Sunday, May 6, 2018

The State of Colorado is Four Percent Black... Homicides in the State Almost Exclusively Committed by NonWhites

The state of Colorado is four percent black. 

Just four percent black. 

And yet... [Homicide in Colorado, 2004-2014: A Summaryfrom the Colorado Violent DeathReporting System, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, November 2016]:

Figure 5 reveals that between 2004-2014, Black/African Americans experienced the highest rate of homicide with a rate of 14.2 deaths per 100,000 population. The rate of homicide among the Black/African American population is more than twice that of the next closest race/ethnicity (American Indian), and more than six times that of White, non-Hispanics. Both American Indian and White, Hispanic populations had significantly higher rates than White, nonHispanics as well. When incorporating age and gender into these data we see that Black/African American males ages 25- 34 (46.9 per 100,000 [95% confidence interval/CI: 37.4-56.4]) and ages 15-24 (43.1 per 100,000 [CI: 34.2-52.01]) had rates more than 10 times greater than their White non-Hispanic age group counterparts (3.8 per 100,000 [CI: 3.0-4.5], 3.6 per 100,000 [CI: 2.8-4.2]) respectively) (data not shown). 
The state of Colorado is four percent black. Fire that into your per capita algorithm... 
And yet, part two... [Denver’s gun-related homicides are a study in racial inequity: Black men and women five times as likely to be murdered by gunfire as whites, Denver Post, 8-29-17]:
Black men and women in Denver are twice as likely to die from gunshots — and five times as likely to be murdered by gunfire — as white men and women, according to a new report that nonetheless shows how firearm-related deaths and injuries reach into every corner of the city.
Denver is roughly 11 percent black. 

Moral of the story? Without a black population, the state of Colorado's homicide via firearm epidemic  evaporates.


Anonymous said...

Sooo....guns are racist too?

But how can that be? Most guns are black...

Westminster Dragoon said...

"murdered by gunfire"

Got to love those euphemisms.

Ex New Yorker said...

A lot of people from town moved to Denver. They come home for a week or so during county fair. All I would hear them talk about are horror stories involving black crime. About five or six years ago nobody went into downtown Denver after dark. The cops finally got tough and cleaned up the area. Of course these Nebraska transplants are all well armed.

Next to Denver is the town of Aurora. It has a large black population and nearly all the businesses near Interstate 70 have plexiglass barriers. The local McDonalds is one big plexiglass cage as are most of the gas stations and other stores. The Motel 6 is a hang out for hookers and dope dealers who work out of the top floor. I stayed there one night and was in shock at what I saw and heard. All night long the drug buyers would stop in the parking lot and honk their horns. The dealers on the top floor would yell out over the balcony it was okay to come upstairs to make buys. I kept wondering where the hell are the cops.

When I moved up here I talked to a lot of people in the Denver area and was told that I lot of them were moving to Montana to get away from the jigs and fags. For the last 20 years the yuppies and geeks from Kali-fornia have been moving in. The Mexicans are also taking over the state. Whole towns have been invaded.

Denver is also one big traffic jam no matter what time you drive through there. Fuck all these big cities. The people are nucking futs. I am convinced the cell phone towers are burning out their brains with micro-waves.

I have finally reached the point in my old age that I no longer give a shit what happens to this country. The smart ones will survive while the sheeple and pajama people will go down in flames. There is no cure for stupid.

Mr. Rational said...

Got to love those euphemisms.

When they use the passive voice, they're lying.  They need to be called on it.  Ideally those phrases, including and especially the clichéd "mean streets" and "shots rang out", would be flagged by mandatory grammar-check and NEVER allowed into final copy.  Even writing them should get the author docked pay.

Anonymous said...

African have such short attention spans and poor long term thinking that they continually harm, rip-off and murder each other in a perverse Groundhog Day type cycle. They seem to lack pattern recognition, meaning they'll keep trusting the same asshole who ripped them off yesterday.

Over and over again. They do get bitter though. Very bitter. But they seem to be unable to link their poor choices and bad decisions to their current situation.

