Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Black Pastor Calls High Black Homicide Rate in Indianapolis and State of Indiana "Genocide" Without Acknowledging Blacks are Behind the Homicides

Previously on SBPDL: Indianapolis, 28% Black but where Blacks are Suspects in More than 80% of Homicides, NO BOBS (No Black on Black Slayings) Organization Started to Stop the Murder

No self-reflection. 

No self-awareness. 

All excuses. 

The "genocide" the black pastor speaks of in Indianapolis (a 28 percent black city) is entirely a phenomenon courtesy of black people killing each other. 
Remember: Indianapolis is only 28 percent black (and 59 percent white), yet blacks are responsible for more than 80 percent of the homicides... which the Indianapolis Star, Fox 59, and other media outlets in the city refuse to admit or publicize

Black Lives Matter? 

Not to fellow black people in Indy. [‘It’s a genocide’ says leader after black homicide study released, Fox 59, 4-22-18]:
Pastor Horatio Luster, of Peacekeepers Indianapolis, has spent decades walking the streets of Indianapolis, meeting victims and perpetrators of gun violence along with scared mothers and teenagers who say they need firearms to protect themselves in dangerous communities. 
recent study by the Violence Policy Center shined a statistical spotlight on homicide in Indiana and its disturbing results did not surprise Luster. 
“It’s a genocide,” he said. “The statistics line up with the body count.” 
The VPC’s report, headlined, “Indiana Ranks #8 in Nation for Black Homicide Victimization,” shows that in 2015, according to FBI statistics, the Hoosier state ranked in the top ten for homicide in the black community with 26.44 killings per 100,000 population. 
While that rate was one-and-a-half times the national average, it was down from two years earlier when Indiana ranked #1 in the nation for black homicide victimization.
Those numbers are even more stunning considering Indiana ranks 18th in the nation for African American population. 
The statistics in Indianapolis are worse. 
Last year, 123 of the city’s 177 homicide victims were black. 
That’s 69% of the total and a rate of 51.25 victims per 100,000 population, twice the statewide number. 
“It has become extremely dangerous based on what we are seeing, based on what we have seen the last few years,” said Luster, “yes, it has become dangerous to be an African American in the city of Indianapolis.” 
92% of 2015’s victims were killed with a gun. 
“Its imperative that legislation step up and do more with assault weapons that are hitting the street just on a regular basis,” said Luster referring to a resolution before the City County Council calling on the General Assembly to ban semi-automatic rifles and extended clips. “If we look at the numbers of the last few years, the increase of gun violence, because when we talk about blacks in the city of Indianapolis, the African American community, the majority of the homicides have been by guns.” 
Luster said the city needs to recognize and practice a multi-pronged approach to tackling violent crime and reducing the homicide numbers in the African American community. 
“I’m a firm believer that our greatest resource that’s going to contribute to decrease the violence in our community, the greatest resource that our community has is the community. 
“Here in the city of Indianapolis we have the poverty stricken areas that are wages below $15,000 a year. We have lack of education. We have single homes being ran by mothers that are trying to raise teenage young men that are just barely grown themselves.” 
Mayor Joe Hogsett maintains that neighborhoods where IMPD has reverted to community policing in an attempt to focus on patrolling smaller geographic areas have seen crime go down. 
Hogsett has spent recent Sundays visiting congregations across the city promoting his summer youth jobs program while FOX59 recently sponsored its Pack the Pantries campaign which raised over $100,000 to provide more than 300,000 meals for Indianapolis residents in attempt to fight crime and desperation by relieving hunger. 
The mayor’s office is currently in the process of hiring a community violence reduction coordinator and staff to emphasize tailored neighborhood solutions to violence.
This racial group is not an asset, but an extreme liability. 

The amount of resources extended to them far outweighs any meager contributions they make to Indianapolis.  

Somehow the problem of black people killing other black people in Indianapolis (and the state of Indiana) is white people's fault. 


Roberto said...

I'd like to know how many of the murders are committed with semi-auto rifles ? I'd bet it's not very many.

Westminster Dragoon said...

