Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Did a Black Councilman in Lafayette, Louisiana Just Endorse a Spay and Neuter Program as a way to Tackle Gun Violence Committed by Blacks?

What exactly is this black councilman in the 68 percent white city of Lafayette, Louisiana implying? 

Read the story and see if he's going full Bob Barker on the black population of Lafayette... [Lafayette Council Spearheads New Initiative “Prevent Death Lafayette” To Tackle Gun Violence Involving Black Males,, 5-16-18]:
A Lafayette Councilman is taking a new approach to ending gun violence in his community.
Spay and neuter your pets... is Councilman Boudreaux implying what it sounds like he's implying???
At last night’s meeting, Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux announced a new initiative called prevent death Lafayette and it’s all about ending the trend of homicides that disproportionately affect black males. 
“Everything that is not good about Lafayette seems to be isolated to an area, a particular community.” he said. 
Boudreaux says the city of Lafayette can no longer sit idly as black men die from gun violence. 
“It’s time that when a black boy dies. Lafayette feels it to the degree that it is no longer going to be status quo. It’s no longer going to be a night of news coverage and then return to business as usual.” said Boudreaux. 
While offering few specifics, Boudreaux said prevent death Lafayette will focus on changing the environment that allows these tragedies to occur. 
He believes it will take everyone from residents to organizations and businesses. 
“Culture, recreation, entertainment, arts, tourism and economy are all impacted,” said Boudreaux. 
To prove his point, Boudreaux referenced how Lafayette created a no kill shelter. 
He explained how the city adjusted its adoption hours and rates and expanded spay and neuter program to do this. 
His vision for prevent death Lafayette is that taking a proactive approach to reducing gun violence in the black community. 
“We’re truly going to make Lafayette a great city. It can not simply be by carving out these and creating cavities within our city limits and isolating those and leaving them to die.” said Boudreaux 
Boudreaux says he also plans to have a town hall meeting in july but a date and time have yet to be determined.
Bob Barker, meet Kenneth Boudreaux, a black councilman from Lafayette, Louisiana who seems to be inadvertently honest about the origins of violent crime and gun crime being from his community, and simultaneously endorsing your plan for controlling the pet population as a practical measure/application for the "Prevent Death Lafayette" initiative.


From Baton Rogue to New Orleans, from Shreveport to Lafayette, ubiquitous black violence drives down property values and ensure outside investment remains quarantined to certain areas of these cities where there is a paucity of blacks (regardless of how many Confederate statues are pulled down and streets to dead white males are renamed).

A true "Prevent Death Lafayette" program would have to address why black males are the primary individuals committing the violent crime (the victims of violent crime are immaterial if the constant variable behind the bulk of the incidents are black male suspects) and then consider Bob Barker's sign-off message on The Price is Right as a viable option for truly preventing death in the city.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this why Planned Parenthood was founded a hundred years ago?

Mr. Rational said...

Isn't this why Planned Parenthood was founded a hundred years ago?

Yes.  Yes, it was.

Now watch libtards fall over themselves to call this Black guy racist, an Uncle Tom and a genocidist.

Raccoon said...

"Isn't this why Planned Parenthood was founded a hundred years ago?"

Yup. You've just got to look at Saint Margaret Sanger's thoughts on the issue:

By MARGARET H. SANGER. (first published December 29, 1912)
Sexual Impulses--Part II.

"It is said a fish as large as a man has a brain no larger than the kernel of an almond. In all fish and reptiles where there is no great brain development, there is also no conscious sexual control. The lower down in the scale of human development we go the less sexual control we find. It is said that the aboriginal Australian, the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development, has so little sexual control that police authority alone prevents him from obtaining sexual satisfaction on the streets. According to one writer, the rapist has just enough brain development to raise him above the animal, but like the animal, when in heat knows no law except nature which impels him to procreate whatever the result. Every normal man and Woman has the power to control and direct his sexual impulse. Men and women who have it in control and constantly use their brain cells in thinking deeply, are never sensual."


Thank you, Saint Margaret, thank you.

Gavin Newsome said...

Need mo' money fo' dem programs: if the programs include spaying & neutering nogs in prison.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's implying stray animals are more deserving of a No Kill Shelter than blacks are.

Detroit Refugee said...

An idea who's time has come.
Give this Dindu a cigar.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope this gets significant press. I'll be sharing this one with others. Oh, this is rich! Rich, I tell you!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

nokangaroos said...

Freudian slip, or reminiscences of "A Modest Proposal"?
(not that I´m guilty of assuming he read any of that ;b)

He DID say something to the effect "well it works with pets" -
so at the very least give him due credit for "thinking outside the box".
As he is constitutionally incapable of thinking outside enough that´s all the more remarkable.

