Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Free Tommy Robinson: Why President Trump Must Demand His Release From British Jail

He's an enemy of the state. 

And now he's in jail for daring to be one of the few journalists documenting the Muslim grooming gangs of white British girls. 
Demand his release from British jail. One Tweet on Tommy Robinson's imprisonment could change the world. 

Demand the British government free him, President Trump. Better yet, just Tweet about this grave injustice and force the Bolshevik media to attack you for daring to notice what's happening in the UK. 


Anonymous said...

A-men! Trump....in your court. Do nothing and you are complicit. You know...

This is a do or die moment. That poor Christian White man is being beaten and raped right now by Muslims in prison, most likely.

Save him....!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see this here Paul. In addition to truth and free speech, I'm a big Tommy Robinson guy. The west needs more men like him with balls. Now as for Roseanne.........


P S Bindy said...

Tommy R is on parole. The parole conditions, one of them at least, are that he stay away from courthouses. For good or ill, he purposely violated his parole conditions.

I'm aware as he next SBPDLer that all across Western Europe citizens are losing free speech rights to protect Africans and Muzzies. But we are as guilty as the MSM if we post stories with half the information left out. We have truth on our side. We don't need to omit facts to appeal to emotion. That's Lefty stuff.

Tommy R has his own motives for doing what he did.

Anonymous said...

Tommy had the nerve to stand in the street outside the criminal court with a cell phone, and speak out against child molestation.

What a dastardly crime! It's obvious that Tommy is a threat to public safety - isn't it?

Anonymous said...

All Trump has to do is make a vague comment on how he needs to look further into the situation to see if Robinson deserves release.

The MSM, in their idiotic effort to oppose any position Trump takes, will fall over themselves declaring far and wide that Robinson is innocent and demand his release. Such is the blind ignorance of the media goons.

Californian said...

Once again, the prevailing system of Anarcho-Tyranny strikes. The British state did not protect its own citizens from Muslim sex slave rings in Rotherham and elsewhere. But it can marshal its full force against Tommy Robinson who was videoing on a public street.

This is turning into a cause celebre for nationalists, worldwide.

nokangaroos said...

(((They))) have to be either desperate or supremely confident to try anything like that; unfortunately the evidence is toward the latter.
This is no different from what Germany and Austria have been enduring for decades.
(I´m too well-mannered to say "I told you so";b)
(((Their))) right to blackmail and genocide via the (((Kalergi Plan))) trumps mere human ones like "speech" every time.
BTW one of the better-known politicos, Gerd Honsik, editor/publisher of "Halt", just died miserably of liver cancer because Austria denied him the medical coverage they provide to every "refugee".
Coming soon to a country near you ...

(Yes, there are stirrings across Central Europe, starting with Viktor Orban and his "Stop Soros". We´ll see ...)

Augustus said...

If the President should say anything, I hope he refers to this man as a "political prisoner." Britain deserves international embarrassment for abandoning free speech.

Anonymous said...

Just another day on Cuck Island. The descendants of Churchill and Nelson look the other way while 7th century savages defile their women and girls, while persecuting their own people who try to sound the alarm.

I’m just waiting for the next smug fog-breather to tell me how I stupid I am for not giving up my firearms and letting the government “protect” me. ;-)

Aren’t you glad your forefathers rebelled?

Anonymous said...

ot: so Roseanne's tweet about Valerie Jarret was racist?! Really? How?

She said VJ had connections to Muslim Brotherhood - she does- and that she looks like she's from planet of the apes movie. Examine that. Where is race mentioned? Seriously. Look at characters from the movie. Look at Zira. Now look at VJ. Big similarity.

Roseanne didn't say it was because VJ is half negroid. Just that there is a similarity in looks. If you, dear liberal or negro, want to say it's about race, then it's YOU saying negroids and apes are similar, not Roseanne.

See how that works? NOT a racist tweet, unless you, the critic, think Dindus look like apes. Your call. ABC, reinstate her show!!