Asians seem to have "communal" empathy, restraining the excesses of their more degenerate and malevolent co-ethnics. Whites tend to have individual empathy, meaning we don't really care about some amorphous mass of people but we do care about say, a Rosa Parks or some such. We might not care about making a mess because it'll be messy but we do care about the janitor who has to clean it all up.

Africans appear to have no trace of empathy.

Ohio Machinist said...

Mile High Thin Air , makes all the Nogs go crazy and murder each other . Mother Nature is racist .

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Pulling over isn't a smart move. But it's always some guy with a military connection that ends up killed for no damned reason.

Christian said...

This is actually very misleading/fake news article. The statistics show murder VICTIMS. The headline says "COMMITED BY."

Haven't browsed much but is the whole site mostly incorrect headlines like this?

Anonymous said...

[Denver’s gun-related homicides are a study in racial inequity: WTH is this supposed to mean. LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christian your fake name says it all but here's the "Moral of the story? Without a black population, the state of Colorado's homicide via firearm epidemic evaporates."

Unknown said...

Was the "poverty defense" asserted yet?

Anonymous said...

Remember its the NRA, ar15's and open carry laws that are the problem. And of course white people. We must have more anti-gun laws that target law abiding gun owners. Its NEVER anyone else.

nokangaroos said...

Reminds me ... an overlooked factor is urbanization. It can raise criminality by up to an order of magnitude and seems, for once, more or less colourblind.

But the single most potent predictor of homicide rate is percentage of blacks. Not "income". Not "employment". Not "education". Most definitely not "guns" (actually the correlation is negative).

You all know what a correlation of +0.77 in a multivariate problem means - and I just LOVE watching the libtards squirm trying to explain how murder causes blacks ;b

- Yes, there is no way in hell they could be ignorant of the stats - they have been acting in bad faith from the very beginning; it´s all part of the genocidal (((Kalergi))) Plan - they just don´t savour getting caught at it.

So, the last word from Schopenhauer:

"Nothing is more odious than trying to argue by reason only to discover one is up against the Will"

Anonymous said...

Ex-New Yorker: Thanks for your frank and honest assessment of Denver and Aurora, CO. My wife and I live on the East Coast and have been thinking of taking a trip out to Colorado but certain parts of it are looking increasingly unattractive. If we decide to go, your heads-up will be invaluable in helping us to avoid the groid infestation.

On a similar note, it seems like there are fewer and fewer safe areas to visit or live. We think, "I'll just move away if things get bad," but what happens when there's nowhere left to flee?

Emily said...

Hoping no one here was ignorant enough to fall for the headline. Black people in Colorado are more likely to be MURDERED than any other race. Not murderers. Next time find the appropriate supporting evidence to your claim.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Do they really believe that there is some magical committee that convenes and decides which race gets what?

Or do the various racial group draw straws?

When trying to determine which race gets "gun deaths" the committee always decides to give them out to blacks?

...Along with "under performing schools," "bad zip codes," and "violent weeks."

Pat Boyle said...

Where have we seen this pattern before?

Humans share 98.7 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, but we share one important similarity with one species of chimp, the common chimpanzee, that we don’t share with the other, the bonobo. That similarity is violence. While humans and the common chimpanzee wage war and kill each other, bonobos do not. “There has never been a recorded case in captivity or in the wild of a bonobo killing another bonobo,”.
anthropologist Brian Hare

Chimpanzees are of the species Pan trogodytes whereas Bonobos are considered to be Pan paniscus. They look very much alike but while Bonobos are not nearly as peaceful as the MSM would have you believe, they are much less murderous than the common chimp.

Why should people care? The reason is that the behavioral difference between chimps and bonobos is one of the foundational observations that justified classifying bonobos as a separate species. Originally when bonobos were first discovered they were considered just another race (subspecies) of chimp. There were already three recognized chimp races. The bonobo was considered to be the fourth chimp race when it was discovered on the south bank of the Congo river.

But it's behavioral differences and politics amongst the zoologists led to the bonobo being reclassified as a separate species. Remember the sociology fallacy "Race is a social construct" that became popular a few years ago? It would be more accurate to say "Race is a political construct". Species too.

