Friday, August 10, 2018

America's Non-White Future is Going to be Great! Mexico Had 15,973 Homicides and Brazil Had 63,880 Murders in 2017

Shot. [Mexico: homicides up 16% in 2018, breaking own records for violence: Country saw 15,973 killings in the first half of the year, the highest since records began in 1997, The Guardian, July 23, 2018]:

Homicides in Mexico rose by 16% in the first half of 2018, as the country again broke its own records for violence. 
The interior department said over the weekend there were 15,973 homicides in the first six months of the year, compared with 13,751 killings in the same period in 2017. 
Our non-white future is going to be so great!
The number is the highest since comparable records began being kept in 1997, including the peak year of Mexico’s drug war in 2011. 
At current levels, the department’s measure would put national homicides at 22 per 100,000 population by the end of the year – near the levels of Brazil and Colombia at 27 per 100,000. 
Security analyst Alejandro Hope noted: “The figures are horrible, but there are some signs that are halfway encouraging.”

Chaser. [Brazil breaks own record for number of murders in single year as deaths hit 63,880: Rapes also up 8 per cent to 60,018, while 4,539 women were murdered, a rise of 6.1 per cent, The Independent, August 9, 2018]:

Brazil has broken its own record for the number of murders in a single year after the South American country saw 63,880 people slain in 2017, according to new report.  
The shocking number – a rise of 3% on the previous year – was revealed by the Brazilian Forum of Public Security (BFPS), an independent organisation that tracks national crime statistics. 
Rapes were also up 8% to 60,018, while 4,539 women were murdered, a rise of 6.1%.  
The grim homicide milestone underscores the deteriorating security in Latin America’s largest nation as a presidential election approaches.  
Brazil has long been the world leader in overall homicides, and its murder rate is also one of the highest. Security groups are raising the alarm about the continued rise in killings – there were 61,597 homicides in 2016 after several years below 60,000 
“I’m terrified to leave the house alone,” said Maria Jacemar Ugulinho, a 60-year-old administrative manager in Rio. “Three of my nephews already moved abroad to flee the violence.” 


Anonymous said...

Between the blacks and the third worlders law and order is merely a suggestion. Anarchy rules the day. So many people can’t see the disaster that is right in front of their fat face.

Anonymous said...

These idiots don’t “flee the violence “. They bring it with them to their new ‘home’. Thumb their noses at our rule of law. All the while picking our pockets for their very existence. Go home and make ‘your’ country great again. (Well, not again, but you get the idea). We are better without you. Really.

Anonymous said...

There is a kind of insanity when dealing with non-whites. White people cannot utter the words that they don't want these people because it would be racist (according to the media.) However, they do move away from these people whenever their numbers get too great in any one city. The trouble with this tactic is America is running out of places to run away.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how odd this would all seem to an alien species of sentient, intelligent beings: the humans pushing for demographic replacement are encouraging both the growth and spead of our most antisocial and unintelligent castes of humans, while simultaneously allowing Deutchlanders to go extinct. Pretty counterintuitive, wouldn't you say? If I didn't know better, I would almost think something downright satanic is afoot.

~Cyka Blyatsky

Anonymous said...

Evil YT Racist, please save me.

Mr. Rational said...

Those nephews... they probably went to los Estados Unitas.

Of course, all they're doing is turning it into Brazil Norte.

The brown hordes need to go.  They don't have to go back, but they must NOT have the option of staying here.

This is not so bad at all.  Even the deported Mexicans brought here as children who don't remember any Spanish are finding work in call centers serving US companies.  Of course, those who don't bother to learn English are going to be no better off than if they'd stayed home.  The one thing we must make certain to do is ensure that trying to stay here is the worst choice of all.

Sick n Tired said...

Question: What third world favela did this video take place?

Answer: St. Louis, Missouri!

Dat B. Rayciss said...

I recall a couple of years ago,I read something about immigration in one of these magazines. I think it was Newsweek. They quoted some Jewish-sounding named professor,who was presented as some type of authority,to be respected.
He said,to the best of my recollection,"My vision for America is to become more like Brazil."
I have thought of that quote many times since then I wish I had saved it. Its the arrogance;the overweening stinking Goddamned arrogance of this lousy,rotten, evil scumbag that makes me wish I could punch his face into a big blob of smashed up goo.
Son of a bitch! More like Brazil! That's his vision! I'd like to give him a vision: My boot smashing down on his ugly puss.

nokangaroos said...

One gets calloused from the overload of "I told you so" moments.
Jo´burg, once the greatest university and financial hub in all of Africa, is now more dangerous than Kigali.

What´s more diheartening is that none of this fazes the Soros zombies in the slightest.
Quite the contrary - the sap of the bodies (preferably the White ones) seems to invigorate them.

However despicable our melanin-(and phaeochromin-)enhanced half-brethren and -sistren may be ... they are not our most pressing problem ;)

Anonymous said...