Bill in St Louis said...

Sorry, logic not allowed during a PC sacrifice and self (ABC) fflagellation show. Since liberals are all closet racists, (hence the constant excuses for thier pets not being civilized) , it was obvious to them that the tweet was about race. Therefore, Rosanne must be punished, before she makes any more common sense points to the masses. Obey the gods of the idiot box, watch sportsball and allow the black tide further ingress into your life. Or, kill your TV, your call.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Britain deserves international embarrassment for abandoning free speech."

I think most modern Americans take for granted how unique our political system is. Prior to our revolution the status quo in civilizations (those more advanced than barbarism *might makes right*) was the Divine Right of Kings. The origins of that system trace back to ancient Babylon (perhaps earlier?) where the king was held to be an actual diety, the ecclesiastic and secular power all belonging to the sovereign and his bloodline. The punchline being that the king was God and all powerful and everybody is his chattel property. The king, being God (later morphing to appointed by God) granted rights and privileges to his subjects.

The whole concept of "all men created equal" was not to imply that a red Injun or sub Saharan congoid was interchangeable with an Englishman, but an indictment of the concept that through gynecological happenstance one man is entitled to all rights and privileges and all others are destined to be his property. That all free men are sovereign over themselves and their household and no man is born to a higher station than the next. The underlying premise of our constitution is that all free men have every right of the King of England.

Other Masonic revolutions of the last few hundred years (all designed to undermine the power of the old monarchies to prepare them for eventual world government) came at this from a few angles. England did have some minor concessions to the peasants there but they have never really been anything but subjects who's rights are granted by the state/the king as opposed to natural rights granted by their creator. The French and Bolshevik revolutions give the right of government to the mob collectively as opposed to the people individually which is incredibly dangerous since the mob is easily manipulated by the hidden hands of oligarchs and inevitably these "democracies" turn out far worse than just one royal family who is known and can easily be deposed and beheaded when they become too tyrannical.

In any event, the United States constitution was the first time ever that codified the idea that all free men are sovereign by their own right and not subjects to or property of anybody. NOBODY else in the world has ever been free and once we lose that here it's likely nobody will be free again for a very long time if ever.

Britannia is lost. Their best men struck out to settle and build their colonies hundreds of years ago and the remaining men of grit and character were mercilessly thrown into the meat grinder in two consecutive generations of brother-wars as cannon fodder to create a new Babylonian world government.

All that said, be careful of this. I've seen some folks comment that Tommy is controlled opposition or possibly an informant. The UK today is a nightmare police state and much like in Orwell's vision any dissent must be ruthlessly oppressed through destruction of words, thought police, and a constant barrage of propaganda. Likewise, as in Orwell's warning, any subversive movement a true non-believer should find or try to organize will be nothing more than a state controlled (or at least heavily infiltrated and monitored) honey pot. Malcontents can be carefully monitored controlled as agent provocateurs, and otherwise used to the ends of the party. In the USA you don't join the KKK because you know it's 50% government spooks and eventually someone is going to start getting some bombs cooked up by the FBI, do something stupid to get everybody arrested to look bad in the press... If the provocateurs can't get people imprisoned they will at very least set up scenarios to discredit or demoralize current or potential sympathizers.

Anyway, be very careful. Believe NOTHING you are told, especially by the (((media))) or any government and if they ever come for our guns that's our absolute last chance to make a stand.

Anonymous said...

"All Trump has to do is make a vague comment on how he needs to look further into the situation to see if Robinson deserves release."

Better yet, he should endorse his imprisonment. The Lefties would fall all over themselves demanding his release. Lefties are off-the-chain crazy.....they never got over the "terrible twos".

Egghead said...

Here’s a great topic for SBPDL to explore:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Roseanne ............your apology SUCKS.


World Wide, ALL White nations are being attacked.




Muslims and Africans are too stupid to be behind this.


