Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Her Name is Amy Caprio: White Baltimore County Police Officer Murdered by Four Black Males (One Dubbed a "One-Man Crime Wave")

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16-year-old Dawnta Harris. 

16-year-old Derrick Matthews.

15-year-old Darrell Ward. 

17-year-old Eugene Genius.
They murdered a white female cop in Baltimore County. 

All black males

All charged in the murder of white police officer Amy Caprio. ['Your client is a one-man crime wave': Teen charged in Baltimore County officer's death has lengthy juvenile record, Baltimore Sun, 5-23-18]:
The West Baltimore teen’s crime spree began in December, prosecutors say, and, over the subsequent months, he stole four cars, skipped court dates and escaped from a juvenile center. 
When a Baltimore County police officer confronted him Monday, 16-year-old Dawnta Harris ducked down and accelerated a stolen Jeep, running over Officer Amy Caprio as she opened fire, prosecutors say. 
Caprio, 29, became the first Baltimore County policewoman killed in the line of duty. Condolences poured in Tuesday from across Maryland. Grieving officers crowded a courtroom in Towson for the first appearance of her alleged killer. 
In a yellow jumpsuit, the slight teen appeared by video from the county jail for a bail review beside his public defender. 
Rest in peace, Officer Caprio. In a sane world, social policy would ensure the four black males  (teens or youths, as the media portrays them) would have been locked away for life after their first crime, instead of coddled and allowed to roam the streets looking for crimes to commit

“In the last six months, no offense, but your client is a one-man crime wave,” District Judge Sally Chester said. “I’m not certain any juvenile facility is secure enough to hold him.” 
The teen spoke softly, answering the judge’s questions. He made no other statements. Chester ordered him held without bail. 
Dawnta Anthony Harris, who was arrested nearby shortly after the incident, is charged as an adult with first-degree murder. He faces life in prison and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing next month in Baltimore County District Court. 
“I will tell you, judge. He did in fact confess,” prosecutor William Bickel said.The teen and three other youths were stealing jewelry and cash from homes in Perry Hall when Caprio confronted Harris, police said. 
The three eluded a massive manhunt Monday afternoon and evening but were arrested later at their homes in West Baltimore. Charges are pending against the three, said police, who have not identified them. 
In court, Bickel detailed the teen's alleged crime spree. He said the 16-year-old, who lived in the Gilmor Homes housing complex, stole cars in December, January and February. In March, the teen was sent to a juvenile facility in Montgomery County. 

But, Bickel said, the teen escaped, stole another car, then was arrested in the city. 
He said the teen was placed on house arrest in April and issued a monitoring bracelet. By mid-May, Bickel said, the teen had left home and his mother called authorities. A former student at Baltimore’s Excel Academy, Dawnta Harris had been on the run for one week. 
Emerging details about his case have reignited debate over Baltimore’s system of juvenile justice. 
“Did the system work? It sounds like it could have worked better,” Sheridan said. He said his officers are arresting more youths. 
Sam Abed, secretary of juvenile services, said his staff had tried to find the teen, visiting his school and calling his mother. 
“Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters and Baltimore County law enforcement for their loss,” Abed said. “We are in shock about the incident.” 
Officer Caprio was about to celebrate her fourth anniversary with the department. 
In recent months, she nabbed a pair of suspected package thieves and was named the Parkville Precinct’s officer of the month for March. Her chief said Caprio was smart, energetic and brimming with leadership potential. 
On Monday afternoon, she was called to investigate a suspicious Jeep on Linwen Way in Perry Hall. The 911 caller reported three people left the Jeep and had broken into a home, according to charging documents. 
Caprio came upon the Jeep and pursued the teen driver down the cul-de-sac. She got out of her patrol car, drew her gun and ordered Dawnta Harris out, police said. 
Her body-worn camera captured the next moments. Bickel recounted them in the courtroom. 
“He put his head out the window, looking at the officer. He then closed his door, ducked and accelerated,” the prosecutor said. “She fired her weapon. … He ran over her.” 
Neighbors said they saw the Jeep ram the officer, flinging her body. They heard the gunshots and saw her lying in the street. A volunteer firefighter on the street tried CPR. 
Caprio was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly before 3 p.m. Medical examiners determined her cause of death to be head and chest trauma.
Rest in peace, Officer Caprio. In a sane world, social policy would ensure the four black males  (teens or youths, as the media portrays them) would have been locked away for life after their first crime, instead of coddled and allowed to roam the streets looking for crimes to commit. 