Visit the Third World without leaving your neighborhood.

Archie bunker said...

Off topics first, Michael Brown's mother running for city council in Ferguson, wants a special prosecutor to reopen the case of her gentle giant son, she is running on economic equality, ie, gibsmedats. Former white house assistant, Omarosa accused Trump of using dreaded N word and in Chicago, charges are dropped against orc breaking into Nike bait truck, that was racist, I hate the entire race, on the Mexican issue, I live near a town of 10k that has now grown to 14k, fifty percent Hispanic now, with the resulting child sex crimes, fraud, filth, drunk driving, no insurance, yet the local city leaders think it's great, can't stand them either, welfare system overloaded and they need a new school, but it's only white taxpayers affected so no big deal, I've said all along, the only thing worse than the invaders, is their liberal supporters who need to be stomped on

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to include the search for clean drinking water and finding toilets that still flush...…

Christ...…. these Browns and Blacks are permanent liabilities......

Pat Boyle said...

The magazine asks "What will America be like when whites are o longer in the majority?"

I have the answer here. But most people won't like it.

The blacks won't like it. Currently blacks are complaining about their position in society. The multiple million dollar NFL football players who - were it not for their jobs as sports stars would likely be janitors or jail-birds - are kneeling when the National Anthem is played. They are protesting the lack of black accomplishment (as far as I can understand it). So if the demographics evolve such that there are more black faces in the crowd - will they be happier and go out on the field with a lighter heart and a sweeter attitude?

Nope, they probably will be even more disgruntled than they are now.

Everyday Google publishes the pictures and bios of fifty famous persons who were born that day. They balance the luminaries such that there are some of each race. There are white CEOs, inventors, scientists, and scholars. Among the blacks there are a mostly actors and basketball players. Even far left Google can't just manufacture black accomplishment. The top position in power, influence, industry and science are held by whites and East Asians. When there are more blacks in the nation there will be more blacks at the bottom. The top won't change. And this will not make black people happier. The white SJWs will also have cause for unhappiness.

When the nation has many more dark skinned low talent citizens, the social/economic distribution will be more unequal. The GINI index will be higher. We will still need the Japanese and Koreans to build our cars. The Jews will still be needed in nuclear physics. Whites will still be needed to invent stuff and start businesses.

But we simply don't need anymore basketball. It is more likely that we will just eliminate simple one man/one vote democracy. The Founding Fathers never expected everyone irrespective of status or ability to have the vote. Universal franchise is just something we slipped into. The Chinese have had official tests for citizenship since the Sung Dynasty. Maybe we should reintroduce property qualifications (blacks have virtually no property) or reintroduce poll literacy tests (blacks can't pass these kind of tests).

So I reject the extrapolation of current demographic trends to a prediction of black political and social dominance. It's too easy to just change a few elements of the political system. The MSM media seems ton have seen the movie "Idiocracy" and liked what they saw.

Sheer numbers matter in a democracy on voting day. On every other day other matters matter.


Anonymous said...

If We didn't have millions upon Millions of Illegal Alien Invaders, The United States of America wouldnt have a Deficit.

Housing and Rent Prices would be realistic. Food and fuel costs would drop. Crime would vanish. ObamaCare would have worked.

That it is the reality.

Baron Münchhausen said...


Global warming exists, and it is indeed caused by humans,


Adding More People to an industrialized nation, such as the United States, would only serve to increase said Global warming. A 3rd Worlder's Carbon Footprint increases 10x when they invade, after All.


The Same People who screamed for Shutting down our industry because of Global warming are Screaming for More People to be brought in.

And that tells you everything you need to know.

The Baron

Anonymous said...

**What third world favela did this video take place?**

Wowwwwwww. That is shocking.

And it takes a lot to shock me anymore

Baron Münchhausen said...

A Red Pill for Those on the Fence;

South Africa was invaded by millions of Illegal Aliens, the Bantu's, from Central Africa.

Then those Illegal Aliens became Citizens.

Then those New citizens started to Steal the Wealth and Land of the People who actually Built that Country.


This situation is No different; the Illegals are very vocal and very clear about what they want. Just like the Bantu. And the South African Liberals ignored it. just like the Ones Here do.

What do the Fence Sitters think is going to happen once the Illegals have Voting Rights? That we are going to hold hands, singing kum bah ya around the camp fire? Or that they Will vote to Strip away our Constitutional Rights, Our Property, Our very life?

There are no and will never be any Reservations for the White Man.

The Baron

chattanooga gal said...

wow sick-n-tired, that video looks exactly like what you see in Africa. If somebody had told me it was filmed in Kigali, I would have believed it.

Anonymous said...

OT: Article is longer, however, I thought it appropriate that whites aren't decrying bringing property values UP, but are concerned about the rural housing shortage.