Rosanne, being in Hollywood, should have known better than to tweet ANYTHING.

I have no Twatter account, and won't get one. It's bad enough what I write here, including all the censored posts you all don't see.

I've been banned by Discus, AMREN, Breitbart, Legal Insurrection, etc. etc. Why? I keep asking the question:

If black people are so stupid, how can they be the problem?

Anonymous said...

Jarrett [what an ugly woman] is 1/8 black, reportedly.
the libs have a new 'one drop rule'
see wiki---ancestor was first nog at MIT [duh, IQ is part of what it takes to get there].

Anonymous said...



Californian said...

Here are the British consulates in the USA:


Write a polite letter to the consulate in your region re Tommy Robinson. Tell them:

* You are aware of Robinson's arrest
* That it is one more example of how free speech is being suppressed in Britain
* That you know the restrictions on filming, but that Robinson was engaged in an act of civil disobedience which ought to be respected
* Mention the double standard of the British government neglecting to take action over Rotherham and other cases which were much more serious
* You might also state that you will cancel any tourist plans for Britain since you do not want to be subject to their police state

This is a chance to take action.

Let's do it.

Anonymous said...

Where can I read parole conditions for Tommy?

Marc B said...

TR's arrest will back-fire, because it will be apparent to everybody that the British government and the media are actively covering up exposure of the crimes commited by Arab/Islamic immigrants in the UK. This overreach is so blatant that it will not go unnoticed. President Trump needs to make Tommy Robinson a cause célèbre for the entire Western World.

Non PC Infidel said...

Re: Tommy Robinson- www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-free-tommy-robinson

Help get the petition up to one million signatures- over halfway there now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Paris, now you know why we had sane, moral, segregation"

This picture shows what happens when you believe in the bullshit of equality.


Ex New Yorker said...

I don't give a shit about anything that happens in England. Seeing how much press this Robinson guy has gotten over the years has convinced me he was not for real. If the English people are so fucked up they would let these Muslims abuse their daughters how can you feel any sympathy for them. Where were these girls parents when Ahed and his buddies were on the prowl for young pussy.

On the "saboteur 365" site there is a condensed story about Robinson that came from the UNZ site. Well worth reading.

Having watched the stupid hippies buy into the government controlled "hippie revolution" bullshit in the 60's I see things from a different angle than most people. Everything is a con job played out on the stage so the dullards can rant and rave. None of this shit is real. It is all a stupid game played by the media and corporate government.

Who here remembers the riots at the Democrat convention in Chicago during the 60's. The agent provocateur Abbie Hoffman and his "yippies' (aka...Youth International Party) had posters all over New York advertising Chicago as a "love in" in Grant Park. They were going to "love bomb" the city. It turned into a well planned blood bath.

By the way. All Abbie's little group of "yippies" were stoners that had gotten busted for heavy drugs sales. They were given the choice...jail or become a yippie. Being a yippie was better than getting butt fucked by the "brothers" in the slammer. I knew one of them. What would you have done.

I don't trust anyone who claims to be a leader or spokesman for the right or left. Their new monkey on a chain is David Hogg. Anybody that gets media coverage is controlled. They are all part of a scam to get people all hot and bothered about some two bit bullshit. Trannies in the ladies bathroom was my favorite. Remember Brucie Boy cancelled a rock concert because people were against men wearing dresses in women's bathrooms.

Who are these dumb fucks and why do they keep falling for the same stupid bullshit time after time.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Isn't practically every square inch of London covered by surveillance cameras? The government must really be bothered by what Tommy Robinson is attempting to show.

Armed Memphian said...

Parole conditions from past arrests over a similar subject matter. It's all bunk!

I say to hell with parole conditions. It all stems from the same place, the British authorities bullying a subject into remaining silent about their corruption and complacency.

The media there has spent considerable resources on assassinating his character over the years, since that only slowed him down and didn't stop him outright they had to take more drastic action.