So that is why I have argued that Sub Saharan blacks "Homo africanus" are a different species from Homo sapiences. It is appropriate and precedented to classify a different population as a different species based on behavioral differences.


D-FENS said...

“My wife and I live on the East Coast and have been thinking of taking a trip out to Colorado but certain parts of it are looking increasingly unattractive. If we decide to go, your heads-up will be invaluable in helping us to avoid the groid infestation.”

My wife and I are doing the same. We checked out CO last August. My recommendation is to look west and north of the Denver area.

Boulder was nice but expensive. It is also filled with Marxists as is any college town. One advantage these liberal enclaves have is that they are too expensive for negroes and beaners and property values tend to be maintained. The high taxes are the price you pay to avoid the groid. The downside is that they attract the homeless because they tolerate it. This is a major problem in Seattle.

I am going by myself to check out Washington and Oregon. Yes, I know they’re lib states. But low groid pops and great scenery and outdoor opportunities.

Stay outside of large cities and the counties they are in. That makes it possible to enjoy the amenities but not suffer the downside of living there.

Non PC Infidel said...

Kind of strange, isn't it? If the owners of large breed dogs were allowing their animals to run loose in the streets and they were causing problems, the owners would be held accountable and be heavily fined for every infraction. Yet negro teens are allowed to run the streets creating mayhem and havoc and the sows that birthed them suffer no consequences. They just howl and screech about racism and disparate impact when their offspring are rightfully caged or put down. They take no responsibility whatsoever and act like they have no ability to control their offspring while blaming everyone else for their lack of action and the problems they create.

There are numerous ways all the problems caused by negroes could be put a stop to but (as we all know) anything done that would actually solve the problems would result in howls of outrage by negroes. If negro gun crime is dealt with via stop and frisk policies, negroes go berserk over it, demand it be stopped and then complain when gun crime goes back up and wail, "why ain't nobody doin' nuthin'?" They want absolutely no controls placed on their behavior and no consequences for those behaviors but then howl about the results as if it's someone else's fault. An instant "damned if you do and damned if you don't" scenario.

It kind of reminds me of when I lived in California and my Japanese friend and his wife came to visit from Tokyo. Somehow, we wound up in Tijuana one day and his wife was terrified due to the slummy environment and didn't want to get out of the car. At the same time, she was "too tired" and didn't want us to drive back to Los Angeles. My Japanese friend burst out laughing and said, "Oh! She create perfect trap! Can't go, can't stay!" Faced with such irrational behavior, he finally ordered her to get out of the car whether she liked it or not.

Essentially, that's what needs to be done with negroes and the problems they create. Do what's necessary to solve the problems whether they like it or not but, negroes being what they are, be prepared for the nationwide chimpout. Better to get it all over with in one big bang than to continue with the failed "appease, placate and sedate" policies which only allow the situations to continue and grow worse. Otherwise, you're just "stuck in the car" arguing about whether to go or stay and getting nowhere.

nokangaroos said...

Emily, Emily ...,
my little White Man´s Burden (that YOU, Julie?) ;b

As no one disputes blacks murder Whites preferentially the number of blacks kilt is a reasonable proxy for the MINIMUM number of black murderers; the actual number is bound to be higher.

It´s not our fault the DoJ stopped publishing credible stats long before the Reign of the Obonob.

Cauchemar du Singe said...

Emily, take a wild guess as to who, exactly, is murdering the Blacks.
HINT: They're not White.

Anonymous said...

Just avoid Denver, Colorado Springs and the Front range. Out here on the Western slope/ Four corners TNB is virtually unheard of. There's a less than 0.5% infestation. Its the main reason i relocated from good ole South Carolina (smack dab in the middle of Myrtle Beach and Charleston).

Anonymous said...

Chrisian: The statistics show murder VICTIMS. The headline says "COMMITED BY."
Emily: Black people in Colorado are more likely to be MURDERED than any other race. Not murderers.
Murderer and murdered are highly correlated by race. Whites mostly kill other Whites, and blacks mostly kill other blacks. This is common sense, but if common sense isn't enough to convince you, go look up the FBI reports.
You may not want to do that, however, as the data show that blacks, more than any others, commit vicious crime outside their race. FBI do not conclude that is because blacks are goddamn savage animals, rather it leaves that for the reader to decide.