Anonymous said...

Why aren't they studying mathematics or science courses? NASA needs more diverse scientists.

Ken said...

R.I.P Amy Caprio. Sometimes I think she was an animal control officer. As a matter of fact, those yuffs look like pre-historic bipeds instead of modern humans. First, the rapping "Doctor" now these marauders. Did we do something to diserve this? Society needs better chemotherapy to attack he black criminal cancer. Stay alert; stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I guess Eugene is not a Genius. Damnation to these monsters, blessings and prayers to the family of Officer Caprio.

David In TN said...

"Eugene Genius."

A name even Tom Wolfe couldn't have invented.

Anonymous said...

A collective IQ of none.

Cleveland Realist

nokangaroos said...

This is getting ridiculous. If they are old enough to rape and murder (and we all know this means about 5), they are old enough to fry.

- Criminality in every population is strongly bimodal, i.e. there are more or less law-abiding and more or less criminal ones, with precious little in-between; therefore three-strikes laws make sense (to separate the bucks from the - never mind). Heinlein was a prophet - though I´m not too sure I want to see even the black "law-abiding" fraction ;b

Can´t wait to see how the Chinese "social credit" system (complete with central database and facial recognition) works out as they obviously strive to deny the public space to offenders (a librul´s nightmare :)

AJAX said...

just the most recent example of the impulsive violent predatory social plague black young thug savages at work -- they cannot control themselves -- as long as they do their crime-murder within their own kind i remain indifferent to their behavior -- but they wander into white regions to make havoc and mayhem -- when will the guilted white herd masses wake up to young black racial reality?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. They were only breaking into houses to steal because they needed money for school supplies.

-Lee Lepanto

rex freeway said...

When they are found guilty, and that's a given, then one to the back of each head and charge their families for burial. Tax payers should not foot the bill for these oxygen thieves. They will never be of use in society.

Anonymous said...

Oohga booga antics


Anonymous said...

But, aren't all cops out to shoot innocent black men? Isn't the law of the land, just white mans law? Stacked against People of color.

How else is a black youth today supposed to have any thing of quality, when the racist whites have all the jobs, nice communities, nice homes, nice cars and good things in life? "Probably just Trump supporters anyway."

Because of the evil legacy of segrigation and slavory, institutional racism, compounded by a justice system that disproportionatly affects young black men, can this young example of our nations strength be blamed? How about the other 3 little darlings?

If the Baltimore black communities just had more funds, access to more jobs and better education. If Baltimore just had more local and state black leaders, persons of political power to represent the communities of color, if those damn statues would have come down sooner, this wouldn't have happened.

You can't judge an entire race because of a few bad decisions made by a few. whites make mistakes too! In reality he is a good boy.................

I could go on and on and on. In the end, we all here know the score. Some how, It's the white mans falt!

Anonymous said...

You have to be in awe of these brilliant strategists. They elude a concentrated manhunt for hours, then knock-off and go home where they are snatched up by police. I guess they forgot about it.

Anonymous said...

I believe I read an article that said one of these 17 year olds was in the 9th grade. A 17yo car thief in the 9th grade? I shudder to think about one of these thugs sharing a classroom with actual 9th grade girls (14 and 15yo). Diversity is our strength... makes me puke.

I wish there was a free news channel that aired these stories every day for the masses. Play these stories over and over in an endless loop on public tv for all to see. Nothing but the facts, and let everyone see exactly what is happening.

Anonymous said...

We're all the same; all equal.

We need Diversity.

But if we're all the same, why do we need Diversity?


Anonymous said...

DAWNTA is the victim here! He was just focusing on His business venture when the "Man"
threatened Him with a gun. Mr. Gun Violence had finally tracked Him down and He had no choice,
(due to the existential battle against Mr. Gun Violence faced by young Black males)other than running down Mr. Gun Violence partner in crime Officer Caprio. We all know Police Officers to a Man (or Women) are in League with Mr. Gun Violence to shoot Black Men without cause. And here is poor innocent Dawnta just minding His own business while taking care of business and He gets threatened with a GUN!
Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter! No Justice No Peace, No Justice No Peace, No Justice No Peace! No Trump, No KKK, No Racist USA. No Trump ,No KKK, No Racist USA. No Trump, No KKK, No Racist USA. What do we want " Dead Cops" when do we want it, Now. Born 1776, Died ?????. You had a decent run. Rest in Peace USA.