I just came across the best definition of Future Time Orientation, courtesy of Bertrand Russell.

"One must care about a world one will never see."

Anonymous said...

If this is genocide, can we PLEASE begin charging black-on-black murderers with genocide, or bringing in an additional charge of genocide? Can we PLEASE begin to show these people how much we care by putting the killers of our most valuable citizens away for life?

Perhaps we can can even have African-American "preservations"! We have Native-American "reservations" because they needed a place reserved for them, but to stop the African-American genocide we need to implement immediate and drastic preservation strategies to ensure the survival of this collective national treasure! As African-Americans are the special "somethinng"that allowed this nation to attain such heights and magnificence we need to assure their preservation for future generations. Imagine your grandchildren being able to go in protective orbs powered by sunlight the allows them to visit the great preserve in the "Evergroids"!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant logic dude. You're a natural for a position at NASA.

Anonymous said...

The raised $100k to feed the poor, then added at least 3 government jobs (coordinator plus staff) at a cost at least 3-4x that amount.

Ex New Yorker said...

All these evil white people are the ones pushing that evil JUJU on black people. The first sign of evil JUJU is when these poverty stricken "teens" are forced to go around with their pants hanging down and letting their ass hang out. The white men also force these innocent blacks into a life of crime and drug addition because they were kicked out of school for beating up the math teacher and attempted rape of the English teacher. These perverse social actions are caused by JUJU from white people and are used to "hold the black man down".

This JUJU is also the reason that white people learn how to read and write, get jobs or run a business thus earning an honest living. By being successful in life they actually prevent the disadvantaged ghetto dwellers from the same opportunities, thus forcing them into poverty, welfare and prison. Over the years this JUJU has taken it's toll on the black community and that IS THE REASON they are murdering each other in record numbers on the streets.

The white man's JUJU causes fifteen year old girls to spread their legs for a hit on a crack pipe. It is why gang members are roaming the streets selling drugs and shooting people and it is also the cause of massive stupidity among the oppressed and suffering black community who find it hard to "get a good job".

In the past I have confessed that I am one of those JUJU white devils. Every night I send out magic JUJU to the tree swingers living in Americas doomed cities. And now for the first time I will be revealing the secret of how I produce this super powerful JUJU.

Every night from a secret location in the Mid-West I send out strong feelings of gratitude that I no longer have to live around these depraved barbaric subhuman animals. Twenty years in New York City was enough. Free at last. Free at last.

Anonymous said...

It never is. Just one more bit of deceit and misdirection in a grossly misleading and dishonest article.

It’s amazing that people can be so thoroughly deluded. Was there a single acknowledgement in that entire article that this “genocide” of blacks is being carried out by blacks themselves?

If you just fell to earth and didn’t know anything about the circumstances, you would read this article and think that some scary non-black group is targeting and murdering blacks wholesale. Which is what the writer of this article WANTS you to think…

Anonymous said...

An interesting observation that deserves further study: the homicide rate started trending upward in the years after the Cabrini green projects were demolished. I wonder if we are seeing the results of migration via section 8 vouchers?

PsychoNaut621 said...

...the greatest resource that our community has is the community.

Apparently it isn't.

Ah yes, but let's continue to trot out the usual excuses of "lack of education" and "poverty" and demand more of "dem programs" to "solve" the "problem."

Anonymous said...

I call it "winner winner chicken dinner", let the good times roll.

Cauchemar du Singe said...

Sub-Genius "Pastor" Horatio Luster gives a lesson in Pretzel Logic:
Firm belief in community + community (mo' education - poverty) + mo' food + programs - dem bayed guns = peaceful community
Beautifully simple...minded.

Bill in St Louis said...

Same old story. Homicides just spring up from streeets gone wrong, to victimize the black community. A multi tiered approach is needed to fork over YT tax dollars, as now the revrund et al., want to steal with both hands. Teenage single mothers are raising teens themselves barely in single home just out of thier teens with no education selves, and so a community organizers office, with staff will shit rainbows and serve ice cream at "only kill Yt" rallies.
How about this? Any female, on any kind of assistance, at puberty must either have implanted birth control, or tubal litigation. (Tubals to recieve a 1 time payment of $25,000.) Then, these unwed, uneducated, semi-feral teen females will quit popping out "teens" who shoot each other.