This is the blatant persecution we can look forward to if our American rights continue to be eroded, chipped away bit by bit.

Bad enough Obama's children can get away with damn near anything in our pussified legal system, when we start getting punished for being vocal and giving a shit about our country and our people...It's time for a change, a real change.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Robinson may find himself a martyr...likely a muzzle will kill him soon in prison...but he should die happy knowing he has saved his nation as it will trigger the great push into the sea of the invading muzzle armies...Limey Whitey will finally go berserk.

ot: Roseanne should find the science articles that show negro genomes closer to bonobos than caucasians are...twitter post that data...valerie jarret, being part negroid, is actually closer to the apes than we Humans are. Science!! You win Roseanne!!

D-FENS said...

What Ex-New Yorker said. Let’s not get sucked into a jew psycho-drama. If Tommy won’t even name who is the major advocate for muzzy imports to the west, well he’s got a hell of a struggle ahead. Didn’t the Sun Tzu say something about knowing your enemy?

I am going to Caliphate Central in a few weeks (UK and France). I dread the thought.

Long term? I think the only effective action I can take is to disconnect. No job, therefore fewer taxes. Already maxed unrmployment after layoff. Will collect SS at 62 before it becomes means tested and depleted. Reduced consumption. Fuck the government AND corporate America. I am starting to grow my own food. When I do buy food at the store, it is usually unpackaged so I don’t pay the kosher tax. I have solar (thank you tax breaks and the fact that wife works for solar company) So now I only pay $10 a month max to the local utility I used to work for that spent more time on promoting LGTB month than running their power plants. Most books I read are from the public library except for those too non-pc to make it past the purchaser. (My local branch has more books on the fucking holocaust than the civil war!) Fuck Bezos and Amazon. Same with DVDs - Fuck Netfucks! My car is a 11 year old Prius that still gets great mileage for when president Bolton bombs Iran to please his hebrew overlords.

Oh, and be sure to leave bread crumbs of truth in public places. Most are too cucked, fucked or drugged to pick up on it. But about 1 in a hundred might be red-pilled.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am in the Sickness Business ("Health Care").

I see 30 -40 patients (consumers) a day. So let me tell you what I have noticed over the pat 35 years.............

The average American is an idiot. Stupid. Ignorant and likes it. Arrogantly Ignorant.

There is absolutely NO WAY, the masses of fat, obese, pig-like Americans are ever going to wake up. They are too Stupi

Noelle's Bootcut Kittenpants said...

He has a price on his head. Any Muslim who kills him will be rewarded. To be safe, he had to stay in solitary confinement the last time he was in the crapper.

Anonymous said...


Summary, Stay alert, stay alive.


Anonymous said...

No way the black community will go for it.
Work for welfare?
Body Cameras on the Poh-Leece?
Now repealing sin taxes so that 40 of malt liquor is cheaper, well they will support that.
The civil asset forfeiture clause is good too. Too many agencies, GA, use this to excess.
One officer said “I swell marijuana in your truck.”
To which I said -essentially- you’re either mistaken, or planning to plant drugs and take it, because I have never used or sold drugs, I bought this truck New and I am the only person who has ever driven it. I perform all of my own service. The truck has never been stolen or borrowed. I do not associate with anyone who uses drugs and because even the appearance of drugs will impact my right to own a firearm, I will never associate with or be in the vicinity of someone who uses them. You were saying?
He said, well I will bring out a dog then and we’ll see. To which I said “a false alert? I bet we will.”
He made me wait about 20 minutes, meanwhile I called my attorney, hen let me go. One of a million reasons to never ever travel to the SouthEast. Criminal f...ks. Or is it cucks?

Trapped in Chicongo said...