Bill in St Louis said...

Facing life in prison. At best, 10 years real time. Best we can hope for is he gets killed in prison. *Sigh*

Paintjob Theory said...

4 teens turning their life around and one police woman who very probably, had she caught one of us in her fine city carrying a concealed pistol would have put us in a cage with those animals to be raped, killed, and eaten. Not sure who I feel worse for in this story.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, at this point city police serve only to collect revenue for the state and to protect (((their))) black pets from the righteous wrath of the dwindling ethnic European population. The sooner this whole thing burns the sooner the sane survivors can rebuild civilization.

Anonymous said...

This is what we live with here. In Mogadishu on the Chesapeake, formerly known as Baltimore. Circumstances force me to live in this place. It is a negro nightmare. Evil truly walks the earth. For a look, see the faces above.

Anonymous said...

Blacks must be so proud of their violent culture. Cornrows and ghetto names, since the civil war, they sure have assimilated, into civil society. 13% of the population 90% of the violence and murders in the US. Example: Chicago, Stats-Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 157
Shot & Wounded: 813
Total Shot: 970
Total Homicides: 190

Anonymous said...

This happened in Dallas-Fort Worth. The perps are 13 and 14...

Anonymous said...

A story about black woman, Sherita Dicks In-Cole, I mean Dixon-Cole who falsely accused a cop of rape after she was pulled over for driving drunk.

Anonymous said...

NC's 'alarming' disparity of black student arrests among worst in country . This is absolutely HORRIBLE. This is why this boy did this. Fresh off the press today folks read all about it here :

Anonymous said...

Probably been said, but "Genius"? I'm putting my money on...NOT.

Unknown said...

In the newspaper and on TV, when they referred to the perps as "teens", I knew what they meant. I suppose they say this b/c it takes less time and news print than saying young black males. But, seriously, how many millions of taxpayer dollars is it going to take to pay for their incarceration? That alone should make the best case for capital punishment.

Anonymous said...

where is marvel comics on this?

oh--all blacks are heroes.

wrt-- Facing life in prison. At best, 10 years real time./ doubtful, with police killing. will it be w/o parole?

Anonymous said...

watch for those [endless] words--

equal impact

ad nauseum

Californian said...

You have to look at the politics of the thing. Would this incident have occurred had it not been for years of radical anti-cop propaganda? Or anti-White agitation in the schools? Or corporate support for BLM?

Thugs like this quartet are becoming the foot soldiers of the Revolution.

Something to think about in the continuing chaos...

Non PC Infidel said...

The article on the disparity of black student arrests in NC has only 11 comments but all of them could have been written by people on this blog. WRAL is being called out on their attempt to continue the "innocent black children being done wrong because of racism" narrative. Blame whitey just isn't working and people are taking strong objection to such attempts to blame them for the behavior of negroes or the consequences to negroes of said negro behavior. I can just imagine what the more infuriated commenters had to say whose comments weren't printed!

Sick n Tired said...

Unfortunately he'll be lauded as a hero when he gets into prison for neing a cop killer. The fact the cop was a "white bitch" will probably earn him more brownie points. And you're right, life in prison means he'll be back on the streets in 8-10-12 years.

Egghead said...

The level of black male criminality is SUBSTANTIALLY underestimated due to the failure of cities to test many thousands of rape kits. The failure to test has directly resulted in a lack of convictions - thus omitting dozens of years of criminality from official crime records due to statutes of limitations that now preclude prosecution.

HBO has a documentary called ‘I Am Evidence’ about the failure to appropriately store and test rape kits - that highlights the lack of care for poor black female victims (who are statistically mainly raped by acquaintances or partners).

The documentary admits the unwillingness of some minority victims to cooperate and/or follow up with police. Blacks blame the lack of cooperation on silence being expected 1) as a residual effect of the legacy of slavery, and 2) as a proof of their faith in God. Immigrants blame the lack of cooperation on mistrust of police based on immigrants’ coming from repressive societies with oppressive police forces.

Here is the evidence of BLACK male serial rapists!!! When they test the kits, one-third of rapists were/are serial rapists.

Please note that the men who commit rape crimes also commit many other serious crimes so DNA evidence gathered in all types of crimes can help solve and thus stop other types of crimes - but only if DNA evidence is maintained and tested and cross compared with other crimes.

Sick n Tired said...

I've noticed that a lot on websites that still have comment sections and stories like the wral one or any pertaining to black crime, the recent Starbucks story was another one.