It is genocide, in the sense that one racial group is killing off a racial group no one likes. Their own)

Anonymous said...

Fred Reed said it best, “ if blacks could they would have done it by now “

chattanooga gal said...

"An interesting observation that deserves further study: the homicide rate started trending upward in the years after the Cabrini green projects were demolished. I wonder if we are seeing the results of migration via section 8 vouchers?"
I think that has actually been proven, if suppressed. someone literally did a map of where the section 8 vouchers were, and where the rising crime rates were and it matched perfectly.
As for the black " genocide", I could care less if they were A. a little more accurate so I did not have to pay for the near misses, and B didn't have 6 kids by the time they were 18 first.

D-FENS said...

Regarding Section 8 and the redistribution of crime:

Anonymous said...

I saw a statistic once that so callled assault weapons were used in 1% of all gun crimes.

So yes, it’s very low.

Banning blacks would be far more effective than banning these weapons. But of course this pastor and his stupid white liberal friends will never admit that.

Slim said...

He wants to ban assault rifles, which has accounted for zero gun deaths in Indianapolis. Idiot. Just like liberals and blacks, blame it on everything except the real problem.

nokangaroos said...

Those "pastors" beseeching the yoof to for Sweet Muscular Jesus´sake murder WHITES instead are so stereotypical they are not even funny any more.

But "community violence reduction coordinator" AND staff? Another struggling satirist´s job down the drain ... THIS is something they are perfectly capable of themselves ;b

Mr. Rational said...

I'd like to know how many of the murders are committed with semi-auto rifles ? I'd bet it's not very many.

I'd bet that the "revrun" is concerned about victims using semi-auto rifles to shoot his parishoners when they try to "reduce the inequalities" by means such as home-invasion robberies.

We need to treat this obsolete farm equipment the same way we treat promotional T-shirts printed for losing teams:  ship it to the turd world.  That's the only place that it isn't out of place.

Mr. Rational said...

In the past I have confessed that I am one of those JUJU white devils. Every night I send out magic JUJU to the tree swingers living in Americas doomed cities. And now for the first time I will be revealing the secret of how I produce this super powerful JUJU.

Every night from a secret location in the Mid-West I send out strong feelings of gratitude that I no longer have to live around these depraved barbaric subhuman animals.


This thermonuclear troll needs to be reposted on all nog-blogs.

If you just fell to earth and didn’t know anything about the circumstances, you would read this article and think that some scary non-black group is targeting and murdering blacks wholesale. Which is what the writer of this article WANTS you to think…

It is axiomatic in The Narrative that Blacks have no moral agency.

ciwarrior1 said...

This reminds me about the story that I heard about Rosa Parks; the great civil rights advocate, and one who was responsible for much of the changes in our government and in civil rights. When she was in her mid 80's, a black man broke into her apartment. She confronted him, and he asked her, "Are you Rosa Parks?" She said, "Yes I am." He then said, "Wow, I met the real Rosa Parks," Then he proceeded to kick Rosa Parks ass, and steal money and Jewelry from her. Rose Parks was in the hospital for about 3 weeks recovering from the beating she received. If this is what blacks are going to do with one of their "icons," you know why they are so vicious toward one another.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I wholeheartedly disagree with you! The greatest resource these people has IS that one and same community. At black churches (or is that chirchez?) across this great land, many of their youngsters grew up hearing that their very community was in peril and that they ALWAYS needed to prey on that.

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Non PC Infidel said...

Regarding the propensity for blacks to blame everyone else for what they do and for the consequences of their own actions, I've heard it called the "Angel Adams Effect." Remember her? The ghetto sow with a multitude of fatherless children who was on video in a whitey supplied hotel room pointing at her worthless brood of 16 "chilluns" and screeching, "Sumbody gots to pay fo' all dis! Sumbody gots to take responsibility fo' all dis!" She couldn't provide food, clothing and shelter for all her "chilluns" and blamed everyone else despite the fact she was the one who'd spread her legs for every thug that had ever dropped by and expected whitey to pick up the tab. It was your fault she was homeless and in a horrible situation even if it was of her own making.