D is for depressing said...

@Anonymous 6:40 A.M.

On a similar note, it seems like there are fewer and fewer safe areas to visit or live. We think, "I'll just move away if things get bad," but what happens when there's nowhere left to flee?

Exactly. We here in Metro Detroit are finding this out sooner rather than later. Eventually, there won't be any place to go. Stop ceding to the blacks what rightfully belongs to you. And remember this fellow Whites: Eventually you will run out of places to run to.

Stay armed, Stay alert, Stay alive.

Do they really believe that there is some magical committee that convenes and decides which race gets what?

In the mind of the negro? Yes. Blacks also seem to think that only, if only, Whites stop oppressing them, that they too can build civilizations as the humans have done. That if guns were taken out of the streets, magically, there would be less murders.

If they confiscate White farms, they too will someday have more food than what they know what to do with. That stores will magically keep themselves open in the face of armed robberies.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the working homeless in Denver in 1994. The highlight of my hotel crashing was coming back from work and someone had broken into the hotel room and pulled back a corner of the carpeting.

I think that's where a drug dealer had hidden their stash.

Most of the strip hotels on East Colfax got shut down when the airport outside of town was finished.

Anonymous said...

Oh Emily, who do you think is murdering them? Here's the answer...they murder EACH OTHER, and us. If they stuck to just killing their own, no one would care.

Ex New Yorker said...

More about Colorado........The Fort Collins area has very few blacks. This is a college town and has lots of liberals, but so what. My wife and I spent about 4 or 5 days there about six years ago. We kept a "coon count" and the total came to 14. Three had out of state plates and two were seen in the hotel parking lot. We drove by the elementary school and SAW NO BLACK KIDS on the play ground.

Being a college town most of the blacks are students and jocks.

In the downtown (aka..old town) area the freaks, druggies, weirdos and homeless come out after dark. All and all Ft. Collins is not bad. Of course I have not been there in six years so things could have changed.

Summer time reminder. When traveling across country don't stop in any large cities for food or gas. You being a stranger to the area means you could be in the wrong place and in a world of hurt. ALWAYS GAS UP AT TRUCK STOPS between the big cities. Same with getting food. I learned this the hard way. The wrong place and wrong time is not my idea of having fun.

Kansas West of Wichita and Salina has very few blacks. A lot of nice safe farm towns along I-70 with all white people. Garden City is a shit hole. Stay away from any towns with meat processing plants. They are all filled with large "mystery meat" populations.

Once you cross the line into Western Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota you are now the FREE ZONE. No property tax in South Dakota or Wyoming. The high plains and the Black Hills are really nice. This last Winter was a little rough but there were no dead bodies lying on my sidewalk or shoot outs in the park..

Anonymous said...

Negro, again must do what a negro must do, even if it be some negro over in dat racist Australia:

"The focus has come about now because of the high prevalence among indigenous Australians"

Do you all have the feeling things are getting worser faster? GOOD, so do I !!!

Anonymous said...

OT: What we face today isn't new, but it's getting attention now that it didn't used to get. Here's a portion of an article from the Army Forces Journal in June 1971:

Racial Incidents

Sedition and subversion and legal harassment, rank near the top of what might be called the unprecedented external problems that elements in American society are inflicting on the Armed Forces.

Internally speaking, racial conflicts and drugs – also previously insignificant – are tearing the services apart today.

Racial trouble is no new thing for the Army. In 1906, after considerable provocation, three companies of the 25th Infantry (a colored regular regiment) attacked white troops and townspeople of Brownsville, Texas, and had to be disbanded. Among the few pre-World War II War Department records still heavily classified and thus unavailable to scholars are Army documents on racial troubles.

Racial conflicts (most but not all sparked by young black enlisted men) are erupting murderously in all services.

At a recent high commanders’ conference, General Westmoreland and other senior generals heard the report from Germany that in many units white soldiers are now afraid to enter barracks alone at night for fear of "head-hunting" ambushes by blacks.

