.”

Jim Morrison lives.

If only the negroes would construct their fabled flying pyramids and escape back to Africa!

Anonymous said...

Dead Malls, Indianapolis version.

OT but I took my teen to the Castleton Square mall yesterday to get some jeans for work (Monday.) I haven't been there in a while. Holy shit, it was so full of blacks and Arabs and immigrant Mexicans this time it felt like a third world country. It smelled funny too. First thing I saw was a huge sign at the front entrance listing out the codes of conduct. No fighting, shooting, nudity, cursing, stealing, loitering, horseplay, sag pants, gang attire, all directed at the black trash wandering about in the free air conditioning. I saw packs of aggressive black males strutting their stuff. The free phone charging stations were all full, with fat black woman lounging around in the leather chairs stinking the place up. Also it was LOUD.

No white families. No moms with strollers and toddlers. The play area was full of multi-generational Arabs in burkas and rags on their heads. I know they're all eating on SNAP benefits while I work my ass off.

The employees in the stores were all blacks too. Or feminine white guys. I saw one hair-hatted hooligan wearing cutoff shorty shorts all ripped up the sides and her hairy, cheesy ass was hanging out in the back. She had on a crop top and what looked like house slippers, so I got to see her puffy black gut and chipped nail polish too. It really made me want to spend my money there. And she was an employee at a clothing store. It's been totally taken over at this point. I have not heard of any teen wildings at the mall lately, but the Indy Star and other (((media outlets))) won't cover black crime incidents because it "contributes to stereotypes."

The Castleton Square mall area is officially DEAD. I am sure it was a planned destruction. The ghetto trash is moving to the north side with their HUD vouchers and diversity jobs. And they LOVE to spend that green. These blacks are the uppity type too - they have degrees and careers, hate whitey, and you can't tell them shit or they will give you a 13-on-1 beat down. Their kids are fucking up the good public schools and bringing down the standards.

Inside the mall, I counted 5 boarded closed stores, 6 hip-hop/ghetto clothing and shoe stores, one trashy ghetto perfume store, one low-end boutique with cheap whore clothing, and several Arabs were selling naggertech items from China in the center island booths. They love athletics, makeup, Forever 21, and Hollister.

Blacks will live in shitty housing and behave like feral animals while wearing $400 sneakers. I don't get it. They are massive consumers. And they have lots of cash from selling drugs, tricking, peddling stolen shit, and braiding hair.

The Yankee Candle store and Sears were 100% empty, of course. I will never set foot in that mall again and it is off limits for my daughter. I bet this mall closes within the next couple of years.

Pisses me off we can't have anyplace nice to take our kids. Candidate Patrick Little just announced he will take 10 years of foreign aid to Israel, split it up for a one-time reparations payment to the blacks. ha ha ha ha!!

Ken said...

I remember a documentary on the holocaust. A group of victims was entering the gas chambers and they knew it was the end. They began to sing the Hatikva, a song about yearning to be free. Suddenly, there was a malfunction. Thus, the intended victims were to live another day. One of the survivors realized that his life had no value. Jump forward 75 years and the situation is the same. A government has deemed that certain lives - white people - have little or no value. I yearn to be a free person in my own country. In BRA, the government is nothing more than a third world occupation authority.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right, Lee Lepanto..I was hearing news reports Monday breathlessly informing the masses that the training is "still on", and to just make extra sure we realize how major, unprecedented, and IMPORTANT this is.

Sheer madness.

PsychoNaut621 said...

As somebody else already said in the thread:

If you’re a white person in a town with more than the average percentage of blacks you need to do the following:

1) get a gun, train, and get a CCW

This is a low-intensity war now, and white people are the targets. Time to act accordingly.
It's time to adopt a combat mindset, which is of utmost importance, especially when concealing. Always be in condition yellow when you're out and about and packing.

Train, train, and then train some more (two words BTW, "dry fire" doesn't need to be at the range. >90% can be "dry fire" training in your own home.)

Speaking of training, the best training resources I've utilized have been:

The 21-Day Alpha Shooter Course, which can be found at:

Panteao Products has a nice lot of training videos. Sure, training videos aren't the be-all, end-all, but they still provide lots of good and necessary information.

FWIW, my favorite instructors from whom I've learned the most are Dave Spaulding and Pat McNamara.

And find the websites of these and other trainers, and see if they are offering any training in your area. Many of them tour across America offering 1 or 2-day training courses. Obviously nothing beats getting hands-on training with these guys. Dave Spaulding will be in my neck of the woods later this summer, and I sure as hell am going to fork out some money to spend a weekend training with him. And then pass that knowledge on.

Be safe out there....

Currahee said...

You can't repeal the Civil Rights Act.
This is the source of all your problems.
And you can do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Just a small hint: The media calls us "white males"-why don't we call ourselves "White Men"? Don't use their terminology.