On a side note anyone who wants a good laugh should scroll down from the WRAL story to their "Crime" section that features the mugshots of people recently arrested.

Anonymous said...

I just spent a weekend in Baltimorgue attending a graduation from Loyola University. Absolutely shocking. I would not recommend it to anyone.

The entire area surrounding these prestigious colleges (Loyola, Johns-Hopkins, Notre Dame) is little more than an open-air drug den. The police routinely park a patrol car, lights on, at known dangerous intersections trying to keep the students from falling victim to the dregs of the city. There are murders within a block of the campuses weekly.

Two blocks away from campus and you take your life in your hands. I was unarmed except for a belt knife I had under my shirt.

I marveled at the architecture we have abandoned and turned over to these animals. It is reminiscent of a visit to the zoo. The animals have no concept of their enclosure. They piss and shit in the streets. They sleep in their own filth. They die of everything from drug overdoses to each other's hand.

I keep saying it can't last much longer...that regular people will not put up with it much longer....BUT I AM CONSTANTLY PROVED WRONG. I've been spouting that same line for over twenty years.

Nationwide concealed carry. The problem solves itself in a matter of weeks.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Since DNA testing can also identify the race of the offender, to test these kits and release the results would mean acknowledging the disproportionate number of black offenders. And we can’t have that, can we?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Sam Abed, secretary of juvenile services, said his staff had tried to find the teen, visiting his school and calling his mother.

Uh, dickhead, he had an ankle bracelet. Until enablers like Mr Abed are locked up in the same cell with their charges, the law abiding and productive folks will just have to keep taking one for the team.

If you are on probation or house arrest, isn't it mandatory that you don't associate with other criminals? Shouldn't their GPS ankle bracelets have alerted the police that these four pieces of shit were running around together, and required a SWAT team?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Thanks to PK for the pictures of the four mutts. Remember that if you or your wife see these filth on the street, and lock your car door, according to President Obama, it is due to your personal character flaw.

Mr. Rational said...

But, seriously, how many millions of taxpayer dollars is it going to take to pay for their incarceration? That alone should make the best case for capital punishment.

The mandatory appeals process for capital punishment is exorbitantly expensive too.  I think there's a better case for declaring multiple felons "outlaw", literally outside the protection of the law.  The public could do whatever they wanted to such miscreants and the state would be prohibited from even investigating.  No appeals, no incarceration, no cost for detectives or laboratories if they turned up dead.  HUGE deterrent!

You'd have to combine this with a one-strike policy for juvenile felonies (you only get one, second one gets you into the adult system), prohibitions on pleading down felonies to misdemeanors or dropping charges, and familial punishments like declaring parents of felons unfit and taking all their welfare and Section 8 benefits away.  THAT would hurt people in positions of influence.

D-FENS said...

Rachel Dolezal convicted of welfare fraud.

Maybe she really is a negro!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Great comment. I love Baltimore, but the city is worse of than Detroit at this point.

D-FENS said...

This weekend is “Black Bike Weekend” in Myrtle Beach, SC. Could be some good stories!

Tarczan said...

I read the comments on this site and others and I think our viewpoints are widely shared by others. I had a couple of incidents that show me that the brainwashing of the population is so widespread we may never get out from under this oppressive mind control. I talked to a younger white guy who happily told me both of his neighbors were black. He said his ten year old son plays with the two black girls next door, and that the other neighbors were medical professionals at the clinic. He was upset when I told him blacks moving into an area were a disaster.
The other incident is even worse. I was having my oil changed and being in Cleveland, the young guy working on my car started talking about LeBron. I told him the black coach would never beat the white coach in Boston and that they had a smart white coach but LeBron wouldn’t play for a white guy. He said I was racist and that LeBron was smart and great. We got into a racial conversation and it was amazing how he spouted the liberal nonsense. Blacks were slaves, cops kill blacks, blacks are held back and underachieve because of racism. I gave him my standard spiel that race is real, and denying this fact is destroying the country. I told him to look for an all black city he would want to live in and an all black school he would send his kids to. He said he work on it. I asked him to start looking at the world with the consideration that race is real, that blacks are genetically more violent and less intelligent. He was shocked by that statement and repeated I was racist. I told him that 400 years ago he would have called me a witch.

There are so many young people out there that believe this BS how can this be overcome?

In Memory Of Nathan Trapuzzano said...

She will be laid to rest tomorrow.

"Don't make the black kids angry."


Anonymous said...