Rural America is looking for people, let's help them out. Teleworking options can help folks escape counties with bus stops. Any ideas on these options from folks here?

Perhaps older folks ought to retire away from the bigger cities. I'd imagine that a retired couple can run a small B&B or boarding house only taking locally working lodgers awaiting housing under the guise of "economic development".

Get out on the wide open blacktop to avoid the "blackdrop" of crime fueled by people whose IQ hovers somewhere near the temperature of the warm backwash left at the bottom of a 40 of malt liquor.

Rural America Faces A Crisis In 'Adequate Housing'

Like a lot of the Midwest, western Nebraska slowly emptied out over the years, which is why a lot of locals say the current housing shortage is nothing short of a paradox.

"It's a tricky situation," says Mary Wilson, director of the local economic development office in Ogallala, population 4,500. For Wilson, the crisis that rural towns face would be more aptly dubbed a shortage of adequate housing.

"The federal government is not coming to help us; the state government to a certain extent can't come help us," Hovendick says. "No one's coming to our rescue. We have to start helping ourselves."

Archie bunker said...

While channel flipping, I view the Rolling Stone senior editor, a black man, he is criticizing Presidents remark that racism needs to be curbed by both sides, there is only one type of racism he says, as usual, portraying blacks as eternal victims, a black woman from Southern Law Poverty Center, opines how there are more white supremacist today due to Trump and he is fueling it. We need to realize these losers who are totally dependant on us, need to go or be put down, they are nothing but trouble

Anonymous said...

Search for homicide using the search engine of your choice. Select 'News', narrow the search to the last seven days. There will be plenty to read. Replace homicide with stabbing and search again. Read. Replace stabbing with robbery and search again. Keep reading. Replace robbery with shooting and search again. Read on. Replace shooting with aggravated assault. Search again. Read. Replace aggravated assault with boyfriend charged. Search again. Read, read, read. You will notice a trend.

Non PC Infidel said...

"I'm terrified to leave the house alone. Three of my nephews already moved...…."

Sounds just like black neighborhoods in America including how they move to get away from "da violence" and wind up ruining white neighborhoods and entire cities with their presence. As is, third worlders are already bringing their violence and diseases to America and just like blacks, they'll blame the conditions they create on anyone and everyone except themselves and whine for "help," gibsmedats and "cultural sensitivity."

On another note, a libtard judge is already threatening Jeff Sessions with contempt of court if some MS13 gangbangers (who don't meet asylum criteria) are deported. That's how insane things are.

Non PC Infidel said...

20 Shot in Chicago: 'Even I'm scared to walk to the corner store."

Anonymous said...

Darned racist wipipo cops! ;),amp.html

Anonymous said...

"The shootings come as the department adds 600 officers to patrol the streets this weekend in the districts most affected by gun violence following the city’s most violent weekend in more than two years."

Instead of descending upon the districts most affected why don't they flood the neighborhoods these vile brigands come forth with proper law enforcement? Instead of the terrorized neighborhoods getting extra policemen I believe the zip codes that produce the filthy that brazenly gun down our most outcast and hardest to serve amongst us. They need to go into these creeps neighborhood and give them a taste of stop and frisk and "broken windows" style policing.

Wouldn't the hardest hit neighborhoods want to know where these unknown, outsider, agent provocateurs come from, that reprehensible, nebulous racist ENTITY, or whatever it is.

It's Out of Control said...

JEEZ, that Time magazine cover!

1) Looks like they paid a 3rd grader in Skittles to make it.
2) NOTHING white -- not even ONE star, not even ONE stripe!

Anonymous said...

Africans will stand for their collective honor, dontcha know!

The witnesses told police Denson grabbed Je’Hyrah with both arms and pulled her close to her chest as she waded deeper into the water, the chief said. When she reached a spot at which the water was near the top of her shoulders, Denson released Je’Hyrah into the water, the witnesses said.

“She then turned around, the mother turned around, and headed back to shore, leaving Je’Hyrah in the water,” Dugan said.

The Times reported that witnesses saw the girl’s head and hands rise once above the water’s surface, then they disappeared.

A photo shared with WFTS by a witness appears to depict Denson wading away from the spot where she dumped her daughter.

Archie bunker said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Archie - the Rolling Stones editor is a black man? That's all I need to know. I won't read it or buy it as I can't stand to read biased articles and see them pushing black musicians who write songs denigrating blue eyes and whites.

Anonymous said...

"Set on fire" and "shots rang out" are good ones, too.

Unknown said...

Wow. Cultural enrichment is fun. The kind of fun where you shove shards of glass up your ass and sit in a tub of tabasco sauce. The kind of fun where you gargle rusty razor blades with rubbing alcohol. The kind of fun where you try to swim across San Fransisco Bay with a bag of bleeding chum strapped to your back. Weeeee, we are having FUN! I was so bored before, but now i feel so alive!