AJAX said...

indianapolis apparently has almost 28% demographic black -- anything black above 20% is very dangerous

Drew458 said...

It really looks like the perp's face has been blurred out in the main picture and a few others. I can see the rectangular band of it with ease.

Why on earth would the police do that, unless they are just going through the motions, and don't really want to be bothered to catch this guy?

Note to shopkeepers: the price of 4K HD CCTV is dropping like a rock. Some come with audio, wireless. Is your life worth the moderate investment?

Anonymous said...

The only black I ever saw in South Dakota
Was getting pulled over on his way out on I-90. Nice place.
Mallory M.

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait to see if any of this presentation makes it to the internet!
I would love to see those faces of masked contempt for if there is one thing that exacerbates bias, it’s bias training! Been there, done that!
Mallory M.

Pat Boyle said...

It seems to me that the modern Social Justice Warrior variety of anti-racism is just nuts. When you read history you often learn about some influential man like Savonarola who used to light up the streets of Sienna by covering heretics (and he had a very encompassing definition of heresy) with tar, tying them on a pole and burning them alive. When you read something like that you have to wonder - "How did they get that crazy?"

I think we are still that crazy. There have been those environmentalists who have promoted murder or imprisonment for anyone skeptical of Global Warming. Thankfully the warming madness seems to be fading or at least moderating. But race still makes people crazy.

Today Paul tells us a tale of violent crime. We know quite a lot about violence but the SJWs want to deny what is known and cling to superstitions.

The SJWs insist on ignoring all we know about the genetics of violence. How rational is that? They want to attribute violence to a small number of factors all of which are at least in part simply nonsense. They like to decry "white racism", "the legacy of slavery", "discrimination", "oppression" and "the antipathy of the police".

But in the meantime there is steady accumulation of scientific studies relating violence to things the number MOAO repeaters, allopatric species differences, androgen receptor differences and others. Human beings and Africans are like chimpanzees and bonobos - closely related but allopatric species who differ in greatly in behavior. Bonobos are peaceable while chimps are violent and vicious. This behavioral difference is estimated to have a heritability of from .50 to .60.
Chimps, bonobos and other primates all have MAOA genes but the violence differences are believed to involve the vasopressin genes not the amine enzyme genes. This is big news on an important subject but it seems to have been ignored or suppressed.

Jordan Peterson tells us that the US Army won't accept anyone with an IQ below 83 because there are no jobs that just a person can do in the Army. As everyone who reads this blog knows the black American population IQ is 85. So nearly half of all negroes are more or less unemployable. The federal government can hire some of them in 'make work' jobs but as society evolves the cut off point will get higher and higher. IQ of course is also largely genetic in modern America.

Today's case study is another example of a person who belongs to a genetically stupid and genetically violent race. Meanwhile we ignore the obvious facts and chase fantastic explanations. Maybe it's us who are crazy?


Anonymous said...

Biblical theme park in the Middle East touche that's good

Anonymous said...



rise up middle america!!!!!!!!!!!

Non PC Infidel said...

As I've mentioned before, at one Dollar General store near my house, a black thug went in to rob the place only to get involved in a gun battle with the manager who was also black. The thug ran out of the store and into the woods behind the store where he was found dead of his gunshot wounds by the police. The manager was fired. Naturally, the thug's mammy screeched that he was a good boy despite his long police record. The typical black lies, self-delusion and B.S.

At another store where a friend of mine worked, they lost tens of thousands of dollars in their first year of operation due to shoplifters and had to put in camera's. As my friend told me, the videos showed the perps to be mainly black. Other employees told me that they wished the store would get rid of the cosmetics aisle with products geared towards blacks as that seemed to be the main attractant for the thieves who, naturally, stole other items as well. That store was also robbed by a gun wielding black thug and that was the final straw which made the manager at the time quit. I knew him and an illustrative example of what he'd see on a weekly basis is the following story he told me: Black shoplifter has tons of packages under his shirt and is trying to exit the store. When stopped and questioned about what's under his shirt, he says, "Dat's muh back brace." When asked to pull up his shirt to show the "back brace," he takes off running for the exit with packages falling out everywhere from under his shirt. The manager follows him out into the parking lot where two black sows are waiting in a car. They want to know what's going on and the manager tells them and that the police will be called. One sow screeches at the shoplifter, "You know I gots drugs in the car!" and they quickly drive off. The shoplifter gets mad at the manager and screams "You done cost me muh ride!" and runs off down the street. Such wonderful people! Wouldn't you love to have them as neighbors?

It was at this same store where I was shopping one day and was targeted by a black "customer" who began rushing up behind me with his fist raised to punch me in the back of the head but I'd kept aware of his whereabouts and when I heard him coming at me, simply turned, pulled back my vest to reveal my knife and he ran off down another aisle. As I described it at the time, when he saw the knife, he bounced in the opposite direction like a rubber ball hitting a brick wall. Like they say, around blacks, never relax and always watch your back. Never let them get close to you (within striking distance) or let them stand behind you in a line.