The same mentality is rife in da hood. Even blacks gunning down blacks like they're at a turkey shoot and can win a big prize is whitey's fault because whitey invented the gun. Ditto for every problem and dysfunction in the hood that blacks have created and are responsible for- it's your fault. You caused it by either something you did or didn't do and they're just the innocent victims.

Somewhere in Africa, there's a stupid negro sitting in the dirt in front of his primitive hut blaming whitey for the fact that he doesn't live in a fancy penthouse with a refrigerator stuffed full of food and a closet full of fancy clothes. That too is your fault- never mind the fact that his primitive people lived that way for tens of thousands of years because it was the sum total of what they could create. Still your fault.

Negroes are a "whiny bitch" species and as soon as they come into contact with a more advanced human race and society, their whine and bitch genes are instantly activated along with their blame everybody else gene and their "gibsmedat" gene. Fail to comply with their demands and they immediately play the victim and become hostile. It's their default setting.

Ever wonder what it would be like if a primitive species of man was magically transported from the distant past into the present and suddenly had to interact with the modern world with which they couldn't compete or fit in to? Wonder no more. They're here now and are called negroes.

Anonymous said...

I live in Indy and I hate these people. They all need to go back to Africa so we can find some peace.

Anonymous said...

"that are just
barely grown themselves.”

It is so.

Most adult Africans have the IQ of 10 year old white children.

Also, Anon 8:21 lol @ "Evergroids"

Californian said...

"Genocide" is a tad too strong a term for the mayhem which Africans in America bring to YT's cities.The body count really is not high enough. The term "genocide" ought to be reserved for something on the order of the bloodbaths in Rwanda or even Liberia, though perhaps things one day might escalate to that level here in the Homeland.

The real victims are White people who are driven out of their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and civic spaces by African in America violence, race hustling and general destruction of infrastructure.

But speak those magic words, "disparate impact," and Africans in America go from being the perpetrators to the victims.

It's another dimension, a driveby into an absurdist land whose boundaries are that of the 'hood. That's the graffitied signpost up ahead - your next stop, the BRA Zone.

europeasant said...

“It’s a genocide,” he said. “The statistics line up with the body count.”

Except that their population keeps increasing. Itz at about 43 million these days.In 1990 they were at bout 29 million so this is a pretty good growth rate. In the year 1900 that population was only 8.8 million. They are reproducing at a great rate. This genocide talk is plain BS. The rev's IQ must be about 75 for him to believe about this nonsense.
If you think that's a rapid rate of growth just check out the Sub-Saharan rate of growth. Projected to be about 2 billion in the next 20, 30 years. The country of Nigeria alone is expected to equal USA's population in the not too distant future.
Nature is trying to keep them in check but the stupid white man keeps giving them food and medicine. This insanity has to stop.

countenance said...

And it's not a "genocide" in the strict sense of the word, because a small percentage of men murdering a small percentage of men within the group does not result in a long term population collapse. Fertile women are the reproductive bottleneck.


(Since I have learned how to turn my phony screen name here, CENTURION, into "BLUE" letters, that creates a link to what ever web page I want to push on people. THUS, if you click on it, you will be directed to one of the most "hated" topics....GLOBALIST WARMING vs Global Cooling (I support COOLING). So enjoy, while I can avoid being blamed for discussing a topic that has nothing to do with Race...........even though it does..........since everything is related to RACE)

Back to our regular scheduled program: BRA:

There is NO solution (as we go through the destruction of America and specifically, American inner cities). This will continue until sufficient White people, and concerned and "intelligent" non-Whites, all agree to STOP it. This will happen when it happens and there is NOTHING any of us can do to stop it, or speed up the "awakening".

All you can do is what only you can do. Prepare mentally and physically.

1) GET and stay healthy

2) Stock up on those medications you must have. One years supply, if not more.