From the way he describes the problem the obvious solution is to seal it off and let its very own tumor necrose factor work its JUJU. Can´t have that, of course.

HOW they are going to shred him; MY sympathies he has :)

Unknown said...

"It can not simply be by carving out these and creating cavities within our city limits and isolating those and leaving them to die.”

Why not? Sounds like a great plan right there.

Paintjob Theory said...

Something tells me this is just a very poorly worded low IQ version of "gibs muh dat".

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is, the entire country is plagued by blacks. Most of them are violent and black males seem to be the more violent but don't try to use YouTube to substantiate that idea, its filled with fights between raging black women that are simply great entertainment.

Their condition today is, in large part a reflection of mid 20th century democratic political plans and I will suggest that had LBJ and others had not started providing welfare that black birth rates would be lower, families might have stayed nuclear and social problems created by blacks would be far reduced in comparison of what they are today.

Non PC Infidel said...

This strikes me as nothing more than attention seeking behavior since he knows the idea of spaying and neutering blacks is an idea that will never be put into practice or be accepted by the black community. It's simply a ruse that will segue into a call for other things to be done- in other words, it's leading up to "everybody is supposed to help" and is nothing more than laying the groundwork for another negro hustle. Cue the inevitable call for more programs, initiatives and hand-outs to blacks to "make a difference." After all, something "has to be done."

It's interesting how he claims blacks are being isolated and left to die. As if they aren't doing all the killing themselves and are innocent victims who are being neglected and done wrong. This too will segue into "It's all whitey's fault! Ya'll ain't doin' nuthin'!" Mentioning tourism and all the other factors affected by black dysfunction is just the carrot on the stick he's trying to use to manipulate everyone into "helping" and doling out the gibsmedats.

Sorry. Not going to fall for it. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Nothing short of castration post conviction of crime (to be fair, it should be used for 3rd time convictions of serious crimes, who are mostly black) will work.

D is for depressing said...

The Arabs castrated their slaves so they cannot reproduce. Can you imagine how much better this country could have been if only the plantation owners in the South did the same?

Anonymous said...

I’d be happy if the suburban Detroit blacks would just go back to south of eight mile rd. And stay there! No suburban shopping, dining, theater or schools. Talk about ruining life in the boonies and burbs. I’d put out a clarion call for them to behave themselves but that’s like telling a two year old to better their wardrobe choices.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop said...

If the founding fathers could see how the left has manipulated their words like "welfare" I think they would be much more deliberate. A lot of us probably wouldn't be around but America would be white and free of (((parasites)))

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I have always believed this to be a workable idea. The key is to leverage their innate present-time preference. Prisons and drug clinics are the place to start, followed by the welfare office. If you offered free cable tv for life in return for a tubal ligation, I bet you'd be surprised at the results.

Anonymous said...

Spay and neuter - I like that idea.


But wait, the negro never built any of the off-Plantation areas, so weren't these areas already nice? already clean? already safe? and full of jobs BEFORE, and at, the time the negro arrived?

And what happened? The negro changed the area.

Now, these assclowns think if they can potemkin up the negro slums, then the negro would change and begin to act white, when they had this very opportunity back when they invaded the White area?

Now, just how is that supposed to work? Back when White people lived there, the negro did not learn any correct behavior. They did not copy and follow White behavior, which is what it takes to create and maintain such a nice area. So, who is there, today, to teach the monkey how to behave? What makes these asswipes "believe" the negro can learn what he never could do in the past?


They don't want to change. They want free stuff. They want money. They want the White man to give up the money and the White women to give up the trim.

Oh, as for any neutering? What? Really? Who is going to propose:

"Three Strikes and You're Sliced"

Brian in Ohio said...

This reminds me of Cincinnati`s own Sam Dubose, a career criminal who was finally made good on his 99th! arrest when he tried to run over a police officer.

Unfortunately, in between his many, many stays at the Hamilton County Justice center, he was able to father twelve, yes, a DOZEN, illegitimate bastard children. Who will, without a doubt, be cradle to grave tax burdens just like their sperm donor.

Even if we paid each negro buck $10,000 to chemically castrate, we would still be money ahead.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

Hinestly, im not sure he saw the logical connection between animal shelters changing thier polices, (time open, spay and neuter) and fixing black dysfunction, other than: we did something, (involving tax money) and it worked, so.....
Gibs us dat.
Ill pass, thanks. The isolate and let die seems like a goid idea though.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how much better this country could have been if only the plantation owners in the South did the same?

Abe could have moved them to Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Chemically castrate!!
Some chemicals work better and faster than others. The most effective combination is high-pressure oxygen and acetylene.

Anonymous said...

“Everything that is not good about Lafayette seems to be isolated to an area, a particular community.”

Simply replace the word Lafayette with a blank and you have a template that can be used to describe the entire country.