I could tell stories of robberies of gas stations, liquor stores etc and even stories of attempted rape and other crimes by blacks but here's the thing- you don't need even 10% of the population of a city to be black- the black population here is only 4% within the city limits and, even then, they can turn areas into shitholes. One restaurant not too far away from my house has to have a security guard inside monitoring the front door and, at one time, it was a regular feature to have a police car parked outside as a deterrent to the wonderful dindu nuffin thugs who'd already robbed the restaurant a number of times. Then, of course, there's the incidents where the city declares a black business to be a public nuisance and shuts it down due to all the crime it attracts to an area- muggings, shootings, street brawls, shoplifting etc.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that negro thugs seem to be increasingly hunting in white areas?

Recent examples include the murder of policewoman Amy Caprio in Baltimore County and wilding by "teen" mobs of up to 400 "youths" on Chicago's Magnificent Mile over Mother's Day and Memorial day weekends that was suppressed by the media. Also a woman in Dallas was murdered at her home by 13 yo and 14 year old negros.

There seem to be more of them and they are getting bolder, however apparently no significant concealed carry confrontations have occurred yet.
Situationally aware white people avoid them and they try and pick weak victims.

Maryland and Illinois are very hostile to concealed carry. Indiana and Ohio lean Republican and are friendly to CCW.

It may be just a matter of time before a group of 4 or more blacks venture outside of their hoods in Indianapolis or Cincinnati and jump the wrong white person in a white area and he or she dumps an entire magazine into them.

Unfortunately, it will be a legal mess for the CCW holder, and he/she will probably be villified by the media.

But it will raise a lot of public awareness (like the Amy Caprio murder) and with multiple thugs dead and bleeding the media won't be able to avoid it. It's a lot harder to make excuses for a whole gang than it is for just one without admitting what is really going on.


Californian said...

Once again, you have to look at the politics behind this homicide.

Was the perpetrator told he was "oppressed?" Did the perpetrator feel the victim was performing a "micro-aggression?" Did the perpetrator believe he was owed "reparations?" Did the perpetrator perceive himself as being another Michael Brown?

These killings can not be seen in isolation. You have an entire agitprop system motivating blacks to act out violence against YT. This is so whether we are talking a flashmob or an urban riot. The result? One more White person killed by a black.

Brian in Ohio said...

Around here, the "youths" like to set the dollar stores on fire.

Last year, a 10 year old, with his 8yo sister in tow, set the charcoal and lighter fluid grill supplies in the back of the store ablaze, then was seen on camera "calmly walking out of the store".

And in 2016, three "youths", age 11, 10 and 10, started a fire in the Dollar Tree on Christmas eve.

If your somewhere with unaccompanied feral "keeds", know where the exits and the fire extinguishers are. Malls and chain stores are just free daycare centers for blacks, and their fascination with fire is well known.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Trapped in Chicongo said...

Pat, please do us all a huge favor and provide links to some of your source material, as I believe you have in the past. Newer ppl here as well as myself would love to peruse and digest such information. Science is the best irrefutable weapon to battle the SWL SJW crowd, scientific evidence has no implicit bias. It just IS. Thanks for sharing, sir, I applaud your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Buy your kid her stuff online. Good God. Why would anyone step foot in there? It's only going to get worse as this nation collapses.

Unknown said...

Come to think of it, the only dindus I've seen in my area all worked at wal mart.
Is wal mart sending dindus to the countryside? Seems silly, but dismissing anything as silly is actually silly in this time period.

William Smith said...

After watching the mainstream media with their nonsense regarding the whole Roseanne Barr commentary on Valerie Jarrett, I often wonder why they don't talk about the black crime wave that exists in US cities and places like Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and countless other cities with high percentages of black areas. Having been a lifelong Midwesterner and have lived or traveled near all of those cities as well as most of the East and South as well, I've always noticed something.

Outside of a small minority of black ran areas which are middle class and upper class areas, most areas where blacks live are nothing more than ran down ghetto areas with trash everywhere, fast food bags, broken bottles and other refuse all over the area.

I've seen it for years in countless areas of the large cities including Indianapolis, Louisville, KY, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, St. Louis, etc.

It's as if they are incapable of living in at least a first world manner and cleaning up their surroundings. All this despite the fact that blacks often lack jobs and the desire to improve themselves and instead living on government largesse in these areas.

Even more remarkable is after trillions of dollars being spent on urban areas in the last 54 years of the War on Poverty, these areas are just about as worse than ever with murder rates that are in cases much higher than they were a few decades ago.