3) Have all the weapons and ammo you are comfortable with. 2 guns per person. I suggest one rifle and one pistol. I personally have a "tactical" vest that can hold 2 pistols and about 10 magazines. PLUS I have the "thigh" holster, on Left, one Right, if I really want to look the look. My kids love it when I dress all up with all the guns and ammo but WOW is that stuff heavy. But do I look cool or what.

Then have a R/L ankle holster.

In doing this, you can have one Pistol-grip rifle in one hand and a pistol in the other, with 2 guns on the thighs, 2 (or more) in the Tactical Vest, and another rifle over your shoulder.....really cool dude!!!!(This complete rig will set you back about $5,000 with guns and ammo....a man's dream....

4) Food for each person for 1 year

5) Reliable water source

6) A pile of books to read while you wait for everybody else to starve to more than 3 months. Then we can come out of our "man caves" and rebuild.

7) Items for trading or for having fun: Alcohol, Cigarettes, Tampons, Aspirin, Band-Aides, Gasoline cans. Propane gas cans (full), batteries-solar recharging devices, hand crank radios, back up cell-phones/iPads,.....your basic preper can get all kinds of lists off the net of what you "should" have. It's fun.

IF none of this happens, then hey, you got a great SWAT set up.

Pat Boyle said...

What do we call this kind of loony thinking?

When I was in college at George Mason we would get some guys together to drive down to Mary Washington - the all female college of the University of Virginia. We went to prey on the lonely girls in the dorms - and damn glad they were to see us.

I soon learned that the best indication that a girl was amenable to our attentions was if she went on and on about the loose morals of other girls in the dorm. So it is with black racists like this preacher.

This phenomenon is called by many names - projection, reaction formation, defense mechanism, or simply 'the blame game'. If you see a flaw in your own character you defend your self image by reacting to it and project your personal defects on to others - you blame them for what you yourself are most guilty of.

The whole meme of 'white privilege' is a case of projection. Many here have suffered from Affirmative Action in one of its many forms. Blacks have privileges guaranteed by the power of the state and the majesty of the law. Black privileges are real, ubiquitous and meaningful. If there really were some privileges that accrued to whites or East Asians, I don't know what they would be. Trust me. No white can go to a cop and raise a stink because he wasn't given a spot at the head of the line, or any other kind of preference. But everyday you hear of some aggrieve darkie who didn't get some kind of preference they thought that they were entitled to.

Blacks project their privileges, which they know to be unfair, unto whites. I'd explain it to him but this nearly illiterate black preacher probably wouldn't comprehend the concept. The qualification test for black community leader seems to be the ability to count to eleven without having to take off your pants.


Anonymous said...

To Bill in St Louis at 4:26am.
Expanding on the tubal ligation idea, in addition to the burden of birthing unwanted murderers lifted from their (and our) shoulders, they would be free, free! Hallelujah! to spread an even more sinister death sentence among their kind. STD's, AIDS...
I fail to see a downside.

Anonymous said...

I live in Indy too and I completely agree. They are so feral and aggressive.

The city has changed so much over the past 20 years. I think they’ve arrived here to move away from Chicago. And no matter how far you live from downtown, it’s starting to be impossible to avoid them.

It would be a lot cheaper to give them $10,000 and send them to Africa than to pay for them to live on a lifetime of welfare.

Marc B said...

Blacks cannot adhere to the Western norms adulthood, like taking personal responsibility for one's actions, so they offload their group misdeeds by assigning blame to Whites at every opportunity. Circular firing squads are their normal, and it's nobody elses fault.

Anonymous said...

I got into trouble once for writing on the blackboard in the breakroom:

"The world will end tomorrow.
The poor and minorities will be affected most."

(I worked for the welfare office)

Antidote said...

No, anthropologically speaking it isn't genocide; it's tribal warfare. Dee Crips n' Dee Bloods = The Tutsis and the Hutus. Gun control, abolition of NRA and repeal of the 2nd Amendment won't help this situation at all; they'll simply stab and machete each other. Nothing can be done; it's in the genes.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

A recent study by the Violence Policy Center shined a statistical spotlight on homicide in Indiana and its disturbing results did not surprise Luster.
“It’s a genocide,” he said. “The statistics line up with the body count.”