In the quoted words of one soldier on duty in West Germany, "I’m much more afraid of getting mugged on the post than I am of getting attacked by the Russians."

Other reports tell of jail-delivery attacks on Army stockades and military police to release black prisoners, and of officers being struck in public by black soldiers. Augsburg, Crailsheim, and Hohenfels are said to be rife with racial trouble. Hohenfels was the scene of a racial fragging last year – one of the few so recorded outside Vietnam.

In Ulm, last fall, a white noncommissioned officer killed a black soldier who was holding a loaded .45 on two unarmed white officers.

Elsewhere, according to Fortune magazine, junior officers are now being attacked at night when inspecting barracks containing numbers of black soldiers.

Kelley Hill, a Ft. Benning, Ga., barracks area, has been the scene of repeated nighttime assaults on white soldiers. One such soldier bitterly remarked, "Kelley Hill may belong to the commander in the daytime but it belongs to the blacks after dark."

Even the cloistered quarters of WACs have been hit by racial hair-pulling. In one West Coast WAC detachment this year, black women on duty as charge-of-quarters took advantage of their trust to vandalize unlocked rooms occupied by white WACS. On this rampage, they destroyed clothing, emptied drawers, and overturned furniture of their white sisters.

But the Army has no monopoly on racial troubles.

As early as July 1969 the Marines (who had previously enjoyed a highly praised record on race) made headlines at Camp Lejeune, N.C., when a mass affray launched by 30-50 black Marines ended fatally with a white corporal’s skull smashed in and 145 other white Marines in the sick bay.

That same year, at Newport, R.I., naval station, blacks killed a white petty officer, while in March 1971 the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., outside Washington, was beset by racial fighting so severe that the base enlisted men’s club had to be closed.

All services are today striving energetically to cool and control this ugly violence which in the words of one noncommissioned officer, has made his once tough unit divide up "like two street gangs."

Read the entire article here:

Anonymous said...

"Race is a political construct".

No, "Equality is a political construct".

Marc B said...

"For the last 20 years the yuppies and geeks from Kali-fornia have been moving in".

The Front Range of Colorado was a great place to live until the late 1990's, but it's been ravaged by leftist locusts and every variety of bean from South of the Border. It's the most SWPL friendly state in the USA. I left in 2000 and never looked back. Anybody with the Western itch should check out Wyoming, Idaho or Montana(before it gets similarly overrun.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:40 am. You are describing south east Michigan when you say “nowhere left to run”. And to yorker, you are correct when you said “you can’t fix stupid “. This country has taken such a dramatic shift in the last 30 years. Barely recognizable in many ways.

Anonymous said...

(Reuters Health) - People of color lose more years of life to police shootings than white people in the U.S., according to a new study that offers a fresh snapshot of the public health repercussions of violent encounters with law enforcement.

For the study, researchers analyzed data from The Counted, a website that tracks police shootings using news reports and other sources, to estimate the number of years of life lost by people who died in these encounters in 2015 and 2016.

Overall, 1,146 people died in police shootings in 2015 and another 1,092 died in 2016, the study found. Based on how young people were when they died and their life expectancies at the time, researchers estimated that combined, these fatalities added up to more than 100,000 years of life lost.

While more than half the of the people who died were white, more than half of the total years of life lost were among people of color and young adults from 25 to 34 years old.

"These deaths are occurring largely among young people whose life expectancies were long and therefore contributed heavily to the years of life lost," said lead study author Anthony Bui of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.

1 of 2

Anonymous said...

Police violence takes most years of life from youth and people of color

2 of 2

"In particular, those dying at younger ages tend to be people of color," Bui said by email.

People of color made up about 39 percent of the population during the study period, but accounted for 52 percent of the years of life lost, researchers report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Compared with white people, the number of years of life lost was greater among American Indian and Alaskan Natives, blacks and Hispanics, but lower among Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Part of the reason for this disparity is that white people who died in shootings tended to be older. Half of the white people killed by police were at least 38 years old, compared with 30 years old for black shooting victims and 31 years old for Hispanic victims.