Even more laughable was watching the MSNBC controlled media talk about the Racist nature that exists in this country. Having lived in such urban settings over the years and having neighbors who were black and living places with 30 to 40 percent black population including next door to Gary, Indiana, I have to ask this question? If black people are so capable and societally virtuous then why are all of these areas mostly ran down, with crime rates of 4 or 5 times that of white areas. I've seen it when I lived in Louisville, KY, near Gary, Indiana, Indianapolis outskirts and my time in Northern Indiana near Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Good man.

Anonymous said...

Anything black is very dangerous.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

William Smith said..

"Outside of a small minority of black ran areas which are middle class and upper class areas, most areas where blacks live are nothing more than ran down ghetto areas with trash everywhere, fast food bags, broken bottles and other refuse all over the area."

"Black upper class" is an oxymoron. Many blacks who are talented ball catchers or cuss-word grunters become millionaires. The concept of class eludes them. The black looks at culture, at refinement, at any other thing that defines class as we know it the way a horse looks at a piano.

You can take the negro out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the negro.

Annie Oakley said...

I had an interesting conversation with a retail clerk who's Mexican. He moved here from Mexico, then to ShitCago (left because the blacks destroyed the area). He called them termites. He moves to a whiter area. I found it ironic that a Mexican calls blacks termites. Yet I don't want him in my AO.

My area is getting blacker. I don't like it all. My town is very white but the surrounding areas are getting darker. I'm seeing more mudsharks with young sprogs. When I move, I'll mention the town so any other fellow whites won't move here.

One poster asked why I didn't stay and fight. First of all, I have no allies here. Even whites are who are born here hate outsiders, especially smart whites. They either have some sort of criminal alliance going on or they're just too stupid to get it about race.

This a good article about white flight. Most whites leave when the population becomes 25% black. I say anything over 10% is a red flag to leave now. I believe the reason behind people moving every 7 years is because they're leaving the mud cities.

I'll have to sell my home for a reduced price. That's just how it is. Next place I visit, I'll rent for a while. I'll go to places like Walmart at night to see how things REALLY are. But even then, cities change. Mine has in the last 7 1/2 years.

Shitavious said...

If black people are so capable and societally virtuous then why are all of these areas mostly ran down, with crime rates of 4 or 5 times that of white areas?

It's all the oppression. And the poverty. Lack of good skoos.

AnalogMan said...

Annie Oakley said...

I say anything over 10% is a red flag to leave now.

Much too late. My daughter lives in Virginia. One day a black "fambly" (no father, of course) moved in across the road. I said, sell now and move before the rush. She said she couldn't; it was right after the housing bubble burst and impossible to sell.

As time went by, she said "They're lovely people. Our kids play together." I said, they're an advance guard. The main force is still coming. They may be nice, but their friends are casing the neighbourhood.

Then the house next door to my daughter, directly opposite the blacks, was burgled. An old lady, living alone, came home one night to find the burglar actually in her house. I said, "Black, of course". Nobody knew. I said, "Ask her, and when she confirms it, as she will, tell her I said 'I told you so!'" And so it came to pass, even as I had foretold.

Now the "lovely fambly" is gone, replaced by another less lovely black fambly. Section 8, no doubt. They're noisy, obnoxious, and they dump litter on my daughter's lawn. Everybody's too scared to call them out, for fear of antagonising them and becoming a target for vandalism.

10% is not a red flag. One coon is a red flag. One nest is the kiss of death.

Incidentally, this same old lady who was burgled, on a previous occasion reacted to something I said, some subtle clue, by asking "Are you prejudiced?" I replied, "Hell, no, I'm not prejudiced! I'm a rabid racist!"

She now says that she understands why I feel that way; my homeland, South Africa, is suffering terribly under black rule. But she doesn't really understand; that's not why I'm a racist.

I'm a racist because I recognise the reality of race as a biological phenomenon, with implications for behaviour, and not a "social construct". (For similar reasons, I'm also a "sexist".)

The other, however, is why I loathe them.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone out there see any news about Somalis running around on Memorial Day in Lewiston ,ME. with baseball bats beating whites?? Another buried story by our honest news sites.

Annie Oakley said...

ANALOG MAN....I see your point. I stand corrected. One black is too many. The problem is that I didn't realize how much darker my area has gotten until the other night. I normally shop during the day, but this time I went at night as it's getting hotter out during the day, plus I just wanted to get something cool to drink.

If you price your house cheap enough, it will sell. I have a price point I'm aiming at. I'll keep dropping until it sells. No house is worth my life or my husband's.

Not every southern town is like mine. I have to do business sometimes in Mississippi. People there are FAR nicer than my town. But MS is still a very black state, I'd never live there. My town has been degraded due to mudsharks and drugs. I think the two are mutually exclusive.

I can't wait until one of my family or my in-laws makes any excuses for blacks. I have such negro fatigue they're getting an earful.