I agree whole heartedly. The best thing to do about it would be to organize a march, or "caravan" down to Tijuana, and demand that the Mexican government grant you asylum.

Brian in Ohio said...

To echo CENTURION, America is headed for a reckoning, and there is nothing any of us can do to alter its course.

Too many decades of bad policies. Too much arrogance, too much greed. Too much trying to police the world. And far, far too much (((influence))) from a certain tribe.

And that we stupidly imported an invasive species, know the world over for its lack of intelligence and incredible violence, has just thrown gasoline on the fire. As Matt Bracken is fond of saying, it will be Bosnia x Rwanda.

But what you CAN do, is prepare for you and those you care about to ride out the storm.
Food, clean water, medicine and the means to defend it.

Lots of great info out there on "preparedness". Use this time wisely. These ARE the "good old days".

Stay alert, stay alive.

Hannibal said...

Self-genocide. Another thing they've stolen from whitey.

Anonymous said...

Forget gun control. What is sorely needed is black control.

Sick n Tired said...

Add cordless tools to that list. They make pretty much every kind of tool these days with rechargeable batteries. I personally buy Milwaukee for the quality and diversity they offer. You can get drills, chopsaws, grinders, chipping hammers, bandsaws, sawzalls, skilsaws, and they also make great battery operated lights and lanterns that will illuminate an entire room for 8-10 hours on a single battery. Their 18v lantern also has a built in USB port so you can charge phones/laptops/etc. I've been buying their tools for years, and now will purchase a tool just because it comes with 1-2 batteries, which are worth about $200, with a tool that I might not use that much, but IF I ever do need it, I have it. I have a 5 gallon bucket I keep all my batteries in and it's pretty much full, so probably worth around $2500, just in batteries. I try to rotate the ones I use so that they are always either full or 3/4 full, and they hold their charge. They tend to lose a bit of charge if they are in cold climates, but I live in FL, so it's not much of an issue. Every year Milwaukee expands their product line, and with their new Fuel motors, the batteries last even longer. Find what you need to fit your needs and stock up on those as well, in case the power grid goes down or a hurricane/natural disaster leaves you helpless for a while.

Also stock up on guns & ammo, stay alert & stay alive. Best to all posters on this site.

Sick n Tired said...

Unfortunately $10k isn't enough, they get more than that back from the taxes they didn't pay into if they have more than 3 kids. You need to offer a much more substantial number that looks like a lot ON PAPER, but is actually cost effective in the long run. Say $25k for any single, childless groid, and throw in $10k per kid. So 24 year old Shenequia with 5 kids, stands to make $75k if they renounce their citizenship and leave the US. America should also build blocks of apartments and town houses over in African countries just for American Africans who decide to take the deal. It will still be worth it in the long run if we spend $175k to get rid of one sheboon and her 5 sprogs over a lifetime of section 8 housing, welfare, medicare, court costs, and prison fees.

Johnny See said...

Truth, bro. Truth. Trouble is, they think they are aggrieved now...

Johnny See said...

I love you Pat. No homo. Did you get your knowledge of psychology from working the trenches as a social worker? I bet you did. Nice.
I don't know how this ends, but I just don't see it being pleasant. Too bad, really. I spent 4 years in the Caribbean in the early nineties, and I understand why those blacks hate our kind. Ouch.
Someone is going to get hurt. Too bad

Johnny See said...

This. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I came to these very conclusions myself.

Ohio born said...

It's tribal warfare, not genocide! Negro on negro biolance!

Anonymous said...

Even the black community cannot stop their own kind from killing each other.

bart simpsonson said...

The pastor or nobody else needs to comment about who is doing the homicides. The fact is that we ALL know who it is, and we all know WHY it is. They, like many (most?) Spanish-speaking, and Farsi-speaking recent arrivals, have failed to assimilate into mainstream America in order to take advantage of all the freedoms and opportunities that exist here. So they turn to their third-world $hithole way of life and victimize each other and mainstream society as well.