My grandfather was Chicago PD during the '68 convention, he spoke of the fact that most of the 'protesters' just sat around smoking dope until the media arrived, at which point they'd all act up hootin and hollerin until the media passed on to another location. He felt it was a quite orchestrated event overall. But was sorry that his fellow brothers in arms eventually got caught up in the violence and had to bust some heads when mercilessly provoked by overwhelming numbers of agitators, again seemingly orchestrated. Remember that Daley wasn't on the best of terms with the federal government at the time....

Augustus said...

Thx Californian. Great ideas. I will do so.

Unknown said...

His original conviction was the result of violating "speech" restrictions arbitrarily enforced against the "right" but never the "left".

You conveniently left that out.

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

His original conviction was based on violating British "speech" restrictions.

Restrictions that are more often than not, enforced against the right but not the left.

You conveniently left that out.

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

ot: Hey people!....WTF?!!...why aren't I seeing this everywhere...???!!


Do NOT f*ck with our girl Roseanne! You just done f*cked yourselves!

This should be a MASSIVE nationwide campaign until she gets her show back. Do NOT let (((them))) and their orc army win.


Anonymous said...


Beware of agitprop.

(((Roseanne))) had fully multiculturalized her new show: black granddaughter and tranny grandchild and Muslim immigrant neighbors who are presented in the most flattering and sympathetic terms in contrast to a young white working class female cashier who is portrayed as an aggressive racist in a very unrealistic situation - and who faces an aggressive reprimand for her racism by Roseanne.

Roseanne either wanted out of her show because it was now someone else’s show and failed to represent her world view OR (((Roseanne))) is in on the joke....

The new black female head of ABC just publicly, summarily and without trial or appeal ‘judged’ Roseanne (as a symbol of white people) as being ‘racist’ and ‘sentenced’ Roseanne (as a symbol of white people) as deserving of instant firing and lifelong reprobation (originally meaning rejection by God) upon Roseanne making one public joke that references the Muslim Brotherhood, a Hollywood movie, and a well-known public political figure VJ (the secret service guarded de facto power behind the president during Obama’s terms).

In addition to distracting from the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, this is marriage of Islamic and corporate fascism - the imposition of Sharia Law under the guise of anti-bullying strictures.

Sharia Law forbids any communication that fails to benefit Islam.

VJ said that this is a ‘teaching moment’ - and it is my opinion that VJ is teaching us to submit to Islam.

Islamic countries are famous for their distinct absence of humor.

Do you think it is an accident that Roseanne engaged first Chelsea Clinton and then Valerie Jarrett in a very public manner at this exact time?

The plan is to create public confusion and derision of the ideas that Roseanne tweets about race, Islam, and conspiracy theories.

This is pure pick a target, freeze a target and attack a target with that target being ‘woke’ white women. If anything, this stunt hints that (((they))) are afraid of young white women catching a clue about the Kalergi plan.



Beware of agitprop.
May 30, 2018 at 10:59 AM

How to explain this?
No one can forget Roseanne’s over the top “Liberalism”,
her mocking performance of the National Anthem, and
visceral hatred of America and White Americans.
Has she really become a Trump supporter and patriot? No. It’s explained by the two competing Globalisms in the West: the Zionist and
the UN, Multiculturalists faction.
Barr is pretending to be a Patriot to strike at the Obama/UN faction who hate Israel. Neither side is any friend of America and real Americans. Both hate the White Race with an unholy passion. Fuck Trump for accepting the support of this evil woman.

Barr sent out a tweet about former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, claiming she is the baby of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes:

Anonymous said...

To A on at May 30, 2018 at 4:12 AM: Roseanne later tweeted that she genuinely thought Jarrett was half Jewish, half Persian, and I believe her. Jarrett's parents were very light-skinned blacks -- they would have been called "high yellow" -- and Jarrett herself does not look at all black. Roseanne, being Jewish, probably thought she was firing darts at a fellow Jew. PS: Has anyone else noticed that half-black and light-skinned blacks are invariably the touchiest when it comes to matters of race?

Brian in Ohio said...

Mr. Kersey, for your consideration.