OT: Over the weekend I watched Deadpool 2, the sequel to the original Deadpool. While it's mildly amusing, the dialog seems to be written to appeal to junior high school kids, and the somewhat effeminate tone of the stars is a turn-off. What really caught my attention was how the star more than once chewed out Cable, played by Josh Brolin, accusing him of being a racist, among other things. Watching the film, I didn't hear anything anyone would consider being "racist" unless being a middle-aged straight white male is an automatic indictment. It gave me some insight into how liberals think.

Prior to the start of the film there were previews, which included the next Purge sequel. If you're not familiar with the series, events take place in the near future in which an authoritarian, white-dominated government is in charge of the country. Although the economy is good, every year there is a 12-hour period when all crime, including murder, is legal. Supposedly this is to let off some steam, but the hidden secret is that those evil white rulers want to kill off plenty of brown and black people and are using the Purge to do so. While the premise is ridiculous, I admit I enjoyed watching the second film in the series which starred a white guy who was sort of an anti-hero. (If you like films Purge 2, The Crazies, zombie flicks, etc., in which a small number of people are fighting for survival in a world gone nuts, you'll enjoy it.) The third one was a bit off-putting, as it was done in 2016 and featured a heroic blonde senator (gee, I wonder who they were implying that was in real life) who wanted to end the purge and its oppression of brown and black people. This next film, the fourth in the series, goes even deeper into this theme: Evil white people are trying to kill off the sweet, innocent "people of color" who dindu nuffin.

Honestly, I am getting really tired of being made out to be the villain while the reality of who the true villains are is splashed across newspapers and on TV news crime reports every day. (That is, when the news media outlets mention the race of the perps.) Who is committing the crime, who is being driven out of one neighborhood after another? I would like to see a film that tells it like it is. It could be based on the description someone else made earlier of "Baltimorgue." But that wouldn't be a fantasy film. It would be the stark reality from which people are trying to escape when they go to the movies.

Awakened white said...

Eurgene ((Genius)) now that's one that made me hit the floor laughing.

PS don't worry Tarczan a lot of old boomers believe in such fairy tales as well. I do believe Gen. Z is awake to the issues.

Anonymous said...

Want a real eye opener? Go to this website:

It's the Maryland court database. Enter "Harris" in the last name field, and "Dawnta" in the first name field. Sixty-SEVEN entries pop up. Spoiler alert...2 of them are for the "chile", the other 65 appear to be for the father. In a twisted sort of way, maybe some good will come of this tragic killing. The kid's criminal career peaked early, so he got caught soon enough that hopefully, he'll be off the streets for a long, long time. Now we'll be paying for him to stay in prison, but at least this will keep him from doing more harm to people.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it. The police are protecting them from us.

Anonymous said...

White woman wants to be Man
White women dies like Man

Brian in Ohio said...

D-FENS said...
Rachel Dolezal convicted of welfare fraud.

Maybe she really is a negro!

Lol, thanks for the laugh! Proof that liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bobby PGH said...

I'm actually hiking the Pacific Crest Trail right now. I rarely even see a black, even in the trail towns I stay in sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are a treasure trove of humor and spot on observations. We are blessed to have both you and P.K.

Anonymous said...

The original "The Purge" was pretty interesting. The 2nd one not as much. Sounds like I shouldn't bother watching the 3rd, though.

Anonymous said...

Police; the criminals first line of defense. Warren V. DeCee

Anonymous said...

Read the article on zero hedge.
The attorney for the youffs blames everyone else.
4 blacks, in a majority white area, run over a white FEMALE cop?
Is the gallows built yet?
Hang them, film it, post it to the media.

Anonymous said...

IQ isn’t important in the discussion of animal behavior.
The problem is impulse control. Negros have notoriously POOR impulse control.
Now, what’s funny is that I trained my dog with Norwegian commands.
My dog is actually smarter than most Negros as he knows commands in two languages. He will listen to English commands from my wife, and Norwegian from me. My DOG will set aside his impulses if I give him a command.
My dog is smarter than the average Negro.

juvenal said...

Check out the editorial section of the State Party Organ The Baltimore Sunburn. There's the prerequisite hand ringing and belly aching about all the " hateful and raaacist" comments on the Baltimore County Police Department website. I wonder when the inevitable rallies and " Dindu Nuffins" mixtapes protesting " unjust racially motivated " arrests will occur.

juvenal said...

And probably has a stronger grasp of the concept of right and wrong.