The study wasn't a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how race or ethnicity influences the chance of dying in a police shooting or the number of lost years of life resulting from these fatalities.

Another limitation of the study is that it only examined fatal shootings, so it doesn't capture what may be happening in nonfatal encounters that might result in significant disability or medical problems.

"The age and racial disparities likely reflect disparities in socioeconomic status and poverty levels," said Ziming Xuan, a researcher at Boston University School of Public Health who wasn't involved in the study.

"Poverty not only puts individuals at greater risk of physical and mental health problems, but also limits access to emergency or intensive care in order to recover from life-threatening injuries," Xuan said by email.

Implicit racial bias may also play a role, Xuan added. Police might be more likely to respond to people of color with deadly force because they perceive situations with these individuals as more life-threatening or think these people may be more likely to behave aggressively or carry a weapon than white people.

Younger adults and people of color may also lose more years of life to police violence because they have a higher risk of being victims and perpetrators of violent crimes, said Alex Piquero, a researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas who wasn't involved in the study.

"And, because crime, especially interpersonal violence, tends to be over-represented in disadvantaged communities in urban cities, it is likely that police are more likely to patrol those areas," Piquero said by email. "When these realities are combined with the fact that minorities are over-represented in residing in those communities, it sets the stage for the disproportionality that emerges from the study's findings."

SOURCE: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, online May 7, 2018

Anonymous said...

Emily STFU You are an idiot and probably bed with Blacks.Blacks ARE KILLING BLACKS FOOL.Now move along. The ADULTS are talking here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Emily; blacks murder blacks! Did you think that the black murder victims were killed by white people? Geez, get with the statistics. Where in the world do you live?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:17and 5:21 P.M. maybe if black, young males, stay in school and work at a real job, stay out of trouble, and off the streets, causing mayhem and crime, police won’t have to disrupt their lives. Sick of the poverty blame game.

D-FENS said...

I did a back of the envelope calculation of overall crime in Denver for Whites, mestizos and negroes relative to their population. I looked at the Denver list of 60 most wanted fugitives as a proxy for crime.

I then broke them down into White, non-white hispanics and negroes. I used appearance to do this. Where there was ambiguous mystery meat I used the name to decide.

I compared these results to the demographics of Denver provided in wikipedia which was obtained from the 2010 census.

My results suggest that negroes commit crimes at a level 2.3 times their fraction of the population. For hispanics it was 1.3.

For Whites it was 0.7.

I think all of us here (Emily and Christian excepted) can suggest a reason that the original article focused on homicide victims rather than perpetrators.

FD80215 said...

My handle is my former zip code. I grew up in the Denver metro. For those of thinking of moving to Denver, do not. Any poster here would hate it. The place has become a commie infested hole. I left there 17 years ago and moved out here to fly over country. Number one reason being cost of living and the job situation. Mexicans destroyed construction wages in Colorado, along with the liberal self absorbed assholes who employ them for .50 on the dollar.

I have many friends there who are wanting out. The legalization of weed has caused a MASSIVE influx of people. The population of the Denver metro has doubled in the past 20 years, and yes the traffic is like D.C or L.A now. I was there about a year ago and was in awe of the changes, not for the better.

Someone said stay away from the front range, agreed. Hit the western slope. Boulder, forget it. That place has always been a smaller version of Haight-Ashbury. It was too liberal for us in the late 80's, when I was is High School. I didn't give two shits about politics back then but I knew to stay away, not my kind of people.

Back in 89 or 90 we had the "Summer of Violence." This was the headline every night on the local news, it seems that gangs were shooting the shit out of each other down in 5 points, aka the hood. These were not the Amish.

Today the only thing nice about Denver is the weather. I do miss that as it gets so damn cold in the winter here and insanely hot in the summer, but hey, I make more money and everything else including housing is far lower in cost. Oh yea, almost forgot...Demographics.

It takes some adjusting but once settled in you will never go back to the big city. There is a sense of freedom that you have being in some small town in middle America. Freedom from crime, high taxes, high cost of living, the list goes on and on.