A feel good story. A little something to lighten the mood.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The fact that so many whites are praising "our girl"(wtf???)Roseanne has me wondering if folks on our side are sipping the Kool-Aid along with the leftbots.She is a LIBERAL WHO MOCKED THE NATIONAL ANTHEM.Good grief people.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Roseanne is no conservative. Her support of Trump is lukewarm economic support at best. Neither her original show or the rebooted version were “conservative” shows that espoused anything like traditional American values.

This is just another case of conservative Americans being so shell-shocked by the constant Hollywood assault on their values that they go into full-blown Stockholm Syndrome whenever a show comes along that even remotely treats them seriously...

Anonymous said...

ot: All -American Disney...????


Every. Single. Time.

D is for depressing said...

@Brian in Ohio

Thanks for the link!

Hell yeah! That's what happens when you involve a gun with confrontation with the police.

Black lives don't matter. And we now have proof: a $4 judgment.

Ex New Yorker said...

In one of John Coleman's books he reprinted the form that was sent to all three TV networks back in the late fifties. The government instructed the networks to no longer have any TV shows that would appeal to any person over 12 years old.

Back in the 1950's there were a lot of drama shows like Playhouse 90, Dick Powell Theater, Death Valley days, Loretta Young Show, etc. These shows were a kind of mini movie, with good acting and directing. There were even good comedy shows like the Honeymooners and the Steve Allen Show.

Starting in the sixties the popular shows were crap like Gilligans Island, Hogans Heroes (a comedy show about WW2 POW camp), F Troop and other stupid shit. These unfunny "situation comedies" were stuff only a moron would look at. Stuff like Mash, Murphy Brown, Friends and some horrible show about people who hung out in a bar (Cheers).

Roseanne was just another show for the idiots to waste their time with. Any show that was so unfunny that they needed canned laughter was something I would charge money to watch. Since nobody sent me a check watching that shit was not part of my exciting night life.

The boob tubers become enthralled with these cheap shows and idolize these people known as "stars". Hollywood and New York are filled with these sick fuckers who are mostly sex perverts, fags, pedophiles, coke heads, drunks and other bottom of the barrel degenerates who will fuck their way to "the top". Hollywood "stars" and other elites want to disarm the people but in the meantime all they do is grind out one violent gun and blood filled movie after another. Who looks at this shit.

I don't give a rat's ass about Roseanne or the rest of those Hollywood freaks. Still waiting for the "big earthquake" so Hollywood and the rest of L. A. can fall into the ocean.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Anonymous said...

PS: Has anyone else noticed that half-black and light-skinned blacks are invariably the touchiest when it comes to matters of race?

I've had to deal with some black as coal negroes who were extremely touchy about race. That's why segregation has been proven to be the best compromise for all involved.

Anonymous said...

I travelled to England in 1984 and met some interesting people. I avoided London, but rode through Sussex, Wessex, Wiltshire, Devon, Dorset. Beautiful countryside.
London is an embarrassing pit. I cannot imagine going to England today. The English people somewhere lost their pride so thoroughly not even Imperial dreams can salvage it. Prince Harry, a new aircraft carrier, competency at soccer...and displays of compassion for mangled young men who were sacrificed for what?
The Twentieth Century just doesn't’t know how to die out. Apparently to keep it alive a steady stream of third world violent degenerates has to be brought in; food for the reactionary mind. England is a country feeding itself nightmares.

Anonymous said...

As Armed Memphian summed up, the conditions of Robinson's parole and previous arrests are based on trumped up charges. The UK "justice" system is rotten to the core, with recent cases where failed 'asylum' seekers were determined to have been held in detention awaiting deportation have been awarded large cash settlements simply because they were detained while awaiting a decision. This somehow violated their 'human rights' --- and then newly rewarded they STILL are not deported!

Robinson, however flawed a character, is a political prisoner representative of the fate of all White Britons in the near future.